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Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, August 19, 1964
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; LEOPOLD VlLLE.JDi Congo (UPI Radio Congo today re ported tM death of Pierre - Mulele. one of two Communist Chinese-trained rebel, leaden whole forces have take control of wide area of the Congo. : ' The radio broadcast gave few details, but reports circu- lated that Mulele was killed by troops " of the Congolese National Army who have been trying to quash his Communist-inspired rebellion. ; First ' reports of Mulele's death . came - from Alexis Kishiba, an official of the government . In - East Katanga province. BELONGINGS FOUND The anti-government rebel- lion has been waged by Mulele nd Gaston Soumialot. The radio said all of Mulele's private belongings have been found at a spot where he was believed to have died but that the body has not been recover- : ed: Mulele was the first revel to tart Communist-inspired rebellions in Black Africa. . Mulele, who was. about 40, came to power in the ill-fated Congolese government of the ' late Patrice Lumumba, serving as Minister of Education In (flat : regime. j WENT TO CHINA 1 After Lumumba was assassinated. Mulele report e d 1 y made his way to Communist China and received training in . guerrilla warare and Communist tactics in Peking. : When he returned to the Congo, be launched a terrorist plan to overthrow the government of then premier Cyrille Adoula. Moise Tshomba. auc- ; ceeded Adoula fast month fat government shakeup. By utilizing youth and hate, mysticism and Comm anlst ' ideology, Mulele created fear-tome 13,000-man army in Kwilu province and began his rebellion. . , . (Name New Petawawa Commander (By The CP) Lt. - Col. ' David W. Francis. 41, of White-wood. Sask., will replace Lt.-CoL David G. Struthers, 4J. as commanding officer of the 4th Regiment. Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, at Camp Peu wawa in mid-September, defence headouarters said Tues day. - Col. Francis, an army pilot. now is director of land-air war fare at headquarters here. - Col. Struthers, of Toronto and Ottawa, is to Join the directing staff, of the Canadian Army Staff College In Kingston. v v FLAG? WHAT FLAG? ' Old semi-pro ball player Lester Pearson, out of what he has called 'The Kitchen" of the Commons, and the heat of the great Flag Debate, unwinds in watching the Rough Riders put the Blue Bombers over the jumps last night at Lantdown Park. Over the Prime Minister's shoulder is Rider President Barry O'Brien, looking nowhere nearly as happily relaxed as Mr. Pearson. But then who does? ' . Doubt; Agrees to Lift NICOSIA (AP) - Turkish- Cyprtots waited with scepticism today lor President Makarioa to fulfil his promise to allow food. fuel and medicine ' to. enter blockaded Turkish .Cypriot areas..,- ; ' . " A Turkish-Cypriot spokesman welcomed the pledge as "an encouraging first step." But he accused Makarios, Greek-Cyp-riot, . of breaking agreements before and said,, "therefore, we will have to wait and see." Makarios's pledge to the UN command Tuesday to allow movements into some beleac-uered communities could eliminate a source of trouble,., but other developments Indicated the Cyprus crisis could come to a" boil again. . , ' . ' After another round of talks wtth Greek leaders. Cyprus Foreign Minister Spyros Kyprianou disclosed in Athens Tuesday night that be would fly to Mot- cow to negotiate an arms deal with the Soviet Union. Turkish Premier Ismet Inonu warned that his country would act again' if the Greek-Cyprtoti renew tucks on Turkisb-Cyp-rkxs. The new warning came in a message to heads of government released by Turkey's UN delegation In New York. HOLD MANOEUVRES Turkey underscored Inonu's Turks . ' . , - r- , ' f (A L-. e, i PARK BENQ1 PHILOSOPHER IS 94 '.v Bernard Baruch. personal dvlser to presldenU ' since Wilson and famed for his habit of sitting on ;.-public park benches. Ii M today- 'n - birthday news conference in New York he said, "we . : aund at fork in the road of history; one pathjeads , to destruction, the other to a bright new future. He j V also quipped, "when you take the B. We .nd Shakes- ; pear.q.w.y. - Ottawa v.. Blockade words with a aeries of air and naval manoeuvres off eastern Turkey, lit miles from Cyprus. ,Xanada. meanwhile has reminded Turkey and Greece that their Canadian-built Sabre Jet fighters must not be used in any Cyprus operation. In Nicosia, Lt.-Gen, George Grivas told reporters that Greek-Cypriots have ' captured Turkish documents indicating that the Turks planned to land troops in northwest Cyprus Aug. IJ. Grivas, former anti-British underground leader who now commands the Cyprus armed forces, said the Greek-Cyprtot drive on the Turkish Cypriot beachhead around Kokkina a few days earlier, prevented the Turkish invasion. Turn te Page 1 TURKS Cyprus 'Gravy1 Back in UK ,- By RICHARD PURSER ' (Journal London Bureau) LONDON Withdrawal of 198 British troop from Cyprus Is not considered here to have affected Britain's commitment to the United Nations force on the island. The men, member of the Life Guards, returned to Brit ain Tuesday; leaving 1,034 British troops In the UN force. It ta explained here that when the UN mandate waa .extended In June, Britain promised a con tribution of the order of one battalion of infantry and one armored car squadron, plus support V" ;'. . At that .time there were two British armored car squadrons in Cyprus, but the Irish contingent was not up to full strength so the express British squadron waa loaned to the UN. It ceased to be a regular part of the UN force early this month when the Irish contin gent was completed.' It was then posted to a British sover eign base to awaji return home. Their presence -on the Island until Tuesday was considered here to be "gravy" on top of Britain: commitment BAN PRISON VISITS ' miami, Fia. (AP) Visits to Cuba's Isie of Pines Prison have been banned indefinitely, Ha vana Tadlo reported Tuesday night .A broadcast monitored here gave no reason for the action. Some I4,00i political priA oners are believed held is the large prison. Vietnamese 'Demonstrate And You Will Be Drafted' SAIGON (AP) President Nguyen Khanh broadcast a veiled" t h r e a t to Vietnamese students today that they stand a chance of being drafted into the army if they demonstrate against the government. Toe students plan a protest meeting late today which is expected to denounce the Khanh government. Police and a bat talion of paratroopers reinforced by armored cars have been put i alert for trouble. ' Other student meetings, pos sibly including street demon strations, hays been planned tor. the coming week. Khanh told students they will be permitted to go on studying. but if they with to participate in the atruggle of the whole Vietnamese people, the armed forces will welcome, them "with open arms." , ,v Authorities also braced for possible anti-government dem onstrations by Buddhists. As a precaution. . they- quietly dis mantled monument to toe late president Kennedy in this tense eapltal..,i . Return Air Units to NATO ANKARA (Reuters) Tur key has returned to the North Atlantic Treaty' Organisation certain of Its air force units which were used en bombing raids on northwest Cyprus ear lier this month. It -was an nounced today, j The announcement was made Lby a foreign ministry spokes man who said the Atlantic pact was informed that the planes now have been returned to NATO control. Turkish Jet fighters made bombing raids on Greek -Cypriot positions m the northwest of the Mediterranean Island on Aug. I and I. The raids, which raised the Greek-Turkish communal conflict on Cyprus to a new peak of crisis, were in retaliation for Greek Cypriot attacks on the last Turkish stronghold In northwest Cyprus. 'CURE DISTINCT Journal SUNNY PERIODS, COOL Low, 50; High, 65 1HE 79TH YEAR 212 SEVEN CENTS OTTAWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19. 1964 ; z SuriH IM aja. EOT SomI tM pja. EOT FORTY-FOUR PAGES Report Mulele's Death . Congo Radio Says Rebel Leader Killed by Army i ' By HENRI SCHOUP : Water Bill Appeal Useless-Hambling 1 .c 0 1 luyinideir AAoy Pysh Cflfty f1 3s i OH V " I' -'it It Babv Bonus lack capacity for more education. - - , ' ' - He didn't think the Youth Allowance would have much effect on. this group, but added with some families the allowance will encourage parents to keep children m school Instead of sending them to work. Next week -application forms will be mailed out to about 408.10 Canadian home where family allowance record show children between II and U. These moat bo completed and signed by both parents and a school principal to certify the child is enrolled in school. Tan toPago I EXTRA TRY EVEREST AGAIN NEW DELHI (AP) - India, twice beaten in attempts to conquer Mount Everest, is sending a team for a third attempt next spring, aa official announcement . said , Tuesday. Veteran climber U. Caadr. M. S. Kohli will lead, the attack on the world' highest point. Involved In causing human leuk emia, - . MAY FIND VACCINE ' It could also be a first step towi ards trying to develop a vaccine against leukemia. Officials of the U.S. National Cancer Institute supplied the in formation when asked by a re porter what the Senate commit' tee was referring te m k re port when said: The most profound and ex citing research development re ported to the committee In this year' (Institute appropriation) bearings I tM likelihood of a major breakthrough m the iden tification of the causal agent tor et least one form of cant That highly fatal leukemia of childhood . .1, (there la) Major B rea Icthrou g h Predicted In U ncoveri n g Leu Ice m ia Cause " By FRANK CAREY ; WASHINGTON .(AP) A new cancer research development which a U.S. Senate group soys foreshadow a likely major breakthrough in pinpointing the ceuse of the highly fatal leuk emia of c h 1 1 d h o d became known In detail today. ; The Senate appropriations commltteeX referred to the de velopment in general terms In a report released Tuesday. Commenting on R and other sci entific findings reported in recent hearings, the 'committee said:':- ' vi "Enective methods of prevention and cure (of leukemia) distinct possibilities ta tM f Jf I "A A. THE BEAGLES LEAD THE WAY . President Johnson holds the leash on his two pet beagle. "Him" and "Her," a he walk around the south grounds of the White House Tuesday with ' Prime Minister Bjaroj Benedikksson of . Iceland. The . Visitor Is la Washington on aa informal visit. New jnen trail them on the walk, ... ,, ..,- - - . (AKIowmI Wuiaaulel IN SEPTEMBER For 10,000 Homes By PETER JACKMAN L .of The Journal . With family allowance cheques going into the mail today Canadian mother will be getting their first official notice of . the Government's new Canadian' Youth Allow ance program. ', Tor almost 10.000 Ottawa households H wiH mean an extra $10 a month to help clothe and educate their 16 and 17-year-old children while they remain in schooL . . The new ptogiam, to - plan ant the family which ends at 10 come Into effect in September. First eh aquae wiB be mailed to applicants toward the end of that month. . It was designed primarily to encourage student! to remain in school past the legal quitting age of 16. Dr. Harry Pullen, Collegiate Board superintend ent of education,, said city drop-out at that - age often POSSIBILITY' light of several observations. some old and some new." - KEY FINDING made so recently that the sci entists involved have net yet had their finding published m medical literature I that virus-like parttcls found in the blood of eome human victims of leukemia can'apparently be made to "grow". In laboratory test-tubes. -. :, . The development climaxing three years of effort dating from the time when such par ticles were first found in lei emia patients Is a necessary prelude to planing do whether the particles are truly viruses end whether, indeed, they are directly or Indirectly m Imi Vhe By TOM KERR of The Journal . Board of Control is faced with an election-year ;4lilemma of gigantic proportions today. City Solicitor Poh Hambling has advised the Board in a confidential report that the city has no legal grounds to appeal an Ontario Supreme Court order quashing a water bill surcharge that netted the administration $500,000 annually. . And the fire-member Board, apparently, has different, views on what should be done to recoup the threatened loss of revenue. One of them favors returning the moneys collected and imposing a supplementary tax levy late in the year of approximately two mills.- - Another favors a rebate If the money can be found surplus in various city accounts. But the most strength leans to holding onto the money and applying to the Ontario Legislature for a private bill legalizing the collection. Mayor Vovs To Block SldProjecf Sees Clifford's Cdrlington Pact 'Vague, Irregular Mayor Wbittoa flatly de clared Tuesday that she .would "never sign" the executive document authorizing a contract with John Clifford for development of the Carlington Reservoir Park as a sld site. They'll have to get a court order to make me sign that.' he said. : The ski project was pprov ed in principle by Council but May during Mayor Whit tons -holiday absence. Yesterday she accused con troller of an "irregular" action in going ahead with the project without first calling tender. Council, on Board of Con trol's recommendation, approv ed a development scheme with John Clifford that was going to cost the city $18,000 in capital outlay without find-big out what return the city would get, she aid., ' The proposal accepted by Council, the said, waa "vague" without details or a breakdown of the $41,000 that Mr. Clifford said he would Invest In the project ;-7-TrT ' . . CROWN HOBO KING -BRITT. Iowa (AP) Beef-stake Charley of New York City, who says ho ha been a hobo for M of his 41 years, was crowned king of the hoboes Tuesday at the (4th annual U.S. hobo convention here. He succeeded the Pennsylvania Kid In the contest determined by the applause of about U.OW spectators. . . . authoritative testimony that, a viral causation of leukemia ia very close to full, scientific proof." i The Senate commttee gave it view ta a report to the Sen ate recommending a $14M11.-Me appropriation, for the Na tional Cancer Institute plus l,- for the Institute's virus research programs. Institute officials made avail able to a reporter their latest summary statement of the sta tu of leukemia treatment ana research. The summary mm: Virus-like particle now con be demonstrated In at least M per cent of human sufferers from the acute leukemia ' of childhood. NEED THE MONEY . One way or the other, the administration needs the money , to pay for the new sewerage system and treatment plant that cost $26,000,000. A decision was to have been made behind closed doors Tuesday, but the meeting wis cancelled after a blow-up at the open session of the Board. It will now likely be made on Thursday with the decision transmitted for Council action - at the next regular meeting Sept. 8. Former Chief Justice J. C McRuer threw out the levy last June because of an adminis tration fumble.. But the city Is stm hOling sars for the sur chargeone of two oa the water bin unto the elected representatives decide what to do. -. " City Solicitor Hambling. The ' Journal learned, feel the cor- -poratioa hasn't a leg to stand on in appeaL ' Blame rest oa a clerical error possibly several of them which resulted in failure of Council to give, final spending authority for some of the sewer capital work on which the surcharge was based. In other word, the city apparently proceeded illegally with several phase of the oat rail and Interceptor sewer net work several year ago. ' MAYOR'S ESTIMATE Mayor Whitton has estimat ed the "error" could mean a loss to the city of $1,160,000 the amount collected since the levy was imposed la June, 1963 or earmarked for collec tion this year and, in effect, already spent. ; .. That Is equivalent to two' mill on the general tax rate and that amount would be neceanry in a special levy should the surcharge money be returned. ; . The other alternative i to try for a private bill to give retroactive legality to tM ctarge. This course has often been followed by Ontario municipalities to undo similar error. , . But tM danger in that course is Ottawa's unhappy relation-hip with the Legislature, and particularly tM private bills committee which has been ripping Ottawa requests to shred these past few year. Observer agree that ft la e major policy decision requiring a high-degree of mental gymnastic on tM part of notiti- cians in an election year. ruu AVENUES , City Solicitor Hambling heeding a committee of department head apparently offered four avenue for the elected official. I To do absolutely nothing ' and let tM householders an tM City for return of tM money already collected (which could M disastrous In an election yMrX ' v -. .. : . Tarn to Page $ BLUNDER Inside The Journal Billy Grsham .......... 4 Bridge ................ B Classified Ads ....... S6-U Comics M, 27 Crossword 4$ Editorial ............. 6 Financial S Horoscope , A..v 4 KHgalleo .. 1$ Sports , Is-M Ten M Why .......... 37 TV, Radio M, 17 Theatre $4 Weather .............. $ Women's New ...... St-SI 'Your Health ........... IS ; a.

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