The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 26
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IT EVERYTIME world so before By JIMMY HATLO So whom no she Dirv pno a II ii -r "r" 26 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL jyEPNESDAY, AUGUST -19, 1964- rwww 'Te" THEY'LL DO Baolu traveled the sub could se pl aces JN& WO StTTUNG OOWN HUSS4N0? WH.M ARWMM I ROT I II rYHOS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE I I Wjna W dF I I I II - . . i i . . I I ' 7-ff VVHA'? JORRV. A ! '-n MsMmX-S V i was just yMRMVLiFet 5 SSnBTuSr'SJoSrS?. Show ( pVE) 0 I KNOW JycUTeRAWUBlA ?tfHT yLy 4 i people y tomorrow Jmm, ' !2rte.p?n"0" f . I I in in l rWEPE I V ' 1 Of ViaS -oo Camr Wait uIve -bs-J1? . ' . K2Z-L(f Tt---Vr'.ft ISO-Perry Mason ' I ' 1 ""SJJ A. VlJ f Ml' tJO Suspenee Theatre I FUN1 V ,nw-Q?"-J3 - I .. - - 1 aTjCr YU V. 10.30 CBC NcmuiulM v- W pvui ID- Xjl 'I0-""' vi.wpouit . . i pi vf bon-bon ir -a&- fr-w !?jw i rx' u lirszscr j" tZlA I n . TMDAV. AUGUST I jSL l . WUro,- -CZrrrttl wVl TS Sports-Report I )isrK55e Q2wsTawrn'vj A trrtriflwiJtl Sir. SSiNk I-no'd cKr jrttXrr.---- :.'lx.-- - - l Vt 1O00 Alfred Hllchcock Prcecnt 1 belvedere MARMADUKE ' X Ii' .' "i " : i f 3 A I SftV lrWv f mum m$ . wr V . . - -a : . s . Cjr new neighbon hove a French poodle 1" - BLOXDIE ! ' i I ' DAG WOOD. 11 "IPr -iumi.i , f-j iJ BOOIOO-- 4 f this has all. the . "HiI . i'&mm rmjsmi immm,) wmE - : i r-ifi rViB RIP KIRBY ' " ' " I . " inmiiMW" t KM-a. . ; ,j uKr. ii lTil. . 1 11.00 HOUM ; j POGO fonpmPMm J tliicH Tttvy ass a?,oI . v o 7 uc to a AyZ.' too to w. a . "-1 ; 'mark trail ... .. 1 ,' ., . ti . r ' ' '"i ; LARRY BRANNON . " : ' " "' " ' ' ' -' " ' I jjfjK waaamajw jlf powrr un tw wwr 4-. -Zf 2s'22?lv A M T 'JUDGE BARKER . . J i ' l"" - " " '''''' - -t " -- --:. Television x 1 1 00 Nrw, Viewpoint 1111 Nlfht ruui 1121 SporUllm 11.17 Cununak aoH Ckaimob IS and S WIONHDAY. AUOUtT l S so Junior Auction I 00 TV Bimo ' 0 JO No Hldlnf Place T.XO Nawa and W ulnar T.S0 Wcdncaday Movla "Tha Slaal rial" 0.00 CaDUUuute I 10.00 Createat Show oak farth I II JO CTV Nm 111 14 NltM Barl l ficiur pai a Paia Btaifinfi 1 11.10 Blbla TalUCIDAr. AUGUST 10 1.30 Good Afternoon 1.40 Treaaure Trackdown "My Learned frauid" 110 Cofee Club 4 10 Picture Pace 4 JO New and Preview 4.30 Aak John JO Yol Bear 0.00 TV Blnao 030 The rilntitone TOO The Jack Rennv Hhnia T 30 New and Weather -740 Football Comment T.4S Football Forecast 00 Canadian Pro rootball I Toronto at Montreal I 10.30 To Tell the Truth 11.00 CTV Newe 11 13 Nicht Beat 12 00 Picture Pate 11.10 Bible fteadlnu CB0FT Channel I WIDNE1DAT. AUOUtT ! 30 Telejournal 0 43 Nouvelle locale 0 33 Quo! da 0? 1 00 Aujourdlnri t oo Dana tou lee canton 30 Cite ana votle t.3v Lea detectlvea 10 00 Aflalrea publlque 10 30 Telejournal 10 44 Dernlere edition 10JO Nouvelle du sport 11.00 Filet dacier TaUBIDAT. AUOUtT II J IS AutourdHlH CBOFT 1.17 Premier bulletin 1JO Lent metrate: Suee" 00 Ulyaae et Oscar I 30 Le rot de la junfle 00 Le chevalier de Mm route 10 Telejournal " . l i k -arjixm I r. . N .jw. i i on nrws wnn cbtduw pipwr c tmem, sups; i that ittn mM meh i wss leeos: z twst hm keno; voiru. HAVi id J KE006MIZE fVAMOE fMAVEf I THANK 0V FOK I Ii MKC, WHO... IN.' CAMS TO PW TH6 X MVE M TIMt TO , A 0 TV MFl WHO nCKINO 16 BP AT I WAMTSTO B Xtf, fr E THOrSANP OW6 PAY THi HfcST.' i , Radio WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19 CBO 910 KC 4 30 Mac's Most t oo Ntwe: Talks JO Terplacnorte 45 Kaleidoscope 7 00 Music rlth ' ."; 730 Chris U an Frontier - AaalcnnVMt JO country HoillUF . Strlnrs . 1 1 00 News; Talka ... 10J0 SerenaU 11.00 Muale of Handel ' ilJO New Weamer U OT Ward and Muet . . CKPM 1440 KC 4 Primarily Must (to midnight) mt Common Review CKOY 1319KC 4 03 Rush Hour 14)3 Nile Time Touch ' CBOF 1250 KC M Radio-journal 13 Lee menaontet dVlyaa 7 00 Radio-journal T.01 Radio-transistor 1.13 Capital et travail ; T 30 Tout la tamme . 00 Temolgnatee d'ecrlvlnt 5 30 Concert du Mereradl THURSDAY. CBO 910 KC 13 tee the Ma 1.33 Concert Tuna ' re a II MuoH tn the Merrnta 1.41 T Maraat Wish Maato 10 13 tnvttaUaa : , '.10 Nera. Talka . 11 00 Al Bantol - '1.30 Tae Ankara 11 43 Devltt Drop By ,' . . JS. . v i - -H uh IK "etas - - . '. 13 II-Bobby Hill Ihaw '.130 Farm trrsaacaei 1 00 New. Wsatber 1.13 Judy Blnta ' 1 43 Reedlnas from Classic 1 03 Trana-Canada Matin) . 3 00 Tee and Trumpet 3. JO Cavala Caravan .. 4.00 New: Roundup 4 1 Lift Up Your Hearts . 4 30 Mac Muato , '. . 1 10 New ... i . 1.13. Marl Must .' 0a Newn Taauv 30 Shakespeare gurvey t. 00 All That turn 1 00 Awirnment . 'j 30 Chlcho's PlaM ' .00 aoundlnta JO Musi of Chopla 1000 Newe Talks 1030 Thursday's Child ; -1100 Chamber Orchestra ll. rj-Wnrt and Maato CKPM 1440 KC - A.M. , 00 Newt: Talk '- ' 10 00 M usm for Ottawa , . - FJt. I II 00 New 113 30 MUSIC 1 00 Concert Tins 4 00 Ottawa Today . 00 New: Talks .. 40 Primarily Muss (to mldnlghtl , lrt 00 New . i . . i 11.10 Musi till Dawa 1 CKOY 1310 KC too News, Music Clock ' 10.00 BIU Lee a antortalnmaas. P.M. Has Ted Daltle . . S OS Rush Hour -ns Year World Ted ay r . Oft Nil Tuna Teas I I lias-House Party '. CIsICXEN LEGS Nah, 1757 Russell Road 73K3884 . -. SAVE YOUR CAR Ltt as buD4 a " '. v Q AR AG E ' yoall a prooJ to ewa, BEAVER LU"3ER CONTRACT DEPARTMtNT . 150 Bank SC, Ottawa. 7SS-SS1 41 Nouvelle tbcalee 3S Que4 de T T 00 Auourdhui 1 00 Cinema de Parla: "Amour d Parla' 30 Hollywood preeent 1030 Telejournal 10.44 Dernier edition 10 SO Nouvelle aportlv 11.00 Ralala d'lurope: 1 "Un dlmanche d m "Ahl quell Joie" CH0V-PEMBR0KC . ChaBafJ S WIDNK1DAY, AUOUT If 150 Newadesk 7.00 Huckleberry Hound ' 110 London Lin 1.43 New la Uniform 00 Camera Weet . 30 Perry Mason 30 Suspense Theatr 10.30 New Mataaln 11 00 CBC TV New 11.14 Local New and Sports 1131 Turtle Sweesetakee -They Drive By It tttN' - rney Drive By Nlfht" Starrlnf Humphrey Botart and Ann Sheridan. THUKSOAT. AUOUtT 10 100 PM Pallo 1.10 Turtle hweepstakee 7 "They Drive br Nltht" 4.0O RCMP 4 30 Vacation Tim 30 Mr. Piper t.00 TV Blnao 30 gpornview 43 Believe It or Not t.SO Newadeak 1.00 Combat 00 Vacation Playhouse 130 Erie Sykat - OH Grind! 1.30 Musk- Stand 10.00 Or Klldare 11.00 CBC TV New 13 Local New and B porta 1 1 JJ Turtle Sweepetakea litis woman la uenterou tarrlnt Joan Crawford and Dannie M WCNY CARTHAGE WIDNBIDAT. AUGUST II T OO New Christy Mlstrel 7 .JO The Grant Conventions, Perl tl SO Patty Duke 00 Beverly Hillbillies 30 Dick Van Dvke 10.00 On Broadway Tontfht 11.00 Local New. S Doris 1113 Bob Young New. Weather tt.ep lio saovw THUBtDAY. AUOUtT M 7.00 Thursday Bvanlnt Movie -AprU Lov- 00 Perry Mason 10.00 The rrureea 11.00 Local New. Snorts IMS Bob Yourej New wee user II 10 Checkmate , l.004-Trent minute d'lnformntlon 10JO CoqueUeat 11. 00 Lee menoantM dtllyse 11.13 Rendes-vous ropers -II 00 Radio-journal 11.01 Chacun s son rout 1.00 Radio-journal , , CFRA 580 KC ft CUff Fletcher Wsow 4 03 Sbowntll T30 Caatpua Os 13 Joe Brown Shew CFMOFM . -". 919 Meg. t.OtwaielMF r t 00 Llltl Concert 13 Concert HaJ v CKCH 970 KC 7 00 Chspelet 1 SO Serata oo ciuh art t ' CJET 30 KC ' 1 33 News; Talk t M-tsrt to m Bible t o i Aaaltnment 1 30 Country Holiday. -M rt Back and Us ten 1000 New AUGUST 20 CBOF 1250 KC - ' A.M. t oo La villa a evetlle oo a litre diver et d ate 00 Radio-journal . 103 Horlaon 3 31 Partes du jour 10 01 La tela a 1'ombr 10 30 Plain aolell 10 34 Intermeda nraslcal 1101 Marie Telller. avscato 11.13 Vie de lemmes 11-30 Lea jojeux troubadours P.M. 11.01 leunraae derea 11. IS Lea vtaetea de I'l 1 30 Le reveu rural 1.10 Neuvaile du apart 1.15 Lettra a ana Ousdlnne t .30 Una demi-haur avee , 3 JO Varletes tntemetionetoe 130 Lee chefd eeuvt de la muetque 4 00 .. Radio-journal ' ' - . 4.03 Le comptotr da dieque e.m i,a aamme au jaaa - 4,43 Lee trands s sack eo L'aubergt . .. S.45 (ntroet - ' 1 35 Nou relies du snarl 00 Radio-journal 13 Lee Menaonat dUlyas. ?30 La revue de VOutaauala .00 Radio-journal "1.01 Radlo-translstor 1.13 Hebdo-eporU J SO La temp de terrains .. 00 Las elaeatouas franca ta I. JO i Concert popuUura 4a Winnipeg .0 RacttoVd'orgu i. SO Place publlque -A -taoa Trent minutes d'mformattona 10 JO i. CoqueUeat 11.00 Lee menaocige d'Ulyae , 11.13 Rende-vou a I'opera 11 01 Chacun a eon gout LOO Radio-journal CFRA-580 KC ' Aja. I SO-Kea Oraat thaw - ' OS Le. Lye Show U-lS rsrasar-S MetsassB ' ' , ' ' AM. : ISIO New 33 Happy Wtndarer 4 03 ahowblll .IS) Brown Show . i ' II. 03 Mil tu Sawa -: CFM0 FM 93.9 Meg. T.oO Pfavtow .. 1 00 PulUUVJIlt ta.Orl i Morning Cei P.M. .' - -- 1 13--OoMea Century of Mt I oa- armpaa Metody tmtr S 0 Lilue Concert S IS i Concert Hall ' 11.10 etarluntt Ben , CKCH 970 KC aja. . .,- S0O Les Paula Matins I": ) IMPERIAL OIL', r: COLORING CONTEST WINNERS ll SS DIANE BROWN, 3S Wlgan Dr, aged a, . .RICHARD SLADE, IMS GIDea St, aged 7. ' MISS E. DIMTTRON, IJM Nottlng Hm Ave, aged II. ,'f 'J , BRIAN BUCKLAND, 1M MeGU Staged 11 Above are aroud wtaners of Mcyeka preeeated by IMFlRIAL , By SANDY GARDINER A visit to a meat market by Joey Bishop's TV wile, Abby Dal ton, set tha scent (or some rib tickling on Joty'i show last night and with the assistance of guest star Shecky Greene, the chuckles cam hard and fast While doing her shopping Ellie' discovers her butcher it a comedian who It slightly head of other amateurs. After a talk with Joey'ight-hand man the deci4ftt she 4 ought to try and get audition. Her only problem Is that very previous "find" k a I flopped and Joey it very wary about giving tryoutt to people recommended by hit wife. So Ellie pulls a sneaky trick ad get Joey into the meat market en route to his once-weekly game of golf. Wally hat hit audition by persuading' Joey to tee through the store's giant refrigerator and then kicking him in. Shecky goes ' through his routines much to the disgust and discomfort of Joey who is unused to the cool treatment. , The only way lie can get out Is by promising to give the 'butcher the professional eye the following day. In the process of course Joey, Instead of catching a day In tha tun on the golf course, plckt up a bad dose of the cold from the icebox. Determined not to lose the audition because Joey it realty under the weather.Shecky goes to tee the Barnet' and performs in their living room. it si enougnt in- joey ne convinced. Television CB0T I.N The Doaaa Reed Shaw, My Dad." Jeff I able to bide his disappointment after his dad Is called out on medical emerg ency calls but after three' suc cessive occurrences he blows bts top and lets bis feelings be known. Finally, after great ef fort en Alex's part, they set out on a day at the golf course. S.M Camera West, 'Tricks or Treatment." Program ex amine the subject of hypnosis. Its present-day uses and abuses. Medical uses, though still not accepted by a large segment ot the medical profession are becoming more commoii. particu larly as an anaesthetic. Among the interviewers on the program are: Dr. Norman B. Hirt, Vancouver psychiatrist: Dv Ralph Yorsh, a Vancouver dentist who uses hypnosis as a "relax ing technique", for bis patients: Dr. James D. Fletcher, who utilizes hypnosis' In childbirth cases: John Hughes, , who pub licizes himself as "the greatest stage hypnotist m America:." Mrs. Alisen P. Carter, 'a nonmedical practitioner of hypnosis. Program Includes film footage of a Caesarean birth under medical-care hypnosis: and sequences showing a . stag, performance demonstrating hypnosis. . ' IS Parry Mason. "The Case of tha Buried Clock." Perry advises a cltent on his legal rights hi a case deaMnt with embezzlement and blackmail. Soon, however. Perry. I giving out a different kind of advice when his client Is accused of murder. - " t.Js Suspense Tbeatr. "The Name of the Game." A professional gambler nd a Texaa millionaire combine their talents In an attempt to break the bank at a Las Vegas gambling casino. Starring Jack Kelly, Pat Hingle and Monica Lewis. 1147 The Fugitive. "Home of The Hunted." David Jantsen 10 m'etslt r.M. ......... 11 OT Meteo t oo Reflet du Jour 4 00 Palmar 04 TOO Chspelet T.10 Fleet V : . V t OO Club IT i CJET MO KC. A.M. 1 03 The A.M. Show ' 10 00 Caaaldy's Capers , , It IS Locl News f. rjt.'T- Ill News "'-.' Ripaim rwim ' 1.03 Matinee V' 4 10 Teen Beat 5 3 New: Talks ' t 00 Aaslfnrnenl 13 Chlco s Plae . 3.03 Counirystvla SSO Ouapar Serenade 130 Back to the Bible . oa Assummont 1 3 Chlche'e PUe "' So ait Back and Listen-too News: Talk 110 Thursday Ctilld 00 aouadtnt OIL LIMITED - . ta terminate Soaring contest of June t. . ,1 - . - v- It was aU good clean fun which Ii becoming more and more unusual In the comedy line these days. Hi showjs a credit to Joey that ha doesn't have to resort to the ribald for laughs. BETWEEN THE LINES:. Coming up this week a couple of big ball games. On Thursday CTV will screen Toronto at Montreal and tha following night it's Winnipeg at Hamilton. Both games will go on the air at I p.m. ... la the final "Horizon" program of the season CBC will look at tha world's earliest comedians in "Clown of a Thousand Yean" . . , A 'Budapest TV station recently bought three episodes of CBC's "Llv-ing Sea" series ... Fabian and James Coburn are tha guest stars in a forthcoming episode on the '.'Greatest Show on Earth" series . . . Richard 'Conte and Cornel Wilde will headline the CJ0H "Monday Night. Movie" on Aug. Jl. Title of the film is "The Big Combo" . . . Ruth Roman and Tony Dow will be the featured guests on a forthcoming "Dr. Kildare" episode . . . Coming up on the Ed Sullivan show this Sanday and coinciding with their return to this continent will be Tha Beatles with Gordon and Sheila MacRae. Incidentally Sheila creates a terrible . impression on t h f commercial she's doing these days. She acts so stuck up It. tsntt even -tunny ... In fact It's sick . . Errol Flynn will be seen on CJOH's "Treasure Trackdown" in "Another Dawn" on Tuesday! Sept. 1. Highlights stars as Richard Kimble The Fugitive. ' CJOH Ma junlar Auction. Children from Ottawa and the vat-ley visit CJOH studios to bid for special prizes. Lloyd Mc-" Quiggin Is host and Peter Park as the auctioneer. - TJt Wednesday Movie, "The Steel Fist." Eric, a young. Student In an Iron Curtain country Incites a riot in opposition to a proposed labor program. Aided by his uncle, a member of the underground, Erik poses as a mechanic and heads for the border. Roddy McDowell. Kristin Millar and Rand Brooks star. " . .- -. - c l.H The Greatest saew an Earth. "Carve.". GarvVa circus riding star, appears .In his home town, resumes bis old-hatred for a local cattle baron and takes up with his daughter Betty. Betty Jails for him, then learns that he la married. Hugh O'Brian. Harold Ron. Maggie Pierce and Peggy McCay guest- star. - .... i ;v r ... ' CBOFT ' ; &Dans tout lea cantoris. Singing and dancing with people In Jonquiere. ' ILttWrilet arader. "The Green Skirt." The body of a man living In retirement Is discovered on New Year"i Eva, Tha police suspect one of tha other resident! where the. victim lived. ,. " BEAVER FALLS. Pa rAP Six persons were killed ami three Injured Tuesday night m a neao-on collision of two cart on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A state trooper said one of tha cars, eastbound and carrying six persons, crossed the dlvidJ me barrier of the mil mad enn collided head-on with a westbound car carrying three persons. '. '' WANTED USED PIAIIOS We will pay cash for your piano or take It In trade on any merchandise In our stores. 51 Sptrb SL CrtlBjwH4 Sbappiaf Pitta III 2321511 mt 721-2323 JOIN f RA I Application Farms ,, Available at RA Cautr. 2451 wrajiK sjni TeL Rh4-S1M ' 1 ,i

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