The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TV/0. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLfiVILL '.;, PA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1930. features of a meeting of the Connellsville Section, Qouncil of Jowifih Women liekl Tuesday" tvfter- noon In the home ot' Uto p Mrs. A. I. .Daniels, Kaet Crawford At. a business session, prceklod over Tjy.Mra. Dttitielti, the cuniicll decided to"dfj)iiito toward t'vo ticholnrehiu. fnndK-- that or the Faye-tto County Federation of Women'd Clubs and the fund k n o w n us the Phoebe Huslaudor Fund for the Blind, of tho State Conference of tho Council of Jewish "Wo- nve-n. It won a!«o reported that tho local council had sont q.uito a generous contribution of ulothinjr to Ellin leland, N. Y. This action was taken COUNCH, O i ' . U - i V K S H WOaHEJf I JUNIOR AUXIMAIIY OF GITEH TO SCHO.LA.RSmi' FUNDS I VASDEBBIL'l' MEETS An exceptionally l a r ? o -attendance I The J u n i o r Auxiliary lo I !io Satur- o.nd a most attractive program -were day Afternoon Club of Va.n« rbilt met lust night in;the IKK»K»'-'O£ HJtsu (iraoe Tetckorl- o£ Vamierbilt. wi't.'i- thlr-te*n : members and., ftva.-gue-sts,- J'H«« Kdith Sharpe, Of CQlfce^twg;.'«,''-barter · .and .former moniljet:..fif£'.l'.,tjj.5 .^frlnb,;;, Mtea- Elizttba-th' BiU'oHart'Rupp Ij! X'onncl.lfi-; villo, Misfl BeUy. Cletliitul, MM...El. "15. Banter., .president of the 8. turrtay Afternoon Club..and; .epoi.w.or :-"ot ttio Junior Auxitlarr; and Mai garet Jane Madden'in attendance. Tho business aeeeion w-MS'presided over by the- president, · Mfss Grac'o Strlckler. Plans' were* for a parlor e n l e r t a l n m e u t , "the date? to bo announced later. Tho dramatics, program, social and music committees ·will have charge. Miee Sirlcklor read he's always hungry, 3 * , says PENNSYLVANIA mother! foll^j-wlng a'general p l o a e o n t o u t from j an invitation extended th c l u b to « Ellis leland. The clothing is for the' tea to bo given nest Saturday attijr- many allciw w h o " are deported m o n t h - J noon In tho home oE Mrr. Flora £'Vr- ly. Aa many as 1.000 are deported each month and tho need tor clothing A priKo w i n n i n g photoplay, "Whiter Fhiwiug," was ttlioivn by Mrs, A. J. Hoiso, wife of Dr. Ileifio of Uniontown. Thlti proved to bo an interesting feature of. tlio zaoetlug. A wush cloth «howor for t!io National Farm School at Doylcetown, Pa., wac held In: connection with th ^-.ceting and th.a contributions \vero most gonerotis. ( The showing _of . t h e photoplay was- pr«vcedxl oy a pleasing vocal solo, by Mrs, IvOUie Shrallaw. Miss Pearl tor o£ Vanderbllt by the Saturday Afternoon Club. ' Tho program was ns follows: Opening number, "America," by tho club; roll call, members respnndlng with .Now Year rcsolutione: · ong, "Brighton tho Corner \Vhero Y u Are," club; paper, "The Machine-Ma i." Miss HihUi Baker.; reading, "Miss Etiitb Helps Things Alo»?;" Marsnrtt Jane Madden: paper, "Self .Analysis," Mifi« Edna Cos; piano slo, 'Lady Betty," ;\Tk-« Mary Elizabeth Jiadden; paper, "Our Club," Miss Virginia Miller; song, "Curry Your C refit; With a Keck wne tho nccompaniet. Dainty j.Smile," club; talk, IMlea Elizabeth rofi'dshmonts wdre se-rved at the close' Barnhart Hupp, who.spoke on her ton t't the meeting. Mrs. Euianuo-'. Morris, president of 1-ha Scoltdalo Sac! Ion,-Council of Jewish' women, and Mrs. Meyer Posuer of Atount Pleasant, chairman oC the Phoe-bD Kuflhuider Fund for tho Blind, wore guettls of the- hostess. 3HISS EDITH 3!H'OU.HK'K HSTKI5TA1XS K. 0. CLVH Tho regular Meeting of tlio G. G. Club was held lust night in the home of Miss Edith McCormlck, North Plttsburg street. After tho business session tho evening was spoilt at fancywork and cards. Ono new member, i\lr3. T.llllan Vernorsky, was taken In. A ;eliciou3 lunch was served by the hostess, assisted by hov mother, Mra, Kdward McCormlck. The n-ext. regular meeting will be hold nt the homo of Miss Eloiso Akera of H«Bton avenue on Tuesday evening, January 21. WIN ONI!-CLASS PLANS FOB l-'OK B A N Q U E T ON MAJU'JI IS j Tho Win Ono Class of tho- First j , United B r e t h r e n Church held itH rc-gu- 1 lar \rnoo t i n g lust n i g h t in the hoint; ol Mrs. Gordon Balrd, Aetna street. Twenty-three members wore pro-sent. Mrs. Krnt-st Whlpkcy presided over ' tho meeting, Mra. Frank Harah had . charge of the dovotionals. P l a n s were t inarto f o r tin* annual banquet to bo j hfikl March IS in tho c h u r c h . Lunch was served. wc-eks' viatt in Irclatu; last summer; reading, Mies EUzab«:h Sharps, a graduate of Byron K rig's School of Oratory,, Pltteburg; (Oiort talk, Mrs. K. I!. Bariior. .HeIrijsh-m«itH wore served at fhp close i the program. Miss R u p p was tho iccompaniat for tho club songs. The next meeting w i l l b heir! Tuesday n i g h t ; February -1, In tho home of Jl!e« IlilcUi .linker oC Vandorbllt. Miss lCdnil Cox will bn tba lender program,, which will nature. of f h e IMS of a hSetorical KEY. SCHIILTX W I U L SPEAK AT IU»STIA.N EJr'UE WiR BANQUET Rev. ft. A. Schul'-Z, pastor of. the First United. B r e t h r n Church of this city, and Rev. \V. II Mc-Kinney o.f tho Central Christian C h u r c h o£ 'Union- t o w n - w i l l he tho pruelpnl speakers at the mid-year banq let and executive i n e o t i n g of the Fay-ate County Christian Endeavor Unit a. Th-tiraday ulffht, J a n u a r y 1G, at th Protest ant Church The iKimiuet wil o'clock. Hollo V r a; iho U n l o n t o w n sot toiiHtmasler. Miss ioudnva will give is absolutely tl?a picture . ' 1 9 of health again," says Mra. : Win. F. deadening, 654-3 Gesner St., Philadelphia. "A few weeks ago we had to force him to oat; now he's 1 always hungry. "1 knew what to do when he became bilious, half-sick and list- Jess, because we've always known about California Fig Syrup. Boyd'a coated tongue and bad breath cleared up with the first few spoonfuls; and C A L I F O R N I in just a few days liis stomach and bowels were acting perfectly. He'a gaining right along now." California Fig Syrup has the full endorsement of the medical world. A pure vegetable product, loved by children. A gentle, but thorough cleanser of a youngster's nystem anil a gentle energizer for sluggish bowels. A stimulator for lagging appetites and digestions; a help in building sturdy limbs and robust bodies. The name California is important. No imitator can put that on Ha product. T H E I t l C H , F R U I T Y LAXATIVE AND T O N I C P O K C H I L D R E N JUNIOR ;iri/ri!tre CU;B HANS FOR c.A.un PARTY The J u n i o r Culture C l u b met lant" nigh': in tho club rooms at tlio Car- uegiu Fret- Library, with, the prefft- ilnt, MlBf; Susan 1-Ilckn, presiding over the businous session. Mips Virginia Ttilk-y- re-ad th« secretary's report. The c l u l l .decided to give n card iwirty ( h o latter part, of January. Proceeds, from this will be used for (.ho bcnof't o£ the "eye fund." Tlvls waa recently adopted by the .Tuulor C l u b to tP.He caro of tho eyes of school children in Connellsvllle who otherwise w o u l d not be lukeii caro of. Tlio program was in c-hfirpro ot Miss Virginia Tiilley. Mi a a -baVorno Mag l n n i B r e a d a paper on "The Lifo o£ Carrie Jacobs Bond." Heir well known song, "1'prfoct Ray," was especially empluvslv.ed. Miss Melda Croylo read a paper on "Temple Hulley." Tho Ufa of "Lyn-'io Fontaine," tlio well known. actrosB, was re-ad by Miss Virginia TiUtoy. On J a n u a r y 21, a program on "Woruu in I'hllanthrophy" will bo given. o. r. MOSEII HOSTKSS A T D 3 N N E K J Mrs. Oliver P. Mosor entertained tho First McLhsdist oC UnioiHown. be served at 7:30 ndo-11, president of iety, win act an flu.Hi Jones of Una reading. A. H. Umbel, county pre-iident, is arranging the program. Tho banquet v, ill be preceded at 6;30 o'clock by t L ; executive eomniH- teo meeting. Pro: idents and Kc^relur- ies of each u n i o n or their r e p r f j s o i i i i t Lives are plaiinlrg to attend, foremost among the bua-lnosa itenia to bo transacted will ]·· tho ai'ipohitmont of a nominating cf-mmltteo ( make Its report In J u n o 7 o'clock dlmfer lawt i pon £ r o m tlu t . tlcloncy I. N. Club n t night ^.t her homo in I'enn street. Covers' wcr. laid tor eight. Hrldge supplemontt d the dinner, . t w o tablets being arranged for the- games. High prize -was a w a r d e d to Miss Harriet "Wlshart aivl low, to Miss Helen Grey. 'Mies W l a h a r t w i l l cnto-rtalu the clu-b Tuesday n i g h t , J a n u a r y 21. which -will and tho i p e- s u p e r l n t e n d - int as to the- st; udhi; of tha varionn societies w i t h re ing at tho bann port w i l l be pr uentod by. l i i o county treasurer, Floyd M. Seaman oi Uniou- to-wn. The -.veddlug ot Miss K u t h Pollock, daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r Pollock of Brownsville, and Charles 10, S ladlen oE Mount Lebanon, Pittabun?, took place December 27 in lh.i Prti- tftstanl I'jjMseopul Church oi' 1'il.tsford, N. Y. Tho bride's t'aUu-r is s'.ipi:r!n- loiulei't of building.'! aiui n'oimds at. the St-ue TwiebiM-.s Colluijc, C a l i f o r n i a , I'a. SPLENDOR MARKS ROYAL WEDDING Mis.:! M i l d r n d Kllc-u H l a c k , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry lUnck of KrtuikHn, and Charles K d w i n Fuidic-y, BOH r. l' Mr. and Mrs. Mlkon Faidloy of MldflUicreok township, Somerset couix- i.y, vcrn marrioti at I n d i a n HcaxJ by ilov. M a r r y C. (ionsc. 'wonco to (.ht uward- ·r. Tho iimuicial re- MRS. T H O M A S Tho HOSTESS TO A. K. tV. C L U B Club was ontcTtained MKN. HKKOIS" AUDKlvSSKS 3I3SSIONAR1; 3IKKT1.VG A t a l k by Mrs. Elizabeth Heron, c'oku mitjsiouary worltcr, was an interesting , r ,, . ,,,, , , i feature of the regular meeting ti' tho last night by Mrs. C. A 11.TM at er Wonmn . 8 Forc Missionary Sorietv l , r , r » c i l » ^ . ^ l ^ U l T - ^ o u t T ^ P I I f l I Afl M J . n l P S | /-, ' ; oi. the- Oreeuwi od Method'ist Kpiseopal ' Church Tuescay atternoon at. tho home ol! Miss Phoebe- D u n n , South Prospect strec' home iu llobbins street. Throo tables WQVC- arranged for bridge. iliKh prizo ·was won ".»· Air?. "K. K. Sly and draw j prizo by Mrs. F. 1C. Bailey, this last named of Ohlopyle-. Tho KUCBI prize was given to Mrs. K. H. Barne-s. Mrs. :ttarry Dull w i l l e n t e r t a i n tho Tuesday aighl, J a n u a r y 21. club ! j Society illects Oiitccrs, The Ladies' Alii Society of the KvauEeii'.-ul .Church met last night at the homo- ot- Mrs. J. U. Shipley in youth l-Mttsburj! street lor t)io regular busitiess seHsiou. Tho principal Inisi- ueas \va j the election o£ ofileora. Tlio t'onucv u(Il"er:i were re-cleclcd. They a r e : I'rc-sldout, Mrs. J. K. Shipley; vice-president, Mra. JounU- Swarta; t r e a s u r e r , Mrs. Blanche Miller; secretary, M; a. 11. H. Patterson, Tho president a n d treasurer ' were presented w i t h bi-auiit'ul pockclbooks 'for thi/lr f a i t h f u l service. Mrs. Shipley has served Cor two years and Mrs. Miller for s'l'x years. Rev. M. II. Tyson, pastor or the- c h u r c h , made the presenta- t i o n . Goodwill Saving- Club. Tho x'.oiniwill Sewing Club will meet T h u r s d a y at t l i o homo oi! Mrn. frank 10. I'al.uc-v at M o u n t Pleasant. Oftu-ers \v!ll lip eltu-U'ci. All mcm-bcrs are iisked ti.) he there. You tvfll be surprised, if you looSj around, :it how sunny people have grown thin in Into ye:: 11 -. T t is evident that somo nes' rnethou hus come into very wide use. 1: has bei'n found tisat a weak plcuul is a j;r oat cause of obesify. S- nuxicrt) |!i;sieiun3 have been ftg5uirnj 1 hat cause, wi- IWUL atar-f ution tlii-ta. * i'his vight uietliod is embodied in ,M iniiolii prescription tablets. People .^r-d tht'iit fur 2'2 years -- million;! ";i of ilicm. Now in almost every h^: dclightfu! results are apparent. A book in each box of Marmohi tells vt-u how uud why it nets. The formula );! givi-u. Go '"try this remarkiible, thin i v i f u r a ! means. Ask your druggist today if c n SI box of Manaoin, YOU owe that Mrs. Heron spoke on "The Close A -.sociatlon ot the Home and Fore-ign JMlssions," uud also of the Hfo of llev. i-'tolner, who WHB among the speakers ,-tt tho annual soHsion of the JL'iUsrbur,' Coufcjconce of tha Methodist Episcopal Church in Coa- nellsvillo last October. Iu the fLbs-'-nee of the- preslUent, Mra. James :icCairna, Mrs. Katlierino McCombs pri sided. Tho meeting \vas attended by ten members uud three guests. Mis:, Dunn served dainty refreshment.'!. Sho was assisted by Mrs. C. H. Balsloy and Mrs. A. C. Hcrwick. LITEJIAHV CLU1J IMKKTS VITH MHS. it. M. "EVAKS Mrs. K. M. Evans was hostesK at tho regular m.-etinj; of tlio Criterion Lkerary Club 'J'nesday aflernoon at her home : n Kast Falrvlow avenue. Ten me-mbi-rs were present. Mrs. G. L. Owery Uui! Charge of tha toplo, "Epic of lh" Bible." Iviturc-stlnij slorles. in keeping with the general subject w e r e told by Mrs. T. W. Scott and Mrs. Ho mi r C. Davi... .Kolio-wiii,' tho program Mra. Evuiis served luii.,-h. The nexi. meeting wi'l be held' i ' i the- homo ol' Mrs. G. .!·;. Baker, Ai-,i!e st-rcot. Mrs. Lynn's .Funeral Thursday. SCOTTDALE, Jan. 8.--Tho funeral for ,Vlrn. Margery IIfir]or LynB, wifo of C. B Lynn of" 'Ruffadalo. will he held tomorrow afternoon. Tho cortege -will incc-t at. t h e home of her son-in-law and (iVugbte-r, Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. irle^ier at Spring strefrt and Edwin avenue, at 1:30 o'clock, and proceed to tluffedalo. - The service will bo con- -dui'.ted nt 2:,'!() o'eJonk nt Ohrist Be- C'hu-rc/h, with which sho iiaci ideniifiecl tor nearly BO yetws. will be nisi/do at Tarr. To Be BaiKtuet Guest, State Senator H a r r y J. Bell oX Dawson will btv a guest at the annual rittKburg- X/al« 10rl night Cor tho Brovnisvillo llailway Club tomorrow evening. K. T. Forshorg, n.BKialant en- g'.ueor of the rittsbUTg Lako Erie Railroad, w i l l spc-ak on "Foundations." J{«tnrn.s Vrom Visit; Mrs. Peter Starlc o£ Cleveland, Ohio, r e t u r n e d today to iior homo after visiting over the \ve-i;k-ond witli her parents, Mr, auct Mra. M. Yellla oi Scottdalo-. Sho was accompanied by her brother, Nicholas Ycllis, who will visit lUer-a tor a few days, Yiwlt at Varulcfbllt. Thomas Boftchock of Pittsbnrg visited over the w-aek-encl with hia i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Soft- 1 check, and lilK brotliar-in-Iaw and B!Bi ter, Mr. and Mrs, Km.mott Addla o£ Vauderbilt. Miss Id . Beilo Shclksy of Coiinells- v l l l e and C l a u d o W, Burfoot of Kit-ii- mond, VB , wore married at tho coivn- Louso lu U u k u u o w u last i.-'ritlay iiy 0. i-'ni'ilc Kuso. I'hc bride a mui.;htor ot Vv. G. Sholltoy of .!u i - e m u . Thu prr/oni l» a 11 ref o r ' i i ' v A H a n i t i : Coast Uuo. They -Ha at Grindstone. A won was born Saturday morning tj M.r. and Mrs. Jost'ivh Bofdch-ook at their houui at GrJudsj-tone. Thero ara two boys and two ;"irls In the faintly. Tho family f o r m e r l y rusidod at Vand e r b i l l . 1'atrou.Uo those who advertieo. ( i n t . ;it. C!H- ri-al (.-.nsiac. thous'incls of stomach (ioiiiK M O W . In3li:;i',i o£ T h a t ' s -n h;i i ;-: i n'r · · re ra are t i i l t i n t ; tonica, or U ' y i t i K to p a t c l r ii|' n poor d i g e s t i u u , L h t ' y aro. atUu;k.i.M£^- the voai cause t;if i!i.-- a l l t i i u i i i -- cloi 1 jvoii l l v o r and d i a is Star m a n w i l l --it ( O l i v e Tabli-ts iu a soothing', ii l i e l p C o n t i n u e d from Pasr» One. Qtieen Helen ot Italy was on the arm of Prince Humbort. Cing Victor Emmanuel accompanied Q leen Elizabeth ot Belgium. Behind them e n m o K i n g Bor s of Bulgaria, the Prince ot Monacr tho Grand Dnohesa ol l ^ u x c m b u r g , tha Dukes of Brabant (crown prln -R of. B e l g i u m ) , the. Count, of Fla .derH, former Kin)? M a n u e l aad · jne-on Amelia oE Portugal, tho D u k e of York, representing Klnp. !-eorgo of England, tho I n f a n t e .Fernando, -epre- s;enting the k i n s of Spain; M irsha! PeUiin of li'ranco, Prlcca Pa t! ot Jugoslavia, Archdulio and Arc iduch- 088 Francis Ferdinand oC Hu igftry: the Japan-esa ambassador, rep -«sont- InK tho Mikdo; and t!io prlnr i» and princesses of. t!u hons'i ot Sa -by. Premier Benlbo WussoHnl, re iplond- ent In gilt-brakted coat and sword, and wearing Iho pcold chah of a Uriight of. tha Holy Anna; elation, came irrvme-dliijtely beMn-d tlv ties. Next wore tho of her kn ghts of i h o A n n u n c i a t i o n , ail courtesy cousins of the kins, members of ,tll« cabinet, Hpenkera of the House and Senate, n u m e r o u s o t h e r wUit's ofTic!; la, I h o prefects of lhi 02 provinces a delegation of K n i g h t s of Malla an I Burgomaster Max oi Brussels. Every queen, prliiceeii and duchess had g e n t l i i m e n - i n - w a i l l n g holding thoir tratiiH. The process!' n closed \vilh ladlea-ln-wniting of tl a Italian and -Belgian courts. The proconsion pa:isc-d th ough the various salons, the timma r mm h u n g with red damask, t n o yell--w room with Its panels of Kold da .luak, and tho salon of tho cutraswler ; into tho Pauline Chapol. The small chape! waa somewhat crowded,, only about 500 r lining admittance. Tho day wis loudy and the light from tho high wi .(tows dim. Tlie lightfl of tho chapel s" .ono on an array ot jewel;; uudlnlcut, ; .o pay the national debts of m a n y si itea. The women wor iaco m a n t l l as held in place by diadems blazlni ·with diamonds. A happy augury occur -ad Just at the monsput the ceremony began, Tho sun, hidden all morning 1 chofio that time to break through. 11 clouds. It was hailed by all Rome as an omen of good. The royal and aristocr: tic elegance of the Old World hold fi 11 sway, and the decline of royalty ·: nd nobility since tho war was for forgotten. Tim cua-pel its«W is ri nsnoclationa. Several elected and enthroned neral mass was said th Antoinette after ,--ho v guillotine- in Paris. As tho royal corteg- entered tho chapel, Cardinal Mafll, tho celebrant, stood at the a l t a r f a c t - K them. Ho was attended by MOD iignors Tlx,/.l and Galadra, ati.lrnri in ^oUt-encrusted vestment!! belonging t the Medici family and preserved i the Pitt! Pal- aeo at Kloronc.c,' whe ico they wero brought to "Rome for he ceremony. Tho procession a iproached the altar, tho kings and a specially raiJjiHl tl: with Uie heads of stal resentaUvi'=s iuul the prineesse.H on t h e i r ri ;ht. I f u m b e n . a;ul Mar o stood -before tho altar, H u m b e r t i t h e right and Marie, '.foiio at the -,efl.. The re- m a i n d e r ot tbi; proee aloirgrouped il- solf a r o u n d tho chap i l . The c a r d i n a l dem ;nded from tho altar ami upproaci ed the b r i d a l ' c o u p l e , w h o K n o l l . T i e cardinal made the xic.ii of t h e cro; s and began t h e v p. ild i PR I'.oremnny. c-Ils first '.(iiestion wa.-f direeled to Hu nbe-rt: " Y o u r Royal High.' e-ss, Prince Humi i.ori o\' P i u d i o o n t , d you wish to triifo Her P-oyal J l i ; h n e s , , Princess JVlurio ,!CHK of i i e l g i u i i i , hoi o p r e a e n t , as your l e g i t i m a t e \v!t'c'."' ITince. Hmnbort al f til her I n ask the jjioment h. I n historic popes wero ho re. A fiij- u-e for Marie eat to tho ueens entering is on the loft, ;H or their rei- princes and \ ML- 01 M r - , and :\lr.-i. 1 U ' y s t S i f l f . in Uitihmonil. iavi.'ig It!; r r y port' - i n i i i u r : i l sr f r o m f u u c - i i n n s , i m i i u v e s t lull ft i!xx ciu-le A o j c r i). of A, i i i v i a l l s , Uthf-r H for i!i(.' ( M i H ' . i i i i i i ycai- * -MYS i i s ' . i l U - I ni Uvo r e g u l a r nt.-i-Mt:.-.-, o J . . i ! ' . - " i y S l s i l t n - ( s o u t n - f l , ( l : i t i 4 l i u - r i A l n i ' l L C ' ^lf ,^io^·^--r. h i s t n i u h l i ! l ily;; Li(.: I ' t i n u i i i i l i . : \ I I - H . J0.-u.'{;:i ( h « » - | i o · t i l l s j ) l n-i.- -.v;i:-; l h ( i'i!s; ;\ \}\{\y; ol K-pr Thu Hi ;ui:u;i was WiiU i i i l u u i l u d . tirnod to hU roy- ;ispoUMi t|iies- tton. The l i i n g uo hied a s s e n t . Facliu; Uie cardl :iil, t h e [iriueo replied lii I l n l i n n , "' PH." Turiiini.i.'; ' Mari-i .lixse, t.hi c a r d i n u l said: "Your H o y a l f- ifihnes.-!, : . l u ) n , do il n i f v b n c - j i K , Prince of. Piodmo- !, here present, y o u r io^ii.imi'.tR )i s b f i m i ? " Roceivini; a nori !ed assent from hor f a t h e r . Ki if- A l h i -t, tho princess ro- pliu-1 !ilf;o in l t : t l i n , "Yes." The r a n l i ' i a l l -.CM joiiif 1 " 1 ' h u m in t matrbuoaiv. y, u ' o i i h l u ;vj; ir i 0 ,fosf- ot' tt-.'.'. Ta?n m ^ lU ' I '-" t i l k l H;s K n ^ Those who seelc the utmost in motoring aatlsfaction--at sensationally low pric(;n ·--should see and drive the Greatest Chev · rolet in Chevrolet History ,, . . now on display in our showrooms! An improved 50-horaepower six-cylinder engine! Four Delco-Lovejoy hydraulic shockabsorberal Fully-enclosed, internal- expanding, weather-proof brakes t Heavier and stronger rear axle! New non- glare windshield 1 New dash g,asolijio gauge! And scores of other new features! Come in today and see this car. Drive It. Note how comfortable it Is---how easy to handle--how flexible in traffic. And remember that it is now available-- ear The ROADSTER _. The PHAETON The SPORT HOADSTER The l'OA.-H Tho 'COFPB The SPOHT COUPE _, $495 S625 The CU7B SEDAN The SKOAA' _ _. The SEDAN D E L I V E R ? The LIGHT ."OEirVEia CHASSIS The H6 TON r CHASSIS The Hi T0' CHASSIS with fa!) AM prices f. o, h. fnetory, F l l n l , Mieliipran. A SIS! I N T M E P R I C K R A IV Cl B «F T H E F © U » 127 W. Apple Street Phone 105 ^ T H f f i l l l , F A S T 12II 9 B E T T E K SI 3 MusterolcweH into your chest and throat -- almost instantly you feel easier. Repeat tlic Must;ro)e-rub once an hour for Jive hours .. . what a glorious reiie.H Those good old-fashioned cold remedies--oil of mvwtarcl, menthol, camphor --arc mixed with oclier valuable ingredients in Musterolc. It penetrates and stimulates blood circulation and helps to draw one infection and pnin. Used by millions for 20 years. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. Keep Musterolc handy-jars, tubes. All druggists. To Mothers~Mtisterote is also made in milder form for babies and small children. Ask Jar Children's Musternle. VANDERBBLT LEGION We Examine Your Eyes and Fit the Frames 100 Kortli JLMttsburff Sircet Open 'Monday. Wcdncfdny and Saturday Slg-iils, 7 to 8:30. It i» not too l;i .e to enter the classes started M o n d a y , J a n u a r y (i. A n u m b e r of C o t i n e l l n v i l i e young- people have joim-d t h e o'.assce. Five enrolled .HS(. Thursday. A t h o r o u g h business course w i l l give you a MD-./ outlook, and enable you to "Cash in" on your present, education. DAY AMJ ^'KiH'r SESSIONS OFFICE TRAINING SCHOOL Sercuth Floor, CHixcus ]tu!hli»ir, rnioiitoAvn. Foitua. ON TFLIAL IN TRIANGLE SLAYING Tho A-weri'CSiii'Io) ComuutU'ily Band of V a u d n r b i l t , n t its meetim; ' Tuesday nUdit, voted lo Hpousn-r a i jnivlor uiUKlcul «rg-»n!«atiin and it iy i hope-fi to -hav« t l i o n«\v band f u n c t i o n - j livg by n-cxit week a.fc Lli-o . l a t e s t , The orgH'tiNation, aotlnj; on I he sit-p- .BOS'L'l-on of .lolvu A. S h u t K y al iho a n - niia-1 bdiniiiet, voUxl lo iiav-e ;i bauni istarted for tlio yo-invgnlorH who aro just t(j play. A-ny .-person mn»lc«-lly -Incll-n-ed !s I n - vRiMt to -K«t, In toui'h w H h t'urtas C. C'-Oilli-ns, (liiXM-.tor, by c.iilH-HK Uinv.Mon fi- ,1 so t.lial oDiciU'lii vftll k n o w )io\v nwiuy per»on*i t.o oxpwt. in ('.he. n u l l . U is hcvpwl to hav* 1 - at loast ·!!). Th«.-M-« w i l l bo -no ago- liniH. Fifteen boys ihls niorni-tiK noclanxl ·thoir i n l w i t l o i i of .johiin-n I b o n^w oi'KOiilzalio-n f r o m whoso ln- r'ho.^eu plnyM'.-i for Hu · b l i n d -- ' I h o - A i u o r i r i i i i l . c ^ i m i t y Band w h e n id-, ruislcr I'allr.. M ' i i i H "el;i,:;.-i" c.-ui )e j o i n r i l iiy :my yoiin-gwi-er in the ' t r l - U n v i i r i i i n n i ' u i i S l y a s tl'.o bam! IM a n x i n u j i to lnn'e n i n n y vaove t.;!!* 1 -!!).-.-!! ! In d i a l ;uvri. I t is : hopi!i| I M l i a v r * t h e - ri;iini;'.ai ion aiTocti.'ii n e x t \vvo,I; ; i n d I lie linv';; i\rn r-ef[iie.-:!c-fi !D n o t i f y Ulrv-f.ror f o l l t n - t nt on ('·:». | [ Hiilic. in Ilitrtis Hoine. j .A d a u g h t e r was born .snliirilay to , Mr. .-iiH- Mr:;. H n b ' T l l i n r n s ,-it M a s o n - j ( o w n . T h e n 1 art' f o u r e h i l i i i ' i f a m i l y . 'l v ln B H L - I I S resided ;j| Ui'L Haul itbatil a rear ^. ii ^ t. rmri-rod w i t h the nnsrder of W i H i n n i 0 ' B r i - n , husband of his former !iw..-(b.-.i.'t, Mrs. tJoncvievi.' O'Brien, Samuel Howard Do:rr is aho;vn Ir-uvhiK .lit-, r r i l in Cliiciijro in custody with Bailiff M. K, Julius, to go to roni- wiici-.. In- is on trial. Dorr, an insurance snlftsmnn, had w r i t t e n a f, f,000 policy on the lift: of the w a n he is accused of inimk'ring, according- to tioliVi".

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