The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 9, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY. MARCH 9, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CON'NELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. WHERE AMERICAN TROOPS ARE NOW FACING THE THE ' "DRAFT 2SS"--A' mammoth produc- . tion. In whic'j Mabel Taliaferro the ; celebrated screen favritc, supported b)-/a cast of unusual excellence, is being presented today. Ti'.e performances yesterday were witnessed by record breaking crowds and all who saw it the picture was pronounced as one ot'the most stupendous film IH'oducUons ever shown in this city. "Draft 258" a successor to "The Slacker" was directed by William Christ Cabanne and many who have seen it -Insist on seeing it again. TT-very caim- erman in Metro's wa.s utilized in doing the actual work of photographing. The great structure erected by workmen for the production was put up at an expenditure o" more than ?]0.000 and was immediately torn down after having been in actual use less than a day. "Draft 258" is one of the most meritorious phtncdramas ever offered the pub'.tc. A comedy ' i.a included. Monday Edith Storey; will make her initial appearance on ' the Merto program in ''Byes of }Iy3- tery." a melodramatic rffering in five reels. Wednesday "Hands Down", a Blnebird feature starring Monroe Salisbury and Edith Clifford will b e ] shown, while on Thursday June i Elvidge and Montague Love wiW be featured in "Broken Ties." a five part : "World production. SOIS90S THEATRK. JACK BALL, STOCK COMPANY-- TVhat can be termed the dramatic event of the season, is the opening of the Jack Ball Stock company at the Soisson theatre for three weeks' run. It is not a freauent occurrence to have as high, class stock organization as the one above mentioned visit cities ot this size. With a cast of 12 people, including many of the test stock artists available ra New York, Mr. Ball nas a com- McCAI.1 PATTERNS AM) I'UBLICA- 'CIOXS FOR SPKIXG t'BOFIT SHAKlA'fcl COt'POXK- ,Women's and Misses* / Presses The pictures above show sectio ns on toe Chemin ties Damos front in the Aisne sector wlHcb. is now being held by Uncle Sam's soldier boys. At iho left is the enhance of tlio captu red German fortress ot Malmasson, and at the right, French troops clearing a trench captured from the Germ ans and now being occupied by Amer ican troops. boat floating down tie river. While the scene was on the dancing dolls were dancing old fashioned Southern steps and a hidden chorus sang "Dancing Down in Dixie" and "The Diiie Volunteers." Other good numbers were the "On the 5.15.'' by Jack Lamont and chorus, and "At Your Service^" by Lee Ritchcy. Mel Melvin has a new idea specialty in a bur, ,,· he can be proud of. Miss Vir-1 icsquc npon interpretative dancing in j gmia. Powell, a great favorite in 'the i wn ich he keeps up a line oC lunny talk j East, will no doubt win'many admir- i an d illustrates it with his Ceet. The j ers and Iriends. She has a. charming picture is TYaHiam S. Hart in, "His | personality - and is an actress of ex- Last Haul." Both show and picture will be repeated today. Coming next ·week is Jack Grant, tie famous black- face comedian, supported b y . a bril- | liant cast headed by Miss Helen McKenna. who is a blackface comedienne -without an equal. SALTS IS FINE FOR KIDNEY^QUIT MEAT Flash the Kidney at ODCC Then Back ITaris or Bladder Botticr*. ceptional ability. Mr. Earl C. Mayo in the male leading roles is certain to captivate tke audience from the open- ins nisht. As a comedian Percy Kilbride ranks among the foremost stock artists in the country. His middle name is "laugh" and he will become a big favorite -with patrons on his first appearance. Hal Mordaunt, who has for several jears been associated with, Cohan and Harris attractions has a reputation as one of the most efficient directors la New York. His name connected with any production means the best. Miss Eva,Sargent, Gny Astor, Jessie Glide, Clara Belle Prae, j Xorbert E. Dorente, are artists -with. national reputations and the scenic productions are in the capable hands of Irving Young. Mr. Jack Ball, the congenial owner and manager of the company, has left an unetjualed reputation of producing only tbe best plays. In every city he has visited and ConnellsTirle people ar,e certain to enjoy three weeks of high class enter.- tainment with this notable company at their soi. ice.- Some of the attractions to be seen soon are "The Natur- ' al Law." by Charles S. Hayes; "The Return of Eve," "The Girl of.His j . Dreams," "The Pretty Miss Nobody," ( t h e kidneys or your back hurts or if i writ . in » l ? lii3 f r i o n d - J o h n u Kefler !'? mj ' ^dence at Old 2vo maa or woman wlto eats meat regularly can make a . mistake by flushing the tidners occasionally, says a well known authority. uric acid which clogs OFFICIAL HOUSEHOLDER'S FLOUR REPORT wwre CAREFULLY. No houwlwlder (· pmttt»d to purchase over 49 poandi of whent nonr nor to h»re mo:v than' 30 tiers' supply. Every householder must report immediately (on this form) to tfi«[r County rood Admini«tr»tcr. Make report of 11 w-hftfrt floor on h*ad whttther ft Is excels or not xnA urge on your Kelgfebora tfce fmp«rt«aGe and aecenity of making this report protnpt- * . ' Number fn hooMkold idote, - chJBdren under 12. Wheat Sow on land Can flo«r containing any wheat} Ibs, Thirty d»yi' reqairmmx (wlxc nstd with wksUtutes according to 50-50 on) *«. to hold my excM* «}«t to £h« 0rder of the United States Food Administration. Nu»". . -- -- .- ·. ^oatofflee ~ .... ·-- . . .. Strwrt and Ifo. or R. F. D , Mxxbmtim penalty for hoarding is f5.000.00 One nd two year? imprisonment. These "blanks wffi not be distributed. "You mwat nil in your own blank and mail or d«Wver It to your County Food Administrator. An immediate report will a*crid p«nai3nity of searcii and prosecution. HOWiAAD HBINZ, F»derai Food Adjainlstrator for Ptansylvauia. Send R«p*rt to Cliaries I/. BaTidson, L'niontown, Pa. federal Food AdmliUstrntor for KRrerte CBBDIT. Women's and Misses' Suits, Coats, Dresses kVorlh many times this ridiculously low t .$10.00 wouldn't beein to buy the inatcr- I iflls alone. Clearance CHILDREN'S COATS $2.00 Former values up to $8.90. Clearance CHILDREN'S COATS $3.00 Former values up to $10.90. Clearance CHILDREN'S COATS Former values up to $16.50. No More Guesswork when you bake. No ruined pastry^ rw poorly done bread, no wasted material -- no worry, because of vrroog r«fiulatioQ, Meat forms i the kidney iOLD DUNBAR'S TRADITIONS WILL BE UPHELD IN BATTLE LIEUTENANT SMITHLEY WRITES Tho traditions of Dunbar will be i part, of ray Lhree mouths leave of ab- sleeplcssness ! upheld on the western front in. France. ; t;encc, m Dunbnr just ;i l i t t l e over n. . ime from sluggish ! sai ' 5 L ^uteoani James 0. Smithley ' year ago, and I always considered it j j of Battery K, Eighth Regiment. C, A. ! one of my pleasures to have one o f ] "MamzeHe." A matinee will be given daily and play changed every Monday aid Thursday. THEATRE. "A MODERN MUSKETEER."--In "A Modern Musketeer," Douglas Fair- banis' latest photoplay for the Art- pores so they sluggishly filter or strain only part of the waste and poisons- from the blood, tlien you ge; sick- Nearly ail rheumatism, headaches, liver trouble nervousness, constipation, d-izzincss, bladder disorders co: kidneys The moment you feel a rluIJe ache in j Brigade, ot General PershingTs forces, j your local papers came each week 1 writing to Ilia friend, John L. Keffer j io my residence :it OitJ Point, Va. of Kcffer's station, near Dunbar. His ; Now I 'should like to assume a 'beg- urine is cloudy, offensive full of I , sediment irregular ot passage or at-! lctter ' descriptive tended by a sensation of scalding, get ' about tour ounces of Jad Salts from anf reliable pharmacy and take a ta- Wespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This* famous salts is made, from the acid of grapes craft, a unique use of an automobile i and lemon juice combiner! with lithia : Is shown. As the modern D'Arttgan.! and has been used lor generations l o w i l h the K orio « s warath ° c tfae Med Fairbanks comes to the rescue of a flush clogged kidneys and stimulate the beginning, : gur's liberty,' and request that iC it reads: ' ; were possible that you have Tbe "Somewhere on the- French Front: [Courier sent each month \o this quiet \ "Faint streaks of light across the | little- pan of the world. I would ap- horizon betoken tbe approach predate your Kindness very much, j o t daivn. The rising sun dispels t h e ; "Kxtcnd my compliments to all my I mist and shines forth in splendor up- ; f r i e n d s in and a r o u n d Dunbar and jon the earth and lo/tbe day is here, ' t e l l them Dunbnr is represented by [ The southern winds, girl whose travels have been held up by a -washout, and .he removes the Urea from bis flivver and rides the rails, bauling a handcar behind with her tmnks. Monday--married to the wrong man who refuses to expire at tbe appointed time, all the-while loving big Irish. Barney--such is the fate of Vivian Martin in her newest j ~ n $ Paramount picture. "Molly Entang-1 aru i t ^ e led," It sounds a bit. gruesome. In reality it isn't, however, only appeal- Ingly tunny and quaint and lovable as only Vivian Martin could have made i situation of that sort. THE ARCADE. Demand ludicrttes Some Will Take Advantage of CHy 0 nil nance. Pig owners in ConnellsviHe are , "A NIGHT AT SH£RRrs."-De- j slowly reo .uesting: permits from the parting from the usual custom and ,; -QQ^ oC Health. Several persons presenting their best show last the havo se cured the.proper permits and y touched '.one hoy on the French from, so far.' 'Lieutenant Smithiey is the son of iterranean coast, drift across France';- : Veteran and Mrs. L. L. S m i t l e r o f , battlefields and bring memories t h a t ' Irisiuown mountain, in Dunbar town- we are always prone to forgot--our ; ship, and was rearod there. He is ; old home town and Eriencis across Lhe the young man L. I.. Smithley was j sea. So, C am thus taking -advantage } talking to The Courier about some ! of my sentiments and sending a line .'moulhs ago when he stated that,' or so to my friends in the old home [ t h o u g h he was past 7Q he'would like j town of L'unbar, and tuay T say., that ;,f.o enlist and so to Franco to see his j rctnilar mpat pa.tnr! should take now i durin s thls struggle oC rigUi against · son. Tho young man is well Jthowi) . regular meat eaters sbould take now m|gl)t [)m rtcmo( . racj . maj . , |ve ttla( | | a , ro and v , sitcd in Dllnb! , r f o r a , 1 n u r e t b e r o b i - avoiding ! Dunbar 1vin ' 1 " )hold her traditions I month last summer having with him 1 p ' · * i a n ^ o.j vo ; i 0 r quota of men in "thesis brifle. a Virginia girl, won Trtile i of justice and freedom. - he was stationed at Old Point Com- ! enjoyed spending a vacation, a I fort before lie was sont over. Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the beat as easily as you measure milk in a pine cup. You aimply set tbe Temperature Wheel and obtain, any degree of oven beat tbat the receipt calls for F. T. ETA5S VJSTATK, Agents, -Uulh flumes. BISECT FROM LTCEUM THEATRE, PITTSBCKG. PLEASANT Tuesday, March 12th "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'VE DONE OR WHAT YOU'VE BEEN--I LOVE YOU-- AND I WANT YOU TO BE MY --says Bol Kilimore to the srirl who erred, in Tlic Stnry of Millions of Girls in Hfc Ci'Jes And Small TOMTIS DANG Ed. If. Jtoirland's Splendid Projection Trials and 'Triumphs of (iirls vnin Work JUS -5c', U5e, ."iDe AX I) 75c. Seats on Saie at Morrison's Jewelrr Store. them to activity, also to neutralize the! acids in urine so it no longer causes ! irritation, thus ending bladder disor- j ders. Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot injure; makes a delightful effervescent lithia-water drink which, all i l 14 Farms [ 26 Acres Coal $ A5» TACA5T LOTS. 1 FOR SALE serious SEEKP1GPERMITS Johnny Jones Musical Comedy company yesterday at the Arcade sprung a big surprise when they offered "A Night at Sherry's." The ?how was full of novelties and heautTul scenic effects. Paramount was a Southern moonlight scene called "Moonlight : on the Mississippi," showing ".a cottage on the river bank and a steam- PIMPLY? tLL,DONT BE! People Notice It Drive Them Off with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets A pimply face vil) not embarrass you ii yon get a package of Dr. their sanitary pens have been approved by Health Officer George Heuel. Others, the officer says already have their pigs but have not completed their /pens; Persons Tv'ho liad bought tlie young pigs, previous to the building of tlie pen in which to keep tbem have been warned that they must make immed- WE WANT A LIVE TOWN; LET'S ALL GET TOGETHER TO HELP MAKE IT ONE lat's all get together and help to | property here will not amount to any- make our community a live one. We all reali2e the consequences of poor "business, stagnation in commercial affairs, depreciation of real estate values, low- wages, etc. "Wioat we want is plenty of. business, money in circulation, a live interest thing in this event. The local stores, to i tent, make this town. very large ex- The taxes paid by our business xneu aro the principal 5'iipport of our schools 'and churches. It is the taxes paid "by our storekeepers that pay tor the local improve; tae building at houses, the sale I tnents, lor the street llg-hling, for flre late preparations fo'r raising the^ hogs | O f Jc ,[ s and acl . 0 property and » gen- protection, and fo;- all other com- and secure-, the proper permits. Unless the permits are secured at once it will be necessary to got rid ol tbe pigs according to Health Officer Hctzel. Some persons are temporarily keepin-g the hogs in their barns. Platinum Subctitute*. Since the development ot "paten," cards' Olive Tables. The^S shouTd *"'" TM ,^^ t TM 7"TM; own business men, instead of sending Je^^^ ^ ·--«--*· 1 inL^Shafe'l^f.r^ %£. »«. -»"« «- ^ TM* °«« ^^ begin t tablets a few nighti 1 Cleansetheblood,thebCTwe!3alldtbefiTM tnres of these two metals in varying ;»ith D». Edwaidaf Olive Tablets, the successful substitute for calomel; the re's nerer ·in akknesa or pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do thai ·chich calomel does, and just aeSectively, but their action is gentle and safe tn«tf(KT ol severe and irritating. ' No one woo takes OCre Tablets ii prer (Mrsed with "a dark brown taste," I bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good* (eeling. constipation,' torpid liTer, bad · jispostioa or ptmpjjr (ace. Dr. Edwards' Olire Tablet! are. i purely vegetable compound mixed with ptive oil; yoo will know them -j their olire color. Dr. Edwards spent years among pa- jents afflicted with fiver and bowel ttmplaints. and Otrre Tablets are tbe mmensely effective result : Take one or two nightly for e week. ee how much better you feel and look, Qc and 25c per box. All druggists. uine, healtliy condition of business in i munistic privileges and protection, our community. How shall we accomplish it? The easiest thing in the world. Just keep our money in circulation, right here among ourselves, and we will create our own prosperous conditions. In other words, let's patronize our proportions. The alloy 'containing 60 to 90 per cent of gold is to be known as "rhotonlnm," and nns a specific gravity of 16 to 18.5, is malleable and ductile and can be welded without flux or other ngent It proves entirely satisfactory for most chemical and electrical pnrposes for which platinum is used, though it is not suitable lor use with hot concentrated nitric »dd, nor for electrolytic Anodes. For jew- Let's be loyal to.onr own best interests instead ot helping to bolster up the big monopolistic establishments that are draining our resources of all the ready money in sight. It is the aim of the big city mail order houses to drive the small town merchants out of business, so that we win all be compelled to send to the cities for our merchandise. The big mail order houses are spending thousands of dollars every month to ac- t DATES SET FOR ANNUAL f t TRAP SHOOTING FIXTURE J I -- J * The dates for the Grand * ^c American Handicap tournament j£ * of the Interstate Trapshootlng J A association have been set for ^ J August 5 to 9 inclusive, y S The tournament will be held 5 J at Chicago under the direction 5 -a of the South Shore Country *· £ club. There will be ?4,000 In- J J added, money, of which $1,300 * § and trophies will be divided S j amous the first five place win- *· ners ' S U B C H W A N HOM 1 acrii antl G room b o u w e . . 1 * itcre and \ rount h o u a e 't,(n.t(i 3 ncres and 4 room house I.OOO i acres and 8 room l i u u s e It .TOO 9 acrets and 5 room housti I,TOO Jt'AlUBS. 10 at'ps, uood house and outbui!dinf?s 11.800 I D acre Cniit farin, buiirt- iners alt frood 5,500 13 acre Cruit Cartn, buiUl- inga a.11 good .ViOO SO acre farm ami b u i l d i n f ? n 3,EHM) BC acre fn.rm, good b u i l d - iii*T3 3,500 GO acre poultry and f r u i t · t nrm y,500 150 acre -well improved f aj-m . T.COO 10 acre fieJd on brick road l,WO COAi MINK I2f OPKRATIOX. 26 acres coal, mine in oporatioa, nbout 1 milt; from cliy. VACAXT LOTS. 131 vacant lots in city. Anything Made of Metal STEEL CUTTING ANYWHERE C. H. CRAFT BELL PHONE 52 51 Arch Street, Uniontown,.Pa. A. E. Wagoner Co. It wi I 13* t a t«s 1 nMurauce, Itx-n ts Codec-ted. JOOft AV. Crawford Avc,, Tri-Sti\ie S25-X. WEST SIDK, COV:VEI.l*SVILLK. elrj it Is thought to be even snperjor to j complish tbb object! platinum, as it ts harder and "stronger j They will do it. too, unless we are und titkes a better finish and if has 'sensible enough to stop it.' uraetiemlly the same color, eati be j It is up 10 us to prevent the bis worked :ts readily aad does not tarn- I mail order luinst's from driving our ish yr currotie. storekeepers ou of business, for sev- ! i f^ral reasons, the greater of vrhich. are If Yon An- Hnntinr Burcmins j that our community will .be rubied Read the advertiseing columns of The | oft the map if we have no business Daily Courier. You will find them. i concerns anri that our OTmrTship of MOTHER GRAY'S SWEET POWDERS FOR CHILDREN, A Ooit»inK»li« !ot Peverlaliaeu, O0nntipatl_i. r i e a t l K C h e , TronblRx. Tpi-tlriu* ' i » f » ' SCREEN DOORS MADE TO OEDEB ijjide ol Cypress, White Pine or Oak. Any kind oC wire you want. SHDrSG AS1) LOCKD'6 Window Screens Made of thoroughly seasoned White Pine. Guaranteed not to stick. You will. ',e auriifised how t'tieup ihey are. R. D. TENNENT, Itell I'hone SSI, COX.VKIYtSm-LE, 1'A. Send Whitman's to Your Friends in the Service / Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navy man than a bos of candy. There isn't any better than Whitman's, so why not include some in the next box you send to training camp or overseas? · We Have It In All Size Packages. Collins' Drug Store South Pittsburg Street. S PILLS I « » i H b L K » , / / i «; ,**iky**elnuta**t.tor-/\ -^rt^ J) 5 tt ^'*.'* E «~V.^ M Be«t. Safaat. AJw«7* 1 ' SimrDBBSGISREWmfflRE WEAR Horaer ' s ClotMng noocooooot

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