Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 100
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 100

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 100
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Page 100 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY OAK Hill WOAY-TV UK-CM ROANOKE WSLS-TV NtC CHARtESlON WCHS-W CM ' HUflUlD . WHIS-1V NtC Cl*«l»«U«O WSOY-1V CIS NtC HJNTIMG10N WSAZ-W NIC 0 ROANCWE WDJB-TV ces PAHKERS6UHG WIAP-IV CIS I HUNTING! I WH1 I MC IIINOIoJN H1N-TV 1 GRANOVIEW WSWP-TV P8SSEN I HUNTING TON WMUl-TV July 25 MORNING 8:30 Q Bible Answers Q Town Crier CQ Today on Farm 1:45 0 Coin Cob 7.00 El O CD (BCD Toda News Bullwinkle 0 Kengion 7:30 0 Sleepy Jeffers CB Underdog Farm 8:00 CD Zoo Revue O O O Kangaroo 8:30 CD Jack LaLanne 9:00 O Bess Myerson CD Peyton Place 0 Films O Q Q Romper Rm. C0 Daniel Boone CD Jack LaLanne (0 Phil Donahue 8:30 £} Consequences 0 Coffee Break CD Flintstones O Artie Levin Q My Sons CD On e Life 10:00 Q O CD CD 03 Dinah's Place CD Van Dyke Q America Sings Q O Lucy 10:30 O Q 05 CD C3 Concentration O O Hillbillies CB Split Second Q Religion 11:00 Q Q Q3 03 03 Sale Q Q Family Affair 03 Love American Style O Friends, Neighbors 11:30 QQ QD CD 03 Hollywood Squares CDO Bewitched Q Q Love of Life 2:30 Q O CD CD IB Doctors CD O Dating Game Q O Guiidng Light J oo Q 0 CD CD 03 Another World General Hospital Secret Storm AFTERNOON 3:30 Q 0 CD CD QD Return to Peyton Place 03 Lassie Q One Life - Cl .fl Edge of Night 4:00 O Mr. Cartoon 0 Batman Q My Sons [Q Flintstones 0 Perry Mason 0 Love American Stylt CD® Somerset CD Merv Griffin 80 Q Sesame Street 4:30 CD Password 0 Q Virginian 0 Green ATCS Q Movie CD Jeff's Collie CB Andy Griffith 5:00 0 Wagon Train / CD Maverick 0 Big Valley CD High Chaparral O© Misterogers Q3 Dick Van Dyke 5:30 Electric Co. Marshall Dillon CD What's My Line EVENING 12:00 0 0 CD CB Jeopardy 0 Oblinger 0 Password 8 Where the Heart Is 12:30 00 03 CB Who, What, Where 0 Q Search Q Split Second CB News 1:00 0 News 0 Divorce Court CB Q AH My Children 03 Jeopardy CB Me Too Show 0 CB Somerset Q Panorama Three On a Match 0O As World Turns' CB O Let's Deal Days of Lives CB O Newlywed Game 0 O Splendored Thing 4s , . CHARLESTON, CB News CB Dream of Jeannie SS Yoga 0 Lipreading 6:30 0 0 Walter Cronkite CQ News W Chess O Psychology 7:00 0 Green Acres 0 Q Nashville Music CD Consequences CB A Song CB Tom Jones 0 My Line CB Farmer's Daughter § Call of West Insight Q Yoga 7:30 0 0 Home Run Heroes CD Cross Exam 0 O Jerry Reed CBO Mod Squad ffl Masterpiece Theater Q Shadow of Death 8:00 00CDCBCB Baseball 8:30 0G Hawaii Five-0 CB O "The People" © Q Evening at Pops 9:30 0 Q Cannon § Handsful of Ashes Saga 10:00 CBO Marcus Welby ® Firing Line 10:30 0 Arthur Smith Q Dialogue Q Doin' It 11:00 0 0 CB Q 0 Q CD 11:30 00{Q CBCB Tonight O "Night Chase" O "Andy" CB "So Big" Q Dick Cavett W VA fW.t V .«» Critic praises CBS convention coverage By Jay Fredericks I do believe t h a t CBS came out on top in its coverage of the Democratic National Convention--although viewers who didn't give a particular hoot about who the Democrats nominated or how they went about it probably were cursing all three- networks indiscriminately. I say CBS won because it seemed to have the most up to the minute information. Walter Cronkite told me at 6:30 p.m. on the night of the DINER "Famous for-Good Food" 194 Summers Street presidential nominations that former Sen. Eugene McCarthy had withdrawn his name. At 7:15 p.m.--45 m i n u t e s later --David Brinkley over on NBC still . had McCarthy firmly in the race. Cronkite, it turned out, was correct. This is the way it went for most of the convention--CBS was running slightly ahead of the competition all the way. CBS had the most aggressive--and better known- floor men. Dan Rather and Mike Wallace plunged in where their counterparts on NBC and ABC perhaps feared to tread and it was easy to see when all three networks were" joS'!'"g fW position around some convention figure that CBS got preference. The CBS men-especially Mike Wallace-also had louder and more persistent voices and when everybody started shouting thus were able to override the opposition partly by SUNDAY SOLO sheer volume. The NBC watchers I know tell me John Chancellor clearly outdid David Brinkley. Brinkley, they say, didn't seem particularly to give a damn. Over on ABC, which didn't start its coverage until about two hours after the other two networks and which had to depend on a less elaborate setup, Harry Reasoner and Howard K. Smith did their usual impeccable job. What Reasoner and Smith missed in im- rneuifcey, they made up in commentary. It was Reasoner, for instance, who pointed out--after one of the ABC floor men had interviewed vice presidential candidate Endicott Peabody and Peabody had said he was certain he'd win that if that was a sample of Mr. YOU LAY OUT YOUR OWN POOL! 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Va. lirtemp i t i r « i v i i !«* · · · i p r i v T W i i i * « i i i v i b?X4 I I r\ I I I I U 1 I \^ I | | M f \ V W I I \A ftj I CJ Aerodyne Corporation 1325 Dunbar Ave. * Dunhnr w v« PHONE 768-0066 AUTHORIZED AIRTEMP DEALER CHRYSLER CORPORATION Peabody's powers of judge- ment, he probably wasn't very good vice presidential material. It is generally conceded by all three networks that gavel-to-gavel convention coverage is a losing proposition and that by 1976, everybody will have cut back sharply, using two hour summary programs each evening rather than trying to cover the convention from beginning to end. As far as the Charleston- Huntington stations are concerned, all of them picked exceedingly awkard times to break into the network coverage to present their own programs. WCHS and WH- ·TN switched awav. from the . networks on the night of the nomination to present their own 11 p.m. shows -- thus c l e v e r l y depriving their viewers of seeing the West Virginia delegation cast its vote. And WCHS, after the first night, delayed returning to the network for an hour in order to present "What's My Line?" and "Dragnet." In regard to the Roger Mudd-Jay Rockefeller flap, I agree that Mudd came on needlessly hostile. But it is also true that the previous night Mudd had been complaining about being "hustled" by some of the lesser candidates--particularly by supporters of Rep. Wilbur Mills--and had complained on the air that "everybody I see" wanted him to go interview somebody ~who really had nothing to say but just wanted to get on television. So when he got the signal to go talk to Rockefeller he evidently just blew his cool. It's no excuse but it is perhaps an explanation. Additionally, Mudd and all the rest of the floormen had been up until the very small hours of the morning every night of the convention, Mudd had also said that politician he had known for 10 years "had looked me straight in the eye and told me three straight lies" and everybody was tired and getting sort of short tempered. TV Movies Tuesday "The People," 8:30 p.m., CDO with Kim Darby and Dan O'HerJJhy. "Night Chase," 11:30 p.m., 0 with David Janssen and Yaphet Kotto. "So Big," (1953) ***, 11:30 p.m., CB w 'th Jaw Wyman and Sterling Hayden. "Andy," *(1965) "**%, 11:30 p.m., O with Norman Alden and Ann Wedgeworth. Wedruvday "Joe Butterfly," (1957) **, 7 p.m., 0 with Burgess Meredith and Audie Murphy. "Biggest Bundle of Them All," (1967) **, 11:30 p.m., 0 with Robert Wagner and Raquel Welch. "The FBI *Story," (1S59) ***, 11:30 p.m., CB with James Stewart and Vera Miles. "Sing and *Swing," (1964) *%, 11:30 p.m., O with David Hemmings and Joan Newell. SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL

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