The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOtTK. .HE DAILY COURIER, CONWELLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 191'.. BTENRT P. SSTII1R. Founder iSAd Editor. ;1879-131«. . - ,-. 'y and £Tre»aur*r, Builttcas Manager. JOHN U CANS. Manag-ing Editor. - WALTER City Editor.- KISS I*TKNB B. . " Society' Editor. - " ~ ., - -MEMBER, OF: ,... ... Associated Press, , Audit Bureau of Circulation. TTVQ cents per copy, Me per month; per year by maU .t Entered a» »econd claaa nsmtter »t th« ostofflce. Connellsvllle. Pa., Penrose. But he hasn't a ghoet of a show. A well-informed Republican. is quoted as sluing that-he won't carry 'a single county, while Sproul's Tote _m. Fhiladeljphia.will be.,greater than b'Neil's inftiie entire state. It's .a shame to pake any state employe steal the State's time under the circumstances'." . . . . · . . . Governor*. Brumbaugh, was entirely willing to inchr an' expense of half a {billion -th'rough.'. a special ' session of tlte-legislature merely as a means of embarassing'. ©"Neil's opponents, b n t j his.-abaurd notion-. raet'T«-ith so little I faTor that this expensive method of! bulldozing .has been abandoned for the' somewhat more, effective plan of making tbe'state'employes'"dig' in" on the state's time. THTIKSDAT BTE'G, MAR. 7,. 1018. OCR'BUTT; AS It j£ a cardinal principle of:Christianity that full honor and obedience is to be given to the civil' powers of the state, says the Christian ..Herald. The Christian, is to be more ioyal than RALPHrF. SLIGEK, ., t . Company H," 310th Jnfantfy, - «U; ; :S,"N. X . Camp. '!·«.£ Petersburg:, Va- Th« Associated Press is QX- cluslvely entitled to the use f o r - repab Meat ion of aH new"» disr ~, patches credited to it or not otherwise 'credited in thle paper iud also the local news published herein. . . · -- "» - .EVCT U the gefcltogether meeting bei tweejj-the farmefiT'ot the vicinity of * Coanensvjlle^ and -thf- business, profes- 2, sioaa^men · and vrcniers of the city. J sector; March 22. does not immediately le bripjj..* about tbe.'.escablishment of a s cnrb; market, it-otisbt to have many V very^-bencffcial rcsuJts. . · ;.; Th«re is uothins/like getting other " . ^point btjnew when any sub, : , jocfc^ts;- being discuwtyd. Ench. person .j. is *frt to' consider- any qnestioii from .* oolr one Bangle, and that vrhich'most 'I clo»ely.. concerns ;hiiosell. An inter- America has gone to war. calmly, without any passion except the passion for national righteousness and the freedom of democratic government which is her heritage and the central fire of her life... . ; America;s s-wprd is drawn that men everywhere may be free. Christ-died chat men Anight be^saved from -sin: Americans' will die this year, and perhaps next-year and the year after, that men may "be unfettered by governments-not of* their own choosing. OUT duty .then, as American Christians is to give every last ounce of our ppwer of mind ami.heart and mnscle to this) cause which, now, is the one great businesp"of our people. I^et-us make onr every mtnutc'sup- port the -nation's great endeavor, scrupulously- observing every request of those.-cbslged wiUi the nation's authority and? striving to go even 'further in.sacrifice than we are-asked to go. Let us be loyally wheatless, meatless, porklcss, eat less, if necessary, bat never faithless. TiM second Red Crom drive ha*,b«*n set Cor May but some members of the ' ' CbnriellrrilJe chapter are inclined bellere that,a certain movemcnl is ready.' in 'progress. [ .opinions.- the statement of facial:or.:conditions from j different standpoints' gives, a broader outlook, j portant dlncovery Uis _f orenoon UNl^oBSfct to lead to a more correct! l?__ tr ^ "' '' knowledge." No inan knows all that is pos»ible-of bting known about any single .itofeect: 'neither can men fully ucderiiud-.tbe at tit ode of other men Im- that _ . ._ . _._ _ r«ach the 5«cond Cljy of j. Fayette he had first to natta througrb tbe- First, City. '-.' on »-yrdi)O3ition .without bein^r able to ~: take into .account .the same facors a wbic^'deiejrmtoe'tho opposite or dif" ferertt'-;viewrant.:-". : Hereiii lies"'one of ? the benefits to be derived*from~ gietj- '., togeaer meetings; bnt- it- is - by - n« ._ means the least., - . . " - . - . . Tbe people of O.mnellsvnie 'them. selves have occasional gathering which affords an opportunity for \ mingling together.-as neighbors and' friends and : becociiE5 better acquaint- · «d, and tfie'people of Connellsville and 'i tke ·.sorroofiding farming .community JT do-not even have an occasional mect- Ing of this kind. We are so self-cen- ^ rj tered^ scjjnteut in following our OTFIJ ·elfish ways; holding our own narrow" views, and so pre-occupied with mat- ' For a quiet mountain town Markleton staged a rather ffpectacTilar reception to Uncle ' Sam's representatives who came .to take possesaion. As a curb market is designed to provide people with the ' makings of "eats." it is entirely proicr. to; boffin the movement with a teed to. the farmers so that they may be placed in Uic' mood to feed us. The memory of" John Kedmond, the great-Irish Nationalist, will be honored tor his .c"on a intent adherence ' to the hilfi it will be no lei«H revered for his untwervinR Britain in its loyalty against Prow- A Fesiice By William/ Almon Wolff. "Everyone -wants peace. -J3ut it muse ters. and things wh\ch' concern us as individuals or as little groups, thatj Save neither the time nor the inclin-l , ation to acquire a Itroader outlook o f l b : a real P^ce. The last hope of a life and take the other fellow'into ac- j beaten Germany is to get a peace that ·count We are tremcndouEiyl wlu not ^ a real one - Clear, straight Ihrongh our indifference to "InosuTM-1 thinking in America this spring will STARS AND STRIPEi -By Macauley. ®@@Q9e©g*se©9@ees)@@©3»3S®®3@®e!^ r Classified Advertisements., e®sasseisi®a®s®§®^^ WANTBD -- TOUR busin«M. RENIMNE-S. BAHBERING t( WAWTKD--WORK BY DA.Y: WASH- n^ or Ironing. A. B. O.. care Courier. 5ma.r3L" WANTED--COOK AND CHAMBER- raatd. ARMSTRONG'S RESTAURANT 10d*o-Ud : F»v Rut. FOR RENT--FURNISHED LIGHT KOK PARTICULARS ' I N RBOAHD housekeeping roomy. 311 IS.'ist C r a w - j to the best General Store in Fayctlft -ford. -Smarted [ c o u n t y , w r i t e at once to GEORG12 C, \j\f. Laweon, Pa. 7mar3t* · FOR ' RB.VT--FURNTSH'BD TIOOM for KentlcnKin. 216 Market street. -- -- . , -,,,n.c. P I WANTED--EOT TO ACT AS I'OKTEH nfl work in iruc More. J. C. MOORE, j ·WANTED -; U1SHWASHER AND third trick cook at B. O. RESTAURANT. · 4miu"5t FDA KKNT--TWO NICELY Kl.'R- ] nlshcd rooms. Inquire 2U8 Ka-tt Gnr-'n i stro«l- Gmar3t j FOR RKNT--POUK ROOM HOi;SE I water Jtnd giis. Inquire 232 l^aat Fair- j view . T m a r l t ! WANTED--A GIRL VOK GENERAL housework. Call 207'i Waahinston ayenuo. Connellsvillc. !'a.. 7mar3t WANTED--FIVE OR SIX ROOM bouse. Inquire ISO West Crawford. TroarSt* ing up" and -"warming^ up- to the- op- riortanitles -we have to -come into closer contact rwith the people of pur city.- and 'conHDunity.- We are not getting ahead as 'fast as ve should ; in the direction of making life larger, fuller and* 1 better and ore useful simply because TFB fail to realize the advan- tag»- of-.. going together' in our quest for the** things'. It is Urn* we'irrre Dreaking the shell hi -which Ve haTe seemingiy been caittnit to hide ourselves. We are a great nstiqn .engaged in a great war. Gremt efforts most be pot forth ; great norifiees-miist . be. mad« and m-ait be accomplished. can vr will result ' 'BhtonWer-to-shonlder some people to see, in von' Hertling*s reply to President Wilson's laet speech, an agreement in the matter .of Belgium. The German Chancellor said, in effect, that Germany had never meant to keep Belgium, and that the whole matter of Belgium was one to be brought up in the peace conference. Never. The only question that can even conceivably come up .concerning Belgium in the -peace, conference is that of. the exact method by which Germany is to "make what little reparation money can make for the crime of rape. There can^t be a peace conference, even, '.until Germany has agreed .convincingly, to evacuate Bel- ·nm»CTnnit be.-unity °t. action with-1 gju ro and; repair the wrong she ban oat «:ecimnCTijndrs^ndinR and- you-i done there. And that applies as much can't onderutand : a ,man- qr hi», view.rto r ,Northern France and to Servia as of ttdBK* Tmleis yoa^.v.kiiow him,-and"| to Belgium. ' - yo«i c**ft Imtw- him" .wlthpyt;.'; first.[..;--- ·oniethtag.'.abont .ypnrself)'.^' _ ont WANTED -- AN waitress. . Apply ROOM. EXPERIENCED PENN TEA 6mar"td help to make-that impossible. T h a t j after all, is tha'vital need of this hour. | -WANTED--FIVE EXPBRIKNCED It isn't straight thinking that led I sales ladies. Addrem "CLERK," care Courier. . - 6mar-t and teaming from. trmi' something : ' ' · THE -WORKDAY TTOBLD. e "needs the fanners of tbJm ·eetien. 'and cfte ' farmers,,- need ConAeZUrviTJe.' There 1 should be : more general reeogirttioii of this fact, just * ^J^t«^eli ; itrected. an d ~Z£ s %r£? t ££.'%g t % t *Z; V0U jafaOtbpIlMl .eUOTt. to .COtntf .to .a.) quite forseUinR. our.'everyday .affairs. bctW ·oaf1ir»*»in'lirfi"SgLrtb"' the ..befit j The sprite:,, Arrlylncr- beCore,- we *^h ' By Walt HUOB. WANTED--SECOND HAND TYFE- writer. Call Bell 13-R. or Tri-State Sg-W, Mount Pleasant. ' 23fsbtx WANTED --EXPERIENCED GIRL for general hooaework. . Call 202 "West Cedar avenue after 6'P. M. -Iraartf WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Apply to MRS. A. I. DAN- IEIJ3," 10* Haas avenue. Imartfd, -WATTTED--TO KENT A STANDARD K«ybo»rd typo-writer for Lbree or five month*. ' Address 'TYPEWRITER," c*re Courier. . 4mar5t* ' POU RENT--FURNISHED ROOM for lipht lioiisekncping. 113 South i Sixth ?rtroet, West Side, 7mai-r3Lend j FOR RUNT--ONE DESIRABLE i stori room formerly occupied hy Means i Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTZ. | 2Sfehtfd " FOR RKXT--FUONT OFFICES ON second floor o£ D u n n J£van« bulld- tne-. Inquiro of H.ARRY DUKN. 8jan-tfd FOR RENT--SEVEN ROOM HOUSE, electric lip-fit, Ka« aivrt laundry; lar^e ! yard; $21.00. Call 30 Bell.' j 6mar2t-eod j FOR RKNT--NICKljY FURNISHT3O j room** for llRht. housekecplnK:. . AH j conveniences. 313 Kant Cedar. 2Gfebtfd PoMl Salf. TI1KRK W1L.L BE OFFKRKD AT p u b l i c sa-Je. on S a t u r d a y . March 23rd. 391S, at 1! o'clock I- 1 . M., on the prcm- ,s-^s, twenty f20) acri^i nf land, more nr ICKS, loealed in Dun bar towriFhip, I^i-yftte r.ounty, Pennsylvania, and hounded as follows 1 : By "Wf-at F*nn Railways line from "WTiweler to Worrell: public road lendlnc- Irom Wheeler to MorrelJ. and )nter?ectin*r w i t h said railway^ line, , except the "Wheelpr school holm? lou and other lots be- lonclnpr to v a r i o u s persons This? land is :u portion nf ttio John A. Guilcr farm, a r q u l r e d by Robinson Cou^henour. Terms of sate: 25 per CT.t on day of sale, and balance on confirmation of Ftalr '(iy court, nnd dellverj- of deed. W. D. MnOlXNIS, Receiver. Tmar3t-thurs One thing we must do is save food, and one particular kind' of food we must save is flour. We are now facing a flour famine, and it is predicted by- representatives of the United States Food Administration that within a short time this country will'be out of flour entirely-.. The supply is getting lower every, day. Tlie recent ruling requiring persons buying flour to buy an equal amount of some substitute is being enforced by all good, loyal merchants, and the fellow who is not enforcing it is taking a great chance of being put out of business. We have heard complaints from people of .standing about this ruling, the unfairness of it, etc. It is not unfair, it is not unreasonable--it is;absolutely necessary and you may as well accustom yourself to using flour substitutes because the real flour famine is coming. Learn to eat trail, oat meal bread, conybread, rice bread. There are many combinations that make good bread. We are having demonstrations at our p'-ants over the entire region daily, teaching our people how to use these substitute foods, and havj had 'remarkable success. · The foreign peopfe are alright, they take 'to this order cheerfu'ly. The flour situation is critical, people that arj criticis- ing-do not know the conditions evidenty, and it is time to take warning. Help win tn war. 43 Large Department Store*, . Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and illegheny Counties. ror Sale, FOR SAkK--SOME HQUSKHOLD poods. KLIZABKTH VANCK. 215 West Green: . 7inar3E . AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE ·DAILY COURIER OFFICE WANTED--TWO OR JHREE FIJR- nizhed room* for lifrht housckeeplnir. -write to "ROOM." care The Courier. * "WANTEI- L -TWO LADIES FOR OR- der d«taxtm«nt. Salary $10. Gi church and present employment. cure Courier.' 5mi "D, 1 WANTED--HUNG/VRIAN SVOMAN wants'general housework, cleaning or Uundnj'. Clll MRS. BOBAL.V, House S7 hife 166, Lcieanring No, 1. ImarSt" - shoal d - b " ' " ' first ilep in .Tk« order, of Qowraoi- Bnrmhaugh i mail»- enpkunii 'oC,the"stale direct-. BOfafaMttng petitions-and. other- irto* boart fefe caudtdacr for governor, under the threat;o L lbnai»Ral ? Is. quite .JEzt'^liMtr with^.JDTOa/ 1 ^ torehahdedness la, contecttnx. Ms; eampftign, with as' little.« possible.' : Under tV pretext of performing hi^ "dutlai' as faishTrar commlssloner hp f is traveHnc* c^w ^» «t*t«'making eam- gpeeches tr/ing, to make the believe that tb# olijeci nearest to his beart hi the Improvement of the state's fllffhways, but deftly turning! the opportunities to advancing the i n - j terests of !· candidacy as th« 01117 adroeata o* "treat moral tnoea." But meanwhile J*DDT zieglecta to Inform lAs auditors vheOwrr he parsonaltjr and of theae trips or ttv* comsnfiniriealth of whlck he la at jtratent an "If." *af* the iJtllefonte commenting upon Denny's method, of finunrtne bin campaign, "there vere even Uie shadow of his Tdnning thia; chpap. fnrm of gniftuiff.misht easily! justify iLsnJf to tHe r-nerofcE'ef Senator] ift; garden under, spade «T«ry -khrJl-and^ tor.."and KTOVT Mtrlng ' beajia. .likp"."-thunder; _ for ;fcrieaui« \ will-_ win ··the W^IT. -Thfr springy- IF -fast,- H.ppro4LohiTig~ p .w-ith,.mild .rerivinir rain, and, con»clcnc* should bo broaching 1 a cleaning - - u p campaitrn. Oh let iin. neiRhborH,, rally, .to bear., the trash away; th* dead cat in the alley, the scattered leaven «nd hay;' there*]I be a pJajrue to awtit w», ·and mnw our numibcru down, 1f w« don't h'ump.' dod' rot 'UH. ami bflichten' u'p the ''town. "" In' lanpoaK* 1 h t R h f a l u ^ i n ·we may; · w h e n - w o r k . Is done, dcnounc*' -the .touting..'Teuton, whone' coarse, will sooti;_be run. ...But BUchr « COUTH* · '..f« rtubhish when^lh«r» .work tc». do; ^*f should bn cnrtfnpr rubblffh the~'nol»omt alloys through.. Xovr cornw the season vernal; and w« should ' all .prftpkre " .t« v pinnt a seed. or'ke-rnftJ. or* a B«I- Sian .hare;' to make., two ·uocotuhea grown up 'where on« has'growri, thut la the srun* that amnsSiep fti«-kalaar from his throne. Oh,. buckle down.- fair nrlphbor. -though t o i l - y o u may abhor; set down to tt*t*ul labor, for work..will L GOOD SIX OR SEVEN room house. South Side · preferred. Will lease by the year or for a terra of years. Address Y, care The Cour- .-vfrAKTEJO--SINGLE MAN'.TO .WORK on farm who understands fanning and car a of stock- Will pay J40 uer month and hoard. Addreaa J. C. L.. Lamb«r- 'ton. Pa.. - . . 4mar4t ·WANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO *ra »tadying-' f or examinations to pet tbo beat mtninff book publlahcd. "Mining in a Nutshell," by JAMKS WAKD- LAW, Scottdalo. Pa. Price JZ.25. ·VT ANTED--KXT-ERTENCED CASH- ter and atenoffrapher for deparjlmeni aior*. State salary wanted and KIVC reference with application in own hand writlnr Address X. care Court*** 1 · 26febtfd FOR SAfjIC--1917 MODEL- FORD, IN' pood condition. 11^-tO to quick · buyer. Addroa L, It- E'. D. j._ Dawson. Pa. 4mar5L* FOR SALE--THREE KKCl^KD HANT) . pianos, sood condition. Atao Tour HOC- ond hnnd organs. PETKTl E. WJ5I.M- KR. ' Uina-Hi FOP. SALE--THE LATE SARAH A. Marietta, residence in Johiislon aveuuo. I n q u i r e MRS. J. 1'. DAVIKS, Bell phono 75, TrUState 646, Union town. Imartf FOR SALE--PIANO AND D A V E N port, leather rocker, kitchen c;ibinci, stove and seR'injr machlriu. !uc[uirc 515 North PittaburR. T m a r S L FOR SALE---I'MJL,], BLOODED TOM Barron White IjC^horn epErs Cor hatching and day old chicks- J. O. M1LM- GAN, Mount PIea.iu.nt, ^u., K. D. 4. 7niarlt FOR SAJjK-- B A RU A.' N". 15IGHT room house and lot 10x120. lOifjhth street. West Side. r n q u i r e 11!» SouLh Eighth street. TH-Statc S9B-W. · . TninrCt* · FIFTY IjABORERS, LONG JOB. WORK EVERY DAY. , MBLCROST. INDIAN CREEK VAJJLEY RAILWAY 1 COMPANY. The Store that insists on fitting their Shoes correctly.' Particular peSple lifee our Shoes. They're pleased witi our styl Belection and our meUiods ia fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STOKE irith Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. ', Call and see some ne^ Shoes. Robert Williaas. Galesburg, Mo. December 27th, - F A L S E . TKETH, Don't matter. U broken. 1 pay J2.00:'to }ir,.00 per »et. Send by parcel post and receive check- rby r e t u r n , mail.' I,. MAZER," 2007 a Fifth Street. Philadelphia, fa. · - . . . 5mar23t* VANTED-:WHITE · AND COI^CRED "laborers (or regiilmr workv Nine hour day, time and. one-half .for overtime. Make twelve-hours. .MEMPHIS STEEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANT OF PENNSYLVANIA, Green»burtf, Pa. . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' BSfTATJfi Of JOHN 8. AHLUMIi. LATK bt thft townfihlp trf Sfcitllck, u - j u n t y -jf ·""'·-'-- (^i atiaU *t Psnuaylvaiiiu. iiV.- L£ttl«rg tfa^tameniury on u.^ ed to the 'UBd*UijrCUMl t notice iy here- ;· by rrttn .to *n iie*««ms 'iinlcl-tcj \.^, BaUl yjKfct*. ta nuUfu ji f e ·- ; m«Kt,. ait (I' -'to' tkotte huviity claims j ttg-ainat the mnw, to pre J C ii! tin m i properly airthonLicated f u r -nvllh-rin-nt. i KMZA' MTLT.BR. Kxeeuirix. Jnd an i Itcad. Pa. H. O. MAY. X l i n r n n y . ' 1 In if, wheth*r it Is u c bill or. the noeat «n liivitiiriau .' r announce n n y [Ulna--e'-*rythti»g-- anil d u It rl^ln. Oitll f'Of.'HlKK Grtlce. Botfi -AXY KIND OF PB1NT- ng card, aa.l« iL "We p r i n t it promptly man -i. Til-Li RENT--TWO .NMCR1.V PtTR- m o£ I m t U . No eliiltlri*ti. - . 12TV ^.reet. 7niariL ROCCO SAXTORO, 139 WKST Peach 'atrcftt, announces to his trade tn^it he w i l l run n luijch ' c o u n f c r in j connexion with !iis restaurant. Also j that he will serve special' d i n n e r s f o r j parties. · Tmarl i* j ·WHT-"WORRY BECAUSE ITKABLB j to find the suit tr suit you at the siqre.; Order It here, tailored exclusively for you and-m'ade the way you want. We only make high-clnss garments. Salv. La Chlrnna. ZOQ Pittsbure. street, Con- nnllavUle. PB- 20febtC FOR THE following-: -ilechanicaJ'-. and civil engineering; draughtsman experiencetl in tho tletalls of coal plant construction. Chainman.'for mine and property surveys. Good salaries fpr competent men. Send 'applications 'to IJnfirineer's Oinue. THF1 BITCKEVK COAL COM- I'ANT. Curmfeha«JH, P«. Zrrlarat: hea.d I'ubllf 3AJ.E. SATCP.DAY. MARCH nlrijf u l 12.^0 o'oluok aharjJ- ted dru.rt uniiiia. f ^ r i n chunkn and tfdncrul | i u r i ) u d e Itorbtn, together *ith a n u r n l m r nt' B I M H ! ynuiig: mares. Xlno t r u c k \va(^"ti iind lutnifSH. 5'. T. JOHN SuXDljKS. AucUonetr, ftmar^t- 14 Farms 26 Acres Coal A XI) VACAJfX 10TS. FOR SALE not guns SUMBIJRBAX HOMES. l acre a'pd 6 room house. ,f I ! .^ a.cre and. 4 room house -I.MMt S acres and 1 room house 1.6OO 5 acres and 8 room house s.TOO 9 acres and 5 room house 1.7OO . FARMS. -s JO acros, frood' house and o u t b u i l d i n g s . :· ........ 2,S*KJ 10 acre f r u i t farm, b u i l d * inp-s alt pood , ....... 5,500 J 3 acre f r u i t farm, b u i l d - ings ail grood ...;."... 5,500 30 aero farm and buildings 3,5flo 56 acre 'farm, R-ood bolld- Inga ...... :".... ^i ---- .1.5OM BO acre poultry arid fruit * furm . . ". ...... '. . ' . , . . . 7,500. 150 · acre well improved farm ................... . 7,300. 10 acre fteld on brick road 1,000 COAlj MJXE IN ^PBIJATIO.V. ' 26 acres coal, mine' in operation, abpiiL 1 mile" from -city, ' . 1.11 vacant lots I n ' d l f y , 3ear Sir-. » You are right when you say in yoars of Jecso- ber S4tb that Eenreoo is a remarltably good tooth pastt nnd that it has B strong story to tall, tot the Hill- . oulty putting that story in such language us will convince the publio. ^ . The Senreco story of a medicinal paste that .. oniy : cleanses the teeth bnt also keeps mouth and gums healthy, when put on paper does not sound very , different Iron the etory of just any ordinary dentifrio* "· For. that reason we make- every effort to get the people to try Senreco. After that Senreco telle · its own story - and fully 90)( of them are Senreoo Men and oooeters. from then on* There IB a Senreco uaer in Pittsburgh who has Introduced our product into the families of thirty-four of bis friends. Bnthusiasn? So. not .entirely. Simply a east of Senreco risking good. It IB Just as stated ·store. If they will try Senreoo - if they once becomo. acquainted with a real dentifrice - with whot a dentifrice can and should be - they are Senreco boosters .-from that, time on. · ; · '-· · - · ·"./'' Your druggist or toilet counters oen supply you with Senreco. It oomes . in large, .two ounce tubes end retail* at ZSj. ' . Why not get a tube- to-day? Try it. we etani b*hlnd erery package .of Senreoo with a money-babi guar- antet. Very truly yours, . ; . SEHREOO; A. E. Wagoner .-A Co. ·WKS 1 ! 1 S I I I K , C O \ M - : i . l , S V M . l , K . ME YOU WANT i; Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent; Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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