The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 19, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 19, 1964
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y I -;i-v. ! : ill .;:;ti f '"fc u;.,. m tY.k. Y;V. ' ''wtoi i1 '.""trlng of first claatheatr-concert hall acros Canada ' gtv a boost to th performing art.' r .-.'. v .- .- - ir The plan ran tme comptica- tlons, however, rrederlcton al JTH 1 S. m uy rr-oeveiopmcm gei unoerwey. - . 1 1 - RENEWAL .WILL SOON CHANGE TH The tenement homes in the Preston ' Street Ir?" awiit (be, crowba rf wrecking crewt u plan Construction of ready bid. new theatre, a gift of the lit Lord, Reaver- brook. Edmonton had lu Grand Juhllep Auditorium bifflt pr a PWp,cil f,e,rl,!0S ! year ago. . So th plan was modified to permit New Brunswick to use it grant for a provincial office building already under construc tion which would relieve part of th old . legislature building ' to become a museum. A provincial archives building was planned for Edntonton. Saskatchewan's former CCF government had an-even ' more complicating Idea. It proposed auditoriums for Regltia, the pro vincial capital with a IMI ceo-1 u population of 112.141. and, Saskatoon, the commercial capt tal of th north central part of the province which bad pHi censu of M UO. ' , .' ! HELP PROMISEP Ami for Moo Jw, th thlr;- ranktng ' city m th province with a population of JJ.3O0, the provincial government promised help for expanding the weal too. an) enterprising project and one of the few too bt Western Can ada. Ottawa balked. A too was get ting pretty far. from th ori ginal Idea of ( string of cul tural centre in which Canadian and foreign artist would per form the great dramatic' and musical work of th old mas ter and the young moderns. So the matter rested until Fri day when State secretary La- montagne, the minister In charge of centennial planning and prime mover m the plan to boost Canada cultural faclli ties, wrote to Premier Thatcher of Saskatchewan. : .w. K "I hope.'' be said. 'Srour aov ernment will find n alternative way Of offering special assist nc to Moos Jaw.' Expansidp of the Moose Jaw too might iualify for grants un der torn other form of fed eral assistance. I if-? II ...:.?. -..r fl 5 u. ,. r-! - ' . -ifi 01 of tf-fcrri7:;: ; i Mii OLD HOUSES GO DOWN IN PRESTON AREA , This wooden bouse In the Preston Street area toes down quickly aa busy wrecking crew demolish row of dwelling In preparation (or start of construction in October of a new public bousing project- The subsidized rental project will be built it coat of $1,708,000 under a cpst hrng egrttment between the city and federal and Provincial Governments. Rent are expected to average t9 month. GOV'T SAYS'NCy (JourfMl Phot by Demlnkm Wiaat Zoo a Culture Centre? 4 i Tfc The government has decided .: " in effect, that too Isn't a cut . tornl centre of lasting cance for marking Canada' cen- - tennlal of Confederation In 1W7 But It ha agr S , ketchewaft can split a federal grant, originally Intended for one ma for cultural centre in ine pro- ;, incll capital, between two en 1m. Retina and Saskatoon. . j ; The problem arose- some time - ago when th federal govem-'. moot offered grant of up to : $3,500,000 or N per cent of the cost of a major cultural centre m each of the M provlnctol ; capital. The balance I to be put up by the provincial gov ern- ment or local authority. .- 4, TO BOOST ARTS , The government enthaged 1 I V'l SCENE . III public housing (triifs al partArf the CapHal'i first urban renewal scheme will soon change thlsj A single line of washing shows' few tenant remain. I . ; (Jounul PkMa br O 1 - I. ' , ... - ' " ' :" ' -J 6AJ IUCQ, ORTDB ere fASTDt ' mm ECONOMICAL The MQE1GAG t WEDNESDAy, AUGUST iB, 1964 For Flag "Filibuster1 Ottawa JOUKNAL J528 SHMT 77(4J4 1 232 Dominion Wlati Climbs Down To Death In Rideau The body of Mr. Yvonne U-moureux, 73, of IM Bruytre Street. pulled from the Rideau River within a few yards of Black' Bridie about 2.IS p.m. jfeday." . . , :v City police lnvesliatin the drowning said she was seen by a wiUiest climbing down en abutment to the water. She tailed to revive alter artificial respiration. ' ; i. Marcel Vllleneuve. 20, of 1M Bolton Street, swam out 15 feet from shore to recover th body. Mrs. Lamoureua had been staying at the SL .Charles Horn since July..- - " . . Coroner Dr. ). S. Cross, called to th scene,-ordered the body taken to General Hospital morgue for an autopsy. Morality detect.ves are investigating. Governor Visits West Ottawa Rotary Club The district governor of Ro tary International paid his annual visit to the Rotary Club West Ottawa Tuesday. - Club president bralr Arm strong laid th visit of S. G. Lockrow was to give tdvsre as the representative of Rotary International - President Charles Pettingill on the Internal opera tion of the club lor th next year.v Mr. Lockrow Joined the club's weekly luncheon meeting at the Talisman Motor Inn, after counselling sen kin with director and committee chairmen. His district Include SO clubs in western Quebec, eastern Ontario and northern New York State. ' ADMINISTRATION through Hi 10th day Tuesday Confederation." he Mid. "Sir, Social Credit members. with Conservative s p a k a x ajJohn A. was a more sensible I Mr. Sharp said Conservative again ,'dominaling the floor and' man; he knew that these great ' speakers have implied that the Liberals continuing their "Mi-1 decisions were settled In Par- buster" Interjections, Ilia men! and that Is where! Only new development was! this one is going lo be settled." the entry Into the debate of the! Mr. Sharp called on Opposi-flrst cabinet minister to speak jtion Leader Diefenbaker to on the issue since Prime Mln-; abandon his "negative role" later Pearson Introduced the land let th issue go to a vote. maple leaf flat proposal JunejGALLERIES FILLED , 16. All afternoon and evening the 'Trade Minister Mitchell Sharp' 408 seats in the public galleries accused the Conservatives of; were filled with attentive aud- Conducting an obvious filibuster, ierices and at several points and branded their demand fori there were lineups in the cor- national plebiscite on the flaglridort waiting for empty seats. as Irresponsible. Tuesday') speeches brought Canada Warns Greece, Turkey By DAVE MclNTOSH (By The CP) External Af faire Minister Martin said Tues day Canada ha told Greece and Turkey that their Cana dian-built Sabr Jet fighter must not be used In any Cyprus operations, ' .; , He said Canada has supplied Greece and Turkey with 107 Sabre each under NATO' mil Itary assistance program on the condition that th plan b used to strengthen the alli ance' capacity to deter or re sist aggression. "The Implications of this con dition In th present clrcum stance are being brought again to the attention of the government Involved," Mr. Martin said in reply to a Common question by T. C. Douglas, New Democratic Party leader. WRONO TIME Prime Minister Pearson Mil in reply to Opposition Leader Diefenbaker that Canada pro-Dosed a special meeting of NATO foreign minister to discus th "very dellcat and danaerou" Cyprus situation. But the majority of NATO mem ber flt nick a meeting shouldn't be held at thl panic ular moment. . Mr. Diefenbaker aald the "6V triortint" Cyprus situation and Greek and Turkish with drawal ol some of their mill tary force from NATO command are "full of menace to the contlnuint Integrity" of NATO. Defence Minister Hellyer eon- firmed. In a reply to Leon Bal- cr (PC Three Rivers), that there still are RCAF member stationed In Turkey to assist th Turkish Air Force In Sabre op eration. . He said RCAF officer Plan New Hospital School at U of 0 A graduate school of hospital admlnlitration I to b estab lished : at the University of Otuwa, R wa announced to day. -. ,..-' '' The new Khool la being organized at the request of th Catholic Hospital Astoctitlon of Canada which In turn ha undertaken to aid In It finan cial support, th announcement Mid. ; -' ' Rev. Dr. LorcnM Dania, for th last severs! ycart director of the association, ha been ap pointed director of the Khool Father Danli 1 a member of the Oblate Father community which administer the university. , Alio announced were the ap pointment : w Theodore Jongerlus, 2d, of Sukatoon, u assistant-professor in th new school nd of MU Edith Mary McDowell, 64, of Otuwa, a former dean of the School of Nursing of the University of Western Ontario, London, aa part-time lecturer. On the university campus tte .'''.. -S A..-.' V,-. V V '' ' w" . :' It-" ' L I , REV. LORENZO DANIS new school will have equa statu with th extsting ptQ fesaional. schools of Nursinc Psychology and Education Physical Education and Recre a I km. Social Welfare and thr Library' School. , . stationed in both Greece and; Turkey to' facilitate th supply of Sabre spar parts. Th office! m Greece had been closed some1 time ago but lb one in Turkey wa kept open for liaison with both the Greek and Turkish air force. .- .-:-..'- VISITS CEASE There were an RCAF squad ron' leader, two sergeants and two; Canadian civilian aircraft technician In Turkey. Th offi cer had been Instructed to ceas visit to th Grk and Turk lb air forces "pending fun ber oevoiopment.' Th Atemnt Department of Hull City Hall wUI be itreamlined, according to a plan drawn up by the hud of tho department City Council approved th change Tuesday defeating an amendment by Alderman Edgar Chenier, who favored further (tudy of th proposed plan. - Th change are expected to Include a reduction of personnel and redistribution of responsibilities. Alderman Chenier objected to th elimination of the tsalstant assessor, a pott filled by Ronald St. Cyr, new chief of the department, before hi nomination. Council agreed to a propo sition of Alderman remind Mutchmore that a ttudy be mad Jointly by th Urban Development. Committee, the Canadian Underwriter and Fir Chief Roger Poltras- of th possibility of building an additional Are nation In the Mountain Pant area. The group will select th best vilabl lit for the pro- d nation and report to council, - Council also decided to pro vide 12.000 for microfilming chart and Plan In tit city eneineer! office. " ' ' Council opened the only tender received for rental of automobile for th police 1 nartment. . ...... The lender . presentee oy Blondln Motor Ltd, calls for th rental of seven or eight car for a two-year period at 1207 per.' month, including service and maintenance. An amendment sotrests a price-of S229 monthly for one-year contract. , INFORMAL VISIT -, WASHINGTON (APV-Preal dent Johnson took a new path in diplomacy Tuesday around the White House grounds with the visiting Prime Minister of Iceland In tow along with th tohnaon beagles and a horde of reporter and photograph- rs. The prime minister, BJami Qenediktsson, came to Washington at Johnson'li invitation 'or kn informal Visit after noting Canada., . V maple leaf flag design is an ap peasement to - Quebec. There was nothing in the maple leaf reminiscent of Quebec or French Canada. The maple leaf was th accepted symbol of all Canada. Mr. Sharp said he was con cerned by a recent suggtion of Mr. Diefenbaker' that a Ca nadian flag should include the fleur-de-lis along with the Un- km Jack. This would be "a per petual reminder of our divi sions." a clumsy piece of ap- Cabinet Silence Broken As Sharp Raps Tories (By The CP) Piaying lo, "I can Imagine what Sir John the total in the debate to packed public galleriei, the A. Macdonald would have done 47 Conservative. 2 Liberal, 4 Common! (lag debate rolled 'with the idea of a plebltcite on NDP. three Creditlite and five Of Cyprus Fray' in th next few month and that they will not be replaced unlet th Cyprus situation is tabilited. , - - 1 Mr. Hellyer and Mr. Martin repeated that all ' military as sistance to Greece and Turkey under the NATO mutual aid pro- The offer will be studied la commit to. 1 Council formed . a special eub-committe compoeed of Alderman Paul-Emil Poulin, Mayor Marcl DAmour and Police Director t. Maxim Lavlgne. th Government' external aid' oflica program are from Ottawa and area. The group, first attend a! four-day briefing conference m Montreal, beginning Aug. 28, before proceeding to their re- spec 1 1 v destlnitlom. This .vear the number nf Paul Martin. LOCAL LECTURERS Lecture will be given by several Canadian teachers who have taught - abroad. During seminar J. J. Gillespie. Pierre Houde, both of Ottawa, and Rev. Francis Laflamme, Hull. will take part. Rev. J. M. Qulrion, dean of the Faculty of Social Science, University of Otuwa, will address French-speaking teachers; while Dr. Adetard Gascon, deputy director In Vcharg of t N ' , .1 N : X peasement that "must Jiave appeared to my French Canadian friends as a bone thrown out to a troublesome minority to keep them quiet."' CALLS IT DRIVEL 4. Michael Starr (PC Ontario) aid Mr. Sharp had talked "a tot of drivel." Repeating the Conservative call for a plebls. cite, he said It Is the only way -to avoid c 0 m p I a t disunity. "and we know from experience over the yean that th people of thl country Will abide by the majority decision " Wallace Nesbitt (PC Oxford) said a parliamentary filibuster (s Justified under certain circumstance. "It Is most certainly Justified when a minority government tries to force down the throat of Parliament the. view of a minority in, Canada,".. he said. Earlier in the day Mr. Pear, son met with the four other party leaders to discuss th flag deadlock but no decision were mtced after the hour-long meeting. They cheduld an- other session for Thursday. Endorses Hall Health brt TORONTO (CP) A two-' gram wa suspended when lb 4., .. - . , Cyprus rrisi arose. . I' mUB Canadian doc- Mr. Martin said la reply to', """ "" Mr. Douglas that th g9yt!rB.inded Tuesday bvmdorslng all ment donn't know whether any rcomm'idlion of th Hal of the Turkish Sabre which at.jrey a I commission on health lacked Cyprus 10 day ago were rvlc relating to medical d-Canadtan-bullt. If M were eon-Ucatlon and mrch. " ..rme. mai iney were, lanaoai Flrat Bril.,. .i.u Mr. Hellyer said th tour of j would rat the matter at once uuty m an rtve men will expire i In the NATO council. STAFF CUTS? Hull Streamlining Assessment Force to expanding research facilities m medical Khool and tuch-mg hospital, Dn J. P. Me-Creary of th University of British Columbia Medical School, and president of the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges, toid a pre conference. If something I not don immodiat. ly to increase - the output ' of griduat from Canadian medi-' cal Khool th country will be 4.111 doctor short by IMI. he predicted. . The Hall commission recom mended that federal fundi provide one-naif the cost of expansion and renovation of existing medical Khool. Th meeting urged 4a increase of research funds by the federal Medical Research Coun- ' ell to 111.000.000 next year from They will make a thorough s so sea tin rkAMn' tudy of bylaw 584. ooaliiu Mu1 .Mt should be raised there. with the bustnet hours commercial establiehmtnU th city. of. after by 12.000.000 a year to in 'give an annual expenditure of ! 110.000.000 tn 10 year. 11 Ottawa and Area Teachers Going Abroad .Eleven of th 162 teacher 1 French language program of going abroad to teach under i the external kid offlca educa tion 1 division, and Dr. W. T. j Roat Flemlngton, director of the education division, bring greeting. , . NAMES OF TEACHERS r Teacher from Ottawa ' go ing abroad are: K. L. R. Hofc- ' klnen and Mrs. L E Hokltinen. teachers going to other coun-i both of 128 Brr Street, trie on educational assign-; both to Ghana; Gerald Leduc ment. with th external aid' I Uurier Avenue E and office, has doubled. - (Mia A. Mortaiet Ml Wllbrod Together with their families j Street, both . to Dona I a the total number will be' 400. 1 Cameroon: G. E. Dube, 887 ' The conference Is broken up ! Richmond Road, British Guiana; Into two sections. Th English-) Mi F. Sarrazin. originally of (peaking teacher (115) will .Ottawa (now Paris), Morocco; meet at Macdonald College, i R- Sauve, 455 Betserer Street. Sle. Anne do Bellevue. The and Jean Marc Demer. 154 French-speaking group (47) will 1 Osgood Street, both to Cam-assemble at Universitv ofibodia; Mis Moniouo Botvin. Montreal. jEastview. Central African Re- The entire eroun -will . mM ' DuMiC. D. J. Kennedy, rem it Macdonald College Sept. l broke, Jamaica, and P. Fleet, to hear a clos ni address bv t-ornwaii, aarawaa. ' Minister of External Affair 1" V I I " 1 is it ior goods and decorations .V .v- ' JOJ SbiAi Strut en flu hUR . litl'tngt Bridge fUu , t''c hi r t 5 ( 1 -V:

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