The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 27
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-. " " WEDNESDAY, AUOU8T 19,' 1864 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL .27 BROTHER JUNIPER TRUDY byN-'MdU MR. TWEEDY How Do Archaeologists Know What They Find? ' Win tht IS-volume Brttanntca Junior Encyclopedia lor ichool and home. Send your questions, name. age. address to TTett He Why!" cart of The Ottawa Journal. In case 0 duplicate quotient, the author will decide the u inner. Todaft winner It: Donna Manheim, 11, New York. NY. - By A. LEOKUM An archaeologist dig! up thingt buried by ancient peo ples. 1 - -- Pnntr he identify citiei and people life of. the past from what be hai found? .v.' The answer is thai he can't always do it because he doesn't always find the things he needs to build a complete picture of a' people or a way of life. After aH, what he finds is only what people left behind, usually objects that were used every day. These might be remain of bouse, tools, jewelry, dishes, toys, and also. bones of animals used for food. But' many of the things that early people threw away can not. be found. Objects made of leather, wood, cloth, basketry, wool, or straw, all usually decay and leave no trace. 'Another thing thai must remain a mystery to him is the clothing early people wore. He can probably tell wether they used cloth or animal skins, but unless the; - left drawings of themselves, he can't , tell much about their clothing, r The archaeologist also may have do clue as to whether the people were artistic, and he may know nothing at all about their thought and idea. So his picture of the life of the earfy people may be quite incomplete. But despite this, the archaeologist can still tell us a -great deal. He first finds out the order In which layers of towns were built, one upon another. Then he must know the town In which each object Was found Each object is labeled, photo graphed, measured and So If the sit belongs to historic .times, the archaeologist must know the ancient writing used In that place. There are many experts who help an archaeologist such as geologists, botanists, too- logitts and others, all of whom help him identify and analyse what he has found, sometime K takes years of work and study before , the archaeologist Is reedy to publish a work about what be ha found.. But when - he does h tnay give us an exciting 'view Intothe past, a picture of how ancient peoples Jived. V"" fVti TIME . The Chuckle Bel Editor: Did 'you write thil butor: Ye. I d:d. Editor: Then I'm glad to meet "nd 05W ,nd "construct thety0Ui Ed)(ar A1, Poe though, you had died a long lime ago. Father Jimmy, you're act ing like a pig! Do you know what a pig is? ' Jimmy: Yea, Dad. A pig is a hog s little hoy. -' WIN A BRITANNICA JUNIOR FOR WRITING ABOUT -IN YEARS FROM NOW What do you think life Will be like 10 years from now Do you think many things will about it and you may win a volume set of Britannfca Junior Encyclopaedia. Important: en tries must be addressed "1M Years." Tell We Why. and give your name, age, and address. : Win (he Britanntcm World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddlet, jokes to: Riddles. Joket. 'Tell Me Whyf Today' i winner is: Valorfe PurcelX, --Newport Newt. Va. . . Map, Survey Work Boosts Ottawa Firm An airborne magnetic in the Northwest Terr! tone, a forestry resource engineering contract in Kenya, under Canada's external aid progran, and an' aerial photo and mapping project for the Argentine government have brought business worth more than $1,000,000 to Spartan Air Services of Otuwa and To ronto. - . . p ! The three contract we awarded during the past three weeks, The Northwest Terri tories survey is part of a tional mapping resource pro gram by the Federal Mines De partment and provincial gov ernment. 1 V "I only play the game for peace of mind." Radio Highlights 1.(1 CBO Kaleidoscepe. pined a round tour on a motor scooter. '.- fja CBO Christ laa F ren tiers. Flemish church music: psalms and motets by Orlando Lasso, presented by the Pur- cell Singers, the Aldeburgh Fes tival ; Instrumental Ensemble and soloists, greeted by Imogen Hoist. Ja " CBOF Wednesday Concert. The Stratford Festival! production of .Moiart's opera, j The Marriage of Figaro, con ducted' by Richard Bonynge. with Jan Rubes in the title role. I. IS CFMO-FM Concert Hall. Violin Concerto, Hinde- milh; String - Quartet No. I, Shostakovich; "Bell" Symphony Khatchalurian. I J CBO CBC StrtagsJ Conducted by Boris Brott. Concerto a cinque, Albinonl; Tclurt- kowsky Variations. Arensky. U.M CBO The Music ef HaadcL Arias for Winds: Es Blaut die Nacht, from Julius Caesar; Sonata-for 'treble re corder in F; Organ Concerto No. It In D minor: Silent Wor ship, from Ptolemy; Concerto C rosso m B flat major. v Journal ' Want Ad bring quick results. .. .'' . VINEGAR AfllBnilPOB Vinaigre Blanc Pur ffl Buy Pure White, Aged-in-Wood,- SCHWARTZ VINEGAR in these. m - i i ;eo. . Ira.)! ' o ' ... I Wv, Chess Club cnange? write a snort letter . r th Ontariol Chess Associa- I i-4wta TatamPkaimniAnchiri Cnn. L- . ww- M "T P""!' w- la.T mm, win mi ju wvrns- the world RA Chess Club Wins Ontario Championship The RA Ottawa day, when its . aix-man team won a decisive 4-2 victory, over the Kitchener Waterloo Cosv dprdia Chs Chib. The com petition was at Belleville. ' Members of the Ottawa team were: Feodor Bohatirchuk. Ron ' etc r m F. Rodger, Ken Winterton.) af,r.M1p Slan Tnrtiol. Lawrence Dav I AtlXHE, and Norm HoWen. FOLLOWED GOLD Half of California's gradua ting doctors left for the Yukon gold fields after the Klondike strike was announced. FALSE TEETH Thot Lost -: Nttd Not Embarrass Vuy 9mnri at tmlm ttvtb ha nlmd rml jtiib&fTUHnat beu thir pl to elroppdMl. upptfi or oo-blJ at Just th wroos urn. D bo lira m fMtr af thM happening to rou. Just Bprinkis m Ultis FA8TKXTH. tha alksllRMi (noftcMI poar. e your plataa. Hold falsa taath nara firmJf. ao Uurt fa vara eoaafort ablt. Doaa not aour. Checks "piata Odor BTfsmfh". (W PAA1&E1A fe . true aoantai Vfkywbm DBCOuKT DEPT. jTOBQ BELL'S CORNERS niiir me . t pm. aalatesjr um. pa. HULL 123 Eddy SL Dally S aaa. Ss S rrtr S I S IS m. i ;';'V"r, , 1 ' p I I of '"' PURE .WHITE rpop oosc AMD S( WMJT 1 1 1l tun, W. ItW U PIPVOU GO AHEAP ANPsVCr. wrrHOTMf HURRY DRAKE DlifS. TweTa I Pcarrao vote nrou. SW BMC'.l MOeST X NS QNLV LIKE fOU SAIOL CONNA SAP Mf(t AKOUNO A LfrTlC AN TtACH HW? SHE CQUuaTT Be A fOOt A0QUT REX MORGAN, MD arasJ rOFCTXRSC HOT A aoocatr AM3 IT ALL "What a. party! Thirty kids! Mrs. Hall htdjc cresvm and eaio and four Martini!" HI AND ' ' ' ':' ' ' " ' WBJ.,rr LOOKS Ulff sou . GOGS TMKXJGM tms opttemt HIS PHONc CACW JULIET JONES APARTMENT. 3-G ' -0 iCX AUSWtfi THAT, 6AHTM BPf H 9CM . kMgvr I M THE COaPKWY Of OTH r, Tt" vou amp sv9s lu ann 1 "Z.Ciryl PJWSHT WHICH W TOO Ttk lw'l f STEVE ROPER ,'1 i -1 ;:!' v. ; .4 MUCM OMICED. JUUO-But I KVKN TO M .THE IUNO OS- JOKt. WOT tKTUtt MANOll A iaOX-HCBTMAi( A P6V J V TVJCU UftMf I ONE OS MY V 1E A WOMAM 7a. PIP r 1 -ffisf jusntmo I S A tJAMf I -feci .T SUSTBP m asf HC M A oMtti smen a sew . ' . ,. ; v r' I -( ' (.4fot r eoaej our V IT oack I lst-s sxsto 7 t 1 IT 1 111 MS! J2J V9C snm sotimtf lm A BkOOY-WUfiCial SWWI." m , i i i 1 1.1. i r -4 j 7S - n tit isitw i m sk i 9MNNY H,i .. . -rt.i.nil- ii ' i i-i - ... r. ' ' rr two "Nl SANDMACHFSaW . 1 MlFjaiOlLBCWAS SOON AS HS FINISHES I HAPPA.. . 1 we lasow wNsr p STUflO AfT.' .SO HOW YOU' OHNACtfAJt gSSMTK. - . wmTW'ACOamOSL Rf A PfATHI i. f wrm am xceroioMT I II I . k XViNoiiwvwiMvtait I I- w yi MHO THXTUt HOLD S 1 '. 1 UTTia CHMxmn.f s. 1 ., vo t-nwua. yQmotniJ wrm MVMTKNa7MAT Mcvewi aorr mdak, wrrw i sooxa I wevm aurrt num i WfTN SWonJI SVHO lAOVB s AI0 OUTOT MLlf UK S1CMM CLOUO.. I 0,..rvaoueMTAAINT ANyTHMTHATOUMOei 11)01 I A lAOTiai AnACMMCMT I TOO SV4IMPUCTO aBAK , UarnujUNTH. NOWl juua.. S. sM-nsvA i NOT V WRL, I MET GAffTH I ttOi, DOM'T SUSOMOWSTawoTrieai yrxjW THE PWSON T YtT'YOUf TS0UeHl0AHH- I C, S. BAItTLETT-111 AHN 1 WHO AOSURAL SOWERS MUST 1 BUT I THSax 6ARTH I IS A VERV SWEET, SSKEW, I WOULD UKt TO tV.'Xt WWT V NO I AXE ' IDVUVSiSS. UT SHE AO I POT KU OP AT WJU AHSWEI.Jwira iSrH A0UTWrMi TKSCKg f-HOT MI tUU WOULDHT. ICM-fvW UKiOVOU U ,v'i- Nuesf --co vou wtwo rrri g - x. ou,wjubai -4. 104T foe A FEW MJT?J ?--WM.EA '' I Not YOU Boaa-Ef AivaSMg . I JAV SOOrl 10 A VV Ulttf- iCSf X MOLD- TW My rnf HAVE

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