The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1918
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 7; 191S. THE DAILY COURIER/ CONNEI,LSVILLE, PA, SEVEN. ien You Make Aprons. fWHO PLANTED '"YOUR" TREE? J OHNNY Fathered stones and «Rt down to wait for the little squirrel who made dally visits to the cherry tree In Johnny's yard. ; - He hadn't. Ion* 'to wait before Fluffy ·ncdtiil ran up the'.tree trunk and out . on a limb, j Just as ho sat munching it- nJee rip*' cherry. Johnjny .thr«w hl» si orin and missed him. Down h* scooted and darted under the . stono ·fence, Johnny at his heels. "i'n ffet you yet, you little thief." cried Johnny, pulling the stones a-wmy, but he couldn't find Fluffy Kcdtall. "Nm, · where do. you suppose ho ·vent?" wild Johnn^-lo himself. "Back home!" exclaimed a cheery voicfi. . - , ' · , , Startled. Johnny 'looked' u p to ie» i 'queedeo sitting oh the stone wall at * - H f i nldtt. --- *··· -,, ·_--- * --Hh .him?" "i« *itu with him!" ouitui'frs*. J.^.'iiv.' ·'·\Vliy. I wnnt -him to stop stealing ou? : "hnrrfcs," "But h» icrf't stealing them." replied / '.ueedcft. "' "I'd like to know why he Jsn'V saJd ; 'nVmny. "Thrn« cherries belong to ws." "Did you plant this tree?" ' asked 'nueeiJee. · "Certainly not," replied Johnny. " tree's much older than I nrn." "£id your Daddy plnnt it?" continue^ cqueedce. "No!" exclaimed Johnny, "that tree was here when Daddy Uonpht this nlice." · "Tho Aproos haTo always been interest- Ing; they are ot so many kinds and proclaim so plainly that they are Intended for real use in substantial activities or are merely decorative and trivial. But tames have change^ with apron*, the most: wear-resist- Inr and useful of em are required to look well, to possess style as well as strength. Necessity and patriotism h»T* given t% apron a boost, and now we have "service aprons" and "bungalow aprons," shapely and^neat. worn by. women who are dotng\things for theoMelves »nJ others which others used to do for them. . Some of the bungalow aprons -made of plain percale or charabray in all the light colors, pink, lavender, tan, malxe, blue, green and rose, with collars and cuffs of flowered cretonnes, ugM to be rechristened, they are so C*7 a»d pretty- . They deserve to be raHrrt fcwfilnn- frocks at least--and perhaps that is exactly what th^y are. A service aprou for every-daj. house wear is shown in the picture, made of plaid percale with plain white cuffs and collars. It has long sleeves. JUnny of the good-looking aprons for housework are made of plain percale or chambray, with plaid collars, pockets, cuffs and belts. Usnally the sleeves are three-quarter length. They are designed to be easily laundered, and there are many good patterns for making them, if one has the time. But they are to be had ready made at such moderate prices that It is a question whether there Is any economy In doln£ the work at home or not. It depends "upon the time one has to spori and what can best be done wiih It. JUST ft DUB, BUT- He Had at Least One Good Deed to His Credit. And St P«*tr RKognlzed Hi. Fitneaa to Enter Into Everlasting Joy Wkite Oth«ra Lest Worthy War* 8»t Below. Aa standard? are on this earth he had not amounted to much. lie »»* lived, laughed, loved, sinned and died an the common way of ail. He td matie.a tew friends, anO a few enctniM, bnt hv had come and passed as one of the many. His had been commo* toll and he had done It in the ordinary way. And ao'wheo his soul at last'stood before the Great White Gate there waa no stir, among the saints to receive It "What have yon to say for yourself?" said St Peter, sternly, but not " unkindly. DIFFERING IDEAS; OF GENIUS World Haa Never Thoroughly Recognized Any One Definition of High- ly'Prized Quality. Carlylc wn» much langlr i for anylng that genius was an infinite capacity for taking patna. That does not sound like genius; one imagines genius as raveling its hair, whatever raveling may be, and producing the immortal Word to the accompaniment of epileptic flts; nbsinthe also goes with genius very well. But in reality genlos, I suspect, is a tamer affair and arises "How Should 1 Know?" "Ho! Ho"' laughed Squeede*. "Then ^vho did plant the troo?" "How should I know?" replied Johnny. "It's stood hern-fi. Kroat many year*, so' ·hey say. But what's that yot to do ·rith Fluffy. Red tail?** "\Vetil" exclaimed Squeedne. "Tou ^erer planted the tree; neither did your Daddy nor the man who Bold It to your Dttddy. Wtio did plant It?" "Such a tunny question!" laughed johnny. "Who do you auppow planted it?" . "Well, have you ever Mopped to think that maybe long- airo somo little .*iiuirrel mlpht have dropped the seed this very tree sprang from T' asked Squeede*. Johnny had never thought of that, but "luffy RedtT.II alw»ys dropped the .toed* from the cherries bo ate and arvursJ . little green ihoots had sprung up under Ihe tree. "Then he Isn't a thief after all!" * f rclft.lm«i Jotmny, "for -- ay-be one of his : grandparents planted this very tree." Johnny ran Into the house and told I hU Jrf.ima what Squecdee had said. / "Thert's no iclllnff." lauchwl Mnjna.^ "lor the mtui who »o!J the plnco said i-.f tr^e sprung up of Its own accord," i".jffy Redtall had aH th.» chnrrlc* h» ·v.intcd thai season, and still there w*rej uicnty for Johnny, and Johnny never* 'hro-x stones at him acain. '- Wai sell their Entire Stock of Shoes at Reduced Prices. Their Final Clean-Up Sale of Winter Shoes. Every pair in the store will go. Sale Begins Friday r Morning, Hard! 8, and Will QmtiEiie 10 Days The Sale Everybody Is . Everybody knows what our Final Shoe Sale of each season means. It does not mean it ia a sale of old odds and ends and shelf worn' Shoes, but includes everything in our store. The.very best foptwear sold in Connellsville, made by well known shoe makers, such as Queen Quality and Zeigler Bros., for women; Walk-Overs and Bannisters (For men; Excelsior Shoes.for.-Jboys, and Isaac Ferris Shoes for girls. Not a single pair of Shoes reserved. Every pair goes--just as you see them in the windows. All sizes, all widths and all prices. Grays, Browns, Tans and Blacks, combinations in all colors. Sizes are good. An extraordinary offering of splendid values. You will save money by purchasing one or more pairs or these Shoes. All SS.O'U to $10.00 Shoes reduced to $6 75 All $7.00 and $7.50 Shoes reduced to _ .$5.75 All $6.00 a/irt $6.50 Shoes reduced to 54.95 All $5.00 and S5.50 Shoes reduced to ,, '3.95 All .$4.00 and $4.60 Shoes reduced to _· $3 25 COME EARJGV. DON'T WAIT. Boys' and Girls' Shoes They always need Shoes oftener than anybody else need lots of School Shoes. Our Boys' and Girls' Shoes are made sturdy and stylish. English Shoes both in tan and black are popular just now for dress wear. All $5.00 Shoes reduced to ,,...,, S3.95 All $4.50 Shoes reduced to S3.05 All $4.00 Shoes reduced to '. $3.25 All 53.50 Shoes reduced to $2.So All $2.50 Shoes reduced to $1.95 's Tony Reds, . Maboganys, Browns, and Blacks. Beautiful aud stylish Shoes that were selected carefully because of- their Fashion features. A. r e a l " Money Saving Opportunity. All $8.00 Shoes reduced to All $7.00 Shoes'reduced to ... All $6.00 Shoes reduced to ... All 55.00 Shoes reduced to All .$-1.50 Shoes reduced to _ ..,......_...:.:... $3.65 THESE WILL GO FAST. BETTER HURR¥. UP. All Gum Boots, Arctics, Felt Boots. Rubbers,.' Tennis Shoes, Men's Work Shoes, Men's High Top Shoes,: Women's Bedroom Slippers and Juliets--everything--doesn't make any difference what it reduced. '--"-' Sale Lasts 10 Days Only - No more Sales this season. .This is. our Final Clean-Up Sale. Begins Friday Morning. No Charges--All Cash. See Our Windows for Displays. Green Trading Stamps Free With All Fnrchases. Connellsvilie's High Grade Shoe Store ODIUM ATTACHED TO CARD who painted te doing It and because the sitters paid him for their portraits* Mnch more ** * ve worked 11 Numerou* Explanations ai to Why th« Nina of Diamond! t* Called the Curce of Scotland, the nine spot of spades is respondence. ; "Today 3t- Peter, i "Did you nerer jet your name in the paperol" "Never. I wag never considered very clerer down tliere." "Oh. IHdn't make fine speeches "Xo. I cooidn't talk ornny feet" "I see. Didn't go to church rerj claiming to be born. Genius will out, butJt Is most frequent In certain periods of human history, such as the Elizabethan or Modicean,'--in. certain places, sucb as-France, Italy and the often either, did you?" "Ni. I was often Terr tired and on Sudar* I-»lept late in the morn- · ings and placed with the kiddles tbe rest of the day." '·You died In yonr bed, while thou' land* of jour: fellowmen died on tbe · battlefield, fighting for. their coun- tryr "lea. When the war came I was beyond the age of enlistment" low countries, .under certain Influences. · "W«Uf .omfjson think of one- thing ^ a j , wart mo i atiou or that yon did thnt might recommend 1 yon for" 'Tm afraid-not All mjr lite I was just a dub." "Just a dnb, eh?' ; "Yes. Never did shine at anything. Ja* a plodder, trying bnrd nil the '·jtlme to get somewhere, but never '·· actimlly orrlvtns. And yet--V sixteen hoars and hare at last finished my page." Therein lies the difference between Flaubert nnd De Maupassant; it may be, too, that Boileau was rftrht in advising toe poet a hundred times to replace hie work upon the bench, endlessly polish it and polish It again. It is ncoug creatlon enough to quote that In six years, between 1G02 iind 1008, Shakespeare appears to have written eleven plays, among them "Julias Caesar," "Hamlet," "Othello," "Macbeth" and "King Lear." . . What shall we say, then, ot tha nine of diamonds that bears the odium of belnff called the curse of Scotland. Ail writers agree on the card, but as to the czuse o£ the stigma attached to it there is A' diversity of opinion i and it is difficult to decide which of j thu many theories Is coma. One thc- j ory is thut after tho \2ullodcn strug- up a nine of diamonds from thc floor and wrote on it an order for the death of the insurgents. To clinch this argument it Is declared thut the identl- 'cal cnrd is preserved nt Slalns castle, Aberdeenshlre. Another oxplonatlon waa that a: Scotch meniber of parlla- I merit, a part of whose family arms was 'j Looks for World Famine. j i 5tr. Egan. United Stales minister to ; Denmark, says If the war lasts two | yrmrs longer tbe whole world will be 1 i OD the vergf; of stm--;iion. Thut is j possible. With 10,000.-,.-o men In arm*. I O'jnsuralns aud not producing, the i time Is coming and Is not fur off when j there will be no food left. A foodforr j world will be H strange experience 1 There have boon famines, bnt Cor the ; people to have nothing to eat any- i where Is n situation that has newr i b'.'on jinticlpatod hcretofort*. Thori? :s ; some grutlflcntion in thinking that the ! Hun will be getting hungrier than -WP ; nre nnd will be turning: to ns to hor- 1 row a little flonr inO hucon. whl^h wo ' will be wire to lenrt him on condition ·· that he promises to behave himself | nnd let up on. his kultur,--Ohio Si-iio 1 Journal. FRENCH TROOPS WITH MITRAILLEUSE DRIVING BACK GERMANS TEgne thing, genius, which is to man-! t i, e nlne ot ai amon ds, once voted for u kind what the thing we call soul la to: malt t!a . {or Ms comtf y_ still another man? For my part, I believe It to be j view [s t i lat Diamonds represent roy- volcanic rather than sedimentary. It is as if the spirit of the-race accnrou- lated in a creature, .tiie spirit of life | nisnc s the key "to'the mystery!" Ono nlty and e%-ery ninth king of Scotland having been a tyrant and n curse fur- "let what" "If jou will permit me to sfcy It, daring the great wnr down there I didn't force a tcisamiitee to spend two or three hours trying to convince me that I ought to bny Liberty bonds. I couldn't flgbt: conlda't be a general or · captain; I didn't know, enough to fill a government Job, but I did know it ·was . every man's duty to back-.-hls i igfit nil. I lout an i writer ciplilns it by Btnting:'that tbe last queen of Scotland taxed her subjects heavily to. pay for nlno jewels for ber- own adornment. The "last queen of Scotland" In her own right J Keep Beea and Need No Sugar, j Tbe United .States department of ^ nRrlculturo bns started a L-nmpai^a to 1 stimulate bee-kccping, tbls as a rer'.l I war economy measure, for honey can 1 take thd place of sugar, and there arc ! absolutely unlimited supplies of honey i In the flowers that grow wild all over | the land. I Bee-keeping Is very easy, nnd an.v i man who goes, about It carefully and with such elementary instructions as he can get from tho department of I agriculture cnu have a Knod crop of [ honey the first year nnd be able to j luugh at the scarcity of sugar, besides ; making a profit by the -sale of the i product of Us bees. ·was poor, pretty Marie Smart, ngainat whoso-memory bos been tossed -the mnd of countless accusations by her That Is an interesting catalogue, and, | bitter critics, and,she might, as well If history repents itself, the fntare tot Denr tf, e nlne o diamonds -slander genlns,- as evidenced .,partlOTlarly In art, would be black, for there have b'een fe-v periods where comfort, ease and security bred genlns. Jt is as If the plant needed something to push against. 'Everyday life becomes more secure, justice more certain, property more assured; humanity grows fat, and the.grease of itS'Cbmfort collects round its heart It is dlfli.cult to imagine genius nourishing in |a world perfectly administered by city councils.--Harper's Magazine. ' -'. · .. . . along with thc others. .. ' Arc. Aviators .Born?. . "There waa n -time when it was held that a-man must be especially born for aeronautic flutics,"- -writes 'Henry Woodhosse, vice president of tbt! Aerial League of America, in Evcry- ^body'a. ' ; "TtSmar Literary Town*. Ontario hns. had the good sense to rience bad brought out thc fact that the average yonng man can make an excellent aviator. Onp- tatu Guynemer, Major Bishop, Captain William Ttuw, Captafg Ball of the Lafayette escadrille, and practically ail the famous aviators were not ! Safest Place. ! We were cnllidg at n home In East i Cleveland, noc more than a hundred | yards from where the Kickel Plate i tracks cross Superior. As we rang the | bell we noticed_ something that gave us a shudder of apprehension, and j when our hostess answered the 'door : we gave vent' to our feelings at once. : ' "Mrs. Emdash," we said, "do you ' know where your children are play- i ing?" j . "No," she gnsped, paling a little with | alarm. "Where are they?'p Thu French mitrailleuse has proved very effective in driving back li:e C.errjaj) troops. ;md has mowed "down many an advancing line. This photograph shows French soldiers in a cs. inured trench firlag a niitnUIieuse at the oncoming foe. ly, "come right on in. Did you notice j All5tnllln shonld r¥elTe m looklns ; . high-stopping i nnfl qi,, 5trioDS -ri nc ,5. - · i V · crowd of flne-li aouls going down as yon came up?' "Yes:" "Well that was a tmnch ' of lotsd- talklng rich spirits who delayed the end of the war a year because they wouldn't bny Liberty bpads until .they were convinced that their purchases were absolutely necessary. They're .going to get a taste of trench life un- -there are probably not BOO men-who bafl seen m °re than, a few months of same flll(! "Up there on the railroad tracks 1" .we toid her. ' She looked relieved. "Oh," she said, .."I was afraid they were playing in the street. J nm so afraid of the automobiles. Woti't yon come in--I'll call Mr. EmdasJ."-- Cleveland Plain Dealer. KIDNEY TROUBLE OFTEN CAUSES SERIOUS BACKACHE Bficoa figures twice'In town homen- I military sen-Ice before joining the air service. Moat ot them had never seen any militory service. "Ji3 planning an organization for tiie selection and training of aviators, tho Aircraft board and signal, corps of Washington' There! th Umted Btotes have h(ld to Prepare of Mlltons, and ni- to deal entirely with man who had clatnre In "America, but whether It was | In compliment to the great. Eltzabethnn, i or to thejproduct of Chicago there l» nothing to show." In' the same great country which called_ Its capital after its greatest umn, are a large nurnber most as many Byrons, and at Itast a der Old Satan in the financial slack- a oze n Bnrnses, probably the lait bein» ,·*· op«rtnienfc'' j the abode of-canny Scot* or their A*. .: Warm Climate. "What 1» tW* plctarer · . TTall of Babylon." "C-m. Jao«rnf from rha eoatOBM, tt*f .km4 a warm fall in those ptrts." Co«UI«r JoaarmJ. i ' Thcr* an» only two TMrnyvona, however, and tbe iam« nmbar of 8hall«qni and Keatee* and Busitlni and B«]«a«. Thackeray hiaooa town named after him, whei-MK nla rival and eontem ponury, Dkkeus, ecoref-thn* timns never seen military servico, ai other countries have done." TNT Poison Through Skin. Trinitrotoluene poisoning is a new disease in America, but one that lias i attracted much attention since our ftc- tnries began making munitions in largo quantities. There is some dispute how j tho TNT poisons', but the Medical Rec- hrrt says the woight of evidence Is In favor of its ubsorptlon through thu ikln, though Inhaling tho fumes may bo responsible .to sumc extent. Undeteettd. "Now I sneak on as a burglar-, ·Ug» Is dark. T mnsc aot be "AM lf jie sate te .teep me ia the light,' 1 When your back aclies. and your bladdc-r and kidnovK seem ro be disordered, £o to yDiir nearestidrug; store and go-, a bcule oC Dr. Kilraev'5 Pwatnp-Koot. "t is a pliysiciau's prescription for ailments of thc Iddnpys and bladder. It has stood ll'.o test of years and hag a reputation Tor quicHly ;md af- fv'Ctively giving hcsu'i-s in iliousands o( cases. This preparation so very cffectivft, has beon placet! on sale cverj-wiiere. Get a bottle, medium or largo size, at your nearest druggist. However, if you \vi?.h first to lost this preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer £ Co., Binghamton, x. Y.. for a sample bottle. When w r i t i n g be suro and mention the Connellsville Daily Courier.--acfr'. U n j u a t Conviction, When the burglar -was halod bafat'O the Judgs, charged with attempted lur- peay tor the iheft of a pair uf ehoeH the Judge fined him 10. ''Bjitj. jqdpe," remonstrated . tho (irook, "thapa an ewf id fine; tbay diria't flt," Anolhor Etep !u tho furnace flag cur.o has been taken by the Crucible I Stotl company protcfitins the ptymcnt | ot charges tor hntlllns It ni\ provided | by the last dociBton of the fftderai i court. ! Don't fcnnck'CoHnellsvIlla by seurt- tng your money out or town Tor your Job work when The Oourior compacy ean dQ it Lre at hom»« £.ct as £l7c -you OFFiCiHL HOiiSEHQL0ER'S FLOUR REPORT WRITS" CAREFULLY. No householder Is permitted to purchase over 9 pousfic of when'flour nor to have more than 30 days' sunply. Ev.-.ry houwhiil-Jorm^s; .report immediately (on this form) to tlicir County Fcod Admrnirtrstor. MiKe report ot all w'jeat Hour on hsnd wr.eiher it is OICCFS or not and" urge on your noisbbors the iuipw:ar.ce and npcessi-.y of waking 1!i!s report'prbnipt- Numbor in honaefcnl.1 adults c.'ii:=r?n under 12. Wheat flour OD hand f a l l flour containing a n v whca;} ibs Thirty days' requirements (wl;en uasd with snb'stitalts accorgins to 50-60" regulation) !b-. I agree-to hold my QSCEBS subject to the order of the i;a!lcd ·States"Fbod Administration. Name ^ Poatoffics Street and ND. cr R. F. D msdiato report will avoid possibility of searcii a n d ' p r o M - a i o n . '·· HOTvAHD HEINZ. Federd! Food AdmiaSstra'.or for Peu Send Rapcrt to Charles L. Federal Fiiod Administrnter fov'F»j;tte County. IcaWorO.

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