The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 9, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1918
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1918. THIS DAILY COURIEK CONNEI.LSVIL.LE, PA. FAG-E j j The Initiation Ceremony A New and Unwelcome Member Is Admitted to the In-or-Ins By BOOTH TARKINGTON (Copyrfffht. 1»I7, Wfc«eler Syndicate, Inc.) "Well, Then We Had the Rixual, and-- and--Why, the Teeny UtUe Paddlin' He Got Wouldn't Hurt a Flea?" "That's well." said Mr. Williams; At this. Sam was able to hold up his settling into a cha r ivith his paper. h *- d n mtle nml to summon a rather "I wns n little appr* hensive, but I sup- feeble indignation, poso T was mistaken. I walked home, "H ain't so," he declared. "We and just now, as r pn*«ert Sirs. Bns- : didn't nny e«eh tiling lower him i n f o sett's T saw Doctor Venny's c;ir in the cellar. We weren't goin' near the front, nnd that barber from the cor- I collar with him. We never thought ner shop on Second street was going.'^ £° In ' down cellar. He went down in the door. I couldn't think what a '^-- w~c,»i* ««*» widow would need n barber and a doctor for--especially at the same time. I couldn't think what Georjue'd ncotl such a LomMnatlon for, either, and then I got afraid that mnyhe--" Mrs. \VH'.]nrn« laiiqliert. "Oh, no; It himself, "So! I suppose hp was ronninp a n a y from you, poor thing 1 Trying to escape from you, wasn't hel" "Ele wasn't,"' said Sam dojrgedly. "\Vc weren't chnsln' him--or anything «! all." "Then why did he go in the cellar?" "Well, he didn't nactly po In the eellur," said Sam reluctantly. "Well, how did he get in Hie cellar, then?" "He--he fell in." said Sam. "How did he fall in?" 1 I' : s pathetically true that Mrs. Wil- j "Well, the door was open, nnd--well. Hams went to the telephone hnmmm:: he kept wnlkin 1 round there, nnd we a littl" sons. She was detained at the hollered at him to keep away, but jnat Instrument not m i r e than five mln- then he IrmO of--well, the-first I no- Ktes; then she matte a plunging return ticed was I couldn't tee him. and xo into the library, a blanched and striek- we went and looked down the steps, en T-oman. She made strange, sints- nn d he was sitting down there on the ter {.'.entires at her husband. bottom step and kind of shouting, Jle sprang up. miserably prophetic, oatl--" "Mrs, BassettT' "See here!" Mr. Williams Interrupt- anything to do with his having ^becn nvcr there. I'm sure they were vpry nice to him." "\\U, I'm Kind nf thnt." "Te^. incloett--" Mr«. Williams IIP- srnn, ^rhcn Fanny vppcnrod, summoning her to the telephone. "Go tn tho tolephono." Mr^. Willlnms "Yotfre ^ninp to make clean honrscly. "She wants to talk to brenst ot this whole affair and tafe** yon, too. Shr- can't talk maoh--she's the consequences. Ton're poing to tell She snys lhe lurod it am! tell It all. Do you understand that?" "Yes, sir." "Then tell me how Georgie Bnssett feJt down the cellar steps--and tell hysterical. She snys lhe Gcorg-io into the relJsr and had him , beaten by negroes ! That's not all -- " Mr. Williams wns already en his ivar. "Yon find S:im !" he coram^ii'.icd, ( m c quick!" cr-or his shoulder. j "He--he was blindfolded.** Mra. Williams stepped Into the front l "j\hal Now we're gettlng-nt JL Ton hall. ' bffiin nt the hecinnlncf and tell me Just "Snm!" '-'if eallfMl, nrtdressina; tTiP what you did to him from the time he npncr renmw* of f l i p stflirwny. "Snm!" j got her". Unt]en;ianfl?" No; even echo answered. ( "Yes. sir." "Si'm!" : "Go on, then!" A faint clnnrlnp of somebody's thront j "Well, I'm goln' to," Sam protested, xvn* hoard beliinrl hr, a sound so mod- j "\Ve never hurt him tit all. He wasn't est and nnobtm^ve it wns no more even hurt when he foil down cellar. ·than Jnst nwdlhlf. nod, turning, the J There's a lot of mud down there, be- mottior beheld her son, sitting upon j cause the cclinr door leaks, and--" the floor in the shadow of the stairs and gazing medirat^ely nt thf hiit- 'rnck. HI 1 ? manner Indicated that- he "Sura 1" Mr. Williams' tone was deadly. "DM yon lienr me tell yon to begin nt the beginning?" "Sir?" "I \\ant to know wlint else you did to him? What was the initiation?" "It's--It's secret," Sam murmured plteously. "Not any longer, I assure you I The ·ociety IB a thing of tho past, und you'll flnd your friend PenrotTs parents agree with me In: that. Mrs. Baa- sett hnd already telephoned them when *nc called ua up. Ton go on with your fltory!" | Sam sighed deeply, and yet It may have been a consolation to know that his present misery was not altogether without Its counterpart. Through the falling dusk bis spirit inuy 1m vo crossed the Intervening distance to catch a glimpse of his friend suffering filmultaaeonsly and standing within the same peril. And It Sam's spirit did thus behold Penrod In Jeopardy, It was a true vision. "Go on!" said. Mr. WlUiums. "\VeIl, there wasn't any flre In tbo furnace because it's too wcrm yet, arid -we weren't goin' to do any thing* d j hnrt him, so we put him ia there--** · "In the furnace?" "It \\as cold," protested Sam. j "There hadn't been any lire there j since last spring. Course we toju him ' iliere was fire In it. We had tu do that," he continued earnestly, "because That was- port of the 'nlshiatlon. We only kept him In it a little while and land of hammered on the ontfllde a little, and then we took hlin out and pot him to lay down on his stnramlck, because he was nil muddy anyway, where he fell down the cellar; and, how could it matter to anybody that had any sense at all? Well, then we had the rtxual, and--and--why, the' teeny little paddlln* he got wonldn't hurt a flea! It was that little colored boy lives in the alley did it--he Isn't anyways near h«lf Georgia's size--but Georgie got road and said be didn't want nny ole nigger to paddle him. That's what he staid, and It was hJs own foflHshne^s, because Verman won't let anybody call him 'nigger,' and if Georgie was goin' to cal! h/tn that, ho ought to had sense enough not to do It when he was layln' down that way and Verman nil ready to be the pad- dler. And he needn't of been so mud at the rest of us, either, because It took us about twenty minutes to get the paddle away from Vorraon after that, and we hnd to lock Vermnn up In the laundry room and not let him out till It wns nil over. Well, and th^n things were Kind of spoiled anyway 1 ; so we, didn't do bat just a little more i --and that's all." i "Go on! What was the 'jnst a little more?*" "Well--we got him to swaller a little ( t e e n y bit oE asafldlty that Penrbd n^lied to have to wear in o: bug around his neck. It wasn't pnough to even j make n person sneeze--It wasn't much I more'n n half a spoonful--if wasn't | hardly a quarter of a spoonf--" , "Ha !" said Mr. WUHnms. "That ac- 1 counts for the dnctor. What else?" i "Well--we--'We had some paint left lover from our flng, nnd we put H little (teeny bit of It on his hair and--" j "Ha r said Mr. Williams. "Ttmt accounts for tho barber. What else?" j 'That's nil,** said Snrn, swallowing. "Then IIP Rot mad IHJ! wont home." ' Mr. Williams walked to the floor, nnd Ftornly motioned to tho culprit to prncede him through It. But just lie- fore the pulr passed from her sight, Mrs, Williams pave way to an uncontrollable Impulse. ( "Sam." she nsked, "what does 'In-Or- 1 In' stand for?" The unfortunate hoy had hegdh to finifHe. "It--It means--Innapcnont Order of Infndelaty," he moaned--and plodded onward to his doom. Not his nlonr: at rhat very moment 1 Master Roderick Mngitworth Bitts, Jr.. ' \infi suffering nl^o, con^pqunnt upon telephoning on the part of Mrs Bas- srtt, though* Roderick's p«ii!«hmen,t , wns administered less on !he ground ! of Georgia's troubles and more on that i , of Roddy's having affiliated with nn | order consisting so largely of Herman and Vennan. As for Maurice Levy, he was no -whit less unhappy. He fared as ill. Simultaneously, two ex-members of i thf In-or-In were finding their lot for* J timnte, Sororr.hin# had prompted them to linger In tiie alley In tho vicinity of the shack, and It was to this fated edl- 3ce that Mr. Williams, with tleroontnc justice, brought S»m foi the deed lie had in mind. Henajin and Verroan listened--awestricken--to what went on within the shack. Then, before it was over, they crept n»ay find doirn the alley toward own home. This -was directly Scene 1'iora "A Dangerous. Girl " now p 1 flying .it tbe Lyceum Theatre, \ Pktsburg. This pla v-'h! be peen at tin- Gr.tnd Opera House, Mount Picas-i ant, Tuesday ni^hl, .March-12tb. with ihs same company and production as! shown in PitLsburg STUDENTS OF MI PLEASMT SCHOOLS DEDICATE BANNER First Half Ends iu n Tic and Then Railroaders Hustle Things Along, nfly-hix Students and Former Stu- Ut-nfe Xow in (lie Si«ricc Are : Represented Thereon. j Special to The Courier. 1 , MT. PLEASANT, March 9.--The ( students of the ML Pluasant b i g h j ! school unfurled a service flag with 56J stars at a very impressive service neld , a t the nigh school building. The pro-[ i gram was as follows: Opening prayer,! B. 0. Winninir Sow After I'iiialljj s c h o o l : SOUK ' "ATM*TM*-" schoo! : fl»Bl {salute, school; addiess, Prof. -H. H. 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Company 1C, 110th Regiment; un- f u " l m g oC service flag, w-Hh sludenls f u n d i n g at attention; song, "Star' Spangled Banner." The following names are on the honor roll, whirh js The Baltimore Ohio team took' anothi r ttcp forward tn tho city league j last night when it defeated iho Mac-) cabee fhe. 32-24. The Maccabees did not have the r f u l l strength and bad! /,,,,,,,,, t to fill a forward pom Lion with I. Good.! man of the K!ks. The railroad team [ did not maintain a permanent lead 1 until in the second half. j The first period ended w i t h t h e , score tied at 12-12. At the b e g i n n i n g ; ) of the second period ihc railroad five dropped cuoueh in to gel a load on the lodge quintet and lcld it. At ihat tbe B. £ O flve missed Jin extremely I large mimbat of Koals, rhe bill rolling around thr bapet, but persisting in falling off Instead of through. Hannigan wns off form, ia his foul shooting last night., making only two out oC eight in the first half, second period ho made four seven. G attempts. Tbe lineup: Baltimore Ohio--32 In the out Francis Miller _ Bloom forward .__ I. Goodman George Crosby, Ilalpb. Miller, W-Jlmer. Fox, William Schaub, Thomas Cort., Jlaymond Foust, William Enyder, Dan i Kelly, Clifford Fox, Clifford Siieppard.j Paintor, Vincent Keller, j rhonias Queer, Alex Cantos, Wilbur i f Long. Harold Myers t .fames Cowan, Roy McClain, Robert Cunningham, Vert Crusan, Homer Boyer, Jtobert Rhodojt, Crosby Taorajtson, Harr* i Lane. Vetne Crosby, Clyde Kalp, Morris Piginan, William Stevenson, Ottoi Swart/., Ploward Bruddock, James, Xnimlell. John Burkholdfr, Hugh Nor- ns, John Gece bowski. Marion Shep- purd, John Bowers, Russell Lohr, Wil-1 '_] liam Close. Joseph Kirk. Henry Heib,' Russell .Myers, "William Olinger. John Bright, Wrn. Berthcl. Frank Lane. Ed. Janpseck, Frank Carhaugb, Hugh Russell, Lawrence Sutcr, Russell Vas. forward . center .. __ C'ochran Shcllar Rist Hannigan guard _.. Driscoll gunrrl Feter Field 5; F"anr)b -1; Ilannigan 4 : Goodman 2, M.iller 2; Bloom, Dnscoll, DcBolt. Font goal?---Hannigan 6 out of Id; Goodman 10 out of 17. Substitution--DeBolt for Driscoll. Referee--Wall. Yough Trust Co. GREAT FOR EMERGENCIES Be Sun Cirra Ointment Should livery Homo. There iwvcr was known a more reH- able omtmeut than San-Cura. In most every case vrhcre it has been used it i has created astomsanient. It drew a ' Jay Pieman. Chic Club Election. The Civic Club will meet Monday afternoon in tho Municipal building Khrn the flection of officers will be helri. Farewell deception. Mrs. Fred Bedell entertained a n\rm-j bpr oC her friends at her Mam street home last evening Mrs. BeddeP gavel thlF as a farewell, as sbt? is moving] to Johnstown. j Pcrknna). ' Mrs, A. L. 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It possesses so much healing certain extent of ground becomes htgh- resulting from a difference In! toiiierature between adjacent sec- Proof Positive CITft'AK^S 1MIIH.IC STATE1IKXT Do not ooufnM M l t h ainillnr an- ! to produce tbe Impression that 'he had been sitting there, /n this some- l^obey. ·what nnufual plnre nnd occupation, "Well, we had everything ready for ( for a coiwid»rahl*» time, but without | the 'nlshlation before lunch," he said, overhc-arlns anything rhat went on In "\\' e vaated It all to be nice, because f St. BarthoJoraeTr's Eve of tliat neigh- stable, and they were horrified at the I virtue tfcat if guaranteed by Laugb- w, the oJr in contnct with it becomes sounds which Issued from the Interior ! rey Drug Co., Connellsville; Broadway hented, it expands nnd goes towards' of the stable storeroom. It was the -the Hbniry. so rlo*e by. "Sam," she crird, "what-have you done?" "Well--T guess my legs nr° nil rl?ht." li»? ««icl, Rcntly. "I got tap ar- uicn on. so probably they won't aurt any r.i--" "Stand np!" sh- said. "Ma'am?" "March intone library!" Sam marched--slow-time. In" fact, wo funeral inarch has been composed In n time so s-iow as to suit this march of Sam's. One might nave suspected that he was In n state of appf'ehpn- Mr. WlHlamk e'it«etl at nne door 2,5 li!^ son crossed the threshold -f the ttiKT. «:itl thh-. encounter wns a pite- (r;^ sight. After «mfr plftnce at Ms ftt- thf/s f::cc. Sum twrnt" you sold \\c had to have him, papa, and after lunch Penrod went to guard liim--that's a new imrt in the rirual-- and lie brought him over, aud we took him ouc to the shack and blindfolded Mm, and--well, he got kind of: mad because we wanted liim to lay down on ·bis stnramtck and be tied up, and he said he wouldn't, because the floor was a little bit wet In there aud he could feel it sort of squashy under his shoes, and he said his mother didn't want him ever to get dirty, and' he just wouldn't do I t ; and we all kept telling him he had to, or else how would 'there be any 'nishtatlon; rind he kept gettin' madder, and said he wanted to have the 'nishiation outdoors where it wasn't wet, and he wasn't goin 1 to lay down, on hN sturamick. anyway." Sam paused for wind, then got under way borhood. "Man, man!" said Herman, shaking Jiis head. "Glad I nin* no white boy."' Verman seemed gloomily to assent. . if to fife outd^iit. Hut Mrs \Vil- ] again: "Well, snriie of, the boys were try in 1 to get him to lay down on his t stmnmick, :md he kind of fell up against the door .iad it came open nnd | he ran out In the yard. He was tryln* I to get the blindfold oft his eyes, but I he couldn't, because. It was a towel In j a pretty hard knot; and he went tear| la* all nround the backyard, and we didn't chose him, or an thing. AJ1 we did was just watch him--and that's ellar. Well, it : he was mud- turned again, facing the ffretchcd - dler tb^n what he would have been if he'd jnst had sense enough to lay down in . the shack. Hums stood in tiie doorway behind him. "You come* here 1" And tbe father's voice was UP tfrrible as his lace. "\Vhat did you lo tn Gforgin Bas- settr" "Nothin 1 ." Sam gulped; "nothtn" at ill." "What:" jost--we just 'nishiated him.** Mr. wminras turned abruptly,. I wben he fe " ln *« cel walked to the ^replace, and there i dWn't hart him any, but Drug Co., Scotldale, to relieve any i ; the colder or higher regions of the kind of piles eczema, tetter, sali rhen- atmosphere; w])ence it flows, proJuc- ! ma, boils, oar.buncles, ulcers, all kinds lD « winds which blow from hot to cold ot chronic sores, chilblains, and chap- | countries. Bnt at the same time the] ped hands, or money back. equilibrium is destroyed nt the sur-i BEST SKDf SOAP. Is San Cura Soap, because of its A Hindrance. An army officer who served In the .Spanish war tells of a New York regiment, many of whose members were recruited on the East side. They were .spoiling for a fight, nnd it became necessary to post guards to preserve order. A big husky Bowery recruit, of pugilistic proportions, was put on duty outside and given special orders to see that quiet reigned, and, above all things, if trouble came his way, not to lose possession of his rifle. Soon a goneml row began, growing In proportions as the minutes passed. The soldier walked his post nervously, without interrupting, nntll the corporal of the guard appeared on the j ^ cents a cake at Lauffhroy Drug Co., scene with re-enforcements. | Connellsville; Broadway D r j g Co., "Why didn't you stop this row'" de- Scoitdale. manded the corporal. * The sentry balanced his rifle on his shoulder, raised his nrm to t^e correct boxing position, and replied: "Shore, phwnt conld I do wld dls gun in me hands?"--Harper's. It's a nighty handy remedy lo have fttco ot ** earth, for tJie pressure on in the house in emergencies lor! tlre coldcr ««aceat parts is greater bruises, burns, cuts or scalds, because t!)nn on tlMt wW '' h Jlas been ^eatea. it relieves the pain and Is antiseptic llnd llence a current wlu he reduced and healing. It's a medicine chest in |.^ ta . a T cl ° dty "?PTM dent on the .. 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( "Georgie Bnssetfs mother has just* lold me over the telephone," said Mr. Williams dellbenitely, "that you and Penrod Schofleld nnd Roderick Bitts and Maurice Levy lured Georgie Into the cellar and iiad him. beaten by ne- groes!" - : Well, so we thought, long as he was down Iu the cellar anyway, we might an well have 'the rest of, the 'nishlation down, there. So we hroaght the things down and-and 'nisliiated him--and that'8 all. That's eT«7 bit we did to him." "Tes, M soi'a Mr, Williams sardonically; "I see. What were the details ot the .Initiation?" How He Knew. "What's that yoor daughter's playin* on the melodeon, Hiram?" "Oh, that's 'Old Black Joe/ Zefctel." "But It doesn't sound like It, Hire m." "No, I know it don't, Zekiel." "How do you know It's 'Old Black Joe,' then, BiramT" " 'Cause it's the only piece Khn knows; that's how, Zcklel 1" If your druggist does not have it send to Thompson Medical Co., Titus- villc. Pa.--adr. up An Instance. "Poor Blnnderly is ahvays gcttin against It." "Whtit's he been doing now7" "He went the other night to see his best girl, and the front door had just been painted. Re got up against that. too," I iiwuy from nny oH them, eifictcncy expert. You nre dividing your forces. You must have one rea. objective pnint if you would win success--the success which IB worth winning. It Is quite impossible to hare one major subject which you study and aim to excel In, and then fr!*ter away part of your time on others. Certain arts and studies are allied, 'tis true. Thc-n select one nnd study It thoroughly and well. Concentrated thought, study and action iu one direction will accomplish grertt things. . But D smattering of all and finish of nothing Is time wasted. Choose wisely; then go to it, one thins at a time. Perfectly Correct. "It Is a sliame thp wnv that beauty doctor Is selling those pretty girls gold bricks." , ~~ "Entirely legitimate business. He is Mutual Understanding. 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