The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY S, 1030. JDATI.jY L T O ' U K t . W t t , ULiLjtiV PAGE THREE. '71 NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTBALE f : P'.-''lii.t to The C o u r i e r . SCO'ITDALK, .Ian. S.- -Burgess C. F. lyowls last evening was at 'his .desk In the borough buildhvg -ready to transact any bus HUMS' that might come bofovo h i m . Thoro" was no police court. Acridonlul Fire Alarm. Yestorduy mo-r-nlng a-a tiho .battery jai-A of the fir-e aliwm sys'tc-in were ibotng cleamyd at tho room in the lxrough b u i l d i n g puMine «f -the w r o n g ' wire (,'aur'cd a tiilsc alarm to bo so-lit i n . School Hoporf- A vory -ex c.?l 1-e-nt atte-n-d-an-BO -report was g i v e n to -t;he 'members of the Krottdalo School Bonird at the ros-nlar nioeliti.g Al-onday evening at the 'school. were 15 school days ditrta.c; the mouth UTOI 77 to date- in the term. There \vt*m 1,'!20 students Mvro-lled during- the past, month amM,'l93l'urhiig tho term. One huudrod- -tw only -nine KliKlentH wore -tardy during: the month i i n d 693, term to jdale. There woro 2,188 oxcui.wl 1 absences durtn-g the iiion.'th fi-Tid S,S 12' (luring tho term to da-te; 1S-0 unoxciu"c-d absentees duTln.g tho jnoii't'b. a-nd 004 (hiring -the. tonii. Truancy CMOS duriivg tho month n u m bore-d six: ( l u r i n g the "pns't t e r m , SS. No noUr.c?- wore served on pareivts d u r i n g t h f - past nmiitli but 11 wore ·sorved d u r i n g I h o -term. Tho average d a i l y at'leiidaiico- d'liriii'S Wie ation-th wus 1,;:.'!S; d u r i n g the term, 1,367. The pert-sMi-taRi-- of at-t-ciidance for the mouth wiif; !)-!. and Cor the term, 9G. Son ill Hyurs JIoiiic. Mr. and Mrs. John K. By-ors were tho .pa.roni.4 of a sou born/ at the .Memorial Hospital at Mount Pleasant yesterday morning. JU»)(lst Jlevlvu.1 Grows. Tho evatisoUstic meetings at 'Kir-st B a p t i s t Chttreh aro oon'tl this week with Ten-owed in-tev-c»t. Tho congrctgaUon lille-d almost every Heat on SuiKlay ovoninp. Monday ov-etiing ·was observed as a d u l t Bible c\as« n i g h t . Last night was observed as young pec'pl'O'-Ernlglit and the members of t h t Baptist Young People's- Union wore in u! teiwhuice-. Th!=v -even tog will b-e- aW-famlly night and 'iivembe-rs of f.'iniUie-j ai!-d households are asked 1 'to find a-wits together. The cvan-gellst, .Ue-v. f'-ear! laulwick, will have- s'petdal application -to f a m i l y au-d 'home life. \\". ,f. C'atntin. is soivg- lender. · i'ttsMH" A s k e d (o Kemain. Ro\ - . J o i n ('. Crowe, pastor of the r i i r i s t i a i t C l i u j - c h , has been ag-kel to i-cttiTu u iln chu-rt^h as the pjistor for a porioil of two yoar.r Ixith by tho ofllcial board a n d -members of tho :onp;resat ion. Hov. t'rowo has -proved to bc very 'popular In the- t o w n . SlicH. M i l l Kpsitines. Tho Sec (tiliulo plant of tho American Sliont Tin P l a t e Co-nnpauy rosuniO'Cl oporatlonn this rnorniti-g. The hot 7;iills w i l l fi on n i n o turns, whilo tho day men w i l l got fo\i-r days. A i i r o n Stonor Vory 111. Aaron (--toner, ;i Civil War v-eterati who suffered a stroke o-f paralysis, is in a sc-riC'iLs cou-ditio-n at iid;v Diornu llt'TO. Other News, Miss Marjorio Jott-t-s, a student at 'West. V i r p i n i y . Weslyan College, Buok- ) i a n n o t ! , V/. Va., lias r-eturnod to school afu;r B-pendliig t!n holiday vacation wit'h lier paron-ts. Mr. acwl Jlrs. \Va.l- ter ,f. Jones of Loueks avenue. ,Mi.?w .fatiO' Hain-es spent ye i n I ' . ' t l K i i i i r g . the Bridgeport tCPOirr. Jan. S.--Mrs. P r a n k I i c t w i l e r ;nd baby o f D e t r o i t , M i - b , . are- v i s i t i n g Mn;. Emerson Sloncckor i i i : 1 ot.h-M' frieii'ds. Miss 1,'M-y f . ' u r i ' k r of M ' M i n t I*!oas- « i i l w.-i-s visiliu.: 1 ; Mrs. \V. K. Sniltley f!! \\'odin . : -day. Mis.-.r.i \';ti!- and .Irosie John:-: wt-ro ~-.-ott.da!c callers on Saturday evening. Mr. a;if.' Mr.-?. (J-corge Kicher an-c! ..ton, ( ' ; i l v ; i n . ···". noar Uavvson s p e n t Suis-day cv'j-iiiin.g \vi-t'a Jlr. a n d Mrs. 0. J. Morr L i n . Misses Clara and A l b e r t a Shumake: 1 i" fjrcoii*}urg spout Sunday with I'.H'ir .parents, Alir. iitul Mrs. K. J. Shu- ·n-itke-r.. aii-d Mr.s. rtonald Harlxuigh a't Dan-old, T-hotiuis and David of C i T i i K ' l l s v i U o s p e n t Friday owmi-n. v.-il.h Mr. and Mrs. Hay McCioy and l.HDJl.V. M-r. and Mrs. F. K, D i l l s and son, l i n - a i c ' i - of Bcottdale were Mr. arid, .Mrs. E m a n u e ! Baker on Sunday. M.'i's. 0. J. Morgan was a Scottdalo sU:p[cr cri Monday. » , I)r, (Jrlflln ,'fnil Physiclmi. UXIONTOWN, Jan. S.-- Dr. tieorgc .11. C r i U t u was appointed c o u n t y jail j - h y s i c i a u , el'foctivo ;U once, at a moet- !:!·.; of l.':ie K a y o l t e C o u n t y Pi 1 is on I'.i iird M o a d i i y . Dr. Urilliii succeeds B e n j a m i n l l a l p o r n w h o h a s served tho c . i p a c i t y ;t;; j a i l phyf.ic.Uin for p a w l two years. The i'lram:c in a p p o i n t m e n t was the result, of an und v r s t u n d m g reached two yours ayo w h e n D r . llalporn w a s a p p o i n t e d . lirin:; r-e.^tLHs wivon placed In tho col- u m n s ot Tho Daily Courier. Looking for Bunralns 7 Read tho advertisements lu Tho li.iiiy Courior. Cr- SQl-'AIJJU 1A:XCE Jolty ti'k-e Club, »« S\vpt!(t()vii Hull Woil... .Inn, 8--Hours: S lo 1^' ( I i - n l ' s T,".f l.ndit-s ·:,,· ^-,- Fashions Oostmno Jcv* 01 ry in F r u i t and '. i**lov. or M o t i ' f s , 'SHORTER THE SMARTER IS FASHION'S "" VERDICT FOR THE EVENING WRAP N'JslW r,y FRAi.N'CK.S -..PAOiKT r l g l i t , ID.'io, l.y f - U y l o YOJUK Jan, S--Among tho j unusual terms with which one is aeked to g^et on speaking acquaintance is " f r u i t Jewelry." H le a fairly dee- crlptlvo term n n d has to do ' with j e w e l r y de-signed o£ f r u i t , motifs executed in any material hut more esps- dally galalithe and crystal. Those who have- Gcouri'd the foreign tnarke-ts are of tho belli* that, of tho several i compositions "being used for costume I Jewelry, crystals is the most important. I for rings and other pieces, i n c l u d i n g frames for Immlbage. Formal Jewel-', now designated ae "court jewele" not without some rea- e-oti splcel w i t h h u m o r usually con- of colored clones intricataly sot with diamonds or crystals. These, with pearls of all sixes and In divereo arrangements continue to be the choice for f o r m a l wear. Pearls are s t r u n g in graduated strands and are varied In tone ;uid in size, a preference i'or jumbo pearls being cited u some quarters. t Naturally novelties are being offered si ace women have shown some disposition to reverse the usual arrangement, 1y w e a r i n g necklaces with pendents or strands hanging down tho .bad;, an a r r a n g e m e n t consistent with tin* vogue for waist-deep neoklinea, Marcaijito In baguette cuttings and combined with color-precious or semiprecious stones aro applauded In necklace, bracelet nnd earring sets. Victor Radios h ) u t l i l v DAVID H.RISSELL TAKES THE OATH AS BURGESS OF DAWSON William L. McDonald Is Re- Elected President of Toivn Council. COMMITTEES ARE ASSIGNED D. H. nissel; was eworn In Monday as hurgcss ot J lawson, succeeding Earl S. Portor. Th" oatli was ad minis to rod by A. Van ilo.-n, a notary public. AY. [/. McMonaUl was re-elocted preehlcnt of c--uncil; tho First National Bank of Uawson, treaeurev; S. .1. I. Mornlngetar, c l e r k ; A t t o r n e y diaries W. Rush, solicitor. Harry Stllhvagon wne chosen fitroot Comniieeloner ami Anthony Bonnor chief of police, President M -Donald namcxl tho following coinnil.'tecK: StrcL'te--L1o···! Forsythc, c h a i r m a n ; Hlxson Sprout and ij. J. Shaleuherger. Water and :igJit--.). T. Landymoro, c'halrmaa; W i l l i a m Oufisel aiul R. C. Wilkinson. Fi nan co--H. C. Willdnson, chnir- m a n ; Hixfion Sproat and I^loyd Foreythe. Building, pc-iico and fire--b. J. Shal- letVoerger, c h a i r m a n ; W i l l i a m Cossel and J. T. Lan lyinore. Mr. Wilkim on ie the only new m e m b e r of council. Sessions w i l l he held the firfit Tuesday evening? "f each month at S : I T i o'clock. E. G. BAUER COUNSEL FOR WESTMORELAND COUNTY POOR BOARD GRKK.VSRf ni;, Jan. S--At their organization n^ cling Monday Poor Dl- rcctoit) John S. Hani bo rg, K d w a r d Kllngonsmith and Anna E w l n g Cort announced t h a t Attorney Etwnixi G, Bauer of Grc-^isburg and Joaiinetto had been GO!' clod as solHctor for tho next f o u r James 13. K o b i n s o n , who has mads q u i t e an e n v i a b l e record for hmieelC at the count:, home, wafi retained ae . s u p e r i n t e n d e n t . The election of Mr. Bauer over Charles C. (.'"oiveJJ, who had been solicitor for he past four years, was the result of a rather heated contest for Hie -place. B a u e r m a d e an exceptional run for district attorney In lant September's p r i m a r y and Mr, (,'rowell was a Copeland s u p p o r t e r . Miss Elelo B. R a n c k , R. N., was reelected ae n i r ' t r o n . Dr.-\V. J. Potts of Groemibnrg v. ae aleo reappointel p h y - sician, Mrs, Emmn Long Weaver of Youngwood is the retiring member of the board and Mrs. Anna K w t n g Cort of Nat rube tho Mew tnember. Mrs. Cort was Hits first woman to bo elected to a Westinorel uifl county office and completed a ' c r m as recorder. The poor board organized hy th« election of rid ward KlingcneniUh ot Vandergril't, ureeklenl; Mrtf. Cdrt, vice president, and J o h n S. Hamberg o£ Irxvln u«3 .secretary. Both Mr. Kllng- ensmlth and Mr. Hamberg held those offices u u d e \ - tho former administration. H EMI.TNES are having their share of ups and downs this season-''ups" when it comes to evenitfK v/raps, and "downs" when It 'comes to evening frocks. \Vlilch being the raso, behold an entirely new silhouette--one In which the lengthened liemllne of tho skirt llnres nut In sprightly manner, from the t l R h t l y - trawn wrnp-nrounO hemllno of tho frliort-Iengtu coat, just nw this picture jiortraya. There's no doubt about It, the intst Interesting thlnj; a b o u t the new evening wraps is t h e i r length, or rather, their lack o£ length, for tho shorter t h e smarter, according to fashion's verdict. Apparently Hie abbreviated hemline hos Imcoma (lie basic t h e m e of evening TV rap modes, tho which de- ftlgners nre playing in every key and with every variation. ' The i l l u s t r a t i o n presents a very i - h a r m i n g exponent of t h e Khort-lenRth c v e n i n K writp. This y o u t h f u l model ia fashioned of w h i l e moire. This lovely w r a p makes fur conspicuous by its absence. There's n flowing cape- Hke pane! of self-fabric iff i!in buck which adds greatly to tho b t u u t y of its "lines." The predominance of w h i t e for both wrap nnd gown jn the ning mode IK unquGstlo' of fairy-Hke loveliness u tnnl.cs who wear all whi such ns n dross of. w h i t e sndii nnd tulle, topped v of exquisitely trunspnrei vet, Iho Jtist-bclow-the- being bordered · w j l h wl opulent collar repeating Mctul cloth for the being Ju high favor, the carried out in that the i w h i t e with an i;Hover ; Interwoven silver thrciu Colorful trnimpareut v furless evening w.rap 1 plaited. la de^·elo^ing wrap, slcevos h a v e liecou of the de.iipner, who 1 t h e m much tine d e t d l l i n slilrrlng, t u c k l c g a n d d their duli.ty s a t i n gowm pale t i n t s nr o f f - w h i t e c rn nre w e i i r l n g these- w i t h o u t f u r , the color g' rests in such I n t r i g u i n g blue, bright oninge, v l v Ing green find the very fuschla and dahlia shti JUT, IA BO ®. 3 935. IVualorn Newspi formal eve-ed. Visions ·e the debu- e ensembles moire or of Ith a coatee t white vel- tlp hemline Ite foi, the the same. ,-enlng wrap fhKe note Is rocade !a all atternlng of t. :Ivet for the widely ex- the velvet i a plaything .vishes upon C In way of aping. With so often in lorlng, worn- ·el vet wraps ry of which hues as pale d red, strlk- ew eggplant, lea. por Union.) An Attractive Sports : ! Coat of Leoj ard Skin Kay Wills Chosen rresMent ol Coiuifi] at Jioor^jini/ailon .Meeting. OTHER OFFICERS ARE RE-ELECTED Special In The C o u r i e r , CONFLUKXC V K, .Ian. S---The borough c o u n c i l w;»5 organized Monday e v e n i n g w i t h I he. f o l l o w i n g tnnm- hc-r.s: K d w n r r t H a y m a n , Harry Campbell, Mra. Cora E d s u r , llu-lph Van- .Slckle, G. T. Fr:i/.;'.i, Lawrence Kurt/, nnd Kay Wills. Tho first thre-o wero hoklovoro, w h i l o Air. Van Sickle W-IH re-elootod in Xov-eni-hc-r. Then-ew members aro G. F. Fraxee, L a w r e n c e Kurt/, and Hay WlWe. Mr. WiUs was elected prosldout while Cyrus Cronln and U. K. Black -vvero continued ae secretary and treasurer. Tho retiring e'oiiiicilmen wore T. J. Holiday, R. E. Clousc and C. IW. Bowor. James B Watson, tho new burgess, was sworn in hy J u s f l c o of tho Peace .J. B. Co ugh on our. Mra. Thea W n l t o u Marqiuirl wa« tho r e t i r i n g burgefis. Othisi- i\'Mvs. Mr. arid MM. Herbert Black have re- tunred to their home In Chicago attor a visit lioro w i l l i the former's mot-hor, Mrs. Mollle Black'. Mrs. 'William Howoll was a recc-nt visitor In Connellfivillo. Mr. and Mrfi. 10. ll. B r o w n wero visitors with t h e i r son-in-law and d a u g h t e r Mr. and Mr«. Charloe Minder at .Hockwood. J. C. Clark of McKeeeport was In town yesterday t r a n s a c t i n g business. Druco Augustine who Is a chlttkon raiser at Addition wius a business caller in town yesterday. n. J. 1/oonard f t HarnorlBvIllo wa.s in t o w n yestreday .transacting bnci- nees. C. 0. B u r n w o r t h and H. P. Bum- worth of Johnson Chapel w e r e . a m o n g the business visitors in. town yesterday. Showlnn a favorite t porta coat of leopard skin with a gay scarf tied turban fashion around tho i air. Tan and brown slippers blend wi h the coloring of the coat and scarf. CEO. W. CARROLL 1 f VCMI n o to n i i i k t ) a phone call n; a -f.,-U. n l i m p of ( h « day. ,-in.l .".:·-· j - r r a i . - i :-i-.\i w i l i forpct It. set I.:-;-- a l H r i i i c l e r k t-. so off at. t i u t t tiuio Sweden Against Talking Moyies STOCKHOLM, 3nn. S--Talking pictures u r o -not. ytxi. f a v o r e d in Sweden. This has been revealed by the- Sve-nska Oagbludet. a m o r n i n g paper or Stock- h o l m , t h r o u g h u m i l i o n - w i d e « y n i p o - eiuin. Of thr- ro]i5icp P2 per cent, worn s t r o n g l y oppofifd to DIP t o l k l p f i . T h o r e - m a i n l n g e i g h t p e r c e n t wero mostly c o u n t r y p r - r / l c w'nn c o i n p l a i n f i d ahrxit Iho lad; of Mod m u s i c a c c o m p a n i m e n t to i h e - i-ilcnt inovii^. M a n y o f t h e m s s w r r . a d p n o n n c r . l t h e t . i l k l n g p l c l u r e s i a r,:u-\i l u u g u A g o t h a t :J!o j u d f y j c bad to (lititiualH'y t l i e m . Buttons in Early T Looked on By the "History of 1 the button is traced tc commonly worn in Vto- ward .1, and figures li dates from about this talnly not later than fers to a robe, the sli were decorated with t'h the elbow to the hand, and laces were introdu teentb century, buttoi favor, but returned a the following century, highly appreciated as ti in wtlle. A testator 1 3, r )73 left to one ,7ohn doublet of Cruite-canvii w i t h frieze breeches Strowde, my frlezo jr buttons. Also, to Sym the smith, my other fr: stone buttons." Gns "a bonnet buttoned w! sns 01 t y Times. meo as Luxuries :ngllsh Dress," 1250. It was time of Bail poem thnt time and cer- 35)0. This re- aves of which e buttons from When points ·ed in the Fit- 3 fell out of i a luxury In nnrl were so be befjueathed i a will dated SVoortzyle, "my , nnd my hose Also, unto I'kln with silk nde Blsshoppe, jze 1 Jerkin with ilgne sang of h gold."---Kan- H u m n n i t y Facini An o i i s i e r n doctor Is lest the us u of u n l o t n e v n n t n n l i y w l l b t h e lef. nice. Tho pros-pccf l. Ing. And t h e n , tuo, tin urn cleaner, t'.iiit b n i ben I Ing of nij.^ n n d - e n nr-cessnry, mid t i l l s n a w i i y w u l i t i n 1 a r m s nice. It seems more t wo s h a l l h a r d l y reco rO.MW 01- 00,001.1 years Changes rroiitly alurnied ihlles do away i of the h u m a n ( j u l r e terrlfy- re Is t h e vnen- rendered the ·pets no longer T.V in t i m e do of Hie h u in tin :inn l i k e l y t h a t :nlr.o o u r s e l v e s roni now.--ICx- l j iuro:il/,e who artvertlnsi. discontinued pattern.? and sample rugs including famous Whittall Anglo-Persians A1] who know Whittall quality should make plans for prompt purchase! Aaron's as the largest dealer in Whittall Rugs in Southwestern Pennsylvania offer you. pleasingly broad choice. These discontinued patterns are just as beautiful as the new ones . . . and were shipped direct from the factory. 9x12 ft. Whittall Wilton Rugs Convenient Payments If So Desired. Complete Home Fisrnishers Since IS9£ Who? What? When? m *\ IV71 *\ ere? Why? The first rule a newspaper reporter learns is to answer five basic questions in the lead of his story: Who What? When? Where? Why?, It is a rule equally good for all people in buy-. ing goods. In the answers to those five questions lie the fundamental facts you should know about every article you purchase. Who made it? Is he reliable? Is he experienced? Will he be in business if the article needs repair or replacement? What will the article do for you? Will it improve your appearance? Will it save you time, money, effort? Will it make you more comfortable, more happy? When was it made? Designed? Packed? Is it fresh? Is it the newest model, or latest development ?, Where can you buy it? Does your own store carry it? If not, can you place dependence in the store that does? Why should you buy it in preference to some similar product? Is it superior in design, materials, workmanship? Will it fit your needs more closely? The answer to these questions, and others, are contained in the advertisements here. They are set forth by manufacturers and merchants for your convenience and guidance. The advertisements are interestingly and sincerely written. They contain information you want to know, and should know, before you make purchases. You will find it well worth while to follow them. . you buy advertised goods, you know what you are buying--and why. sacs. That is the expression we h o a r from hundreds who use our Classified Columns. Tho cost i.s moderate and the results big. Use 1 our Classified Columns. I'n one of our

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