The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 8, 1918
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THE DAIbY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH S, 191S. »·· r. A weU;a,tim*cd meeting ot thejia- dies' AiiSocijeliiof the M.jthodi»t : Pro- j .testant cJcitftlCffas held yesterday/ a£-j ternoon in^ffig/cliUTCh. "Business-ot a" routine nature'was transacted. Forty- six doHars was" realized frotn birthoay pokes turned in by the-members. Fol- lowing"thiT'bnsiness meeting 'refreshments were serred 'by a committee ceiBVoied of Mrs. 3. J. Robson, Mrs. 'WllUam Sioiles, Mrs. _Anna McCor- tnict and Miss Mutha : Bai1ase. Four tabt«.;ye:re"-utilize3 at ~"th». rtgular meeting of · titerTtrarsday -Afternoon. Card club at.which Mrs. If. P. MeConnick was hostess yesterday af- . ternoon at aer home in Vine street. Following the" games luncheon was serred. Mrs. W. 3: Bailey;will entertain the club-' Thursday ' afternoon, March 21, at 2 o'clock at ber home in IsabeHa road. - Mrs. 'L. S-. IQchael, a=sUed by Mrs. Hibben and Claries B-taiey: vocal solos by Mrs. Hazel Colvin Myers-, Mrs. N. T. .Hibben ^anfl Mrs. .Pope; readings; :bjr;;,Vr5:; Smith .;. Grimm and Miss; Jniogener. Rhoci,esv.-..' : Mrs: .Myers . . . £reshm"entg; ""were I: ^erred.--'The- next meeting will be' held BYiday evening, JIaicn"52^.at~thtf'homb.ot Mrs.: J. K. Jones, id North' Fittsburg street. The annual spring opening of the Style 'Shop, South Pittskurg street, is attracting 1 large crowds of ..women seekers" aTfaFbion-Sri millinery;.. Jt being the first' millinery opening oE tho season the women were eager to witness the display of th'e season's most authentic styles in millinery- There were ever so many pretty models, suitable for wear on all occasions. A decidedly smart hat was of inilan star. military shaped, .trimmed with roses and maiden hair ferns. Spoi* hats of pongee, wth blu* polka , dots, and Arttrar Nemon, organized a knitting i adorned with a large quill, attracted unit to tha Charleston Comforts much attention. The crushed brim Branch of the J*ary League yesterday saitbr was also shown, in a great ya- at Coatiii«rtaE,No. V- liu'the afternoon' riety. · Prominent among the popular . number of women received.intsrnc- colors are the khaki shades, barge tlona in knttUng^Trhilc the evening's French baskets of jonquils were used in decorating. ._ '. Officers for the ensuinsr.year.-were sleeted as, follows at....the;, regular meeting of the "Ladies' Aid-,and: Missionary society of the United. Presby-. terian church held yesterday, afternoon at the home ol Mrs. C-.. C. HoV- comb in'Arch street: -.President, Mrs. ·Hi .H. Francis; vice president,. Mrs. W. J. Everhart; treasurer,. Mrs. W.' H. Pearson, corresponding. secretary, Mrs. L. H. Grant; financial secretary. Mrs. J. C. class was conrposed °J twelve ·girts.- Jttos· Mary"Sigafous, was made chairman of .the unit. · ' "it' the regular meeting of the La- .dies' 'Aid society of the Firat Methodist Episcopal church held yesterday ·it' co'ni'e'ctid% with' Church Day" observed yesterday plans for a rally to be held at the ; April meeting were discussed. A committee composed of 'Mrs. B. S. Swartzweldor, Mrs. G. L. C. Richardson and Mrs. Harry T. Crossland was appointed to complete fur- Tfith" a' bouquet of carnations.. Mrs. Delia McCarnes is the new president. Meetings of the "Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary -societies were "held in the afternoon. -"Toe-Disciples of Christ in Africa" was the theme for discussion at the" meeting -yesterday o'f the C. "W. B. 11. auxiliary of. the Christian church. Mrs. TV". O. Foley was leader.- Papers on the topic were read by Mrs. A. J. Francis, Mrs. Eemalis;and-Mrs. Agnes /Miller. Mrs. J. ileLvirc.Grty.and Mrs. George ·W__Buclcnef'gave reports on * f : , I ':-·· SJrs. B.OSK Lytlo sang. Dur-- UdTor the Red "Cross"'and" Navy- liea- ifrs» H.- B..;She«tz entertained at a dinnerjlast evening at her homo :n honor o't.Miss Grace Searson who left todajtlor .Tampa, Ha.,_to,.reside. Coy- eri'were-laid for eight; persons. -.- Mr. anCMriT"Sb.eetz accompanied". Miss SearaST The weekly business meeting of the Business "Women's Christian association was held last night in Odd Fellows' temple, South Pittsburg street. Previous to the Bible study, iij charge ot Mrs. J. F. Kerr, women of the Trinity Episcopal church served supper. .. . . . Mrs. G.J2. Leonard was elected- presv irteat of the Woman's Missionary, association of the United.. Brethren church 'at the regular meeting liald aaCraiiluons'^etins. jit.j-? est . erda ' afternoon at the : home of ' lire. 0. O. Osterwise in Lincoln avenue. --'Other officers were elected as follows: Vice president, Mrs. William Kooser; secretary, Mrs. S. L. Fletch- ,e:f; ; :'treasurcr, Mrs. G6orge Zimmer- The O.~"rC"T.-'ancywork. cluT'was pleasantly entertained -yoste'fSsiy afternoon by Mrs."!,: SchuTer, at her William Howard Taft, ex-president of home in East Crawford ".'avenue. In i the United States, deliver an address. man: " PERSO?«ULS. Afr. and Mrs. S. M. Goodman were !n-~Pi'ttsburg at the Automobile show today. , '-The best place to'shop after all Brqwnell Shoe Co.--Adv. ifrs. S. R. Goldsmith was in Uniontown ycsteray -afternoon" and beard adition to. members, one guest was present.. Fancy-work and Emitting were the, amusements, followed by dainty refreshments. . Mrs. Joseph Hild, a member, wh'o' has returned to Con- nellsvillc. from Tarre Haute, Ind., . Read Downs' Shoe Store's ad on 8th page. It will save you money on stylish- and serviceable footwear.--AdvS-2 Louis Goodman was a Uniontown visitor yesterday. Those good looking glasses were EXCEPTIONS REVOKED ETcrjr locality to lie Treated Alike . on 1'lour Hnyinp Unlus. All the-food administration rule requiring the. purchase .of an equal amount of. substitutes, with eaph purchase of wheat-flour were re. voiced yesterday, because of the necessity of conserving wfceat .for the Allies. The entire country th'qs is put on a parity in buying of wheat flour. Inceptions to the rule had been allowed in cerain localities %rbere substitutes are little knowi andj hard to obtain. , Increased demands for -breadstuffs ·.from- Iho"Allies were announced "sov- crai'jdays ago," when .the food administration abolished the meatless meal and the pcrkless Saturday, as . t h e consumption, of wheat is closely related to the consumption "of meat, and it is deemed more itnperatire to save the grain. BOYS KEEP TAB ON WHAT WE DO HERE FOR RED CROSS DRAFT EXAMINATIONS ScotfrkUe Men to be Put Throuph Testa 2Tcxl Thursday. ' SCOTTDAUS, March 8.--Physical examinations of men in Class 1 of the selective service began in Local Division No. 7, ot Wesimoreland county today at Hcnninic. Examinations will be hold at West Newton, the headquarters of the board, toraprrow, Saturday, March 9, at the school building. It hart been expected thai the examination for Scottdsle would be held on Tuesday in the Y. M. C. A. building, but West Nekton announced yesterday that it was impossible to send ont the individual notifications in time, so the examination will be held next Thursday, March 14. Continued from Pac« One- word from home {hccansc of interruptions to mail snrvice) I have no regrets for tbe cause of the break. Best in. the wjbrld, and I'm happy to be "where I am and under the circumstances. I'couldn't fee! better and I have an appetite worthy of a horse, BO you see you alj have no reason to worry about me. I sure am not wor-. rying about myself. All the boys [cell the way I do. TYe cire hero to finish ill is business, 'and believe me, we are going to do it, then back, to the good old U. S. A. The Statue of Liberty will sure look good to yours truly. "I thought of your birthday. Where was I? On. the Atlantic, eyes east. That was some trip; return will b« better. Wasn't even a little seasick; no rough seas at all. Say, the submarine hasn't a chance in the world. "When a U-boat puts OIH? over on your Uncle Samuel, it's an accident One of these days Berlin is going to wake up thinking the whole "U, 3. haa moved over here." LIKUTBSA5T WEIGHT RETUBX8 TO CAST. Lieutenant John Wrigh, of the Eighteenth Heavy Artillery, has returned to camp in Texas atter a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. "bavid Wright of PritUtown, Bullskin. township. Ueutenant Wright Is a graduate of the ConneHsville high school. PERRY HAS COOP RECORD Township Student* Boy largely of IVar Sittings Stamps, Students of the Perry township schools purchased during the month j o:' February war saving: stamps I amounting to ?2.516^4 t with the Star' Junction school leading: with a total of ?575. The Summer hill school came second, having purchased £238 worth. Tho schools commenced to purchase war savings stamps the middle of January and since that time have invested $3,400.511. During the month ot February ISO new members were received, mating a total membership ot 640. HAS FOUK GRAJTOSOjrS Uf UNCLE SAM'S AR3TT. Daniel Little, who lives near Dawson, is a veteran of the Civil war and proud of the faci, also proud that he has four grandsons in the National Army. Mr. Little's 305 and a son-in- law- saw service in the Philippines. Mr. Little is 77 years old. PENNSYLVANIA LEADS In War Sarings Stamps rnrcliascs and Western Kml is Banner Action. Pennsylvania is leading all other static in the purchase of War Savings Stamps and tbe western end of the state is the banner section in this respect.. The reports show that more than 75 per cent of the population in western Pennsylvania nave invested in the "baby" bonds. SHJEHMAJf OS WAY TO BATTLE USES, w. P. Sherman, former city editor of The Courier, who has been stationed at Camp McPherson, Georgia, since his enlistment in a hospital nniu has been transferred to an embarkation camp. rv THE JBK6GLAE AKSOT YESTEBDAI Floyd W. idler of Rockwood. and John Padoltk, oC Brownsville, enlisted in the regular army at (he Pittsbnrg recruiting station yesterday. S.VTCiGS ASI OCR COUXTEY. where she-has been located for the ! fitted by Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, past few months was present. Mrs. Fred- Nenrotti will entertain the club Thursday aft'eraopn. March' 21,' at her home in --park street. Mrs. Alden-L. Marsh will entertain 105 S. Pittsburg.street.--adv. 6-31. "Miss Pauline Boyle of Uniontown, left last night for Daytona, Fla.,' where; she will be .the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith, of Uniontown, at their winter bungalow. Miss the Saturday-afternoon club of -Scott- ,Boyla .will accompany.; Mr.' and Mrs. dale and Mount Pleasant Saturdayaf- Smith and family home-in April. ternoon, March 1Mb. at her home-in 1/oucV.s avenue. S-ottdaie. The Woman's club wil! be entertained tomorrow afternoon by Mrs. A. TV. Bowman in East Celar avenue. Miss Anna Fette-wall entertain the Uncle Sam has taken the only customers I have lost,-butrtiiey will al! be back when they'iget through.smash- ing the Hun. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--ad Mr. and Mrs. O.rVv Michael of Valley Point, W. Va.,;ar'ei guests of the former's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Michael of Greenwood. .. Dollars Are Uke War Ships and Shells in Onr F%ht for liberty. Any citizen may bo sure that every dollar that is saved and deposited in a Savings Account, paid for Certificates or Thrift Stamps will help in winning the war. Your money is our Nation's wealth. It is always yours, but when in circulation, it-helps to finance our government. Certificates grow into more money and a Savings Account earns interest. You are the gainer. Come to the front, if you can't go to-the front. The Citizens National' Bank'-will serve you. 138 N. Pittsburgh street, Connelsville.--adv. BROllTrtSTILLE OFFICER GHKN APPOWTJCRNT Captain Harry Miies Crawford, formerly of South Brownsville, who has been stationed at Camp with the Engineer Corps, has received an appointment of chief inspector for the government in the Pittsburg district of all government railway supplies. PLACBD OIT nAWBOJT CHURCH JIO.TOIt ROM, The name of Aivie C. Cochran who enlisted in the motor department of the aerial sen-ice, and left last night for San Antonio, Texas, has been added to the honor roll of the churches o£ Dawson. The Very Original Millinery Modes There is an extraordinary variety of ideas being presented in millinery for Easter and indeed this variety each season seems to have become an establish-', ed principle in New York millinery centers. In shapes, this diversity is more apparent than ever, I' in many cases the shape V being so characteristic in itself ihat trimming becomes an incidental consideration. The Spring styles are unusually beautiful, even though simplicity of effect is most frequently aimed at. Tomorrow a. great number of new ideas in street hats will be ready for your inspection. These hats will range in price from $3.95, $4.95, $5.95, $7.50, $10.00, $12.50 up to as high as §30.00. "The Sfcore^ Ahead" Tke HOME of QUALITY N PlTTSBURG Stj and SERVICE; CONNELLSVILL£ X . Butterick Patterns COLORED yOUTU, ; Mrs. M". ; North avenue, has received i from her sen, Joseph W. Le^'is, w-fao ; is CHARLES P. CONNEli. The funeral of Cliarles P. Connell was held this morning at 8:30 o'clock from the family residence at Dunbar. followed by requiem high mass celebrated at 9 o'clock in St. Aloysius Catholic church at Dunbar by Rev. Father J. P. Brenran, assisted by Kev. Father B. P. Kenna and Rev. Father llcKenna of Uniontown. The funeral was attended by many relatives and friends ot the deceased. Interment ju the old Catholic cemetery. MRS. WILLIAM HAUGBR. Mrs. William Haugcr. 66 years old, tried Wednesday at her home at Donegal Hollowing an illness o£ complica- Uon of diseases. Funeral with Company C., 506th Engineers, £TM to?tMi\TMtei£ "th F££ ; writes he is in gBod health and likes ! the pan of ; country in which he is | now located. Previous to enlisting j young Lewis was an. ice cream maker for F. C. Rose. Al Scottdale Party. Mrs. E. 10. BralHer oC Dawson and Mrs. D. B. Stauft of tliuontown, were out-of-towu guests at a delightful meeting oC the Fancyworfc club at which Mrs. J. B. Brallier was hostess yesterday afternoon at her home at Scottciale. A daintily appointed luncheon was served, by the hos- I less. ' · . C. -L. Girls club Friday evening. March 15th, at her home at Snyder- i B TM*eu. lenses duplicated,, save the toirn . " I Pieces. Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, ·riVrogular 105 S. Pittsburg street.--adv. 6-St., areoue. The regular business meeting was conducted by the president, Mrs. C. E. Wagner... .were served to.about 55.persons. J Hour followed, the guests being ien- r:;:iertalned with' musical selections. .Mrs.. John M. Young Is hostess at - Ino reijnlar inewing.of the Friday AI- :r:'tBrno«m aridse; "Whist. clu.b;this. after_; hontu to East Green street. ·.-. ----- -.--- ..'nn*eth.ry ; ot tie js^.Aiii. society ;of ; 'Uje_FJrst Bap- t..c!UTch v/as held last.'evening at the.home o{.Mrs. S. B...Duil in Cottage '.-'vrenne.. The .ear/ier.part of,the eren- " '»t which.' matters of a ro'utlae nature ' ' irere "transacted.' 'A' dellgbtlul social ". 'sissfon!' a' feature'; or .which." was a · · jrram,-lollowed. The program includ- - - ed irmttbers by a quartet composed of ·".'ilr s -,in.4'rMrs.-.H: B. Dull. Mrs. N. T. j seasonable footwear at reduced prices. j--Adv--8-21, · iliss Rose Donegan is spending the day, in Pittsburg -For the best' and cheapest repairs on' 'that roof, conductor or spouting, see F. T. Evans Estate.--Adv. . Jfrs. J. W. Trenbertli. of South Connellsville went to Pittsbtirg tbjs morning. . . . . yf. S..Lyon of Kiilarney Park -n-as. in .town today on business. :R. W. Singer, of Pitlsburg, formerly of,.Connellsville, was-l'ri. town today. ; -"^rfs.. George X)ull,-Oi West Fayettc 6fre"eE;iwas th.e guest of friends in Uu- [ ionfown tciday. . " ' I ^K-4-.",S^ u ^ o£,Sycamore, street. j hP.9 ; T.cturncd hom.e from a few days': | .Dr. C. fl, .Anderson, of .PitUburg, |Tvas:a Connellsville : vlsitor,today. | "Mrs: Roy Bryner, of Scotidale. was , a guest-at a meeting of the Ladies' Aid ! society of the First Baptist church jheld last evening at tlie home'df Mrs. · S.'"B. Dull v [ . 3?atroni2e those who - advertise, SAVES WIFE From Suffering by Getting Her Lydia E. Pinkiiaiii's Vegetable Compound. f : ·! Pittsburgh, Pa!--'' For many months I was not able to do my work owing to a weakness which caused b a c k a c h e mix TOUTH .TOIXS AUMV aLKCHAXJCS JPOKCKS Earl H. Staler, of Mill Run, will leave this afternoon for San Antonio, Texap, where he wil! go into training as a mechanic. He enlisted through draft board No. 6. The local ,draft boards havo received a telegram ordering the call for mechanics and chauffeurs closed. The 400 required of Pennsylvania were quickly secured and more than that number cannot be handled. TROOPS AND SUPPLIES BEING MOVED OVERSEAS ACCORDING TO SCHEDULE United States Sun Altln to 3Taintaln Its Place on QIC Figrhtlng Front; lyjufre Force Already Tlicrc. By Associated Presa. ·WASHINGTON, March 8.--Troops forces now are moving to Prance on schedule time. i'. was learned today your n e w s p a p e r i on higb. authority. While figures may advertisements and - Head, in chu.rge. Interment in Porch ' cemetery near Donegal. Deceased is ; survived by her husband and the following children: Bert, Henry and Sherman Hauger, Mrs. Stanley Kes- !nr, M.-s. Jess« Keslar and Mrs. Sialter all of Donegal. OFFICIAL HOUSEHOLDER'S FLOUR REPORT WRITE CAREFULLY. No householder is permitted to purchase over 49 pounds ol "wheat fio* nor to have more than 30 days' supply. Every householder must report ir mediatel}- (on this form) to their County Food Administrator. Make r port of all -wieat flour on hand whether It fs ercess or not and urge o your neighbors the importance and necessity of making this report promp ir- ' Number in household .............. adults ............... chDdren under 3 Wheat flour on hand (all flour containing any whfat) ................. Ib Thirty days' requirements (when used with substitutes according to 50-c regulation) .......... ... v lbs. I afrree to hold my excess subject to the order of the United States Foe Administration. Name ................................ .. ..... . ..... . .......... I ...... Postoffice ... ........................... , ....... . ...... .-...,,... Street and No. or R. F. D ..................................... Maximum penalty lor hoarding is J5.000.00 fine and two years imprl onment. These blanks TvIH not be distributed. You. must fill in your otr blank and mail or deliver it to your County Pood Administrator. An in mediate report will avoid possibility of search and prosecution. HOWARD HHINZ, Federal Food Administrator for Send Report to Federal Charles L, Davidson, Uniontown, Pa, . .Administrator for Fayette County. friend called m y attention to one of i m m e d i a t e l y my husband.. b o u g h t three bottles of Lydia E; Pinkham'a Y e.g e t a b I e Comp o u n d f o r m e . i'not be published, it was stated positively that transportation requirements of !ne army are being m«t by the Shipping Board, and the immed- i iatc situation as to ships was d«scrib-' Good Attendance al fJIrls' Champion AT LE1SENRING TONIGHT Tomorrow Sight High School Fl-rt j Wil be »t Home for Game. · The Connellsvine high school Ijas- betbali team will play the Dunbar township high school team at the high school at Leisenring tonight. Thej locals are feeling certain of a victory | over the township team. ! Tomorrow night the German town- : ship team will play at the high school here. Tlie visiting team, has been j once defeated by the locals. The game,' will be one of the last to be seen on the home floor and a big crowd is expected to fill the gym. Since the Connellsville high team has improved'. its play so much it is getting much! backing in the city. The German township quintet defeated Uniontown! and if the locals take over the visitors j there will he no doubt about the relative strength of the teams of this city and Uniontown. The preliminary tomorrow night will be between thej Freshman and Sophomore class teams. AROUSED Of Common Corn Flakes rtlrtf TTME CHOICEST says POST Address at Vender-bill. lira. J._--Kid Ritenour of Uniontown will address;-a-meeting of ^vomeu of Vanderbiit Snnday at 2:30 o'clock in the Presbyterian church on ."What Women. .Can HelD Win .the War." bottles I felt fine and my troubles .caused by that weak. ness are a thing of the past. All women who suffar as I did shouid try Lydia E, Pinkbam's Vegetable ComtounL"-- Mrs. JAS. ROEK3ERG, 620 Kiapp St., i N. S., Pittsburgh,'.Pa.. . ' . i . -Women who suffer from any/form of ^weakness, as indicated by displacements, backache, headaches, nervousness or '*the blues," should accept Mra. Bohr- berg'a suggestion and give Lydia E. P i n k h a m ' s Vegetable Compouad.s 1 ed as satisfactory. After taking two , ] a vi eff of this assurance that the United States will be able to maintain its phice as a fighting unit on the tattle front reports £rom the western I front are being scanned more eagerly than ever by officers here tor the first ship Gaims Assured. Much interest is being stirred up i over the Lady M'accabee-Scottdale Girls' championship basketball game to be played a the high school gymnasium next "Wednesday. The Lady Maccabees have recently started oa i .signs of the 1918 campaign. It is fell. a winning streak and they will j strongly that the opening of major op- against the Scottdale ' girls irHhout defeat in the past throe Neither team has ever played on the high school iloor and there will be no advantage for- either side. The ; hard . Bonds. Of-the; second Liberty Loan.- are ready; for: delivery- at the First Kai tional Bank--Adv.--4-6t. ty years it has-been correcting such ailments. If you have mysterious complications -write for advice to LytJia E.-'-Pinkiam .Medicine Co., Lynnj Mass.. ,' " oiattons, iii which. President Wilson has predicted will prove the decisive j year oC ibe great war, u-ill not be ' much longer delayed. j A substantial American army al- Maccabee team will hold J ready is in the trenches on the- west- practise Monday evening, the last bei ere front azd Secretary Baker has in-'Tor the game. Scottdale girls will I dicated that there may be at least a j also get another workout before next million American troops in Franco Wednesday. during 1818. MAIL ORDER DEPAETMENT OF |fcMI/tt2\| Liberty and Oliver Atitnuts Pittsburgh, Pa. fannfaclvrers and Retailers of Apparel for Women, Misses and Girls Meyer Jonasson Co. will be pleased to send you style sketches of their / New Spring: Dresses "forecasting the season's Vogue". Your request for JVeul Spring . tn'// recehjc ozr ccurleout allcnlien TO PEOPLE WHO CHAFE Over one hundred thousand people in .hi, TM TM SVRaiso fxr Grccnsurp Teachers. The teachers of · the Greensburg schools .will not receive an increase in I If r«i.'A: . . ,, _ ..,, j Read the advertlse'lag columns of The J Dailr Courier. You will find them. Mrs. Eliza/beth. TVhitehead, of Uniontown, and John Bobbins, of Dunbar, were united in marriage yesterday chsfihE as quickl-" nd l 6 U J i "- v ' ""' ""' """' ·----·- " , morning at the parsonage of the First pcrroanVntiy" as" "Sykw Comfort Powder 1 " i " tne end of the term.: This was the j Methodist Protestant church in Unitm- 25= at Vino! and other drugstores. Trial i reply of the school directors to the town. Rev. 0. C. CarliU the pastor, -Boi Free. '.. petition of the teachers for more officiated. Mr. and ilrs. Robbins n-ill | .The Comlon Powder Co.^ Botton, Man. money. Lreside at Dunbar. Sore'Throat Wisdom // To relieve Sore Throafc you must get at the seat of the disease, removing tlio for that one purpose. A dose of TONSI- L1NE taken upon the first appearance of Sore lliroat may save long days of sickness. Use a little Sore Throat wisdom and buy a bottle o£ TONSIUNE today. You may need it tomorrow. TONSIUNE is tha National Sara Throat Hemedy--best known and most effective and most used. Ixiok tor the long necked fellow on the bottle wbea you go to the drug store to get it. SSc. and 60c. Hoa- pital Size, $1.00. All . Relief from Eczema Don't worry about eczema or oth skin troubles. You can have a cle; healthy skin by using a little zeir obtained at any drug store tor 35c, . extra large bottle at $1.00. Zcmo generally removes pimples, Mac heads, blotches, eczema, and ringwor and mafces the skin clear and health Zemo is a dean, penetrating, antisept liquid, neither sticky nor greasy and Stan nothing. It is easily applied and costs mere trifle for each application. 'It alwcys dependable. · ' ' TbcE. W. EoseCo., Osi-el^jd. 6.

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