The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 9
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 9

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1964
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1964 GOREN ON BRIDGE BVTHARLES H. COREN , Both vulnerable. South dealt. NORTH aWtftll V . . . 'iCWEST J ' ; EAST M. . QI t? 111 V - iKt O AIT aKJIMI I01 801TH . , AK ',''C VAKQUt : I V :.., OQMSI Kj" a ;t--v: ;-rv j! 'The bidding: , South VWt' North East f I9 v.. pu I NT Paw 1 1 9 Jaa 3 -T ' PaM C - - Paw Pau 1 Pau ' Opening lead: Jack , V Declarer' abundance of ma- terial resources blinded him to the necessity (or taking out bv ' surinci against the adversities , of unfavorable distribution In his four heart contract, and the , ' result was an unnecessary loss. North did not possess Juffl-. elent high card strength to bid to spades over Smith's de- . mand opening bid but. after - making the negative response of ' two ao trump. North showed his suit on the next round-. J . Against the four heart con-. tract West opened the jack of J club which was taken in the . closed hand by the lone ace. It ' appeared to declarer that he t could comfortably score up an J overtrick on (he deal, losing 5 only to the ace and king of diamonds, i He proceeded to .draw ' trump; however, when East J showed out on the second round, South realized that it was not ' going to be a routine an effort i RIDE RELAXED RIDE REFRESHED ; GO O.T.C. ENJOY THE BEST M flaw TfwaaawrMttM ' Xi 3 v School j Supplier - ' DRAFTING : ..EQUIPMENT ; ... ARTISTS' SUPHIES h "Now Available V EVANS & KERT . . ( umitbo, . - ;, - Billings Bridge Flaxa as be had anticipated. He aban doned the trump suit to work oo the development of some dlav mend tricks, . West won. the first lead with the king and returned the king ' of club which declarer ruffed. The next diamond was taken ; by East's 'at and another round of club forced South; once more, reducing bis heart ' holding to the queen-Jack alone ' while Wett (till bad three, trump left.' t ' , ; Declarer cashed his remain- r big heart, but West ruffed in . whet tht queen of . diamond v wa led and took two club tricks. The-result was a 200, point deficit for North and South. , Declarer' belated effort la ' the diamond suit cam a little too Ute to do him any good. Declarer need concern himself only with an unfavorable trump break, and, inasmuch, as the' opponents have launched their Initial attack. against his weak- -est suit, be should leave the . lone trump in dummy as a pro- -j tection against repeated club forces while he work on lb diamonds. If South plays a diamond at "' trick two. West can ruff him '' down once by returning the king . of clubs. On the next round of diamonds, East b) In tout, if be, lead another club, the ruff can be taken In dummy as South discards from his hand. Any other return by East leave declarer in full control of the pro, ceedings, tor he (till ha as many trump left as West South cashes his high hearts and proceeds to play oft good . tricks until West ruffs to. Declarer trumps the club return and claim the rest. He loses in all two diamond and on . heart : ';, , v .;.' ThiniOutfH Road Salt ; City Orders , -.The Work Department 1 being told to thin out the salt dot it add to city road this Winter.1 . What the department had interpreted a a blanket ban on the ute of salt was ex plained by controller today as only an instruction to use less. .. '. ..-, ' Controller Ernie Jones told the Board there is no stock-, pile of salt and said an early-decision Is needed on whether nit will be used this Winter. The Board, ordered tender called to establish prices, but said use of salt Is to be restricted to 90 mile of main road and that the strength is to be cut by adding more sana. . GRANDSTAND $11017 Tickets Now on Sale r at Lansdowne Park v RED SKELT07I SHOW FRIDAY EVENING AUG. 21 i SATURDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING - AUG. 22 " ADMISSION, RESERVED TICKETS ' : Evening $1.00 . S2.I0 . S2.00 . Sl.SOx ', Saturday Matinee $2.00 . $t.$0 $1.00 ;: f .. . plus the fabulous . , BRC3XS SISTERS ' , and 2 .' - l s. . - . mum am . mm m mm am u - mm , . f J Klf NtUU.l, M.U. ; 2 r- :, AiMrtiVt imtHt tlowa, IU4 mktm, hi mi i U ttair mravMMtf il pvmatMn mift. ? The tmior of nich unfentrtubla ehrtMtn , m Fr4dy Um pTMkMdcr vnd KWm KBdMdlt-4 bopfktr brUiCB yarn on of iho mosl ajwnanui , Bhowc la Ontrol CMlods tTvhtMttOat hUimf. Orlf m4 Mill U by ol SkUoa. f . SFEC.JU. - SAT., AUG. 22 - UATTCEE : i THE . AIIDY WILLIAMS SHOW - ' EVENINGS ONLY Aug. 24 thru Aug. 29 ADMISSION, RESERVED SEATS v '' . ' ' - ' $3.00 . $l-B0 $2.00 $l.$0 "' , plus tht OSMOND BROTHERS Una k Um akM u MUM anrr f araka ml , at Um laMUr. tamrtnf APtnT WtL- lakMU BROOU etaruui num. um ' n kMrt- I an mum tttrnk aM um mm mtmtw 1 Um asiAMon iwwm wiik mm l Om mM'i atwn prattowa him 11m Mj earns oajtcsm anrM tumtm mm vtta ihMr kiah imopuii jiMmUm nakn. ioMHHT MATVOlf mm tbla ' aMIu fruMlta mm. RICHARD HAT- m my f i 4 V . I ' EVERY PERFORMANCE WEATHER-PROTECTED! :'. . NEW COVERED : STAGE and GRANDSTAND THE OTTAWA JOURNAL aigaamJfIf!iM ADMIRAL V f ...'' FRENCH PROVINCIAL IMPERIAL SERIES BUY NOW! SAVE $30!' 11 $298 UKra alia r react PraTtactat ckamr mm caktaat ollk Ui shim U" atctara lake ka sMm aua atrtare traaM. TaM sal haa all Ik ffaaa nalarn af Um aM akara ANO MORI, tte Tatu at atom aaaar, "tart eatr aawvr toaaifai Mil, laa raat kamt taaar, ran fBBta fcaaalrakl laa caatrai, Hikwa caaaaH kinikata. suite hM mTV aaaae. . , CLAIRTO'lE 'REGENCY' STEREO ' t REG. $379 ryf. '.r fcalTgmgaamygfiTlw A. - ' ,.a I . i. .y. hrtabk htMtrcpli 4 SpNl hrtail iitaatk Mmjoiioi SHOP THE STORE! SHOP THE TENT BEHIND THE STORE! THIS IS THE BIG ONE! 'IllallWl"l,,T, STEREOPIIOniC AMFM RADIO PIIOHOGRAPH 10-tub AMFM chassis' . Power transfotiner p ' Garrard ATI changer - - Dual channel stereo hi-fi amptitlm OS pusb-button tunctloo twitch - ' Separate baa and treble control 23" TELEUISIOII AMFM RADIO PlIOnOGRAPII ALL-III-OIIE . Here's a aomplet home enter-t lament , . contra aU-tn-on ' handsome walnut or mahogany cabinet. - -. 23' picture tube ' ; Garrard auto-slim i record changer. - Power tTansforraer ; AMFM chassis v 3-speaker sound I aaUd aaaakxr, wM ITnmt aaantad aaaakar. rah raiu aaanttrtar, Balanrad . rakra a.iaaaa ranUat. Aata- taralaaW. "ailt-t tt BPM ' aullr 1-wav aha aff. Tata etUetar. rtavs la, tt. U t . aaaatirra Bra Ira. (mart hj- Krai iktiaaua. 24.C3 caa tTaa aaaa, IA flri kaUctlon traaalstar radio. fflCLAIRTONE if Contemporary design. with pure, simple lines, oUed walnut cabinet Tb speakers are covered by; straight solid walnut' column, deeply grooved to give thading and dlmensioa. It Is equipped with Garrard AT-d record changer, diamond stylus, a. speaker system. Come In, ae It today! We would be happy to give you' h demoikitratlon, . n,.r : V; I ' - ' ' , ADMIRAL J'r.X "X. MS IIE17 19" FOIITABLE TV BID $33 SAVIKG! , aaiaiaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai The lightweight champ) Plastic eased lake-it-with-yoa Uievtaloo act with It bonded picture tuba, top-front aound projection, Illuminated channel Indicator, telescoping antenna. Charcoal or Dkura eaomet. '--"h-J l aMaaHMMaaaAkkaaaakaa-- " ml big. It only happen one a yearl At on locatlo), 403 Bank SL, corner Waverlejr.' A sale ao kt take ap every Inch of spaca fat Ottawa' largest tumllur store FLUS every square tool ia a giant tent erected on our lot behind the a tore. raw QscaECfooaa mm, i vijiitiij-tiHib,, mum, mim,, mm,, mmmm if ADMIRAL o Vt - , U( DELUXE 23" CONSOLE y BUY NOW! SAVE $20! $228 Ultra alu cMiUwaswrarr lMirUtaa) vita til takM ftttmn ana wfct awl tl tmmtm 4ctera take. BealSVMl M to-tal . -VU eaMrtt tMitral. akicrt mtaul awMa ckaMlt. Tw ImU IMatr ti I aaat apaaaara ran naa rM ft. tMMJE "....WiV, Custom craltcdjnoderr cabinetry a masterpiece in sight and sound. Available' In walnut, Scandia walnut, oiled walnut.1 Features built-in FM Multiplex, with neon indicator, 4 speakers. " ; f ?J - -Jaa Mm FOLLOW THE GAME ' Com la today? Pick up a r I " aSr- t nartahla TV aal. wafrti Ina L--k -.- action play by play. See Our ' .' ''spa. - ----- a-v,7H "-' REG. $328 A A- P ; 3-W AY COMBINATION BUY NOW! SAVE $20! :, 1 ' 1111 ' m i i.aMii. ii ?-:-.vl-::;Vaia' ;, g-Sar''!! REG' AMFM Radio-Phono Cocibinalicn WITH 4-SPEED CIIAKGER 5118 Daal Irt Uir law artr taal yaa! Tk aaaa at rate taOcat artre (-take raOkj akaaaraafc in mm aa! It ft, aataaa aak a Ottllak kadi 4-aaat rarare rkaalr. AMrst raSM altk aacaUral laar. kaaa raat rat. Utta maaktra, ta4Mnl a Lai. BvarytkMut hMkra avar aaOrr Ik' Uft-aa aat - ., . . , ,. .r'.4 ,-V-..'-...-V;-.iu;.

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