The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILJ^E, ? .DAT, MARCH S, 191S. RAISE POULTRY OR HELP THE GERMANS i WIN THE VICTORY! Is the W»r»l»f of .Gouty War Fvmttrj Commissioner . ' Start Tomorrow - and Keep It Up Every Morning OM In tfw taMt of drinking * hot water txfor* bxMkfatt WE MUST HAVE MORE FOOD f» Fewi Omrwlvei, On Allies n*i Our · Own S»lcH«rs: »crws*4 ^Prodic- "ttw" ot'Xa» u4 Chfckcu Swe- thlBg EveryfcodT Can Take Put I* E...K. E»dsl«yv w*r poultry commissioner tor Fayette county, hts issued onottwr call to the people of the county, whether regular poultry raiser* 6r not,', to do tbeir. utmost to in- creaae tb* production of, eggs and 'chicken* during the' coming summer. OC th« necessity for this form of productive activity Mr. Bndsley Bays: : The American people will soon be compelled to cboose either increased production of food or German victory. Let the American people take' warning from the fate of Belgium. That little country was a prosperous and peace loving nation; today it is a real hell. o» earth. "Why? German victory, and German victory means the same fate for the Allies. -·" "We know not how long this war will last, and yet we feel confident th»t victory will be ours. God stands on the side of justice and liberty, and the Allies arc fighting for a world peace and liberty. Thousands of American soldiers, are in Trance, and thousands aro yet to go. They have left their friends and homes and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause of democracy. Our country Is seriously short of food supplies. If TT« fail to. supply food, democracy is lost and German victory is assured. We have been' requested by our government to produce something in the food line. War gardens will be of great benefit to the American people. Ar« yon prei»Ting to plant a war garden? If not why not? : "if yon have no room lor a war garden, yon surely can find room tor a lew chickens. Poultry meat is one ot the "food supplies the government is asking to b« increased. A greater supply of eggs and poultry is badly need- el It matters not if yon only keep' mix or a dozen bens. Do your very test with -what you have by hatching alt the chicks yon possibly can. Each and every pound ot ponltry jcs produce ra«uu * saving to you as well as tb our government Even the children, can help In t^« work. Start your boys and girls with a few chickens: Give them all they can make from a tew" chickens. If you do this -we venture to say that this coming tall w*ll see one of the greatest increases in poultry that AmerWa has ever known. "Tour duty lies before you. Which art yen going to help the food supply or German victory? Food shortage has come to the point where we are bpnnd to choose one or the other. By th'« end of seven months from now we will know -which side the American p«ople have chosen. Let us hope there Trill not be a single man, woman -or-child-who has.not.made a.special effort-tb produce a food of some kind. If you can only produce something for , ycnr own table that means savins our present food supply and a help to the government. Don't depend on someone else to produce what you eat Raise something for your own table. Cnltivate a garden or raise poultry. Don't be classed, as a slacker." 1^. MCUU1A1U-.., alcert) Ml WEAK LUGS . . tMs CWeiom co»ixu»4 will ba found off*«tiT*. The Itaadlrat form yet d»rl**d. .rrtm frvto. harmful or iabit- formir drug* TrT U«m today. 50 certs a box, nchufing wvr tax We're not hare long, so let's make our stav- agreeibla. Let us live-well, cat well, digest v*M, work veil sleep well and look-well. "What a. glorious condition to attain, and y*t, how very easy it is if one will only adopt the morning Inside bath. Polks who are accustomed to feel chill and heary when they arise, siUt~ ting headache, stuffy from a cold, .ton! tongue nasty breath, acid stomach, can instead, feel ae fresh as a daisy br opening ths sluices ot the system each morning and flushing out r the whole of the internal poiaonoua 'stagnant matter. Everyone whether ailing, sick or weB, should, each morning, before breakfast drink a glass ol real hot water with a tesspoonrul'of limestone phosphate lo it lo wash from the stomach, liver and boweis tie previous day's indigestible waste, sour bile and poisonous toxins. The action of bot water and limestone phosphate on an empty stomach is wonderfully invigorating. It cleans oat all tae sour fermentations. tses, waste and acidity and gives on* a. apleodid appetite for breakfast. The millions of people who are bothered with constipation, bilious spoil*, atomaeh trouble; oUierji who have sallow skins, blood disorders and sickly complexions are trrged to get a quarter pound of limestone phosphate from the drag store. This will cost very little, bot is sufficient to make anyone a pronounced, crank on. the subject of inaide-oathing before breakfast.- Meyendale. MEYERSDA1E, March 8.--Carl Hostetler. a meTnber of Company C. 110th Infantry at Camp Hancock, Augusta. Gal, arrive here Wednesday on a short furlough, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hosteler. Mr. and Mrs. George '"W. Collins re-' turned Wednesday from. Camp Meade, Md., where they visited their son, Dt. Homer Collins, who is in the medical corps at that place. R. H. Philaon,. cashier of the Citizens National bank, accompanied by Mrs. Philson, are spending a lev days in Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Dull were called to Bedford by the death, of the ter- mer's father, George Dull, who was buried there Thursday. · . * Mr. and Ml*, j" Somhedm amriittte daughter, Elizabeth, of Baltimore, are visiting at the home of Mrs. Som- heitn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Payne oif Meyers avenue. Miss Lucille Stahl of Berlin is here for a week's visit -srtth relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Karl StoUer of Berlin are guests at he home of.tie former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stotler. Hiss Edna Bittner of Olencoe is visiting her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Bitner. Mrs. Bruce Uchty is 'visiting relatives in Cumberland for a few days. Mrs. John Hotetler of Jerome spent Weiteesday Sere visiting relatives and on Thursday left for a few days' visit in Cumberland. ·others Should se that the whole family take at least 3 or 4 doaes ot a thorough, purifying, system cleaning medicine this spring. Now is the time. The family wilt be Wealthier, happier, and get along better if the blood is given a thorcngk purifytog, (he stomach and bowels cleaned out, and the germs of ·winter, accumulated in the system, driven away. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea is one of the very best and surest spring medicines to take. Get it and see the difference in the whole family. Their color will be better, they'll feel fine and be well and happy. ConneHsvilJe Drug Co.-Adv. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAT A2TD TOMOBHOTT METRO PRESENTS MABEL TALIAFERRO ffl "DRAFT 258" SPECIAL PRODUCTION IN S ACTS. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. --COXING-- CONSTANCE TALMADGE IN "SCANDAL" ORPHEUM THEATRE - TODAY ASD TOMORROTT-- "Where is tic chivalry of long ago -- when Knighthood -was in (Lower?' Sec DOUGI.AS FAIRBANKS IN ··A SODEBS MUSKATEEB" *rA3TE"G TATtOT.T CE^ A Paramount-Mack Sennctt Comedy. G OLD Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend--Get Them with Erery Purchase. B DY in Connellsviile at Con- iiellsvllle's Foremost Depart- on^ Store--One Price to AM. Ready to Care for Every Easter Most Men Will Want to Practice Economy in Buying Easter Clothes Which is not alone wise from a personal viewpoint, but a patriotic duty as well. ' True economy does not consist in buj-ing the cheapest clothes obtainable --but rather in selecting the clothes that pay you biggest returns--dollar for dollar--in style, fit, service and value. New Suits and Coats are ready for Spring--ECONOMY CLOTHES in the strictest sense of the word. The man who buys now buys wisely for first choosing Is always the best. Suits at $17.50 to $45 Men's and Young Men'a models built for servicc^and satisfaction, but with all the good style needed for Easter and every other dress np occasion this Spring. Hand-tailored from dependable fabrics Tilb a pattern and color range lo please all tastos. AH sizes 32 to 50. Spring Topcoats $20 to $35 Rvory man and young roan likes the 'KMT-TEX COATS--made of handsome, serviceable, nnmussable fabrics and styled to the minute. Other Coats in black and grey are silk lined and style correct for 1918. Specially strong Una at ?25. When It Rains! Men's Rain Coats, both robber and fabric, Mght or dark shades, at ?5 to ?30,--the Rubber Coats in good variety at $6 and $7.50. Slicker Coats and Ccat-and-Pants in slicker material at $4.50 the suit. . · ' --Boys' Rain Coats $3.50 to $6.60. --Rain Hats 50c each. There's Wonderful Choosing in the Annual Spring Sale and Exhibition of This is to be the greatest of silk seasons. Fashion and the necessity of conserving wool are responsible for the use of silk in many new ways. Silk may be bought with un easy conscience, as it. is a fabric for -which there is no military or con- serTatioh need. And so we have prepared hundreds of yards in a. variety such as Connellsville has seldom seen. Abundance at moderate prices for all of your gowns and skirts and blouses. Colored Satins An unrivaled assortment--for dresses, tailored suits or coats, in the new cloth tones, taupes. plums, browns, navy bines, midnight blue, diick blue and black. Prices $2 lo (S a yard. · Plain Colored Silks New Colored Chiffon Taffet^, in all the latest shades--to retail at 51.65 to J2.50 a yard. Fancy Striped Silks . Taffeta or satin ground willi colored stripes. For street or sports wear. Prices range from ?2.00 to ?u.OO the yard. Silk and Cotton Mixed Fabrics --36 inch Silk Jersey Voile, pi'intod, various aUractive patterns and color combiDaUbHs,--at 51.25 the vard. --36 inch Silk Surah, pretty pclkadot designs in Pc-acork blue, navy and garnet,--at ?1.00 the yard. v -- 36 inch Fibre Silk Shining, sutin stripe's, ail new color effects and designs,--at $1.25 tlic yard. --32 inch Radinux Silk Shirting, satin siripes, smart new patterns and colors, at. 55c, 75c and f l . 2 5 t h ^ yard. We Want Every Man in Connellsville to See the Special Line of SHIRTS We Are Showing at We have Shirts that sell for less--plenty of them--but we .are making a feature showing at $1.50 because we firmly believe shirts at this price pay a man best returns in style, appearance and service. And of the thousands of shirts we have sold at this price none were ever better than these. Roomy, fstl size styles In madras, twflli and satin stripes--newest Sprins patterns and coloring?--every shirt Tritt soft French turn-back caffs. In addition to the stripe* and Bgnred deiugns, there are dozens of mercerized Shirt* IB plain shades of bine, pink, lavcndar, hello and white, See Special Window Dwplay MEN'S SHOES FOR SPRING Same Style as Shown The New Millinery Has a Charm All Its Own Found in the return of Summery tints and materials always so welcome after winter's drab--but found more in the newest expressions of the wonderful skill of greatest Parisian and New York designers. A comprehensive display and a Jasge one--with mors hats tlinn ^"e have ever shown before at this time. Some, faithful copies of the best Paris has sent; others the prize creations of American designers. Special at $4.95 and $6.95 A splendid collection of becoming styles for women and misses in a variety of smart shapes and the newest colorings and trimmings. Unusual values at the price. You Need Go No Farther in Your Search For the Correct New Models in Easter Dresses The woman who chooses promptly has all the best of it as Easter Sunday is fast approaching and there is no chance of duplicating stocks once these arc sold. Only the best tailored and authentic styles are offered,--and they merit the consideration of every woman seeking dress distinction. At $13.50, $15, $19.75, $25 to $49.75 1 Street and nSicrnoon styles for women misses in georgette crepe, serge, woo! jersey, Foulards ar.d a host of charming combinations. Some are tailored End arr suite in contrast to the big collectaoti of tunic, tiered, vestee and hustle hack effects. Bead, hraid and embroidery used for trimmings. The color range oflors choice of sand, navy, tan, Pekin, copen, grey, black, green and rose. One Lot Dresses Extra Special at $9 Pretty models in poplin, serge, taffeta ! One Lot Dresses Extra Special at In this extra special group arp adx'anct'd styles in good qualities English lasts la black, cherry red* tan Russia calf and mahogany Russia calf. Also footform styles in vici kid,--both, tan and black--at same price. of solid materials, fine shoe making and solid comfort. - New Betty Wales Dresses for Spring It is with pleasure and strong anticipation of our customers' delight that -we announce our first showing of Betty Wales Dresses for the Spring of 1!)1S. These newest models come in serges, foulards, silks and combinations and are quite in keeping with their usual standard of style and attractiveness. Your inspection invited. HAVE YOU'TRIED OT7K CLASSIFIED ADLETS 7 TONIGHT IS PRIZE RIGHT AT THE SOISSON Dont 3tiss the Splendid Comedy Success . "Lena Rivers" And the Big Extra Features. TOilOBBOW-- "PRETTT PEGGY OTKOORE." Evenings, 2flc, 30c and 35c. Matinees. lOe and 20c. COMISG MOIfDAT Jack Ball Stock Co. PT "THE XATCKAl .LAW Big loc f Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evenifig Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAV A.MI SATURDAY-Tk Johnny Josesfeicai Comedy Co. -Present Irwin Wallace's Bright Light Show "A Night at Sherry's" On tit! Screen--WILLIAM ¥. HART in "His Last M a u l . " FI:ATI-KIM:. FJ.O MOKUIS PrrniitM' IJm'k !J;tm:er TH1-: DANCING MICLVINS JACK I.A MONT Ccjim-di;m i;VKl.YNi; PATTJi.U) The Pis f J i r l w i i h Hit? Rip Voice' I.KK UITCHKY Thr Man w i i l i :hn I'ortinnaliiy IL National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 £· Fnyefte Slrcef, GOOD TOOUXG CARS ASD TBUCXS TO ALL rOOTS. Qnict sen-ir.r. Moderate charge. - Harefu] drivers. Moving and hauling. KM PJionc 50?, Get. down to business. This is not a joho. Anyone in Sootlflalo will tell .you our rcmoriy wil) grow l.lair onrt Balrl Heads. Soot(l l i r e ' s

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