The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 7, 1918
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVILLB, .PA. THUBSDAT, MARCH T, I»ia. t; .Officers:.f or^tbe' en»itiiig"year:'jr.e)re. :; elected ai['follows at regular meeting r, of the 'Woman's Guild ot the Trinity. "; £piscopaicb.nrclr.-beld last eveninj;at ;; (he homejrf:ji(rs/"G. N, Wood in. East «; Apple street'RPrtsitent,'Mrs."'Charles -i "W^sgerSer; rice president, Mrs.-Her.T ;; bert Prfit;--s«cTet*Tyv-Mrs;' I." V. ;; Myers; t»eaiureT,_Mrs:' Panl Gerke. Mrs. ·WoooVttvM the-head; ot_» birthday buil4Jnr;bcj?':fuwl,*-nicli*e»ch- member It many pejmles., SB she'.'ia^.pid.--during- :: the monttr-ot;bei;birthd«r,.,Following ".' the suggestion ot; Mrs;;IV;Rr;Graham: "t plans foil! a"^aeries _pj;.parish. bouse,' ctatn paes"to:1elheld-ar;.theij:oi%, elusion ojttient'were~made. THe-Hrsl' cf the series : will beheldi at-the" boin£ ot Mrs. Grabam in Chestnut street." One new member, Mrs.-Jennie 1 was received:..'JJnrtng the;;m6nth of March members ot the''society will serve snpp«r at the weekly Bible meetings of the Business "Women's .Christian association. The committee to serve tonight is compoied of Mrs. Graham, Mrs.-John -Wilder indMri_ Herbert Pratt." firs' Vanstone. chair-" man. of the work committee, reported J10 received Jtrpnr.-work-;during the month. All numbers oif the Guild are : .asked, to iurninh .Mrs,. Vansljonc with scraps o! material suitable for .mak- 'ing qntlts.' Following "the business meeting the hostess served refreshments. The new officers will be In; ^staffed "at the first' iceeting in'April. ; The 'next meeting will be'held 'Wed; nesdsy evening Slarch-20,' at the home ; of Mrs. Charles Weisgeifcer. : Mrs. Ch»rief_E..JBoeaon,_of. Pittsburg, accompanied by Mica Sarah JHar- . garet Ronre and-iliss. Dorothy Huston " Kowe also of Pittsburgh are spending the month of-iCarch-in. Augrietsv Ga. catire; committee oi'.the --ReA-C ReiT.]..;A: · N. 'Slayn,' rectof-ot-.St, .PgEer's Episcopal churchi-^of : tfniSii- toTflni irill not conduct Lenten_aervices pf.tlie Trinity; Episcopal church 'to-. morrow "nlghf In .Sfc\ John's; German Lutli*ran church. - ·.Th'e'servjc.eB^iiaT* been poctponed to. Frid»y .evening, March 15. "' ' . -.; .. .- PROGRAM ARRANGED FDR MEMORIAL FOR I THOMAS LLEWELLYN Is to be. Held iir Connection trith.tted- . , IcaUon.'.of .Service Flag at Scott"', .dale Sunday. Special to The Courier. . SCOTTDAIiB, March, 7.-- The fol- lowjng^'program has be£r. arranged f$r .{JieYservipe flag dedication. and meniorisil service -that Till be held at . little d»ugh- .ter^i Gfeenwood"aFftJvisiting in Pittsburg today. '"'· '·"·· The bwCplkce tc- shop utter all. «rownell SKoe'Cd^-AaT. Mr'sfR. 'W.rteiiwtger'of West Apple streefhaB-returned hoiue from a visit with reiatiViBS '.at .Fairmont. ":.Dotft::overlook?powns' Sooe Store's- ad on -page 7. ' An .opportunity to buy seHonabie footwear at'reduced prices. -- Adv-- 7-lt. Mrs: E. E. Brallier of Dawson is attending a- fancywork party at which Sirs. I. B. Brallier is hostess this afternoon at her home at Scotdalc. Tiioie. .good""lox)king glasses - were fitted by bf.'-A: "U Tucker, Optometrist, JOS S. Pittsb.nrs. streeL-- adv. S-St ~ Mrs. .Claude D:. Anderson of ^Pittsburg was c«11ed-here yesterday by the death of Howard Overholt' Markle. For 18 years I nave been making quality clothes for' tie best dressers of town and they keep coming for more. "Why ? Dare Cohen, i Tailor. --Adv.- : -' . . . . . . - - . - · ' · ' Mrs."!*. Scott Dunn of Eighth street, Greenwood, who has been ill at the home t of her son-in-law. Dr. Jesse Ar- nold,'ln Philadelphia, accompanied by her husband and her daughter, Mrs. 'Arnold;'" arrived home this, morning. She stood the trip fairly well. Broken lenses duplicated, save, the pieces. - Dr. -A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, Ulc luwulu m- ··ll;il--***· Ja.«6titrM»^. \J». -. . ,, ,,. . _ .. - . Mrs. Beeson is'the gueet of Mrs. los s - PJttsburg street-adv. 6-3L Richard CoutttT who ii spending the Mrs. C. C. McKee and son, Wayne, winter at Bon Air. The Miases Rowe I o t Wottrtlte, Nova Scotia, have arrived re. the guests, of .their corain, Mrs. 1 ! Qere to- spend several months as the Robert Innes at her home In Augusta. --'-The Woman's Benefit" association of the Maccabees will meet Thursday evening, .Marci 14, at the home of Mrs. Vary SConley In Baldwin avenue,- to organize a knitting elate, instead of tonight. . Mrs. .Robert W. Ldberger win entertain tbe Narcis90s elab;;Tne(pdtt7^after-- ·oon'at her^iome':-in ' W«t l'App(c -street. : ^ :.^ :z'^ :". J.',·?;:" ' Misi HeUn Adcna^nreCaUoiigti and Carl Franti, Dotn of this""ctty; were married yesterday at 9 o'clock at the ttve Xetbodict Frotertant In Baiit Apple street. Rev. J. Hi T 1 '"'''****TM 1 the pastor officiating. ""Mr. and" Mrs. JPranti will' reside in OotmeitarUle. itrr and Mrr.: H««rySiehl, of Sum- alt, Pa., hare mnounced the engage- meat ot their daughter, Mian AMa R. SieU to James E. Campbell, aon · of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Campbell, of Indiana, Pa. Ml«e Siebl was graduated from me Mereradale bigh school and tbe Indiana State Normal. At the prevent «he is teaching in the primary grade ot the Summit schools. Mr. Cmrapbell is in training at Camp Lee. ; The-regular meeting of tt« Ladies' Aid-society of tl» Firet Baptist church will be add tonight at the home ot Mr*. S. B. Doll in Cottage avenue. guests- of the former'.; brother-in-law and sister. Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Buck- ,n,er, ot yine street Mrs. McKce's director of the Conservatory of Mumc of the Arcadia university. R«ad Downs' Shoe Store's ad on 7th page. It will save you money on stylish and serviceable footwear.-- Ady7-l 3HS8 Sfargaret Nickel, o.f /Piffeb'tirg. the gnestvo* her_ uncle : and aunt, ' - Th« wwkly Bible study of the Business Women's Christian association . . . . . . . Piano* Eessons-V^fCall -Miss : Naonii 505 MoCormick-srrenne for , church- at three o'clock 'on-SJndsj; afternoon. The memorial la,, held, JOT, Thoinas LJewllyn who is the.Jirat.;Scottaale tell in this ~'vsf~^'::A- gold star '-will be placed on the 0*g for Llewellyn. The program it: .,:.··· . .Organ prelude; hymn, "The Son of God Goes Forth to "War" ; prayer, pastor;' anthem, choir; presentation of the service flag,- Miss Grace Lockard, president 'of the Standard Bearers' who are^ presenting the service flag; un- ·furllng of ths flag, MtiB. Phil E. Swartzwelder and Mrs. Albert P. Hemp; acceptance of flag and reading of Honor roll, by Dr. 'G'. W. Terbuah; recitation, . "The Service Flag"; Miss Virginia "Clinjrerman; offering for the Red Gross; vocal solo, "H«r Soldier Boy 'Marched By", Miss Esther Trimble; adrtreM. Congressman E. E. Rob- bint;'"Th« Star Spang-led Banner," by audience; benediction. SCHEDULE ARRANGED Four .Minnie Men IVUI Speak on Income Tax at Various Theaters. The Four-Minute-Mell schedule drawn up for the coming week has Attorney H. George May at ' the- Par- amout theater tonight and Attorney F. E. Younkin at the Arcade. The talks the coming week are to he on the income tax. Tomorrow nignt Rev. J. T. Burns wjll speak at tbo Paramount theater, vtth Attorney May speaking at the high'. . school during the Musical Guardsmen cntertaiBmer". Addresses will be made at all foil.- Uwjaters of the city Saturday night, with S. P. Ashe at the Arcade, 'Rev. J. L. Proudflt al the Orpheum, .Attorney S. R. Goldsmith at the Paramount and Bela B. Smith at the Soisson. Next week, Attorney Ross Matthews will speak at the Arcade theater Monday, S. P. Ashe at the Paramount, Tuesday Attorney May will speak at the Arcade, Attoraoy Goldsmith at the Orphetrai, Rer. Proudflt at tho Paramount and Attorney John Duggan, Jr., at the Soisson. JVedncsday B. B. Smith will be at the Arcade and Attorney Tounktn at the Soisson. iTWCOJIER AT LEAGUE ISLAJfP KATE YABB. Continued t*om Paxo On-ago, is now on duty at the League Is-land Navy Yard, Philadelphia, as first- class fireman. This is the second enlistment in the naval service*, he having previously served a term of four years. . I 3UL/TAKY MASS _., ,. SPECTACLE;AT CAMP 1J3E A spectacle rare in the. history of the United State was witnessed by the soldiers at Camp Lee on "Washington's birthday. This -was a military mass, o£ the impressivencss of which David Cunningham has written to his sister, Miss Elizabeth Cunningham of Vine street. ''It was fine," said the writer. "Bishop O.'Connell, of . Richmond, preached a wonderful sermon. T h e ! singing was by soldiers from the; camp. The guard formed in a circle about tb« altar, the members carrying .their riflo with, bayonets fixed and keeping th-eir hats on during tho mass. Wish you could have been here to see the service. A large number of people, including ladies, came out from Richmonod to attend the mass. "Everything is just tho same in camp. I am feeling fine and drilling harder every day. It looks like we will be here for a while, at least 1 think the non-commissioned officers will. They are transferring men to other points every day; about S.OOd went last week. "Say 'hello' to the neighbors for me." EART, RUSSEIJ, "j AM QUIT!-; An official "American Expeditionary Forces Field Service Post Card" has been received at The Courier office from Earl K. Russell, Company C, 15tb Engineers, by which, he reports: "I am quite well; letter follows at first opportunity." SOISSON piano lea»ons.-- A"dv.^-7-3t-'eod. . ,' ' yp'Kloto hcai|d_'Wllllam Howard Taft, ei-presldent .of the United States. deliver an address tbis afternoon" In the West End theater, Uniontown.' SUCCESSFUL SALESMEN Sail Carriers Xmkinc Good in tbe Sell- iijr oi TMtt Stamps. ·" Mail carriers in tW city are making successful salesmen o£ War Savings Stamps and good returns are being made by some of them. No totals of any ot the carriers .are available but it is certain that quite a sum of money has been collected. The carriers sell their stamps while covering the routes in the city. : · · ' ; Some of the men evidence much interest in the selling campaign and go after a customer with much energy.. CITT I/HAGUE GAME. Te»ap4e^80u»Jt:*itts6nrs;streeK' . Thy'Knii" - andVWin Unit to-'. the Charleston Comforts* Branch of- tlie Nary Ix»jue, will meet Monday night _at. the ionii of the Misses Penrod in UlnUi'stMet, Greenwood. -"-- A community prayer service will be held tomorrow eVeninr. at.7.30 ;o/cle»k at the home of R. T. Cunningham at /·.IZrCSTcSnibre-rtrett £;;; p; : - . . - . - The regular meeting of tbe Wom- an'a Home" and ""Foreign ""Mjjwonary church.. was held yesterday afternoon i^the^chnrch. - _ : · Miss Josephine "Wilson eatertsiiLed. the M. S. FancywbrE' club.'yMter'daT: afternoon at her home in Fkirriew aVenne. Knitting and'-tancnrork were the amusements. -The hostess served a dainty luncheon. * - Mils Hortense Graft entertained 20 numbers of cbe Senior and Junlor- class«V-oP~tE«"" C6nnS!sTil[Ie : " high" school who called last evening at her botne-.- · Music and games were-the pas-times.]pf the .occasion. . Lunch . was served. Between 200 and 300 members of the Christian church' 'attended a winter-picnic held., last evening in the church.; - The affair was in- the form' ot a ''get-together" meeting and a inoet enjoyable'evening was spent -Each family t/roug;u a. well filled basket o f ) provisions which were placed on ta-! %)lcs arranged in tha dining room.! Plates 'were, passed and .everybody helped taemi-elves to the many good i things to eat. Following tfie luncheon, | which was served about 6:30 o'clock, tbe remaindxir of the evening was spent in a very pleasant- social manner. The children played games and bad a* fine time. Rev. Av- R, McQueen, pastor of the Christian church a-t Somerset wan a guest. .-' H»v. and Mrs. G. W. Buckier, Hr. and Mrs.'J. Melrin Grey and Beaton Boyd, attended a* conference ot the Men and .\Mlic-ns movement of the CBri*tlaa-:ehijrch, held yesterday in th» Ka«ttman bnildlng. FUtsburg. On account of a meeting ot the eie- and BaWawiT * Ohio to Pl«y To»Mrrow "Sight. the Maccabees basketball team-'will cjash-.qn _the"_flopr at-.tie -Maccabee-hail tombrrow · nigA.;- The-Baltimore ' -pniti ;'team. wonj^ita .'Jast city league game anS expecti to take over the ^laccabees tonight. The railroaders "are at present in the bottom, position -.but with two new players on the team expect to come right out of the hole; . In a,.previous, between the railroad team and the Jlaccaoec lodge,, the.latter team won by only two points'." Pwfjteeflng. --The Tegular-meeting of the F. Kurtz Post. No. 104. Grand Army of the Republic, will be. held tomorrow afternoon at.2 o'clock in .Odd Fellows' Temple. CAFTALV BAILEY O.N OUTr AT BASE HOSPITAL Captain W. J. Bailey, of the Medical Officers Reserve Corps at Fort Ogic- tliorpe, Ga., h^as been on duty as surgeon at the base hospital at this station. He is enjoying the service; is in good health and fine spirits and is gaining in weight and girth. MORE BOYS Uf THE AVIATTOX SERVICE Joseph Niland, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Niland and Charics Parker, SHE of Mr. and .Mrs. James S. Parker, left today for San Antonio, Texas, to enter the aviation service. Plans Prepared and Aro (o lie SuV " V - mltteil t o Harriahnrg. In .order that the plans for the proposed improvement* to tho Soisson theatre may begin as soon as possible after April 1, Christopher Kopp, a state inspector of the Department of Labor and Industry, was bore yesterday going over the theatre. · The plans be sent to Harrisburg immediately for approval, and on.their return here-the work on fc- ,-aiodeling tbe theatre to come up to the requirements of the state will be made. The Very There is an extraordinary variety of ideas being presented in millinery for Easter and indeed this variety each season seems to-/ have become an establish-'/' ed principle in New Yorlif millinery centers. t In shapes, th;s diversity \ is more apparent th:in ever, si in taany cases the shape i. being- so characteristic in \ itself that trimming becomes an incidental consideration. Millinery Mode: The Spring styles ai unusually beautiful, eve though simplicity of effie- is most frequently aim* at. Tomorrow a great nun bei\of new ideas in stre- hats will be ready for yoi inspection. These hats will range : price from $3.95, $4.9 $5.95, $7.50, $10.00, $12..' up to as high as $30.00. Ahead" The HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE! Patterns \29toi33 N PITTSBURG St.. CoNNELLSviuE 1 . B TO BE SCOUTMASTKR. WCKBRSO.V JttJ" 3IACUIXIST EXL1STS James Gillesple, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Gilleepie, of Dickerson Run, has enlisted in the naval aviation service as a machinist and today left for N e w - . port, R. L Previous to enlis'jng young ! Gillespie was a machinist at the Pittsburg and Lake railroad shops at M'c- Kecs Rocks. Harry L,. Gillespie, an older son,of Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie, is with tbe 321st Field Artillery, Battery B., stationed at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. Lambert Will Take (^har^e ot" Boy - · - . .Scout Troop \p. . r . Acquilla tambort, formerly assistant .scoutmasier of .the Boy Scout troop No. 5,.has been made scoutmas- I ter of that troop. Shtce Ralph Sliger j left for Ca'fop Le«, where he 13 in i training, the troop has been without a scoutmaster. The scouts are still short of leaders, however, and.two more scoutmasters coald be used immediately Sccmt Commissioner A. 0. Stone lias a man. in line' for one of-tho positions but could easily use more. ]A»'SO" BOY QUARANTlTfi; AT CAM.!* Mrs. James Rissel, of Daweon, was in to-wn this morning on her return from Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., where visited her husband, who when Mrs. Ri?sel left Camp Lee was under quarantine. TALKS OF STJPERSATTJJIAI. U. B-. JBTsnipllst Tells Stor- of Iron io.Ploat- ./ Rev. W. .A. Knapp preached last night in the United Brethren church revival, on. the theme. "The Iron Did Swim," based on an incident related in. the'Book of Samuel, the sermon il- -lustrating. the power' oC the supernatural . "*Tfie' seri'Ice was well attended. Services will be held all this week and next. Fitzcmize those wh« ailvertlae, Of Pimples, Made Face Look-Unsightly, Very Bad at Night. hcHed So Scratched. HEALED BYGUTICURA SOAP AND QIKTMENT. "Wbtn my little ilMef was three weeks old · breaking out came i b small red pimplea which - afterward* became scales, and I made Her face look 'un- j sightly. They were.very bad at nightandwhenever ·be got-voywarm." Then they commenced to itch so that she scratched. "After reading about Cntican we decided to give them.a trial. I saw that they were helping her, and we used · two foil-sized boxes of Cuticnra Ointment and one cake of Somp'wben sbe % healed." (Signed) Fred M. Draw- "i,R.D.4,Dover,Pa., June 12,1917. How often- soch. diitreaaing, diafig- wing sldn troubles might be prevented ' by evcrr-day : UM .of Cuticura Soap aikd OmtmeBt ior all topet pmpoaes. - »ty Mill. Addrcaspost- "on. R. Boitott." Scld Iteeser Bailies A slight change for the better, though hardly perceptible, was ..reported today in the condition of I. C. Eeeser, general manager of, the Fay-' ette County as company, who is vary ill in a Pittsburg hospital following an operation for appendicitis. FUKA'KY LAMBERT K.VL1STS IX THIS AVIATION SKHTICK Furney T, I^ambert. son o£ Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Lambert of 114 West Gibson avenue, enlisted Tuesday in the stenographic department ; nf the avia- tloa corps and'Is leaving this evening for Kelly Field. San Antonio, Texas. .ENLISTS AS VAl^TKK. Charles Young, a'-painter and paper hanger of this city,, has enlisted in the United States army as a mechanic. He will leave here tonight to go to New York. Mr. Young has a son, Ciareace, In the army. The boy eu- listed in December, also as a mechanic. He is located at Jefferson, Pa. FARM TRACTORS 1VJ1I be .Bought by State PnliHc Suflj- 3 fry Committee unil Kented 1o Farmers. The Slate Public Safety Committee yesterday made an appropriation of $50,000' for the purchase of tractors to be rented to farmers in need of farm labor by the State Department of Agriculture at as low rates as possible. The'lirst purchase will include 25 machines and .others will be added .from time to time as needs require. Coupon Bonds. | Of the second Liberty Loan, are 1 ; .ready for delivery at the--- First Nar ; tional Bank-- Adv.-- 4-6t. - . / i HOW ANY GIRL CAN .HAVE PRETTY EYES ··" HOTOAKD OVEEHOLT MARJOik ·The funeral of Howard Overboil Markle will be held tomorrow .afternoon at 2 o'clock from-the famity: residence in North Siitii street;* WesL Side. Rev. G. W. -Buekner,. pastor of the Christian church,- will officiate. Private interment. -' · · . SAMUEL POUNDSTONB ..Samuel Poundstone, 72 years old, a well known resident of Fayettj; county, died yesterday .morning at'- -the home of his brother, A. G.'Pouhdstone, near Footedale. -. ' ALVBRDA SMITLBY. Alverda Smitley, IS months old, daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Smitley of near Dunbar, died last night at the residence of her .grandfather, A. L. Smitley, Sr., at Dunbar. Funeral from the grandfather's residence tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock '.trttb.. ·Inrern.estJjrrJjIojipjt Auburn .cem- -eteiT- Ko ffirl is pretty'if her eyes are red, strained or have dark rings. One wash with, pure Lavoptik eyo wash will brighten the eyes and a week's use will surprise you with its Incredible results. A small bottle La- voptik is guaranteed to make eyes healthy, sparkling and vivacious. The quick change \vill pleas you. Alunji- nuiu eye cup tree. A'.'A. Clarke.--adv. And it Cured Her--Read! Mr». Thayer's Letter i West SomerviHe, Mass.--"I suf-1 fercd from a severe attack oE bron- i chilis, with a terrible cough, no ap- ! petite, no energy, no strength and loss of sleep. The usual remedies i failed to help me, but they gave me ! Vinol and it restored my appetite, I stopped the cough ^nd built up my \ strength so I am able to do my housework again."--Mrs. P. B. Thajrer. j We guarantee Vinol for rhronic ! toughs, colds, bronchitis, because '· ; 13 -i constitutional cod liver and fron j remedy Formula 0,1 every '.6ttl«.. } La«ghrey Drug Co., F. H. Harmen-! ing, Sonnellsville;. David C. Eason, : Dunbar, and at the best drug store in ] every town and city in the country. ; "PREPARE FOR GAME "| Scottdale Oirfs .and Liuiy IIJTitccttbees Preparing For Chum])ionsUip. | T!ie Scottdale girls held a hard: practice at the Scottdale Y. M. C. A. last night in preparation for the championship game that is to be play- ! ed on tbe high school gym fioor in Connellsville on "\Vednesday, March 13, when that team and the Lady Macca-j bees of this city will meet. j The game Wednesday will mark the t first appearance of either the .Lady! Maccabees or the Scottdale team on, the gym floor. There is muclf inter-; est being aroused over the game, es-j pocially in Scottdale, where the team; has many backers.' 1 Tile local team is being coached under tbe direction of George Coch-; ran, who is hard at work-getting the. quintet into championship trim. The game will be referecd by Ed. Wall of Scottdale. witlfe §1 Tal©s : '©dl asadl Dance For Soldiers^ A Saint Patrick's Day dance will be held Tuesday evening, March-li), in Cbchran banquet hall at.Dawson for the benefit of the Y. M. C: A. at Camp 'Lee, Petersburg, Va.' The committee is composed' of Mrs. j. C. Levergood, Miss Catherine Dunkle and George Levcrsood. Kifer'.e's orchestra will play, and dancing will be Indulged in from S.30 to 2 o'clock. NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT iN CONKEU5FILLE · There, has never been -anything, jn Coonellsvilly with the instant action of simple buckthorn hark, glycerine, e'.c., as mixed in Adler-i-ka. One spoonful flushes tbe entire bo-wal tract so completely it relieves any cane sour stomach; gas or constipation and prevents appendicitis. The iiistant, pleasant acUoa of Ad!er-i-ka suprises both' doctors and patients. A. A. Clarke.--adv. 's Ice Cream Fresli Prorn Pittsburgh Every.Day. TAKE A HOME Served With Maiiy Delicious Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PIXTSBUBG STREET. PEL CREW HEARING Two Fined $10 Each. Charged with "very disorderly conduct" on tho West Side, Ed. Singer and Ruth McClintock were fined $10 eaca by Mayor John Duggan this morning. ICach paid the fine. Patronize those who advertise. t and llyi- Conditions Poor. The Siate'Departmentof Agriculture announces that on accountof the wet autumn and late planting the condition of the rye and wheat crops in "the state is only about 60 per cent of normal. To lie Helil Rcfnrc i'liiilic Service Ccni- ntission on Marcb 18. HARIUSBURG, March 7.--The Public Service Commission has fixed ;; .March IS KS ihc date for hearing final : argument, in the complaints that the ] Pennsylvania and Reading railway i companies were not observing the provisions of the "full crew" law. These complaints were heard "some weeks ago, and also the cases against I tbe Pennsylvania from the vicinity of ! Pittsburg. Argument was postponed ^ after the . government took over the ! railroads. Struct by Timber. P. D. "Weyand, a Baltimore t carpenter working on tbe Wi creek bridge near Confluence, ceiyed a very painful injury yeste by being struck' on the head wi piece of timber. True Jtlues Meet The True Blue Bible class "of Pennsville United Evangelical ch will meet af tbe home of Mr. and A. C. File Friday evening. An dress will be given by Rev. H. S. ers, of Scottdale. C H I L D R E N ^^^ Should not be "dosed" for colds--apply "ex- 2 . teroally"- tUfp»^rtWEody-GoBrfinTboi IrTjmdunius Artrumen'-s Jieurd. Arguments were heard in. Court yes-1 terclay on the mandamus proceedings' j instituted by County Engineer- Gep-; 1 hart and h:s assistants to compel: j the County Controller to approve their' [salary vouchers For the month of Feb-' i ruary. No decision will b« made until; after briefs are filed. I Nature Says "I can remedy most ills, ai help you to escape many a merits, if you give me time aid." Naturally, Nature prefe M'ed in ('Hinterland. William Riley Campbell and Sarah! l^. .lobnson of! Indian Head were grant: cd a license to -vvcd in Cumberland. Lu*e«t £»!· of A»r Medicine w Ik* W« Sold er*ry*k*re. la box*** 10c.,2tc-

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