The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 9, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1918
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CoimeDsville's. Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulaion Last Week, 6,552 VOL. 16, NO. 101. CONNELbSVILLE, PA., SATURDAY EVENIXO. MARCH 9, 1'HS. BIGHT PAGES. TJOTZKY RESIGNS; SOCIAL REVOLUTIONARIES RAISE ARMY AGAINST BOLSfiEVIKI AMERICAN SOLDIERS IN THE FRONT LINE TRENCHES i COMMITTEE NAMED HALTING' THE TEUTONS AT THE LORRAINE GATE j$ j^yg CHARGE OF ^ JLWOR RED CROSS etiremeut of Foreign Minister Announced at Partj- Conference Today. night. Cadet Henry K. Huber. in the plane with injuries. him escaped with slight 3UNTER REVOLT GAINING »TT .Vrtiilery U*ttle on American Sector in Lornune ll«riQn But Facts w to Casualties Are Withliehl Cn- ler General PershingS Xew JRnle. Er Asaoclatea Freaa. ?JSTROGRAD, 5arch 9.--Leoo Trot? in au address at a meeting of the jctmaUst party today announced it be had resigned as comtaissary · foreign affairs. GERMAN ATIATOBS MAKE SIGHT ItAlD Oy rABLS. PARIS. March U.--German aviators raided Paris laEt night Early reports show that bombs wore dropped with some loss of life and property. Signals that al! was clear were given at 12.30 today. RUMANIA PATCHES UP DIFFERENCES WITH RUSSIANS is the Bolshevik! foreign minister, on Trotzky. wlioae real name is j ber Braunstein, was the most ttn-j -tant member of the revolutionary fernment formed aCter ·ow of Kereasky last Conclusion of Peace Announced in tVirelf-ss Ueport Beaching London Today. By Associated Press LOXDO.v, .\rarca 9.---Conclusion of peace be^veen Russia and Pounama ;s the over-' announced- in a Ruf-sian wireless dis-j November.i patch received here today. Rumania hough Nicholal Leaine, as premier! j promises to evacuate al! of Besaratas, s the nominal held ot the govern- iccladmg Deaden, on the Dmester rive within two months. Russia and Rumania have been at odds for several months and a num- of battles have been fought by tbe former allies. Rumanian troops d-sarmed Russian forces let in Ku- mania after the conclusion of peace with .Germany. Rumanian troops were nt Trotzky vir-.uatly controlled ssia's destinies up to the second ice conference at Brest-Litovsk. t was Trotzky who made public the| l _ er t^of secret documents exchanged 1 '"" ween former Russian, governments j I foreign governments, and it was who proposed the armistice to the itral Powers early m December. ich eventually led 10 the conference Bvest-Litovsk. The negotiations . ftertt ituo Bessarabia, a Russian pro% mce populated largely by Rumanians, savin;; that they had been asked by 'Hi-e disrupted ia'February and hos-i Bessarabiaa autbonucs USs ^-ere renewed. I and restore order m February 25 Berlin reported | Tbo Russian* made a number o£ m- t Ensign Krylenko commander of , By New Reg-ulaiions Governing J'elaiJ Distribution in I9JK, The . »{TEXT 1 ?' * f V l:-,MtlLLL ALL of Youthful Workers 01 Connoiisiilh 1 riiapter Ilohtg Speeded, Committees :or Conne31 | 5VjJ!f\ South 1 Cowit'llsviile. t'oijaUisvilie town«hip. ' I3»ill £13 :o\uisJu;j. Olu-.opyip ("ppcr ( Tyrone. IX' .vwm Dunbar, Lower TV- j rone ana i."".bar l o w u p b i n have brwi stlecttd *P i;'« r ,*. i'.i ..lie .Umor Red Cro -. orjsuiuiitio:^ and work. The ccHiunKftj, w i l l vo-k undor J «· l.oa of £ P A^Lr-. BUpor.iuendeut ' or Umn«lN*.iJfi. school and R, K. Smith, NUP r 1 , JMJI.? principal of t h e , ' .own ttnj) schools, w ijo uavo I 'be Junio o-gariizatjon, I Mr. Aniic i^. tttu'n.# mto rominunica- 1 lion wvit .ili U!° fomrrnvees so thai j * ibu work oi organi/auoi. van go nhead ^" ew reffulaiions announced .vcster- as ;ti]!ii as possible. The commit-i £* by iho Fuel AdroimstrBUou pro- tew - A l i t t'jvtT u!I thtj territory i.nder ' VJ£l ° for a systematic plau for Cie d:s- jii'i.-d!'_tion of iiic Corc.nel.'iullc t iribuuon oi' coal during ibc year be- VIiu 5lavi Certify lo Their FnH *eate for a IVar Ending 3!arcb SI, 391i; An- rrsed t« Bny Early so as to Insure Weiherr Be/ore "est Winter. Chapter of the Rwi Cross. Til? f o l l o w i n g ha\£ been narowl on j t'l£ COllvmilK-GS. 1 Co^ii'CJi.s.rilie: B. B. P-mub, F "W. Jrni's. Rev v/fmain F. Mer/. S B. · H r r r j . E C. .Miner. Winnie Hnmpwn. gifln-ns April 1 IbiriiiK for its object the prevention of .1 shortage during tae fccasn^ of heaviest consumption. The pSaa will affoci every eonuiofr oi t oal, rigid lestncuoas being provided to prevc'DJ. boarding und^r peii- AT.TKI riopiwr, Gr:u,c Adams and Lulu aky of a fine as tugh as $5,000 and a TO)! ' m flagrani caes two years imprison- riuuth Connt)isvi-]lc. J. r. Bsabm. menu ^on-nelis-viUe t-ownsbip, Al. 1J. Traacc. AL conairraers of coal unll DC r?- B u l l ^ k m (ownsbip, \V E. .Millor. Mt. aucs^d to certify to a suueraeai ^11- Estbcr GrccTi, Conneli^viile 1D S 1^1 dtfail requirements for tho year oudiag March .'il. I^IQ. Tbcrc wjjl be every effort mado lo take care of al) legiUoiate needs. H is possible that a card system will be jstrodDcti in many disincu so thai tbe fuel adjmmM.rai.0rs may ^*'effectual attempts to subdue the Rlis- Russian ancies. had been, super- ed. A dispatch received m Loni Thursday said Krylenfco aad re- aed owing to differences with the ncll of People's Commissaries, ·tzfcy's resignation *vas forecast by ·1m last Tuesday. i sians and several weeks ago issued an order for the arresi of King Fredinand of Rumania. EBTHROIT OF B01-SHETTKI CiOTEIUrXE.VT PLASSKD ONDON. March »--The Social 'Olutionaries have decided to nr~ ize a national guard to over- jw the Bolsbcriki regime m Rus- according to Dr. Eleff of .Moscow versity "who is luoted in a 'Copen- ONE AMERICAN SENTRY WORSTS 40 BOCHES; KILLS THEIR LEADER Same oi Tonne .Man, Identity "ot Revealed, ji oil Krfry Tongue on Certain Sector Todajr. By Associated Vress. r __ WITH THE AMERICAN AEMY 'X en dispatch to the Exchange Tele-|FRANCK. Thursday, March 7.--A lone ph company as sajinc that the de- American fentry this morning at- on was reached at a conference !D tacked an enemy patrol of about 40 men. some of whom hail entered an advance American trench. He drove . D. No. 2. Obiopyla, Mri.. Mary Conningham. I'pp^r Tyrone. J H. Biur. AJverton. Daw son. A. J. Enos. Disbar, S. U Honawalt. Tyrone, F. A. Tarr. Dunbar township: J. C. Baker. Dun-|ha v e a complete Here arc two of tho first pictures received in tne I'nited States showing our boys at the actual fi£htmg front holding a portion of the fxirraiue sector afOiinst the Teuton horde. At the tcrt is shown a section of a trench held by American troops, and at the bottom a soldier ready to fire a signal rocket aj a warning ifaal a German attack, has begun. bar; J. M. Keefer, Conuolkwlle R. J. C. Gso'is.roan, ConnelLsville; K. G. , ronuellsrillfs A- M. Snyder. Vanderbilt, P. A. Harah. Cocnelisviile; George Ganlt. Dairson; L D. Rose, | Wosl Lejsenring; Anna Eagan. Con- jnsllsville; and Bnce Colbert, Dickcr- SOD Run. GETTING OUT OF GEORGIA TO AN'EMBARKATION CAMP HAS THRILLS ALL ITS OWN Alonjr VTith Hard Work, Kxcitc- meut and Plenty of Fun Bj- the great army Is now being organiz- in the Don district, supported by sacks the dispatch adds and It is » planned to introduce a republic tussia with a coaiition government ch would not accept the German sheviki peace. Prof. TSlcff assert- hat the news of tbe new movement been suppressed by the Petro^rad jfaeviki news agency. A FORD'S FUTILE U.B. CHURCH OBSERVES ANNIVERSARY; BISHOP BELL CHIEF SP:A TO FRANCE WITH THREE SMALL BOYS WALKING ON TRACK KILLED BY TROLLEY Formor Local .Railroad Official! Superintend IlaiU roa-" There. SXASS SKJCD T1TO KliSSU.V TRANSPORTS. DNDON. March !).--Two Russian sports were attacked and sunk by ·nan destroyers after a figbt south tie Aland islands on Thursday, ac- ling to a Copenhagen dispatch to Exchange Telegraph coiapany. r ox Bisci'ssjox CAStUI;Tir,S them off, kilting tho leader and ivoundinR others. The first reports of the encounter were thai another raid had takeo place and all along the line details were being awaited eager!}-. The name of this man ss mentioned in all reports and he has been congratulated heartily by his officers and comrades for his courage and level headedness. CRIMINAL COURT BEGINS ScTvaty-sevcn Cases J/istrd for the Week Opening .tlondaj-. Seventy-seven criminal cases, including three of murder, are scheduled for trial next week when the March term of criminal court begins for a three peeks' session. On Mon- j when we stopped there n minute tig Packing up.,ontraming and moving to tho embarkation camp is an ei.- IVttl Also I*«li\er l* tan 1 in IJie Giorcb on Monday Kve-nim?, Tho nnnuer.ary sorvices m ! pcrience m the lives of toe told. crs j i;n,tOfl Brc'Uiren church tomurrou i wijo bavo spent week* or tnonihs m | be in chaigu of BisUop 'VVtl'.ia.m liic training camps, which bas excite-! Del!, D. merits, -JiriKs nud humorous incidenus , D, C , one ' L. L. D.. of oT the most prominent all its owu. These are depictod by "W. ' c h u r c h m e n in the cast. Bishop Bell P. Sherman, mem-ber of Hospital l l n i t j w - j u ocoupj- the r«Ipit botb morn-ing L., in the following \vnttcn while on- ; and fvenmg. Tbe 17tb. anntveasiu TO LEAVE ABOUT APRIL 1 Jistreifnnc: Accident 0icurs on Pent) Line B*fcwoen. OHpbant and BroTrafield. Tbrrt' children, two at them their, were instantly lolled yesterday! afternoon, at 4:45 o'clock when struck j bv a West Penn car between Brown- fiold and Oliphant taiuiation of tbe to which the available supply JS to be put. The Fuel AdtmmstraUon rcc om- rae]]i.=i and encourages the purchatf and storage of coal and coko for necessary domestic requirements as parly as posfible in order, fiist, to insure th« delivery of coa] and coke for this purpose; and, second, to assist the transportation companies by effecting: delrvery of as muca coal and coke as jXtesiJble before nexi winter. The following general pJan has been adopted governing retail distribution for ISIS: Ev ery coasmner sbonM be urged on oi before April 1. 191S, to place . with his roguJar dealer his orrf^er for ! his reasonable normal roquirements for the year cndirjj March 2. "UP. THE DEAD a,ged cc Gained with Baltimore £ Ohio in Conn^IIsrfllo Brintrs Honor; Oihcr JS"ot-t:i« of internet (uncorniiiir Local H«b in Sen ice of I ncltr Sam. The order to prepare to go France bas cono lo T. E. Jam oj to! route from Fort McPherson. Ga,. t o } o f "somewhere", whence ibe orga:ii^a- j Bi tion irill crc^arJc for Over There. I t L o n . but tbe eactromely cold weather "Our firht meal on board the train," 1 prevrme-d tho s e r v i c f p b e i n g held. writes "Bill", "was served at two Bishop Bol! wnl romain bare over j capiam ^nd *·'!! become superintend-1 o'clock. J; consisted of ooid boiled .Mondaj, during wh«irh time he wiH I e ' nt - of a railroad in France used by ham, stewed tomatoes, baicorl beans, j make frpvera-l addressee lu addition to i General Porphings forces. Ho will bread, jam anti coffee; not so bad. The preaching the aniver^ary sonnoa at i 'eave about April i. Mrs. Jaznicson otber units (there are two with us) , L Ue Unitc-d Brethren, church tomorrow j will go to \Ui-olir.j;, V,'. V?.., and rc- didn't fare so welt. "You wojld have appreciated tlie scene tliat greeted us in Wlme, Ga. ROBKIiT ZKBLJiTY, aged 30, «on of .Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zebley, nf nmr Vork Fam, leg cat off; skull fractured. JOHN ZEBI-EV. aged K, brother of Ttobert, skull fractured. SniJVK KA»APKV. aged 7, son of Wr. and Mrs. Thomas Kanapky of near P^air chance. Tbc boys bad been missing since in morning and were apparently re- stats substantially the infor- .Ued for in regulations hore- JD after set forth. ?eu- consumers who are unable 10 have their orders accepted by a dealer should apiiy to the local fuel adm:n- iatrator, who should see thai their requirements receive attention from th-j proper dealer. Although no rednclion hi the retail price of bitamirbous coa! u coBsameis has been made a sharp reduction in. the mine price has "been announced for certain states in the ~wL A general revision will be competed before April 3. Whether that ihc church occuind in January aod 1 formerlj of Counellsv.Jle. now tram-j t u r m n K ho^c. -\vallims on the track.; increase in the PittsbTirg and "West ihop Bell was chcdulwl lo speak mapitr for the BalUmore Ohio O n account of a passing freight train'Virginia districts, as oswraiors expect, rai!r0a4 company ai Garret t. lad. M r . j t h e v pvidenUy did not bear tb-e trolley'or a reduction, no information is at Jamipson Has boon commissioriod a · car " j preseB i lorthconaing. I ' m o r n i n g lie will aaki-Ls a mixed an- mam durmg her hushanu s absence dif^ict at tho cliurch at 3 o'clock in tho j with lier mother, Mrs. B, M. hist. ITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES IN day Theoft] Mikiowsky, a moving pic- j t fa e whole town, white and nesr-o, came n.riq he \vill 1.NCE. Thursday, March 7.--There ture theatrical manager of Mason- ^ovn and lined the tracks. Such f u n n y \ViiancoandV afternoon under ibe atis-piccs of tbc Ashocial'on. -Monday c-\2- \ "America, M i . Jamieson was formerly tram- mister on the 1 Connelisville division of the Baltimore Ohio railroad and QFnCIAL COMING Eei! tross EnecntiTO IVili he in tn- ioutoun Sext Week. Meetings of tbe commiUees of the Red Cross units in Fayettc county, i rc'.ative to county consolidation. comparatively lively artillery fir- Jast night and Tucsda on the ion of the Lorraine front -where ·rlcan troops are now in. training. s this evening the enemy Lombard- American positions heavily, but tou-n, charged vnth the murder of Patrick Doyle at Edenborn last fall, will be started. On Wednesday Stove Clipper, accused of slaying Mike Rodovich m L.U- zerne township, May 27, 1917, will be also to be given ib woll known in railroad circles in ! ; t^e first Puguct, GAME HERE TONIGHT German ToivnsUip T«un Will Fa« Local Bigft School on Gym rioor. Tbc high school five will meet tha Gemtaa to-waship teacn. here tonisht on the gym floor, prepared to hand out a drubbing. The German to-vraship for atout three cars. out results. On 3r on the front . the American artillery is show- effectiveness and accuracy. canse of a new but probably tem- ry rule it is not permitted to dis- Ameriean casualties no matter re they occur. the Lorraine/ heard, while on tbe following day northwest of Bruno Mincuso will be arraigned for the murder of Santo fezzimervto in Connellsville on the night of December 2, 101T. JLVKS ATTACK (Kf . MILE FROST Df BELGIUM 1NDON. Msrch 9.--After a bom- meut lasting all day the Germans irday evening made an attack on 3nt of nearly a mile in Eelgiura, . a-point south of the Menin road point north ot Poelverhoik, the i announces. ITION IJBCTEJUST JS KELLED AT? KELLY FIKU). S. ANTONIO, Tex., March 9.-tenant Leslie G. Chandler of Hins- III., was killed in an airplane lent at Kelly Field early last MILK Sm,CEI. Cans Overturned by STPcp*r and Contents Poor Out. A part of the sidevralk in front of "Several boys and men were a con-, flic United Droihcn churcb was pie of dollars richer when tho t r a m j founded Jn l^Ql by Rev. .1. K. H Joy, loft £roni selling apples and peanuts i During tht- lirM year H meinh«rs KOSP1TU, COJU'S HOY to tbe soldiers. They say \\ i are com- w o r c C nroHoi. Tho iu-i church V.MS ing to a re^uiar place now. I can n^nt in what was ih?n Crawford a v c - loob out of tho window and .SPP a l.ig ' u u c ^n^ j n -ho second yvar it was sold. i'elopruent | team defeated the Uniontown high, !of the National Hed Cross wjLh head- j and Connellsville -will concentrate quarters m Philadelphia, mil he pres- every effort to administer a defeat KKTIK.NS TO HIS fA3n Frank 310th F^ecnuiu, flosj membor of the ital corps, sla- Conl'niK'O f n Pajjc Tn*o high school and everything, bin now | A nfrff ch.irch and parsonage, the ' Uonoct at Camp Hancock, Aup-jbta, Ga it's all pau, so it couldn't bave been pr ^enL one wr-rc ihea erected but in , a regiTar place after all. ' ''Back In the renr ot the car, a? we pass through VTI"der, I bear someone exclaim' rather petulantly: Heaven's sake Kitty, we're 'For bridge; didn't you ever come Into a town before?' To *-nich comos '.he answer: 'No, not this one.' 29"! it was ue.cssaiy to enlarge the main audJioriuiri to take euro of tUo j T f\ * RI ftf\ft | fBCB'T I| y ! PT'f» XT E TSfirT^T Mirkell increasing meiifc^rship. In Juac. 1UIG, ' LUAl" LvMIVilI 1 fiijJ imil'llil/.KDrr an- the old remodeled inlo . · j 'a. Sundtiy schwol room and a deed , County Js Oiuilcd Into IS) Districts f o r ' ent at al" the meetings. The executive -wishes to meet all the committees separately before any joint action is taken The committee appointed by Con- nelisville to confer with Air. Fusuet m regard to tie oorisolioanon is P. E J Fred Kurtz, Mrs. J. French d S. P. Ashe. the First National bank, budding was | "Tbe girl** jn an overall factory gave given a rmlk~bath this morning when [ th« feHows a nice reception as we went through. 'Tbe outskirts of l^e burg reminds/me of signed for a new parsonage Rev. J.! S Shovels is tbc present pastoi o* ' the church. | tlit' "cxt J)rnc. the nt'xt Liberty Loan cam- FORTY-FOUR CONVERTED two iarge cans of milk, which were sitting close to the edge of the pavement .were caught by tiie street sweeper, driven by Street Commissioner William McCormick. The cans were overturned and tbe contents spilled. Mrs. t. V. Hrowu Improred. The condition of Mrs, L. "W. Brown who has been ill at her home in Sycamore street ,13 improved. JEN ENEMIES CANNOT SUE UNTIL WAR CLOSES, DECISION IN BANK CASES e first of the 25 cases to be -.vHbrxit any coercing. Eichor, u-ing,' Pete is still vrith us, remarks. The samP Fete vranu to take a nap but doesn't like to trust his head j.o tlie 'pussy-Jookme' mattresses. That irord is not pronounred like tha one mean- Vompu Urped to Attend. AH Red Croas workers and othors interested in the worU are urged to heat Mrs, Cbarlet Parsons, fieid sor- relnry OL the Pennsylvania division of the American Red Cross, give an \ a ' paign is inang»rated In l?.iycire coun-|Six Others Are Kccciyed by Letter ty, ai3out April G, the most corupre^ j *nto Jlarnfrdsrlllc Clmrch. hensivc org;ini/aiion yet perfected, Itevival meeting which had been will bau j H 1 - agencies reaching m t o ! i n progress Tor five weeks at The German lownsnip game ·onisht is one of tbe last that will bet played on the home floor tliis season, Latrobe is here next Friday and at present that Js the last team signed up for a gramc here. The DuqueBina University High learn has ivritten here for a game Friday night, March 22. If i-be team wilt corae here on Saturday^ iho 23rd H is likeiy that one more game v,!] be arranged for home. ing 'kitty' hut is dorired from pus. o ; Monday morning at TO o'clock in the Red Cross 1 eadquavters in tbo old high school building. Mrs. Par- even- community .n tho county with a | Methodist i-2pi* v opa] church at Har- Iist of ail ioan subscnbers [ncdsville, closed last night, with a record of -14 persons converted and six received into the church by letter. Tho pastor is Rev H. G. Trimmer. ; are nineteen districts m tU-e county. Tho Conivollsvinp, district, embraces the city of ConnellsviUe, the borough of JSouta CormellSTille and Gets ^"cTf 3iino Cars. A shipment of 6- new standard mine cars has been received by the H. Koppers Company, operating in. [ndjan CreeJi Valley. The "work of constructing hooses for employes at Melcroft is going rapidly abead and tbe camp expects to be "placed on the map" soon. looking In the Army. "More people are standing,on their from porche's to sec \u» go by. "Winder sriams to he fiuite a place, but such lanny-looklng girls! "The fellows ai-waye call everybody they see by the naroe of someone in benefit to the Ked Cross workers. Confrlienonr Trral Postponed. Itnys rollins Farm. Caarles ~ff. Dillon of Pleas- Saltlick and Stewart townships. The j ant township has purchased the old d ! stnct committee of this dfetr.ct con- , Polling farm in Mount Pleasant town- sists of the following perswme!: Ho. The trial of John W. Coughenour, bert -N'orns, chajnnan, J. A. ~ ....... ~ rho unit. Any ode looking woman that jKissofi la greeted with 'Hello, Mrs. ifc- CuHou£h', or 'How do. Mrs. Latimer,' Continued on Pago Kiprht. fornacrly of ConnolIavHle, tho West era Maryland railroad aaglnear, charged with killing liis wife, lias been continued until tho May t p i m of strong, B. K. Dicfc, H K. Arm- ! Scheack, -M consideration was ?20,000. Donn. Fresh country eggs are selling in* tbe incal market at 3S and 40 cents por dozen with innicaiions of a sdi! lower price as the supply plentiful. becomes mora the HagersLown court. ghi against tho First National : of Uniontown was decided for In a suit which was brought by Joe) Klish, it was brought out br Attorney! I. 0. 0. F. Hull Burns. ATTUBORO, Mass., March 9.--Flro tcfeadant in Common Pleas Court j E. C Hlgbce, counsel for Thompson' early today deaivoyed the Odd Fellows ·rday by Judge Van Swcarinj'cn.f that tho man was an alien enemy, and;block, a four-story brick building and suit was brought by Jonu Rcbo-jtho attorney wanted to know whether!the piant of the Attloboro Sun which for $2.700 -which be allegea be-any legal uctlon could be taken by occupied the flrst two floors. The loss sited as a savings deposit in the | the man till tho close of lh« i*nr. Judge and he alleged that he was in-j Van Sweartiigen ruled that lis could 3 by J. V. Thompson to aecep a I not, but on a request of. the receiver isiory note for tbe amount, whh- j of the bank. John H. Strawn, who said «ing aware of -what he was :o-j that ha wanted to get the cases over \ttorneys for the defense broutht that he- withdrew his mocey in esalar way and accepted lie «ote with, the c*ise was allowed to con- tlnuo. was estimated ai ?100,000. To Distrihnle Young Trout. Tue state fish wardens have arranged to begin the distribution of young trout iu^t as soon as weather conditions permit and cars can secured. be Ealn and warmor tonight; Sunday, vara or snoft' and colder; strong south winds siiiftmg to norUiaai: Sim- day Is ike nooa woatier forecast for Western Pennsylvania. 'JVrnperatnre Kpcord. Long, Uusene T. Norton, H. George May, WIllLcUn D. McGmnis, John Dug- gran, Sr, U, M 1 . KcpHart, J^ogan Rush, Charles D, Swank and Iv, 1C Kramer. Clirlstlun Church Rally. licv. G. "XV. Buekner pastor of the Maximum Minimum Mean 1918 30 47 1917 ?,5 47 Tbe Yough rivor remained stationary during the night ac 4.30 Jest, USE OF STANDARD PACKING CASES WOULD PLACE RED CROSS ON THE HONOR ROLL A member of the Red Cross ex- ' sb-pmeiHs to beadciuartrs are there plained yesterday that tbe reason the,opened, inspected and repacked, the Christum church, will be among: ibe CiunellBvllle chapter has not attain-| shipments from Connellsrtlle buva spoalcer-^ a.t a counLy meeting of the Jed a place on 'he honor ro'.l at tlivis-'been made in such cases as could ha Fayetto eoiniLy ("'hnstian churches to j ion beadouarters was because * he ' procured from the merchants bore be hr-id Monday al Brownsville. Ar- | garaseiHs, hohpital supplie.s and and used without any attempt to adaat dressings have not been packed in ' them to a standard siz». .standard cases for shipment to the ' The work turned out l»y tbe local headquarters wnrorooms These cases, chapter has hern classed by bead- according to Red CroBB standards quarters of exceptional excellence and and the requirements oC steamship neatness. Alt that is lacking in place rules, have to be of a certain sixc and the chapter on the honor roll is the mado from lumber of a certain thick- Ube of the regulation containers m ness, die purpose being to economize making shipments or the finished 1 space on board ship. Inasmuch as ' supclies. ran geme sits for no\t Bounty meeting will be tnailo Uin mg ili a p ter- noon. M"rs. G. "\\ , liiickner will epeak at a C. '\V. B. M coDfi?ruiice. Kaiser 1'ostenaster a( Huffihert. Edward G. Kaiser was yesterday appointed postmaster at Humbert, Somaiset coxinty.

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