The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1918
Page 4
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t'AGE JIUUK IT-EC UAlL.y COURIER COiNNELLfeVILLE PA. MONDAY MARCH 11, 1918 e. | | I* (Ermmr. NRT P SNTDEK, Founder »Dd Editor 1179-191; TME COCKIER Nklfektn. K. H. SXT^DEB. President. JAR J DRISCOlli, **ec y anil XTeanirer Bu»in«s» Manager JOHf. L. GASH 3buut«riiir Bailor WAITER a STOOIEL, City Editor MISS t.rVNE B K1SCEUW Society Editor MEMBER Or Associated Press A»dit at Circulation 'a Associated Dailies. T-wo Mola per copy i*c p«r month 1 PT ytK by mail if p»ld in »4r»nc« !· -vtered as itcond class matter at the «^ fflc« Connellsville Pa. 1IOTDAT ITEYESG, SAB. 11, { T»« C--ortlr. Serrtce Ktan ' WltiiAM P SHBRHAJ". Hosplfcil Vnlt L. U S. A, Fort McPk*r»on Atlanta. GO- RALPH F SLIDER Coravur H 319th Infantry U S N A. C»TMp Lee. Petersburg v». ·« Tie A»oelale4 rrc... Th« AMoclated Press la ex elMitvly entitled to the use £or repubtteallon at all news di3 pfcfenu credited ttr It or not otherwise credited in this paper Miil »l»o thiaocal news Inbitmg hoarding o£ coal are to a large extent unnecessary ift the case o* domeetic consunicrt Copparahvd- 1; few lave fatuities tor storing a full winters suppU Somewhat lirgcr niimber can take oC a month's aupplr but the bulk, ot tlifr householders hive bin capacity for but a wagon-load or two It the suggestion to secure a supply us early as possible is acted upon and consumers store coal to the limits of their facilities or sufficient lo carry ·them through next wintei it will tend rer much to relieve producers or a large demand during the · ·winter mouths -when the railroads and the .industries arc at their maximum consumption and the difficulties ot transportation are the greatest. The aeft regulations appear to be entirely practicable of application If generally enforced the-v should do more in the wav of pre\ entmg a short- ago of coal for domestic uses than some of the measures that hive been attempted and proven to be fntiie during the progress of federil control of the coal induslrj thus far _ CEsrsoBEf e IASI «/TT MSTS. Tbe jrablic -will very likely take unkindly to the order of the -war department to "withhold the addresses aad next of km of the soldiers T»ho comprise the casualty lists from tfie European battlefields from day to da The mere, publication ot the names, with out other* Means of identification will be very unsatisfactory ^VUhouc first communicating with the adjutant gen erals offlce friends Trill not be able to come Into possession of definite information Xjnless this office las developed a higher state ot eflieiencv than it. earlier displayed the delays in securing intc-raation concerning in dividual members of the sever il units of the Army, their whereabouts or con- ditioUx will be ver exasperating The effect will be to prolong the suspense PUT FAIR WITH THT CHUT). Thousands ot school children throughout America aie being encouraged to sa^e their pennies and put them into Yiar Savings Stamps And to their eternal credit let it be known, that the" are responding cheer full is the encouraging % lew the Libortj Loan Committee takes of the situation Thev are foregoing manv of the little pleasures the} ha\e been accustomed to enjoy Licorice drops are fe» and far between Cinnamon lozenges are th ngs of the past and chewing gum is worked overtime Moving pictures are taboo For the pliant child mind can be slaved easily b\ argument. Thr kiddies accept as gospel in most cases whatever the parent tells them But whau are vou doing to held up vour end of the responsibility Mr Head of tbe house** Are vou prac- |ticmg am of the self denials you are encouraging in -\onr lltlle ones' Don t be a p ker Play fair with the child Cut out some o£.vour o^n extravagances auH begin sa 1 . me trp for the next Liberty Loan campaign Its coming along j soon I t s 6" ctwes not \arietie 1 ? tha-t fea- turps the openin? of the March term of cr rmnal court. The ConnelHville Lnited Brethren church Is adusty And vigorous 1" vear CettinK ont or Georgia may have its and magnify tne fears of the soldiers thrlll f r " r thc . 6tl ' 1 !" ""y °" * .: , way to tht embarkation camp* relatives, and In manv instances, ., a mlld experlrnoe compircd cause unnecessary worrj Ul t h i s j i h p inter one of settmR: the ( e will hare a tendeno to depie=;s tbe out " ! ""' 'rfm-hi. ·mints ot the people make them petu i " " " " nt and dissatisned with the manner w ! I e JT.^ ,,'!!; , n VrorTMhda«»n thei" bnt 1 T ith ·'Thank YOJ, But I Haven't Doubted You for One Moment" -B, Maramev. tame than most fats -- except of course the almost prohlbitively-iprJcot! butler cream and olive oil And" al*o u is pleasant aad agreeable to the taste The average patient wiH take car« or a desscrtsponful of oil of corn two or three times a daj And it max be i which, tbe ^ar is being conducted lems to · True the casualties w U be reported i / .~-,-.--the VfStr Department diret to the. .ibout next of kin, but there will bo some delav in this procedure as compared! with, the former practice ol giving the! complete lists to the news as c ocjationa for transmission to the dailv papers The -fact of the death or -vronnding of a soldier wilt, after the immediate friends ha^e been apprised soon. find its ,-w-a-v into the local paper" hence it -would appear tha* thi announced object ot the new ordei to pre%ent detailed infonriation becoming . ] TilD® fr Eov. cr 1 - \ D No one can do h_s or her best work unless properlj fed Thio requires a proper ba'ance of the elements in tbe food so that tht e can be a proper i balance in the elements \z make up | the oodv There are \or few products i 'a all the wo^Jd t l iat ha\e this proper used frcelv QD salads--just as oin l£ used. ·UtoseLhei vre are discove-mg m corn a food usuallr fed to lio?-i ana cattle and harciry known as an trticlc . of U 10 millions o f \mincans-to' bu " p * s ' 1 *\ nothing of Europeans--thai bids v, \N n o--L.H tair to increase the food bUppU of the Tri, H \ ^b world in a most substantia ·wa'v | ~~^ NTr-n--4io\ TO \ For corn la a well balanced ration, j -ma w o r i in drus h ore -»nd ittasrmich as SS 6 oC- all the farms i in the coimtrr are p-otrucms more 01 less of it- it ought to help oomeihing- off the top of this much mooted quos ion of In ing cost One C*nt a \Voru. No aflvertlsemeiits Cor Ix«s Than 15 CenU. Clafislned columns close at i 003 Ad\ ert^s«!ment.i of wants aftle*. etc. received after tliat h u r will not niittar u f i t i tbp dny followlu* All the damtv new styles in footwear for women misses and children are cow on display at our stores Most attractive stvles for \\omen an "high top ianci, colored shoes Vi e have them wjth hglit coloied leather tops 01 w e hai.e them all leathei as vou like The prices are high, all shoe prices are high \et notwithstanding, we believe our prices are a. little lo^er than mobt competition You will be conovmced of this if you examine and compare Theie are ver attractive lines of dress shoes for men and boys in. manv different lasts and ·when it comes to working shoes for men jie!d to nobody The workmen shoe question, has been a stud- with us for vears everv pair -we ha-\ e are made special under our cm-n. super.nsion Thev aie practical in sn le practical in make onl good high-class material used and the greatest feamre of all is our moderate prices In adi^tion to the h gh. class line of shoes \se have the White Lopacs m the high top and the meduui height \\ onder- fullv populai footweai foi mining work Theic ha.= beeii some objection to these lopacs at least some peraons baie decided thev -were too -warm lot spring and summer \vear but the man that ·wears them ought to be the judge The-\ claim the\ are comfortable ths\ claim the\ get eqiialh as much satisfaction out or them in spring and summer as the\ do in the \\nnei Therefoie the stocks arp kept up and aie alwa\s iead\ 10 supplj the demand 83 Larsre Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. public, tull be defeated after all But'oalance not so completelr, perhaps, as irouldj Milk is one of tnesc It contains all be the case if tbe full lists were pub the niattiuls that go to build bone 13y \\ alt Manor THF TVTSTtRA ttlMJ lished at one time as formerly On the other hand serious consideration should be given the reasons as signed by General Persimg in making his reqnest for the issuance of the order He reports that uniestncted publication of the casualty 3tst'» gues the Germans information ot the re suits of their raids on the sectors- occupied by our troops and from tnese statistics thev can determine the pre else effects of th«r gas attacks The ft-each government has n»ver issued and tissue The w intl . ..nrf ROCS Its four per» cent to six Uircct is screerhint, r kerwhoop IK nantlj I cr ·- per cent ot sugir nud Us two per cent » h ^ n I a i-i tc nine per cent of fat are ample to ' ^ '^"" furnish heat for the body and force to run the ntncate chemical rngine that maintains * talit arl piomotcs nutrl j |^* f lion antl life But milk cannot lake the place of aH other foods \ot with most people For the 8" per cent, of water it contains would founder main before they get nearly enough to eat In other word 1 ? tbe elements that go l u t u t I am lifted off m v ftet \ \ l u n 1 · J pov,cr im rolled alo s hour rut*! l i n e a Vii£ t f C flou---c! 7\inTiM wi 1 mirts of j in 1 cat* fleca-vecl a roars and \\ \N1ED--TO b u i l d f i K or f f w ,^v ,. e air Ib f'ilYof Vy~ ' J^bcr \dd t .nd si?nbonrl« f rn trot c ou lf * r wic ^.T I paasoiM TH! i ns ,nd ld.nt-.ii Lfi;e more r IP*"*: loud?" vet the west s nci off trpca -\nd I Olt S M 1 - -- r i l l iript L rr^klenco in I h t n i\emip u ri M I S r i II \\ II S B 11 p))o u Pr ^ \\f- 64t L n i o i t « n 1 m ir!' 7 1 Y C h o u 7 r fl D | l I N I N il \l I' Kf 1 - a. casualty list since the war began [ t o make -milk a perfect food are winds thi lift t h e t o w n QJ\A ±\ akc Instead, the war office notifies the mayor ot the toirn whence the injured or dead soldiers come and the mayor notifies the TieTt of kiu In England the list-s consist of names drowned So -ft ho tried to live oa milk alone--unless he were obese or unless ht. posscved one of those diges tire apparatuses thai mrned errrv ( panicle of food into nutrient material the skies i e doors and hp"e und thrro i prliclslonc soirfl and here and there -\n x or ".p tdc f ftlnd ^ x u l t l n f f in the blast and u f t t a h the dii.z \\ nrld tBwinc 1 see d«ari row i RO H ins past ind in p-lee I dance ar d sin*. Cor npplnc It thrico t h e n jolt it (lo^ n hTsf il wais had a f a j r -enown i 1 - bein^ hir binsrer^ of spring 1 ir/-t c( n c tho winds that ro ir tnd *;hri*K ^nd h!ow our -irhisKcrs from our J eu and tl en ·« \N~rt n-- iv vnii ir vn s ^ t l l u i n i co k for hu^f I laundr man \ t i i t 7 M \ \ L I r \ i i O ^ I I V-. so ck c l l m " W A N T E D -- M I N E R S V \ N T U D V JiO n r e itud Ins to e x a m i n a t i o n s to (,ct ty-o 1 e'st min us b^ok p u b l i hed ^1 n !n?r In i Nutshell IiA"ft Scottdale Pt. J ^ Price i n p s j i --T v, j s i N c r r s ^ T O O ic i !J n t s t J L . ^j 01 c Vi h to J 00 ! o i.clunes ""1 1 "0\\ a t. cqu U t i i l i o i e r nt-\v one of STHI ilirtp nini, n i J t i tl)cni ·sou self . l i l t o n ic-ed TMIJ^J, S L W J N G T t H t \ n 1 9 So i t h r tt"burc: tr ·_!. i n \\f\ i le I'M flmii t* ~~ Pulitfr^nlc The 3tore Jia insists on fitting then Shoes correctlv Pauicnlar people like oui Shoes Thev re pleased w i l b ou" strle selection and our methods in fitt ng A FAMIL1 SHOE STORE ·Rith Better Shoes--Better \alues--Bettei Service--fo- ou" cas'omrs satisfaction Call and see some ne\v Shoes. i S E e b U t In t r c \NVp-D--E\PI R l P N t f J (. \SI I ipr incl slcnopr iphc ft depart c store S t a t e sila.r\ \ \ a n t f l a n d p 1 i to lea.k ani! brills'!) tfCercnce w i t h if pi c moi m OT\ i li*x - ., ,, forth the praft*' ifraln the ivmds iu t ' \rrltintr \.ddresi \ tart Cou ier only, u the recent order from our "War --^onm cautr set water-logged trom vc] ] the ra i n mu^t tub b^rr- tprmErf { o «*btfd Defffrtment proscribes r n e amotin of matter it would be nee , fiirj^ on her Sob wit co-*MU ro^p J , Than is no intention or the- pan of estiai for aim to drink cv?rv day m * nd thingumbob ind jo; the army authorities to withhold m-t o r d e r to » et llls Proper number o ' j r ° fortoalkm the friends 01 * «o]diers £oo(1 calorics 01 ht woulci develop a should really have hut the exigencies ^ llatd conditon ot the stomich walls oJ th«*errieftjdenjafla thf adoption of! £°S etli er witlt such* a dilution of tho 90HM r«tttricboiis m such matters To astnc juices a 3 ^ouid destioy his be depnved of some of toe privileges |' lbim 3 r to digest real ^oori w» formerly enjoyed is one of the' The ^ u s l l nn?cd and *»#» y f a^ed corta of the war "SVe ought to pat-, ^ ialf ° r llfe 1S lhc nev food i«.tly «custom ourselves to these! comcs nearest to filJ QS a11 tbe P depriT*aans, a» they will no doubt in- Qw^ceacnts of i propertv balanced v \ \ i o--r on nrl i an fo clc i n i n c ir 11 ^ si 1 t o\ cr 31 \ ear L d i as ti J f J i In part \P11 M \.ST b R MI 1 \ % i f "\\ est Penn la U m a l l n ) rt ? S! ^ t \HC U 1° O N F MILJ- ! in 1 i I if from Sc udilf on r T. ^ son ' ro u I 5 ) i n tf i I!K f r r m street car line it O i l M i l o \ M i l l s H-ve min L I \\ i k f in } en d i o t (i e ht ad p r f o l \ r^ lia PS t r e e cov ** 1 ir i f r ) i r-il (* 10 pi -n s u d H irrows j 1 n OO ^ u ^ h f l ( rn on th o r Mam i t f ^r rt ! nt t m e n t i o n e d T rms of s t x n v C i n j r u n i c r * 0 0 0 to h* ( icr 510 t)0 fx months , of ood ^ecun ereas* in number and s rrousness the war ]«nctbeas ab diet. "Whole nations clusivelj on wneaL But wheat lacks fat- almost ex Ton ne\cr. hear the rohii^r brap about the wectness of their sont "Nor lo the\ stop their music . . , , . . ·wheii^er n poor mi" ccmt.-, along 1 e»sary to ibo~e hring in temperate* o- GOI taught nee- i I ttr on liread That s w u v the grow ing j _ Th» new rtsnlaUons of the j uel VI- ' child ·» hose botij HSPS u p a great deal ' ' ramlstraUon, respecting th« t h b t i i b u - ' o r fuel to k.ep his engine t u n n i i g tint at to*l UBOftg domestic consum- uses butter and brssn ins ead of eta dorms tie year beginning ipul f i e a d and buttei Yotatoes formerh the Irish staff of life have thi"; same lack of fats inide up bv the ncMttion o' curds and whey 1, ar» eruJently baaed upon the ex ^eriaocft gauiecl t»y ac\era! montus strenuous irreatlft iritli the problem in. thcti oj«r»t:ou and moie The nee o£ the ;apancse and ·alisfactory IB their reMilts than t h e l ( _ h m t s e is reinforced Bv scran* of fish , " ' B "' rf jilans - the wcbrait. 01 Tht- of tho r^qu mo 11 sirn- i Sins n federal control ol the coal inrtimn. plfuientpd bv oluhb^t ind the dat^ of was inaugurated. j tho South ^r a Islander b3 -vams and Instead of adnaiog coosumei-, to ae- j othrr article of dirt fer making purchases of coal m ad t It is posUbk that corn comes nearer i w h i should w e Taace of thft time u vas auua h than any otht fnod ir filling all the I We °* U ' n J\ ^ s ft " or m t n needed, and holdup O ut the pronto ,qn,reniep« of a bilarced ration- rmo tuiit con atn^ t 1 ' t^e 3 0 rncnts re- r cd for bL*na i ntui inn Crn ;; ridi in hi pro cm thai 1 mid* issue and r c p a n s ood^ wa^ f I contains ca"bo X I rates Nugar d coa! a 01 oflj i. prices woald be ow-er more plentJIul later a* Aehn 11 counselled upoa assuiQtog £K l»it Aususi, ko is now uigm a iu sumcrs tp lay in a stock.. 4t me ban c time be cautiously relrams from giv aa d aarcSes, without hieh toe body nig a-ssurancM of lower pricea than * on i d be a s ImpotEnt as a dvnamo »re no«r established br esecntive unthont electricity) order It contains the nnneral salt^ ,,,, LCI The precautions he now adraes are essary to Uva Tjulloing ol bon for purpose of prerentujg an un- u^ual dora»nd upon caa.1 producers at tto season »h*n consumption will be the neavlttst and toaitage UeiaamJ tae aod nerve calls. And It is r u h is oiii- ot the most essay-digested and most Tdulily-adsbrtibtted oils k u o ^ u science--an oil thet li rap I Ih t t ( jreate^t. and als* to injure the de-I ng bntter and cftam c I h\ Ihery before ».mrer sets lo-xtlh lia , olive 01 i an d other fats m t'u attendant handicaps upon speeds and meat otatt Tasting S =pa3f» efficient trar^porttion Fsperiewe Trim cori oil snows that The pror-*ioa of tl ? nrr orclrr r/ro 1 i« brttPr twrnc orcr Ions permd of | D--OLP t- vLS" rr i rn Pon t. n uiot If 1 rcikfi 1 PT.\ flO tc 00 pc set bMiil by i arc-[ ^NTFD--WHITE AND l,Ol O! I 1 liborcrs lor rc^ 1 ir v.ork N nc h )U t i n e i n ] one ha f for c,\c t o M ^c t n e K h u m s MCAip lib i l l CON STR jc rm\ COMI vi\\ 01 I»L\\ S1i,V \MA. C r nsbui-ff Pi , AT OKC1- PF OPLK'tTOR AT TIIE DA1I f COURlFR i h e j d c a r n c 1 ?ni hero HC t h r i r I f i l c n t f 3 vs . D men to rich or pool u HAE! ni in the fair to se Can -top f o im im in I ear he robln^ melod bill or (.ht fit c t 01 f i lUitton or at nou ce t anything--r pr\ Lh r--3 anii da 11 r COLRI' B. nici- n c l h ph National Taxi and Transfer Co. 20(i 1. la^trfto Strict POP ur \a -i for ,, n t l e m a n t \K. TO u i poms r cbarjjc f il drive s nt, ind hiul Mr B 1! ·'ho-t i«7 J I N T n\ on i in crl Murphs Inqili « MO h.ts f..t\c ^ J us i e " r t - l t l f n o r c uli-nl (Ulc np J si f mT"l* J ni: of the n 111 DH n^ n \ r-- hc ! 1 ghl Uo Itlrc i ti° a*? thf robins J«t me me to do the best I c i thlr. ··* 01 Ul i Ijetter \tlit fnr n i K i l o mtn.. a t h u i h s ^ tr eii hirr i ui t. h ^ i fi t I nei ih t ta t lltii I Jlke i^ t t ud.n I c r tiA^ d.aK | titi« L] the 1 sou,, i i humblcnt-i j hit n 3CT\ ce 1 I I P -i \ I I roo n lifu c i I ! ·Iroct -\V(*"t ·?! i reel Trl You will be in need ol Pif.nung of some kind. Whether it be letterheads, statements wed- ciirg invitations or public sale bills, remember W2 can turn ot'i the work at the Icwest cost consistent with good work. I Strive To Have Healthy Skin Next time you arc in a gathering ' of TTom^n *Ki* the differont condi llorui apparent In comploxJon Tou ·wi I sec some nilttt with blackheads KorciQ dr and ronffb aonrn Bmooth and greasy, »om« smeared -with rouge some ntreaied -with heavj j-iatalllo powdem and ones in a, n hll« 3ou Trill a«* one fiat is a demon atratlon of UitolliB*nc* from 9^ rry point of vl»\f Tlve color Is ro^-v tho »dn la clear atnd luuooth, the jor« *re 5«*IJ and OPAC. tho powder does not shov on tho Brra T-Isorous nktn TDrary" ^romati can ha.-v« a £,-ood com plexlon U she will oalv use a U llo dlacratior 3f jou wouJd acquire real t)»ut th* beauti of perfect heaith ou must rcplenisi o u r worn 0- nerves "with lecithin Vatur* OISTX n«rve restorer and jvut Into vour blood tho 1m feroratins- iron « ch «a.tur« inlend^d It o hat *? for health In most o' Ihe moder i f^wxla these and othe- vlializins element* have been Ljrrel,, eliminated Yet to be titelthy and be«i itMul Uio sjs te**i imiet ha\o the-n Tha^ *r« fsunfl in Bio *eren not onl$ in prop *r proportions to restore weakened \ f t a l l t l but H such f om as ihp » *· ' tern can Vst assir"! -i *· i^ieir | A treatm*nt ot * tr : and r n i peptondle a» coTibinefl in B t fert.ii ] increases t p u p p p t i i e nJda ct i o j and invigorates th patVnt j And Bto ferei n ta pf*I et fn"in K · easy and polatabio to a».e--10 1 qu d Iron ot the tteth Thera IB no secrrt" r or*" mjist*: Rlxut B o feren. EroctoTl presorit It reffuloj-lj b«csu*e t*t«y know *» actly what It eontalna tia well a ^vhstt it -will do and th*iy fcnow th« could not forcrulat« a. Jxetert np bulldiiE tonic Tho action or Bio feren on th 6i ytBm Is PO b»neflt.ItU ·we w* M sure of Its ghin£ ^ou positive health and viicor provicjins of course ther» I» 10 scr'ous chronic aUment zuc^ as utrcer r bprrulosip e*o dial w» onl^ sell i on lie condition that roa s-"i nccHt a. rotund of v 0 ur momqr unless -vou ar» «ntlr«lT satisfied. ThT-e \tt no us» waJtlre Tor hwOth jnd beauty It la better to do thing* lodi'v ^aa tomonow Go to your p icicia.n t o d a v -- r p h t row -- he -rill atJUee Bio feren Then start uUcine it at once as TP arises or as d*r*e- i-a o* rfr p ^^ii(;e caii for Thi E b a *f -t f » au r nionei Jn- t f r ·* is t « i, re. bo ) id for ih ts«« ng- T ar,,c ^ar^^pe s; c i m -Ut leadin* ^niE^if 3-0 rftrici If ^ o f ' - drugg-Ii* ran not ^ pp jot* T 1 ^ S-ntan«l i\ew«dics Co Jaii. Clncinna 1, Ohio, IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified" Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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