The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1930
Page 9
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TUESDAY, J A N U A K r 7, THE DAILY COURIE ^t, CONNELLSVlLIjB, PA. \ W.N.U. sn.vic.fc- "If w« Ivavo, we tfon't tell about 'em. · They're either too bad, or too good, If understand me. Wall--" "But tho secret--what whs It I" £ looked round again before speak- almost I thought I hoard tho tramp of Toot But that was not likely--no one carao there nt that hour of the day. I was going 0:1, whoii "IKit ih« Sooret--What Wa* !tt" Pin jumped out of her neat as If a bucket of water had been poured over her, and without a word bolted up the vride staircase. Her flying heels dla- npprared on deck, just at the moment when a Btatsly procession through som« unknown ship's alleyway, entered tho saloon. The captain, tho purser, the doctor, tho chief steward, all Jn white, nil aparkllng In their aeveral degrees with gold buttons, gold stripes, gold epaulettes, i?old cap- baoda. Eleven o'clock Inspection, nothing less I "Goshl" I murmured, collecting myself, and standing up. The eaptnla paused, gute TOO a kindly nod, nnd nskotl mis If I : was noiio tho worse for yesterday's adventure; Bald oue or txvo pollto things, uud pasned on. They were nil gone In a minute, nnd I hful time to recollect myself, nnd bless tha ready ears of Pin Lnurler. I did not go out on deck; I did not wnnt to. What I wanted wna to be Hlonc, and remember every little thing she had said, done, und looked, in that uninxiug two hours. It was Impossible that Pia should have fallen in lovo with me--Impossible, I kept tell- in;; myself ilcrcely. A girl like that-a glr! who had the world at her feet --a girl brought up--Weil, but If ehe were not in love-a glr! brought up like t h a t -- w h n t had .she b;en doing? Flirting outrageously, reasonless!}', with a man she didn't know anything a b o u t ; a wan of whom hor family certainly disapproved. 1C she were not In love with me, I was bound to suppose that this sort of t i l i n g wits her usual h a b i t ; t h a t she would dodge away from her people to ''carry on" below decks, with unyono anil every one. There was no getting away from it; if I were not especially favored, then lovely face, pure oyos, never on earth Und lied us USiS the fa-.-e, the eyes, of Pin. haurler. A f t e r all--after till--that plunge ' yestoi-auy--tho sharks t~I did not , want to "shake hands with myself" over on exploit that was nothing ut alt, compared to the things one hud , had to do as a matter of routine, day ' by clay, during the riot-yet-forgotten ! great war; still, I could not deny t h a t i it m i ^ h t Imvc looked well to a girl I who didn't know anything about Imt- tlefloUK Certainly Jinny Trencher--* * * * * * * 8l:y and son pale blue with n. laugh In thn heart of It, and a hint of coin- ins dark t h a t shadowed the laugh, even us some subconscious t h o u g h t of time t h a t flies, beauty t h a t passes, was wont to shadow the sun of Jinny's m e r r i m e n t . Gulls screaming about the, ns they ocretttn at break of oven--who knows w h y ? In flue, my last day almost done, My voyage over, all but I he night am! a useless hour or two of early niorrilng; for we were not, after all, to run in to Thursday I s l a n d ; a tender wns to meet the ship, and take tho passengers off. What had I done? Where wnu the link t h a t I had sworn should bridge the spti:e between Ha Luurler's llfo and niiue, somehow, before I loft the s h i p ? The answer w a s -- N o t h i n g ; nowhere. Jinny and hor crew had never l e f t me alone, from m o r n i n g u n t i l now. The two other girls had been pressed Into s e n l u c ; they w i t h Jinny's special posse of y o u t h f u l admirers, and last, never lodst, Gin-Sling herself, had combined to keep every moment occupiert. Things had eaten, minute by m i n u t e , hour by hour. Into my precious niter- noon, u n t i l now it was near sunset, and '.he west toward which wo wort; running, gateway of tho Old World's K;t3t, wcs red with t h e lifehlood of the last day Pin and 1 m i g h t ever know, together. There wasn't n man on the « h i p who did not envy m\ 1 i h l n U for J i n n y niiuie me her partner in evory gurm\ nnd if I (I'd tl " r kiss hor \\ d z f i i ttuves or more, b e h i n d f u n n e l s , dcci: }joue«*. inside nlleyu-nys and down companions, It was not because she did riot give me f n l r chance of doing no I suppose I was freely crcd/tP.-l Sl'ttl JVllil.l did. not. tat* if « n « fate 1 ciiught 'Hie "stlngTnn tall" nT'Tl Joke or two, while passing the smoke- room windows on one oS Jinny's wild "ploys." Sho may havo boon touchfld ulso. At nil events she paused, a n d , w i t h a self-possession I had not thought: to bo lu h'ir, faced me, and asked airtight' out-- "W.n,v don't you like mo, Mr. Phil AmoryV" - ! "But of course I do," I answered her, . "You don't," she stated, coolly. "Not after suvlug my life and all," "Liking!" I said. "No, I don't like you. li' I saw tnoro of you, I should --love-- you. But liking, that's another thing." · Jinny pxizzlod this out. Sho was not 'used t subtleties. But she could Jump t» conclusions with fearsome Bwtftnei a, and she Jumped now, "I · kii'iw -what you mean by lovo," she salt!, and suddenly, coassaly', iilie turned tncl spat Into the water. "Do you know," she 'said--and «ho turned no t h a t I could see Her face; the bl'riMIko eyes, gold eyes rtmtneil with d u r k ; the desirous, beautiful mouth, the circling hulr»--"Do you know what tho square" emurnl'd ring on Pla JUaurier's hnnd Is?" "Ring'" I said stupidly. Most men notice rings scarce at all, I remembered sf.olnff jewols on Pla's tanned brown-sp.Un wrist--or was It on tha fingers, v.'lth tho dainty white V-murks betweeh, where tho sun had spared to strike? "Do yus know who sot that fashion r "I didn't know It was a fashion," I answered, still hopolcafily at sen, "It WRS Princes? Mary--when uhe got ongofiod. AH tho smart glrla havo wanted iiquore emeralds ever since. Smoke tliat." She whirled, one of har dnncor whirls, nnd loft me, "Ootno on, flirts,". I hoard hor crying, flown the deck, "Get tlu gramophone going agftla,. 'Mother d.-tnca--drink hearty, wa'll soon be dead. 1 ' So littl'j did I understand whnt she meant, that I mis conncloua, nt first, only of relief. Sho had lot mo go j 1 could tnmt up I'la Laurlor, who had not been risible all nftarnoon. Pnrt of ray ci'ltmgo of golden hours was Btill unspent; I must husband It, use It wisely. Ma--Jinny-I was hurrying toward the must a room, an asceiient strategic point for viewing tho main companion and tha decks--wl en tho full moaning of Jin- ny'ji ronmvXa, and of her florca "9mokij that!" bri'ice on me. Princess- Mnry had fanciod n squnrn emerald for an engagement ring. Prlneesa Mary hud aiaSe siiuRro emerald ^ngafecemetit rings populni.' w i t h the cut to which Pin I.aurler be-' longed. I'la wore a arjuuro emerald ring--I re;numbered--fatally I re/numbered now --on her third loft anger. Throe times, then--by my poverty by hor pas lion, and by the significance of that riiii;--Pitt was not for inc. I believed what Jinny had s a i d ; 1 was very ture she wus uo liur. It was merely n determination to leave no stone u n t u r n e d , t h a t made me decide I would se -· Pla onco more--only once --before I left tho ship, and auk her to her face If w h a t I heard was true. Once, across the saloon that night, I HUW thn i lear profile, the beautifully shaped M u c k head. Once,' 'on dock, the rostt-grrauium perfume that Pla LauHer us ;rl, came lloatlns; across a little space of dnrlc, nnd I ,snw n pale dross pass -hesitate--go on again. I did not iticve; I said no word. : If I. am angry, I am angry. Thnt night, I had liefer taken the velvet neck of Pin In my hands, and twisted It back- till It H f t ' e way, cracking, in my hands, (as t huve twisted the neck of a Gerninn, rolling together in trench mud) t h a n hold her and kissed her as I had not, y"t done; HS. I k n e w now, I uevcr should. It was very curly when the engines came to rest next morning* and t h u ship, her w a y stopiiurt, lay sttll upon the celadon b l u e waters t h a t Bin-round Cootie islmu!. · Hun; tha tender from Thursday was to meet us, tuiu here ray false splendors were t end. Phil Ainory, b i t o f war wastage, trader from the back end of iiowuere, was "to be taken to the place f n m whence he camo." And If, once a r r i v e d there, he chose to hang' himself' by the njck t i l l ho was dead, it would bo nobody's business but liia own.' My suitciises were on duck, my steward tipped, the tendur rising ami f a l l i n g Below the ladder, oil which 1 was Just u b " U t ID set foot, wlitm the sound of in v name, clearly and almost precise-'}' spoken, made me look round. Pin was taore. at the hoaii of the acrouimodalioit ladder, holding o u t l i e r hanii, thu b a u d t h a t Old not bear the cisiotaUL .riny TO l ; B C O N T I N l ' K D . A i;i-ok l-ilrtlnt; paper towels, jilnoed rn'tir thn k l l c l i o n s i n k , l» o o n v e n l o n t . 'l'!:n towels may Lft uscil P.i (!i · ! aiuthi, for v. I p l n a PXL--KH si-i'im f i - D i n tho f r y i i i t r pan Of for cteiml g out Ul» «luk. CHAPTER X X X U i . r AT | NIGHT---tho night she was Slaving Serena vftrr Pauline and Dave had said *-are t « k coh'ib night and it was oh, so rju'ict, Enid went to her hand -hag whtcp carefully packed, reached pi ital. wit i nie. ... We riflaL-t-vvomen who liael Praved 'great down under her slippers and dress- ing-jrown and took out her leather She put a lo;j- on tho /ire arid an a,pa.rtn ent until .the- time s for me to go to tho hos- Dr. Gi bons, whom you know, fill take carp of me. "I am vary ^ell-^-but oh, darling, if I cou d only feel your arm;! arbund i ieTor jiist -aft'- by you with niy. h md in yours--if I could only oe r n the same 1 room with you:---or r iar y o u r voice on the telephone, "i kritny ybv d«at!t!Bt, Corn'o .'to stirred it up. Then sho (Iraw the table up by the lire and sat down 1 !»'aymg to write. Sho -never faltered, tt \vafi as If a powor wai-o flowing through her veins and arterips, muscles and nerves and directing hor harid to form the letters o f - t h o woyds which sha was ·writing:. Hor h'biul. did not even tremble. ; "Dear Ned : I cannot go on nny longer without telling you something which I have been meaning ana trying to for months. You vrill understand how difficult It hos been for me when you know whnt it is. "Neddie--I have failed you, I have boon u n f a i t h f u l to you, and the bnby which 1 am pomg- to have is not yours. 1 was gouic; to wait to tell you after it. \vns born, but now T feel that it would not be fair to you or to the baby or its father. "I am not a wanton roman-once and once only I sinned and I sinned because I loved him very deeply. 1 havo lovod. you, Neddie, but I love him more and when the baby is born 1 shall fro lo him. ''I do not, ask your i'orgivenoss-- that would be impossible. Do what you consider the most dignified thing- in regard to divorcing me. I shall agree to anybhing which you Neddie, you havo been so good to me. It may sound strange here, but I am grateful to you for the happy years you have pivcn me and it has benn a great sorrow to me--a torturing' grief t.hnt such a thing shpuM have happened to us. It was simply stronger than 1 WHS, Neddie, or my love for you. "Perhaps you may not understand, but in this terrible trial I am inflicting on you I wish that I Wight comfort you. That is my feeling. You have been everything that a husband should be co a woman and ] look back-on our years together with groat tenderness. "Jit was not Dick's fault and it was not mine. ' '·. "Try not to feel too bitterly towards Dick and me. Wo tried to conquer it but failc'd. Don't hate UB, Neddie. Pifry us. Perhaps one day you will understand. "Good-bye, Neddie. God bless you. ENID." Sho felt no bitterness tibov|f the iio before hor marriage. Har oin had been greater than liia. Tears fell on the letter na she «Tote. She blotted them, but some of the words were blurred. Quickly she folded it and sealed it in JITI envelope. For a faw moments 8ho sat by thj5 fire, weeping silently. She had done it--thank God, But how awful to take tlio love of your husband--the rrmn yon havo lix r xl with for years--nnd kiU !t vritb a few words on a sheet of paper. Poor. Neddie. . . Then sho arose, walked to the dpor, opened it and looked ont across the lak« to thn mountains beyond. Tho moon shone clourly --like that morning with tho morning star shining like ft crosa through tho seven n door. Hor cross had been hard to bear. She went to the: tablp and took up her pen. She was divorced now from Nod--it had been a killing thing to do. But she could feoi now that H!IO belonged to JJick and could love him freely and without shame. Sho had cleared hoi-self to Ned. Sho drew n deep broach and wrote. "My beloved: · I havo just written everything to Ned and will mail it to him wh«n I mftil this letter to you. Oh, my darling, it wna hard--you can imagine. I've been trying so long to gather courage to do it. Tonight it camo to me. God help you both. "Tomorrow 1 am leaving for San Franciiico. Pave and P a u l i n e 7 ( you - .re- thinking of me, or me I am not afraid -but'if you. -ysrc only going to shall corn · bnck to Serena Our,'Iiaby s born. We 'shall f for'^(ju''i!u i-e. -- our baby and ' . lovo. · Hold mo clo e in yonr 'heart arid' come'; to n- 2. Come to me, BO m V' as you can. Your ENID.'! danger nnd lutrdships to i'ind tha land of their dreams. "Now, Mrs. drier," Dr. Gibbons said, with hia strong hand holding hers and bending duwn, looking dt her with tho«e kind gray eyes, "you just go right home and don't worry. You're in fine condition and just remember that you are going to have tha most beautiful baby that waa ever born. And don't listen to a lot of things old women will tell you. , Y o u ask me. Don't hesitate to call on me at any time. From now on I am entirely at your disposal." Enid left his office with a smile OR her face and as she joined Pauline and Dave in the car she said: "He's perfectly lovely and i feel so differently!/ since I havo seen him." Whore wore they going? Dave fh r Hand Uid Not Even Tremble. She laid down 1 er pen and her face fell op .her ar as oh th« table. She sealed the let er and held it close to her faco for a moment. Then she put the t' - o letters in the inside jiockot of hr · handbag. She would mail them h ;rself when she reached Sai\ Franc ico, Knid did not w Jten onco during tho night--sht knew nothing u n t i l the gong rani for breakfast. Today--today rl ; was going: to San Fri»nci:»eri. A mother step in her nine months' . cmmey. When would it e n d ? * * * : Wonderful bow well, sho had stood tho trip. It was' over and there they wore in he St. Francis again and Dave re ?Istering tho!;r name.?. The lant tii 10. fllio could see Dick striding i»' rows the lobby pushing that lock, o; hair back off hi« forehead. Dick- -where was he now?--her tatters) She walked to fciit mail-box near the desk and dro] ped them in. Oh, f^fed, the ext -utione.r who fee! like . . But pulls thn rrvitch n 1115 that--poor, dear N« d. shfi hud 10 do it. The next morning Enltl sftld: "Shall we go to ti i agent today and :ieo About an a j a r t m n n t ? " "I think you'd IK- ter go to see car,' 1 Pauline .van drawing: clone now----the doctc r. Sho didn't know much about doctors--she flushed at the- thoufft t of it But when sho eav him he, was big like Dick. A ) alive son of CmU'orrtln--like Die ;, too, with the tsaiue , chivah-y f the early Wflsi,--of thoso tcAr ess men and Dr. Gibbons first, su gp Rated. The doctor--It must be taking them for a drive. Now they .were stopping in front of the most charming little Spanish house with rosea on each side of the stone walk. "Corno in for a moment, dear," Pauline said, helping Enid out of the car. "Who lives here? -- I would father not see any strangers." But Pauline was at the door n.ow. "How lovely," said Enid as she entered. "Well, this is where we're going to lire until if s time for you to go ir the hospital." "But when and how did yon arrange it?" jrasped Enid sittinff down in p. big chair and taking off her hat. "Tho George Stevenses are going abroad for three months and wo rented it from them -- their old Chinese cook and maids complete." Enid could say nothing. If they only know would they love her so? Why -- what would sho do about telling them? . . .she had not considered that. She suddenly grew woary at the thought of it. She could decide nothing farther. That would just havo to wait. Dick would help her when he came. Y«s -- too tired to cope with anything else -- perhaps it wasn't honorable -- but so tired. Dick would tnke of that. He'd know how to do it. Just now -- no-- - Tho month hnd passed I It was the cjay- -- 'oh -- could it be possible? It couldn't be. Any minute now -(To Bo Continued Tomorrow.) Tiiunl:. . S»!». by H«len Boliorinorhonj P l r t r l b m M by Ktnt Fature* Svnriicat*. Inc. Stanley i^^PJ fCTM:^in'r^ ·S^-Z^iSxiiaXjrii, ~^~ _ ^,. __ ^ YOU HANK- HE / DID IT IN I \ CLEAN ONE PUFF/ J AS / THE gEWAUCTYOMEEffiJ QUICKCX" AUL ODOEIT, AS TO NWHS-mETe THTS DRV MMER. FROM /x KANS/--S criTV !«. HAMMKK. HouSET^ WOie,E A Ofi NOT P A G E MNE. '"! gy uiLu HUNTPtTens ( M.o.AUTHORgrJci^^ )'Ql{T FOR CHtlORtN* Overweight Children V g i r l f r l n n d and ,1 are;;' lo start d i e t i n g . \Vo ;u-« b o t h l f years o l - l a n d \veij,'li Ifil-' ponnd.'i. J am B f o . i t 5 iuchen ami r-Hi.' s:' » f«.'!l . li liiclu.'K. \V(s a r c RfoiJi^J t o .'i^iirt t a k l i i K ' . HxrrclHi.' f i v o i n l t i U t B H ;! ];vy iiixl increase a m i n i ! t o a d u y u n t i l ive i-cacli 15 ntlnuli.-.'i. We (ir« to 1:0 two n t, h r i! t e a l o r l f n over, but ' a n y t n o r u t l i i i n t h : i l , we nri: Koinj; to put a ecjit. In a |j o'x f o r o a r ti calorie (vo «n ovc-h \Ye l i ' i t h w a n t lo y f ' ! u « - to about J2(i pounds. I f wo do. we will w r i t e ami li.-t you k n o w . "M. A N D 1=:." Tho av : ?rR.KO weight for a Klrl r, foot 3 inebi'fl-Ull ls-1-l'ii, rim 1 for one f.eet'5 inches, 122. Itut-1'JS ioiinlK would be ill risrlit far both of you to aim for, because it Is.hotter fur child r e n - t o b'i 5 to 10. per cent, over thu f o r Y o u s h o u l d reduco Blowly. A :;mallirr r f d u c i l o n , whilo · ffrr-wlMflr.. shows mm;!i moro llian it would In ;m adult, IJCOUUHO of Um increr sa in liciffht.. you can't c o u n t caloric quite so n w M i n t t e l y 1 II.B you aro plftnoicg: TO, d!-.'ir Kir'tB, but thn appro.x'mate iHnintini.; 'JocB the work. \V'I! .-ill be jrlttd to it now her- you s'i ,-ifoujr. If ynu l i u v c n ' t our pnmphlf t on l - ; i M l i : c l n : r sni'l G a i n i n g , you had bettor send for It. (Sei c o l u m n rules.) ' J^tiln H u n t Peters. M 1). t ChlUlroii who ar« you girls ;nuut .be, shoiil.U- such ovor-voiglit riot ojily jo'wci;! ro- slataneflr t"- diswiKo, b u t causes n r e : i i «nhapp!ne-i?K and i;ii)tc'iniir;i ii)IV.-il- orlty coni.nlexea which i n n y 1x manent . But you rmisi I'cnic this, fflrls: YpU a r e u l i l l K rov\ir,;, and you- trust' Jiuv.' n.s rnlir,')! of .your BTO'ivlh focds'aml I ho 'foo!s lluit livii you in he ilt.h, as' though "you v.'.:ix- not dieting.' Tliat moans yon s l i o u l ! ) liiivo at tlirc.e j,'lnfls!.' of mil!: "i day, somo wholo tniir Vii-f.-st'l. Iib"i-i!) a m o u n t s oi vcRotablos nin! f n i i ' . R . :uil egffs or cb !csa or flrsh fiwlM. mice ;i day. You iflo Hint to ( M i l drjivn y o u r calories, a n H s t i l l h n v o w h n l . y o u nood, you T-'i!l Imvfi to out "ut f / i m l l c n and caUes ntul o i l y foodii. Not all your milk ioe] bo t n k n n ns ;i ' i r i n l i ; when you ^avo soms c l i e » n y or custards, or O i h e r cllfiiicn m a i l i ? of i t i i l l i . you can prnit a Klaus. For I n s t a n c e : 1C you w a i t Ico . f o r l«f!s«ri /some daj', you can cut. o u t nni of your g-!as«(:8 of r n l l k n,n(l .sot no' of vaur butt or. % ' "Dour Or. Peters n i i n « rt-ccntly died isinl ho anl'.od t!i:\t I i o i c i v c n t o m y l i u - i it \V-JK put In Iho is K t i n - l y 1lii.'! Is n u t C li]l."r' t -ul,).-,!s K r r i i i s ? 'L'lt's K o n t i B of k l l l i M l i n o n e - h a i r h !i!nle. In Hto direct Mf/vci-.-il h u i t r s in a i'.!iy!i;;-iil. So t ' t p r o i thu «!rc:i::itiiT KOWI Hmv! vo.r, you could h n t h or K O I U ! it to help re:iKiiiir« you. '1'hosc who ;in- I n o u r a r t i i - l n o n t u l i o r .1 li.';t of li.-Kik.s w r l l t f u r tin 1 laym.'tn. K:f; o l j t r i i i i i n j j t h i s . A rfllatli-e of of tuhcrculoal*, lH dressing 1,-own i l i a n i l . We k n o w tin for day*, but !KJIJ;;-|I to J t l l l the tul)crfiulo»l8 itre our, it In a Iricd sun]!p!ii., a r d In d i f f u s e d llffh!:, or n no d a U K C r 'rom II you m e n t i o n . f f l v o It B Rnsolini* the cleaner.!, to Tpslctl may culosis. Tt flva« 'ii l-y n u t h o r l M e n c o l u m n nile.'i for M. B. !..--\V( l i a \ « . a n n r t l c l c on. Con.'.tipation w l j i c l i n n f u v d r w : ' 0 i i r 'iiio:...tiii)m am.' v.-hica will liclp vou. r.dUnr'x .V ",'.·: I Jr. P c t o r a cannot d i ; t K t i o s f ; . n o r /.rivi: pcr:;onnJ ad Moo. I f .-;!!(· i.'on.s',(]pr.'( y n u r q u p s t l o n . ' i of. Kf.!HM-:il i'.U i-e:-l. t l n - y ivil! ho firt- .sn-ar.'ij !n t h e c o l u m n , In uirn. He- n'ml O.'iln- l i a K x r r o - ITI coin lor cat p.irnidilotfi' on " l i f d m - i i i ; : inp, I'lio -. K l i l i i p y a n d lions" and (hi; " l - l y s l u t i e of 10 i;pnls in coi)) ( f o r each) and f ' l l l y K o l l ' - i i d i i r c i i s c ' i l , n l a n i p c d envelope, mttst lie. eni.-loro'l. (Thesii oliarjc-s aro to eovor I I i o cost of p r i n t i n f f and l i a r n l l l n g . j A d d r e s s Pr. Peter?, In i-ar«s of this p;;)or. W r i t e losi'.ily, ;ind not over i!0) words. Greets Nation's Chief Executive Mrs. Alice Roosevelt ] Longworth, a daughter of thi* late President jRoo.seve/t and the wife of Speaker Nicholas Longworth of the House of Representatives, at tho White House, where she waa sniong the New Year's Day callers o» President and Mrs. Hoover. (Hutrniuionw Nownreel) Probe of Mysterious Easier Island "View of tho yacht Caroline, which left New York midcsr tho command planning n now ?1,500,000 'yacht V.hnt will carry "'two ."caplunes be used by « p a r t y of sciontists to curry on thu invt-KliraUona b by Captain Pete -son. and begus

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