The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 9, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1918. GETTING OUT 0; GEORGIA HAS THRILLS On* 4 «Tery negro is called- after some- « in the outfit. "At the rate we're going now the .war .will b» orer before we get out of Georgia. I don't know whether the indue*!- gets dizzy whenever he gets ·:«p above 15 miles an hour and has ·to stop antil he recovers his equill-. ',irium. The en^neman and fireman V»re now atandung alongside tne tracks irarmicg themselves at a wood fire. .Tike place they 'chose to stop at looks : -Yery mnch Ukc Siowhere. ,: ''PennsylTftnia.' and "Western Mary.; buul cars peanut; on n. southbound train give a homelike aspect to the otherwise staange scenery. [: "Getting ready to. move, especially Vwhen everytfcins indicates that you · are going isomewnere near a port cf embarkation- for.'Over There,' covers "' a period, 'poignant wftii unsurpreae- ·d excitement,' as I remeittber a. TJn- ' lontown reporter described an election '.'·d«y aome years'ago. First, -there is a week or more In which vague rum..ors that we're gnine to leave float around. "When you're been packed up ready to go once, and ticn told you're not to leave, you don't pat much. · taitt-in. idle" minors but they cause a lot of talk newrtteJeiK. :bot when officers begin to drop broad hints about 'getting out won,' betting as to the probable date begins. All kinds of dove 'is peddled around. No matter what anybody hears, the whole detachments gets" it ewetnally. Every- iiiliif : is: finally settled by a definite announcement 24 tours before the time of enixainment. Then begins the actual preparation. . ''Barracks. b*9, tfcose commodious blue-drilling sacks that Army men get instead of tnraks, hare to be packed. . Everything that is not needed for · traveling goea in. tliem anu they actu- . »Uy tene a purpose otber than of hid- 1ns .places for db*y clothes on inspection days. "Onr train Is storied again, this time because a Ford touring car tried to jfep the advance at our expedition- arr force--witt the same result that -the German* win achieve when they · try fco impede the onrushing Americans. The mmckine was badiy smashed but tb« driver was not hurt much. ;The Incident, though trifling, .will further delay us in setting out of ", Georgia. "Tor those things that are necessary to comfortable existence while travetiDg, ratten bag3 and blanket rolls, are provided. The blanket rolls are made up of oae or more blankets, 'towels and other toilet articles, ex; tn noderweax and wbaterer else can be gotten into them. The sbetMr- . halves makes a waterproof covering : : for the blanket rolls. In the ration bags are packed mess kits and other ·nlscellaneons articles most needed · '.vhile traveling^ The "blanket rolls are stripped xbout tbe barracks bags and · the whole package slung over tho COMING! "CAP" STUBBS AND HIS LIVE WIRE COMPANIONS Beginning March 11, The Daily Courier will introduce to its readers one of the livest live" boy comic strips in all the world. The pictures will be drawn by Edwina--the Phil May of American boydom. Edwina draws kids that are kids, the back-to-nature kids. Kids with fight in them. Kids with the love of adventure and thrills in them. Kids that liked to steal into the pantry and fish out the dark colored molasses cookies. Kids that were tempted and did play "hookey." Kids that loved. Kids that were just plain bad--without being wholly bad. Kids, kids, kids--in all their forms, shapes, manners, disappointments, happiness. The kind of kids that Edwina draws will greatly attract and interest, not only the present day little boys, but the present day big fellows who used to be the little fellows. Watch out for "Cap" Stubbs and his wonderful adventures! V f ' "The makeup of blanket roll and barracks b»g is left pretty mncn to the indMdoal soldier's taste, but there is a (0«d~de»I of-rivalry to mating up neat packs. There is a delightful ~t*rill" (A-tbe whole business, packing TM-uii-to "§po sonMnrherc, the location of which is not drrolged, is an expedience · that appeals to : the imagination. But it's not all thrill for there's work and lots of it to be ; done; -the barracks nmst be scrubbed, beds»cks emptied of s*r«w, rnblasn removed, tie travel rattens." prepared, and transported to ' the baggage car, tlrcse and scores of "oilier things h«v« to be done, ~ "But, at last tbe moment comes, the time of entfafament rolls aronnd, the '"company is lined up for the last time ,;on that particular company street and after roHcall the start is made while .1 other eomfanies rather enviously look --on. and wist the departing ones the best of luck.' ''As I-said betoie. it's a wonderful -'-experience and dignified officers enter '." into it with all tno zest of younger " and ajiytning but dignified privates. "People afong railroad lines to eaat^ " fern points, especially the direct routes, ^ lay in wait for the troop trains" whiA pass through at treijuent intervals for ... tbey harre Jearned ftat tie soldier is a ;. liberal spender and they prepare all * .sorts of things to (at as so much .per each. On the train there isn't much to do bnt eart apd sleep and as there's "lot of time for' steeping at'.night,' It's only neioral flat waktog boars should ~ be " dwroted to~ overworking the . stomact." EVERY MEAL A POISONOUS INJECTION ~- Few ; folk* suffering: -'from-lcldney and -i".bladder trouWws. ever think that the oieals whidi they are taking; axe has- ~~tenlng their death. Every morsel of "~fdd taken rives-up its qnantity-of uric · - »cid . This poison Uitoken into the sys- '. tern through, a dtee;i£ed condition ot the ^kidneys and bla.ddcr. In the healthy ^--mah-nature provides an outlet for this L'.poison. _Thqee in ill-health-musrt take a modlcinai help to drive this death-dealing poison "from the 'system- For over · 199 years GOLD MEDAL Haorlara Oil Capsules have- been doing: -this work. "They effect prompt relief in all dis- eaff arising from kidney and bladder " troubles, :Don't put off this vital jaat- --tcr of attending to your health anti! it - is time to make your funeral arrangements. Get a box of GOLD MEDAL ~ -Haarlam Oil Capsules today. Dok for "the'yenulnc. Your druggist sells them. They are guaranteed or money refunded. Insist on GOLD MEDAL Brand.-Adv. · " '' serric* at 7.30 P. if. The pastor will preach on "Appearances' Not Realities," "based upon the words of the "Wise Man, viz: "There Is a way tiat seetneth right tmto a man, but the end is death." Mid-Treek prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.20. Th« cottage meetings will oontlnne all the week. .The meeting on Monday evening will be held at the home ot George "W". Morgan on Robbins street The Methodist people art urged to attend the union meeting in the United Brethren church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Bishop William 1L Bell wi!l speak and the meeting is under the auspices of the Ministerial association. THE PIRST UNITED BRETHREN. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. Preaching at 11 A. M. Junior Y. P. S. C. E. at 2 P. M. Senior r. P. S. C. E. at 6.30 P.. M. Preaching at 7.30 P. M. Bishop Bell. D. D., L. L. D, of "Washington, D. C., will speak morning and evening. He will also address a o'clock. Men and/women are invited. He will lecture in the M. Juniors at 3 P. M. Intermediate Y. P. C. U. at 3 P. M. Senior Y. P. C. U. at 6.45 'P. M. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.45 o'clock. Rev. Everhart, leader. COVENANTER · CHURCH. SAB- bath school at usual hour. Morning | service for the children at 31 o'clock; | topic, "Jesus and the Feast" ning service at topic. Bve- "Uin- rancos to Prayer." C. Y. P. U. at 6.45. Prayer meeting "Wenesrtay evening at 7.30; leader, Mrs. Freemau Murphy. GERMAN LUTHERAN ST. JOHN'S church, Carnegie avenue and East South street, George Services at 10.30 A. M. Dicu, pastor. Sunday school j The Inevitable. T lost my pockecbook yesterday." "Much money in it?" "Fifty cents and some car tickets." "I wouldn't worry about that tf I were you." "I don't mind the loss at all, but when my husband finds it out he'll spend most of his time for years to come telling all our frtenda how careless I am with his money."--Detroit Free Press. at 9 o'clock. Services at Morgan station tomorrow afternoon at 2.30. Confirmation class on Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. All are cordially invited. SALVATION ARMY SERVICES. Saturday night, open air at 7 P. M. Sunday holiness meeting at 10.30 A. M. Sunday school at 2 P. M. Young United Brethren church on- Monday | People's meeting at 6.15. Open air evening. J. S, Showers, pastor. TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, South - Pittsbnrg' and 'Green streets, Rev. Chacjjs E. Wagner, pastor. Sunday school at ».-*5 A. M. "Work and PrayeV wi41 be the subject ot the morning sermon at 11 o'clock. The evening topic is "The Prodigal's Resolution and Return." the fourth ot a series on. the-Prodigal Son. Service at 7.30. All are welcome. Mid-. week service Wednesday evening at 7.30. Young Ladies' Guild meets on Friday at the home of Miss Grace Penrod, corner Leisenring avenue and j Nintti street, Greenwood. Catechetical class meets Saturday afternoon 1.30. meeting at 7 o'clock and special Salvation . service at S P. M. Captain Spartig of Pittsburg will have charge of the services. The services will be held in the hall on Crawford avenue. All aro welcome. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN church, J. L. Proudflt, pastor. Sabbath school at 9.45. Morning service at 11; subject of sermon, "The Church for the Times." Evening service at 7.30; subject, "Old "Wastes." Christian Endeavor at 6.30. Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 7.30. Hunting Bargains 1 at You will find them in oar ad. columns. No Great Student* "I must have a part for Tottfe Flub- flnb. In the lost rovne she used to say 'Hnrrnh for the prince !' Couldn't you write that into this play?" "There is no prince In'this play. We might hnvc her sny, 'Hurrah, boys; here cornea the handsome captain !'" "I don't thJDfc she could Jearn th/it loug a part."--Louisville Courier-Journal. Thursday and Friday March l4 and 15, 1918 TWO DAYS instead of one--TWO EVENTS instead of one. Fayette's greatest style show--and more. An entirely new plan for the official opening of the Spring season 1 91 8 at Connellsville's foremost store. Make your plans now to be here--both days. SEE TUESDAY'S COURIER FOR DETAILS. Does Your Back Ache? D O YOU find it difficult to hold up your hed and do your work? Distressing symptom* caused by unhealthy coo- dttiooa Generally no medicine is required, merely local application of Piso'a T»bl*ta» a valuable healing T«m«dy with antiseptic, astringent and tonic effects -- simple in action and application, soothing and r»- " freshing. The fame in th» mime Piso guarantees satisfaction. R ISO'S ^ ABLETS "^ « pottcmnt THE PISO COMPANY XOO n* Bid,. Wan... Fi Big 15o f Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for tne Whole Family. --TODAT-- Tk Jotoy Jones Musical Comedy Co. Present Irwin Wallace's Bright Light Show "A Night at Sherry's" On the Screen--WM/LJAM 3. HAST in "His Last Eaiil." FKATUKI.VG. FLO MORRIS Premier Bucli Dancer THE DANCING MELVIXS JACK LA MONT Comedian EVEL'YNB PATTILLO The Big Girl with Uie Big Voice LKE IUTCHEY The Man with the Personality . THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, South Pittsburg street, "Wilbur Nelson, pastor. .Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. Pailic, worship at 11 A. M; and 7.30 I P. St Morning sermon, "Baptism and | Church Membership.'" Evening ser- j man, "A Great Decision." 'THE METHODIST PROTESTANT churctt,."West Apple street, John H. Lambertson, minister. Class meeting at 9 A. M. Sabbatn school at 9.45 A. M. Morning .worship at 11 A. M. "A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ." Christian Endeavor meeting at 6;45 P. M. Topic, "Making the Most of pur- selves." In, the evening at 7.30, "Behold a Sower "Went Forth- to Sow." Prayef meeting "Wednesday evening. Evangelist L. A. Bennett of Baltimore will be with us next Sabbath. -THE UNITED . PRESBYTERIAN church, South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue, "William J; Everhart,' minister. Morning worship at 11; sermon topic, "Christ's Liberality and |i Ours." Evening worship at 7.45; sermon topic, Jr v7ihat Makes a True Christian." Sabbatn school at 9.45 A. 37% More For Your Money Get the Genuine PARAMOUNT JHE ATRE TODAY METKO PRESENTS MABEL TALIAFERBO IN "DRAFT 258" . SPECIAL PRODUCTION IN S ACTS. ALSb A SELECTED COMEDY. MONDAY i ' METIIO PRESENTS "THE EYES OF MYSTERY" JA S ACT METRO SCREEN STORY OF ROMANCE AND ADVENTURE. STARRING EDITH STOREY, TEE BERNHARDT OF THE SCREEN. ALSO A SELECTED COBCEDY. THE FIRST METHODIST EPIS"copal church, G. L. C. Richardson, pastor.""Bible" school ' at 9.45 A. II. "Adult cHises meet in the annex. Dl- ! yiae worsb'ip'at 31 A. 11. The pastor] - will-preach on "Why I Am a Christ~ iaa." · Junior League at S P. If. Spec-1*1 eHldren's program. Epworth Lea- cue at WO P. M. "Warm up the heart CASCARAMQUININE I Ho wiMbO ia price for thia 3O.yew- [·Mtetoedy--23cfor M Utltti-Sora. cold »bl«« sow 30c lor S J ubleti-- npaeA on preportiotutte covt ptr Ublet, you uvc 9}je what you buy HiU'^-Carc. 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