The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 20

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 20
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20 ra I , ', Rider halfback Ron Stewart, the top gainer pit ; the field last night with and running, is shown Rideau Carleton Entries SIRST Tare. urs SJSOI Lusl Lynn 6u Potomac W. Bis Ben H. ....... Mishly Rhvthra , Burt Direct .... Rnrky G. Scott ....' Hull Tin Direct.. Muncyana ,.; SECONDrate, auu SI: Da la Oregon f a A Mr. OBanton , S 1 4 Damon Expraaa . -- S S S Northwood Aim.. 1 4 Colonel Bogey i- t S 7 Jnen's Boy S S I Gtnaming'e Kinf ... S S S' Donna Dal . S S THUtn Trot, parse IJSS; OftTI '. ' - . Roe C, Le Dandy Sons Bumtl . Bee C. United Nations Lara Morris Billy Huh Ton to Ranter , rotCTN Tare, parM lUlt Prlnr Cannon ... . Bud Caatleton. ' Kathleen Pointer . Little Johnny Can Ike C. Scotch Tropical i Mint - Montreal . Irtah JOa . ... 1 1 it S T S.t a i .1, A. tr. , riFTM Para, pan SIM! Blame Ha Eva Dale" . K S. Direct ..... Clo On" s... Port Hope s Boy ,. -Timothy Meerfoe,. Attorney Pride Molly Patch ...... Richelieu Results Plrst Mint. Pac' Irene Roeyat, S 10. 100. 1701 Ypat Red, I SO. 1 W; Glneer Reno. I N. Time, s ue. Mr. Grace, Irish Bud. Meadow Ned. Adam spantler. Hector also s tart an 'Second Mile, Pscei Gallant Ad ma. 1 SO, no. 1 SO: Checklt. 1SI, 4 40; Joa a Hope. 4 40 Tim. S OS S-. Rover Boy. The Tippler, Surras Kntsht. Borderview JSaUy Melody Adam also started, nam Peahlel SI1.4. - Third Mile, Pac: The Mlshty Count. - - Slate, 1JM. 410; Lucky Majorette iDesjanUnal. S to. 100: Walt Direct. 0.10 Time, ins 4-S Count Newport, Penny Chief. Th Saint, Oiaeen's Idyl, Uncle Davis also started. rourth Mile. Trot' Plemfneron' Sons, I SO. 1 70. 1 M: Nobleman. 4 no 170; The Mlnch. IM. Time. 1 OS 4-S.. Aqua Duke, taenia Han-Aver. Popular .Perk. Mandy's Girl. Loita Luck aian started. Oulnellarslt.M. X Fifth Mile. Pace: P. R. t . 10 HI. 4 SO. S 10: L Montrealer. 1 to. 1 70: rnnalrno. 4.30. Tim. S03. Miss Ima. Tsrport Scotty. cheerful Wav. Juat NIC als started. Sir. Key.witt scratched. Slath Mil. Pace: Wicomico Wey. (10. 1 70. t So: Canister. 14 S. 40: Storm Reno Patch. 4 70. Tim. S OS 1-S. Gait Way E preaa. AUa Girl. Lincoln Van. Sandy Gal art. Danny T. also start. Seventh THIIe. Trot: Merrle is.. la lit a vi i XZ, . .IVi:. ZT" 12 00 Tlme.'sns 4-S. James Vance! ThtStle. HIM Dnn. Com ct,lrk M.l Onlnellai SJl.S. " ' X T.lehlh Mile. Pace- Phantom Hanover. 7.70. 4 10. loo- Handv too. 7.1(1 40: Fler Jamie. 4. VI Time, . I Dt 4-fl. Burton HI Lee. Ctelus llanovr. Mentor Scotch. Adlos Mil C. also started. Dale Hertterl was scratched. . Ninth Mil. Pace: Torrid Preltht. to. l. 8 SO; nrummond Widow, er. 110. ISO The Dreamer. .I'M Time B oa 1- 71 Wondley. Tony Ckvp 10th Mile. Pace: Kin Kpns f 4 70. 1 00. S SO; Rnvale Bel. 7 to. If): Mac Phone. 11 to Time. 1 to Clare win. Surae, Gaelic Gold. Chief Kaye also elartod ....... ' Electa t S19.M. i-'"V . RASTVIEW JUNIOR t BhonplnayCentr,.. 11: Mnntlee. 7. Wtnnm- battery: Bob Burnett and R. Mackatork Loelna battery: -McLeod snd Shellhorn HR Shoppins Centre: Bob Burnett; Merit lea: Laroctwr. - OUINCAILLERir ;- ClOSEO MOKDIT . DiiT!ix6 iucun ' 8.30 AM. to 0.30 P.M. - FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL "TH atat f Fsrssaal nervtre' 122 lidew SI. 233-5601 FREE PARKING ' Mr, Rssaaret aS Mar hot as C. E. Y. T. L. V. W. M. D. K D. B W. H. K. V. W P. K. . B O. S. C. O R. R D. D R. O. A. W. G. 1 Y 4 Hanr- Td 4 ""' JjiJ VXlS. . IP" f,Mu,V ;,v' v4 v -v Sea 'OLE STEW-BALL WAS total of 176 yards, passing : flight against the Blue QUIKKLLA I Cos. Chandler Demera Lancaeter Dunlop Waddell Stephenson Duford SIXTH Pare, a-1 : -l S-J -l S-I S-l a-1 10-1 Slnalnf Star Handiom Billy Dawn's Early Direct Fire Governor'! Uncle Jeaaea Maryland Mae Pat's Gem Lifht Pride Star ... . SEVENTH Berserai 3-1 Beitltch 7-1 Pritrnare) S-t Rotoerlsoe, a-1 Huntress - S-l Demer ! Flllon ' Stepttenaon 1S-1 Case Hunt Success Pearl Wild Indian Happy Yates Little Ac Seat's Victory Avon . TwlnakT Pritcnard S-l Hushoa 1-t Pyka : ; -l Bean S-l St. Amour S-l Berry S-l Kennedy ia-1 Beitlleh 11-t ql'INIU - rarr Pyke Faraea S-t S-l .. ... Comet EIGHTS Pare, parse SMS: Lena Star IIS Lee Riddell 1 9 S 'Merry Piper-S 4' I Southern Town ...Sit Sister Crrief H. ... t Deana Kins T S S Doctor Blerkie ... S S S Colonel McGregor tie . NINTH Pace, pun SMSi , Bit Chief C. Windsor C. Chief - Canada Bars We La Salle ..... Edsewood Key . . Poplar Citation Glendale iJerry t ... Wayne Brook WilliaiM S-l Coke . S-l LaRuth l-l McLean IS-t v.- Webeiar is-t ' Sllliphanf S-l Wilcox Jl-t Dufty e-2 Petluiraw B-S Farac a-1 Demera 8-1 Hueaee ln-i LaRuah 1S-1 TENTH Pare, Tontln Ouy Jenny Atom Nancy Jo Irish Bubbles Sapphire Direct Swift Pick Dean McKlyo John Hall x . ..... V. .... ....... I Rideau 'After the customary Tu night layoff the trotters pacers are; back in actio night at Rideau Carleton Race way. Toniaht'a lft. rare. card la rreadlihd by two top paces -for purses of $750. And both top events have drawn large entries. In the eighth a total of 14 pacers areexpected to answer the starter's call. Direct M. Adios, at No. 12 post position. Is th early favorite at S-S odds. Seven of the other 13 horses entered are field entries. . Hurricane Will, has drawn the No. 2 post position, and Is Racing WW ind I to- Greenwood Results First Mil. Trot: Cherry Pre. 1150. 10, 4 40; Chub Hanover. S0. 4 AO. Jimmi Lee Ouy. 4 40. Tim. 114 S-S. Sonny' Tony, Van It,;?"?- Klntutlc. Mitai. Dutch Dil- lard started. also T .!!!" J!5"' J"! . ' Irwh Fersl. Belmont Erni. Lee Craft. Chria Yeado. Ballerina Wick also alerted. DaUy IMakle: S71J. Third-T furkmn. Trot: Patricia Maraeret. ISM.. S 571. ISO: Felipe. 10 60. '); Tootal Doll. 1 SO Time. sal-SXKIn(ston. Tony Worthy. Pine tree Data. Camden Champ also started. LateVecratch. Mr. C, Lee. Fourth MIleN.Pace: Unci Bun. . S10; Dean Sullen B Snd OO. S AO; M.(ic Mtloe. 100 Time SIO 1-S Billv G Express Guinea Mil. Kawartha Helen. -'Widower's i-iea also stariea. aell craicn, Armbro dtplorer. . ' N ' Fifth Mile. Trot: Kins 141. S SO, 150: Penny Cnalen. 170. IM: Bierriipeores. SIO. Tim aot S-S Johnnie R, Ridrielworth, Darky Riddell. Helen E Lee, Mao Duff Laaai aiao started. Sixth Mil, Pace: Baron Hal, S4m. S 80. 4 10: Northwood Bulrh. 11. 140; Roe Heroert. S SO, Time, 110 S-S Bvrd Kllloan. kddleran. Neo Jester, Belmont Clara. Sweet Wendovcr Prepared Fori Ball Semi-Finals Wendover won the Prescott-Russell Baseball League pennant and Is scheduled to sfart the semi finals Sunday after noon against Plantagenel at 2 p.m. In Wendover. Rockland finished In second place behind ' Wendover and they'll meet Casselman. last place finishers in the four team league, in the other semi-final series, ' J . v-j-. Re)en '" Maisonneuve, Rock Potvin and Simon Potvin were three of the players responsible for bringing Wendover the league pennant - . Journal Want Ads bring quick mulls. " , avaaaaasaaaeaaeeuseiaaaseWaeawiii mm l A RACEHORSE . . Bombers. Roger Hamelin v and Bob Lazark (28), it closing in. - pares SIM: R. McLean P. Lancaster S Sesula D. Pinea ' K. Morrison A. Pyke D, Cameron E Primes u T-S 4-1 a-i s-l s-i a-i S-l 11-1 Trot, paras SISSI 4UINEIXA t 1 J Turcot le Jr. 11 4 P. Been 4 S S N. Curran ' 5 11- O. Groula S 4 a A. Bourasas 111 ass sea P. Church Prke IT, R. SiUlphaat 10-1 V, Huthe , S-l R: SlUiphant 4-1 B. Kennedy s-l C McMillan S-l W. Pyk le-t r. Beiincn a-i McDousaU B. N orris R. Johns ton P. Cameron . McLean, J. Locke Y. Danis M. Williams .0. Dull, para SJf EXACT t t B. AnWy 4tS 4 4 5 S S. Wl liai G.yLaRush KSt. Pierre S-l 7 5 1 S S 4 . W. Demera S-l nanna a-x W. Croas ' 11-1 P. Reek 1S.J the earfy favorite- in the ninth which has attracted' 1) entries, Jack Bisronette has the driving assignment behind Hurricane Will. . '.- Others shooting for top money in the ninth are: Super Prin cess, Heather Direct, Scott Ex press. Mr. Madrid, Nibble Blue, Inez Rings along with field en triesBlue Mist A., Ben Cay, Maggie H. G rattan Barney Direct. Susan M. and Spud Rico. The. usual three quinellas. In the first.' fourth and seventh races along with ,the popular exact m the '10th will prevail. Poft-time tonight Is t p.m. Petunia ale aiartaiel. ; QalnelU: SSUt. ' ' " Seventh Mile. Pac: Jean Third 10. 4 0. 4 00: Meadoervlew Champ. IS SO S IO: Toms' Trailer, $ 09. Time. S. I S 4-S Canadian Oret- tan. Cunny'a Lots Yorkv.-Arayl Ray. Miss Dainty Vokl, Peny Hal also stariea, . Klshth Mil.' Pace: Superlor Richard. 110. 170. I SO: Thunder Bars, 3 50. 100: Northwood Blllle, 4 10. Time. 1 OS 1-S Carolwya Grattan. Vlrelnlas Boy. Marlon Mahawk. Shady Valley, Larry Dills rd also startrd. f .' - Ninth Mile. Pac: Bar Gold, llto. a 40, 00; Irene MacDuff. 1100. S .0. May Trust. 3 40. Time. a OS a-S. Susar Hill Mont.' Leny fZ.Z.. 1 Harrlsan elan 1 nny, ruturity thief jspr a Gold started. '1 'dleesHi-i Si; 10-L -I 7-1 J S-S : e-i -l ins 11-1 r ia-i 7-1 4-1 GdTletbh in X ii i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST J9, 1984 (61), - hai just mused him Linescores AMERICAN LEAGUE Baltimore - 000 301 ooo S t I Boston 1 ooo lot two s 7 a Roberts. Hall kli and Brawn: MunbouojuelUK Ritchie I I, La ma be tSi and Tillman. WP Rob erts t (ll-Ji. LP Monbouquette la-ui New York an 001 000 O 1 a 0 Chlcaeo , Ma 000 030 4 7 0 Downtna 1 10-81 and Howard: Peters: riaher tai and Carraon, McNertney iai. Martial tioi. WP ruber lt-3l. HR Robinson' 1 1 1th,. Kansas City s4 oil 130 IS IS 4 C'veiand Ul SI0 1VO 1 I .Santiago BowsfieM Hi. Drabow-sky 14. Stock iSl, Wyatt 111 and Edwards. Bryan I7i; JCrallck. Bail 14,. Abernathy ISl, Ramos (7i sunse tSi. Donovan iSl and Romano WP Stock 14-11. LP Abernatny is-si. HRSGeaUss taisti. Moran flat). Kansas City 100 000 SOO 1 S 1 Vs. leveiand i ooo SIS Six S II I LP Pens (10-111, HRS Whit field l7ihi. Prancons isthh i L Antelea 010 000 0001 S 0 Detroit OOO OOO OOO 0 1 a Chance (14-Bi and Itodiere; Acutrre. Gladdlnf r' and Free-hen. LP Antutrra IS-T). HR Power rard t -. t Los Af rle OAS 000 000 1 0 Detroit. I 100 OOO 00 I S 1 Newman. R Lee (Si and Rod- Sen; Loitch (is-7i and Freehan. LP Newman 1-Si. Minnesota 000 010 SOO 0 SI Waahlngton 000 000 010 1 t . paseual. (13-0 and Zimmerman: Radiik. Hannan i7i. Koch (Si. Rudolph (SI Snd Brum ley. LP Rld-ztk (S-41. HRS Mlncher S 117th and lSth. Allison ltUii, Sievers llsti. ' . 4 .1 NATIONAL LEAGUE.. . . Chicaso " ' ooo ooo on ooo ooo i 1 14 s Philadelphia 000 000 101 000 000 1 S 14 1 Buhl, McDaniel (Si. r. SVuroetu (I4i. Brogllo uai and Schaffer. Bnaneresky (SI. Bertell IISu Ben- nett. Roebuck ISl, Baldacrrun si. Shsnts llli. Boozer ill, and Dal-rymple. WP F. Burden (l-Oi LP Boozer 11-11. HRS Amain-tins Itthl. - Delrymple t'SUll. , Cincinnati . 000 boo 010 I 1 ' a I. Francisco 000 000 OOO 4 1 otooi 111-31 and Edwards: noun, ouiraia (SI and CrandaU LP Bollei (4). Milwaukee 0O0 Ml 100 S 0 Loa Antelea 000 000 100 1 4 1 La master 1114 and Bailey: Dry- oeie, n. Miner (Si and Boesbc LP Dryadal dS-ISi. Plttaburfh . 00 001 001 S t S New York 100 ISS 0O 7 IS 1 Gibbon. Pac (Si. Slsk (71 and McFerlan; Jackson (7-lli and Cannlsiaro. ' LP Oihhon fa-Si. HHS Freer (Sthi,. ,iein. St. Loula . 000 300 lot S 10 S Houston .. oil 000 OOO S 7 1 Sadecki, Schults 7l and Me-Carver Laraen. Woodeshlek (SI ana urate. WP Bedeck! (IS- LP Lame !-. . - v,., - . - 1 " f CAPTURES PACE -BATAVIA, N.Y, (CP)-Sturdy Creed, owned by J. W. tyons of Buffalo, won the $1,500 Claiming Handicap Pace at Batavia Downs Tuesday night In 2:12.4 on a sloppy track. beating Miu Kay Cash by 3'A lengths. Ken McNutt drove the winner.' ;' -; RON VOlKJWiofJ 10 (ADHUC 271 RIDEAU ST. White Dress SHIRTS Reialar IS. NOW 3.79 t for 11.00 Tip Top TnllORS ' - " ' " tot Sparks atiee ' - - . Weatsaia SkaaiBtna C'ealre , J3 Cal. r aws af t FUElToU ReaMentlal and Comirrrcla 2832 Baseline Rd. 828-2711 tH trllee W4et f flaeereei ItrSN S S.SS.4S f.S.,DILT . wr Cftn are ri y , 232-5753; avavaavaaaaaavavaaavaaavi 70c - ."SB 1 ! ...I, I a Chance Hurls 2nd v - """" , .' ' '. 1 - Straight Shutout 9th Consecutive Win By GEORGE C. LANGF0RD DPI Sports Writer Next to- Bill Veeck. who ha'.es the Yankees, and Hank Buer, who insists he has the pennant formula, . Los Angeles Angels pitching . coach Marv Grissom must be the most satisfied man in baseball today. Grissom. the former relief ace for the New York Giants, is the teacher who has, patiently nurtured and developed the hottest pitcher tn the' big leagues, 22-year-old Dean Chance; Chance burled his second straight two-hit . shutout last night, 1-0 over the Detroit Tigers in the first gam of a doubleheader. to .record; his ninth consecutive' victory and lower his major league leading earned run average to 1.80, ; I4TH WIN ' the victory was the Mth.for Chance against five losses and his eighth shutout of the season. . "Marv knows all there Is to know about pitching," - s a y s Chance. "He taught me to alow down and think in tough situa tions. I owe him a kn.n- Vic Power's third home run off loser Hank Agulrre, who allowed but three hits, won the opener:- Mickey tolich. on a one-day past from Air National Guard summer camp, gave op three first 'inning singles to the Angels, then pitched bitten ball the rest of the way to give. Detroit a 1-0 verdict in the night cap. Gates Brown singled home the only mn off loser Fred Newman. . ',, Grants Hold Firm Lead Hugh M. Grants jumped Into a commanding 3-0 lead in games in thelrbest-of-seven Senior..! Sportsmen's Softball League semi-final -series Tues day night Grants scored three!! times in the first inning and then hung on for a narrow 3-2 decision over inierprovinciai Itving. ' : v ' - Doug Casselman pitched a four-hitter ' for ' the winners. Steve Hook was on the mound for Paving. Fourth, and possibly final game In the series, is scheduled Friday night at the Hydro diamond at 8.43 p.m. The other ' semi-final series between Gas and St. Joseph's continues Thursday night at Sandy Hill diamond at 6-30 p.m. The two clubs were slated to play last night but wet dia mond cancelled the meeting. That aeries Is tied 1-1. , '; a i- e '-'-..' .... . M , ',. i - -.ev -.1 -'V - - Veeck ("I've been a Yankee WINS BY TK0 , HALIFAX (CP) -Bard Si(as of Washington scored an eight-round technical knockout over Canadian Junior. Welterweight SAVE MOW! Clearance MEN S SHOES 12-95-14-95 continues All "'week . j ; SAVE TO $10 A PAIR... - i.H. llJunLiE .... ftiEns 1mms1 j A freeparkingX . .-, . '. W F IR CONDITIONED DINING hater from, way back") yesterday predicted "the end of the Yankee . dynasty is coming. then saw third-place New Yoik blow a three-run lead in, the eighth inning and lose their second straight to the Chicago White Sox 4-3 in 10 Innings.' Bauer, manager'of the league leading Orioles, predicted jltor Baltimore's S-2 win over Boston. that if his team could win 21 of its remaining 43 games (.80S percentage) they could take the pennant. In other A. L. games, Kansas City Mined Cleveland 13-1 in the first game of a double-header, then lost S-l to the Indians, and Minnesota toppled Washington ,. '' METS STOP BliCS ; In the National League, the New York Melt stopped Pittsburgh 7-1; St. Louts beat Houston J-J:- Chicago upset Philadelphia 4-3, in I Innings; Milwaukee tripped : Los Angeles J-l, and Cincinnati blanked San Francisco, 1-0. - . Floyd Robinson ruined Al Downing'! budding two-hit shutout n the eighth Inning at Chicago when he hit a three-run ( homer to tie the score at 3-3 'and - Mike Hershberger followed in the 10th Inning with two-out tingle off Downing after singles by At Wets and tPcte Ward to. win the game lor reliever Gary Peters. The triumph kept the White Sox l'4 games behind Baltimore and dropped the Yankees tour games off the pace;' - Robin .Roberts, with relief help from Dick Hall, won his nth wmnwmw mm ww RACING TONIGHT! a. . w t a. '... " 4. i , 1 Sl- iff '-- Vl . , ' a. I t .--' taste of WI mms r . fw , 1V ( f . .... - - n . i- t VH -; - :v? -1 ' . He fiT': . , - in 10 decisions for th Orioles, who bunched four of their nine hits in the fourth Inning to score thi ee times. ' Norm Sie-bern had two doubles and" drove two runs and Boog Powell also slugged a double tor two runs in Baltimore's attack. The Minnesota Twins set a Major League home run record when -they hit consecutive home runs (by Don Mincher and Bob Allison) for the 14th time this season, breaking the old Yankee record first set m 1900 and duplicated by New York in 1901. ' L IL WTXUf 1 SOI ' Planning 1o toko your wifo on a trip round the world? Start tonight by dining olo tgantly undor tho stars at Rideau Carlo-ton's comfortablo dining room. ii II - - t 4 - h - J i ' , . v .-t. " , ,) . , - . t . . ' ' 5yi7rAjnyone-Rfteri You're a Specialist In good taste 'when you choose the luxury whisky at a popular price Walker's Special Old. Good taste, ' 1 ' foorj looks, and economy have made it Canada's largest Selling popular priced whisky. Next time make, it a point to buy . WalkeVt Special Old. -. . , . . Champion Les Sprague of Asa- berst and Dartmouth, N.S.. in a scheduled lO-rounder here Tues day night. .'' yjz JOIIIISOtl MOTOnS Salei and Servlcify Lakefield Boats '. ' Thome's Boats " .""V' Sailing Dlnghys and Fittings Gator Trailers ' J llow Boats 13 to 18 ft" Lawn-Boy LawnmowSfS Pioneer Chain Saws GREEN VALLEY LOER LTD. 108 Montreal Rd. 748 4833 SHOES 201 tfUKSi AND BETTING AREAS FRENCH BUFFET .. FREE BUS SERVICE t elwy tVaws e liWass lrie Ssssswi Ceslrt a leak St t AUa Vina Sa St. 0 Hers lask QUINELLA AND EXACTA 10 RACES NIGHTLY (except Sundty) Yi ma rear" a . '"' IIIUILMUCArtLCTON RACEWAY NIGHT HAKNCSS HACIN0 ALBION RO. AT BANK ST. POST TIMS 100 PM -J J - '-" 'w T)r. '-. - i ?Pa'1&1?r . .rv7es J aT T .. - - a-l 0teaa(JM A N A DlAN JJVR WHISKY IN Ths enanitim oteawTse HIRAM WALKER IONS LlMITeD,wai4eeiH.ees..iavitiis or stag .ntsaits sea esse its staee - - 'l . .. i ' - '. ' '' ' s - 'r

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