The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT. THE DAILY COORIER, CONNBLLSVILLa, PA. THURSDAY, MARCH 7.1918. IS DIFFICULT FOR FURNACES TO UP RATE OF OPERATION Jf«w Tkjrt Tfcejr. HOT* Used Up - oi SfflPMEKTS STILL SHORT · Of KMb»Mti art tttdj tc Co*. : ttne S» liaffl Xoic Can Are Placed : hi On Ote Trade; 5« XtiUou »t ] Meet ExyMM E»*H £·* ol lev. - Special to The W«kly Courier. PTTTSBCKff, March (.--'While aUp- Tn«ai» of. coke' continue to increase alowly^ th«_blast furnaces are haying : laint dfikcu'lt~in"niaintalnlng :their witi-of jp«raUon of tiro -or three j weeiu_a(o~as they havi'used"up the ; accumulations ot coke produced by the railroad* clearing up the eonges- " tio» in tlieir yards and on sidings. : : Th» Increased shipments of the past week, or two are due to the return of : tb« can that had been tied up in this : congestion. Shipper* maintain that : '.his IB not sufficient," and "that there ar* not nearly enough cars engaged ' in the trade, even though the cars make the round trips -with their old ' time facility. The railroad* recognize thla fact and promise that more cars will be put Into the trade. The cars · ar«. to be secured' as congestion in fb« ea»t is relieved.* and by finding as many cars ^.elsewhere ~as ; .'can be" sjared from other traffic. " " iTbrtiinately for the railroaas in this particular connection, - the authorities al Washington have been interesting tninselves lately chiefly in the movement of f oodstpffs, requiring 'box cars, and tne railroads hare an opportunity 1o do 'something with open top cars. Reports in the past few days bavt b*tn-to-the effect-that there is a considerable flpw^ of cars from, the east putjato.the coal and col;e trade Pennsylvania. While no tfonSIseenVTto ~Jc'.that ;the infloTr-in ,iK* Connellsville coke movement should be several hundred cars per 'week. The total number .of. cars lately engaged in this trade is not known at ·ail definitely, but is probably in the neighborhood of 20,000. Whatever the exact number, shippers insist that it ' ijb«ld be at least 25 per cent, greater, ' .'93 coke shipments even with.reason- · ably Quick movement of cars .ire short iot requirements by at least that amount. ·' .'" ..."Tie advances in coke pricts'grant- ,-*«jj by the Fnel Administration late -ilait week to certain districts in West ? ytnttaii«ralso-o«i certain-descriptions '-. of foundry coke made in Indiana · county, Pennsylvania, hare raised the : _ question whetber there may not be ,."join* modifications ot prices in con- ;:'»»»UOB' with ConnellsviUe coke. The majority opinion, it strongly that, there ; : 'will be no derision and that In fact r«««t d«l»nrtions of the Fuel Ad; »l»tatralion have indicated that the l··'. uraMOt Mt Prises are to run at least · to tb« »nd of this year. The matter of ; ' lion and »teel price revision, now be- in» dtoeowed.. does not include coke. ,' : . lor t»« r»««on th*t. by 'the announce- m»ot ·! Dectmber 2S Ian the Iron and ·'·.. iTiiii' ftkm weiV continued definitely ; twjilaMh'S'I * ni 'e fiiat was not'done -i : wMk eoki,"and "there Is Oie furtie'r J. t»et itat the iron" and"»teel prices are J- r 'takjia care ol! Jr/.thefWar Industries" " Board while coal and coke prices are ; set- through the medium of tie Fuel ' Ad«i«is»ration 4M!tin«Tinder tlie. / Pres;' idrafs authority eatmblisuad by the ·'· 'Lever act'ofHast Aujsust.. The iron ' : and iteel price fixing; on the. other : hand, is in essence a voluntary agree- r ; me»t _ _ ". There are: sligntlyliea-rtfir oJferings .', of coke in the open market, but-as ..formerly the offerings are almost en-,- Uielj-ol cokeUoaded in. rittsburg. "';- Lake a-ie'cars, wtich. are not permit- i tad to "go off the r6ad's~own rails and C: therefore 'can reach. b»ly a vetr lew ' ? spnsumers. -Sales : made are. at- the V'set prices. After Jnne 30 there will ; be considerably more free coke fa the COXB THADE *I7JU1ABT. vcrmuicnt nor prof . c*^^ in the volume of ontrblnff coke tonnaice baa yet. come to tb«s ConnolVsTllle re- Vlon," altho««h tt - is -rcmdjr for both : and -ha«'b«'en .ever ,«lnce the "clean-rup" ol loaded J»r ac-' cumulation* of some wee'ka.ajjo. In" r«ll . ahlpmenti last -weok there ; -"M( a falllug off -which more- than -offset' the . jrain In river, shipments, lea-vlnir th» vreek with i^a tot»l of 297,234 - tont. 344 tons behind the »EETT«- cate of. the previous week. Thi« sho-w-« jrtAinly "that a larger cr supply has "not ' yet become · .available, much ma- the" feirlon had reason to eapect "would be forthcoming before this-time. In - - fact.- the outlook this .week i decidedly worse»'thmn last. " The Pittsburg-ft Lake Erie r»i'.ro»d has made about ac average distribution and · the Baltimore A Ohio hu done fairly well, but the Pennsylvania has failed to keep -up to its recent mverajres. This is accounted for by the jrreat activity -in 'jrpeedlnr-up an ea«tbound · movement of-food- stiifrs which will continue at the . maximum for some .'days yet. A»' It eaacs up Jh'e -railroads promise to srlve'more attention to a return of empties which, if Ihey materiaHie, will hvlp -out the coke situation. The furnaces are bevinnine: to feel the pinch having about ex- -·hausted * the accumulations of - .coke. -w.hlch . resulted from th- ·clean-up, : but day-to-day shlp- ·ment« .are at prevent inaufllclent to ' maintain iron production at - the rate- nrevailing- for several - weeks Pa«u market as many, contracts expire on that date. So far as known no con-. tracts expire at the end of this month; The market remains quotable at tie set prices as follows: Furnace .' - SG.OO -foundry, -72-hour selected $7.00 Cnwfced. · over 1-incb . ( ?7.JO The local coal trade i» much later- ested in the prospective" reviiib'n of coal prices, which is to oicur by April 1. All that-is-definitely known thorough official annoUBcements is that the coal- brokerage of 15 cents, now permitted to be charged by brokers above the set price, is to come off, and the price af toe mine, ig to be advanced. Tbc' probability seems to be thai the advance will be only 15 cents or a fraction thereof, to give the coal operator. something out of which to pay brokerage, but it , regarded as a distinct, possibility that ttae advance n ill be larger than 15 cents. There is a lair volume of Pittsburg coal now moving la the spot market but the fact that consumers are still, willing, to pay brokers a : coramis«ion,-above the price to which the operators ar; limited, indicates that coal is not plentiful. Tee ToungFtown steel interests,- however, seem now well provided, as they are not buying in the open market. Tbe set prices for Pitsburg. district coal are: Slack, $2.20; mine-run, J2.+S; screened,: $2.70, per net- ton at mine. Brokers are now pcnnltted to charge the buyer a commission, above the set prices, not to exceed 15 cents. The pig iron -market continues rather quiet-but salct of small lots cxe being made'in fair volume, .and there ig a moderate amount of contract-business in-foundry gradea for th« second] half. Ail' traniiactkms are at the set prices, with a provision for revision to'aay. new government price that mair'.be in : force .:at -the; date of shipment. The set prices are; Beasemer .'..'.........*. .$36.31 Basic '. «J».00 No. 2 foundry · · · - ' M1.CO Malleable ....;...;'. .7..: .. -JM.50 Forse ..: ; J35.«o These prices'are. f.:o-.-b. fnrnscee, freigfirtoTiitsburg in the case ol the Valley' furnac'es'. being 96 cents. : W."f. Snyder. It Company" announce their averagee for .February at $36.10 for Besseiiner'and J33.00 for basic, at Valley"furnaceii. ' · · · · - ' - ' '. If leu rVaat Something Advertise.for it in:our ciassificd column. One'cent a word.. . : - Head. the advertisement:. pARAMOUOTTHEATRE TODAY WII/LIAM BRADY PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN * WHIMS OF SOCIETY" SCREEN DRAMA THAT INTERESTS AND EXCITES IN 5 ACTS. " " ALSO UNIVERSAL CURRENT EVENTS --PB1DAY A5 PRESENTS MABEL TALJCAFERRO .IN ' "DRAFT 258" SP1BCIAL PKODTJCTION IN 8 ACTS. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. . ' - . --C03O5G-- CONSTANCE TALJtADGE IN. . "SCANDAL" ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY -MI1SS MWTER IN . ·BEACTT A*B THE Also a Good Comedy. SATUSDAT-- DOUGLAS 'FAIRBANKS IN ·A JKHHBKC anjSKAraEE" An* "Taming, Tirg«t Oenttr," a Mack Sennett Co»e*y. G OLD Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What Ton Spend--Get Them with Every FarchM*. B TJY in Connellsville at Con- riellsvillo's Foremost Department Store--One Price to All. . Ready to Caff for Every Easter Need! Most Men Will Want to Practice Ecoiiomy in Buying Easter Clothes Which is not alone wise from a : per- son'al viewpoint, but a. patriotic duty as well.. True economy does not consist in buying .the cheapest clothes obtainable --but rather in selecting _ the clothes that pay you biggest returns--dollar for dollar--in style,' fit, service and value. New Suits and Coats are ready for Spring--ECONOMY CLOTHES in the strictest sense of the word. The man who buys now buys wisely for first choosing is always the best. Suits at $17.50 t to $45 Men's and Young Men's models built for service and satisfaction', but with all the good style needed for Easter and every other dress up occasion this Spring. from dependable fabrics with a pattern and color range to please all tastes. AH sizes 32 to 60. Spring Topcoats $20 to $35 Every man and young man likes the KNIT-TEX COATS--made of handsome, serviceable, unmussable fabrics and styled to the minute. Other Coats in black and grey are silk lined and style correct for 1918. Specially strong line at $25. . ' V When It Rains! : Men'js Rain Coats, both rubber and fabric, light or dart shades, at |5 to |30,--the Hubbcr Coats in good variety at ?5 and $7.50. . Slicker Coats'and Coat-and-Pants "in slicker material at ?4.50 the suit. --Boys'. Hain Coats £3,50 to, $6.50. --Rain Hats 50c each. There's Wonderful'Choosing in the Annual Spring Sale and Exhibition of We Want Every Man in Connellsville to See the Special Line of SHIRTS We Are Showing at We have Shirts that sell for less--plenty of them--but we are malting a feature showing at $1.50 because we firmly believe shirts at this price pay a man best returns in style, appearance and service. And of the thousands of shirts we have sold at this price none were ever better than these. Koamy, fall size styles is madras, twills am) »»tin stripos^newcst Spring patterns »fl colorings--«rcry shirt with soft French torn-back cuffs. IB addition to the stripes and fitrured designs, there are deiens of mercerised Shirts in plain shade's 01' blue, piafc, tftTendar, Melio and white. See Special Window Display f MEN'S SHOES FOR SPRING Same Style as Shown English lasts in black, eaorry rod tan Russia calf and mahogany Russia calf. Also footfonn styles in vie! kid,--both tan and black--at same price. Nine full dollars worth of solid mate-rials,. fine shoemaicing and solid comfort. This is to be the greatest of silk seasons. Fashion and the necessity of conserving wool axe responsible for the use of silk in many new ways. Silt may be boaght with aft easy conscience, as it is a fabric for which there is no military or conservation need. And so we have prepared hundreds of yards in a variety such as Connellsville has seldom seen. Abundance at moderate prices for all of your gowns and skirts and blouses. Colored Satins An unrivaled assortment--for ciressss, tailored suits or coats, in the new cloth tones, taupes. plums, browns, navy blues, midnight blue, duck blue and black. Prices 5! to ?3 a yard. Plain Colored Silks New Colored Chiffon Tafteta, in all the latest shades--to retail at ?1.65 to $2.50 a yard. Fancy Striped Silks Taffeta or satin ground with colored stripes, for street or sports irear. Prices range Irom 52.00 to ?3.QO tie yard. Silk and Cotton Mixed Fabrics --36 inch Silk Jersey Voile, printed, various attractive patterns and color combinations,--at 51.25 tae yard. --3C inch Silk SuraS, pretty poikadot design* in Peacock blue, navy and garnet,--at 51.00 tic yard. --30 inch Fibre Silk Stirling, satin stripes, all new color effects and designs,--at $1-25 the yard. --32 inch Radioui Silk Shirting, satin stripes, smart new patterns and colors, at G5c, 75c and ?1.25 the yard. The New Millinery Has a Charm All Its Own Found In the return ot Summery tints md materials always so welcome after winler'B drab--but found more in the newest expressions of the wonderful skill of greatest Parisian and New York designers. A comprehensive display and a lasge one---with more hals than we nave ever shown before at this time. Some, faithful copies o£ the best Paris nas sent; others the prize creations o£ American designers. Special at $4.95 and $6.95 A splendid collection of becoming styles for women and misses in a variety of art sbapeo^and the newest colorings and titauniags. Unusual values at the price. You Need Go No Farther in Your Search For the Correct New Models in Blaster Dresses The woman who chooses promptly lias al! the best of it as Easter Sunday is fast approaching and there is no chance ol duplicating stocks once these are sold. Only the best tailored and authentic styles are offered,--and they merit tie consideration of every iroman seeking dress distinction. At $13.50, $15, $19.75, $25 to $49.75 Street and afternoon sty.les for women and misses in georgette crepe, serge, wool jersey. Foulards and a host of charming combinations. Some are tailored and are suite in contrast to the big collection of tunic, tiered, vestoc and bustle back-effects. Bead, braid and embroidery used for trimmings. The color range oilers choice o£ sand, navy, tan, Peltin, copeu, grey, black, green and rose. One Lot Dresses Extra Special at One Lot Dresses Extra Special at Pretty models in poplin, serge, taffeta and messaline. Belted and straight line effects. Choice of green, navy, brown, copen and black. Worth regularly up to 525. In this extra special group are advanced styles in ^c-od qualities of serge, taffeta, and messaline. Some .models have sleeves ol the same material and some have sleeves of georgette. Fancy collars are found on many while fancy stitching is much used for trimming. Shown in popular dark colors--all women's and miSBes, sizes. Worth a lot more. New Betty Wales Dresses for Spring It is with pleasure and strong anticipation of our customers' delight that we announce our first showing of Betty Wales Dresses for the Spring of ISIS. These newest models come in serges, foulards, silks and combinations and are quite in beeping with, their usual standard of style and attractiveness. Your inspection invited. 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Forst Scottdale's Druggist.

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