The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

V WEDNESDAY, AUOUST 19. lfM THE OTTAWA JOURNAL . 13 " -Tr"i n" jLnjijinnn r VMIR TIF Aim i LvBy Lester L. Coleman, ifl) CHILD! PATERNITY- -1 there at present any scientific, way to prove or dit. prova tha pataroily ot a child? Mr. F. M.. Ohio. Dear Mrs. M.i In trying to determine tha fatherhood of a child, tcientlsu regard a ctudy of tha blood at significant, but not entirely definitive. There are four major clatst-ficaUon of bknd. Everybody le born with a .pacific blood type, which to uiually Inherited from one of the parents. .. Two turnout blood special-ktfa. Dr. Karl Landttelner and Pr. ' Alexander Weiner.cdiscov. red that there are many tub-group to the general clatsifi-cation of Wood types. These "subgroups are called MAN. BACKACHE and RHEUMATISM Pcis. Altar 31 tvtca u many woma H mn mn tuta himiiHi br eawmon aruwrf Sriuuoa cauar at a ttm. CacharKhla U. 1 anient nuu lha imUiti aahaa. wucaUr tataa ant dlatorbad iLm cauaat ar Kldnar lad Bladder Irritailana, tr Uklnt an l&urna CYttTUC antlaartlc ., fiJ All m 4a U lata Ullla OTtTU laklati will) a ilaaa al alar, n addition It lla rWaaina aiUI-10 tt Wlai. CYSTCX U alaa aa analtaaw ait rallarar tar KMiuaaUc Falsi. Haad- Tha. aefcacjat. ant auiarular aalu. Oat CTtTtX traal drwaalak. raai kauar faat.' ADVT. By tuidying the jntricat M at N blood characteristic, aclent-Itts are able to classify blood type mora specifically, and thereby tugged the possibility of paternity; Not all the courts of law in all Hate have accepted the M N blood type division a, a potilive Indication of paternity. . " SWOLLEN FEET ' I am U year old. t work at a laborer. During the day my feet and ankle become swollen. I can even push my finger about one quarter of an inch Into the flesh. When 1 wake up In the morning, the swelling ha . completely dls-appeared, I always feel happy In the morning but become more worried and depressed as the day progresses. . -MrXa. T.. New York. Dear MrXT.: The condition you describe Is. called "pitting edema" (swelling, of the legs). . The cause are are simple and uncomplicated. Other may be portance to health, Varicose vein, overweigl combined with standing on your feet all day, can produce G REN VI LL GOODWIN -OPTOMETRIST, 42 Bank Strut Phont CE5-6550 this dittresslng condition. Change In the kidney, the heart and the liver can also produce swelling and beavi-neit of lb legs. ' It la most importance to determine the exact cause of each individual's edema of the leg so that adequate treatment can be started. Part of your deprettion is probably due to the fact -that yoo are' doing nothing about finding out the cause of your chronic condition. Jutt to worry about It will never cure . any physical ills, but will only produce . added unnecessary emotional distress. A simple villi to the doctor-can relieve you .of the anxiety and fear caused by your neglect of this Important symptom. ' '' . . While Dr. Coleman cannot undertake to answer Individual letters, be will in reader' question in hi column whenever possible and when they are ot general Interest Address your letter to Dr. Coleman in care of The Ottawa V KEATING WILL RUN -NEW YORK (AP) Repub-lian Senator Kenneth B. Keating said Tuesday he will seek re-election independently on the national party ticket headed by Senator Barry Coldwater in the Nov. 1 United State general election. He told a pre conference that "I cannot in good conscience conceal my conviction behind a facade ot conformity disguised at unity." ilEVJ! a Blue bonnet package that contains tIAJDY-SIJAPED POUUDS awiai -. aF Mvv: STORlUGy SEtlUING! 'I 'IT- l Tha p::2:3 f :!l-wrzpp:d ta s:sl In C!us Cssnst's purs 1C3 vsjjutZtals cn dwSatnsss! twaail - Each floldn yellow pound convtjnkrtMy shaped to fit tht rafrhjarator compartment and your sarving ,' dish. Each pound la Individually wrapped In parch- -;.mant Um one, tha mat stay fresh. Tha whole ';; ' package ta Ovvrwrapped In aparUing (olr-you .' ; f. know Ife fraah when you buy HI Famoua al tvoetable, Yellow QuOcuatnyl Thla new package eontaina the aame, pure vegetable oil margarine you've always known. Blue Bonnet la made ' onh with 100V vegetable oil... no marine ofla or animal fata. Enjoy the tuitrttional advantagaa and etirmy-eweet flavot' of Blue Bonnet every day! Pel ia pattapa plats aiaiinHme. Blue Bonrwt also comas to the one pound. ptMfcage of Quarters. Unwrap ene quarter, alice and aaivef , , V. DOROTHY KILGALLEN HOLLYWOOD In the won derful world' of show businest a headlined divorce is good for the bank account If nothins else. We; all know what hap pened to I Abbe Lane's career when she unloaded Xivier Cugat; she was suddenly a very hot solo act It's much the same with Ethel Merman, now that the't decided that five weekt of marriage to "the only man I've really loved" wa five week too long. The recent Mr. Ernest Bora- nine, who tlways did pretty well, is luddenly very much in demand acain. and it't a eaaA bet that big money offers" from Australia and New York caie owner and concert promoter will lure her back into the sequined working dresses now mat sne come out of the kitchen. ' ..; Ethel obviously is not carry ing much of a torch for Mr. Borgnine. 'She hits the gay spots, includint the aavrit whisky a, Go Go and that home of the Fruc and the Walusi and the Bis Beat and the girls in their twineins inngeo r roc Its t not a place where you go to brood. June Allvsbn't annOuncenvnt that she, was splitting, from her mim spouse, wen Maxwell, could scarcely hava coml ai1 a surprise in Mozambique, tut its sequel win urt a few eyebrows in this part of the globe. It appears that Mr. Maxwell. who is a men's hair stvlist Hollywood talk for a barber who charges S2S for a hairrut is completing a work of f'ction. he says. Its title is "tier High ness and the Barber." Do you becin to cet the feel. ing you know why things didn't quit wont out for that pair of lovtrsf s. ,V' -. You've all heard the ttorv nf how Lena Turner wat iditrnvitr. ed In a Hollywood drue j and made a star. Bob Evans was discovered by Norma Shearer. and made a star. Suzv Parr was discovered In nail polish laverutement and made a atar. well, I wa discovered on a movta lot. this week I m chaperoning my youngest child. n.erry ivoiimar, on tne Columbia rancn in Burbank where be CrTTTi f?rT ape TrTfiTil fill W) KY 1 1 1 Discovered! playing a featured role in "Pajama Party." During a lull in the shooting, a young actor offered me a ride around the lot on his motorcycle, and I accepted: We zoomed through the street! at rather an impressive speed, and among those watch ing to tee whose neck would set broken first wa James Nicholson, president of Ameri can-International Pictures. When the ride ended happily he approached me. ; . "How would you like to be in the picture, too?" be atked, casually mentioning something that sounded like Elizabeth Taylor salaVy for "Cleopatra." -"I'd be charmed," I replied. "But what would I do?" "Just what you were doing a minute ago," he said.' "Ride a motorcycle." . j He wasn't kidding.) I did my first scene. Rode a motorcycle for a big "chase sequence" in the film, and it was pretty wild' doing dialogue with a fellow in a black leather Jacket while hanging on for dear life.' w I My son thinks it's all very thrilling, but there is a feeling among the more mature members of the cast that I am tome kind of a nut As I exited from ; the makeup room I ran into Elta Lanchester, who was hav-l ing her Hair done, and I said airily:. ' , , j "Wish me luck. I'm going to do my first scene." "I heard all about it, my dear," said' Elsalin her most sepulchral tones. "I hope you'r heavily insured." I believed someone mentioned my riding on a bull in another sequence. I'm not sure SOVIET SCIENTISTS MEET - ODESSA (Reuters) Scien tist from 12 countries are attending a five-day symposium in this Soviet city to study problems of research on kerato-plastry, plastic surgery of the cornea, the Soviet news agency Tass reported Tuesday. , i. " HIGH WINDS ''' ' The world's wind syttem reach up some 22 miles, -attaining speeds of 3M miles an hour. i PLAT IT LIKE BINGO' i watch lor winning number " In next Wednesday's od and at all , RED tV WHOI STORES V New Came Eack Week for 10 Week. I ieard right. But I'm not sure I heard wrong, either. In fact, the more I ' think of it the more I recall that the director's enunciation is excellent And i wonder if if s very expensive getting insurance on actresses who" ride bulls? ' (Copyrichtl . ' v. l,o,0 TONS OF RAIN GLASGOW (Reuters) The weather office said Tuesday that 10,000.000 tons of ram had fallen on this Scottish city since Friday. The 2'4 inches of rain is not a record, but more was on the way. j 77 KILLED IN ITALY ROME (Reuters A total of 77 persons were killed and 1.573 injured in road accident-during Italy peak- holiday period from Aug. 13-16, amid police figures issued Tuesday. CHIROPRACTOR D. DALE McCOOEY DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC 460 SOMERSET STREET WEST OFFICE HOURS: . v PHONE: Moo. to Fri, aaa. to djo. Office 234-71M svtNiNCt bv appointment Resadeoce 72-4J4d xv ij y. it LytV v.. Watch For Our Special Eight Page "Back To School" Circular Full Of ' "A Plus" Values , t. ...... '.' - "( ' Distribution Jug, 2f To i Jug. 27 ZELLER'S ON THE SPARKS ST.. "MAIL" .. . CARLINGWOOD. PLAZA THOUSANDS OF SHOPPERS!. lWE WOIl CASH PRIZES III OUR ! CIT YOUR FREE "CIRCLE 5" GAT.1E Today I CASH WINNERS! OsVaBBasasBBaaaaWa Mrs. Edgar Wheelan, M Brandt St, Ayhner, Quebec Irene Quessel, tt Brook St, Aylmar, Quebec :' jar. Cart Wilton, U7 Jessop St. Preicott, Ontario - - Mrs. Amy Devaa, Reven Rd, Preteotl, Ontario Mrs. Theresa Kierney, 23 Harvey SU Aylmer, Quebec a - Mrs. Rbeal Racine, Aylmer, Quebec ,(Mrs- E. Baker, 237 James SU Pretcott, Ontario Circle 5 Best Buys '. ROSE BRAND MAItGARIIlE HBBYS DEEP BROWNED DEAIIS : Peanut BUnEn ' LESTOIL ' Uyai CLEAHEn c'jlyer:::use cherries ff.efxh's mustard ' FREKCH'S KUSTARD SVEET I,:iXED FICXLES tZZm HCS3 CAXE MIXES i:ei;:z yi:;ecar (whiia) 4 83c "u 89c ALLEN'S , i - 1 FRUIT DRINKS ' 3 1 2 c six $i CHASE A SANBORN (lie OFF PACK) ' KISTAIIT COFFEE '2 99c NABISCO-KMemvae Bowl Offer)! . . ' - 1 Shredded WHEAT - 33c RED tt WHITE . ,. ','' 3 t9 $1 79c Circle 5 Features! 5 "alT twC I M 23c I1MI II. III! NUMBERS TO PUT 4 1 6 I 0 10 1 16 1 18 h" .'g I 24 26 32 34 1 36 38 444648u.w" . ttr 50 1 1 56 1 58 1 wa yl-COl 62 64." mm '66 76 78 84 1 86 j 88. 901961 98 1 - isds m mm wop mm ORAKGE JUICE 2 I? 65c GREEN EEAISS ,' . :'t fttr 2 VlcT 49c GREEN PEAS aS Pnri Onatat ,;kI29c PRFSFRVINO SUGAR Oratwlatat) tt' Ik. ka I r : QTU LOW tm r Mr.. atSC JLUOKIpttXT it Pik-Nik 49 . "SPECIALLY SELECTED". VALUE CHECKD BRANDED BLADE ROAST -39! Specially Selected Lean Tender Well Trimmed i Short Rib ROASTS 49c FRESH MINCED IDEAL FOR BURGERS I Ground BEEF 39c TOR MEALS IN A JIFFY LEAN TENDER ; . t Beef STEAKETTES 55c TOR A PLEASANT CHANGE" Specially Selecteal . j. ' MAPLE LEAF Grade A Choice Plump i DUCKLINGS -"1. 55c MAPLE LEAP CRY0-VAC HALT, SMOKED COTTAGE ROLLS LETTUCE CRISP CRUNCHY ONT. CUCUMBERS LARGE GREEN SWEET , . . 65c FRESH PRODUCE ONTAKlS . . i . PLUriS ...;99 GARDEN FRESH ICEBERG ' - . ' , PEPPERS PEPPF IS W mm m m mm m m ' No. I ' ' Large Heads No. I 2 -29c 2 -25c (an ,' V ' at," at. -e3: ttCRUM ka27C A 1H Mtsetai etaT faisaaalai - ' 'w w . c 4Vk.T636 C0RISTA8OI 23c - Holland marsh pascal -..d wj.r 83e vsam j UbLtllY ura. r;i9c ryr: ;.y.v ;.--'.r,: T .7 V' 2-291 fi

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