The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JANTJAKY S, 1930. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLJ;, PA. /PAGE SEVEN. SAFE1Y AGENT CONGRATULATES LAKEJRIE Employes at Dickersoit Bun Urged to Greater Caution Ag'aliust' Accidents. RECORDS NOT THE ONLY GOAL Special to The Courier. BJCKJ3RBON RUN, Jan. 8--Frank Babcock aw(I A r t h u r Sykes of Pittsburg, PHteburg Lake Evle Railroad safety agonte, arrived here ' Monday morning on Train 153 and at the noon hour Mr. Bbcoch addressed, the ehop- m«n In the lunch room. Every man waa present. Mr. Babcock'd subject woe "eatoty." He said he wanted to congratulate- the men on their record for the year 1929. The Pi tie burg Lake Krie etande second in tu« New York Control group, with TtfhtCh the P. L. B. 1.1 lletod. "Wo aro not in- teroatod la records or hnt in lining men work eatoly and in conformity "with safety rules laid tlown by Pitleburg I/ako Krlo Hall road," ho eald. "Men do not want to ?,at hurt, for the, compcvneatlon you -would get would not pay you for elttinf? home mtralnK your Injurice." Ho quoted Gonerul Manager F. G. Minnick, who *ald: "Wo do- not care anything about records or prizes. What wo want is: Do not get hurt. Play safety first." At the. close of his address Mr. Bao- «ock thanked the men for boing eo nttentlvo, Shopmen Furlouglied. Twonty-ono shopmen wer* f u r J o u f r h o d At the- car shops Monday.' Mr. and Mrs Cecil Roadman and f a m i l y of Tower Hill spent Sunday as gueata of Mrs. Roadman's parents, Mr. and Mr«. Harry Lint. Mrs. George Lackey hae returned homo from a two weeks' vlsl-t with f'dends at Winchester, Va. Bwt Mltfkey of near Brownsille, calling on friend« here -Monday. Green Shade and Fur Adorn Seasoned Farm Galenda T i m e l y Reminders ['Tom Tho P e n n s y l v a n i a State I'ltui); Chrlstiusv.s Trees-- Stsute Col- Ic^-'O rx'tontflon f»re®tors reeom mend Norway s"lntoe, halsnin fir. awl ]ou;g-' la.-, f i r . in tho order namod, for .j)lai)t- in« whwo Chrlt^tnuip tree marfcots are to IK siiiplled. Repair Uiirdt'ii Tools -- Much r thn« w i l l be saved and Inconvoivioiwe K tho ganltMi tools aro In- THE GREATEST FURNITURE EVENT OF ALL TIMES e of a 3-Pieco, fxvll sixe bed, dresser and chifforobe, reduced to ' 3-Piece Suite comprising the bed, vanity and dresser, now selling at $85.00 The suit portrayed oboM is Yionnet copy in a Spfcims green shade with Kamchatka /oar jfwr to finith, the neckline and »$e. The skirt shows the popntor front ftOlnoig. The blouse is of an agy ah«JZ satin showing a jabot style, while the, coat emphasizes the nor row Jiipline. FRANK BARNHART BOY SCOUT HEAD AT ML PLEASANT Ofiier Officers Will Be Sclccic-d After Careful Shirty of The FloW. RED CROSS CALL DISAPPOINTING t l i c w i n t e r . Sonic, will need to he (ilo.-mccl of raftt tuul isharpened or re- Vuh-i-d. Atissltfg toofs JUKI parts should h-o rc'pluc-cd -now. l-iirni Kcoonls Needed -- A farm liK^'.ucsH svit.hout Btmve klwt tf itc.ordH K; 1 ki! H clock w i t h o u t liaml«. There if. ia;. w a y of lelllns whether H Is .uaiiij; or Ins'lng. nor ovon whort It i-t!ii:tls a a n y tlni-e. Now is tho i i m t to start. Ask your county agent. Knivl Breeding Ewos-- M a i n t a i n i n g tin* e\vo':f body wolg-ht, noii-rishliw the niihurn lamb, and prodttctiiist a flocco of wool aro tli-a objeetH-ea reached in lrtP-or wlutc-r fording of the hre^ediiiig flt':lw Good, clean corn silage and a iGjnrno hay. such as alfalfa, red- clover or .'·yi.vbeirn, tiro vocorn'memtod foods. Selected (Jood Sliow Kgprs -- CKxxl market an-d hftlchlng og-gs are ox- fhow eg.i;^- Tlw-y should bo tu In «.l/,e, shape, aiut :olw. To rout'l'i tho show in good -condi Won they s'hould lx» vvvcktMl caixvfiiliy. A*fiH(i Ktiito Moptlnirs -- Krtuca-tional moot ings at the Stato Karm Products y-lu\v will talks and discussions by prominent and iMo agrlcnl- tui'etl lead-on^. A fiin-d of .prac-lcal aad t-urieivlltlf- lU'foruia/tion will l«o uvall«llo !/ all who at t end. Sim Tr«es frcm Piimacre -- Many evergreens are damaged each w i n t e r by w-et ssltow. K'haliO tho brfuiclKMS /vontly every heavy anew using a wooden rtk. Woman, Born a Citizen, Must (Be Naturalized N K D K A S K A CITY. . Neb., ,Uiri. 8-- !r.s. Williiun butjenieyer wa« born in Otoe ( a u n t y and !IMN always retikldl Jiore. 'but at least live yotirn nuns'. I'lHiJui* bBforo tihe h f u o r n o s a citizen of t!u l.'islted Stite.s. · \VU!i..uu fjUtJomeycT was born it; I J o r m a j ' . J i t s father dkl not leconu i i a i u r a J i K e d . W i l l i a m has pulsed h i t . i'xui«in.iUon« ind le now a c i t i z e n . but ho was married boforo he becanu- a oitisjtMi. 'With her marriage to an n n n a t u r n l - ixfil [lor^on. Mrs. Lutjetneyer lost her c i i i ^ e n s i i l p mul tnus'. go t h r o u g h the f a r : n a l l t y o;' becoming n u t u r n l l z e d .to r(;.;. t i n :ij. Perryopolia Sprclal to The Courier. MOUNT PI/EASANT, Jan. 8.--A meeting was held at the Nai.iona' Hotol laHt evening to choose officer! for th-e M o u n t PUiasant Boy Scout district. V. N. Huiits'berger, county executive, was presont and suggostotl the plan adopted In other places, and which he thought would be successful In Mount Pleasant, that of choosing H president anil later nawc him meet with persons interested in Scouting to »el*ct tho other officers. Frank Hurn- hart was chosen president. A meeting w i l l IK: held w i t h i n the n e x t week or 10 days, at which time persons will bo a p p o i n t e d to fill the other oflices. In thia way only those fitted (o I he .position o f f e r e d ' w i l l bo on the HH!. o£ officers. A discussion was. held as portains to Scouting in M o u n t Pleasant. ..'At the next meeting definite plans wdH be mi'.rto !'or tho year's work. 'Mine School for A m i n i n g s c h o o l , was opened at the high school b u i l d i n g last evening, w i t h 10 men e n r o l l e d . J o h n Kodgors w i l l be the teacher. The school w i l l permit tho men in t h p class to become lltted for ''taking the oxumiuation for raino foremen and lire bosses. Eoll Call Figures Low. At a meeting of t h e executive committee of the Mount Pleasant Chapter ot the American Red Cross held at the Red Cross roointi last evening, regular business was disposed of, i n c l u d i n g tha report of 'Miss Clara K Oloor, the community nurse. It is as f o l l o w s : Visits to patients, 007; modieal visits, 7t; surgical, 57; pren.ilal, ili); post- p a r t u m , 94; n e w b o r n , S9; i n f a n t s , 26; pro-school, '1G; t u b e r c u l o s i s , 9; other vlslt.3 to patients 65. A report was read from tho Ho]I Call, which was tho smallest ( l i e local chapter has luui I n years. The report Is as follows: .Junes-.YUHs-Doiieuul, §.11; Bridgeport, ?3.i'5; Standard, $1; Order of A m a r a n t h , . $10; Tun-, S U ; RuCfsdaie, $-10.75; More\vood, $85.10; M. Delia Simla Lodge, $5; M a m m o t h , $1-10.50; CiiHuuet, $50.25; ' S t e w a r t , ?n,7.s v : Hecla, $37.50; lx)yu! Orclc;- of Moose, $10; cash donation, $25: cash, $1 ; Mount, i'leasaiit, from viirlouss sections, ;?9, $11-1.75, $101.30 and $1.07.30. BAR BANQUET ON JANUARY 18 3-Plece Poster Bed outfit, including eliifforohe and vanity, only 4-Piece walnut vendor Poster Bed Suite, regular 185.00--Now 4-Fiecc £'pauish Poster Bed Suite, Regular $240.00--Now 4-Pieee Burl Walnut. Suite, will go now at AND ENDS Walnut finish Dresser. Complete with 4 large si»e drawers ...._ _ _ ·..,, Regular ?So.OO Two-Tone Walnut Chifl'oro))os--now selling at Regular $75.00 Two Tone Walnut Chifforobea, while they jlast , 4-EIECE WALTTUT BEDROOM SUITE, NOY Here's an extraordinary bargain that prit e these suites will not last long. you will want. Come early, at, this low Regular $110.00 Bachelor Van ity Wardrobe Regular $;.r»,00 Burl Walnut Chift'orobe $37.50 Golden Oak Ct.ifforohe Bed Outfit, consists of steel walnut finished Bed, Cotton Mattress and a Simmons l i n k 1 spring, complete Deep-Sleep tnner Spring Mattress Kapox Mattress, while they last. Regularly $35.00--Now 50 Ib, All Cotton Mattress , ·i-riJCE B U R L WALWDT BEDROOM ' $1 KQ KA sun 1 E -- Now - -.- ^JLel«/ a tU t dignified, luxurious 4-piece suite, comprising the bed, chest, vanity, large dresser, Walnut veneer, 6-p ece modernistic suite. trimn ed. Regular .^!GO.( 0-i--Now ,,, 4-P ece Brown Mahogany ---Regular $480--Now Ebony 4-Piece Burl W a l r u t Suite. Very massive. Reg. ij-535, now 6-,'Piecfe Bedroom Suite, beautifully decorated. Regular $350--Now '. $315 aeatitifully $295 K H V O l ' O l y l S , Jan. S-.-Mr*. Dora T who lias boon visit.) MS kr t u n e a t Tower !HH, has r e l u r n - .Vftfs M a r i o Sisley has r e t u r n e d to I ' a i H ' o r n i u Teacher;! Colle-ge- aft or'i, f l i n g tho \voek-o-r.d wlt.h her inr- c n t v , Mr. and Mrtt, Knuik Sl«ley. I UMOXTOWX, J a n . S.--Tlu a n n u a l of the Kao't'tlo County Oar Association w i l l bo liel'.l at tho U n i o n town C o u n t r y C J n b S a t u r d a y evening, J a n u a r y IX. De!a!Is of the a n n u a l e v e n t , t o g e t h e r w i t h t h e speakers, w i l l be a n n o u n c e d d u r i n g i Ue nest few days. The co in nit (too on a r r t i t i K O i n e n t s is composed of M. Bowman M c D o n a l d , J. C. G l u K s h t i r t i , .1. K. . H o r o w i t z , C, \V. M a r t i n avid R M. SUum, 11. Ktcitmaa Uankey is c h a i r m a n of ilin speakers' cornmSUee. t ' K u r t * of Star . f u n c t i o n i* at l..«trobi\ r report, room b« chapi"! [\ro- f !):e t m m b t ' r s I No i clitt-t' I,ur:':-., j u n I r . i v . v filar-,'!* of l'*!':iiay. Some- S t u n t i * . rah ,vi ,; ; d a y . i ' ; : t l t i t ;,.e-," Mary 'I'llra.-iiior. J o h n . l a y Siiytlor a i n i i i c r t r u d i r i ' . .Mad.i'yii C a t i o n and i uijx'ut, ; f t U u r.-ihatl and "Na; : ln ,i I "Hooks Mavo Turnei' successor to Davi.- Tun.t-v ;i-i of pylk't-- win, I'lvclud by t h » u bortninh r - j ' . i u c i l at '.ho n % i U i i i tneviini? l i f i i ! M o n d a y | T U C U C M - ' H I, l' ' M ' - t h e ; am for u j i tii UtO»o who a-ftv*rtla«. Ii on Bridge a t t e n d e d l.he t'u- ] Mrs. H a n n a h · Bill 09E, Jan. 8.--Mrs. C. H. I Stralion of 'VVilkins'burs- aperit t h e : week-end lie 'e with her sister, MrH. j U a r n i ' U I M i l l T', and n n r a l of lioi f r i e n d , l i o k e T'lionn son of w h i c h was e-lfl on noon w i t h In e n n u n l Coinoici-y. Pati'outv.o Mrs. ( ! r n n t alieviiiisil tlic FiiHon Shitlr/ Parted by Death--Stunt Flying S a t u r d a y a f t e r - i in tho Cirocn-lick i hoso ·who advorllae. Keener and son, Klgy, u n o r a l of Mrs. G e r t r u d e ; who died Friday at t h o j MMcroft. J-lt^ iuil. K n n e r a l services wore held Mo ulay a f t o r n o o n at S t a u C - i'er's I'hnrt:!), i v i t h Ini.o-rment in Hie H l n u f f c r Genii lory. T h e f u n e r a l w a s l a r K o l y ai.toiut d. · Mi 1 , and M s, M a r L i n P h l l l l p i and c h l l d r r n s|ter.i S u n d a y w i t h Mr. P h i l l i p l ' t ? K l s i e r , M ;:i. M a r y Pooi'haiigh arid I ' a i n i l y of 'Win ;khi!o. S Mrs. Dc.liJah U e a h l of Sniook Is h e r n j i'or a wcik \vi Ii ( i n r e i i t s , Mr. and | Mrs. li'ii ii. CiiXshy, Sr. ! Miss Bciii.ric v M i l l e r \vua in Greens- j ir'j; H i i t u r d a j s h o | ) t ' i t i K and c a l l i r . g L o o k i n g lor IT so, rsmd til'.- ad C 'in.»-. S f-oluiniis Whou they mak« something that g-ocs faster thnn an airplnrio, i. A. Sig-gins, of Pasadena, is going to got one and learn to run it. '. le's only 62 years old n e w and he's just learned to fly, so he · ·oesrt't see any reason why lie shouldn't try whatever coaios along ivext. y'he only hnvci p.'irt ubout flying, snitl Sif:;dn:i, -was eonvinc- ^jj p.-onle thui he wasn't too old to learn. l:»(i our "w ml" a d v e r t i s e m e n t . Wade \ V u a v r of ttc'oiyilale w a n «. u a l l i ' i ' h e r e on M o n d a y . ' ! M r s . K v a ( ' ; n e r o i i of n e a r l j enns;- v i l k " was iicsvt: U i n d a y w i t h t h o f a m i l y ol! l i e r d a u g h l e , Mrs. C l y d e ('raljU'ee. Mrs. M u v y r \ 'inaiielv and diiiiKhto', Mis:: A g n e s T o ) u i n s k , w e r e Uie K i i e a l i j · y u n d a y of Mr; T o m i i i i c K ' s son, Ai- bt-rt, 'I'o.'nuueli ml f a m i l y . J a m e s CroHl;; u U i H i d e d t h o I j a s k u t - b u i l guru; in ( i n i u d l s v i l l e on S a t u r day oven i n iv ))(:! v o e n Kawi. l l u i i U n . m i o H l l i f f i i a i ' d (.'.on: t ' l i : ; v i l J e , w h i c h w a s W'.-ll ; i r t ! t i d e d . ol- -T r?s-ui'tH w ;en placed in the M of Tiw D; ily (.'ourler. Kenneth Hawks, well- known motion picture director, shown with his wife, Mary Astor, was one of the tea victims of the fatal midair crash between two cabin planes v/hich were filming a picture above the sea, at Santa Monica, CaJ. Immediately after the planes collided both burst into ffames find p!;n'j?d into the water, making it impossible for the doomed men to escape alive, i

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