Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 26, 1974 · Page 15
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 15

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 15
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5B --Ma? 26, 1974 Sunday Gazette-Mail Wesl Virgtai» I Your Bridgework BUSINESS By Jackie Wilcox -i South dealer. Neither side vulnerable. North S K 6 4 2 H K 6 3 2 D Q 6 C 7 5 4 West SJ 5 H 8 7 5 4 D A 10 7 5 2 C 10 2 East S Q 9 8 7 H J 10 9 D K 8 4 C K J 9 South S A 10 3 H A Q D J 93 C A Q 8 6 3 The bidding South 1 nt 2 diamonds 3 nt West pass pass pass North 2 clubs 2 n t pass East pass pass pass V Today's hand was dealt in ' the master's pairs at a sec] tional tournament and the field invariably arrived at / three notrump. Over one no- trump North used Stayman to find a major suit fit and, after receiving the two diamond ;- negative reply, returned to T two notrump. South, holding : extra values, carried to .game. , West led the diamond five, ; East won the king and returned the eight. West made the correct play by ducking, allowing d u m m y ' s , queen to win. With no outside e n t r y this was the only way to keep communications '··· · · open. '·· Mrs. Wilcox south took the club finesse which assured \ eight, tricks and cashed the A- ! Q of hearts. He then put West ( in by leading the jack of dia- ;_ monds, discarding a low club -from dummy. West took the diamond 10. dummy throwing - a spade. East a heart and declarer a club. On the diamond . seven a spade was pitched from the board. East could . safely discard a spade and declarer a club. · ' This was the position: North SK6 . ' H K 6 " D - C 7 West S J 5 H 8 7 D C I O East S Q 9 8 H D C K J South S A 103 H D C A 8 West exited with a heart to dummy's king and East was squeezed. He was forced to give up either his spade or club stopper with South discarding behind him. Local players topped a field of 54 teams in the Lexington, Ky., Sectional Tournament two weeks ago. Congratulations to Mrs. D. L. Olds. B. Y. Hill. Larry Logsdon and Reuben Graham. LAST WEEK'S WINNERS MONDAY BRIDGETTE CLUB 1. Mrs. Walter Fenslermacher and Mrs. H. C. Riley 2. Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs, W. J. Wischmann 3. Mrs. James Morgan and Mrs. W. L. Pyle 4. Mrs. A. T. Walter and Mae Wethered MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE 1. Jim Dodson and Steve Cavender 2. George Faulkner and Harry Welsch 3. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. Tom Moore WEDNESDAY WEST VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE DUPLICATE 1. Mrs. David Thalheimer and Mrs. Austin Miller 2. Jade Wyatt and Bill Wick Jr. 3. J. R. Bird and Scott Scobell 4. D. C. Johnson and Dr. Ed Sheen 5. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey EASY ACES CLUB TOURNAMENT NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. Charles Lemon and Mrs. Roy Monroe 2. Mrs. L.T. Snider Jr. and Mrs. David Thalheimer 3. Mrs. R. E. Stone and Mrs. James Morgan 4. Mrs. H. L. Lemasters and Mrs. A. T. Walter EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. K. H. Hill and Mrs. W. L. Pyle 2. Mrs. J. M. Murrin and Mrs. John Kester 3. Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. Tom Moore 4. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. D. B. Eakle OVER-ALL 1. Mrs. K. H. Hill and Mrs. W. L. Pyle 2. Mrs. J. M. Murrin and Mrs. John Kester 3. Mrs. Charles Lemon and Mrs. Roy Monroe 4. Mrs. L. T. Snider Jr. and Mrs. David Thalheimer 5. Mrs. R. E. Stone and Mrs. James Morgan 6. Mrs. H. L. Lemasters and Mrs A T Walter MAY 16 NOVICE GAME 1. Bonnie DeVinney and Mrs. James Beheler 2. Mrs. Paul Allen and Mrs. Tom Horn MAY 18 BIO AND MADE CLUB TOURNAMENT NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. C. E. Crow and Mrs. J. P. Engle 2. Reuben Graham and Robert Bailey 3. Mrs. Harry Welsch and C. E. Crow EAST-WEST 1. Bill Wick, Jr. and Stan Given 2. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Clarke 3. Mr. and Mrs. Rett Bean OVER-ALL 1. Bill Wick Jr. and Stan Given 2. Mrs. C. E. Crow and Mrs. J. P. Engle 3-4. Reuben Graham-and Robert Bailey 3-4 Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Clarke. 5. Mrs. Harry Welsch and C. E. Crow BRIDGE CALENDAR SUNDAY - Sunday Night Duplicate -- 7 p.m. - YWCA. Public invited. MONDAY -- Bridgette Club -- 10:30 a.m. -- Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch, 901 wilkic Drive. Public invited. Monday Night Duplicate. Home ot Mrs. Harry Welsch. 7:30 p.m. TUESDAY - Tuesday Night Duplicate - 7:30 p.m. - YWCA - Public invited. ,' . WEDNESDAY - Easy Aces - 10:30 a.m. Benl Kedcm. Closed. WEST VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE Duplicate -- 7:30 p.m. New Dormitory. Public invited. THURSDAY - Novice Game - 10:30 a.m. -- Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. FRIDAY -J KVBA-7:30p.m.-Mor- ris Harvey College Union. Closed. Swiss team game. SATURDAY -- Bid and Made -- 7:30 p.m. -- Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. Sissonville Man Promoted to Staff Engineer at Carbide Technical Center New Books at Library These'books were among the titles received last week at the Kanawha County Public Library: Adult fiction - Aldrldge, A Sporting Proposition; Brlstow, Laughter In Darkness; Broch, The Guiltless; Butterworth, Villa on the Shore; Calllson, A Web of Salvage; Carter, A Member of the Family; Cass, Island of the Seven Hills; Cohen, In the Days of Simon Stern; Ferguson, A Guard Within; Francis, The Itinerary of.Beggars; Gill, Ways of Loving; Giovannitti, The Man Who Won the Medal of Honor; Head, The First of January; Johnson, An Avenue of Stone; Katz, Black Woman; Lezama, Paradise; MacNeil, The Red Daniel; Mojtabai, Mundome; Murry, Trainwhis- tle Guitar; Oz, Elsewhere, Perhaps; .Pierce, The Wedding Guest; Polk, The Linnett Estate; Price, The Wanderers; Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow; Randall, Dragonmede; Sheldon, The Other Side of Midnight; Snelling, The Heresy; Spicer. The Adversary; Tack, Return of the Assassin; Vittorini, Women of Messina; Wallace, Honk if You Love Boise Hafter; Warren, The Front Runner. Adult nonfiction -- Aiken, The Multinational Man; Alth, Making Your Own Cheese and Yogurt, American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, Changing Congress: The Committee System; Arnold, Lady Beward; Beard, Beard on Bread; Beck, Folklore and the Sea; Bedinger, Indian Silver; Blumenfeld, How to Tutor; Bradford, Christopher Columbus; Brennan, Begin- Civil Service Recruiting Applicants The West Virginia Civil Service System is currently recruiting applicants for a variety of current and f u t u r e vacancies. Positions being announced include professional, nonprofessional and technical jobs. In order to compete, interested individuals should complete in detail a standard Civil Service application and file it so that it is postmarked by June 14. Written examinations aren't required for these positions. Ratings will be performed on the basis of education and work experience as expressed in the application. Bernard Whittington of Sissonville has been promoted to staff engineer in the electrical engineering technology group at the Carbide Technical Center in South Charleston. Whittington joined the company as a process electrical engineer in 1959, and later was made lead engineer for planning and designing electrical systems for Carbide plants at Taf.t, La., and Ponce, Puerto Rico. He is a consultant on electrical reliability and standards programs for all Carbide chemicals and plastics plants. Whittington is a graduate of West Virginia Univesity. He and his wife, Jean, have three children. Moses Brokerage in Charleston is a winner of a sales contest sponsored by Gorton, Frankel Preventicare Workshop Planned The Lawrence F r a n k e l Foundation Project Preventi- care will have a workshop on "Geriatric Exercise Physiology" on Wednesday. The project is sponsored and partially funded by the West Virginia Commission on ner's Guide to Archaeology; Brodie, Thomas Jefferson, An Intimate History; Chace, The Political Identities of Ezra Pound 8. T. S. Eliot; Clausen, How Congressmen Decide: A Policy Focus; Corson,. Consequences of Failure; Cross, A Guide to Unusual Vacations; Crown, The Fabric Guide for People Who Sew; Davidson, Europe With Two Kids and a Van; Davis, The Potato Book; Dlop, The African Origin of Civilization; Dodson, How to Father; Duncan, Social Change in a Metropolitan -Community; Eaton, The Overland Trail to California in 1852; Erickson, The Whole Works; Evans, New Voices In American Poetr,y; Fenten, Gardening ... Naturally; Frost, The Quaker Family in Colonial America; Gellman, Roosevelt and Batista; Gilbert, Chulo; Gutcheon, The Perfect Patchwork Primer; Hall, Inside the Crime Lab; Hammond, New Adventures in Needlepoint Design; Hartje, Bicentennial USA; Hellman, Energy in the World of the Future; Hyetson, Lace and Bobbins; Issawi, Issawi's Laws of Social Motion; Kahn, How the Weather Was; Kobler, Ardent Spirits; Lekachman, Inflation; Leo Kramer inc., The Health- Impaired Miner Under Black Lung Legislation; Logsdon, Homesteading; Me- Cracken, The American Cowboy; Malleson, The Medical Runaround; Niven, Gideon Welles; O'Connell, The Counter Reformation, 1559-1610, Parker, Mind Cure in New England: From the Civil War to World War I; Pearlman, The Maccabees; Pelton, Natural Baking the Old-Fashioned Way; Radlauer, Soap Box Racing; Roach, Black American Music: Past and Present; Roby, Child Care -- Who Cares?; Rosenfeld, The Book of Highs: 250 Ways to Alter Consciousness Without Drugs; Roueche, Catching Up; Sargent, My Life With the Headhunters; Schwartzman, Campaign Craftsmanship; Sette!, Close-To-Home Auto Tours; Seymour, Enjoying the Southwest; Shneour, The Malnourished Mind; Smith, China. A History in Art; Sochen, Movers and Shakers; Stieber, Public Employee Unionsim: Structure, Growth, Policy; Taylor, Feeling Alive After 65; Toffler, Learning For Tomorrow; Weisheipl, Friar Thomas D'Aqurno: His Life, Thought, and Work; Wilkes, These Priests Stay; Young, People's Guide to Country Real Estate; Ziff, Puritanism in America. Reference -- Blevins, The Young Voter's Manual; Bolmeier, Landmark Supreme Court Decisions on Public School Issues; Fine A r t s Market Place. 1973/74-; Gerber, Thomas Hardy: An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Him; Goode, Population and the Population Explosion: A Bibliography For 1970; Grant, Gods And Mortals in Classical Mythology; Great Soviet Encyclopedia; Hanley, Who's Who in Track and Field; Hargreaves-Mawdsley, Spain Under the Bourbons, 1700-1833; Hartje, Bicentennial USA; Heravl, Concise Encyclopedia of the Middle East; Howe, Antiques from the Victorian Home; Jahn, Rock; Jordan, Pictorial Travel Atlas of Scenic America; Kariher, Who's Who in Hockey; Katz, Library Lit. 3 -The Best of 1972; Moore, Historical Dictionary of Guatemala; Rainey; Mosaics in Roman Britain; The Random House College Dictionary; Roth, An Annotated Bibliography of Jane Austen Studies, 1952-1972; Setlel, Close-To Home Auto Tours; Sondak, The Layman's Dictionary of Computer Terminology; Thompson, John Milton, Topical Bibliography; Walford, Guide to Reference Material; W. Va. Governor's Commission on Crime, Delinquency and Correction, A Synopsis -- 1973. Aging. Hours of the workshop will be from 9 a.m. until noon and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. There will be lectures, demonstrations, and video tapes of international medical figures discussing geriatrics and gerontology. There will be a luncheon at the Army-Navy Club. A registration fee, payable to the foundation, will be required to cover the cost of the lunch. Only 35 applicants on a first- come, first served basis will be accepted. a seafood processor, marking the 350th a n n i v e r s a r y of Gloucester, Mass., and the company's 125th birthday. The win entitles the Charleston broker to an all-expense paid European trip or its cash equivalent. Aetna Life Casualty will boost its Charleston agency's contribution to United Way this year for the third year in a row. This year the company will add $226 to the $564 contributed by the firm's employes here, says manager Hugh D. Hicks. Total contributions made in 1974 by the company and its employes to U n i t e d Way t h r o u g h o u t t h e c o u n t r y amounts to $896,349, of which $555,815, comes from em- ployes and $340,534 from the company. AKC Registered Pups · Alaskan Molamute · Siberian Huskies · Schnauzers · American Eskimo · Collie BUY NOW-PAY LATER Financing Available VILLAGE PET SHOP 5200MacCori(leAve.S.L Kan. City Ph. 925-7571 LOUIE'S Dr. Randy B. Smith DOS. ANNOUNCES the afffiliation of Dr. Nick Shalhoup Jr. DDS for the general practice of Dentistry 341 12th Street, Dunbar 768-1736 * *** * * * I OPEN MEMORIAL DAY - MONDAY 9 AM to 5PMI Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday *** *** 11.6 CU. FT. 406 LB. CAPACITY UPRIGHT FREEZER! RCA 4,000 , , I lo REG. $219.84 SAVE $30.00 ' ·--· ^^-^U- · $|89 84 Only 28'inches wide, but a freezer capacity of 406 Ibs.! And--because it freezes extra fast--it's especially handy for freezing already-prepared foods, even whole meals. Also features 4 door shelves . . magnetic door gasket . . ..handy slide-out basket . . . and porcelain-enamel-on-steel liner. #50827 ROOM SIZE AIR CONDITIONER Hotpomt's handy Porta-Cool gives you a J^ ^MM lull 4.000 BTU s ol easily portable cooling ^^^Tj power Light and compact, this model can I^V^MH still deliver 1 has an 8-posinon thermostat "· ^^M top air c :hargc . tilt-out tiller and ^^^J Lexan molded outside case 450150 ^^^| 8,000 BTU-AIR CONDITIONER REG.-S189.76-SAVE $25.00 ^o^ $164.76 LIFE-LIKE 18 INCH DIAGONAL PORTABLE COLOR T. V. Portability . . ·. performance - . . and generous screen size are all combined in this RCA color set. It has the AccuColor picture tube lor vivid, life-like color .. . and its 1-set VHP fine tuning automatically remembers the signal you select #54609 REG. $318.67--SAVE $49.00 $269* ^Whirlpool 19,000 BTU, 230 VOLT AIR CONDITIONER This model's 4-way air direction control lets you direct the cool air anywhere in the room . . . and the Comfort Guard control automatically maintains a constant temperature level. #50022 REG. $299.81--SAVE $40.00 $ 259 81 23,000 BTU--Refl.$339.72 SaveS40. #50024 $299.72 HrrtpjorinJb TWO-SPEED Automatic WASHER || 3 washes and 2 rinses . . . 2 i water levels . . . normal and ' gentle agitation and spins . . . 3 -- soil removal cycles . . . Fountain Filter lint removal . . . and wide-arc spiral agitator. #51222 REG. $218.69--SAVE $44.00 -Hrrtfutriivt 15.7 CUBIC FT. NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR FREEZER Features a 129.5 Ib. freezer . . slide-out meat keeper . . . twin vegetable crispers . . . covered butter and cheese keepers . . . cushioned egg racks . . 3 easy-release ice trays. #53530 Automatic Dryer $ I74' ·, REG. S319.86--SAVE S50.00 $ 269 86 WITH ICE MAKER $309.86 Features 5 drying . cycles, light, medium. heavy, extra heavy or permanent press . . . 3 temperature selections high, medium, or air-only . extra-large hnt screen . . and automatic turn-off when door is opened. ·51487 REG. $149.73--SAVE $20.00 V \Vhirlpool 515 LB. Storage Capacity CHEST FREEZER * 50807 REG. S229.76--SAVE S30.00 *I99 76 I 1 o t pQijutr 6,000 BTU AIR CONDITIONER Extra-quiet operation . . . ideal for bedrooms. #50162 REG. S159.91--SAVE S15.00 $ 144 91 12" DIAGONAL BLACK WHITE Personal Portable T.V. With a price like this, you can have a television set lor every member ot the family. This 12 diagonal set is easy to carry and gives sharp, clear pictures #54458 $6988 nc/i 25 INCH DIAGONAL 100% Solid State COLOR CONSOLE Handsome Early American styling combined with XL-100 color ior one ol the best buys in color consoles anywhere The console is only 35 wide so it will easily lit into your room plan. 454669 REG. S588.68--SAVE S60.00 *528 68 30 INCH ELECTRIC RANGE \ I ·· t"|~i fn ni~ Feaiui»s delay-cook ana timeci-coOKing clocks lilt-ol! oven aoor interior light "52830 REG. S248.72--SAVE S30.00 *218 72 1I o Lpjcrirtir TRASH COMPACTOR REG. S199.93-SAVE $20.00 $ 179 93 ·50575 -HrrtpjcrLixt 11.6 CUBIC FT. REFRIGERATOR FREEZER NO FROST . . . SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATOR FREEZER 19" DIAGONAL COLOR TV 93 #54768. Features 86 Ib. freezer .. . door storage . vegetable bins. 053504 -H-ertpucrinJr GIBBS 8-TRACK CAR PLAYER REG. $239.62--SAVE $30.00 REG. $469.96--SAVE S70.00 Features stereo pilot light . . . channel selector button . . , slide controls for volume, balance, and tone . . . solid state circuitry #55121 MODERN PORTABLE DISHWASHER REp. S239.91-- SAVE S40.00 51053 HOME OF UN-FLATiON PRICES OPEN MEMORIAL DAY 9 AM TO 5PM OPEN FRIDAY 8 AM TO SPM TUES.,WED.,THURS.8AMT05PM SATURDAYS SAM TO 3PM CLOSED SUNDAY PATRICK STREET PLAZA Phone 344-8071

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