The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1930
Page 6
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SIX. i'j UAJL,Y COURIER, CONNELLSV LLE, PA'. ' T U E S D A Y , J A I N U AW r f, P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mr-?. J French Korv of KaM. Fairview avenue and Mrs. Ada Kerr Wilson of P l t t a l w r g l e f t this morning for A ' l a n t i c Cily. For n home demonstration of a Maytag Washer, phone 1540-ft. John 11. Work, 117 "VVfsl Apple street.--Ad- vertisement--''ijan-Gtx. Mis., Louise- Patterson, who spent t h r holidays w i t h her parc-nts, Mr and Mrs. Mack P a t t e r s o n of Hast I'aUor- f-on avortuc, has r e t u r n e d to Hood f,'oilPRO, Frederick, Md. The MotheiV A u x i l i a r y of Troop Xo. ::, Boy Scout*, w i l l hold a card party Wwltirmlay, Jan J o , in the Social HaH at I m m a c u l a t e Conception C h u r c h . At- iractivo and u s e f u l prizcx* will bo o"- t'fvvcd. Commuters a r e working - o j m a k e it a uucccf . Advortisetnenl.-- 7 iti tilt Mis^ (Ole-ajtor V a r o n , d a u g h t e r of Mr and Mrs. -M.\\cr Aaron of Uace s t r o c t and M \ K , Helen M a t t h e w * , d a u g h t e r of A t t o r n e y and Mrs. B. S. j M.itthows. r s t u i n e d today to K l r m i n p - | ham School f u r Girls, B i r m i n g h a m , { I'a., a t t c i h p c m U n t ; tho Christnuifa h o l i d a y s at tlieii homes. C J e o t R p K. Baker of Kast Apple street h in A s h l a n d , Ky.. on business. Mrs. Mary M c t u U r e ot Y o u n ^ s t o w n , Ohio, r e t u r n e d to hpr liomc on Sunday a f t e r a visit w i t h Ucr brother-in-law and slater, Mi', and Mrs. Gcorgo E. I t a K o r of IIKI A p p l e s h e e t . ' M''s. Mci n t l r o i.4 a teacher in live- Yoiuigslown Aunt Hot "I( looks like t h e m o r p iahor- Aa\-In' devices a w o m a n has in her k i t c h e n , thr* more i he depends on p e a n u t b u t t e r an' store-bought potato salad." Mr. and M i s ('. ''· Mn.ssrovi ot L'u- l o n t o u n were- v i M t o i s h e r e y e s t e r d a y . M i . and M i b John W. M c C a u l c y ot West N e w t o n \vero guests of the former'.-, parents. Mr. and Mrs. William M c C a u l e y of Ihiloritown Sunday. AMh- Andre-Kt lit- llai,- returned toiler studios at t h e C a l i f o r n i a State Toach- itf College, a t l c r t'pendins the Clirtal- imii holidays w i t h her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S a m u e l Hal- oC Dickon-Kin Hun. Shi' \\a-t accompanied hy M!.-n Kleanor Itamlnlpti. a stmlont at tho eamo college, v h o h p e n t the wee-k-eiul a) S h e Hair ho-no. The R a n d o l p h family ic*kirK in f ' u l i f o i ul-a, I'a. Mts 'ir'oi'iu 1 J o h n - i o n . *vho has been III .it her liome nt Siiyd"rfo\ui, is improved. Mr.-,. J o h n s o n is the m u t n c i of C o u n c i l m a n I. I) Younkln. W, 13. Down's, who has been ill at his home- in youth K t g h t h street, Greenwood, fur the past several" veeka it- i m p r o v e d . Mr. and ,\lr-. Paul S-pwirs h a v e jcone- !o Wa-'hhiston. I). ('.. to make the-Ir f i i ' t u v e home. Mr S-pcara, a former YuMclent of Dimbar. is employed as an f t i f r i n e e r % % i t i the United States gov- e r n m e n t . M' 1 --; Dwo'liy L);n is. ha.' r n t u i n e d to j tho CaHforiu.i Stutc Tea; a;",-; ( \ . ' £ 2 P a f t e r speiutlng the t'hri«trnat h o ) i d a » w i t h Her p a r e n t s . Mr. and Mrh. Jay S K. I I i u . a j-aleMn'an for R. B. / a i n m e r m a n Company, has. gone lo Chicago, to bu u complete Hue of j f u r m t u r « . M\=s Sail-- H o f f m a n , daughter of Dr and Mrs. I I ('. Hoflman of Vine s-treet and M'.s-j C \ i r o l n U e i i i c h e r , d a u g h t e r C jMr. and Mr.-., AV. I,. Be-nscher, of l'.ci.-t C J i e c - u h l r c e t . who wcr« hoin-e tor the Clir' holidays, lot't this m-orn- I n g for Chambers b u r g to rc.sxune .their ut \VlIfion C'olleg-e. S. CONNELLSVILLE SCHOOL BOARD HAS DIFFERENT VIEWS About Fire Es'-apes and in Safety iHeiisur/'S TV hen Dismissing "Children. DR. GRAHAM SPEAKS AT NOON SERVICE; REV. DUTY TOMORROW Con' limed from Pnjsre One. kc\ and KOH- \V. Showman. F r i d a y Lender, Miss M i n n i e M u r - r a v ; nwin- hy Mrs. Cy-tor R. \Velmcr. ,\l riuiiTh of Brethren. I-asl owning marked the first of tho AVock of Prayer eorvlccfe ut tho Church oC tho B r e t h r e n . The Alpha Biblo C|,IM« wfH ID charffo oC th-e. mcetinR, w i t h t h f » pastor, lluv. 11. B. Shohor, as t h p Tiicic was a good attendance. This e v e n i n g (Ho D K Lcploy Mo- inorliil I las'i w i l l lutvo i-hnrse, with Ut-v Clodi-go K. K r u p p of the United J ' r o - h y t p r M n C h u r c h ah speaker. WtMliu '-day c\oiHng tho young ( piMijile \ \ i i l ho in charge, with Ifcv. CI, (!(;ov«r* -ihupf* of T r i n i t y Hcfortuod C h u r c h l o l i v o r i » R t h e f t e r m o n . Tlnuv'.ay oveiiing the tservlco w i l l ho in diai-go- ol the Gleaners Cla.sfi \ v i f h th poi-.t-(r a-s speaker I'Vidsii- ovenini; w i l l in- Sunday nighi, w i t i i i'rof. D. Sen ices ut I". I'. Church. Ili-v R. K. Shubu-r. rnstor of the C'lnu'ch of the Brethren, w i l l be the p i i n c l i u l speaker at tho Week of i 'rarer servico t o n i R h t In the First t'nl ed I'resbytericVn C h u r c h . The met t i n 4 w i l l he in clungo of the "Yoi n'; People's Societies oC tho c h u n h . Uev. Ur. W. II. Hetrlck of T r i n l t j L u t h e r a n C h u r c h will be the s p e a k e r ut the service on Wednesday Tiicht. The Sunday School Ass-delation w i l l h i v e charge. Rev, f. G. Shtipe, of T r i n i t y Reformed Church, w i l l oc- ( djiv the p u l p i t Thursday night. The tiicKJus -will be in charge of the Kver- luirt l i i h l o Clus,s. Kev. O. R. K r u p p , the ciiurch pastor, \ \ i l l pveuch mi 1'Yiday nig,ht. Tho C'hrl»tiart C ' u l U i r e CUisa w i l l have eluirgo yl the service. CHANGES ARE NOT AGREED TO At liie m o n t h l y mpetinc; or the H c i u t h C o n n o l l s v l l l . .School Hoard last i veiling t h e r e we -o differences '.r o p i n i o n expressed ·capecting two mat- tor's brought to t le attention of l h hoard. One refei red to t h e erection of Jire escapes on the two building;'. Following a visit wme weeks ago hy Inspector tiilchrl't of the State. Department" of I^a tor and I n d u s t r y orders woro Issued requiring t h a t both buildings h equipped w i t h approved tlevicpfl f r tho p^capo of (!)(· bdiool c h i l d r e n In case of flro. When Director r (' Phaliti inaulrod \shal iuui beon l nc, and if (he public was aware t tat Ihc- erection of tir« o«cnpes iiart hepn ordorod, Presi- cl"iU M i l l e r i c p l e c l that no I n f o r m a - tion had been pivcn to tho ne-v/spa- l era of tlu^ rtvonit ol tho notice from the Stale U o p u ' t n i e n t One b u i l d e r ot (Ire escapes 'tad prepared plaas, but these h a v e nut yet boon submlt'crt to tlio d c p a r t m e nt for a p p r o v a l , 1A. consklerc'l t h a t w h e n this approval had bef-n Riven it u n u l d be t i m e to adverlise for i ds and to a w a r d t b u contract. Uirectorfc 1'ha'in and Trump differed troin t h i s form of procedure holding that other bull iers should bo given f p p o r t n n i t y to Inspect, the premises and make plain of t h p l r own before bids were root Iverl. By this means the board v.on)J have an o p p o r t u n i t y to compare th' plans and detemiinn which w o u l d b · tho better, Aflsr approval by tho State Department bids could bo i n v i i n d and the contract f-warded. T!r=i method. Directors I'hnlin and T r u m p clai'ned, would afford the w i d e s t publicity to tho intended' award, bring oui a larger n u m b e r of. bid'tero and. very likely rc- buit In the interests at the school taxpayers belsig better protected. ThcKe arguments did not meet with favor by tiie ,-einalnder of the board dm! the m a t t e r waa left fj8 H had b'jen reported by President Miller. Tho other question had to do with suggested oh.mgea In tlie methtxls of disnussinp the school chililre^i from the b u i l d i n g 1 . Director Phalla and T r u m p urged t h a t ; tiic teaching ot safety shouhl boslii in tho school loom w h o i e children ohoulil bo impressed w i t h the necessity of taking ( a r e whn on ilif streets. Il wa8 proposed by U l i e c f o r Piialln that instead of allowliiK tho children to disperse at the door of the school house, ami rushing pell me!! across the street in trout of the building and thereby tn- danKorint? 'hemaolvGS from paBsi street cars uid automobiica, tlvnt the teachers blinuld conduct tlicm in an orderly manner lo the regular atrco-' crossings a i the l l m i t a of the school property, w h e r o thero «oulr! be less danger t h a n in the present practice of "jny-walklrs" across the Kcction of the street immediately in f r o n t £ the b u i l d i n g Tho sug ;estion wai not ftpprovecl by the boai-d, At least HO action wail taken to make it affective. lied Cross M MOl'XT PI/lCASAN'l', Jan, T --The n 'i!it!i! n cctin;; oi t l u Hod Cross '·\c i ! i \ f ( i - i n m i t t e o w i l l lie h o l d in t!u v t"ii ( I D - - riHinib t h i n e v e n i n g . noturn 1o College. Miss El anor B r o w n , daughter of Mr. and M i s . S. W. B r o w n of Traugei, Miss llolen Stuner and Miss Meredith Brooks of Scottdale, who wore home for the Christmas holidays, left yef,- lerclay mornins; for Frederick, M!., u to rcbume th -ir studies at Hood College. C h i l d ' s I e c k Urokcu. ALTDOXA. Jan. ".--leaning out ;ui open \vindow to Rre«t hiri mother on her i -tnra Ironi the .store, llay- mond J. -lenneuksiy, fivo, was kiile-d he-re- toiliiy when (liv w i n d o w fell -on his neck Pimples on Face Itched and Burned Badly. Cuticura Hea "M/ trouble be^an with pimples and blacK \ c-i v h.ird. lai ge and reel, and my face looked ; They itched and burned badly and I serntcht at nijSht on account of the irritation. The tr "I tried a lot of other remedies but they using Cuticura Soap and Ointment and coulc' in a short fimp I was completely healed." Postupack, R. D. 1. W. Main St. Wcatherly, Heads. The pimples were ·wful on account of them. il them. I could not sleep uible lasted two months. Ud not help me. I beftan see an improvement, a'nd ( S i g n e d ) Miss Netue Fa.. June 24, 1929 Vtip :Sr Ointment ?i an'i ?"-, Tatrum 25c. Sold r .·?tvwhere. Sample each ttce. -Vioresa' "Cuticuf A t*feor«koriea, Dept. H. MaJden. Mo«8." "I was three times under an operat ion and I was very weak and nervous and could not eaf. I sufl'ered for ten years. I learned about'Lydia fe. Pirik- ham'f, Vegetable Compound and my husband bbught me a bottle. I felt a little better and he bought me two more, I had the Compound in my home for two years and took it all the time. Now I feel strong and can do anything."--Mrs. A. Michalk, 5443 Mitchell Ave., Detroit, Michigan. W .Would Free India Hy virtue of the resolution adopted hy the Indian national congress in -which Mahatma Gandi, »oted political leader, above, de- flared for comptot" independence from Great Britain, the lattfr faces the new year with India a* itfc most serious problem. Mova for secession of India from tha British empire carried by a vote of 2,SD4 to 6. Respite Altogether Too Late to Save Prisoner South African stories dealing with the decidedly grim humor ot the crln iaal courts have been published by Mr, Napier Devltt, under the title of "Legal Atmospherics." Soiae of them, grim as they are, are quite entertaining. Ho gays that in the early days of the republic, matters Judicial were treated in a less punctilious manner than today. Wheva a criminal was sentenced to death, before his execution could be put Into operation, the donth sentence had to be confirmed by the state president. i The story goes that ou one occasion n man was sentenced to death by the court of landdrost and beeinrflden, and the papers were in due course cllB- pntched to Pretoria for the president's confirmation, lit those days of post by Kaffir runner weeks elapsed before a letter could be obtained, and the reply lu tills Instance wna long delayed. ' When eventually the papers were returned the liuicldrost was informed that t'de president had refused to confirm the sentence, and he was ordered to release the prisoner. Thereupon the lancldrost reported to Pretoria as follows: "Die prlsonler is voorlopig opge- hang." (Tho prisoner has been hanged provisional.) ORGY OF CRIME FOLLOWS CHICAGO POLICE FORCE OfT Murder, Two Major J?olh«i les A n d '25 Minor Ones Record For BANDITS WORK IN LARGE CAN Church's Vast Property The Trinity church tract, In New York city, contained about 52 acre anfl was variously known as the King's f a r m , the Duke's farm n n d the Queen's fnrm. Van TwIHer, Hio Dutch governor of New Amsterdam, sold this tract In iG,'i3 to Koelof Jans nnd by his will it became the property of bis wife, Anneke. Sho died fri 1C03, teav Irig eight children, n i l of vrhom hir one, Cornelius Bogardus, In March 1070, executed an i«8trument known as a "transport" conveying the prop erfy to Col. Frnnclg l-oveltice, then governor of \Ncw York. T r i n i t y cliurcl wns Incorijoratod hy royal clinrfer on Way 1007. In 1703 Queen A n n o for mnlly presented the; t i a c t to (he Trin lly church. . By OHIICACSO, .Jem 7.--A iilO.OOO hi Ulu,p of si dpipartm-cnt slor-o delivt'jry g; raigo today ciilminaitcsil a night -of crli » in Ohitagfl t h a t includod 25 otlior rob- berios, t w o f-liootlTug, on« murlo anwl an nit lack on a woman. With Iho metix)iolItmn police- forc-e F00 m-en short on aocotrnrt of a r- hroed hu'd'got for 103-0, hood tains aignin flllO the ijwllco WjoitffVfl w i t h crkw twta- nifl, raniglng from tho North Shore G o l d Coa".t t h r o u g h the loop i ifAriat ati.d i n t o Uio South Sid-o, \vh«rc t 10- de- p a r t m e n t slors holdups wcro ati ged. Seven bancHta broke Irebo tlie-j ara«», bound WilHam 10v»robt, wat hanam, and his wWe and daughter, opoi ed ih-e safe awl look yostci^day's rec«s! xts of all th-e MAii-d-oi lirnlheis 1 dirivi ra of that fliwtrlct. Tho -other major robbery wan that of the Gold f'"O-a.---'t homo ot Cna 1cr, M Ri'chtoi-, official of Ihc- Oonst MunaainCkS Corporation Plvo ook charge- of tho housohoW for an hour and -oseapr-d Wiith $25 100 in jewels. CHICAGO, Ian. 7.--The shrill whistle, of a policeman dlrecti ig traffic along Italic- .Shore drive 1 ss than L block a w a y sonndc-d thro tgh tho !old Coast homo of Charles Manton Hichler, m i l l i o n a i r e vice-prep dent of .ho Consolidated Magasinca ' Vjrpora- ,ion, w h i l e ii\-o bandllf. look r mrgc of .ho hruse.holil f o r n e a r l y an 1 our last tight before cBcaplng w i t h $25,000 w o r t h of jewelry. The n u l n l r - t operated w i t h nnchine- Utc p r w l e i o n , ( t i t l i n g tclepht no wires ind !;pepinK a t r i r t p u a r d f VPV tho Rlclitors, t h e i r tv,o children ind foul- servants. As a "sporting p r o p o a l t l - n," Mrs. Richlar tgroei to turtt ver her owolry If her children, Stpl an, eight, and Mary I'atricia, six, w'ho had just seen pul. to bed, weri not in ilestod, A maid answere-d tho doc -bolT. and wan lold by two well-dresf id young nu-ii that t h r y w a n t e d to ee · Rlchter. W h e n he slepppci lo Oio [Jo r, ono of h p b a n d l t a p"odd«l him v ith a re\ n l v r r . A smooth 'voice sa d. "Steady now. You k n o w w h a t \vp w a n t . I^oad us in." Three, f o r m s loomed up from t h u shrubbery and f o l i o w w l t i n Ir coated-- Mrs). Jon n Hli'hlo came lowns-talrs ajir! was t o l d !i w a « a ho Jup. "Plca.sf, she ex; lultned, "my children. I ' l l g i \ o you a n y l h l p ; bvit don't h a i m or f i i R h l e n them." S ic took the bhoi'H to hpr liadroom an( gave them t h i e t d i a m o n d b r a c e l e t s , i riiiK feel w i t h three d i a m o n d s , a n onorald ring, a diamond brocvch and IIP husband's p l a t i n u m w a t c h . ·Hist then Stephen, the f n, saw one o£ tho men w a v i n s r a pistcvi and l A U g l l o d g l C ' O l l l l l ) ' . "Just i-ollegii friend.* n your falh- nr," Mre. Hlciiter i ailed, '1o baflc to slcfip, sonnj." ' ' Solacing I l K i i r V i d i m s v Uh the comment tho j e w c l r ) , waH -robably insured, and w a r n i n g again i au o u t c r y , the live q u i e t l y walked ou lo a parked automobile and c'rove e .VH.V in t h e truffle. Children Like This Safe IPires xiption Stop c h i l d r e n ' s coup is and sore t h r o a t s before HIPPO all uents lead l u ilangeroiis ills. Thoxit i, a doctor's prescription, now assur s relief w i t h in 35 m i n u t e s to c h i l l i ) n as well as atiulla v/ithout the dan; or In the use of patert medicines cot uUnhig h a r m - ful drugs ' Thoxlui' w o r k s on a « ffercut p r i n c i - ple, goes d l t e c t to tho ; otirce of t r o u - ble and ro!!eve'i I h e 1 rllallon w h i c h caunes ihe rout'.hltiK a- d sore throat. Ideal for child) en bee .use it IB sate and dons jiot h a v e tin Usual "nasty- medicine" (asfe. No .argling. J u s t ask for Thoxln, pul u ready f n r uso in 35c, COc, nmi 5-t.OO Kittles. Monny back if not relieved. Sold by al! druggist. 1 !.-- Advei tisen jut. Second Son Horn to Sir. arid Mrs A. li. ( hrisl of Morton fivomif: aro the pp rents of a son woisliSnj; fjeven ])ovni( 5, born Sunday, J a n u a r y 5 Thero ar ' now two sous ami it. il.nightcr. Th«. icw arrival ia a g r a n d s o n of Mr. and Ira. R. J. Stephens oi Rat e ulroel. Rovppointod. F R A N K b l N , Jon. 7.--bhoster M Bealty today w j retppolntcd county lel.ocl.ive of V]ia,ng county on the r e c o m m e n d a t i o n of ihe now distrlc attorney, Daniel .1. f-lielly of Oil City J u d g e W. i\l. Parkei jonhrined Uie ap- The Lapio A ivomnn oJ intellectual tasles found 11 difficult lo collect nil the f n r t s B!IO ·wished to renifiiiber, Sho Iherefore socurert th( services of a memory system expert. Scarcely lin! t h e expert taken h!n defiiirturc, a f t e r a successful tlrst lesson, when a loud double-knock was heard nt the froat door. "Who wns that, Mary?" the woman Inquired of. her maid, when the letter returned from answering the knock. "Oh, If you please, ma'am," said SInry, "It wns tha memory m a n ; he Shci-IiT Jvills Kootloggcr. S U L L I V A N , 111., . a n . 7.--Joseph A Miller, o p e r a t o r of an alleged bootlegging CBlabiiohmt 1 it here, was sho to ileoth labl night by Deputy Sheriff I f a v l a L handscicn, ^ liile resist/ujj ar rel. A n u o n n c i \K Hirili. Mr and M'tn. (1. !, K u r n « of UnIon- t o w n a i e an-oiinc! g t h n b i r t h of a daiiB'hl")', KU'.nuir Lou, K i i d a v , . l a n n a r v :! o u r classify i adverlJsemenlB, ^** /#** b 6 is a prescription for Colds, Urippi , I''lu, Dengrue, BUIouR Feu; 1 aiid Malaria. 1 rtisements are a to va Experts can roughly estimate; the value of a product by looking at it. More accurately, by handling and examining it. Its appearance, its texture, the "feel" and the balance of it all mean something to their trained eyes and fingers. j But no one person can be asi expert on steel, brass, wood;- leather, foodstuffs, fabrics, and all of the materials that make up a list of personal purchases. And even experts are fooled, sometimes, by concealed flaws and imperfections. i There is a surer index of value than the senses of sight and touch . . . knowledge of the maker's name and for what it stands. Here is the most certain method, except: that of actual use, for judging the value of finy manufactured goods. Here is the only guarantee against careless workmanship, or the use of shoddy materials. / This is one important reason why it pays to read advertisements and to buy advertised goods. The product that is advertised is worthy of your confidence. Merchandise must be good or it could not be advertised. Buy advertised goods. DEMONSTRATION 1930% DOMINANT SET R A D I O A N*w Peak In Radio Performance / A P E X SAFE-CONSERVATIVE STRONG" Investment Values depend upon income and marketability --not for the first year but for all tlie years until you want your money back. Officers of Tho Second National Bank will j;ladly aid you in selecting invest- m e n t ? whose value is above reproach-and in avoiding those which hold the risk of loss. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 Phone 196 WERTHEIMER MOTOR CO. W. Crawford Avenue, Genmellsville, Pa. OANS OLDEST BANK IN CONNELLSVILLE 1ECOINID Jf Ton JS T eod Money for A n y ; Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust Bids:, Cth Floor. CouuoJlsville, J'a. Tek-phoiie 244 - SOU Bonded to the State. A SAFE-GUARD AGAINST PANIC Our Federal Reserve System has proven of great value to the people. A veritable safe-guard against panic. It has many other advantages in its helpfulness to sound business enterprise. This member Bank invites your Checking ACCO unl". THE UNION BANK CQNNEIXSYILLE, PA. W E S T S I D E Patronize Those Who Advertise you have something to sell and are in a big hurry to sell it, let the classified advertising department of The Courier prove ite ability as a speedy and efficient sales medium.

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