The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1930. THJB3 DAJLY COURIER, CONNELLSVII ,LE, PA. PAGE THREE. NEWSBOYS WILL BANQUET TONIGHT ATSCOTTDALE Thomas II. Rutherford, ISc^s Jienler, Will Be Host at Tho Annual (gathering. SERVICE COMPANY DANCE ON FRIDAY to Th'j Couilcr SCOTTDAI.K, Jan. 0 --Tito a n n u a l nowboyt,' banquet, Instituted by Thomas U. Rutherford, tho Plltsburg strop/I n-ewsd-ealer, a number of y-eans afro, wll] bo bald tli ? evening at the i'fwtlps Cafo in Wttsiburs street Mr. Rutherford will g h e a talk to th-e boys, There will Itkoly be a musical program. Scouts rrovc Interest. . TVoop Fiv-e, Boy Stouts,, sponsored by the Scott dale Volunteer Fiio Io- p-antmetit, hold its A.-ce-kly meeting at tho rooms at tho boiough b u i l d i n g labt owning, Frank Park-cr, who has been thoson new Held exKHitl\c, \\is at tho iwxstlng. Out of an enrollment of 82 l«jt». Scoutmaster II .f MicKoo, liad 30 prob-ont. KOIIKJ woro excused tor EXPLORING By J TOZ'/A GALVAO (Written for United Preea.) R1L) DB JANEIRO, .Ian. 9--Cold, ·diamonde, btrkngo people and wild beaete--tho enchanting reilltieB of. adventure yarasf--await tho- e %vho VPH- turo i n t o tho past u n k n o w n region between the Aiaguaya river ami the River of Doubt, or RooKeveU river, southern tribularle! of (he Amazon Those two waterways l i m i t millions ol' square miles of wild ten itory (ovcr- g parts of the Mate of Para, Matto Oro«so ami Amazonos. Hostile- Iiulians hold off the intiudoi at a n o w point This region nlfio holdft the secret ot the fate of the Drltlfch explorer, Colonel P. H Fau cett, ami hio party, now m-ceing; 11,01 · than three yeate. It 1-3 eald in Brazil that no white man has ever returned f i om a trip on the uppcsr "Rio das Mortes," which rune into the- Araguaya ' Itonca the fatal connotation--"River qf Deaths" Shoot Poisoned Arrows. To the northwest of the River of Deaths lice groat Sei ra do Roncn- and nthe-is t P A - o t r t l tho greater part of t h e oven in K to tests x Servk'p ('om)xiii) Dance. Th« t h i r d iitHH-r- of a voiles- bciu^ bold by tho feotttalo fa'crvice COJM- pany will "bo Fi idny evening fiom S :!0 u n t i l 12 o'clock. A largo crowd enjoyed tho other ( w o dances of the w-rles. The- fcfjuaii 1 dancing that has booDmo so papular is being o-njoje-il by old and joung Many out oC town are attondini; and co-mm-out on o f f w s makes all an the now Armory, \\hich modern tonvionce^ and ideal place tor dart cos Church ActMH«?«.. Tuesday evening saw t.e\cra! cluu-ou meetings. One was that of tho Women's Bible Okie's ot Trhiitv Reformed ('tiuic-h, which WiX- ente-i taintxl a°t the homo ol Mrs. William Waugamaa ol! I/ouoKs iiventt-o. rh-e meeting wu )ialneas aiwl social Tho badtes' 3!!Mo Clais of it Caul's Lull wan nun li mot at t h ' church on Tuesday \ o n i i i K A n u nil MM- of crunch mcot- uiK! is «,chcduled for 1Mb evening Mr, .Mcit'\ Whi nuvii of MtCiine aie-iiup w i l l be- hostess 10 tho \Vornen s Bil to las, of Hip C h t ' s t i a n L h u i c h Miss Mario StoiKN or \ l u l b o r t j M i e e t w i l l "ivtertain t i e ( . u h , C m ' I of Trinlt} np-fonii-wl r h n r 1) Mt. Pauline Huines of l i r o i d w a y \ull bo- hostess to tlto Younj; "SV'oin m's. Missionary ST- ric.t of St. I Vim's u u t l u i a n Oh inch Tlw \Vo-miii s' J f o n i o Missionary So cicty ot I ho AleUmJist lipi^conal Chuich has po-tpoucd its regular inoeihiy u n t i ' Tb it i s day, J.umaty 1G Olhcr t'\s. Mr and Mis, Jaincb r^eo, coloied, of f/oottdalo, ai n o u n c o tho birth of a daughter bo' n at Ih-e Memt-iiwl HospS- lal al A l o u n t Pk isant j e b t e r d a y . Tin* S c o f t d . i l o V. i\l (' A teams -ft ill ;· lo \ \ M m o 'din.; on Ki nKiv Jantuu *, 17, (o o m p - t o « itii tho W U m o i d i i i R 1e,uns in in !oor s p o i t n This is the nivit of tn^in; s u i t s being ]lannc I by t h c ' Y M O \. On J * u i l , i \ o\ n i u f i at (i I"; o ' i ' o t K , r l i t u u i « i l ! li- bc-Mod at livo V Al C' \ u t e i h u t t o i s w h o *,siil hold a I M K I I () ii c-i' 1 ins 1 i t c r Mis, \) K U i l l i f i l i g l i .stirc-t as lici j ^ v u s t Iw i mot lu i , M i s Da', id M CJuav .Mis Bc!h O l i a r a lia-. n H t n n c d from A v i s i t n a l d M i s (!eois;p Harris of l l i d g w a y . ,fohu K n t s i J v T i his gone lu Dalits, Tcxfis on bnsnic 'i nltrl }j!!.sh h i s loft for Washing- ^!;itlllJ! u l t h h's Anna Herboit of ton. 1». (' afU'i civudmother, M i s Alnrkef « . t i e t M K S M a r l l u i \ \ i t i i o i s p o o i of \Voos- tM College I n s l o t u i n e d atUi \i»!t;n^ w i t h hoi- par-e-ntu o\n I h o holidays P a u i i n c M U f e r ln,s t e t u i nod to (ho Iiwiiana 'leach-rrs C oil PRO :tlonrlil)C h»r -vacation at h o n i i after Leniont Furnace Boy Hit by Auto I ' a u l K a t f , MX-joai-oid son of Mrs Miiry Fall of I/ernonl nnnaco, wa u l n u t l r d to t 10 U n i o r i l o i v n hospital \ \ e d n o s d a y u f i o r having been I-il by i n automobile in Iront of (h^ torn l i u n v stoie at bomoiit I-'tank PU, i n v o r of tho i ar, picked tho lltt'o boy U) and hurilod him to the UnlontowJi Hospital. U w a s dHcimined at the hospital tho bov had a liacturo of the ii 0 'ht les and a possible fr.u-tima of t h e skull dor, or Snoiing Mountains, where the approaches to the hinterland are guarded by several trlb" of Indians, t h e most notorious belnp the so-called C'havant-es These do away w i t h flrangere by the efficient method ol' (shooting at them from dark j u n g l e recesses with lonp; an Q M S lipped w i t h sharp boness which have been poisoned with the deadly "curare" Catching a "jararacussn" imake, a reptile at. d-angerotie ae tho cobra, the Chavantos mako It bite- a rabtt or wild pig This victim Ie put in a clay pot and left to decay with the poteon, and in it are stuck* tho arrow points which thus acquire their murderous barge A bamboo covering for the t i p protects the user. Cause of Ho-.OIity I will try to explain the caueo for the Indians' hostility toward white men fi om documente ami legends which I cain-e. across while exploring that region. In 1735, a band of adventurers, called a "bandeira" etnrted from Para in an attempt to cross the Rreat wilderness and leach Villa Bella (today known a« the cii.v of M a t t o Groeeo, partly in rum-si on t h e upper Guapore river Villa Bella v.,ia at that time tho capital of the province of M a t t o Orosso, and tho moct Important gold m i n i n g center of th i eglon, w i t h 20,000 elavee w o r k i n ; there. Thnso "bandelrantea" evidei Uy were dcter- mtnotl to try the most langoroue route, and bow they ever thought to cover tho 2,000 miles between their starting point and their goal I am unable to etiy. Howover, they rot a« far aa the Surra do Ror.cador b-'foi o encouiito-rs with wild anlmala as well aa other hardships had reducf d the original number ot 450 men by more than 100. Here they dlscoveted loads of that metal said to bo the root of all evil, and w i t h fabulouf v ealth in their hamli? thefeo men "bpc«me almoet Insane w i t h greed. To m i n e t h i s goKl %»a« a. simple matt c i of deceiving the I n d i a n s and making them elave for pold in the mines \ V h e n they \\ere v to death t h e i o v v e i e a l w a j s more to be-had foi t h e asking The I n d i a n s finally dU- coveied (hey were b Ing made the vic- t i m s of treachfr, r i n d , motivated by primitive fury, thej made a general attack against the Portuguese, w h o ban leaded themseh e In their wooden houses Tho Portu ;\icae alto river two di--6' travel above my laet ramp and s1ruck ( north-east acrri.s the Roncador mountains in nn effort to rc-arh Iho Xi'igu river and lloat d o w n If L/acklng' In tiruo and neceeimry equipment. I did not t h e n follow tip my thooo, but completed my ^Svoik for the B r a z i l i a n gove-inment and crdes-wl the Herra Azul to Diamamina anfl Ih-e-nco t o Cuyaba and so back to WASHINGTON, Jan B~ So far as William R Campbell to conccrn-^d, it was Santa Clans himself who^set tiro to the Whito House Executive olflces Campbell h,w3 grown gray in the- bnelneKfl of p i l o t i n g visftois thiough ttio State, War and Navy buUhna?5 H !a a quiol, not o v e i l y l u n a t i v r - vocation Guld C a m p b e l l to not above beckoning from tho poi tico of ( h p b u i l d i n g w!itn lie spotf) nn obvious stranger on tho t l d n w a l k mioe-rtiln to th-e j)-TWceluTo of siKhtse*-inig Now, for some monthfl, the old Guide's beckoning dayrf ere over Tour- lets will bo standing in lino lor an oppo-rtunit f to -Mshls-oc through beH'e milc-i ot corjldoro if hi« tations c o n e ti ue Henceforth and until tho i:\oeutive- officer ni o repaired, Campbell u l l l cash in on tho picfi- eiifo ot Piesklont Hoover For many ypiirn tho Secretary of Wai's antinoom has boon tlio renter- picK'e of Campbell's e n t e i t i u n m e n t for out of to« n giRfitu '! be clock ^lucli t i c k e d ovei Jefieisou l)a\w' desk when he v,a« Secretary of War Is prc«eived (hore a l o n g w i t h For! Sumter'h battle flag, the Hag that covered Lincoln b ciiskct anI einillar i plies. At the oppoelto end of (he tinne- \rs-e cor-'(lor offl-re.s now are b-e-iriK pioparrtl foi Mr. Hoover Cnmp)xll v \ i ! l jmg'p- many a s f h p r piece thin w i n t e r af'c'i ivietot^ b,i*,p had a look nl th"- out'iido of t h e d n n t ' s door. Champion -Tone! TMeies (Act *50,000. ITlOVlDKNCiO, R I.. Jan. 0.-- Boliof t h a t Lho saliK) ot jowclry stolen fi-oni do homo of Stimuo! Af -N'lcholbon, 1'roMdMico ·multi-niUhontUics would' · ix'atly t\cocd 5^0,000 was, hv police hoic ! n i g h t Arelfou expecting a Baby? ·THOUSANDS O E ex* pettant molhers arc n o w c h e e r ! u l a n d happy. Their wailing months h»vc been mado comlortable . tic! they ii;!l be better prepared when the t;rea* moment c! childbirth arnvis 'this has also been U«« of countless thousands of expectant n'others for over 6C ycais who have used "Mother'i Friend." that time-testni. sticn- tihta!ly-prepjiei s k i n lubricant and , ., , y, ,, . llever which orifinitctl Mothers ITlcnd In the p r e s t r u t i o n of an lessens mlrt, e m i n e n t of s t e l r i u a n n-«cns palm You, too, m ij enjoy the comfort "Mother's Friend'' gives It 11 to soothing and relating! It is used exit na!!y only--Remiy rubbed into l i e skill B r j n f * relic! promptly. Very valuable tn kecptnj the breasts in good rendition Al o pxiu you in fine ihapc for the approach! \x ordeal 17 *· £1 / - 4 "Mother's Friend" is on sate »t JT 1 C t / a l ! drug stores. $1 25 per bottle. T v i massage with it tonlRht d nofK*: tho case anci comfort " t i R t v t s A booklet on "Tilings 10 Know. B e f c r r E ibv Comes" will be mailed in p U i r c n v e ope fref. on re(]iiejt Address ' '. Kegjlitot Co.,JDept. 13, Atlanta, Cia. ott 10 mon totvardti civilisation, hop- Ing they would Boon find a eettlement ant! l e t u r n with aid 'Jhis v,ab a fdtil ficpaartion, tor tho Indians managed soon to break through the fortifications of tho reuia iniig Poitugncfco and mashcured all Apparently onl me of the 10 tnos- songeie over met a ty of hit, o n n nice again, because on! then was Him great t i a g e d j ol cai ly a d \ e j i l u i o Ic-ai ned One day a strange bronzed n'an wandered into a settlement which wao later destined to liecome the capital of the etate of Mnl'o Groeso -- Cuyaba Covered only with a jaguar ekiti, his uild appeal ance VMS accentuated by a long, ed-.iggly boa i d anl malted lialr w h i c h reached t o h i s waiht ills mind v,dti lost «s a consequence, probably, of f s n e i , and all tjiat could bo gotten from him In the v ay of convcuiHtioii weie a Ce\v wouii in an u n k n o w n tongue Jfincs ot aiartjrs. A fow hours latei ho die!, anl an examination of tlie rontente ot a leather belt about his \\aist ic\ paled a diary, a rough map, and other documents which lela'cd the (ale o£ -ISO banderlantes and their fate. Tho possibility f f reaping the profile v.hlch their e a i l i c r compatriots had lost n a s not w a s erl upon the Portuguese colony. An xpedition of 45 men took tho map and papore and set out on tho trail. Tin y never returned. Others also · w e n ' -- and disappeared. History and legen 1 spread etoriee over tho country and the'se b t l l l t t n k n o w n mincft gained the 'Itle o£ "Minos of ths Marly I B " The labt o*cptdl ton which set out to faolve the secret ot that region ataited throo-iuid-i-haif \ eciix ago, headed by Colonel Fawcett Jle with his Bon Jack und a yoini-; Callfornldii, Ralph Rlmmoll, accomp mied by a few natives enteied t h a i bewitched i pgion of Matto Clrotiso and tiothiiifj had IKHHI heard about them Mnce (V few raonthb altw this g i o u p Imd been heard of, my t i a v c l h tool. mo in the d i i e t ion ot tho River o£ Deaths I profKod by thia to follow Fawcott's trail, s arting f r o m Conimba and traveling 20 l«s up to tho toui ce of tho Sao L o u i r n c o l i v e r , a t r i b n t a i y Tan f i -- A t the parson- n?e of the- t o u n t y ]ine C'hur-cU on J'rWay (rt«nlnc, the Truo Bluo and Bard oil Ilonoi classes li-p-Id a joini monthly inoetlng An e n l m a b l o eve- nlii'g wiu! spont A pro-gsa n i . a t ren- il«a ed, aite-r \\htcb. gamc-^ \\ero played K-ofirdshJiTOnta -were r,ervcd Thoao present we-io Ott-i Saylor, Ocorgo Nedd o w , Ja nos Bealim, \VlUiain Mod-row, Chitrl-c-a B-eahni, J. Oeca/r Fjohr, ].» C. Hobtetkr, J C 1 Beaten, I'Vlitb lxhr, 7i/v-6!yii Hototler, Floien-ce Nickel. Orphx Ho-st-e-tl-er, Ixwo!la Snrd-r, Ellen D-avls, OohHo- AVhlto, K«rne Hos- tetk'r, (iiaoe "Whito, Vernlce Saylor KHral'Cth Cnnll'ile Floieru'^ Ixihr Stella l\alp and 3Mallo Mao 1 Mrs f P. Beab.m is s p e n d i n s a fow da~vy n' tho homo of her d a u g h t e r Mrs J. Howard Baikley of D^hnont Mr? David Klftcher o-f StahlsUnn TI "still on tho sick list, wltii no im- provemoi't A. E Dtimbanld and T R Fletcher of C-onnollsvUlA w-^io caiUne at Champion last fkiturtlav Calvn Piltts of Indian floi2 made a busine »i f a l l at the liome- ot his (o-u.-1 u llaj JY Jlmrte-r Ah. incl Ma'a. J Howard Harlcl-oj' ol a i o Iho proud p n i e n t s of a U u l h \iui B , n i \ l r \ , wlio | M I I I in DcrpiiiliPi '!! S h ^ ·econd -child in tin* f . i m i l \ Of th I u i ~ ('ion f ic f , n l ^ Dan cl Plctchei of Mnplo 01?n wa-s a-lliiif on ic-laiivcs in this comiiHinitv, i PC en t ly J C. lieaii'in and son? ' n "haile3 and Tam.ea, -visited at tlio honn- of Mi and Mrs. Oscar Ixjlir of Indiaa Head last Sunday afternoon. SniHIi Bundorf of Chatnpion Ifl 111 at his homo with in-cn^-lrs William -N'Ukol of Koa ins KUH is housed in v,llh a f e - v p i p («f=e o£ gup The Ladlff,' Aid Society ot tlio Church of tho Bietiiieii h e l d a v e i v in- t-p-r-cs.ting- rii-eotiiig at the- homo of "Mi and l[r3 K J Horner r,n 1 !itirs,d,tj. An eujoyablo day \\a--i spent qulltma; At 310011, Mis Flomer served A lurtMay simpn 1 !*" p n l y wa^ at th home of R Saylor, noai o 1 tin 1 I'ai ngutv I l i tlio l i e a d u a t f R l i ^ a t l i s , ;aid ton id cttii|is flt rllffei n l of -fiod f i o m then? tho Rivoi c-C nf iioint-. f l o w n Donegal on Saturday evening, Januaiy 4, in honoi cf Mrs L'arla Saylor'b 41st I n r t h d a j annivc-'r'jari' Poi tv-se i \'vn frl-p-n Is and J i e p t f i b c i s we-ro An. impiomjitu program w-is lendered were wetn ed Bladder Troubles Bother Many Past 40 \\Hcr Unt nvw d u r m K mo p t h a n t « n of 'I en \ro l l M Ilo« "Urn n . S « I f t , Amn/sInK TlfII(r \VI(h Ht-nc'Mpa " \ l t n l Vorc-c. ' ^ i o n p k n u n b t t t o r Hi m I f h p lioi - r o i of J o j l o s i J,ij s iml · I p i p l P S ' ? n i f f h l s T J i n r f l ha\ e bren UniCi r h f n ] f | t lioppio-i", and h o l p l r sj-- and n hon n i v ·\\eal np-«i c a u s e d nio U i o most f n t o n s c h u m I l R t i o n . O n l v t i i o i s p T \ ! I D h a / p pfinc siuh t o s t u i c s in p o s M b l v io;ili/o m j g i p a t s i t l s f T f t l o n ^ s h p n I n R o u l i - \ \ f i i t l i s U U A T A H S l i t o i i K l i t me t ) c ! i f I ' R \ T A H S nc l i u l v w o u l l f l f l l U1K1 I f , H n t i l l 111 l u l l ;!.T,U f i u t l arn i^hv i i hit in p S ( i \ e ' j I s oon- \ l r i i i i £ , noni. or I h o r i o - H c i tif i;itA- TAl S to K l l p i o t h o s e j|jtics«,|rig- a i l - m e n t s BO o f t e n a h a n d i c a p to tlio^o in mirt He l i f e O ri w o r k e d Bl.uklo, \\ c n l d i s t es = l i i f t n l i i m i rar 1 t o « . P i l o n « . d * . n f f - - i r i f i n i n J,,iii (i ml rl in 11 I n i i^ fift u r n ) i i i i n n l i ' n i N T l f U I « /·"! i t l l l ! v d o i i l ' l t ! \ ( l l f their sjiaelo if "Coming events cast their shadows before" SHADOW^ By refraining from overindulgence, if you would maintain the modern figure of fashion Why let over-indulgence ruin the flattering tve$ that make the modern figure so seductive? Be moderate--be moderate in. all things, even in smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately --^vhen your eyes are bigger than your stomach, light 3. Lucky instead. Coming events cast their shidows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain the irresistible youthfuluess of the modern figure, ^JQ \, iucjcy Strike, the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco--The Cream of the C cop--"IT'S TOASTED." Every, one knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only re- rr oves impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. ·' : Be Moderate!... Don't Jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or other qu ick "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medica£ profession! Millions of dollars each year are ·wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking Lucky Strlki Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do j/ourself too well, if you will "Reach for a. Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence ia things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN- -The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coa- t-to-coast network of the N. B. C. © 1930, The American Tobacco Co , Mfra, SOUGHT TO AMERICAN EiGLE cii of rroloctioa I V o u l d Ku\~ brace Country and T -rri- (oriiil IS THREATENED WITH EXTINC TION NISW YORK, Jan w h i c h bud-lovorfi II f (u p t c \ e n t K ! d n p s a n d i. l , r i n f , ( ) n ^ o m n n ^ i l o \ h | , ) i on o f t e n j i ' - c i ' . f ' Ui 1 1 P V ( I \ ! i t i f - P u n ! i n l n r ) , i ^.i . i, s ,, t!il | , !,,,[ ' i ntiitj u p X l c l i f s ' H H I ' ! I 1. K , , f | ,, , , P i n u i [ l l f 1 U u n O f 1 1 1 M \ poi-bonal i p l n i o n i e t h a t t l i o F c i n c e t l p a r l y ' Ui not perish on i b r BJn da*. Mortet, but that it ie-tt the M t \ ni t ' l , I R A r \ [ ^ i I -i u o ' I i n , . ! ! K r n m p . m i ni , r u K n irl rti up-trl-.t ' U p p 1' i nn nn i I;IM I I i l l T i f s l l - tho-se who advertise. 1 --Th-o ;aruna1gn h a v e long n con wag- pofcaible e c t e i m i n a - tion of tho A m c i K c i n eagle In tho U n i t e d States beou c. r i l e d to lij tho inti oductio i of bills n the Senate and House pi ovMlng a l e a v y flno lor anyono w h o U lie a bald !dgle "within the ciniiii-c-m U United States, Alaska, Porto Rico o Han a l l " Th-e bill ie nponsoierl in i 10 Senate jy Peter S Norbeclc 01 Noi h Dakota aid in tlio lIoiiuP by Co igreseman t,t H Aiideison of Mil uchota. ' 1 am v e t v h a p p y to mal e Uila an- n o u n c u m e n t / ' c - d d Dr ' Gilbeit Pearson, pic^i-dent of Hip National Association of A u d u b o n feot letiee, and c h n i i m a n of Ihn Nntional Committee on W i k l Lite Legfelation "At the }nc'-rnt time t h e i p a i e la\ o on the- stuttite books of five 6la e« w h i c h f pp-c i l i c a l l j m e n t i o n HIP ba d eagle as a b n ! i l i c i i i c p i o l c c l i M l 1 i i'l h l a i r f t it i( p i o t p c t o d by i i i f r i o - n c utKk'i tho \ u d i i b o n 1 iv. « h u h ^n uln-l non-ganio t ) i i \ l n f n U U C P f r t d i p ' l i ii placed o n t h e n n p i o l e d P d i l ' f i n d one ^ - l a l p I \ i u i m i n c ) I M S no )ri«i \ it!) i r f p i i n e e l o n o n - w m c tin Ifi. miebtiCctti uh,' Dr. Veaibou, "reveal the -fact that many of thoee blrds are killed wantonly, a p p u i e u t l y tor the mere u t e ot being abl killed an eagle - lo "boast ot having It is aleo extremely rare that u n j o n o is, ever convicted in the local courts for killing an eagle. A Fedeial law would Ineuro far greater pi election foi this magnificent emblem of our ouut;y, w h i c h i-s today becoming a v e i y rare bpectoe over huge aiedb of its mnge." In Alaska \ \ h e i e th-e bird Is plentiful and on which a bounty ie paid many thousands have boon killed and turned in to the territoual authorities (01 Ilie ono dollar pnze money which ift ofl-eipd. Dr Pearson traveled extensively m Alauka to gatliei this b o u n t y system olid the feeding habitfi of the eagle. Ha loarnod 1 that In t h a t l e m i o M , aft well as els-ewhp-re, t h l b spouc ipcdt-. alinot.t e n t i i o l y upon lish and c a n ion. H I? p o p u l a i l y supposed to c a t c h many fawns, lambh, and foxec on iox. Carnih, but he 1-3 convinced thcbe cases are comparatively r«no. Ho quotes W R Spi oat, assistant mauagci ot the Aleutian Ijhe^toclc Company, operating' In the A l e u t i a n IflanIc, \\Iio bald "I have clooly obiei vod the liubHri ot the eagle p c i t a i n i u g to- shoep raiding loi tlnep yivu s past and have n-p-vei n odglp- citU cknu; a Kunb IhPin t a n y ofl' dead Idiube, but c.iKlet; in their numbei ai f not a menace to Hie- laife- ing of sheep in the Aleutian Dr Pearson stated t h a t t h i s bill lias I l i e Midoivement of the N a t i o n a l Comm i t t e e on Wiki-Life legislation, tho otliin membcih o l \ \ h K h I I P Setli d o i d o n , i p p i c b p n t i n s HIP- J/.a ik \\'all o n I faRiie ol A I I I P I I C . I G p o i f i o I) 1 ' i . i t l p i d - u l c n l nt HIP S t i P i H . n i ^VIi'! l\)« I p l r . \ ( I l l d t l o l l , ( I I !()S A f O I N , ji! p s l d o n l ol t i n A in CM K . I n d.unr i'ui- l ( t i v n A'-bot l a t i o n , K I X P l,n U ' j i i t ' S P i l l i n ^ . f l i p Abbocidtion. ol Conservation Comnnefaionerfl , Holanl G. Parvin of the Wester i Association of State Game Coiiimi!3=ionoi , also Game Couiinlfcsioiipr 1 Qunm o£ Alabama, Keith McCanre of Kansas City, Gustavus 1) Pope of Detroit and State Coiibeivalian CoiEmiebion-e-r I. ?l( j llpi bacli of San Fi an cis co. DIVORCE SIMMONS IN WESTMORELAND AMOUNTED TO 984 QRKBXSRURG, Jan 9 --A t o t a l oC flSt suninionsei in dh orcc with otlKM- p a p c i s and 7 13 \\ i l l s of execution served n 192!), it was tiie customer t h r o u g h (h» inerlium ol tho tectoiy stoie. "TJie savings accomplished by tlii« model u method of dibtrihution," baid Mr AViahait, "ire heing pasbetl on. t tho customer in the foim of price* \ \ h l i h are amamg tor high quality r lhe tiicij .tic genuino Ounlops, with n i l of Dun top's -11 yeaie o£ tiro building ( x p o i i c n t e behind them." Hi addition to Dunlop tires, the DI- j e c t Uiinlop store will aleo handle Dunlop butteries and Dunlop motoi oil AdYerUsemonts Bnng msuJta when placed in tn« ool- umus oC Tho Daily Courier. a n n o u n c e d liv ' h o offln-- of Slieritt Rsi R lohniilou A blaloment from the 5hciift's office s h o w s t h a t a balance o $15,800 22 remained at tho fli st of the prcs-ont year The s l i e i i f f ' b ofiU-o b e g i n it? bubinc-ss on Jdiitidiy fi, l'J29 w) h a cash balances on hand of 5-21,2.831. Deposits trom January 8, l')2'J to January 4, 1030, totalled $132,131 90, making a t o t i l ot $4oi,'500 27. 1 IIP c i o d i u i email ing f i om tlie h h c i i l f ' - j fi om 19^8 tot illwl ^-.f,!?!) 8~, (lie r e o e l p t b t i u n c ' d o v e r t o t h e f o u n t v 111 i'JJ ( ) was \ t7,C7 r i '_' f, c v p o i u l ' t i i K s ' t o i liiJ'S w . i j '·j^l/JO.i li'i ft!\iuj, a I n e d i t to the olllce- 101 1UH8, ovei and above- all eMemlltmes of $:!."), r )OL 5'J Dunlop Store Appoints Manager 4 U i t i h a i t p o i n l e l im i jii ,(. been , i | s - l ^' id t h e IK\\ ' i r ,it "ifi| \\ ( ( ' r l li. l U i r t t ( t u n In HP- U n n l o ] ) 'I 11 r* ' OANS If You Need Money for Any Emergency SKI: rs Fayette Loan Company T i t l e Tru t Bldg , .jtll 1 I r t o t . ('((lilinllfilllg, p a i t u l i i ) o i ( o i n p a i u , k i n d if (In t - l o i e uia u o t M lor I 01 in^ll i \ l i b - lu in,? xif miic itUJllopt, l o j ? . , (n tho

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