Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 ツキ Page 116
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 116

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 116
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Page 116 article text (OCR)

WAlTffi SCOTT'S YhA ' S York, N.Y, v 1 テつー IT" the tmt t! f 0 " 1 P rominent Personalities? Want informed opinion? Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave New Your full name will be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies impossirT Q. Why does Governor Wallace of Alabama refer to his dead wife, Lurleen, as "my wife," and to his present wife, Cornelia, as "Cornelia"?---M.T.R., Mobile, Ala. A. George Wallace married his first wife Lurleen when she was 16 and working as a clerk in a dime store. He was 23 at the time. It is through force of habit that he still in conversation refers to her as "my wife." No doubt he will, conquer that habit and in the future refer to the present Mrs. Wallace as "my wife." HAYLEY MILLS AND HUSBAND ROY BOULTINC. Q. / cannot 6e//eve that actress Hayley Mills has a child named Folly. Is that really so?--Mrs Emmet /ng//s, Da//as, Tex. A. Hayley Mills, 26, and her director-husband Roy, 59, are expecting their first child in January. "R.ght now," she says jokingly, "I refer to it as Folly because the pregnancy is the result of my folly." Q. / recently heard lohn Ehrlichman say on TV that the reason President Nixon didn't hold more press conferences was because the newspapermen asked a lot of flabby and fairly dumb questions." Having been m school with Ehrlichman I can understand his affinity for words like "dumb" and "flabby." My question is who in the Nixon Administration was responsible for making this brilliant gentleman the Presidential adviser on domestic affairs? Also how does Nixon rate with other Presidents on the number of press conferences?--T.S., Los Angeles, Calif. A. Ehrlichman, 47, is a close friend of Bob Haldeman Nixon's chief of staff. They were classmates at UCLA In I960 when Haldeman was an advance man for Nixon he lured Ehrlichman into joining him. In 1968 Ehrlichman was made "tour director" of the Nixon campaign. He owes his present position to the President who recognized his diligence, legal background, his ability to evaluate and .compromise opposing domestic views. Like Haldeman, however, Ehrlichman is not at his best on TV. He shoots from the lip in an attempt to defend President Nixon againstall charges. As regards the number of press conferences held by various Presidents, Nixon, according to the Los Angeles Times, a Republican newspaper, "has held fewer press conferences by far than any of his predecessors in the past 40 years. He held eight during his first year in the White House, four in his second year and nine in his third year." Nixon, of course, is no admirer of the U.S. press. Q. Can you tell me if Mussolini and his Fascists were financed by Italian big business? Is it true that without such help, Mussolini would not have come to power? --- Al Martino, Newark, NJ. A. Mussolini was sup- ___^__^^_^^^^^_ ported by Italian businessmen and subsequently by the Vatican. Some of the Italian businessmen who financed Fascism after World War I were Giovanni Agnelli of Fiat; Alberto Pirelli, the tire manufacturer; Mario and Pio Perrone, heads of the Ansaldo armaments firm; Giuseppi Volpe di Misurata, owner of Italy's leading electrical, steel, and engineering combine, and many others. Mussolini's march on Rome was supported and financed by the north Italian business establishment. Q. Has Dr. Christiaan Barnard, the heart transplant pioneer, been expelled from South Africa for revolutionary activity?--Helen Brandt, St. Louis, Mo. A. To date, he has not. He has threatened to leave South Africa, however, if his brother Marius is dismissed for addressing a student protest meeting in Cape Town. Marius is a fellow surgeon on the Groote Schuur Hospital transplant team. Recently he urged students to oust the present government of South Africa through the ballot box. "If they fire my brother Marius," Barnard warned, "I'll close up shop and leave this country with him." MARIUS CHRISTIAAN Q. How many people in the United States are on the government payroll?--D.C, Tu/sa, Ok/a. A. Approximately 13.4 million or one out of every six wage earners is employed by the federal, state or municipal governmenls. Q. Who is Lome Greene of the Bonanza TV series to endorse and support Hubert Humphrey? Hell, Greene isn't even an American citizen. Am I not right? Vi Jackson, Los Angeles, Calif. A. Greene is a Canadian citizen but he has the right to support any candidate of his choosing even though he does not have the right to vote in this country. Q. Laurence Harvey, the British actor who is married to loan Cohn, has a 3-year-old daughter by a fashion model named Paulene Stone. Can you explain this to me?--May lefferson, Washington, D.C. A. Harvey, 43, will marry Paulene Stone, 34, the mother of his 3-year-old daughter, just as soon as his divorce from Joan Cohn, 51, becomes final Joan Cohn is the widow of Harry Cohn, former head of Columbia Pictures. PAULENE STONE, LAURENCE Q. / understand that Richard Whalen who took old man Joe Kennedy apart in his book, The Founding Father, has now done the same thing to lohn Mitchell in Catch the Falling Flag. Does Whalen tell the truth about Mitchell?--Perry Oliver, New York, N.Y. A. Catch the Falling Flag by Richard J. Whalen, former Nixon speechwriter, is no "hatchet job" on Mitchell. It is Whalen's analysis of the Nixon campaign and the Nixon Administration's performance. It is a critical work by a conservative Republican author. editor THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE JULY 23, 1972 chairman of the board, ARTHUR H. MOTLEY president, DANKL D. KINLEY LLOYD SHEARER managing editor, CAMPIELL GEESLIN ir, ANTHONY LA ROTONDA assistant managing editor, |OSH EPPINCEI III associate editors. LINDA CUTSTEIN HERRERT KUPFテつォテつォ.,- ass-stant art directors: |OHN N. TIERNEV, RORERT L PETERSON art associate AM! KUPra テつォac, assisunt to the editor, MARION LONG editorial assistants, MARY HODOROWSKI women's editor, ILENE RARTH home economics, DEMETRIA TAUOR f Washington, bureau chief, 1ACK ANDERSON; FRED RLUMENTHAL, OPAL GINN west coast bureau: CAROL DUNLAP europe: CONNECTICUT WALKER 1972, Parade Publications. Inc., 733 Third Ave.. New York r ~~"テつキテつキテつキテつサ Conventions. Reproduction in whole or in part 0 テつォテつキ MARGUUES, JOHN C . ROGERS CURLEY, DORIS SCHORTMAN cartoon editor, LAWRENCE LARIAR Reg,

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