The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN". DAILY COURIER, CONNBI/LSVT ,LE, PA. WTCDNTCSDAY, . I A M U A K Y ^, i:,su. BRAINS OF LENSN PRESERVED IN FILING CABINETSIN MOSCOW A. Unique Pantelion lished for Sttutj of Brains of Famous Dead leaders. MATERIAL FOR POSTERITY By EUGENE) LYONS Uirfited Proas Cor.responclont. MOSCOW, Jan 8 --The brain which roado the Bolnhovtk revolution r-oste In a eoris ot flllng callnots In a Moscow aoJontifle institute 31,000 Mice* of Nikolai Louln'e K^y mattor each mounted on*, cartully filed anI indexed. Your correspondent Inspected tho gossamer tlseuc tpread on filiibfi of Blase In tho couwo oi an interview with Drti. N. S, Popofl and Samuel Stvrkteoff, youiiK speculate who are dwoting their lives to a fctwly ol t n o labyrinthine contention of the huimm thhikng apparatus. They woik under t h e guidance o£ tho German psychla- 1rist and torain specialist, Trot. Oekar "Vog-t, -who Iw^wls the Insltuto for toe Study oC Brain luio. Ijonin Is ono of 13 prominent men Ureacly lepvcecnt · ia tho Bran Pantheon at tho Instil ute In Includes the brains of Communist leadens like Lenin himself, the late editor of Uvebtla, M. Skvortzov-Steparov and A., n. Tsuurupa One compiiitmout at tho Pjinthoou is sjlvcn ovtr to the American tompoter, A. A. Spc-cdiarott; another to tho famous nou -ologlst, Prof. G. I. RoebO'limo Mn of science hold a .majority ol tho Panttvwn'nanxrs among tivfrm, Pr f At A. HPissncr, Dr. A A. Batrrtaiio!!, ho acad«nicta-n, A N. Googofeky, and Prof. S S. Zimon, . Tho original brains, however, are not in tho Pa nth-eon p i o p e t . Sliced and mounted, they \ro fllecl nway in special cablnote Tho Pantheon contains exact replicas, of tho brains together with various (i.ita to help present and f u t u r e In uu inve-stlg.itoif. understand and jiulne the Ppocltne Tho IS brain 1 - aio i.m^wl in a scrlef. of glass cabtv» along one wall of a largo room-- probably tlio-ball room In this building -wl»n it wos the- palatial homo ot a Muscovite, morehant Over the case is inscribed the name ot tho man from whose hcal the brain %\ token, totjotbei -with homo information about his career in a f»v Instances photographs of tho m a n ; picUu«6 of magniflcd cro e-'ec-tiotm of tho grey matter. Tho glu- b ca*,cfl v-est on wooden cabinets, which contain copies of tho me-n'« v rltlngs, newspaper clippings about t'HMii collections oE pho- toRmplm at d i f f e r e n t periods of Llieic live*?, medical reports, etc. "Thli, matoilai it, for posterity," Dr Popoff p o l n t o t proudly. "They will have not omy the actual brains ot theeo men bu't data which will help them u n d n r s t ind the things they ma ilnd recorded in -ho bi«ln«" 1'erhape the strange* t part of Ihla Pantheon is tho ·scries of caf-os, as yet ernpt) but in re«Une^6 for occupancy, raiged along the remaining wall fcpaco oi' tho large chumbw. Like graves wilting tor copies they stand there, patient but coitain of their eventual usefulness. HERO MUST SHIFT FOR HIMSELF, BABES I y U n i t e d rrcaa CHICAGO, Ja i. S--Eleven years ago, Daniel, then 25, «teppel i'or- waul when a volunlow wae wsintcd for a dangerous eortlo Into "No Man'e Land" For tluit the United States gevo him a hero'e medal Yoatovtlay ho stood in Judge Horbort G. Inimonbausen'fe court, a hollo-w- rheoltod man in ragsed cloches. In Ills orms ^ero lite two children, Imdly fflghloucd at tho bnatlo about them ami woudprlng ^\hy 1'aia was ciying. "ThoroN Mamma.," eaUi one oC tho tola as a woman put out a hand to- "Oet aw iy' You're not fit lo touch ·them," the man said bitterly. The woman tinned away. She waa ia court lo a n s w e r Stewart's charge ot bigamy, ilo declared eho had run away with another man. Jurlgo Immeith.uifion ordered tho w i f e snt to the I'srchopathic Hospital for observation Tho other man, Thomas Coster, wat Udd for Fedoial action. T.oth ·will be £ed ui county iu- btitutioiu' Tho ho.'o must fchift Tor lihnbdl and ]i!n babii'n. Summii: S l ' M A l i ' l , Jitn. S--Mr. and Mrs. Ho- IKI t Wln««ii(! and r.imilv v.ei\ callinK on Mr \MnK-'rdV p a t r - r U ' at Stni J u n e t w m Mit- ui Mi Dow oil of ( hailc Hill HIM' th^ Mi'isc 1 fliiUi «'iul Mac 31o Oowr-11 i! UinonttnMi W P I P hoi P \ t h l t - nm Mit^ ll,iKcr ^li a i! M i t - W i l l i a m Sip^kv and (.luldicn ii.uo l o t i m u d IIOIIIP a l t o i M n l t i n i ; their ^(ui-ii)-l i w and d c t u i ? h t p i . Mi and lli^ Jo-opli M i t c n o l l , at ilc- Kcv-poi t. l / l H d Cil-o, ^''o has been i l l , !s ! . i i i | I n M k l U p Sill-, tt OI k a t ; i l l l l i t lt , i n mil , n r.inli an tow n h i p i M H , , . « ( I n ) U t K u ' i n 11 u - I 101 ! u i 1 »' i i- 1 !' \ l i 1 1 1 . l i n o j j l u i in I i^-iU 1 ! I I 1 . in i ' l i i l l ii luo- j t m i d 1 · ( a t i to v t , Kui'in.ui H u i ( I n H l . v 'ID !·- l!l « l l ' i p k u i o - n i K n- inouui. II, \ \ S i l l i ' i n K'ni', to ii. lu i , ,uul C K' t lln hujiuin! Mi-tluvlir,t P i n t i-,. | t i n t C inr h \ \ i - t e l a t l i t i . - on A l h c i f i ! M i * t w h t ! jf l o ' i l l nl to hitN I i o p i p i %\!!!i a n t u x m - on IMS 1 Ht i i p u j tt met! b»-r ot the 11 IT* Fati julio tuoso \\lio |P5Pf^^^ rifcny I .161 | ^/^k*1 t*^« One Special Lot Up to $25 Values y? One Special Lot Up to $35 Values , ' M f | A l l Other l l i n h f i r n r t p ('outs as F o l l o w s : $49.50 Coats $59.50 Coats $69.50 Coats $1.25 Ladies' Winter Union Suits 70c $1.25- -81x90 Dormitory Sheets 84c $3.95 Silk Rayon Spreads $2,29 59c Boys' Waists 39c 79c Ladies' Rayon Underwear 39c All Sizes -- All Colors, All Styles \, Rpp"fal lot SOc Kouge-t, (.' m- OUR ENTIRE .STOCK OF Divided Into I I Groups: and LilpbllclCB file Pomprum Powder 50c Ipana Tooth 1'asto $1 00 (Joty's I'owdcr 35c Pond's Vanishing or Old Cieam 9 p »/» te(t»fL 42c 79c Lot No. 1 Hats t h a t are valued lo $2.85, BJ Lot No. 2 tats thai arc valued to $i.{3. "Waldorf Toilet Paper Jicgnlar l O c V a l u e Men's Work Pants "Ljounott" work pants, dark, neat siripes -1 " (3?-1 QA Men's Winter Ribbed Union Suites Regular $1.50 valuo in -iH AO , Ladies' Heavy Outing GOM ns R9c Men's Blue Work Shirts Itegulai 7Pc vah 3 -- in sues L-i'/v to 17 . MEN'S SUITS Special lot up lo $'Ji1 \nlnes. Si/!» v s 35, 3i ntui .'{" i i h . ft! BROOMS ri)c aiiio H/»jivy Floor Hi touts Special Men's Corduroy Pants Rogular "SU.OO valuo in all sixes. $~j| Q"l P i n o corJuroy «£.!_**' Men's\$5.00 Wool Shaker Sweaters i n n a v y , b r o w n , huff nnd $2.99 maroon Patent, satina, sucrles, voIvtM and calfskins -"All w i d t h s . High, low a n d m e d i u m hcols. , WM T3 34x76 Double Cot- ion Blanket $1,49 $5.95 vai., 70x80 Part Wool $3.29 $10.00 AH Wool Plaid Blankets $6.99 $3.95 value Large Bed Comforts $2.79 : Liglt and Bark Outing 9c $1.00 Winter Dress Materials -39c 79c Ladies' Silk and Woo! Hose 39c 95c Children's" Panty Union Suits 59c LIFEBUOY SOAP Hctnilar 10c V a l u e Special Lot, ^adies Silk Umbi ellas ^ r a l u f s to ! i?r oo Ladies' S xede Glove. Rogulai- values. A l l colors Men's Outing Flanm 4 Work Shirts In kiuiKi a K! KT Mixes I t (o 7. $1. "Celanese" Silk Rayon Underwear COA us, Bloomers, (Jheiv- ise, Kiop-ius, Panties---pastel colorf Uomilar arid cxtia Values to $l.(i"j. Girls' Cloth Dresses ial lot of Wool Crepe, Velvet Combina- Uouy and Jorsovs. Values lo $5.95 Special Lot, f/adios' Tri '«rsc(i and (' Mostly all si/i s. l o f;5.r Ladies' Tweed RAINCOATS In frro.v, Ian, black n n d n h i t f and salmon.' $!,,!) uluo. In black, tan . lul C i e ^ IJOH and m dl u m lieels $1.49 BOYS' JERSEY SUITS \n u i n j , f a n , hrowit. Sues U to fe. $1.50 w Men's Wool Shirts and Drawers "LaekaAYEuma" p a r t wool sliirts and drawers. $ t GO ^ value . . ... «i). "Tom Sawyer" Blouses Ttegulav ijiJ.OO valuo a l l sixes . . . Dress 83iir{ In flno I j i o n c t o ' i t h , foliar £tticidicl 3i^- cs I I to 17. 94c Boys' All Iioy-»' sv i' tn's, \ ; ' l n - - s Ui M no H i / - e.s ^ 1 Id "1 Any Color or Style You Wish. One Special Lot Up to $9.75 Va lues One Special Lot Up to $16,75 Values I One Special Lot Up t.) $29.50 Values All Colors All Styles All Sizes

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