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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 11, 1918
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IT Connellftville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,552 VOL. 16, NO. 102. CONNElLLSVILLE, PA^ MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 11, 1918. ARC EIGHT PAGES. MAT THRONG PAYS HONOR TO MEMORY OF SC01TDALE YOUTH LOST ON TUSCANIA Memorial Service ia Held There For Thomas Llewellyn IEN AND WOMEN caching Scene Attends Beading of frames on the Honor Boll. FLAG DEDICATED E. Bobbins Stirs Audience io r Bjr His Address in M. £. Church. Sp*clal to Tho Courier. DEATH STARES IN THE FACE ANOTHER SCOTTDALE SOLDIER George Frj« ia Precarious Condition FoUoiriag OpentfOB nt Camp Special to Tho Courier. SCOTTDALiE, March n.--George Frye, of Scotldale, who is stationed at a camp in. Louisiana, underwent an operation for appendicitis and is in a very serious conditou, irith little hope for his recovery, according to word received by his aunt, Mrs. Kate Livengood, THHKD SON OF KATOB SON' IX THE SJEJmCJB. Vincent Duggan, son of Mayor and -Mrs. John Duggan ot the "West Side, who enlisted m the aviation mechan- OBSTRUCTORSOF 0. S. LAMBASTED BY BISHOP BELL jffen Who Attempt to Interfere .With U. S. Should Be Giren Tickets at Once. Cniteji Brethren Divine Declares in Favor of GoTernme»t Ownership of Utilities and Pleads for Social Justice; Church fiaises Over frOO. Speaking before a mass meeting yesterday afternoon in the United Brethren church under the auspices ot the Ministerial association. Bishop "William M. Bell of "Washington, in a masterly address denounced" those who by any method seek to handicap the government in. the prosecution of the war, branded tho Gennan emperor as the curse of civilization, defended the government in its efforts 5COTTDALE. March, II.--Amid i' 05 service - has been summoned 'to [at food control and other forms, ot CIT15BNS TO OFFKB SUGGESTIONS AS TO THJ Specfal to Th« Courier. CONFLUENCE, March 11.--D. H. Pore, president of council, has issued circulars giving notice to the taxpayers Umt council will at the meeting this evening set the tax levy for the current year and Inviting all citizens to be present at ,,the meeting to offer suggestions. AMERICANS RAID GERMAN SECOND LINE TRENCHES Bush Carries Sammies Full 000 Yards Back of the First Defenses. BREMEN HAVE A HARD FIGHT WITH BLAZE IN GALE Wrestle For Two Hours TTHh Flames In Ttvo Small Establishments. FRUIT STORE WIPED OUT Store nnri Simp of Stalil Plnmbing Company Arc Badly Ihunaged; Tno Cables of Tri-SU»te Telephone Company Are Burned Off; Loss is $1,500. Fire of unknown origin, storting in the rear of the store of Tony Gigliotu on South Pittsburg street about 5:30 o'clock yesterday morning, completely burned down the two story frame structure and did considerable dam- 1 age to the plumbing shop of B. N. A SYSTEM OF COUNCILS WILL COOPERATE IN THE THIRD LIBERTY LOAN 1 Sector Is Buried Undei an Avalanche of Shells FIND THEY ARE DESERTED mea seldom witnessed Scottdale and j community in general yesterday ernoon paid tribute to the memory Thomas A. UeweJlyn, victim of a csport Tuscania, the first of the 75 of Scottdalr to lose his liie in the it for the freedom o f ' t h e world, lie at the same time the town "paid lor to the men who have joined the ors and still remain to fight to nge the death of one of their num- TJC occasion was thc unfurling of errice flag bearing 33 siars. The .hodist Episcopal church in which service was held has a seating acity, including Sunday school ms'j of ^,200 persons. The great ience filled every portion of the oture, even the pastor's study, and rfiowed into the vestibule and the "3t. where many stood ia the bit- wind. People were there from parts of Westmoreland county :r as from Greensburg and also Connellsville and other places jyctte county. ^ngressrnan Edward E. Robbins ot triE-burg 1 was the speaker. It jld be a proud moment, thougn a one. he said, for the people- of :tdale to contemplate that one of sons was among the first to offer life for the cause of tlie country nst German tyranny. Columbus^ O., for assignment. Three j regulation, expressed the hope that ip ers |,j n ~» g Men !n Lorraine 3 sons of Mayor and Mrs. Duggan have I government ownership of tbe rail- | " Rrinir HI t joined the colors. Herbert has been j roads will become a reality after t h e ' *" - IJunu ' s * Rtt lin s **»«» in tbe aviation service for some time j war and made a strong plea for social 'justice in tlie affairs of mer as leading to the millemum. Anti-Americanism was for duty m the same service. VISITS KELAT1TES OS VJtY TO CJLXT "\Vai: r. McClmtock of New Castle, wiio has enlisted in the signal corps was here visiting his sister, Mrs. J. I. Vance and brother, Thomas Alc- Clintock and bis father, Joseph McClintock of South Connellsvirle, He Kfi Saturday for Camp Due, Wrightstown, BERLIN BOY ABOUT TO KXSARK FOE TOA3CK Russell C. Smith, son oC Mrs. Majy denounced. POT those the prosecution of the especially who oppose war to tbe complete defeat of the kaiser Bishop Be!l advocated 'banishment from the country with admonition to the unpatriotic to present their cards to the kaiser. There is no doubt in the mind of Bishop Bell as to the world domination aims of the German plunder- bund. The bishop's son spent a year in the German empire as a student. When the war broke out he volunteered Tbe reason, said the speaker, was that he knew from having been in Germany what were the aims of Itomain Large Quantities of Military Stores: Tlar- rage Boxes in German Position*. By Associated Press. "WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE. March 11.--American troops cooperating with the French have carried out three raids opposite the American sector in Lorraine. Two were executed simultaneously List mgfat. Tbe Americans swept past tbe German Orst line and penetrated to the enemy's second line, 600 yards back. The two simultaneous raids, one northwest and one northeast of (deleted) were made aftur intense anil- lory preparation last four hours in the German positions Stahh The fire department worked j Tho executive council will cooper- about two and a half hours before ( ate with the banks on plans for solic- finally extinguishing the names, ning, handling, recording and report- whicb were fanned up time after time mg subscriptions The coal and coke by the high wind. j council will develop plans for pro- Tbe fire was first' discovered by | moling the campaign at the various John Harper traiamaatttr in the Bal-jcoal und coke centers endeavoring to Una ore . Ohio yiurii, who haw the j secure subscriptions of both the com- tlames from his office. Th^ whole j and their workmen Tbe m- Vill Embrace Every Business, Indus- I - ««,,,,- »v^»»r« _ , far, ITofesslon aod Calling in LESSER DRIVE EXECUTED Which Citutens Are Engaged. Supplemenung the first announcement of Uie plan of organization of the Liberty Loan campaign to be launched on April 6, Vace Ctoairmaa \\'. Russell Carr of the Fayetle county committee has given ia detail the agencies through which the actiTities j SECT. BAKEE NOW IN PARIS of the campaign will be conducted. This will be through a sbtein ot councils having special fi.elds n-ithin which to operate. Eesnlts in End Prove Disastrous to the German Raiilis War Department Head Blades th« U-Bonis and Will Inspect the L'. S. Troops. rear of tlie fruit store occupied by Gigliotti was afire when be mt.ced. it aud the little building was a mass of llames when the Dre department arrived, iiarper turned IB an alarm from Brimstone corner. On the arrival of the department at the blaze a second alarm was turned in. to get the \olunteen, out. The plumbing shop, whlcn is built snugly against the fruit store caught Hre ou the rooi The building, although being of, "was roofed with tar pa- dustnai council will carry on its -work in a rnaoner similar to the coal and coke council and wi31 mclude industrial establishments other than coal and coke plants. The commercial council will arrange with each line of retail and wholesale trade to urge open tbe in- By Associated Press. WITH THE BBITISH AB-MIES IN PRANCE AND BEL/GILTM, March U. Hea.vy artillery flre was proceeding at various points along the tense British and German battle lines today, but there has been no infantry action of importance since yesterday morning when the British m a Tio- knt counter attack hurled the Germans from tlie pos(£ they succeeded in capturing in the region of Poclde- ^hoek ridge Friday evening. The British defenses bore and south ol the per. This was quickly e^ten .nto by Teutonic leaders. As the pon' levelled. j told the bishop Germany was couft- "When thc Americans reached thf DEATH ROBS FORMER B. 0. OFFICIAL OF HONORS IN FRANCE Trainmaster T. E. Jamicion. Commissioned Captain Recently, .Dies Saddvnly of Heart Mseas*. 'Soon alter receiving an order to , leave for France, Thomas R Jamtesou, en and women wept freely when,! trainmaster Cor the Baltimore Ohio ailing the roll of honor, the pastor he church, Rev. G. W. Terbush, I: "Thomas A. Llewellyn lost on dent of sleeping over France, then down the West coast of Al'rica, conquering the continent. Then the kaiser's dr^am was conquest of South America and eventually Mexico with the United States to be later disposed of. The 'United States IF facing a tremendous struggle In the opinion of the bisbop. He predicted that 2,000,900 men w.ll be sent to Europe to aid tbe allies and that 3.000.000 in addition will bii raised here "to v;lnp tbe enemy first lin« barragn was lifted so as to box-m the German positions at both point?. The men dropped into [he enemy's trenches expecting a hand to hand fight but found the Germans had fled Tho Americans remained 45 minutes in the enemy lines. knisor to a frazzle if the meet! railroad at Garrett, Ind., formerry m j defeat." service of! the company in Con- , m ailed fist in Germany will be SENATOR SPROUL FAVORS RATIFICATION OF PROHIBITION AMENDMENT dividual members the necessity ol to-; n ont ho!st forest where the Germans operation in Uie campaign. The f.-a- j albO seized slx posl£ Priaa j. mo mmg, ternal council will operate among the bave leeu re-established completely fiatcrnal orders, clubs, and Fim.iar , aflor sevcre ugnunK , n ,. Wch tbe associations, and arrange for meet- i Germans lost heavily. Both these at| ings to oo addressed by rpoaiers. Tbe |Iacks were b u t apologies for wnat ihe the dames. Had the roofing been tin, i municipal council will cover every ^ermans had planned originally .They thc shop might have b r i n --lived. The phase of civic administration through j ha(i ]nt ended lo make a pretentious flrcmen also had to turn their alien- district councils with representation j assault on tn( , northern sector south. werc i uon to buil'linr,-. across Lh.- Mrcet. | m every muncipal division. of to,, f orcst O D February 20 to pinch " ! soaking '-bciTi several tines lo keep The labor council w i l l include j c E ln(? rj nus - n salient just southeast them fiom burning, on account of the , representatives ot the labor organs- · ot the WOOQS and gam it number ot intense heat. , nons of every character. The farmers important positions This became Two heavy cables of the Tri- \ council w i l l be aide to do a most ef- |known to the British, however, Staio TeJephono compan} « eie , fee tiro work among: s class a! cJtizens tnrough a deserter and they buried burned off soon after tho lire had overlooked in thc previous campaigns. ! (ne Houtholst front under "such an i reached 1:3 height and numerous small Th-ough thc chuich counc I each avalanche of shells that the enemy ·wires feel into the street Sew-rai of I clergyman in the coanty will be ask-. Kas f orcc a to abandon his scheme, the firemen received shocks but u o n e j c d to dmote one Sunday during tbe Tilt : Germans decided, nevertheless, j w p r e senously hurl, although the de- i campaign to an earnest appeal to his lo ma ke a smaller atack Friday morn- ipartmem consider; It a mir- j congregation on behalf of the Liberty lag w t,ich gamed them sir posts tern- Loan. The educational council w i l l por:!r iij, T u e ,, na] results "was'that arranpe an nrgani/atn-n to solicit all ,,,,,... were driven ,,,, wkh sevcre superintendents, prinapa,"; los , ses ^ n!so forced to abandon ana teachers lor inscriptions and co- sorne of the , r OW11 forward p Osltions . nper»te ,1 interesting young people Onp o , lhc freaks of war occu , rod the wires fell i n ' o die , as a fine cihioiLnn o f . acle. When street :h'*rp "fireworfe^." Fireman Hnrrv Henry recen ori Continued t.u r»aj;c Three. , nellsville, was stricken very sudden-, an outlaw withoi 10 years regardless j Tuscania. February 5, 1918." Up, [ y wilh heart trou ble and died soon j O t the outcome of the war. Bishop 1 his time a deathlike'stillness had| atler m id n j g h t Friday. Tho body was ] Bell predicted. The rise of the corn- ·aded the room. As the pastor j shipped to Wheeling' W. Va., and 'relied the name of Llewellyn sobs! mo%e j to y^ home of Mr. Jamieson's 2 heard in all parts of the great! mother-in-law, Mrs. B. M. List from Republican Candidate for (loverau HUUw, Ills Position I'lainlj. WIST CHESTER. March 11.--Slate Then the pipe organ burst forth a dirge, adding to thr solemnity he occasion. Tears fell from the of young and old of both se^es. IB flag is a beautiful piece of handle, presented by the Standard ·ers of the church. It is made a center or field of white with a which the funeral will be held. Interment in Wheeling. Mr. Jamioson was commissioned a captain and would have become superintendent of a railroad in France, used by General Pershing's forces. He expected to leave about April 1. Deceased was 43 years old and Tvas a er of red. Thirty small blue stars j native of Cumberland. He was a son L a large one in the center of! is the star for Thomas -ellyn. Below the large star, in leld. are two others, representing who are in. France. 'd. Jamieson. of Cumberland- who for years has bean an engineer on the Cumberland accommodation. He had been in the service ot thc Bali timore Ohio railroad for a number county, caadiate for the Republican nomination Tor governor, declared m J COAL MUST BE LOADED CLEAN OR SOLD AT 50C RUT fSWTHF' FIYKn pDfrir'' ialcsmen "·' l0 woman's council u i i l DJuLUM lilt riAU/ IlVlvtiinot onl cover all women's organiza- 'he mon people will lie responsible, he ia- ' Scnawr willium Sproul. of Delaware dicated. Bishop Bell paid high tribute to ,,,,,,,, .,,, ,,,,..,,,...,, lu , ,, , » , - · . . . Secretary of War Newton D. Baker. | favor o( thc rltl fl caUon ,,, t h e natlon . ' -"« Ordi-r _ of Fofl AdministraUon Secretar}' of Navy Joscphus D |^nii^ a s! proilbilion constuutiona! amend- ' menx in a speech before the members ' of Chaster Counly Republican Committee, which held Its annual mectinj »Pe=Kn system ^organiwd by thc Tiio transportation council w.ll seek tn rcacti al! transportation iilerestF and pub!" 1 n t i l i i i r s and t b f i r rni- ployp.s. Tbe insurance council is asked to lend .us solicitors as bond and Secretary of the Treasury W. G. McAdoo, whom he descnbed as men staading four square for Christian ^ ideals. Especially he lauded thej her'sa'turi-Ty. work of Daniels in raising the moral standard of the navy to a place alone among the navies of the -world. Talking ot government ownership of the railroads the bishop said the Dtber day he had S. A." on a rail and railroad car in the country. One good growing out of the war, ·land county, he said, should feel red that one of its sons war ig those first to die for thq cause ?ednio. Colonel Robbind gave a re- · of the war and fjtirrrd ms hear- in to greater endeavor ia the line his address Congressman Rob-1 O f years and is well known in railroad ! ,,j before l"gcTto "Heaven" the characterized as a conspicuous i circles on the Connellsville, pittsbnrg , gamo ]ettors vm Dc on every e cfr ijn(. 5ion the observance of an event 1 a nd other division of the railroad. He ·ring so many of the town's young i came to ConnelLsvilIe from Wheeling, gone forth to war. All West-jw. Va., to become yard master here. Later he was made assistant trainmaster and soon afterwards was promoted to trainmaster. He was located in Connellsville for about 10 years. From ConnelVsrille Mr. Jamieson went to New Castle as superintendent and af- Uriotic duty. Rarely is there the! terwards .was made trainmaster at mse that broke forth at the con- Garrett. Ind. Mr. Jamieson married on of his address, the audience i Miss Sidney List of Wheeling, TV. Va. ig been, raised from tears at the! in addition to his widow he is sur- of reading ot the honor roil to | vived by his father, one sister. Mrs. leights of patriotic fervor. j Ralph if. Luman of Tiffin. O., and one ivenir programs hearing a photo- i brother, H. B. Jamieson, of Cumber- i of Llewellyn were distributed j land, .e opening of the service. Miss Van Horn was at the pipe or- The congregation sang "The Son ·d Goes Forth to War' which was WALSH MADE CHAIRMAN ved by prayer by the pastor. Al- \ LiH-nl Inspector Heads Board to Tre- he singing of an anthem by the j pare Sl«e Examination lists. , the, service flag was presented . Tile anua i examinations for mine iss Grace Lockard, president of foremen, assitant mine foreman, and , tloius. societies and j conduct specialised Establishing Inspection System · re« dontial districts Itecomcb KflVrthc Today. , a j counn! will mcl'lde lawyers, doc- TVAPKINGTON. March 11.--An i n - j tors, nurses, engineers and archi- tecus % ith Mib-chairmen from rach. The meetings and sppsiiers' council "The prohibition question, which has I I^ d '°S "f clean bituminous roa! b e - ' w i l l p'an to have an address roac-o at been a moral issue before the peoplo com!3 f«=«ivo today. A force of m-:every public gathering Th? pbblic- " '·- ---' ' to visit |Hy council w 11 rcprcsenta- near Poeldcrshoek ridge on Friday. The headquarter 1 ; of .1 British com- pujiy sustained three direct hits from German hMvy gi;ns and the building was demolished over the beads ot the enure staff. When the infantry had. cleared away the debris in an effort ·ganiza- to re( .] alm th 0 bo^os it was found ronps b u t w i l l t h a t not a ^jj^g O gj ccr na( j b^gn jn _ campaigns bv , jnrcd , aU , loogb Ecmc o{ ^ em were Thc profession- suffering slightly from scnock. Fuel Administraricn to enforce ot tho state for many years," Senator ; Ifctors w,ll be authorized Sproul said, "has become a great all mining districts and make daily ! live newspaper men from all over tbe economic issue. The sentiment of the | reports "' th " rendition of coal ns county, liberty 1/oan lad seen the letters "U. present time and of thc country is un- l loaded: TM athod; TMploed to prepare Liberty lx«n hcadquaj-ters will be , cial slatctncnt tron , Pie!d Mars] ilroad locomotive down doubtedly m favor ot Uie national pro- and clean ^ Product, and whether, , opened ,n Lniomown at once from ' Haig , odav . A ^^. ot tte cne . ,rcssed the hope that bibtion amendment. It is in the spirit in their J^Km^ 1 . t! « Product ship-.which the rarapaign will be directed, which approached our'lines northw ration. It is a strange I upon to act promptly and favorably 1 istr:ltor n °'' ·d. that we did not long' upon this question." j representative ipi of sacrifice, self-denial and self-discipline to which the American people have committed themselves, and Pennsylvania. ^ conservative as she is in the speaker said, is that it has speed-1 matters o'f this kind, may be depended ed up conserv thing, he added. ago think of the regulation of food pirates; strange that it must come to tbe point where half the world faces starvation before we think of food administrator. The class of religious adherents ·n-hose motive in affiliating with the church is to prepare for the next world came in for chastisement. "For- 'get the next world. Get busy about ped to market is well prepared and merchantable. All cars not properly prepated will be condemned at tbe mines by the inspectors and tbe d.strict fuel .idmin- notified. If approves the ffistrict inspec- Senator Sproul d* r olt upon thc need for the state giving unflinching j Uon report, he shall so notify tbe operator at once, in which case, un- support to President Wilson and his [ ! less the operator unloads and rcpre- Administration in to win the war. 'The state in this every move made j present crisis" Senator Sproul declared, take any backward steps in humane legislation- but must go forward and set an example to ies;i favored sec- SALE OF COUNTY COAL AT $5,000 ACRE CONTESTED Public Hrarins; in Court Ilpiclop That this one. Make it a battlefield forjtiODs in its broad and generous treat- righteousness," he shouted. He scored those who watch for the millemum and the second coming of Christ while railing, ho said, to see that Christ is here now "You'll reach the other side soon enough." he went on. "Get busy here." There has been a misconception. ·.tandard Bearers. The honor of j fll .,, boss?s ln tne janth bituminous dis- i said the bishop, ot the mission of ling the Qag fell to two war trict _ ^ H be held ;,, tho immaculate " """'" " ' '" """ "" 3. Mrs. Phil E. SwarLrwelder and Albert T. Hemp. As it dropped tho dome ot the church it releas- Conception. paroichal school hall on April i), 10, U and ]2 according to an- shower of tiny American flags [p j_ nouncement today by Mine Inspector chairman of the ebcamin- _ the audience. Following the ac- } | ng D0ar d_ Those taking the examina- ace of the flag and reading the t!oa for fire boss w iu bc required to .y the pastor Mis Virginia Clingi recited "The Service Flag". "As appear but one day. Mine Inspector Walsh has been Soldier Boy Marched Through" | mRe ctl airmaa of a committee of six .ung by Miss Bsther Trinxble. which will meet ia Pittsburg March 12 onel Robbins was introduced by tp prcpare the questions for examina- ·y H. Boya of the local draft ! t . on _ TUe pereO nnel of this board is: pe P. J. Walsh, Conellsville and Nicholas jv^n^ Johnstown, inspectors; Mr. Kay- Tyrone, secretary, and Mr. Porter. Pittsburg, 'mine superintendent and J. O. Van Ripar. Brownsvile, and Barnhart. Medical Re- Mr MoKmep Barnesboro, miners. » honor roll bears the names of jllowing: Q- Swing Armstrong. Camp Lee lia, bur D. Corps. rin H. Beddows. Navy. pora! Charles Eben Snicides in "Wife's Presence. Colborn, i GREENSBURG, March 11.--William FieldjSignal Corps, Oamp Meade., L Smithj 46 years o! d, in the presence | of his wife and 14 year old daughter, I committed suicide Saturday by firing ' a bullet, which caused his death. ! Smith had resided in, Pittsburg and liain J. Fetter, Medical Reserve, j had just lost his job.' The interment nan Field. 110th Regiment, Camp j will take place tomorrow at Tarrs. Uer E. Col-bum, Q. M. Corps, Meigs, Washington, D. C. 3e DeWitt. Medical Corps, Camp r, Michigan. cfc, Georgia. I Smith was a son ot Peter Smith of Jesus Christ. It was not, he said, so mew. of those who work with their hands to make a resourceful and powerful nation." HEAR RED CROSS TALK Fifty Women Greet State Official on Visit Hero This Morning. _ About 50 women, interested in Red much To 'prepare' tho Inhabitants 'jor Cross jork, heard^trs^Charles Parthe next world as to make this world! "" "" """'" a better place in irhich to live. Bishop Bell was the speaker on the occasion oC the observance of thc anniversary of the dedication of the United Brethren church. In all his addresses of the day Bishop Bell emphasized the urgency of religious efficiency as a means of making thc world better as a place of abode rather than in. preparing the people for the next world. He spoke in the morning at 11 o'clock and again at 7:30 o'clock. This evening the bishop will deliver a lecture on the subject: "America, 'VVhenco and WWther." Rev. J. S. Showers, pastor of the pares the rejected coal, the consignee shall be permitted to deduct 50 cents per ton from thr author zed price for ., the grade of coal with which the car must not ls Iondetl provided, however, tbe con- i |s:gnce after examining the coul may | at bis option pay the full authorized price. The order of the FIIP! AdminisTrn- , Uon has been i*-Tued because of the | many complaints made by consumers ' of the high percentage of slate and other impurities shipped with coal I during thc past winter. The effect, says the Fuel Administration, has been not only to reduce the heating Tiiere -4re Offers of $fi,OW) or Jlore. Proposed sale of 100 acres of coal underlying (ho county poor farm by the former hoard of during the tonn \Vhyol for *5.000 ENEMY I« ISO-Mi IIS TAKKV LS ST. QCEXTDT KAID. LONDON. March 11.--"A successful raid in which several of the euemy wore hilled or taken prisoners and two machine guns were captured was carried out by us .ast night south of SL Queiuin," sayi the offi- Marshal emy .pproaclied mir lines northwest of LaBasse was driven off by artiliery and machine gun fire There was considerable artillery activity on both aides early this morning southeast of Armcntieres/' This is tho f.rst report of any British activity in the line iouth of St. Qvrentin since the British took over thc sector from Uie French several weeks ago. retary of the Pennsjlvania division of the American Red Cross, give an interesting and instructive talk on Red Cross work in general this morning at the Red Cross headquarters ia tho old high school building. Measles Cases JStporled. Three cases oC measles were reported to the Board of Health this morning. Fair and warmer tonight; Tuesday ; increasing cloudiness and warmer, is church, asked the congregation to con_' the noon weather forecast for West- tribute during the day $500 toward the) ern Pennsylvania, church building fund. When the flg-j urea were totaled in the evening it I was found the contributions amounted! to ?701. All of this 1 was deposited on the altar of the' church. There was no passing or the plates. An orchestra played at tie mcrnmg , Temperature Record. 1818 1917 Maximum _: 38 59 Minimum 17 -J7 Mean 28 53 The Yough river fell during: t SECRETARY OF WAR BAKKR REACHES PARIS. PARIS. March 11.--Newton D. poor director^ Baker, the American secretary of in office to George' w a r ' arrived in Paris this morning, per acre, payable| H e was received by General Persh- when rained, met wit!: a storm of op- i !n S' GTM 0 TM 1 Bliss, the American. position at the public hearing held cnlef ° c btaff ^'ench officers repre- Satui day aftenioon in the larger court 5entmg Premier Clemenccau and room before Judges J. CJ. Van Sucii- AmSasador Sharp The secretary's icgon ,-.nd E. II. Reppert. Protests h oyaso was wltl °ut incident, filed by William H. Rankm and ! ' value of tlie coal but to put unnecessary btirtlen upon the transportation facilities. MEN BIG IN THE NATION'S AFFAIRS \verc Andrew Glover, present members of tbe poor board, b\ County Controller Harrj- Kisir.ger and thc county commissioners anrt arguments were made to the court by ihcir counsel in sup-i port of their protests. Supporting tbe . prottist. filed by Poor Directors Hankin i and G l o \ G r \vere the signatures o f ' about thirty reprcsentauu 1 ta:\payers ( of the county. i The culminating feature of the hear- , Tlie record made Sunday, March 3, mg was the bubmission of two bids | O u tbe Bait-more Ohio' railroad, fflMlNf TO THIS flTVl for the coal underl ' m S Un? poor far;n I whon -3 ojo car were moved east out l/V/IUll^U IU i n i a l r l l l | a t a price coiwidcrablj uigber iban tbe ?5,000 ail acre in tbe agreement lie- 'oniyreiisniiin Stephens, Fresh i'roro ' B.0. FORCE BEATS TRAFFIC MOVEMENT OF PREVIOUS SUNDAY 1 Total of 12-lt Cars Moved East Ont ot Local Yards as romptin;il With 1.010 IVesk Ago. V«r Fn Kiiltn Sjxwk Here March 29. To bring Counellsville in closer touch with '-he war situation arrangements have been completed to bring two prominent congressmen here on Friday, February 2*), to speak in tlie liigU school auditorium. They are Congressmen Stephens of Nebraska and Kahn of California. \\". D McGinnis is in charge of the meeting, which hundreds of persons f i o m all over Uie county are expected to attend. of the yards hoi c w;is "smashed lo , smitberccnb" yesterday. The new '.ween Mr. Whyel and the former poor ; record wai, established with 1J24 ihoarfl. Attorney D. W. Ucudc-r.son ,n- ' loaded cars goiiiR out. a total ot 70,formed Uie court that res.poiii.ible r a i n , O G 3 tons of freight. Ill addition to the ». horn hf»reprcsenlcd \iouid pa) ii. - i eastern movement. 2H9 cars went out 000 per acre for tbe coal under U i e . o i e r tho F. M. p. and r,3! west, to same conditions of the VVliye] J-sree-'Pitlsfourg. 2 total of 1.972 v.ere moved ment and Attorney Linn V. Phillips l o u t of the fonnellsv lie yards, made a. similar offer for cl.euts. Boili I The mo\ement e^ist consisted of 21 attorneys intimated the coal i double over the mountains. It could be sold Cor a still higher figure is expected that this record v.ill stand if public bids w e i e taken. ' liere for tome nine. ICicr.v energy i*a.s rxtyiitlAd josterday to break the rie\ious record but a look at the today would cause some doubt In order to devote hs time Takes J'cir Positron, Joseph Ilild '.eft tb-is morning for 1 Cumberland where he h u. secured a i position as a designer in a glass works i in that city Mr. and i!rs. Hild will sively to his duties ah directoi of tho ' as to whether the big number was divinon of transportation 'inder Di- moved, as incoming freight immed- reetor General of Railroads, McAdoo., lately filled the empty tracks. Gary R. Gray, has tendered his reti^- , Each train -which moved out yes- nation as president, chairman and ; terday had a 6000 engine at the head director of tbe Western .Marj laud j and a 4000 a£ the rear. Every train railroad and as chairman and director j left the terminal promptly -which, ac-

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