The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1918
Page 5
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE), WPROOESSIVE NOR PERMANENT GAWiN OUTGOING COKE TONNAGE fs J*ay For H Bat It See* to Be in tne RELIEF of Tie*'s !-·» "to JMmrefc; WM Ow »»Mt»0 Toot. laerw* in the vome of outgoing wnnmctot coke hafiot yet become jernnant. neither -as it yet beea jhowBttat a proressive gain has let l».The regions ready for a for- » a rd .ovement c- tbis kind, and has 5eer» xpectantly Citing for it ever " its UicVtion Is evidently in , believe that rh* th« preset eastward rush -of too supplies t* spent itself, a-steady Udof empty*** cars will turn re- ·rta-ward ai a.l condition for w :cn opera-rs and consumers have JUy hope and fervently prayed , dale, yi then tyrealized. Neither Special to The Courier. JtT. PLZEA3ANT, March S.-- Mrs. 3ohn Blaine gave a very pleasant surprise party for her husband, John Blaine, last evening at their Main street home in honor of his 30th birthday. A cake with 30 candles was used as a centerpiece and red and white carnations as decorations. St. Patrick favors were given. Among the guests who were there was Jfr.canri Mrs. Oscar Housb and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Oats and family, Mrs. Jennie Parry. Misses Helen and Margaret Stauffer. Gail and Margaret Hilton, Mr. and ilrs. Charles Ernesty and family. Mrs. H. J. Suttlcs and daughter, Margaret, George Murphy and Harry Cause of Scottdale; Ike Goodman, Cotmellsrille; Mr. and Mrs. John Elaine, Heela; Mrs. William Lobingier arid daughter. Mary, Mr. and Mrs, William Blaine, Mrs. Eriercheek and family, Mrs. · William Pore and son, Jesse, or this place, and Patrick and Frank .Campbell and Frank Skinner, ot Scott- tbe P" seot EBfertains Soviet?. Mrs. James Mack entertained, the *5 reveal promises of a coisam-j Missionary society of the Re-Union uTtinn ic devoutly wished by both Presbyterian church at her North Dia- oke proJcers and users. It fact,lraond street home on Wednesday af- ist werifailed by a small maSin to i ternoon. Those who took part on the old up ) the record of the priceding j program were Mrs. D. H. Stoner, Miss ·eek *ile the indications ire that Josephine Coh-in. and Mrs. D. M. Pig- its w«fc will number amfflg the i man. Mrs. Mack had two guests, Miss cores-of the year in pc-intof out-I Armstrong and Mis-s Singer of ut ncepffor the gain of ',660 tons iGreensburg. Refreshments were scrv- i shMnents by river, the ;ecord of ! cd at the close of the program. ist leek would have fallej'still far- \ Tor The Freedom of the 'VVorld.- aer Behind that of the wek ending : Cox's Theatre, Mount Pleasant, Fri- ebrl«y 23. The total movement, 'day, March 8th, Goldwyn's great spec- rill aid river, was 297^78 tons, or ! tacular war drama. "For the Freedom 44 tons short of the combined toul.of the World." Two shows. 7J5 and [ tte previous week, ^e fact that \ 9.15. Prices 15 and 20 cents.--Adv.-- ie gain by river was tpre than off- 7-2t. 3t by tie loss by rail shows con- : Personal XCTYS. lusivelj that the car Jtuation has | ..Miss .Mollie Long, of Now Stanlon, ot unArgone such achange that a | visited friends here yesterday. ir*er r steadily in'easiDg supply j Wilfred C. Larimer from the avia- aiT be depended up-i. | 'ion school at Princeton, X. J., is here Save for the carsbeing furnished · visiting at his homo, v the Mttsburg l*^ e Erie railroad i Mis Harriet Bowers who is training his vek's supply V been below n- · at the Allegheny General hospital. Prittstown. PIUTTSTOWN. March 7.--Eva Freed and niece. Millie Freed. Pennsville: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Atkinson of Mt. Pleasant, am! Miss Eva Etling of Stauffer, were tot 1 guests here Sunday ot Mr. and Mrs. J. 1.. Freed. Wilmcr Atkinson of New York Cityj was here Saturday night and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Phillips. The private water line of a number of citizens of Prittftown. after being frozen up for over eight weeks was thawed open on Saturday with hot water, of which the people arc very glad. m,««~ ..»-- · - Frank Kongh of Mt. Pleasant vis- y V an'MoBday"'w!n its distribution i Miss Gertrude Harti'gan is visiting ! Ited his mother, Mrs. Mary Kough, vas I! per cent orenuirements. Tbe : her uncle John Hartigan in Pittsburg. I here Sunday 'ennVlvania m* 1 "'TM 6 nas dropped /ery-iwch behl/ This condition is ·xoljnea as beS due to the excep- loniy heavy eastbound traffic in 'ootkuffs whii is bein s s.peeded-up iradf special rders of Director Gen- .raf McAdof; This movement is ent averages, alth^gh the Baltimore j Pittsburg. si«nt yesterday ·- Ohiihas done frly weH. especial- ; home her. at her To Prevent Old Age Coming too Soon! "Toiie COMOBS in the blood are thrown out by the ladneTS. The Mtoeja act as filtere for such products. If we Trish to | prerent old age coming too soon and in- ereise our chances for a long life, we ihonld drink plenty of pure water and | t»ke a little Anuric," says the world-; famed Dr. Pierce of Buffalo, N. Y. j "When suffering from backache, fre- ] ment or scanty urine, rhcmnatio pains here or there, or that constant tired, worn-out feeling, the simple way to over- j como thees disorders is merely to obtain : a, little' Anuric (double strength) from I your nearest druggist and yon voll quick- ! ]y notice tho grand remits. YOB will find it many times moro potent than lithi*, and that it dissol-rcs urie acid almost al hot Tr*ter does sugar. PA.--"I am pleMed to r e c o m m e n d Dr. Pierce's Anuric, Tablets because of the benefit I received from their use. They ' have cured me and made » better -man of me. "Was working for the L.. V. E. H. at carpentering and was obliged to leave work and go home because of pain, but 'Aunric' has cured that ail- mont entirely. I am in good health, j which tho photograph proves."--ED- i WARD H. BANKKS, Tamanend, Pa. I STCTTAP.TSTOWN, Pi.--"I took Ammo j Tablets and find them very good to neti-! tralizo tho acid in tho system. I have i received moro real benefit and comfort j from their use than anything I have ever taken. I have been suffering for years . from one acid troubles and really be- r lieve Dr. Pierce's Anuric is a specific for ] such troubles."--MBS. 11.-E. WEST. STOP CATARRH! OPEN NOSTRILS AND HEAD Says Cream Applied In toslriis . . . . Believes Head-Colds at Once. larsly of bo cars hence when it has · j ~~x1 tsnmptiat will, make posslbl* 1 , , """ ' " " ' ····-·-·-· --·--.--. betiTM, .the retim, of a large j ^ ^ "^ed" and you ler of nipties suitable for haul- j ^ r(iathll froB , r h^.,,,,^ nf a ^ nlri , :oke. Jhat is the promise the it Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Bitner of Scottdale. were the guests here Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Bitner. .Mr. and,Mrs. Samuel Mardis. son Arthur, and daughter Alice, visited the family of their sister. Mrs. Henri- Milt:: of Iron Bridge Sunday. i Charlotte Milligau returned '\Ved- an( l · nesday from the Mt. Pleasant hospital ( , n - t - m u c h improved in health. I ..,, __., ,,_ n Jolln Trn^al spent a . «' M Itarrh. just get a small bottle of Ely's I f e w hmrrs Sunday with friends in Mt. i n what impatient at th» I C r e a m Balm at any drug store. Apply Te arrival of benefits result-! a »t"e of '"= fragrant, antiseptic. township. ijg fronSenerally bettor traffic con" ' ci earn into your nostrils and let .it j ConnellsriHe by Monq'ave been seeking to discover i Penetrate through every air passage [ i n g Tour money out of town for your e therefor ot 5 ~° ur bead, soothing and healing the ! j 0 t, wor i; when The Courier company · 1T - Ca 'h" tbo"e however, who ar-; ' inaamcd. swollen mucous membrane : can (J 0 u h er e at hume. Let us give M^T' to- the"b°l!ef without quef- and yon get'instant relief. j you prices. Mir tne sincerity of the -promise I - A h : how good It feels. Your POB- i ·a, '-Met will soon be forthcoming. : 'rils are open, your head is clear, no ! ,a, o manv cars have been diverted j more headache, dryness or struggling I 'n.,the coke trade that its 'volume ! morehawking snuffling.shrdluushrdlu j an»t be increased until they are 're- j tor breath. Kly's Cream Balm is just! tr'd to this service or they are re- jwhat sufferers from head colds and ca- j !^d by others. The trade is little | tarrh need. It's a delight.--adv. | ^irrned whence cars come, but i t ) . ! ; becoming increasngly concerned . Parrvrmnli* '· if their failure to srrive in the n u m - , * ciryupuna. j t or with the regilarity that is d p - ; ; ed by shippers :nd demanded by . PERR\ OPOLIS, March S.--Mrs. Al- · DDerating conditons were practical- ' with relatives at Vanderbilt. fte same last «ek as the preced-' The patriotic meeting scheduled for ·· All Paiu and Kills It Faster. Jlig Box Only 2Sc-. RHEUMATISM If you wlll.just to~ Befr^-'s Muatftrine len Galley has returned from a visit · ) n p. the twin^erf ami swollen joints ill have no for planters, :es. liniments or pink tia reme- ' its interrupifns being due to Star Junction this evening has been j or car *uppl- and service during f postponed until March ISth. 1 th periods'raoer than to other con- Rev. C. G. Huffer returned from ; ·ions Prodution is growing apace r Charleroi Wednesday evening. I e I'Stiraated otal for the week bein.s; f E. S. Slocuin, J. A. Kalman. E. Rffle t 5S2S tons,'s compared with 264,-! and O. E. Herw!ck attended the auto V tons '" show in Pittsburg Wednesday. ^', Shipment;'by rail, for the weeic Howard Adams, Prof. Fife, Dr. R. P.'i ,'diaK Sati'day. March 2, aggregated Kamerer, Dr. J. R. Martin, n". H. Mar- i )1^ "cars.-'arrying 2fll,93i tnns. dif- tin W. S. Stickel heard Taft in Union- | ibuted ai follows: : town Thursday. "··--- Tnn.t , -Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Essmgton of i , I " ..... 3.003 " . J J . | Curfew ca , lc( , on town Tues- I The iver shipments of 5,SOO tons ; w - S. Stickel has purchased the veiled PHtsburs consignments tn , Propeny of Ollic Sisley. - -sTtons: Western, shipments t" ; i[iss ir - ·· Fretts was a business ·a'"iitons and the aggregate to 297.- i caller to Pittsburg Tuesday. ·i'"tJS aJoss of 34-1 tons from the! Miss Anna Duff spent Tuesday iu ' - ·· · ; Pittsburg. fnnfih! neKy's Mufitarine flax ChiiN- rri All My Rheumatic Pains A.\yiy.". Don't semi a boy f. do a man's work. TE yon are tortured with rheumatic pains let sood, old powerful Mustarinc The Kings Heralds will meet at the home of .Mrs. R. P. Kamerer Friday :grate of the preceding week. Vt show how much , worse cok'i lirient conditions have been thus ;r n 1918 than they were during tho j evening at 6 o'clock. ,^3ponding months 'of 1917, thu j Patronize., those who advertise. ,jwing tabulation is interesting: j nl ^ 1917 131S Decreant! ! ~ iu-iry 1 339.S33 l.U2.«-'5 397.261)! IWBBMagaHHEHKBffiHH^BBI jcuary ..1.259.6^2 1.133,119 j ease thft pain in ii minuLffl. It will n o t blister; but oh. the hicssod relief it brintcs to thousands of sufferers from neuralgia,.InmuiiKro. grout, acre throat. . chest colds, backache, ed or inflamed feet. chilblains, front- Ask for Bevy's Mustarlne -- -the original sub«titute Cor the mustard plaster, made of real, yel low mUBtanl -- no substitutes. -- Adv. Mar. 1. 2.7S9.527 2275.501 523.722 Chut the loss of 397,160 tons in Jani-y was cut down tc'126,463 tons in b'niary is the savitg feature of tho uaiion, othenrise the decrease of ;.7:!3 tons in twj months, or an erage of 261.S61 nns per month, or the rate of ovei 3,000.000 tons per iir. would be boa omnious and dis- anenins. IEAT DANGB ATTEND? CROUP AND WHOOPING COUGH F»ltowlK TrrnmMrUt. In Krcom- ended by**e lllKhr*t Authorities ttl- 1 It's ·Oive th«-lIIt»t 0 " ee :l luartcr ot a aspoonfi? of Forkota Jelly. All sootl ·ucKiswavo this. In a minute th*- I Dt will . feel a. Rentte qlo^ the throat and chest and j iok!n£ matter will be easilj ! and expelled . , ly ^vronderful how quickly ! it tastinjr jelly iictrt, ami a 1 .: ; v»tlirr'whose childreiL; !*nfTfr from · mfflt? criup- couffhs and cold^. twn- · ,v\f Kinal! jar VM Ijjnd for f iiier- . 1 1U j-. It w i l l tfuvt- you nutny un.^, u .; ,na«iitp. b'orkoa nev-t-r f a i t N a n i l ' ic " r t 5ru.iCSHt in tliw courury y u a r a n . tf ^i on ihi- money U;«rk if tlrsutis- p.i ait. .^" try it ;t! mr ^xi,,-| : d£ DIRECT fKOM .I/YCKUM! THEATRE, I'lTTSBUEG. MOUNT PLEASANT Tuesday, March 12th "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'VE DONE OR WHAT YOU'VE BEEN--I LOVE YOU--AND I WANT YOU TO BE MY WIFF" TTirl -' --says Bol) Fillmore to the girl who erred, in The Story of Millions o f _ Girls in Rig Citfcw And Small Towns A Trials anil Triumphs 01' Girl? Who M'ork fiir n UTiug DANGEROUS GIRL Kd. W. Bowlond's Production I ' I M C K S i.f - A M 75(-. Seals on Side al Morrison's Jewelry Siure. Immense Quantities of New Spring Merchandise ArriT- ing Daily. The biggest stock we have ever had and we must have every inch of space--hence this sensational Clearance ot .Winter Garments. THE BIG STORE It is a Cold Statement of Facts. That TVC caiiuot go to NCTV York today an turers tb and four offered i 1 buy trom tbe manufac- ; same garments at three time's the prices you are i this sale. That FACT should bring you here.. Tomorrow=SatiiFday=^=The Final Drive Evetfy Wintei . AH former values have been forgotten. Reductions unparalleled in local rehiiUug. Ever}' Garment mnat and wJUI be sold hy Saturdny iiiplit and here are the prices that wall do it ' Women never had a chance to invest their money to them such enormous returns as at this sale. Even in a normal season values like these would l»e the talk of the whole town. Be here early Saturday morning. Final Clean-up of Children's Coats Children's Coats Former values up to ?8.7S will be sold at . It's just like giving them away at this low price. Children's Coats Former values up to $10.90-will be sold at Tt will pay you to bay now for next year. Children's Coats Former values up to $16.50-- ·will be sold al -Many styles to choose from. Buy now and save. Women's Misses' and Juniors' High Grade ··/ Suits, Coats and Dresses $5 All forver values have been forgotten--only by personal spection will you be able to appreciate the wonderful saving. Sn- Women's Misses' and Juniors' High Grade Suits, Coats and Dresses $1O Tlieir original values were several times this ridiculous Ityw price and they won't last long. So come early for best selection. 1'ittsburg- Garbage Incinerator Co. 2 bushel size machine,' round style. A Very Attractive Stock Proposition Buying Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator Company stock is not a speculation in die ordinary sense, because it lacks the speculative elements ..Ours is not a stock scheme, but a legitimate offer to sell treasury stock to buy and equip a plant and provide for additional capital. Profits are sure and certain and bound to be large. Why shouldn't they be large? Consider these facts. We are making a very satisfactory profit NOW on every machine manufactured despite the fact that all of the parts of our machines are now made "by outside firms. You will admit that these outside firms are making a fair profit on all the work done for us. You will also admit that if we had a plant of our own these outside profits would be made by ourselves. These outside profits- would make our regular profits on each machine greater. We estimate that we can. save $10.00 per machine on the castings of the smallest machine alone" ,not figuring the savings on .jackets, burners, etc. The larger, machine would show an additional proportionate profit. Our stock is a good buy in every way.- bring a new factor)' and a new enterprise to Connells-. ville. 'The way to do it is to buy as many shares as you possibly can. Demonstrations daily at 123 South Pittsburg street. * . . . Dorsey Realty Company Local Agents. Cohnellsville, Pa. J. N. Trump W H WW T1 ITE LIN1 ·RANSFER »OTn TRUCK mma WAGON9. M O V I N G i'lAXO* D HO13TIIVG SPECIALTY. . R. U. Beyot. Outh Pk«»*» READ THE COURIEB- You will be in need of] printing of some kind, j Whether it; be letter-! heads, statements wed-; ding invitations or| public sale bills, re-j member we can turn out the work at the lowest cost consistent with good work. If You Snow a British or Canadian Subject Who Oucrhi To Be Helping in This War GIVE US HIS ]*AME Name , Address . Where Employed Cut this out and forward to tlie British ami Canadian Recruiting Mission,' Smithfield and Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. ,

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