The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1918
Page 5
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·AIOXDAV, MARCH 11, 19 IS. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL1SVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. COMMUNITY PROSPERITY OF GREATEST IMPORTANCE; HOME BUYING If o«r local .merchants and store- [ merchandise. lh.e iocal merchants keepers trus*ct a large volume o f ' abandoned thq field, because there MAKES IT bnsiness their prospreity, ie com- manicated to every person in the en- fcr* community. Tha v»iue of our real estate in- Wages are increased. There is more mooer in circulation and: it is more readily obtained for purposes ot ·xpuofcm, paying for improvements, btrjtef ·Iniuries, etc. la «very«way we can discover better conditions on all sidee iriwn our bns- la«M men are busy. was no business there, for theiq. The. burden ot taxation fell on the various i property owners, because there were j no'business concerns to hear the big] proportion which generally falls toi their share. Property values decreas-1 ed until there · were no bidders for j undesirable real estate. The town be- I came dead. , j In the meantime the head of a big; mail order house in Chicago was I drawing an income of over a million! There is every reason in the world | and a quarter dolars, made possible why -we should.apead our cash at aome i by tbe business received by bis con- ! Jastead of sending it to the big cities. · cere, by mail, from such communities ' By keeping it in circulation in .our [a? thc one alrove described and from i hom« community we profits in many I our own community, as well as from OFFICIAL HOUSEHOLDER'S FLOUR REPORT WRITE CAHEfTJLLY. Jfo boiueholdor I* pwrmltttd to pnrehuc over 49 pound! ot -wheat flour nor to h»ve more ttum 90 dJO's 1 supply. Every honseholder most report immediately (en tM» form) to Qi«lr County Food Administrator. Make report of H wheat flomr on hand whether It la excess or not aad nrge on roar neigbbori tae importance and neceiaity of making thle report prompt- 17- Nmnbvr hi hoMCtrold ........... .. .adnlU ...... . ........ chQdren under 12. Wheat flour on band (all flour containing anr wheat) ................. Ibs. Thirty days' requirement* (when naed with Bubfltltutea according to 50-50 regulation). ......... ..... Ibs. I agree to hold, my exc«s« subject to th« order of th* United' States Food Administration. | Namo..-- ..... ,, ..... .......... ~ IT STOPPED SUFFERING Said MrSo Jaynes, Speaking of Lydia E. Pinldham's Vegetable Compound. ways. ' . , Every dollar sent out ot town to the mail order houses detracts just so much iron our own individual pros- jierlty, as well as from the prosperity of te store keepers from the. community in general. Think of the consequences if we ihonM all send to the mail order houses 'for our necessities and our luxuries. How long would it be be. lore our local merchants would .have the "closing out sale" signs on their doors, to be followed by the "for sale" others alt over the United States. OI course- it -was done unthinkingly. Those who sent their dollars to the mail order house did not stop to consider that these same dollars would add to tbe rrotiperity of the home community if expended at home. They did-not stop to reason that by helping- those in their own comunity they · ·would* be best advancing their own j interests. j This community needs your help.! Yon need the help of every dollar in i order to make a better cOBsnunity in Stract and No, or R. F. D ..... . ---- ,, .......... ,, .............. Maximum penalty for hoarding" la $5,000.00 fine and two years imprisonment. Th«* blanfcs will apt be distributed. You must fill in your own blank and mall or deliver It to your County Food Administrator. An im- report will avoid possibility of search and prosecution. HOWARD HHTN2. Federal Food Administrator lor Pennsylvania. ·end Report to Charles L. DarMsoii, TJniontown, Pa. Federal Food Administrator for Favette County. signs on the stores themselves? ] which to live. You need the prosperity And when, the business" houses are j of this community to make your prop- all advertised for sale what wiil be ! erty of greater value and to give you the value of onr own houses and! the benefits ot a better community in which to mate your homt 1 brighter, lots? Such conditions have actually prevailed in 90m« communities. It has happened that the citizens became "mail-order mad" and sent to the big :lties for the greater pan of their more desirable and worth more in dollars and cents. Let us Ogure with you on your printing requirements. VINOL MADE THIS RUN-DOWN WOMAN STRONG Her Signed Letter Prore» This.' Read it Keen*. N. H.--"I was all run C. H. S. QlJINTET WINS SLOW GAME FROM GERMAN TWP. Final Score is 3S-26 Although TJsitors MoW One 1'oint Lead at End of Half. MINE FATALITIES INCREASED OVER 21 PER CENT LAST YEAR only part time. This condition results in an increase oC certain dangers, especially those clue to gas, dust and tails ot roof, which would not obtain in the case ot the mine operating full lime. Tie active mine will ordinarily be kept in better condition than one operated only part time. The shortage of mine labor, required to keep pace with the increased demand ^or coal, is due to the attractive wages in munition factories, enlistments, and drafts into tbe army, .1 relaxation in immigration, and to emigration of many miners early in the war. it has been necessary, therefore, to employ new ;ind experienced men from other fields to replenish Anderson, S. C.-- " I got into an aw- j ful condition with what the doctors said I was an organic dis- olacement. I would have pains so badly that they "wouM have | to put hot clothes on : me and give me : 'morphine. The doc- i tor said I w o u l d : never be any better : without an operation and I w o u l d n e v e r h a v e any I children ·without it. A n e i g h b o r who knew what y o u r , medicine woold do : advised me to give \ Lydio E- Pinkham'a ! 'Vegeta'ble Com- ; pound a trial. I did so and it made me a well woman and the next September I gave birth to a healthy baby boy." --Mrs. SALIJB JAYNES, 37 Lyon St., | Anderson, S. C. The letters which we are constantly i publishing from women in every section me dicine, Lydia E. Pjnkham's Vege- i table Componr.d. ' MtCT Baby's 10,000 nurses will tell you that nothing keeps the cfcin so free from soreness as i u anna^mtsy healing and soothing p OVTcr ie noticeable on nrst pppltcaiton. 25c at tho vinol and other drug stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, M=». of the time I was unfit for work. My i «! mine foremen anil safety engineers druggist told me about Vinol. I took ; have either tnlisted. or been itrivt'eii it, and my cough soon disappeared, into tbe army, or sc.:arpi more re- ray appetite improv^ed^ and I am munerfttive employment elsewhere, strong and wdl a|ain,^--Mrs. Irine j w l t h the r c s u l t th;11; | C3S experienced y} 8 ' j5°, Kussell ^t, Ketnc, . ri. ; f oremcn bavc been placed in charge · and iron remedy which creates an »p- i of soroi1 - of th(! workings. With the p ,]-^ petite, aids digestion, enriches the · exceedingly large demand for coal. Hf rom ,. blood, and in this natural manner i bus been possible for 'he operators CHILDREN WELL ioojii-d a f t e r , rhildr.'n ;ifi . nosrif'Tt. tbcnvolvr.f .iind l i f - ' if your figure is to reflect the new lines of fashion. ! Abnormal Conditions of Opera-l creates strength. We guarantee it. ! an d others concerned 10 Kive as much 'i Laughrey Drug Co., F. H. Harmen-i altcmio ' ! lo accident prevention at ing, Connellsville: David C. Eaaon.; ^ mines » s was b ln * Amf ln "' iDnhbar. anil at the best drug store in! ccnt ? cars Uildcr aorm * } conditions. lion "Were the Cause Many Casualties. of STRUBIE LEADS SCORING NO GAIN IN EMPLOYEES! Dtmbar, and at every town and city in the country, the · o f t Glaumaklng Old Industry. GlQ«?rr.nfcinR in Vnnii'a is of remote nnlfquity. By a law of November 8, i^Ul, the authorities of Venice, to avoid Cenprallr Were «real«r;j adds to the number of days the i u d l - ' tho rtsk ot lire _ orft . rwi th( , j cure cars to market their coal were ; i operated on a fnll-Ume basis, which ., d InespenVnced-3len in, v ' 1 1 " al m i n e r cou 'd work, thus length-! , nfi indu-rtry to be transferTM! to tho 1 ""'"" "" '""" "' *"· -^" to tho . n( j jacent lsllmi i at Muraao. Bh-cr since 6fts Six Baskets "With ,T. HcConnell | Hut Hajari JttU«s rrre;G»me is Xewr in Any i Man r 'cn an* ,......,,- ......-, ^ ^ ^ ^ !««« Aiter Locals Crt a lea* » , IMace, «i Xhote ^*ho «ere ftk.Uffll m i n j n g h ,., ard ^ rfak encouiiured ,^^ hafi ^ ^ ^ imfo ^ t and ParMfnl! Close Attention Absent.: by the individual miner is proportion- ^icr for hand mert^ class nnd I al to the time exposed. Other mines; bead manufacture in th"- world. Discussing mine fatalities during the BUSS NATIVE HERB JABLEIS titm. They n e t irt-nUy on thc ivrli, liver :md hrn r i'L**, t o u e u !4-ucorn r I'Ttni; back Ui^ pP hciUth. Improve the ajipctho, am] a.n? BLISS NATIVE HERB TABLETS and you v. i l l remove t h e f u m l a m e n l f l l causo ot all allrn*nis, :ind lay th^ l*'iunl:i.EffH] for n. h,nltjiy. cliepr- f'al. lialtpy -xii*tvn^v. T h e y ;vre Ihv ; i-inly r.-copriiZ'.ij .stAntiitrri Horb : TabldU 1 -. -nnU Hji' iT''num I thi.« ·--'- ---' S«c*B4 Hali; Several Sabstititions.! The German township high school j basketball team was defeated in a i t h fe year 191T Albert H. Pay of yre not so favorably dis m.irlt :". per tjox f / f "fHl tab! A. A. t ; l a ; K « ftnU rywlu-ri-.--AJv. t . S o l d . :i;; t 'nL.;; dispose of their coal operated j patronize those wht» advertise. j READ THE COTTE.IES.. i slow game by the Connellsville passers at the high school here Saturday night, 38-26. The game was interesting in the flvst'half un account, of the close score. When cbat perlurl ended United States Bureau of Miner, .-ays. 'that the abnormal conditions t.,cieri which the coal mines "were operated, during 19.17 arc reflected in the acci-i dent records to the extent of an in-f the toirnship team led by one point, j crease O f 21 per cent In fatalities over the score being 1-1-13. [ 1916. The reports of the coal-mine in; At the oeginning of the second halti apec ' lorg to the Bureau of Mines of the Connellsville jumped icto the game j Dtpartmcnt o£ tBe interior durintr.: jnd immediately overtook 'he lest!. ; 1;) j. ( . account f 0 r 2.696 fatalities at the! 1-he locals then held the advantage J CQal mines o£ ^ Unite a states, as' and had a safe margin when ihe game | c()m p are( j wit ii 2,2:6 for JS1C. There i finally ended. Stnible and ··Jimmy" i has been an(j , g 6(ill an lmugual d e .; ' - McConnell led in the scoring. Struhle opcrators for made six maskets from Uie lioor -and | creasc in CO iA production which jfter McConnell substituted for Me- bo(m hampsrc(I by a conscation ta . , Cormick be got five. The lineup: freight t r a f i c , and an in' pparcnt shortage of labor. Available data Indicates i~3S. GKR.MA?: TWTP.-26. j incr( , as( . of IeS! , tnan 10 per cent ^truble F '_ Blasotti . , . sttuDie * - I n production. Lyons F . ianchtts · C ' Smith ,G Stafcheck It is not possible to give the number of men employed in 3017. but preliminary reports to the Uniu-d States Geological Survey indicate that in some states there was a slight increase in the number of men employed, while in others there was a -~ , ,, o. . i, .- i ,,,,,. ,, ( : small decrease. Estimates by state | .yens D out of 9; Stafcheck t out of ^.^ .^^ jn ,, o£ ^ smaUcr Substitutions: James M^Connell iTM i n i "S states, representing one-fourth', 'or McCormich: Robinson for Bufano: Rutorraore for 'Moore: Blnck for r.lasotti: Kenrtall tor Stafche* McCormick nufano .__ ·joore ,' G_ Jliller Field "oals: StruMe 6: ·:M-:ConnelI i: ranchTM 4; Smith _1; Lrons 3; ^^als^trllfr 1 ;-,, of Refcrre: Smith. ACCl'JtrLATE MOXKT. ;0f tlie industry indicate about 10 per; increase in the number of em- 1 ployees. Therefore the total number ' employed in 1917 may not lie much. I in excess o! 191B. vix: 720.97T. , Those'mines wbich are able I'hrUt Stamps »»tl War Certificates X«ans of Accumulating Jti'ner. It wil: surprise many pK'ple ;o eara how rapidly Government Thrif; Stamps and War Savings Certificates *ill grow into money.' A little added :o a little from week to weei while.; imcs are good will become a substantial fund that may form the liasis of i small fortune later. The Citizens ; Sational Bank. 138 Pittsburg Street. :epres'ents the Government in handing Stamp* .and Certificates. Cail a t ; he bank and arrange for your buying., j 't is patriotism and profit combined.-- idr. IF YOU HAD A NECK M LONO »« TV«» FEL1.0W. AND HAD SORE THROAT T O N S I L I N E McGEE'S TVe wish to announce to Uic people of our vicinity ( h a t we are hiking another st^p farther in reducing thc hwlt cost of living ijj- estahlisliintr a fr^f UtHvcry system, anil still at. the old rock-bottom prices. In these days (if hijrh prices you should rcrt-iiinly Iniy at our cash store. We save you from 15 to 23 J'er Cent on yoor )mrch».-es, aad now FREK DE- LIVEKV. BIG BARGAINS Dunham's Cocoanut. Sc pacKaRe, 2 for , I5c Sold elsewhere Tor 32c each. Two 16c cans Tomaiora . 2.' f c Larffe 20c cans Kraut {bcst)^ Ho Pf-as, per cun : ______,,,,,, 9p v , 13c^ K»c Fine prado Corn, can . ! ~_ lie Large can Baked Beans '., - JOc, He, 17c Fancy iarRp Dill Pickles, dozen . , i 22c Frosh Creamery Butter, per ih. , .VU 1 6 calces Toilet and Laundry So»i» 2ro AH 7c Soap, per cake fir Clean-Tiftsy 5oap, 2 cakes . . lie Box of f0 ctfkp.f ?o,00. flc Cleanflrr, per con 4c .Magic VftRst, fresh dailjr - 4c 3 Ib. sack Salt, ench ,, Sr [.arge package Mothers' Oats »7t* Five Brothers Tobacco, package , !*e Pure looso Pepper, per Ih. . ,,_ "!)c Brooms, special each , GH$1.00 Brooms, each ,, 7!)c f'.innpJ Mackerel, special ^_-^_. Iftr Bis special on fancy pofaroes, new, supply just received; -IDc peck, S1.5.f bnshol. Small can,, Salmon Rtee, per pachas* . . Bread, fr*-Eb daily, f u l l pound lo:if Suiiftractioa Coffyo, whole or ground Sold I.*Uewhere at 30c package. l, r r Pancake Flour, por package TI^O 7c Ijftxes Matctuis, largo , Quaker Corn Flakes, packnre . ,-Ross Shredded MThcai. package I5c Puffod, Wheat, package Uirse fJin Milk (al! kinds) 12c Oe . 9c - 2Ie . Kc. . He __ Oc Snail can Milk (all kimlrt : tor I^iirpo can Hcbo M i l k , por cnn -: smttll cans Hpbr Milk Syrup, per can ,, Small cnn Syrup , Id- Molasses. 2 tor 12r Vanilla, per bottle -- - . Large !0c Vanil'a, special . White House Baking l'o\s-dcr, $1.00 ran Teller's Tea. per package Cood loose Tea, por Ih. .. . C.cod loose Coffeo. per Hi. .--: -- HV^h Cratie loos? Coffoe All Packogt? Coffees at Cut Hutes. SPECIAL nn Cafrsnp, 2 large bottles 2ic. _ ISc __ 13r -- Ul! -- lie _ Uc -, He . 2Jlc . 21 e AH goods at cut prices all the time. And sood poods, satisfied. AH mail orders filled and shipped promptly. R. C. JTiL-r LASO BlULPING, , KAlLTtOAI) STREET, Your money hack... if... not I)l r .\BAR, PA. Trying to make an old corset do for another season is jtsst about as bad as trying to make over a last seeison's hat. Everybody can de, tect it and your new apparel is not shown off to best advantage. Choosing the Correct Model is Made Easiest and Best at "The Big Store" Wliore 1'ou May Select From SucU "Well Knoivn 3takfs'as R. G., Binner, Lady Ruth, W. B., Camille and Others at II, $K50, $2, $3, $3.50, $5 and ap We're offering splendid values in beautiful pink and white materials arid our corsetiere will gladly fit you r«r- sonallj 1 without extra charge. May We Serve You? »VUUWWWftlWIIVMmA^ DfBKCT FllOSr lTCJ3C3r THEATRE, TITTSBUKG. Tuesday, March 12th ·"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'VE DONE OR WHAT YOU'VE BEEN-- I LOVE YOU-- AND I WANT YOU TO BE MY -says Bob Fillinore to the £irl who erred, in Tlic Storv of JHTllions of Girls ia Rig CtUcs And SmaJi Towm A Trials and Triumphs ui (iirls, Who Work for a JJving DANGEROUS Bi H". Eowl«nd'6 tidid Production I Spto GIRL Xot a PSctnre- WUCES 25c. ait. 5Cc AXD 75c. Seats on Sale at Morrison'sJTeTfelry Store. JHAVE YOU TRIED OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS ? PILLS i jj 1 ** 000000 ^ 0020000 **^^ ClotMng| sEBBYBiii'STSB'SSSiE Iloooooooexxxxsoaooooocooooo 'CAP" 8TPBBS JIED JCVEW WHAT H E WAS TAMING ABOUT 'By EDWDSJ

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