The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1918
Page 6
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THURSDAY, MARCH 7. 18IN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNKLLSVTLLL. --wow J3EAR.- CAtM , ·NOOKS ELF -- ITS Nourc. f :(SOMEONE. . \ O«eR.TV»eTioW*. " 1 PICK- MIM OP- I COOLD'A SV/ORE. li- OUT--". SIT At ME.-- HE5 OUT -TME. FISH \s 007-- ALl AROUND-- MADE INCOME. MEN"'ARE THE OVERWHELMING NEED ON WESTERN FR(J v i SAYS-MAJOR INNES, EXPLAINING NEW DRAFT CONVENTION "Men an the orerirhelrninK need en th« -western front in Prance and Flanders," declared Major Mitchell Innes of the British and Canadian .Recruiting'Mission today, "and every Britisher and- Canadian _T»ho,.desires ;o serve the ; allies,best Trill enlist for service at once in -. the . British or Canadian armies. The United States has its hands full in training the men who have been drafted, and. a second .draft; is tivfollow dose^npon th« first It is impossible for the Unit*!- Staiw-rKOvwrnment- to deal 73miSaHStely 'with thV large number _:«f aUtns that will be brought within -Ike.-selective draft law by the draft rmTcntkn- which-' is soon to become operative between the British Em- --.pWand.the.Uaited States."'. ~_.._30B~tte:;other;hand.;Canada. and :: fiieat.rBritaJn. because of years of i-practice, have their training ma- ''chinery in snch' splendid' jrnnning order that every Britisher and Canadian who volunteers now or promptly elects to join the British or Canadian army when the draft conven r tion 'is. signed,,will.speedily get to the front where he- is needed. I know of one case where a-Canadian ·volunteered in . the United /States, was. trained, went to France, fought for his country and -was invalided home «1I within six months. "Under " the general registration last June 121484.British subject*, in. the United States between the ages of 21 and 31 were enrolled, and this number did not include those with first- papers. When' the convention becomes effective there will be another, military registration day for -British.-aliens in. this country between the ages' of 20 and 21 and be- tween 31 and 41, and this mny increase the number of British subjects here from 20 up to 41 to 200,000. 'T?his registration will be conducted by the United States, and if within sixty days after the convention is ' signed a Bntisher or Canadian has not chosen to serve .in the British or Canadian army, he will be taken by the American draft. In England and British colonies, citizens of tho United States will be subject to military regulations between 21 and 81j ana will ha taken into the British army if they dp not choose within sixty days to join the United States forces. Only. 19,000 Britishers and Canadians In the United States have · thus, far volunteered and been accepted. .Now is the time for the tens of thousands remaining inactive to join their heroic brothers overseas." : £ ·Atvifce- can.. .The. bill for tomorrow and Sat- j man with the spirit of a gallant and urday is "A* Night at Sherry's" and . adventure* some knight of Sid 'has the principal ·- comedy role will .be (some sensational experiences.. ,Fair- ·hanrtled by ·Meli-'Melvini' -eccentric i banks also performs amazing, feats. comedian. The picture will be..Wil- j Many of the scenes were taken in the . . Ham Si Hart in "His Last \Haul," a I Grand. Canyon of Arizona v.-ell known'-. pictuVe. Coming next j work of the acrobatic star ' and the oa. lofty ; -'"-WHIMS .OF SOCIETY"---Jn wbichj-V.eck is Jack Grant said to be-the fun- peaks, 8,000 feet ahove the'sea.level. ; chanting Bthel.Clsytori i's-.seen in tbe| : nJest~blacfctace'.-com.eiiUaii .on tie Sun and along the precipitous canyon will jleading TolerTi.s being, circuit £upported';by "one of..the very | thrill everyone: ·."JVhiBK'.of "Society" is a story.,'.of;fac.-; IOTY-girls who are burnt cork,- .tory life antQf tho'br'ave' flghtVanaae'i Ifiss HaielTCennedy: . A fea.tu-.-c of his :by"a;--_pretfy,-anibitio'us .factory, .^irl.j show is.a trip that sings" tire- 1 ; differ T ·Nora Carey~--was her narae-'and nheTent songs at the'same time.' *«--'···""-S-'earn- a living -for" herself " - " ' - " " ' ' ;and^her ; -jounger sister;. Katherine, .agtd-.V.l£, jknd^fp-- ke«p .Katherine in "schop].r r ,NoTa; tdusnt'.b-ravely,- but,'the tight^WM^abnotfCtoo^auch for her. Finally^iisV.niet: Hugh'Travers, son of- Ufa 1 ewi«r'. of' the.'faetbxy^whero : ,3he employed.-azi3.-he--helped her as. a -big brotheV inight .have ^h' Bnt led pnly^ to;further "cora-^ ' pljcations. rlCronx.thisttjme/tm _even5 happeiv ' makK»e 'of eslirijCattd'.entertaining'picture's.;? As, Nora. "Miss Clayton is slrjleJCb.': "She. handles the role \rlth tne."'assuran'ce · in^'p6wer'whlct.she always brings to a character. · Her thousands and thousands of friends will be more than ·" pleased .-with- 'her rendition of this rolel -"Whims"of' Society." is along a different line than any of Miss _Clayton's-recent r pictures.-and-it. gives her many opportunities for the dis- plav;;oi; her superior .· acting 'abilities. The'Picture is'elaborately staged: All the members of the supporting-company .are splendidly cast...and.,!the. "7scenic effects, are delightful.. A .big 'ribbon factory.-in.full, operation is an eJrtrSmely.. .interesting feature, of the . picture. _JromorTow-' .and Saturday- "»Ub«l TaUaferro'will be seen In "Draft . k 15S," a drama of intense interest. ,,,, . . 'his' flffeVea'during.tbe.p'ast nine, weeks I P. DUnds l01 ' Parcels for deljvery o("tneir.::sfay r .'ln.-.Co'nnellsvillc. . The othe1 ' zone5 - No Package shall ' ' THE JJtCADE; "LORD HTiS A. BCMM," was a very tunny ^farce.. presented by the Johnny 'Jones"Musical Comedy company at the Arcade yesterday. It pleased at all ·· performances judging bythe applause and encores. Of the latter Ike Mori rls got four.on his eccentric acrobatic \£yrations, and his wife Flo .Morris got WEIGHT LIMIT STEEL SHIPMENTS NOW CLOSE TO 75 PER CENT; SET PRICES TO CONTINUE Is Expected to lie .Recommendation at FortheomJnp ^Conference; thief 1'rcKSurc is" For Itelivorlbs. S]JQcIiil to Tho Weekly uourior NEW YORK, March 6.--The Amerl- | can Metal Market and Daily Iron · Steel Report will review the steel a n d : iron trade tomorrow as follows: SteeT*sbJpment8 are increasing some- 1 what, more rapidly than a f o r t n i g h t ; ago and are now averaging close to 75 : per cent of nominal capacity, though ; with the great amount of new construction that has occurred in thu past ', two years the ratings should probably : be higher than those now taken for ; the purpose ot making comparisons. I Ingot production is outrunning fiuiah- ; ed a tee I production, as the finishing , operations are retarded by shipping · conditions and it is more convenien'.' to stock ingoLK than finished sltici. The . Increased Ingot production reflects the heavier production of pig "iron t h a t ' has lately been occurring.* Blast fur- . nace operations in the industry as a ; whole are easily at SO per cent, of ca: pachy. As a result oE the conference held : last Friday with representatives of all ' producing lines the iron antl steel . committee will probably recommend. to the War Industries Board a con- · tinuance of the present set prices to ' the end of the year. The conference ^ at whicli this matter will be discussed Is expected to be .held between the 35th and 20th otnhta month. An I n - ; teresttng feature of the situation is j that the War industries Board has a ; new chairman, Mr. Baruch. I By far tho most Interesting feature ; or the situation is the possibility that . there w i l l be a competitive market I n . some irou and steel products in the near'future. \Vhetber or no 1 ! this will j occur depends chiefly upon Iranspor- ! tation. The hjgh costs, which make U that at the set prices the producers i are earning very moderate profits in- I deed, are due in considerable part to j light production caused by insufficient i transportation. It is being pointed out j that if the government desires lower ; prices the readiest and most practical i means to that end would b« to supply ' ', transportation to the industry. It ia i I believed that with favorable weather ! } this can', be done. i I Tuere is a slight improvement in j ' demand for steel products in the open · j market, but on the whole demand is j j very light, ths .pressure being chiefly! j Cor deliveries against orders already J placed, the filling of which in .most ', cases is very long overdue. ' j IMPRESSED BY OUR FOOTBALL BATTLES Japs Take Great Interest in U. S. t Army Athletics. Observers From Fur East Wrought Up ; Over Stoiclom and Sportamanshlp j Displayed by Players When In- | Jured In Games. I Ever since the work of organizing j America's array was started WK have · hntl among us observers from Japan, · wbo are not so much taken iip w i t h ! the wny -VTO get together our military I forces EB they nro with our task of 1 keeping the soldier fit and interested. ' In addition to making observations i nt our camps they have visited o u r : colleges and. perhaps beyond anything j Use.they have been impressed by our i foottwll games. I One of the Japanese, a college'pro-j fessor and a 3T. M. O. A. worker, oa ! hie return to Tokyo recently deliv- : ered a lecture, In which he emphasized i the renmrtiible Index to American \ fighting spirit and character furnished . by our football battles. = For ages Japan hus prided itself on the spirit of the ancient Samaurl-- | a spirit \vLlch. H was held, 1ms tran: scended thut of uny other notion. ; Only those who are intimately fa-; mlliar with the feelings of the ,Tnpan-l eae on that subject can imagine, the 1 stir which the lecturer undoubtedly i created when he told his fellou' Nip-! ponese that "the 1 spirit of the old! Samaurl is not confined to Japan, but j is evident in every game between i American college football teams." ; "Amerlcnn football never would be; a success In Japan--It could not exist; here," the Japanese told Ills ht'arcrj, j "If any of yon think that the spirit of j old Japan Is superior to the spirit of j America you would change that impres- i slon If you were to see a hnrd-fonght name on an American college football neld." What impressed the Japanese more than anything in football was the stoicism and sportsmanship with which the players ao/iepted injury and even a "Icnockout" The Japanese have prided themselves; on their ability to take punishment' without flinching, but five miuutes o f : a football game convinced our visitor tlmt in at least that feature we stood' supreme. - * You Trust Co. COSNELLSVILLE.PA, (WESTSIDE) A MAN'S CREDIT Promptness in the settlement of bills is a leading factor in establishing credit --and prudent is the man who gives, due ..attention. It is a -vell known fact that a strong banking connection is a builder of credit. Make the strong, old, Union National Bank your depositary by opening a Checking Account. UNION NATIONAL BANK MATT WELLS, EX-BOXER, MAKES HIT AS REFEREE; Of Parcels Post Packages to be In- crensed to 70 Ponuils. By order of the third assistant .post- from j master general'the weight limit ot parcels post packages oa . and after .March. 15, will be increased to 70 pounds for delivery within the first, one' of~tfi : e : . heat:Uunis" tne 7 conipany j secon * and third zones, and to 50 ' ' " -' "~ ' " in bef in "LENA . - . RIVBRS;--- Taken every, point.of'view: ',Lena Rivers," as presented"by.;-the ilanhattan Players at the: Soisson. theatre, yesterday was lovable "as^tht.Jieroine^ was in good.taste and the formance scored a well deserved, sue-1 cess. . "Lena Rivers"'will be the at-| traction, at both performances today! and tomorrow. At the Friday night' performance there will : be the biggest' country grocery store of'the engage-! ment...The..special prize", is the subject "-of- rauch speculation; At all events the management -promises" a Th'e -scenery I' 13 Btte1 ' a n l.riot;of;a character perish- 0 - i for transportation and deliver}'. The-increased weigat-limit doas no: cpply to parcels sent to soldiers serv- surprise in the quality.of the present.! The' closing day of -the Manhattan i Saturday will bo. devoted to licensed '· "»eu 58.768 AUTOMOBILES Ounce! by tlic Partners uf Pennsylvania' Ont, of n Total of 3WMWO. Sta.tby.ics compiled by the Bureau ,,, ,, ,, .-. . oi' Statistics, at Harrisburs shew that "Pretty Peggy.O'JIoore," the compan-, t h p ' (armfers ',,, Pennsvlva ^ "^ ^ ion piece to, "Peg; 0 My; Heart,-'" Next 766 automobiles out oc 306001 ' week the Jack Ball Stock Company I , , , m -will open their engagement . wl * !l j ag i g j - "Tbe Natural Law," a play that won j Berk3 : countv leads thc statc , vltn tremendous success when presented at awomobi]cs on tho t the number tie. Republic-theatre. New -Sork; some| beiag , i086; Camenn c o u n t has tfa ttae ago. -'The c o m p a n y ' . c o m e s , to, smaUest numDer , 33. In -Pa^}-ette eoun- ConheUsvilJe.; direct from .a long and L. th - erc ate 7G4 . Westmoreland, with, O.j 3 , 37 g . a!most doubles Pa y ett . e . g - to tal, but the farmers, of Somerset evidence their greater prosperity by owning 1,573 "buzz wagons." . Greene .county boasts S8G, or 122 more than Fayetto county. . THE OJKPHElDi. Mary Miles.Minter -will be shown tor d-ay. iliis Minter is. portrayed as the X V ^E V .for her b'uc'i danoc. if Walk in' i tlaugh-ter- of"-a-wealthy, man : who i n - j .--. . v "Dog" got .Mel Srelrin two bows | Bulges -her i-in every \rtiin;--her ob-| BIHTUM! l)y Acid. N » parody., on. "Kons Raccolla" got: session being to rto go.od among t h e ! Carelessnes on the part o f : some \La . M o n t , au . .encore. l,ec! poor and criminal ulassps. Thc p r e t - c . a u unknown who left sulphur acid ; * AVyUs .. House .' Ball . a n d : ty little trir! bccoraes interested in a in u test tube in the North Union high NLikt- You" .got an encoure.! burglar, just released -from the peni- , scliool. laboratory resulted in what 1 (,'hy JMZ Trio, got .three; tentiary who has told her a pitiful | might have been a very serious.acci- ^liss Evalyne Pattullo'got. [story of his career^ She Insists upon j dent when Miss Olive Asendorf,. frith "All the World-Will be' her father's employing him as 'under ! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John 1L Me," .Tlie comeoy Is "Lord I sardener and. whlle"cting In that ca- j Asendorf and. a pupil In Wednesday tin," !» consistent, refined pacity "Slippery Bill" rolia the home ' afternoon'! 'Ta« pietnre was the *Btnietlon" the ftSth epl- -icauie* »nd The Woman" v turid lijr the fall .from a. - m Dun-' ·.'s chemistry class, put a test of his benefactor,. besides planning to ; tube containing what she thought was kidnap the child who has appeared in j water "to tier lips and tested it, scar"A Mod-ren ilusketeer." Th'e story ias ; ing"her. underlip, tongue 'and throat. A LIMIT TO BE FIXED UPON THE AMOUNT OF COAL TO BE DELIVERED i(j Consumer Tart of Fnel Administration's Plan (or the Be- tail DistribntloB After April 1. Regulations governingvtbe retail distribution oE coal for the coal year beginning April 1, 1918, are under consideration by the Fuel Administration. The fuel administration, in order to avert a recurrence ot the coal shortage condtions of the past winter, announces that it proposes to put into eifec:" a definite plan for the proper land equitable distribution, of coal to i domestic consumers throughout the country. In so far as possible, the regulations will be made flexible in order to enable local fuel administration officials to accommodate the general rules to their local conditions. Fuel administration officials at work on the retail distribution plan are considering an 'arbitral-}- limit on the amount of coal that may be delivered to domestic consumers. It has been proposed to base this limitation upon the amount of coal that may be delivered to domestic consumers during the coal year of 1917. Mt-is probable that local, officials will ·be given the authority to require consumers purchasing coal to submit an attested statement setting ·' forth the amount of coal the consumer has on hand, amount he has ordered- from 'dealers, total amount used during tho year 1917 and thci amount necessary to meet his requirements during the coal year of 1918... It is expected that the retail distribution .plan will be definitely decided upon early* next week in order t h a t - I t may be made effective .or. April'1. A general warning has been issued by the Fuel Administration to coaV producers that where they are selling their output under . contracts made prior to the fixing .of coal prices by President TVilaon they will not bo permitted to charge thc 45 cents additional given to operators to meet increased wage costs, v in unusual them,-preseniin'g dashing.: icc'itleiits of 'romance' ia-which a young I '.'· Patronize those .who F. T. EVANS ESTAT£ BOTH PHONES. PIGEONS TO BE BIG ' FACTORS IN THE WAR Fanciers Finally Recognized as' .. Devotees of Sport. ! Uncle Sam to Be Furnished With 200,-! 000 Messengers--Birds Are Coneld- ered Particularly Reliable for : Military Work. i EVIDENCE OF STRENGTH The continued growth in our deposits is evidence of strength and shows that we look out well for the interest of our customers. When d»siring a new or additional depository, remember that the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvan:- will be glad to wek-ime j r our Checking Account. Don't knock Connellsviile by seti't- tng'your money out oC town for your job work when The Courier company can do it here at home. Xet us fiivc you.prices. " Matt Wells, the English boier who was a ring sensation in this country | a few years back, *hns retired f r o m ; the roped arena, as far as actual, fight- i Ing goes. Wells, who is located a t ' Rochester at present has branched out j as a releree. ; -'Wells, who was a former nrantcur , lightweight chnmplon of England,; made a great'hit with New York light, fans soon a£ter the Frnwley law went Into effect, about 1910. Mntt won the English tltlu in.1911, defeating Froddle · Welsh in u 20-ronnd bout la London.! Welsh regained his English title i n : 3912, when he defeated Wells" in 20; rounds.' . -! Fletcher Is Captain. 9 \ Arthur Fletcher will bo the captain | of Uio Glimts nuxt aeiison. wlmtever ' that dignifies. He flucivcds Clinrlur : Herzog, who bnonnio mjit.ulu when : Lurry Doyle depiuted. Doyle returns '. as a private. · ! Profitecrlno. * Ten thousand fur u n airplane Or mora than ihtit ia Epeqt; Which in a Ini uiiuHldurlng Tlioy make tliom tw (u^cent, Scoffed at and scorned by sportsmen for a score or more of years-ever since the raising of prize pig- j eons entitled a man to the title o f j sportsman--Ohio fanciers of. homing I pigeons at last have been awarded no- j tice among the ranks of devotees of . more popularly accepted sporting pas- j times. ^ i It remained with the pigeon misers, to furnish the Uuitod States one of the i most important instruments of war- ; fare necessary to the successful oper-1 ations in the trenches. · Sometime next summer when the big '. push starts "over there" Ohio carrier . ; pigeons will bring, buck to beadqimr-! ters through barrage fire and machine | gun bullets--if they are lucky--mes-: Siiges from observers in airplane?) and ; from men. stationed in listening pomp ' far out in front of the front H u e : , trenches. , ' Already more than 7,000 birds of the ; highest class have been ordered by the ; wur department for delivery ut an At- . lantlc port on a certnin date, tho exact j time of which Is kept secret for mill- \'\ lary reasons. ] j By nert full, according to Dr. .7. C. Simon, secretary of the American Racing" Pigeon association, 200,000 flrst- class carriers will be available" for service overseas. The pigeons being tnken, are conrfidered by Doctor Simon to be particularly reliable in the matter uf returning spuedily to the spot which .marks their present liome. No recruit going into the National iirmy goes under closer scrutiny than do the pigeons accepted, according to omelals of ibe ussociatlon. Government inspectors sean'the registry cards of each entry, after examining the bird to see wether he or she is healthy and accept only those whose parents and grandparents made exceptional records in iuesd contests. . · 1 MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. J. N. Trump fHITE LIN|? TRANSFER El MOTOR TIIIJCK and WAGON'S. HOISTING SPECIALTY, Advertise for it in these coiumns

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