The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Second Part Pages 9 to. 16 VOL. 28, NO. 49. CONNELLSVILLB. PA.. WBDNBSD IY EVENING, JANUARY S, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. YJsitors Fail to Sink liven a Single .Foul Try in Second Half. FANS ENTHUSED OVER VICTORY A Fighting, aggressive, Colter basketball machine, displaying a marvelous air-tlKht defense at all times and a flashy offensive when most needed, subdued tho Brown, and W h i t e q u i n t e t o{ Ureensimrg by a 11 to S count hero last night. Tho Orange and Black aggregation played its ancient .rivals to a s t a n d still in the last half of the game, hold-, iiiK Groouabui'K scoreless. With the ball in llvoU" possession most o£ the tinio d u r i n g tho letter halt tho locals bewildered their opponents with dazzling passes-, keeping the ball moving at all time;;. Miller tipped oi'£ to Kud-e who bounced tho ball back over his head to Luzak, t U e latter scoring. Cotmells- ville fans went wild with applause- at this pretty show of team work. (Jroonsburg scored n e x t w h e n Hibbs' try from the "Ereo" line- was good. Hibbs then put tho visitors in the lead when he tossed one in f r o m under t h e basket. Fevcnchula bottled things up iisain as his attempt f r o m the foul line registered. W i t h b u t t w o m i n u t e s o£ play left la the quarter, Anderson sank another foul to break the deadlock. Hibbs followed this up w i t h his second and last Held goal of tUo tray as the quarter closed with the locals t r a i l i n g by a 0-3 count. Shortly aiter the second quarter was started, Anderson was fouled and ho m a d e both his free- shots c o u n t . Tho score was then 8-3, Greens-bun;, and it looked mighty large. Jones recovered oii p o i n t w h e n ho made his attempt from the f o u l lino and Miller d i m i n i s h e d tho lead f u r t h e r w h e n he- succeeded in making one out oC two fouls. At tli. halt, the visitors were .still leading by a throe-point margin, the saoro being S-5. CounellsvtUe added another point, to its score as t h o ' t l i i r d period came to u when J u n e s aiuiin popped one t h r o u g h tUo Hoop trotu the f o u l line. lireonslmvs luul been hold scoreless. It was Jones iisuiii that cut d o w n tho lead of the Westmoreland eoniuyseat- crs to one point with his unerring t h r o w s f r o m Uio "free-" line. M i l l e r , who promises to develop into a sterling player, stepped in and pushed a l e f t - h a n d e d oue t h r o u g h the hoop to ·jdve Connellsvillo the lead. With lens i'ltan f o u r m i n u t e s left to play, iiuzat.k b a n k e d a p r e t t y one t h r o n s h to clinch tho game. The i i n e - u p : llmir.....-.! .' 1 F -WHsht J.uznck *' aillbs Miller -' ; Anderson Johnson O Shaffer Ferenchula - 0 CravotU Subst tuitions--Councils vtlle, Jones for 1/uzack, Schrum lor UmU;, Bradley for J o h n s o n , Berjun for K e r e n c h u l a ; Gveenslnu-g, Stnisser for II.ibbK, Kop- Kuhalc for A n d e r s o n , Paige for Shaffer, LtiUue- for Cravotti. Field goals--I.uwu-k 2, M i l l e r , Hibbs Koul goals--Jones, ," out of 4 ; M i l - ler, "I out of 2; l''ei-oncluila, 1 out of ": J o h n s o n and Lu/.ack, each missed one: Hibbs, 1 out of 1: Anderson, .'? out. of ::; I'aigt, nv.lssud 2; CravoUt, missed 1. It c-l'e r e u--S p c e c. ---v "It-' JOHNNY MOSTIL. who at tlrnca J appeared to bo about tha best ball hawk in 'ho American leacrne, was released i-y the White Sox to tho Toledo c\ub after ten years at service In t h e IB leag-nas. Mostll graduated to the majors, from the sand lota of Chicago in 1918 and since then had been owned exclusively by i h a "White Sox. Perry Township, North Union High Teams Break Even No-ftli Utrio-n aivd Pwry Township ba«k rs broke even last inglH at t'lio forniet-'K «nirl, Mio North U'nion boys wiiHiiinig, 10 to 111. ami tlvo 'gi-rla frO'in Porryo'poK.s scO'iing a dc-cislvo iiiiairgiit by a comii of 3f) -to 10. The- givawHiiK in iho boys fray -was iii!'UH.\ial!y close aiwl -ihreo playors "iv-M-o },ioofc(i on ]Mivi«nal fouls. On F r i d a y niglvf, .furry Township to No. 1 to moot Dunbar Township. The Hnc-up: 'orlli Union-- 19. 1 /c u-i'S .- ........ ........ ----------- !'. POLISH VICTOR IN CAPSTAN LOOP; BEAT ELECTRICALS The Po'ish Dep. game from the K stan loop last ir Some good scoiv w i t h Fittsment hi in thre« games, p score in a singi The scores: EL,KC'I Crouse b'!) Bable 10G S. Gebe Si) a. Ambrisco 115 J. Gebo 152 B u r k h a r d t 102 : r t n i e n t took the odd ectricals in the Culi- ght at Kile alleys, s wero registered, Kh. He totalled fio · ling up 17(j for high contest. Perry-- 13. 0a.»« herty Flivher ...... ..... ..... ..... ..... P. ...... _________ .......... ' '· Ji Hoy Sh ifl'baucr .............. ...C..... ..... ........... ..... S we-tls So ''oii-g ..... ..... - .......... - ..... G ..... ............ B Ulia:'.ie ................. __________ G ............... . ..... .Sii'bs-titii:tionsj -- ThortK for r u a u ; Cros^ltnvd Cor IWiazio; ·for Galley; \Va liner for Thrasher. Piokl goals -- Pislior, Scions: 2, Daugherty, Galley 2, Uhazi«. Foul goals-- North Union- U out of IS; T'-enry 7 out of 11. SCOK by periods : North Union ...... . ..... ..... ..... ..... 5 1 4 6--1!) Porryopolis ........ , ....... _ ............ 3 - n ,'i -- 1.S North Union-- 10. I'crry --·{»). German ...... ------------- F .......... ----------- Albright Cra nidr ..... --------------- .F ..... ------ ...... ------ ..... Stw.k Wai 1 .............. _______ ......... C~ _____ ............ - ...... C!;U ley Fur in f .......... .,,-_ -------- SO ..... ---------- ..... K.aniMX-.r Z! mo van __________ ....... ~.G.._ ..... - ..... 1) utter me ro Co 1.1 ing wood ..... __ ..... 0 ..... _______________ Cofi'man Sub»Uttiif!on-s -- B rode rick for \Va'il; Inks for "liro'.leivick; Anvsloy for Crl- j lin'givood; \Vullace for Ainslp-y, i Field goal.s -- German, Cramer '.', Alj brig '-it fl, Stuc-k '1, Gull-oy. Fctil poa'lft ...... N o r t h U n i o n 2 out of 11; Perry -1 out. -o-f !). Referee- -- lowis. tas of Princeton Eleven AJbert W. "Al" Wittr, CT, Jr., line coach of the Princoton University football team, in 193. , will saeceed "Bill" Roper, as head coach oi the Tiger gridiron mo -hine, Witfcmer is a brother of Ed Wittmer i present member of the Princaton football team and he, himself w»» a Tjgor £rid star in 151! , 1920 and 1921. Stadium Baseball Club Will Meet Thai sday Evening; Plans For City League Next Season -® Star Junction Schools Floor Season Impetus (*iven to Organized Diiimond Competition in Con noils villc for 11)80. OTHER TEAMS MAKE READY I 113 148 147 lie; 11 a 122 Hudock - Xosciiese Mctcalf P i l t s m e u t Shipley J. Ambrisco Totals _ - 'ioi! 7S1 POUISl! D1SPT. 167 1SS 4 wf ^ 12(\ 131 118 12U 172 55 155 118 118 I'D 115 167 ISfi .Hi a 145 98 133 170 301 M9 4 SO '352 377 60?. 39S ·100 810 825 2510 oar "want" Balvo Ku-th has roK-.o.tO'd Uio off or oC $7i,()'Hj KIT IHH sorvicf:;- u c v t year. T!io Xc-w York Yan-I«H'.s -sii!gjt--torl floO,(KW) for a '(.wo-ynar crop of Ivoruc runs hut f ho B a m b i n o nonchalantly rojoctwl tho salary similar to thai paid to the U rotted S'.atcs president. » a * Art (the Great) Shtren knocked out Tony (the Terrible) Facth rtt St. Paul last n i g h t . Tho kayo came in tho first r o u n d after two ml antes of lighting. * » » Dunbar T o w n s h i p m e a n t busiiit'SR tho way it went after the ScotUlalu basketeerg in the; hw. f i u a r t c r of tho contest at the Armory l;ist night. It was ilia f o u r t h strai(?ht t r i u m p h t h a i D. T. Jias taken over t h e ScoUies. The Ijaskotball ti-am of the S i n r J u n c t i o n grade school:; w i l open ita KCiisoii on T U u r s d u y alt.ern on. The Eport haa created consid-ero j l u interest In both tho school a n d c tnnnintty. The game vll! b e g i n at- 1 o'clock w i t h W a s h i n g t o n Tovvnshi i J u n i o r H i g h at tho Star Junction, gy nuaftiunt. Tho flvo liiars w i l : i;hr\Y '.heir opponents w h a t si b.-iski'-tbatl K rat' really ia. Captain James Js.oi'fer a id Coach lv. i l r a u l n u m l i c r UK* o u t f i t - s ono ol tho speediest Jive/-; of tli(3ir i UIBS. The. tc-itiu was o r g a u l o d i !uco tho CUrli-tnuis v a c u l l u t i and a r e g u l a r a c h c d u l o w i l l bo played. The MouiH Pleasant Ulik'Uca team wouk! like f.c araac'ge R "vvitli jionre of tho b.'--t clubs in the soeMoii. AVrH.\ to Ulanaii er Nick Bfti'C-dirt, "Mouul. f'lei'.sant A' -iloticM," 31S7 Sammitt street, Mount J leasant, or .j^iion-a Mount Ploa.'ianf. 91"J K-(.\VK'.II S: tri and (i o'clock in ' ev«i ingvi. * » » M o n t a n a dcfpiitcd PCnn Stai .;, 51 to ·12, last n i g h t iu « tree scori :g cage battle. A n o t h e r local diamond aggregation, is m a k i n g preparations for the 1930 baseball season and things promise to pick up I o n s before the- proposed reorganization o£ the C i t y Baseball League SB launched. A meeting of the Stadium Baseball Club has be-eu called for T h u r s d a y | e v e n i n g , J a n u a r y 9, at the home oi! j J. 1. Dickey in 223 South street "to. I make pUma for nost yea*- in the CLt.v ! This c o m b i n a t i o n was one of the j teams entered 1 In tha circuit last campaign nnd promises to present, a moro formidable array of diamond talent when tho griwi Is .put un-d-er way next summer. R e c e n t l y the. League of. Nations started the bail rolling with the an- n o u n c e m e n t t h a t its 1930 managers havo been selected. A movement is now under way to h a v o a p e r m a n e n t organization effected with Bill McCormick at, the head of tho loop. "BUI" is one of t h e city's best baseball men and he would prove to be a p o p u l a r executive. Gargantuan Aspirant for Fistic Title o s. ·· --' ELECTRICALS WIN THREE STRAIGHT FROM SHIPPERS Tho 1'MoC'trl'Cal Oeparlincivt won t h r e e g^mes fixmi the- Shi'ppi'ug Oe- pairt.nveivt 1n thv- Capstan l/e;iRiiv at. the K l ' c a.lli'j's; 'last 7iisht. A i u h r i a c o re^ls'evod h i g h woro w i t h ,i tot ai of 487 for thm j;;ii!K x ;i, aver- .·iKlnK .1(5- T I J U K pi-r f.::uiiic. i n I. nut .| .!. Ollx ........... ...... ........ Hi:i U15 Ha-blo ..... . ..... ....... . ........... liVT l-'l. !-;. Gilve ............ .......... ....ITi.i 1'JS l:ifrkh!ird-l 1 to 151 '!2fl l i t -i-CJ 123 :!»0 SSt 7 Sir- S3-1 L'50a lNOr PKPAH'l'.M'KNT. . ....... . ..... i-'i i-Mj t;;si ;;vr. JToover ........... . ................. :U 31 Ulootn .......... -.,.. ............ 152 - IHO 133 ·!-'·! Froiu'vk ...... ..... ........... i". lot) uss :r;y n«Tti«»- ..................... .... ior, ns !7 :;tKi l l i i n u n y ............... .......... Sr, s." 170 Tit:ils __________ . . . . . .... filS «7^ 7 J 5 L Y M S l ___________ ____ __ j Cnptnin Kadi (.'ami-, j ' i l O X I C V A . X. V., J a n , S Tho l u : ' ^ ' tout !i;-Ul At:\ii-»n ;t( H o b a n ( ' o l l e K o w i i l l M" 1 a t i t ' W frVftoin 11' n a i i i i i u : a i;aj'!.iin f I'm an e:Ut'.-» H « t o n iui^ hr,--;i ;.'.».. l i s h - (d, and i n s i e u d ono v. i l l !·' .-HHHU ;·.·(-(! , p r i o r to rit'-i'. Krunc. j THE ARM THAI MAY AY AMERICAN KEAVWEIGKTS CARNERA H(MKS.HIS.MAN WITH HIS 14 IB. CANE, .CARNEY'S GARGANT(/AM PEDAL EXTREMiriES CARMECA UFTS HIS TNTRODUC1NC, the skyscraper- A of the ring --Primo Camera, alias the Genoa Giant, who measures his punches by horsepower. Fistiana's n e w e - t sensation has come to town and has more than lived up to all tl'O fabulous stories that Tunney and other visitors to Europe have t Id of him. The lUilian boxer, wl.o until two year; npo was a circu performer with his cnonnous "tootsies" wrapped in burlap.s, is reparded by experts as exceptionally promising material. A far be-'tor fwosfect, in fast, than was Willard at the --corresponding stuge of his career. Camera is six feet ten inches tall, weighs nearly 30N pounds, and carvfes a 14-pound cane to support his hofty frame. He wears jizc 17 slices and encases his nock in a size 20 collar. When ho was an itinerant circus performer his best meal consisted of seven pounds af bread, but now liis breakfast includes such trifles us six eggs, 20 slices of toast, two quarts of milk, an enormous slice of hum. and maybe, a pint of orange juice. And after this modest repast he is ready for a limbering up at the gymnasium. It is hoped late this m o n t h tc stage Camera a first bout in thi; country. Just now they are pug- ing all the great fighters to find one to challenge conclusions with the Italian's fonrteen-ounce boxing gloves, which measure sixteen and one-half inches, against the average ten and one-half "mitt." Up to now there has been no great rush of giruit boxers to offer themselves as a sacrifice to Primo Car- ncra. George Godfrey, the h u m a n ton of coal, would he a logical opponent after the Italian has hud ·some experience of American ring: methods. Camera is having his -.vovk-outs at Stillman's Gymnasium and proving that he is not just another ring freak. He displays considerable agility and is remarkably limber. He does not rest heavily on* his enormous "dogs" nor does he lumber around. He knows how to use his left and carefu'ly pulls his punches against lighter opponents. At all events, he is a life-saver just- when tho ring was devoid of colorful personalities and thrills. Keagy Corner Is Easy Victor at Scottdate, 58-7 Tho KxHigy Corner '-basketball foam registered a lop-sided victory n.1 Scottdale lael, night in Uio p r e l i m i n a r y to t)ve Scottdale-Dunbar Township High School game at the. State Armory. Tho Scottdale Scholastic s were, snowed, u n d e r by a count ol BS-7. Bach of the Corner quintet registered field goals, al: of ihem getting n, m u l t i p l e count with the exception o£ Sellero, who hns'bc-e:i one of the chiof B-coring- factors. thrca ·d a fiingtc foul 7. Reynolds The Scholufltlcf, .goale and a point. lineup: . Corner--5fi. SoUere F Floto .__, Ji 1 Guy nil __._- C _ Borgia G- Gordon Soisaon ~ G Carroll Sulwtltutioue--Schaloaplz for » Caff e r t y , Miller for Koyuolde, llichards for Lippa, -lUiker for Gordon, Storey for Carroll, IVliller for Guynn, King for Solseon. Field goals--Miller, Llpjw 2, Sellers, Floto 0. G u y n n i. Miller 3, Bergin 5, K i n g 3, Soieson ·!. Foul goals--Schola«iicfl, 1 out of -1; Corner, ·! out of 7. Referee--Erookinan. SPORTS GLEANINGS A royal reception a\vxlts the. Golden P a n t h e r s when they return from the Pacific Coast t o n i g h t . The club is expected to arrive at S:;JO o'clock in Pittsburg. * * « Bentleyrille defeated He-lie Vc-rnon, 2A to 12, last night. * f * 'Fayett.e, City lost a 22 to 13 decision to S o u t h Brownsville 1 ist evening'. Motor-Minded Prince on His Swedish Motorcycle Prince Slgvard, right, second son of Crown Prince G u s t n v u s AdolpJius, returning frotn n spin In the country on his Swedish-built motorcycle. Starting in Low Gear Is Much Preferred Practice Starting in low genr ii; a better practice than starting in second, when viewed from the standpoint of protecting the clutch. But, beonnso It Is rather a retarding process when one Is In traflie, ninny motor! ;ts prefer to lot. the clutch t n k e the a d d i t i o n a l burden of starting- In Ker*nd. One way to get mound the dlflltulty \a to practice iretlinR out of low p.?nr (juick- ly. Use It only long etii/u;:h to get the car under w a y ; but, it !a far wiser to use It. XXXXOO-OtOK3"O-OX-O-O-O-C KXXKXX AUTOMOBILE NOTES OOOO-OOOOOXXK3OO-O-OO-OC OOOOOO A Carlisle, Pa., farmer 'ins boon hit three times n t tha BJIDO prade crossing and still lives * * * It seems that the well known common law, which requires the word "tunnzSng" in t i l l automobile advertising, luis been amended to Include "sUmUnn." « * » According to n returned college student, this country's 25,000,000 cars figures out exactly at Iho rat · of live per.sons to the front sent -f every automobile. t o * A f t e r p u m p i n g u p four tiros the other morning, i giro them r:n ivdri',- tionai .15 pounds pressure, th-; OOicR Crab said lie wsis iiir-rnlnded he rest of the day. Leisenring' Bnskoteers .Again Whip Bine and White Jn Fast Cage Battle. MEET PERRY FRIDAY NIGHT The Duubar Township- High: Srflior-1 baskeleers cfliaJJced- ni the tliird xwi- .secu'tiv-o triumph, oi' iho B-eason. on TiMj-aday evening wlie-it Ih© ScottdaJ-* High oagflrs wero 'defeatod for tit'* accon-d ti-mo by tit* RMl ami- Blaek a-. ·fch-e -Soottdalc Lalx Armory. The fin-a 1 score vfus 28 to 20. Red. Ki-rtanan's. prolegefl took t'h situation into hand at the flret whfeth and appe-orred to ho T-oinvpiittg away foi tlve honors as t-h-o IjOiBewcMi'g hoy? tried desperately to [got, a, firm foot- on- ithe treacherous floor in. liho - Once 'the towashipper.s got star-tod tbero i^as no stopping of the niacMno of Bruce ShoaT-er. Scottdal-o Jet!', 9 to (, at the end of ·'h-o first quarter. A 8'pu.rt to the second period -gavo IjeisenviTig a better ·position, iho Bhio awl White holdiiiK t h e edtg-e of a 13-12 create Ion' at ihi halt. When the third quarter wound. up, DuTubar was trailing-, 18 to ifi. However the burst o£ speed that Dunbar itnicark-ed in t.ho llnal stanza "was too mut'li for the Scotties TvJbo w«re hold to two 'points as the -visitors chalked up six times as much. Friday ·evenl'mg wi-11 fln-d' t'hjo IjO'lfion- rinig mach ino .pressed 1o tho limit ·meeting Perry Township at at the former's floor. The Perryopolis boys aro e-x-pectecl to provide till a com.'p-e't'i- ·tion that will make th-e peTinaii't race in Section XII o£ the W. P, 1. A. Punbjir-- 2S. Scottdnlo-- 20. Titl toy --------- ........ - ..... F ..... ..... ..... _______ Eicher Miller .»» ---------- ........ F -------------- Sla-utter IvOiSlhen'berg ---------- ..... G ....... ---------- ..... Cox Bailey ...... ------------- ....... ,G ........ ------ Waldo Re-lily ..... -- ..... ----------- .G. -------------- ....... -- Rush . S nbstitutaone -- Gatnliu. for Eisner, ·for Staui'Cer, Stauiffer for Etcher, Skerrap for Cox, Jezewski Dor Stauffer, Skonc-isay for :M)Ul?,r, B-eliTOius for Field goals -- Tnlley 3, Skomwny 2, Bailey 2, Iteilly, Belwen® 2, Rssb«n- bor-g, Eicher 4, Cox 2, Rush. Kouls-- TiiHoy, G out 7;' S-'konoany, miss-ed one; Bailey, mis-sod on*; Roilly, 1 omt o£ 3 ; Slauffer, 2 out of 5 ; Waid'e, 2 out ol' 2; Cox, 1 out of! ;·!; Hush., 1 out of 1. .Referee -- Dusic. Homemade, Oil Filtering System Fits Any Motor The illustration shows a homemade, oil altering system that can be applied to any automobile to make it jno'dern and up-to-date. 1'ou need one vacuum tank In good working order. A serviceable one can be obtained at a lo\y price from any auto wrecking yard. In addition, you need the outer shell of another vacuum tank to serve as a filter compartment. Of course, this tnnk coul3' be soldered up from sheet rnetal in any shnpe desired. Copper piping IB used to connect the t a n k s ns shown in the Illustration. If your car Us fitted with a v a c u u m tunic to supply gasoline to the carburetor, fit a tee Instead of an elbow on the i n t a k e manifold pipe. If, your car hns no vacuum tnnk, r u n the n!r pipe from the vacuum tunic which is to p u m p ol! "through the filter directly to is coupling iltted into a bole llAYEKSOPMUSLlN EN COARSE SCTEEN;'; Oil- BOTTOM OP CRANK CASE VACUUM L I N E CONMECTEP TO GASOLINE VACUUM TANK TO CARBURETOR SUPPLY FILTER This Oil F i l t e r i n g Device Can Be Applied to the Lubrication System of Any Auto Motor. drilled In (he i n t n k c rrr.-uiifold. As long us Hie motor is running, oil v f i l l i autom.'iticiill.v be p u m p e d up through t h e (liter and iillosvci! to run back into] I bo crnnl; cnsr. . '.rhls system wilu work p e r f e c t l y on any tyiui of line, engine no matter what type lubricating system is useiJt--

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