The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1930
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1030 DAILY COURT Wit CONI , PA. PAGE ELEVEN. i in^v FOrttnllt-v "Not to c( a\ Prlmno 1 "! By KIIANCES PAGET Copyright, 1130, by Style feourccfi NKW YORK. Jan 7--Printed fabric*, aro a lore-jonU conclusion far eprlnR Ono hcuiH rn .hor more of forrntil Iwuquot motiffj tor evening and of wmall primly pl«.cod onw for othei t - limes alao much confidence ie expressed In the pol'ta dotfl It eeeins about timo for tbem to bo lovlvod along with the many autUnt and near quaint Uishtotw of the long ago In any e v e n t w h e n one niertllons priiits this seneon Iho tour docs not notc«,oarlly imply that tin (ritump Ie s i l k -- p i i n t r d , !ln^nn, cottons, lainen and \soolens are lv no monnrt to bo forgotton Karly Palm Beach advices toll of *^ h U ( k linen MUltt rhet.6 wore intio- ducod, one ,imy retail luet Hea«on, and t h r o it-en w i t h ntivy al«o'to bocom© somothing of an iiihtttulloii It must bt roil cmbered Unit the tuiart wot Id ls at u t e l v suit coiwcioufi 'I'lui silk suit also has Itt, tollo-weia ^ ,ind no \\otuloi Ccn most attractive s c l i w v p i i n K and othor defcigiiM ato hnniK n f l e i f d for the puiporie of i n t c l l u t a i l l c u i Oei piintwl c i e p e h aro , monK the novolth»8 II titnn!R to rf w naon that small inotitb ·^ io\v n i r - o U o t piomibe til'ice thty .111 more cn^ih adupU'd to the \ugane« ol Iho iu'V» llhouttea--Lhc IniaSt) being intentional MUSKRAT TRAPPING SEASON OPENS IN MI). live C A b l ' O N \IU Ju\ 7 -- \Vhen \ f « \nr o'lonttl ,tho mu«kr,tl H oponc-ii u l t l it Auibitlotin utippeif nlio don 1 mild «aling in I if cold \ \ a t t i and poking thoii handc, In nuul that is p i i c k l y \vlfti ico pui tlekt havo ahead) eot out theli trap hues through the nuutihob near horo. The gonoral ctmbenuus about hildge, Md , is UuU iUiant-iul toi the trep ling ot inufcUratfi thin y t u r w i l l be pool 'Iho long (.louglit l u i l n g the past BUI imer worked ti vciy i,ic»i.t hdidblp fo the ~wikl ioleuls nnd their pslts will b j t 5 L a i c t d u r i n g t u t winter wlntli it nou upon iw Acuoidlng to i^poi'te ,i Kupe cor poratlon which owiii, cvouil thoun- uiKlfl acrot In thit. nit,'')!! and \vhi h has Tjfon accustoiutil to Imp Uto inuskratfe on thorn each "Gabon, h ti closed the liiiul, dud will ^ive tho animate ftn opportunity to Increase d u r - ing tho pr-efcciit w i n t e i , in the fciu thcil too ho. ivy h i i p p i i i K at (li»i t l i - r e mlgtit exteunlndto t h e m SALLYS SALLIES \Vlirn A u o m n n sas 8h( is re- iliu inf i t it mually some m a n » b ink u f o i " » NUMSKUU, NOAH = IP You YOURi CON^e ^ V-JoOl_t IT B HAfeO To 8KOTHE.MS VOICE HUSKY FROM VJOf£.XlWG? /M THE CORN F lL-p, OR is IT 'I WNX, BEcr^usH HE WITH ROUGH --··--"}Ki THE TIMF- To S ICSA-S ;M T O NOAH'' TOOTS VJHILE TbURE PACV!N£r V I'M THE ONE IN OUR. OUR i^rRlP^S 1'i.L "SWIP" j FAMICY NWHO NEEDS' Oven TO THE. BEAUTV \ IMPROVEMENT TOOTS* PARLO'Q 6 H««P A ' PE ' ::i -' \ ~^(J OU^-HT TO PACWi OUR THING'S ANt LET ME ^O TO A A \ BEAUTV SHOP 1 . . UWCLE EVECJETT ^A'=. A. T^^/e^4T-f'~RDoM HQII^E', IT \V\H_ TAkTH. ABOOT POOMS TO HOLtS ALI_~niB CLOTHE·= "SOOTS' I WISH I COULD 6rET TO COME IN MY HoU^H WHILE "WERK AWAV, IM CA'STS "THE. ROOF ^HOULX) SPRIN^r A LEAV1 OR SOMETHING" i THOUGHT OF A KE~Y OVER TO , COLONEL HOOFER.'. HE COULD ( WATCH THE f 1OUSE/ BUT I | HAVfe TO dfET A COF» "TO WATCH HIM! 'rnfur^B Synflfc*(fl Inc Grcnt Iln xin ri((htf Ifsrrvfci By JIJOTY JMTUBPHY COLONEL. HOOF=R- .^ VEPY \ - H E D pr?OB^ StV TURK) e POWM / pRICt- TA/rS' RAIN MAY COME 1 THPOU/ T H THE Rooi= y BUT IT VVOM § T \ 6(O THROU6-H MY MAIL 1 . ILLTAWE JUST LorK UP THE- PLACE AND FORGET IT'. 1-7. ETTA J K F / " I I T MH^PN T H A T W \ V BY PAUL ROBINSON _ QNC2C voo GST TO SLEEP MAKE OLO K\f VAN NNIHKLE: .oc*o wvcer HE- HAD IHSOMNIA so-toou TWS viuaC HOT HdS\E RM - V4 HATT A VJE joiaer TUI^NHOOH THE HEAT AS»CED VlHEKiE 6:100 NIGHT/ MAS I'M- !3OON?jE NOON SAN tiNErME HOW- i VNONT ae OP ' A DAS 01LSO LATC- THEN IF * ^T fifcWNO IN RONS AIL. HELP ME GOTTA £0 GACIO TO C*syri«ht 1996 Vr Cwntml Pfra* A*xw.f»*ton. TI3I T Y L F R fcf TYK Bit! SLSTII't. XT£j l«. WXCT, NvCfittER, MOO WEAK, 9POD, SOT / "WE TVO AWE PfWVeD / BlBSS THEN* AFRAAP THAT / OP \H iED, VJVTv\ TWE / MOUHQ TAKE GOOKVS UP OUT WHAT \T'S /V TO ' A-L ABOUT*. TUE1R MALL BUT SA-l,RGM,vm«V6 twe cHAHce OF V.OWK OP THAT 0V MOURS OH / AS APPV.\eD TO f AR6 FLEET'S WWEH MOLi CiOT U \ ARc 6CTC To WAME vfl" *NWTW\HCx MOO UWCtP T.IE WCREA5E \ H R W D O W N T H E WEOWH ALLE liy LJi?s E O U O U A V E . COOUL.D MOT BE. HFAR.O, 5tUEE_T JA5PER .'/ 1 FORGOT ABOUT DAT RAVI ME.' C(T OFF O' QUICK, CHEE.KlD' 0(S 5URE OME TOOK. H(5 tl_ED FROM HIM,, (BOTCH COAXE.Q V tlM AWAV ? ROM THE "'£ COA-5T l-ARTHER (NJTOTH VAL.L.EV CUETCH W t M . FELIX IJiE CAT ' CON 1 T W by PAT I T S v I S U A 1 BOTtltiJtt Jiy E1JWIBA

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