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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 7, 1918
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Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,552 VOL. 16, NO.-99. CONNELLSVILLE, PA, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH'7, 191S. BIGHT PAGES. ASKS CONGRESS TO BREAK OP THE VAST GERMAN HOLDINGS IN UNITED STATES ITEITi' KXOW3T COIJnm,STIkLlJ BOY AT CAMP WBE. Property Cwrto*J«« Tims Curb Hw JCultar ]· Anerfe*. HI HELP WIN THE WAR AArawc l» Xniria Contham, nth tlie lonfen WHW« «8 Bite* f IMngn.; JntaMMtof Frueta fen* AgaiMt » Separate Peace. By UHTOOK, Hank 7^-Vke Ser. WM ham captend Jaahwg, ui *f 5ana, wkile the Tmrco. «naii .·tastra-U »»O»mi«g eyM* BnaHoaa, Mrj« a Bmsstan AaW avwcr itaputdt netlvei m today. ' This actiem, ad4i » atetomat, 1» feg»tte tke ««. Lai «Mouc«nmrt »j Uw Genuu feft nmunt- tkat $ata»t IBM!* h*. Jtaadnog is M tfec railway Ha* ·· Bare*! to Fetngn4 aa4 «lT «8 mOet fnm to 'ASHBJGTON, March 7.--Flans to ik up the vast holdings ot German r«*n in the United States and place n in other haute so that attar :war th«T cannot'continue to be .t bas been characterized a« out- 3 ot German kulture in America e presented to Congress today by rfitcheU Palmer, alien property odian and unanimously ; approved he Senate Appropriations commit- · r. Palmer asked and the connnit- ajret-d that legislation ched to the urgent deficiency bill owering him to sell the property ny private interests but not to the :ed .States government, the. .pco- 1s to be held^in the treasury until r the -war. Whether the German ers would receive the moaey Id be determined by . the peace is, American property in Gery. the committee was told, a sob- to such--action. ke treatment,of German^property be United States, Mr.. Palmer told conanittee would;' hamper Ger-' y acd help the United States win war. . '--. ' · ' le committee by a party vote, how. with.Republicans opposing, also :oved an amendment to authorize President to take legal title to the ·nan steamship piers and property ioboken. N. J. 'The Republicans wed it fearing that it might lead rovercment ownership and opera- of shipping facilities after the and important stage on the road to a general peace has been reached." SUBJLUffini COKKAHDEB WrtJTALLY SILLS SRIPPEK LONDON', March 7.--How the members ot the crew of a German submarine brutally killed the wounded muter of:a Belgian-ashing smack who retused to leave the vessel is described In a press .association dispatch from Panzance. The submarine attacked the' smack 'with, gunfire and the skipper was wounded severely. He urged his men,. including his son, to ave themselves. The submarine commander forced the .fishermen to row German sailors to the smack in- order to place bombs aboard. One of the Germans drew a revolver and shot the .helpless skipper through the head, in the presence of. his son. GKKJLLX ABTA5CE Di SCSSIA KEStaCED LONDON, March 7.--The German advance eastward, into Russia stopped early Tuesday, according to an exchange telegraph dispatch from Pet- rcgrad, dated Wedn*«4ay,'bat was resumed during the 'night on several Boctora in order to allow the Germans to reach and consolidate their lines. It is reported in Petrognd that banks have been reopened," the property of landlords restored and other condi« tJons approaching the old regime revived in towns occupied by the Ger- BUTISH BEAT BACK KATBDfG PAXTT LONDON, March 7.--"A raid attempted by the enemy last night east of Epmy, under cover ot a heavy artillery barrage, was completely repulsed," the war office reports. "Mie enemy artillery has been active in the Scnrpe valley, west ot Lens and east .of Tpres and shortly before dawn developed considerable activity in the Nettve Chapellc sector." MEMORIAL WINDOW IN NEW M. L CHURCH FOR BOYS At FRONT TJunsand Dollar* to be liafced for tke Parpone Cnier Pten Announced Today. A fund to purchase a memorial window in honor ot tbe boys of the Methodist Episcopal, church who are in the service will be' raised immediately. The window will be placed in. the new. church. The .amount of the fund has been placed at $1,000, $500 of which will be " I used t o take care o f t b e subscription iSCIS If JLB5S BOSS .made by the Young Men's class, which j * ARAIKST SEPARATE I'EACE ! haa since h'een disbanded on account I CONFERENCE IS CALLED TO TAP UP FARM LABOR Clwihnen.' of County Safety i Committees Coming Here 'ext Wednesday. STATE MAN TO SPEAK liffort «"il! ho SnAii tu Solve tile! Problem of Helping: the Agrlcnllnr-j ists of the County to riant nm] Bar-1 vest Their Coming Suittmer Crops.! Corp. Oliver Gvidsmitli. * Among the many Connellsville boys at. Camp Lee who have ' gained advancement because of the fitness for special duties or rapid progress they DJL HBCTITKS COKIOBSION A.ND ORDERS. A conference on tho possibility of j securing [arm labor to aid In the pro- ' auction of crops in the county will be held here next Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the directors room of the First National Bank. The meetjng will be attended by chairmen ot county safe-ty committees and other have made in learning the rudiments local representatives. They will be of soldiering none is better known addressed by a member of the agri- ttan Oliver Goldsmith, a son of Henry Goldsmith, one of the substantial business men of the city. Young Goldsmith, earned-a corporal's chevrons several months ago and wae assigned to duty in the ordnance department. He likes. the wort, is enjoying good heaKh and finite leisure from time to time to make a new collection, ot photos of himself to enclose with,his Interesting letters to friends it home. cultural labor, conttnitlee of the state committee on public safety. An"eariy start is being made on the ways and means of helping the farmer in increasig his production and state authorities are working .in conjunction with county committees. At the meeting to b.e held Wednesday the following committee chairmen- and directors Trill attend: P. A. Johns, county chairman of .the Committee on Public Safety; County Farm Agent P: E. Dougherty; G. S. Connell, director o£ tic Public Service Reserves; J. S. Carroll, director of the boys working Dr. Donald C. Fosselman, son of Mr. j reserves; Benton Boyd, chairman."'of and ilsm. John J. Fosselman, of Cedar the committee on civilian labor, and avenue, last night received his commission as first lieutenant In the Medical Officers Reserve Corps together ·with orders to report tor duty at Fort Ogletborpe. Ga., not later than nert Monday. Dr. Fosselmui has recently been serving as company physician at the Whitsett plant of the Pittsburg Coal company. He will leave Friday for Fort Oglethorpe. lr. Fosaclman is the llth Connellsville physician to enter the service. HOXtfEABlT DISCHjUSGEII J'ROJI CA3tT IKE Davy Jones, one of the Brownsville boys sent to Camp Lee, arrived homo yesterday afternoon.with an honorable discharge from the commandant at Camp .Lee. - Physical disability ,waa the cause for the discharge. Davy was very anjclous to remain in camp. representatives ot the -womea's committee of the Council of National !T fense. not yet appointed. Rob«rt Morris, who is already at work on tho proposition of getting thV men of the coTamunHy to rfwote their vacation to farm labor will also be present. Mr. .Norris baa jost begun, h-is work of securing vacation, labor which is Copyright br J. K. Funiy. Boston. · ·WHJOAH H«WAED TAPT, FROM EtS IATEST GIVES TAFT _SILKFLAG Former President Makes .Short Speech at Mill TOTTO From Trolley Car. HIS STOP HERE IS BRIEF : Small Crowd on Hand to Greet the Ex- Chief Executive, Plons for His Passage Throiiph County Earing Been Changed; Speaks in Uoiontowu. ARMY TRUCKS MAY SOON BE RUNNING THROUGH THE CITY Scheme Js in JJne "With Plans of the Sbkte Committee on FuJjJic Safety. Army trucks may yet run tJiroogh ConnolJsville, using the Greensburg- Uniontown route vf-hich goes through CURB MARKET BANQUET IN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH nigh School Domestic Science Girls V!ll Do Their Best in I'repar- iiig the Feast The baoquej to be given the farmers the heart o f this city, as the connect- *.rd, the com3HAinity here on Friday, o securng v a o n , a . , . expected to help out wonctertully in ^ing link between the National Piko , Uan church. .. r . . *. __ . ,,,,,. ^t,^ T I --- 1- ^in.v.u,^^ TV, n T3fo-i_ RCJp.nro plms be held in the C-hrls- The · senior . domestic the production ot crops. The men of tire city, yoang and old, will be asked to devote their vacations this year to relieving the shortage of farm labor, instead of gon^S to a resort or on a pleasure trip. Tbe talk of the state representative here on "Wednesday will deal directly with this matter. and the Lincoln.highway. The Highway Transportation Committee of the Council 1 of National Defense at "Washington has notified the Committee of Public Safety at Philadelphia that the suggestion of G. S. ConneU, secretary of the county committee on Public Safety, relative to tie use o£ the National Piko as an alternative route TA nP'nnnPJV' llIITBlfrlf!C 'or-armr 'trrrdcs, -Is 1 10 Bt KtAKtl/ ABlftKIvAniJ 1 «'ith plans which th science class of.the high charge of Miss Anna Rcnyolds, will prepare the dinner ana' serve, it. All supplies will be furnished by the committee io charge. The dinner will be served between 32:30 and 1 o'clock, to be followed immediately by talks of local race, and a State College agricultural man. ... .. ... [B"XUrectly~1n-'!ine- .e Council of Na- [this afternoon and^two or'liiree atfdj: lional members will probably be ap- GHABliKS TIV. JfKTVCOMER AT LKAGUfi JSliAND XAYT YA31D CharEes "W. Newcomer, son of William C. Newcomer of East ConnellB- viUe f who enlisted in the Navy at the Pittaburg recruiting station aome time Continued on i t i o n a l Defense has in mind. German Widow, of I'nyettc Cflflntian j Mr. Connell recently wrote to tbe'Pointed to help out in lie work. It is Brings Children Her*. i Council of National Defense nuggest- LOAN FLAG UNFURLED 3LOODA. March 7.--In a public sment to the people of Voiotda on internation*! situation,. David' K. icis. the American ambassador to 3ia said: America has no. plans or (teaires territorial conquest in Russia. le the present government has sr'been formally recognized'by my srnnvent.of the allies both Premier ine *nd Foreign Minister Trottky aware, because I so advised them. I have recommended to my gov- a'ent that it recognize any govern- might set np of so many members of it joining the colors. -The- remaining |500 will be used to'purchase the window. The raising of the fund will be in charge o£ W. S. Behanna and James McCairns. both teachers of Yoang Men's lie Ceremony M faifen in Washington. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON. March T.--In the presence, of*a throng oC government officials and employes at the south front of the treasury Utday the honor. Bag of the. third Liberty Loan, a red bordered banner with white interior Mrs William S. Cook, iridow of a i ln S tliat - tllc :lrn " r tni*n use '*e Nat- former Payette coanty man who died ! io "aJ Pike as an alternative route and « at -«l ^o Possibility of using the while in Germany, has brought their GERMANS DYNAMITE MONS ·acklaerv Id Destroyed and liailway Xaterials Are BeatOTed. . By Associated Press. HAVaE, March 7.--The Germans . I would also earnestly urge that I continue to dynamite the engines ma- Deld bearing three vertical stripes, was unfurled for th blue ie first erial assistance be rendered i govenuaent -provided .that to ' chines and fonjKlations in factories i opon _4 pr ji 5. men clicked off yards of film which will be displayed in 17,000 theatres. Thousands of the flags have been made and one will be awarded, to each community exceeding its quota of suhBeription during the third roan campaign which will it 3d continue the war against the tral Powers. The success of · Germans would rein the loss by the Russian people ill the liberties'they have gained the revolution. Consequently the people ot the United,States sin- ;ly hops that the severe terms of separate peaxje imposed by Ger- .y will not bo ratified by the" Kus. people." . - · around . ilons, according to Belgians! who have recently e.v;aped from Belgium. They arc also carrying off the rails from streets and iocal railway tracks. The rails on one line have disappeared entirely. It is said the rails are being shipped to Germany. Th* deportation of Belgians continues and has extended to children 13 years of age. : PKACE MSTEKDAM. March 7.--Premier EYING CADET KILLED TaisUty -This .Mont** *»» Mth j .Fort Worth AriaUoa FJeM. By' Associated Pre**. MARKLETON FIRE Being Investigated l»y Army Officers on Duty at tlie Sanitarium. The army officers stationed at the I two children to TJUPecauoe. FayeMe ! Uniontown - Connellsville - Grcensbnrg county, to live with their grandjxu- route as the connecting link between gjj^ " I the pike and the Lincoln highway, ilr. Cook was in Germany for sev-; The suggestion has met with the ap- eral years, being manager of the (Tar- boruadum company at Cologne. Six years ago he married Mrs. Cook, a native German woman, and to.-tbis union, two girls were born. The Cooks were preparing to leave Germany when the United States entered the great world war but on May 2, Mr. Cook died. Almost the last request before his diath was that Mrs. Cook bring their two little girte to their grandparents at Tippeeanoe, Payetto county,.Pennsyi- vaaia, and rear them as Americans. WAR STRIKE BILL Is FasscO .After Amendment to Permit Bonn fide Walkouts. By Associated Preaa. WiASHINGTQN, JMarch 7.- minisir'ation bill declaring that Ziroval of the defense council. Tbc pathfinder'car, Mr. Connell has been notified, is preparing to start.on a return trip over Ujc National Pike and he has offered, to meet the car at any point on the pike to accompany it over the proposed route. The car is making the*trip to determine the best- route which tho government could u s e j from.the Central Stales to the sea-i board. William Howard Taft, ex-president of the United States, who will address the Fayette County Bar association at Uniontown tonight, went through Connellsville at 11 o'clock this morn- Ing on a special West Penn street car. It had been the intention of the reception committee to make the trip from Greensburg to Uniontown by automobile, but the machine sent for the speaker broke down before it reached Groensburg. A quick change of plans was necessary and a special West Penn street car was chartered. There was no demonstration in this city, the car stopping for only a few minutes. There was only a .small crowd at tbe "West Penn station to meet the car, it not being generally known here that Mr. Taft was going through via the West Penu. Some members of tho county bar association boarded the car here. On the special car were Senator W. E. Crow, Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen, Judge E. H. Reppert, Judge J. C. Work, R. TV. Playford, M. H. Bowman. John Lynch, K. E. Umbel, A. P. Austin, G. S. Harah and A. C. Hagan, composing the reception committee which met Mr. Taft in Greensbnrg. A crowd of several hundred person- had congregated at Broadway and I'ittsburg street when .the former came to the platform of the car, beaming as he always does; waved a greeting to the assemblage and made a brief speech. Like in all his public discussion he urged the people to stand shoulder to shoulder to win the conflict, .eclar- inr; there is no doubt as to the outcome with a united America facing the .kaiser. It may be necessary; : for the people- to endure many hardships in the next three years, but asserted there is no other road to victory. A notable feature of the visit was the presentation to the former president of a small American flag in behalf of the Scottdale Red Cross. Tho presentation was made by Miss Caro- eipectal that at least 200 farmers will attend the banquet at which the chief topic will be securing of farm labor and the assurance of curb markets in the city tho coming summer. . T. J. Hooper, chairman of the com- i mirtee in charge of thu'dinner says i 1 in e Clingerman, daughter of President he believes the entire community is|W. H. Clingerman of the H. C. Frick back of the movement as the subject Coke company. is enthusiastically received wherever! he speaks of it. After the curb markets- are fissured, the committee will go to work on securing the labor to back tbe farmer. L1GHTBURN BUYS HOME strikes called to obstruct war industries are conspiracies and subjecting the offender to 30 years' imprisonment and fine, was passed yesterday after- tfoon by the House. Representative. Cannon of Illinois made an unsuccessful fight to prohibit all -war industries West Side Man Takes Over .1. C. Long Property in Sixth SWfect. Charles B. ' Lightburn o£ Teath street, "West Side, a foreman for Ihe Connells\ T illc Manufacturing Mine -An ad- g u pp|j- company, has purchased the James C, Lous home in Sixth. street.' Markleton sanitarium are making an investigation to ascertain the cause of the fire which damaged that institution to he extent of $25,000 on Tuesday. First reports ! strikes. ! Ejabor forces rallied, defeated this proposal and inserted one of their own speciflcally permitting what they indicated that the blaze started from a defective flue or crossed electric wires. Both these theories were abandoned'.w-hen it was discovered the flames originated in Seydlcr, in announcing She,sign-* FORT. VTOETH. ,Tei., March 7.-- section of thei'-building far from the of a preliminary peace.treaty with: Burton HurHrart, Royal Flying corns flue and that the electric current had -._,- =_ i t _ ..._.-;-_ lower . caaet, .whose mother lives, at Prescott, i been cut'off from the hqspita.1 several One, was killed this .morning when | days ago. - in the Austrian se said: , ,'CTTOlt me sincerely to congratu-lh 6 tried to'make-a landing, 'thu house that by'the military and! i He was. flying with an instructor tical cooperation of Austria Hun-1 who escaped uninjured. Hurlburt is .' with its faithful allies this freahithe 36th. cadet killed here. , ENNETH RHD OPERATES CAMERA IN SPECTACULAR FLIGHTS AT FORT WORTH i a I«tt*r to his mother, Mrs. J, M. · mule teamB: · It '.was quite thrilling, 1 of W«st Peach street, Kenneth 'banking' and 'zooming 1 right over Held, who is in the aviation ser- their very heads. Last night's paper , suuioaed at Fort Worth, Texas, had Quite a» interesting article about j of an interesting fitgfit he made two aviators'.spectacular flying over i bis Instructor, Lieutenant Harap- the divisional parade, and a moving ENTERTAINS STUDENTS termed bona fid* strikes, raise wages or better working conditions." This amendment was approved 275 to 40. POOR COAL UNDER FIRE GoTernment Preparing to Place PrS- \ hibitton on IHrt and Slate. I3y Associated Press. . WASHINGTON, . March 1.--Drastic measures are under consideration by the fuel administration to compel the . . . .. , . . mining of clean coal and dispose* of Suw 3UrF«rct.Hater ot High School genera i com plaints that consumers Fmemltr, Gives Interesting JleaaUg. L e bg(m ODliged to buy di - rt stone Miss Margaret Baker, the' Gay Zen- j att el slate: ola : : MacLaren of the high school and teacher of English' in that institution, this'morning 'gave an interesting ireading.afte'r the chapel exercises. The reading was excellently delivered and received with much applause by the entire high school body; Miss Baker read a chapter from the book, "You Are the Hope of the World." BAND CONCERT APRIL 22 e, to Fort Bowie, where a whole pictiire man taking us as well as the sioa wu drilling. Cadet Reid parade. Lieutenant Hampshire did :e» ot hU trip as follows: : all the driving while J took the pic-j. 1 I/Uutenant Hampshire clr- j tores." Horace HJtglnbotham of Dallas. Director John E. Gaster announced md and- around, -sometimes Class Entertainment ior tlie rub- lie is Being Arranged. r 4ft or 50 fe«t above* the soldiers, 3Dti«d about two cameras, filled ; *tt»U*d one again.' We were so « [feat we could plainly see the ^ of the soldiers and spectators. .had mofe of- a crowd 'than the idc and ntulr stampeded several Tei., a school friend of Kenneth and j today that the fifth annual "concert of his brother, J. Donald Held, was killed ! the Connellsville IHHtary band will be in an aeroplane accident Saturday af- Urnpon at Hicks 1'leld. Kenneth was on his way;to see Hlgglnbotham, who was in the aviation service, when he learned o£ his death. · held in the high school auditorium the evening of April i2. The program has not' yet been arranged- but the event will he of tha usual high class, Mr. Gaster. said.. · Dirty coal investigation has shown that it has even hampered, the movement of army transports fast and naval-vessels. Most ot the dirty coal, The LJghtburns.wil! occupy the place April 1. Mr. Long will-roniove.lo tlie Kell Long home in First street. The sale was made through the iirm of A. E. Wagoner '-Company. Another sale announced is v that of i Arc All Doing Their l!tt in Knitting for 3f(in-in Service. When it comes to knitting for the soklaers and sailors-Ihe girl employes of tbe Wright-Tde-Ucler company are surely doing their bit. Tbe number of knitted articles, completed by the girls in the different departments is as .follows: 'Sweaters 62; wristlets, 15 pairs; scarfs, nine; helmcnts, six; socks, 91 pairs; trench caps 10. Some of the knitted articles were turned into thw Red Cross whils others were sent to individual soldiers: special car bearing the party laid over at Scottdale for. about 32 mlnntes. John R_ Byrne boarded the car and proceeded with tbe party 10 Uniontown. SEVERS HIS WINDPIPE the lot of A. C. Carson, of Canflold, 0., I Former Alvcrton Man Tires of Having in Crawford avenue, West Side, to E. ' E. Washington for ??00. Mr. Washington intends to build on tlie lot. MADE SUPERINTENDENT Madigan Coal Foreman is Promoted .With Tivo Companies. H. J.- W-Uliams, foreman .lor,- the Madigaii-Coal company, lias been promoted to the position of -superintendent of the coal intcresls of the Madigan Coal company and tho Joseph Soissori Pir' : Brick- conipany at Layton a n d Kingston. · - . , ' · Mr. Williams;.came here about a year ago.'from 1 Cambria county. He has been engaged" in mining activities for many years. He .was at.Mananna at the time of-the-explosion there. Wifo Support Him. Tired _ of having his -wife work in a furniture stora lo support him, George Myers, 12 years old, formerly ot Alverton, slashed his tbroai^with a razor, while lying m bed, an invalid, last night at his home in Uniontown. Myers is in the Unioniowii hospital his ivindpipe severed, and with slight chances tor recovery. DEED FOR BANK E. C. Higbec One of Witnesses to Cn- iontown Skyscraper Transaction. Ail right, title and interest in the Firsf^ational Bank building-and the Grand Opera house,- Uniontown, is conveyed to James I. Feather by John H.' Strawn, receiver of the First National Bank, in the deed, for the transaction placed on record yesterday with Recorder of Deeds H. C. Hays. Tho instrument is a lengthy document containing a detailed account' of the circumstances which led up to the public sale on Saturday, February 23, as well, as giving the usual comprehensive description of the property and its conlente transferred. The deed is dated March ], and was witnessed by Judge R. E. Umbel and Attorney E. C. Higbee. The consideration named is 5700,000, the figure which Mr. Feather bid in the property. It 'Contains $700 worth of revenue stamps. It is the largest deed placed on record of realty transfer for many years with the exception of deeds conveying coal lands. Acting as Chief t'lerlr. Traveling Coal Freight Agent J. C. McCormick is tliis week acting 1 as chief' clerk lo W. L. Cromlisli, coa' land coke agent of the Baltimore ra Ohio ...railroad at PilUBurg. Kifle Contest to Begin. At.the;meeting of the-.Cotinehsville Rifle Club in the -armory, tonight the it is said, has come from mines. · W«aftto«ir Generally fair tonight and. Friday; slightly warmer Friday, is the noon weather forecast for .Western Pennsylvania, . . Temperature ISeoord. 101S 1917 smaller I'centesls'.Ior a-series-ot prizes for the j best scores at. the gallery range will begin. "The prizes to be,awarded have not yet-been'selected hut will be of suitable character, including also a "booby" prize, for. which thei-e is certain to -be keen -competition, among many members w h o . regard themselves as eligible to become contest- .Maximum . Minimum . Mean . 67 . 23 . 48 42 20 .The Tough river' rose during the night from.5.25 feet to 5.CO feet. ants. No Store Porkless Sutbrdays. County Food Administrator Davidson h;is received official notice from State Food Administrator Heinz lifting the ban on porklcss Saturdays and discontinuing one meatless meal each day. Tuesday -will continue to be observed as meatless day. TRADING WHEAT AT $2.20 FOR CORN AT $2.75 UNFAIR EXCHANGE, SAYS PRODUCER With wheat selling at $2.20 a bushel | farmer to dispose of his wheat at ^ under government regulation a~d com loss--which Mr. Priukey contends this at $2.75 and not regulated, a Mill Run exchange would he--\vhile at the same Has Appendicitis. Frank. Geisousler, Slavish, farmer, John H. Prinltey, whose crib if; time toe administration -is endeavor- erapty but whose granary still con- : ing in every way possihle to conserve tains a supply of waeat wants to know t the supply and limit its consumption. vrhether he shall be compelled to j The Springfield township ruralist trade tis wheat--CO pounds to the ; avers he is as patriotic as the next on bushel--Jor corn at a much higher i but cannot sco where he should he price and on'.y 56 the bushel j compelled to lose while another is Ihs and ot iuferior feeding value at that, i gainer'in tlie exchange. old. of Broad Ford underwent an operation for appendicitis yesterday afternoon at the Cottage State hospital. Mrs. Barbara Chick, wife ol Jacob Chick of Star. Junction, was admitted yesterday, arid. will undergo an operation tomorrow. yearsiThe situation is one that confronts not only Mr. Pririkey but a lot of other farmers of the mountain sections. There last year corn diri not mature while wbea.1 was a fair crop. Tbe problem is one the food administration has not satisfactorily solved. Mr. Prinkey buys his corn in Conr nellsville where he says, the prica IE $2.75. It costs him more by. the time it is delivered .at Sis farm. On the other hand tie. bushel of wheat at ?2.20 at the farm dwindles to around |2 in valne by the time it has been There is no mandate reauirins: the placed in the local market.

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