The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 3930. fl?HE DAILY COURIER, COW BLLSVJLL.B, PA. mm LOOKS FOR EARLY ACTON ON DAMMING YOUGH Looks Kormird to Enough Money for One Pain From This Year's Funds, PROPONENTS MEET TODAY Of the three inland waterways projects of \ i t a l importance to \Veetetn Pennsylvania and Ohio which are scheduled to rece've yea-rb- aiUent. of Congress which reconvened Monday a f t p r a 10-day recess is the ton- B t r n c t l o n of locks and danw on tho YoughloRheny river to extend navigation i i o m Mc-Kocfiport to Wc^t Newton, looking for waul to ite oxtencuon to ('onnei)svllie A (llpalch f r o m Washington on Iho navigation question follows: On* pioje-el provktea for a suffwy of tho Bpavor, Shonango and Ma- honSnp; i lvor« with a view ot extending the Ohio river canalization as far ae Youngetovvn ami Warren, Ohio; another for i Glnillar survey of the Klki- minetais rivor to determin.0 feasibility of extondlTiff navigation trow the Allegheny river to Johnstown, a distance and the t h i i d . tho con- Girl Near Death LEWIS IS SWORN of 76 miles, stinotion of and dams on the YouKhlogUeny river to extend navigation from McKeeaport to West Newton. Optimit,m expreFi,ed by Western Pennsylvania congroBemen that the f n t h u s i a s m t,hown by tiusinese in- tcrctte oror the proposed extension ol navigation on tho Youphloj;heny will result in favoiable report heint made by War Department engineers on this Dangerously \voundcd, ll-ycai old Lola Bartl»tt, Detroit school girl, lies in a hospital the victim of bullets intended lor Police Inspector James .f. Gavin, who also was shot. The firing is believed to have been done by members ot . the notorious Jawarski gang. Ona of the bullets ,ti-uck Lois as sh» was on her way to school. Promises jni Efficient tralion ot" tho Affairs. W. F. STONER IS COUNCIL HEAD ^tioUal to Till' C o u r l e i SCOTT n AI /hi, T -'luul*T 1'' LovMS, t h e r e w biri^Ebi, w t ^ rtiilv swrnn I" ld-'t m e n n ? at S o c - l o i l v by "Wnltoi h fr'chanei, vin r !· ^ oii't o? offu o I'li-CoMi! 1 to sc Mr J / f w i b faiwoi'ii wr e b i n wlfo aii'tl I'tvlclrAfl. AV C) AiV in ot Co'ii- uwlls-villc anU a 'hoi t ot Be °c Lie? lie fr-oh IP I'pc-vlouii to bein5: i'wora Mr Lew s Teccivciul iv\ bcj-i/ifiil bouquet* of ft'.wers, the on-"- troni a few -at his m any a l-e ft i-en c! ^ t h e ut Ivc r wa.s from the E C. bud wig Oc-mipaiiiy of tons annually it voukl require 35 s to exhaust his eeam of conl," pi ojojct. "it iruch a re-port 1« made I feel certain that enough money can be ob- Uiined from t ,o appropriation to 111- hiirc the constrnction of one lock and dnm on tho Youghiogheny abote Me* Keeapovt," Representative Alam M. Wyant of Oreoiibbui E; who has been active in promoting Uie projert enW A l t h o u g h tho construction of one clorn will not pro'-lde all-year n a v l g a - j tion as far as West, N e w t o n , H w i l l permit oncnliir of many coal mine*, to water tranepoi'ation and insure further favorable action tern aids ultimate Improvement to and o\on b e j o n d AYest Xevvton. Because Congrse has previously aiuhovUeel bimeja ot tho Yotighlo- gheny river an appro-pi attion tor its improvement can he tnado as soon at, a favorable -ec. jtnmtndtlon comes irom the War !cj irtn.ent Congressmen f;om Iwth Pennsyl- ·vanln and Ohio are optimistic that Iho Houae Rivere and llaibors Committee \ \ i l l Inehule authority for the survey in tho next rlverw and harbors auth- oii/atlon bill. KopresoiUatlvo J. AVal- Jace Dompso t liuftalo, c h a i r m a n ot tb? committee, announced that he intended to call o mooting thi« wpok to lie^ln coiisMdera'lon of the- bill. Opposition w'!l ha.\o to be overcome dii Voth the YciUKhlogluMiy utul M«i- U o n v n g l i v e r piojjetls. In tho ra*-o c C tho YoughioKheny ir'or Lieutenant Jarus Bam, district f i i K i n c o i of IVteburtc, In a pieliml- n i i y repoit f-t.ticd that in lisa opinion UK a n t i c u atod ( ornmeicc w h i c h would be di*vclop«l by the i m p r o \ e n i e n t war, n o t a t ' t h i b t i m e sufficient t o j u s t i t y . hn- expense involved. '1'heir e n t h u s i a s m umlarapened by lulu's advert 0*1 eport KepresentaUvea C l y d e K c l k ' 01 13;luldocU, AUani-M. \Vj-anl of Gi t e n , b u r g and S A. Kendall of Meyoi v olale, authoib ot a joint b i l l to luivo Congas appropriate $1,500,000 for eolith uctlon of t w o lock.', JUid danr? uxpi'.^vod the-opi-lion t h a t Colonel Ba n w i l l change hia A lews wnen the.» p i t f i e n t evidence of (ommorciul p-os,6ibllitlc« of the 1m- \Vyant said. "In addition to tlds great tract ot Plttsburg gas coal there lie adjacent to the ri\ei 50 00t acrcri of Preeport coal which, acord ng to reliable esti- 'matee, w i l l produce 350,000,000 tone., and oy removing this coal at the rato of 3,000,000 tone per year it would re- more than 116 yearn to exhaust." AVyant «iid that oven on a conservative estimate pl.inta of tho Pltte- burg district w h i c h transport their o^\ n coal can effc t a saving of millions of dollars if the Youghiogheny river extension ie ipprovecl. ti. L-ewna took Ids ca'tli in council ·cTuannbor Instead of t'he · 1 office, as (had b-ec-n the cue torn heretofore. Bvirignssij Schaffer, as he igava "the oath, to Air. Lewis, t i l d ·tlvli was an unexpected .privilege .ccrigratulat- od SI- Lewtb on the honor that Scott- date cltb.C'U'i had bestowed upon thim and ·svvvhctl him a wuccosslul term B-irges? Jjew.s th-cw took ·chaip-o of th« council -meetiTvg, .vayiwg it was duty the- oa'lh to the- '"Hie improvement of the Yough- iogheny r i % o r f i o m West N e w t o n to MuKeespoU ha- lcon approvwi ut }rabt bix t i m o j bv the Boaul 01 A i m y lOngineoi'3, and f a i as I am ablo to learn, tlio pi ix)f;ltioii thus f«r Jiae no\or been f l n a l l j disappro'.e-d o.x- c e p t by Colonel New com«r a n u m b e r of years ago A n d In this case tho ic.ivon «i\en was 'lack o£ Interest' by the people ot WOT torn. Pennsylvania in the project," lleniceentatlve Wyant b.ifd. W y i n t 'lecUrid that Iho leeent journey to S^ a by bii6irict,b men o£ Wctt Newton, Coniif lltvllle, McKeesport ntid other cittOb presents ovorwhlming pi oof that this bituatioJi no longer holdt- t' ne U'ynnt and K«!ly h.ivo w i r e d tlio ·hreo oft Icon- ol the YouRhloghenj River tinprovoineiit As-boclatiou, v.hlcli A)« formed a month ago in Washing-' 'on, to orno IIM ·» today p-iepnied ^^ i l o now oxhibits '-vith I/oulcnant Col- miel Bain to cotnliioo h i m o£ tho nec- i t s i t y for the i n u i r o \ e n i o n t . Maior (Jenor«l I i j l l o l i i o w n , chief of \vtuy KnKxneor'?, \\as so tavoiahly nnvcvsed U\ t h e \ i « i t {h-o (!vlc.K,it»n )ai'! him lat?t mouth ho luis ordoretl Bain's i n i t i a l repoit held up tioii invited today are TWO EAST LIBERTY PROPERTIES ARE SOLMTAUCTION James Brcn\n and Joseph Stonor Buy Howes of Late George Thomas. OTHER NEWS OF THE DAY JJICKEUSOX Ttt N, Jan 7 -- On Saturday afternoon the property of the late George Thomas o£ Ea«t lau, \v aii sold at au tton, the- six room house on Main street to J.ITOCS B t o w n nnd the one on Maple htroel to Joseph Stonr. Bro \ n paid $1,100 and Stoner, |700. James Miller of l l y n d m a n is spending this week herf \ l s i t i n g Mr. and Mrs O K. Millet Mrh J C. Jacoln v Hb n Connollfivillo Chopper S a t u i d n j e e-ning. Mrs Edward .Alilc - v,a.t a Plttsbui^ shopper Satuidaj Ceorgo bukcey end Erneht Win- were Conn llevillo busluo.s« Saturday p-vfiung Ruth b u c k e j of bower T j r o n e t o w n n h i p and Mist, Omma TombUn of Brownsville wer th * gueste ot Ml. and Mifl. Geoige Luckey S a t u r d a y evoning. K m i l Pieison of 1 l a n k l i n t o w n s h i p was u Vandoibllt b u ilness caller Saturday. Smithton SJIIT11TON, J a n . 7 -- B e t l v Joan liurgan, d a u g h t e r 01 f i r and Mrs (ieorge J. Bnrg-'ut, u i d i o w e n t L tonsil ami adenoid opcr.itu n at tho Mercy Hospital, 1'itthbuij, Fvkla Kobert Caipont^r of Connellavillo w a s i Inihinest, callei Friday. Mr and Mre. E c l w a i d Hchneider and bou ot Hello Vornon \\ero guests at t h e 1 omo of M i e Sclitieider's paientfc, .Sit and Mie. Kichat 1 Rhoafles, recently Mi-. E d w a r d \ \ d j - i i e i enteitained the members of Iho li idgc Club at her home hero ou Tin i red ay evening. Among those pic*c-nt were Mrs,, boultt JjAiihleo, Mre. B i u c i Jtayoa, Mis. J times Hough, Mio William Brlant, Mrs. Uoorge Crousc, Mrt^, lx)ule Ma- logne, Mr?. John Wagnor, Mre. Paul Stoops, Mre. Samuel Shirnp of baa- caster, tho Mfeees Gail Morrow, Cecelia. Barlhles, Fannie Hough, Mildred Uoenahel, Marg irot Chrifitop'her and Catherine Ciouse Mv. and Mi-s. Samuel Campn have announced tho birth ot a boy Imhy on Fliday, Jamuuy 3 Tho lamlly now con6i.sti3 of two boys nnd one girl. Mr. and Mre Will un McConnell and daughters, Jean .md R u t h and 15011, Ramsey of C h u r l on woro guosUi at tho home of M i * McCouncira h r o t h e r - l n - U t w and 6i tor, Mr. and William Hammer i, Satuulny. Virginia Heynoldfi of Pitts- count 1 ! I'm Mir who had been elected and 5, art not roctwd t h e oath. Th* new men, TCrtward n AndtThO'ii, Daniel Trouts, H. tj Bell, Lester B Smith, "Walter F Stonoi and O r a n baiuglirey were given the otuth At this point Burgebs I/ewis nfckec! it he- {·ounollm^n to ribe and be ted in piayev by Rev. H I f Dime of the Evangelical Ohmrrh Thf organisation ot council was t h e n on Conn-ell man Walter K Stonor wa"i chop on p i - e M i l e n t , T B -Gibbon, '.secretary, and H a i r y Uiugiirey, trea/s- uicr, AVaio and AVyggl-o were asked to CB^oiPt the now proBlflont to his chair Just 'before 4.iiT'nmg the council meeting ov-pr to Mr Stoncr, Mr bowls t h a n k e d Ins friends and tolA them that ' t h r o u g h Hie- help of God, the co-Hive I and itv/,eu*i of S ot Wale ho hoped to ha"e a g^-^ a.- rf .i«iiii t 'tia.tion " Mr Sfcoivdr took the- c h a i r and IOUTI- cil -thin \se-irt into the election of bormu;h manager, tins oilloo ·including also t'iat o£ s o c u l . i r . welglnna-tfrr and Sv root. rommi^ioiHM T B. Gih- feon A V I S cho-en. A V h e n c o u n c i l amo to ele tiou of a Ixnoiif; 1 !! Holicrto.' 11 ·wa.s kairnori t h a t pr^nit c l i ' i t o i John 1j. Mollibon, was C)IO-MI in 1923 lor few a f years Join SnowdMi w a s ' K 4 on tl-ei K to tho borough manage! Frank Gan-oo ua-s uiiaiimouily re- oloctei chief of police. Ele'veu a'pphoa donu wcro heard for place-? a.s pUroIimui Tho applicants v.-eao Tho-mas OaJl-erfy, II-jLibc-u Oauo, Frank II. Jiiuk'u, Cliiules Kuoaba K-or Don H Bakor, Aflu'OH .MrO)lin, f f J I T u f f n i j i n , J l . \V. Weaver , .fohn S B u i - m Lnc x \ t r a r h holiriav Tho officoi-h of tli t o c'onif to Wnslilngtoa t b,irlct K Bltaw f McKeespoit, pro-side n t , John Kuo\ Bluko of Connella\ i l l o . vU'C-preei«eiit. uul A. M. Ste\'en- s o i of \V'et New ton, secretary and t ".isurer. "I ha\e nuked tio o f f i c e r , to conioi tlves over the week AYa^hineton p i ' M ' m c d to M i b m i t j Mr. nad Mrs H u t v Kautinan of bin p, w a s a recent guest of rleativee at this place. Alverton ALVERTOX, Jatru 7 -Mi and, Mr si. Edward Cla«nk of Delm»ivt vi.vrbed/ r«la- comprchenslvo, as t' potential t')iiiicige th it can 1) ^ din ulono(l t h i o u g h l e A ouurhlogboi ' MIUM i \ v n o u t " He pi 'sontativc W j t i n t s i il Vty«nt d ' c l . u c d 1 at un\ p.^it,ont. In A\ e^tc'i'ii t'c tm--j I v a u t L probably realize tl o troju-ondoiie-. \u fibllitlcr. \vlmlt the o.tentiion ut niMg. tion on the- Yoush- "The r n e r Hov t « rough H,000 .uies of P i t t - ^ b u i g =;.!?, io,il, the o \ - u l l e n t i|tldlity o l v l m l i it. t d i n i l i t i i t o .il 1 ti iibUiniM ^ uf c ,il It ir. t / t i n u t e d Uij,' UhVs aoixw^o w . l l wl(l tI(i,KW.(Wfl bj Huff'rlale. \voro Alvort* u v'Wtors nt- u relay Mr and M i « J.UIK ^ \Vndnuui of Moiwit P'led-^int speint i few dAjs ithe past week Mating- Mirs Dorothy Shir- Mr. and J i i s R a l p h T}'e"3 of Vance Mill's «pent the wcek-e id vrfth Ah-er- ton ielaU\es. T h e f u n c i a l ^ i \ i c i o f Thomas riark, Si , will be hi. l l(i 'n tho Church of (!od o-n Tue'=da\ a f . ( i i v - o n at ;i 'tu rii c on ice w i l l bo tu harpo of TUn-. A a i k i ICdwa/ids I n t e i n e n t \ \ l l l t e in tho AUorlcm C«m«U*rj. r«itrou!T.o those wb.o idveillse. Siniii-el t l a / l o H and A T. Mooro head Tho ol Dillon wiis tCflH t n e jcfet*'! d d \ t \ dis'pon- 1 e \vith tho ^en K Pcitrolnan pint on foi -tMSOU The -MectiOn of the P«Hd,ilc Volunteer 1*110 depdrtnvti't \\a i,itiiUd. t ounci thereby a.ppn o\etl t h v ole"tjon ot llov ard Iic"j;h v us chief, Jtimp« J Jones i.» !«sr.!stant ( hicf and Albert Ueynol Us as evwoud a.sbisld.'nt t-hiof. .hisl 1p-foio .idjounrinjr M r S ton or toiid council ihtit cotnniWAee'} TvouM rc- ccavo a tution. at an early lat* V\. I'. T. U. rrayor Hoc* Ice. The Worrja-n'H Ctu-jstiun Tomrwranoo Union prrajior uMMytirii? in c-ormeofion with Iho "Week of Pra-er uvro begun 1n tho Pre-vbyfei Ian {''luinh artorno*)!!. Mrs J \V. the JMidor and th "Thiunk Ki«Hi? «n»l Kfi u( Lumber I'lant. Yestc-dav afternoon (ho V'olum.tor (ir» nient w.i. called (.0 th-o De.vter Iumlpr plant at Dextci, wlwsn »MiH lumber and smv-dmit i aught lire T\s r o tnit k-s had .intsweonod t!ie t\ill and a third dnvon b C C. Brown \\th on the way to tho lire \\hwi it collided A v i t h a car driven by ,i Mrt'. TnoniA-, in Swodct/owni Xo por- sou wat i n j u i e d and vcny l i t t l e damage wi' doiK. ifh-e -iriKk. Tho wood and MwLnst lire got "beiond tho control of ilip Doxtpn- employes aiwJ tho rtopartin :nt wa.-, called .nid extta- it heforo it did -much damage. iScMi liiulio Station. /irni oC C I i . Berge.r ^ Sous, wa« Jir (Midway, "on tho aiv" S.ilinvlay, Sun'day stCtwnoon and cvenims with ttis radio station Tho firm "was graaited a iK'enao i,onio timo a?o. From 2 '30 umtil 5 o'clock Smi'day afternoon, (8 \s-eie ting tho program from ponson=t get- The .staUon d,j on GOO k'llocyeles In Con- tvcveral pprftoivs trleid ifo get tho sta-twn l a i t wore unsitowssCiil. At "Whistle Titrk it was reixxrterl good ami ;is fair north Hon wa-s good the recr-p- Tho co-mpj-ny will not likely op«ratr- a g a i n t i n d l (he Ja'i) of t'he week I'nrfj- for Kids-. T-hc "kids" -novc-Hv n a r t v g i v e n the TMOmibei'S oC t h e nii'sinecsi O.i Club vvah a success Tlio coniniittee coni.pwed o£ tho Misses Oovert, Claii-k- son, TjOdfdom, Mori Is "and hart a imlquo program Games w^io playod, movl'n'g shown, and 'gironp singing pi over! oarh packanro. .the wns' seized aiKl at (he clo?e member i c c e i v e d a surprise Coming events cast their shadows before" AVC'ID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining from over- InduSgenca, if you would maintain t! le modern figure Of fashion Avoid the snags along the common-sen: e path to fitness and fashion. Don' · let over-indulgence deprive you o the tantalizing contour of the nodern. figure. Be moderate--be moderate in all things, ever in s m o k i n g . Eat healthfully bi t not immoderately --when your · yes are bigger than j'our stomach, reach for a. Lucky Instead. Coming events cast their shadows befo -e. Avoid that future shadow by a oiding over-indulgence, if you would maintain the graceful, mo era figure with its captivating cucvcs. lucky Strike, t h e finest Cigarette you ever smi ked, made of the finest tobacco- -The Cream of the Crop--"IT'S ' COASTED." Everyone knows th it heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and imp coves the taste. *Be Moderate! *. - Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets os other quac k "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession' Million,s of dollars each year are wasted on these i idiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smok- * n £ Uncky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yc urself too well, if you will "Reach for a lucky" instead, yoii will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that csuse excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN--Tl e Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coast-to-cpast network of the N. B. C. ' © 1930, The American Tobacco Co., Mfrs, EXPLORING IN BRAZIL Ails. q m c k l y follow. P a t r o n i z e those who advertise. HHICHESTER S PILL§ %£ -gf^ THE 1HAMOND IIUAND. A J"?£t?X R»ill«t Ajik Tour Drunitlnt Cor A\ fi' ht.«ltcMi.tor'B IllHinonil Ilrnnd/ I'll]. In lind »nil Uold mculllA t axej, sealed wl'h Blua Ribbon. Tak« no other. -Bur of ronr lroK«l«t. AikfmOin.OinCR.TL- IUA1ION0 HHAND I'll.I.H, for '· /laiiknown uDart.StciC.Alwj^ Killibu SflLB BK BftlJfifiiSTS EVEfiBHEfiR EDITOR'S NOTE. J To/,/.i ( a l \ a o has boon exploring Brai-i) f o r wore than 16 yeais Ho Accompanied General Rondon. comipanlon i C T l n o d o i o Jlooscvpjt on JilH JUver of L)oul) e x p e d i t i o n , on Uij) 1 ! during: the pa e t n o years tu n o r t h e r n and w e s t e r n ] rni\l In t h i s article h e t r l l s soniotlilnpr t tlin c o u n t i y he no I O H K haf tra.viapii T w o auocoetllnB aillcU-i w i l l isoinplpti tliib soiios By S TOK'.l CSAJ.VAO %\ r i Itten for tho U n l t i d Proiss JUO BE JANEIRO, Jan. 7 --He whose -work leade htm luio tha h nter- land of Brazil, he it surveying, n plor- iriig- or land oultlTatlciii, as cenla ia to pese through experiences Ihe 11 P of which are not to bo found In any ilher part of tho world. The unexplored region west o t h e Araguaya Ri^er, one of the prln :ipal southern tcihutartea of Ilia Atn iron, holds 6urp"iees few would imojine. Th Seira do Konrodor (Sn ring Mountalne) are asleep with tho burden ot untold centuiiea. Tha Chavuntea Indians roam behind life jagged peaks and guard their don nine jealoufily against Int 'uelon, poif )iied arrows putting a apw-dy end to any j adventuring party which givee hern ' the leasl caiuee. for iiuspicion Tho whiLo man made them hie enomie 200 yoaie ago when hit, Hi it for gold vei- caino hjb feelings lor consldt-i. tion and precaution. Another Clgiu-ot Test. Once while exploring t h a t region wctit ot the Aragutij a I became sc )ai- atetl from my party and fell i n t o tho hands of these Chavniitos My I wa- port took the f o i m of *ui ceftSi u l l y passing their "test " Tins conm -ted ia s t a n d W R calmlv ind smoking a. upe or eigarel to add to an appeal, nco ol nonchalance--whil a gaily ac- cantered chief, crushed up howling Iic-rcely and tried to holt, It would have w i t h the sharp point ot an arrow propel ly set ou his f u l l y ^tietched bow and leady to map anil pwfouilo the target at which it wa« aimed. The . .gntesl loosening of the savage's finger would have put an end to me. If, at this, any of my feelings had coui-9'lo t h e surface, or if I had given in completely and tried to b o l l , H would have meant lhat iunt. one moies traveler novor would h a v e returned to civilisation. Strong-th BcrriifJTP, A beorage of great ( s t i m u l a t i n g a n d n o u r i s h i n g properties m t h a t used among the Maueb I n d i a n ' s , ^ ho still inhabit tho land along the west hanks of the Tapajoe River, Tteeo Indiana ·were in bygono days nomad fightei 1 ! who traveled sometimes far i n l a n d . To sue lain them on long journeys they carried as provisions a quantity ot femail eticks made of a h ' o n n vegetable paste which had been hardened on a slow lire. When they f e l t hungiy the warriors filed tome of these feticks Into a powder w h i c h they mixed with water, and d i a n l r This' them lh« sliemsDi neetv ^ ttiary to u i H I w t a k c - a b a t t l e or another 1 lap of their jnuruc-j Tsoisadajn it it, known as "guaiana" and ie inaclo into a non-alcohalic li ink which hae a sale o?r the counto-y, but foi the oxploier thH mc-dicino--for it amounts to that-- inueI bo taken I n d i a n fashion I d r i n k a l i t t l e of it three times a day, grinding t w o teas,poonfuns u i l h h a l t ] as m u c h e u p i r i n a t h i r d 01 .1 plai-s o l ' j watci On t h i n r c a n w o i k If neces-[ f,ai-v. as houus, \ n i a u v miles ml Iho jungle, 01 UP I lot Iwo days w i t h - ' out f e e l i n g tiled or h u n g r j Fiuther- m o t e , It w A prenentdtl e against jungle tever and m a l a r i a . tlaK of the population ot tlio atato of Matto o uses "guttriuia" refcularly. Be direful of Sail, When dealing with tbo Indi.infi of cential South America it is a good thing to Know a .significant fact about salt If you give tliem sJit, or food with salt ih i t , they may at it with l e l i s h , "but, once I hey consume it, they are a prey to insects, and their bodies become " f u l l of sorrows." Blaming ·von tor this, the s \ages will regard .\ou as a bad niedli ine man, and may take y o u r life. They "-G ap- PO.I cully i m m u n e f m m uihert hitcfi it Ihe-y lea\o sali nlone. Many c x p l o i e i s in their books or l e c i t n e s w i l l tell abrnt I n d i a n a being covoied w i l h e-oinr knul oi o i n t m e n t to pi event t h e i . i v n g e * of files inel ants I!owe\er « i f t e r ch»c obsei v.i- lioa 1 «in c Q i l a i n thc«e j u i c ti nro n o t ! for t h a t iiuvpofie, bill t o pi event the Indian's skin f i o m being t n n ai, he makes hte way t h i o u g h t ic- dent,e woods. 'Hie sooner the--o p i i m i t i v e i n - habitanU are douieaticatetl and the lands they occupy turned over to ugricultuie and industry for the development of the Inherent i-esource*,, tho «oone'- w i l l the world pi-otit by tho immense nchcs which the teiritory l o n U i l u s PerryopoO* PBBHYOPOLIS, Jan. 7--There w i l l be special uervhcs all this weelff at the Methodist liptecopal Church at this place. The children's nighl will be Tliurtday. Rev. T G. Hicks, of McKecoport, had charge of the evening services Sunday. The attendance of the Sunday School was 214. Mi'j Norman PlersoT will entertain the- Ivadite' Aid Society Thureduy evening at her home at Star .Junction. John Hlovaeh, liueeel! llameier and Mai t i n Pierool returned Sunday af- teinoon lo Beckley Colloge, at Iirnti- burg t'harles Aspinwall and Molvin bynch of Ohio Northern have also returned to ( h e i r studies as ha\c Sara Dale*, ot KiiMm and Nellie Thraehev of M u b k i n g o m . Mr and Mrs Milton ~\Yilke« of Mom-Ffien .spent Sunday aftoi'inoon w i t h the fonner's mothen-, Mrs. John \Vilkcs The J u n i o r Class of Porry Towuahip ITigh School held a party at tho high school building Tureday evening. All the memheifi were not there but those who did come hud a very good lime. When You Want Something Use the Classified Ohiopyle OHIOPYLE, Jan 7--Mr. and Mrs. PranH Halterty and daughter, Mre. George Wahlev o£ Pulontown, epent Monday with Mr and Mrs. W. II. Ra£- ferty. Miss Mary Keigley of Connellsvillo was a vteilor in Ohiopyle Monday Mr. and Mm. T. M. .Mitchell had woul f i o m then 6on, Emlyn, that ho had a n i v e l in Lxxs Angeles, Calif, on Xew'h d.ii M i and Mtv. 1' K Hamilton and diuigblor, D o i o t l u , hpeni over thf 's jr--" 1 w i l h fiionds in CounoHs-

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