Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 111
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 111

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 111
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Page 111 article text (OCR)

Crossword Puzzle CRYPTOQU1P Today's Cryptoqtifp clue: E equals S L F R L A T E Y L V F : I K M G G L P A M Y D H T M P G M E Y , M F R Y K T F G M E Y D H T M P L F A YV V G G L I T Answer for Sunday, July 16, Cryptoquip: BIG CRIMINAL-LIBEL SUIT QUIETS ONCE-LOQUACIOUS GAMBLER. ACROSS 1. Petty quarrel 5. Aswan, etal. 9. Part of speech .3. Those professing an ism 17. Take by escalade 18. A cheese 19. Arrow poison 20. More recent 22. Decree of a court 23. Professions 25. Irish county 2«. Lighthouses 28, Kind of signal fire 3P. Enemy scout 31. Assam silkworm 32. Dancer's cymbals 34. Famous fiddler 35. Industrial assoc. 3*. Angered 37. Fens 39. Use the telephone 41. The color biscuit 44. Kit and Johnny 46. Fretted 50. Hidden supply 51. -- de caderas 52. Observe 54. Growing out 55. Preposition 56. Dish containing soaked bread crumbs 59. Promise 61. "The Man" 62. Detective (slang) 63. Models 65. Guards 67. Mohammedan nymph 69. Friends (Fr. fern.) Overflowed by water 72. Housewife's chore 75. Radiated 77. Married 80. Wash 81. Spanish painter 83. The refined spirit 84. Commotion 85. Hebrew measures 87. Campus disorder 89. Peak, in France 71. 90. Mexican actress 91. To scold 93. Plays the flute 96. Kind of bicycle 97. Irish tribal division 99. Hungarian composer 100. Large paddles 101. Jolson and Smith 104. A bobbin 108. Veteran's org. 107. Gudrun's husband 108. Recede 111. Pea jacket 114. Tt burns before a shrine 117. Love, in Rome 118. Printing ' deadline 120. Wine beverage 121. Arabian country 122. -- homo 123. Eponymous an. cestor of the Hebrews 124. Ap- preaches 125. Jackdaws 126. FJy aloft 127. The Russian language 12«. Makes a blunder DOWN 1. Fragment 2. Social gathering 3. Fish sauce 4. Tied on a rope 5. Destitute 6. Abyssinian town (var.) 7. A spice 8. More chic 9. Roman numeral 10. Poet's word 11. French author 12. Got the better of 13. To initiate 14. A pronoun 15. Two 16. Spanish missionary 17. Adages 21. Biblical unicorn 24. Peter and Ivan 27. English actor- manager 29. Creese (var.) 33. Former Spanish kingdom 36. Set of nested boxes 37. Variety of grape 38. Weather word 40. Optical glasses 41. Unit of illumination 42. First-class 43. Superintend and guard 44. Biblical town 45. Street sign 47. Motto used as rallying ci'y 48. Stale (Fr.) 49. Lairs. 51. Sailor 53. Eccentric 56. Romeo slew him 57. Cupola 58. Soft copal 60. Endowment · 63. Young seal 64. Fur-bearing mammal 66. Small child 68. Carmen, etal. 70. One shooting at detached men 72. Untidy one 73. Harness part 74. Bravery 76. A deer' of India 78. Rim ·79. Unhappy destiny 82. Imple- .ment 84. Embrowns 86. Irish poet and novelist 88. Drove nail obliquely 90. Girl's name 92. Heroic in scale 94. Melts 95. Swiss physiog- nomist 96. Soft mineral 98. Figures of speech 100. The rest 101. Off 102. Crippled 1»3. Minute orifice 105. Stupor: comb, form 107. Culminations 108. Man's name 109. Smears 110. Mrs. Truman 112. Work gang 113. Philippine teak 115. Language related to Kanuri 11«. Poet's word 11». A weight, in India Author risked his neck to get this shot of an osprey nestling. Problems with Babies MOREHEAD CITY, N. C.--Some time ago, I observed an osprey nest and tried to figure a way to take pictures of its occupants. It's rather perplexing, for the nest is usually on a lonely tree or post high in the air. I'd considered blinds and all that, but 30 to 40 feet in the air with a blind? It was my wife's suggestion that I use a catapult and fast film. After careful testing, 1 discovered two minor errors: it is difficult to keep in focus, and I hadn't properly pre-planned the landing. I was quite discouraged, until a phone call summoned me to the next prospect. "I'll get you where you can get some pictures," was the promise. We waded out across the By Bob Simpson ffyster shell bottom of Newport River and got into Nick Culpepper's boat, counted life preservers and headed out. The river, is wide and shallow. Stakes outline the famous oyster gardens between the u n m a r k e d m e a n d e r i n g s o f t h e channels, that spread like fingers and require what is called local knowledge for navigation. Tree-lined banks along the distant shores mark where the higher land begins. The deep muck of marshes lies between. The grasses bowed like green seas before a light b r e e z e . R e d - w i n g e d blackbirds with squeaky- hinge voices scolded and sang from their stands among the cattails and spar- tina. These are the marshes that feed the estuaries. The "Tonic lo our HAWAII VACATION Planning Piirly AUG. 4 8:00 P.M. estuaries are the suppliers of the sea's life. Nick's motor purred on. Finally we spotted our goal, a distant osprey nest. The great bird circled warily overhead, watching. "Don't you worry. She's not bad worried. She's used to the fishermen, don't pay them no .mind any more. She's got a young one there. Heard it peepin'." We slid alongside the pole that supported the nest. A line passed from the gunnel around the piling and back. Then Nick set up a step ladder in the boat. Now those Newport oyster boats are wide and steady, but a light chop produced all kinds of motion, once I got a few feet up the ladder. One VU-ase turn to page 22m Holiday Inn-Charleston Mouse 600 Kanawha Boulevard, East Charleston, W. Va. We'll be there-all the way from Hawaii-lo entertain you. show you pictures, answer your questions, and tell you about the dozens of tours to our beautiful islands where no one can show you around better than we Hawaiians. We have one and two week tours starting at $299, $349 and $379, depending upon originating city, rates per person double room occupancy plus tax and service. Via UNITED AIR LINES Jets' --with some programs including West Coast options. Reservations are not necessary but, if time permits, just send in the coupon below and let us know if you're coming. Trade Wind Tours of Hawaii 11 Grace AVMM, Great Neck, N.Y. 11021 (516) 4K-C920 Look for of us at We'll each pay $1 admission at door. .State. -Zip- STATE MAGAZINE? July 23, 1972 Q Plus* wnd tnt your FREE, e«mpr«h«nslv«. fiur-c»l«f. 16pij« citilog of (ioup totiis* lo Hiiwii, including W«l Coast oelions. ·Sold only through Tn»el Atenls. TRADE WIND TOURS «lso oft«i$ clhtr l«w cttt loun tt tin Wnl Cowl tnl M«icc. fak four travel went. TWT-CRM 7/J3 CHARLESTON, W. VA.

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