The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE POL'S. ·THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL,JbSVlLUE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, -1918. I t I L ·A (Si^ flatly Olo-.inrr. KENRT P. SJ.Y.DiiFv, Pounder and Editor, 1879-1315. TH£ COURIER COMPACT* K. M. SNTDER. _, President. JAS. J.JRISCOLU S«e'y and Treasurer, Business Manager. JOHN L. GANS. Managing: Editor. WALTER a City Editor. MISS LYNNE B. Society Editor. MEMBER OF: AsvccJfted'Fress. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Two cents per copy, 50c p*r month; IS per year by mall If paid .in advance. Entered as~)»ecoad class matter at the postofflce. Cormellsville. Pa. The farmers of Springfield are not | lacking in patriotism and have no dis- | r position to disregard any require- · f meats of *thc foud conser\ation. r u l e s ; 1 and regulations,] but they do feel that j they stiould not be obliged to sustain so material a loss as would result from trading ttyeir wheat tor corn, at the present prices for these products. t The s.auation. is one calling for an in-1 terpretation of the conservation rules ' by the food administrator. Newi of the Fast Condensed from th« Ftlci of The Courier. I'etwvcn the committccb and other bodies that nre plantings of farm candidates who increased products, unil the w ill presently be * boosTting vote plan tin fir, the* farmer is certain to be a very much courted c i t i - zen during: the spring- and summer. The Fuel Administration is coninl- FK.IDAV., JHAHCTi IB. -1S88. A buckwheat aocial held In Pritchard's Hal! under auspices ot the Indies' Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal church. Buckwheat C-A'KCS and homit made molasses wero served. Coke ffoes from had to ivo^se Prices deoltne from 31 50 to 51.25 per ton. . . i JDeadteck m town council over elec- j tlon of n. president remains' u n b r o k e n - ! Mrs. Joseph Parker, 'demented wo-i man of Upper Middletown seta cloth- Qua Gent a Word, , No aav«rtlMm»nta for LCM Tbn 16 Cant*. CLUKjfled columns clot* at QOOTLJ Advertisements of mnta. Ml**, etc.. received after that hour will not apn«ar until the 1 day following. Kur Bale. ·WANTED -- YGUH business. JtEKDlNS'S. BAKB12K1NG ' tf WANTED--YOU TO ADVRT1SE IN our cla.s«ifted column* ering firms; poor coal from the market, afire and dies in agony inp is considerably more thun some consumers have been able to do with FJUDJIY STE5WG, XARCff 9, Tfc* Courier'* Fl«*. ? Si-oUcltUG p u t one over on Connclls viKe yesterday in i t w re* eptlon and tlag presentation to ex-President TdCt. ed columns D--bi()V TO ACT WANTED- and work in drns store. VWTLLIAM p. SHEIIACAN. Hospital Unit U U. S. A.. Fort McPherson, "Atlanta. Ga. RALPH T. SLIGER. Company H, 339th. Infantry, U. S. N*. A., Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. The comings and gompr.s and other iictivittes oC our soldier boys la filling a. larjre place m community events*, hence much space in the columns of The Courier. Xemfrcr *t T*« Pr*«». The Associated" Press Is ex- clusiveiy entUUd to the use for republicatlon - of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also-the local news published herein. There oni_rht to be some way of o' totirme the pathfinder c.'tr' around some, of the bumpiest f a c t i o n s of Cra\v- fntr! avenue if we expect Connellavitie 10 form a. connecting link between the Lincoln Htfirhway and the Pike as .i nart of the .mny truck route to \Vftshinsrton. The German- 5 are discovering 1 tha-t there arc several parties to the shell rarne they have opened up on the \\ c-Hern front. AS POJITEK istebtftl HOUSEHOLD VAXCE, 215 West POH SALi:--1917 MOOJSlj FOUD, IN ood condition. $1MO to quick buyer, ddres-a L, 31 p* D. i. Dc.wson, Pa, WANTED --,'DISIiWASUBR A N D thlrtl trick cook at B U. RBSTAUlt- ANT. I 4mar5L ·WAXTKD--A G-mi^VOR GKNISRAL. _.OR SALS--TUB LATE SARAH A. houpr-^-o'-k Call 20. Vj Vi .mhlngrtcm Marietta residence in Johnston avenue, avenue, ConnellaUlle. Tn. TmarJt [ i n q u i r e MRS J. T. DAV1KS. Bell phone --·-- -- r~T7t''". Tri-State (MS, U n i o n town. I m a r l f TVAXTKD--RLVK OR SIX ROOM | \ h o u f c . J n u u i - e lt»0 CrawfuijJ. 7 mar 31 The Main street gambling den has been compelled to seek other quarters. Mrs. Henry 1/ucaa begins the erection nf H new house on Apple street. ^1. R, Davidson bpffius tho erection oC ·t double house rm his- lot in Lhe Johnston addition Colonel .loha A. Danki-, former p:us- tor of the Methodist Kpjscopal church, of Oonnellsville, rinnounces himself as/ candidate for Mayor of Pittahurg. Robert Xorris. 'M.iin fa tree£ sbo^ dealer sings "Nursery Days" in tcnder- est tone and smiles cheerfully on cus- tomern. A young- BtranRfr of the gent l e r sex i.s* itopplnp: at his home. ___ .T. C-. Klmmell d Japan** Of his Main -.yANTBD GTKb FOR G K N ' E H A L J RT-.cery and K ne« with Tlioma* j homework. Apoly to MRS. A I. D A N - J KOK SALK--THRKE S1XOKD piiinoj?, yood coiiciiLiou. Also four second hand organs. PETER K. "WI3IM- KR. 6mar4t WANTED--SIOCONU H A N D T Y P K writer. Call Bell 1^-R, or Trt-State 98-W, M o u n t Pleasant. 23Eeblf l-^Oft K A J j K -- P J A X O A X H DAV13N- I port, leather rocker, kitchen cabinet, | yLove a i d srjwmpr machine inquire' N o r t h PitLsburg 1 . 7mar3t -WANTED -- BXHERIBNC15D G1KL 'or general housework. Call JO- West dar a v e n u e .ifter C P. M. 4inarU' FOR S A J^E--BARGAIN. EIGHT room house nnti Jot 10x120. Eighth street. West Side Inquire 11 fl South E i g h t h street, TrI-StaLe G95-W. 7mar6t* Natural g-as consumer's hop* det;p well nC the Hope Xataral j conrpany will n«f i sedrcli Cor a new result supply. that Gas riell to Fmdlay, O. to e-nb^rk in the Rents' furnishing 1 huaine*: 1 ;. The time made by passenger t r a i n s on th* P#emick" rofld for 13 rta t is remarkable In that t i m e hut onp t r a i n has been late. It was held ,up by a broken e« centric S. D Sipe, tfachf-r nf t h e Masnn school, Springfield township, plans to enter thi* nfHce of Pr. 1C. Y. Brady .U Ohiopyle for the ^tudy of medicHc Joseph D. 'Wilfrus, SO yenrs old, dies at ILayton . , ,n a hopeieasf TBETATOt FHIUAV, MARCH I I . J8PS. Detafled report of the OonneJJsvIHe coke trade fur tlv- « oek e n d i n p ^larch Letting [ 5 .show.s .t total of 18.603 nveni in the blajrt. and .1,770 idle, with an estimated produc- W-ith the State Constabulary ,, ...... ,, - ............. ____ _________ t a- pood examplt- ami ludpe Heppert repion of which 14,8.18 an · ~* --- · - - I U \ i n s r the law down to the constables, t 3,770 idle, with an The forth-coming "cOaftrenCo Of the j there s-houltl now be a very larffe in- tlon of Iif.,687 ions county safety- committees and" othur (crease m the mortality nf unlicensed Shipments for Ui« we arsanizationsto conVfder the question o: providing \ farm laboi during ihe planting and harvesting season, makes t h r o u g h o u t the county. IISLS, 103 4mart£d, \ ·WANTED---MI DDLH AC 121 ( o r chambermaid at B. £ VAl'KANT. , \ J P ,, \ WA.VTKU--BOY OVFIR 16 KOU rhop work sp'etidi'l o p p o r t u n t t v tn learn. VOUGU KLKCTHIC REPAIR COMPANY. BmurSf FOR. SALK--MILK ROUTE AND e q u i p m e n t A follows: One mill; wagon, on? horbe, two =icis harness, I one coal wagron. one ice cream w apron. j seven h u n d r e d m i l k bottles, cratca, elc. Last year's profits sS^ht to ten dollars per day. K F. DeTTaTT, ScoUdaJe, Pa. 1 4marSt-eod WANTED-- TO R K X T A STAXT5AKD Keyboard t j p c w r u c i for three or five months. Address 'TYPEWIUTEH," J U care C o u r i e r 4raarW | C 1 _ . WANTED -- TWO OR T U K E K KUIw- n i s h p d room-? for I t g l i t lious^kPeping. writc to "KOOM," euro Thu t ' o u n c r . - j Co GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR THE follow i n ^: Mechanical and civil cn- frlneerinfr dnuiehtsman experienced in (· detittls uf coal plant construction tftinman for m i n e -and property survey?. Oood salaries foi competent men. Send application^ to "Engineer's Office. THi: BL'CKEYK COAL COMP A N Y . OarmlchaeK Pa 7mar3t W A N T K U room you 1 *?. W i l l pertinpnt the suggestions of Secretary of Agriculture Houston on this important subject. SpeakiES oC the r e- ( .i sponslbiliiy oC people In the i t production of -sufficient staple foods ' to supply tUe needs ot the year. Score- ' tary Houston points o\it iaat tbc cities ' Dy Walt Mason. · A GOOD SIX OU SEVKN | South Side p r e f e r r e d i Vjv the- year or for a U - i m ' AridxfSb Y. CJTC The C o i n - ! J'nhHc 8,851 c.tra distributed a° follows*: To Pittsburp. 2,841 cart.; to points wti. ! " r · - t L u h t r 4.481 car": to points eaKt. l.ftSS, rt d«*- j ier - *· " j crease of 63 cars UA compared w i t h the · W A N T E D ~ MIS BUS WANTED WHO j . Scottdalc. Pa. previous wpck t X«*w Ha\ en! urpj-niTse*.- \\ itli C r u s Stoner, president. J. (' H o o p clerk. J u n c t i o n of a trea^iirftr held ' over for next week j Directors of th- Ynu(*hio(rhen\ Brldprc , _ j Oompanj meet at the omce-* In New j ^-^N'Tf-ID EXPEnilJAVCP CASH- i Haven and dwuss need of ti IIP* [ (op ;ulti K i,,.opraph«r for clop.LMmont J bridge over the river here H is PH- store Sta . t|k aa lary wanted and tfvv HOnS'K KALE, KATt'IIDAT. MARCH iUh, VniKinriinR: at '- V o clock sharp ^3 lieail hordes consistuip nf Crawford county r-ited d r a f t lc:fm. farm chunk" and peni-rnl purpo.-f liorsos, tojcelht-r are ^tudyinjr f o r ex am I nar ions to fffit I «'Hh a n u m b e r oC pood young mares the best mining- book published. "Min-! Also truck wftpon and harness F. T. inp In a Nutshell." hy JA.MKS WARD- · G R K E X A W A f . T . West N^-ton, Pa Price 5: 25. S f e b i l t J O H N SO.NTiLKS. Auctinnee.-. farming experience who are abler j J an f. ° U E b!aby ' °*' V" oe - Do "' t labor ,j B«rkV"e^cUd to"tnV"poTi"ce"force.'" bodieiTaad Who would doubtless be [ ^I^earten . t h e flelesat^you m o c t f j, A. ]. Boyri. of I'montown. villing to serve the nation ia the field ot agriculture at tMs ttm*-, Especialiy lor tbe seasonal strains of planting, cultivating, and ^arresting, it will not "be too much to ask such men to aid the farmers in the necessary under- ,,,,,,,,. WANTED--WHITE A N D COLORBH - --- --. --- --.--. - - lAborcra Cor regular work .Vino h o u r announces hi." candidacy for state sen- day time and one-half for overtime | AT ONCE I/INOTY3*K OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COTJRIER OFFICE (lie i shov | t r u e I trufj: .T lot of K-ouchy phrase« won't i make things pood as RCM . whould we , ,, ... o UK! palling, and -,ee our plans taking^.of maintaining and IE possible. j x o trn .iiinf?. a lot of^ and wmhns 1 ' w o n ' t m a k e thf buys less* blue. Onr* j supplemeating. the food supply in or: der to'feed the armies and to sustam ' the civilian population behind them. der a fierce and deadly fof. we need "II soWiers are "willm:; to serve in ' h i p i i . hearts, u n d a u n t e d , tne trenches, to dig ditcbes, build rail-' i"~ not wanted t u p man , . , .. .^j, nn-unted the condor WHIRS of wo- roads and risk their Hves. many civil-, dr . your tf . ar ., d : s p U i r t _ and J c t o u r ians can well afford to spare a part of ti*eir time to serve in th* furrows and in tb-Q- harvest fields. If it appears that the farmers, of a community or region'are not able to- secure the nee- i spiel t'isary labor by ihe usual methods. then the leaders in the town, or city , ^ immediately dependent upon that leg- ' q ion. should organize, establish touch with representative farn leader, and see if they cannot asli m solving the i problem. , In o doing they will not j only aid the farmers of ihe nation b u t j they vitally contribute 10 their own j well-being' and to that 3f thrir com-1 munity. j ''The farmers art w i l l i n g to do all tbat they humanly can but, where their labor supply cannot be furnished from the ordinary sources, it mJ^t be recruited from tho- whose %ery sustenance depends upo:i ihe farmers. The soldier and the fanner a i e eager w i t h couraere Spartan, ^ , _ , ^ ·^r^nc and *.weoi; we re weary of j a tor at Ihe Tayette c o u n t y Democrat- Make twelvo hours. MBMTHIS STEBL ;H*iw who. with his- streak of yel- i c primaries. | CONSTRUCTION COMPAN'T OP PENN- c:in only beef and bellow, and j Floyd Syaman son of "fv. A K J SYLVANIA, GrectisVur._r, Ta. his frigid feet. One thing- is i Seaman of South f'onncll.ivillf. ii 2i3C*'btfd a* hlazc^ and alw lys has h f f i i , thrown f r o w n a burar and vutttalnq a _^ f r a c t u r e of thf ]e;r WANTKD--AJTTf KINO OP rRl-VT- GeorK*- W. Krcj and "Eya. Wcynier, ing:, whether it. Is a. calllnpr card.v saie of Punb r Township; E d w i n K Wil- bill or t h e finest engraved wcddmi; liam.s of .Stewart townahlii and Mary j invitation or announcement. We prim Martha Miller of f*unbar township; | anything:--everything--do it promptly Ch.trlf-"= A Hann.ili. of Now lliiven. a.nd , and do it riehL Call the man at TH.E Snrah Shaw of Stur J u n c t i o n . COURIER omc« Both phones 27-tf nntl M. ith us j botli of X*»w Htiven Goorp* 1 D W. F»r [(.«»·. he's always j i3 anjfiA y a n d riara l.rstcr P i r ^ o t t of D u n h a r township take out marriaKf Kuprenc T Xorton. .a^fiPtnnt fa c hler . of th" First N a t i o n * ! B a n k i? off d t l t j - ' -how cap they tiffin, on hcHnnpr that ! o n account of iIlnc'tH i FOR RMNT--PTRNTSHED UOOM n e. fnstr-aii of rhi-^rinp. ar^ doiibtinB. i rh.* r lpf P. Iloori hrenk." irro'intl for for g-entJem^in. 2T5 Market street. ;. f e a r i n f r . anrt m a k i n g fioloful j a new hnust; on Cedar avtinui- which be "Steb'f [ r V Stantou P B. W nuri ^^Ml^ B e r t h a j FOR RKXT-TWO NlCEbY PCR- K e m p married in thp I n d i a n Crpfik nished roorn-s. I n q u i r e JOS t/(ift Green Mill Run by Rev, | *$**·· 6mar31 had ,1 b r o o d . ~^OR 1H3XT--PI KNISKED HOOM. Idler? feel tl'at you hav orfecc ford. RKXT-- K I T U V l s r i K D L I G H T ' pins" room-- 311 East Craw- 4 m a r t f d FIFTY LABORERS, LONG JOB. ·\VORJv EVERY DAY. MEJjCROST, I N D I A N CREEK VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY I IXf I I I ) * I H H . I l ' I ?v ' Bapilrtt r h u r T-'rank S Wn j ; .Joshua M rhurch at Ttman _ _ . Bailcj \vho h:id .1 bror and « c \ e r a l head of ci.tLlc h ' t t d n j 0 1 " mjul doe at his f a r m at M i l l R u n } I '-"^ t G r c t ' m p ^ l l ^ d to k i l l (he sov One of ; ,,f^ n for liffht houHekecpinK". S m a r ^ t TOSILS. fla I h « fine tor c:ime because m thrOtit wn.4 feellnpr .twful t-ore And vi hon he looked inside tr« *rce ho taid "if*, h k n it wits* before. It's tonserliti. «ure enough Y o u ' d heiter ten her fa. tnday his m i n d ur now to have t h a t , h t t l c party riqrht a* ay." j Danirl Portrnel.i; hou" in Spnnc- | Murphy. Inquire f l f l d townrtilp catch PI fin- a tut burn 1 * i En t h t fiTfliin/I. Ten 7nJniit*"« b*forf the I fir? Mrs Portrnid crave b i r t h to n child K i n d fncnfls removed bcr to .t, neighbor'^ hoye. Twenty-five mem-hers of the K n i p h f ; of Pvthift.i of Oonnellsrvll'.e pay a fra- n a t M-it to th« Tyrnnc Lodpre at FOR BBNT--TWO I,ARGE U.VFUf- | nishoil lis"ht houflftkeeplng 1 rooms. .'o i children. 503 Ka*t Green strcc-t., ' ,28feh-eod j ! FOR RT3NT--FRONT OFFICES ON · I tKtcond floor of D u n n , Evans build- ' inc. Inquire of HAHRT DUNN Bjan-tfd I'd talk that way before sick and 30 J knew A hen m F'n came home that n l f f h l ira. laid; "SIic can't ETTOTT strong; anil si out ' t ' n t i ! the doc)'.'- c o m e « an* takes -her adtlynnidp iin* l o n ^ l l h out." P .*-o'ei ipard him ivhen Eud ,,. . to do their full shure: the soldier is That what t h « y rijd to him tliAt time, taking the cbancrs of losing lUS l i f e 1 to me t h e y piann^fl to come and do. M and tbe farmer is rrskins the labors | A r y l o: a year on the chance of the sea- i?ODs; both incur risks. Very ninny civilians a*e equally eager to do their share but may not appreciate th*e op- portuniiy to serve ;n th- ncld 01' agric altar*, *Tlw Departments oJ Agriculture and labor Trill render -*very possible aid, h-nt each coniTOimitv knows Us own iNroblems, aud urb in people, es- peciaiir basicess men cmild cooperate effectiT»ly vtth tbe f a n n e r s and also j render much assistance.' That men, of our o w n community and county have been wins thought Till RSDAY. M. \11CII ff. 1»O:. Details! rrport of t h e C o n n p U p r i l l c k^ trajJc for the w^ck ending MarcM q h b w ^ a toUi) of 3G,0{10 ovens in th^ region t.f which 15,837 are In blast and ! _ » 7 M ulJe. w i t h a t f j t a l estimated pro- a u c t i o n of rto 3M tons Shipment* for t h e week affffrefiated fi.Taij cars d i t t r f b i i t e d .ia follows: To i I'ittpburpr, 2,8'Ji cars, to p o i n t y \ve*t, on h i s knc** and t 2. :;_». C E I I I , to points e;i?t, 564 cars, a i - I i k e an' prave decfriist of 25 uj.r; as compared to llie An' th U---«t-d \ n ' said h" jriifu-s-d :t u a s HIP best, j previous week a.n' then ho u.Tki-d me to be brave, ] At th* 1 a n n u a l flec-ilon nf officers of MJ. s.iid "Dnn t look at her like that, j the Ladit.s' A u x i l i a r y of tht Y. M. C. A-. it* 1 : riothin*; to he Beared ubou' " ·*'-- i i . . , , i !,,»,,,.*^. An' Pa\t 'aid- 'True, but still I ' -the ccdn t h a \ to tiis problem along the '.iues indicated by Secretary Houston will mi** it much easier for the details o£ a .flan to be worked om, provided the aeceaeary Triliinenes^ »nct cooperation Is diapered by those -nrbo^D assistance It"Trill be uec«ary to 1 ave. her tonsils out " t m o r n i n g w h e n r v. oke 3fn ^aid 1 M U l d n ' : ha\-- m l » r o a k f a s t then itu^o tlie- 'loctors a n d t h e nurse had ·'.ild thry would be here by tr-n. ?n they got her' 1 the docto- Tmilp'l an' ^a\ c me sonu J i c r f u m e to Mi.«. ilent \n' told me r p r e t t y soo \\'hcn I w c k c up !l to r r y at is ould be \ Jill, coz ell. . .^m.led an' no«," hut vfpnicd l i n o roui.J .ind t red « hot li- v, er* rerwliei ; 1 !oi AX EPEKBPRETATIO.V .\KKL»i;i. I Tbe quamdfcry in which the farmers j of Sprtn^leid townshin are placed, i "·with rwfcct to trading their w h c a t j tor corn, creates a proMem the Food · Admini»tratioa should sohc. j Through, partial failure of the corn I crop last fall because of the oarly . froets. few farmers in that section ' have soflkcient corn on hand to frerf , their liT» stock during the remaining months of the winter fjedin? season. They hare wheat which tfould be used is feed, but they are in doubt f!ut Pa tin' ila t-t have h.ul n i a w f u l if lad th,u F o^lj. out OM-V A VOM'VTKMl. flt Camp Han- camp-- ) \\"1i\ t l t d n ' t I \:id be led to i-ait to be d n i f t f d t h e t r a i n bv ;L band. \nfi i nit in m d.ttm l"fr cT^mption-- i ih. « h y did I hold up my h a n d -- \Vliy d i d n ' t I wait f u r I lie b a n q u e t \Vh\ d i d n ' t I wait to be choired-- i 'fur the drafted men ject all the uredit f U'hlle' 1 I merely volunteered. whether the Pood Administration j ^ g ^^ K a y e mc R bR1Kluct- rnles would permit then to use It f o r . N - t , bort ., ,.^[",1 a u-ini word: ' Tlxc puff oC thf ensint-. t h e grind of Ihe \ \ h r e K \Va^ al' Lhe ROOdrfcje tint I h r a r d . r n p n off to the t r a i n i n g c i m p huslled To be tr.ilned for ttfft n e x t h.df a year. \nd in the shuffle forpr'ttcn-- that purpose. Under the circumstances [hoy w,ll be ooliged to do one of two things. They will be compelled to feed their wheat or, as the only alternative. trade it for corn. Vi'n -re-heat selling M the'government price of $^.20 per bushel of 60 pounds, and -with corn ai' Wd Iska whatYdiaTiTth' the market price of $2.7-5 per bushel i Ami his ey,.!. loot UD AI ot 56 Doumts. and the cost of hauling ! I w i l l have to look volunteer. , [ waa only a volunteer . Vod perhaps som* day ! John'-ton is -Jio.wn piysi- -Mr.«. H. M. Kcrr, tir«t vice presi- M-" Kell lioni?, second vice president; Mrs. .(. S McKco · Lre^as^lrer. anil Afr- . "\f. S nefrrnbatiffh. secretary. The 1'ham.lier of Commerfe tlecUlcs to eita4)IiFh A piirk. Rorouprh E n c t n c p r 7 R. Hogfi: presents a proposition to have the city ma.kc* use of 15 acres in Hoffff's Hollow. MLHK Nora Beilc Adims 2S ear^ old, OruiRhter of Mr. antl Jtrs "William C. Adams, died ut her home in. Groen srrect f r o m m u m p s and spina'. menin- f?iti-5. n i 7 *, Sheppard of New H.wen boy^ t h e Irouuo'rfe Hotel at Milton, Pa. The nome of Mrs H S. Mitchell near Ohmpyl" i? dc-troyetl by tiro Rjy rth'aw, llckci sailer at the t i m re Ohio KtRtlon for the past .war IP^d to Pfefrfiiirs-. Mt5W Btnitah Gifmorc win= tpach«r"' ··-ont^^t for The Courier's Studdard't lecture''. M. K Dick and 1 directors in the Cha c o m p l f t i n p : t h ^ orr.nnixatK'i runi il «:tartP movr-mcnt tn fttiy the w a f r ^*orks. Tbr- r-if»rk is a t i t h o n x o d tn n " t l f ^ thf r o n n H I w v J M e Wat^pr Company t h a t th* bnrou^h IP rrarfy to yiur- Lho p l a n t under th^ l"rmA of thr aprc^m^nt w h e n A (ranch i^r« was gran ten Thf linrty of .Tamos "*. T^oop. son of Mr. a n ri M rs. Joh n K oop, of Xe w H-uen, is, f o u n d In the Beaver River. .1 h n l f m i l p frorr BP.IV^I- Falls T3/rp hit been mis^'njr o.ncp December 27. . P.. Flotr. elected ber of Commerce FOR RBNT--THTIKH X1CBLY P U R - nishod roomy /or light hou«yljoep nr with use of bath. No children 1 J L 7 Sycamore street. "m.irlt FOR RENT -- NICE TX)CAT1OX. South Side six l o o m house, modern conrenienco';. I n q u i r e H02 Kirfr N'a- t tonal Bank buildi-iy; 01 Bell 1TSS Tri- SiKte "11. Srnnrtf Opportunity. Fort PAH'rrcb'L IRS IK l i K C A n n to thy 1)0=!". G6ner:il Store o p p o r t u n i t y in K f t v c t t f count}. v.'nte ;tt onco to G K O K G E f M(.G!LL Dawson, Pa , IraarSL* Save Pennies- Waste Dollars JJ Sonne users of printing save pennies by getting inferior work and lose dollars through lack of advertising value in the wo^k they get. Printers as a rule charge very reasonable prices, for none of them get rich although nearly all of them work hard. Moral: Give your printing to a good printer and sax money. Our PrisEting Is Unexcelled Pl.AT TONIGHT. loriuer and added ti lb«- lattr, an tx- ciiang-o of vh fat -for t-ora N not a pro- fititble fcran?acuon. In f.ict. it mvohe^ a decided Icr's' to the f d r m e r both in ill Hume 'rom TKil. ·Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Hpnilri-Mii. tt» priw for the whvat and in McKeesport have returned f i o m weisht 'and fnort valur nf the grain risk with Mr anrt Mrs. 0. r. l.cnhart j r h p rhances of the riprks to crawl ont that would be recrm-d in oxrha-nsu. of Ponnsvillc ( I n f the bottom poeitinn. B.. it 0. riorfcs IV'MI Xot Have Ariversnrj in City T.cngne Game. The t'ity leasw? game at the Maccabee hall tonighi will he between the Maccabee uggregation anrl the Balfi- niort' .1- Ohio clerks. }Tho t-torkw have lMiall h i i t h e i r f(»al stride; and rijjly o \ p f i ;« "clean n f " (in t h e \UtcCd.- bfr.- to.i^hi. The railroiidcrs defeat- i i d t i n - (l.irajtt'' lJ«i wt-^k wbi^n tluii u-ain vi a^ tiftl for s«-tinil .ilact*. The- Icnmie standing w i l l no' be THR- h"-r H!v t-hanscd if tbe .Mnrrabeps Joso hut it will tend tn increase Reorganization Sale Extended to Saturday, March 9th Special attention is directed to the very unusual values in Men's Shoes ai $2.45. $2.85 and $3.45 Boys'Suits in sizes 13, 14 and 15, at $2.50 'Values up to $7 aod $ii. A larger assortment of sizds at $3.50 and $5.00 Values up to $9 and S10. Men's Tan Color Rain Coats. $3.00 Value, $2.45 Reduced prices in certain styles of Men's Suits. Reduced prices on all Overcoats. Watch Kor Our Kiiportmil AniKiuiicciiipnt Xex( Week. The Horner Co. Gonnellsville, Pa. One thing we milst do is save food, and one particular kind oC food we must save is flour. We are noif facing a flour famine, and it is predicted by representatives of the United States Food Administration that within a short time this country will be out of flour entirely. The supply is getting lower every day. The recent ruling requiring persons buying flour to buy an. equal amount of some substitute is being enforced by all good, loyal merchants, and. the fellow who is not enforcing it is taking a great chance of being put out of business. We have heard complaints from people of standing about this ruling, the unfairness of it, etc. It is not unfair, it is not unreasonable--it is absolutely necessary and you may as well accustom yourself to using flour substitutes because the real flour famine is coming. Learn to eat bran bread, oat meal bread, corn bread, rice bread. There are many combinations that make good bread. We are having demonstrations at our plants over the entire region daily, teaching our people how to use these substitute foods, and have had remarkable success. The foreign people are alright, they take to this order cheerfully. The flour situation is critical, people that are criticis- ing do not know the conditions evidently, and it is time to take warning. Help win the war. 83 Larce Department Stores, , Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes corrector. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with our stylo selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE'STORB ·with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. Doctor said, "Bio-feren had done wonders for her."-- Case 1724--School tpuchw; Residence--K»- turky; aeveie operation, left her weak. ana«- mSn, nervous; low vitality Physician r»com- inpnfled ]3io-feren. T^o wetlis 1 ireatmant shoived reniarlcabJo ligprovetnent. Iocujr reported, "Eio-feren had done wonders for her.'" Ajiothtr cape--Penr.sylvanian, roportp; *'i hnve taken about one-liaJf of th« Bio-fercn pclletu and must confeee that 7 f«] lilte new." A Xcnlncklan woman says: "I have;cn Bio-feren roffularly and «« much bsneflted, I cau use my arjnn much better. Hoiwvpr. can not get m,' h*nd» to my head sufHpi»ntly to comb my hair, but I fee) thai I will roon »* able to do thai," Tou. want the vigorous health and ruddy boavty that .* dependent «R «tr*ngth, nerves and red blood. Everybody does Read thoB*- report* abov^ fiffaJn, Tou, loo, if you a j e drBg-ged down in healJh and strength because ot overwork, worry, nerves, and similar causes can rebuild your hM.Hh a.nd etrenrth with Blo-fL-ren. It ia not a stimulant. It is a buildor--a, builder o* .better bealth. ' Blo-feren contains some of the best ingredients known to the mediaO world, and U indicated for the treatment of run-down conditions due to overwork, worry, aiia^mfa, meianchoZIa, nervous debility, debility following infectious diseases, convalescence from acute level a, eic. There is no secret nor mystery abo-Jt Bio-feren. Every pa-ckage show* the elements It contains Ask your pheiclan about it, or have him writ* smd w« will aend him complete formula And don't forset tha: I3io-fdren is sold only on condition that you -will return the empty package and allow us to refund your purchase price if. for any reaaon, you are not fjlly satisfied. Please bear that in mind for it i» Tory Important. Bio-foren sells at $3 00 for a '.arse package. Your druriciM con supply you or we will send it direct upon receipt o! 51 00: six packages for 15 00 ehoiild you have any trouble In necurinp It, The BentaacI Romodics Company, Mavonlc Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio. / IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results. \

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