Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 98
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 98

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 98
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July 23 MORNING 6:30 © Light © Newsmaker 7:00 O Story © Jubilee © Falwell Q Gospel 7:30 Q Viola Clark O Faith 8:00 0 Truth Q Power O Falwell © Repass Q Revival © Mamre 0 Martin 1:30 Q Ruberla Q Gospel (0 Revival 0 Discovery ·Q Waters © Humbard 0 Repass 9:00 O Jubilee Q Roberts fli) Gospel © Humbard O O Tom and Jerry 9:30 Q Repass © Good News Q O Coolies © Warren 0 Revival 10:00 O Life O © © Discovery © Faith Q Gilligan O Roberts © 0 Dragon 10:30 O Capt. Noah 0 Concord College © Insight © Hargis Q © Life G Look Up © 0 Double Deckers 11:00 O Chapel Q Jubilee © Profile © Humbard © Across Fence Q B Camera Three ©0 Bullwinkle 11:30 Q Answer (0 Church © Insight Q Face Nation O Humanist © O Wish This log is based on information provided by the stations, who warn programs are subject to change without notice. 1:30© "Kelly and Me" O Truth |0 Lloyd Bridges © Faith (0 Gospel Talent f0 O Issues and swers An- 2:00 Q Film |0 Roller Derby 10. Answer O Saint 0 Talking Hands © "Fighting Kentuckian" O Movie 2:30 Q Wrestling © Consultation 0 Group eHalth O Life 3:00 (0 "Story of Mankind" © Adventure (0 Theater 0O AAU 3:30 0 Wagon Train Q Canadian Football '10 Feature 4:00 03 Q © Golf (0 Death Valley 4:30 80 "Zita" 10 Andy Griffith 0 O Tennis 5:00 0 Roller Derby ©West 0 Death Valley Q Kid Talk 5:30 © Heritage 0 O Animal World EVENING AFTERNOON 12:00 O Mormon Choir Q Revival (D 1 Project ! CB Gwiiin (0 Great Tradition O Q Humbard O Answer IB Evans 12:30 Q At Issue Q Bonnie Lou (D Year 2000 © Church © Open Bible O Face Nation O) Revival Meet 1:00 ft) Q Q[) © © Press O Gospel Time 'O 1 "McHale's N a v y Joins the Air Force' 1 ffl Lighthouse 0 Faith 6:00 O Adventure Q 1 ©© Comment Q O 60 Minutes © Time Tunnel O Victory Q What's New 6:30 Q Q © © © News 0 Prayer Q Hodgepodge Lodge 7:00 QO Primus © Q © © Wild Kingdom Q © Lassie © Movie O Electric Company 7:30 O Q © © © Disney QO "Tarzan and the Jungle Boy" © Survival Q French Chef 8:00 8:30 9:00 FBI Firing Line Stewart Jimmy Q QD © (0 Bonanza GD O "Lord Jim" Q Masterpiece Theater 9:30 QO Cade's County Ones Q Evening at Pops 10:30 Q Q Dragnet 11:00 News "Brides of Dracula' : Tonight 11:15 11:30 ©(B O Insight © "Tight Spot' 12:15 © News 2:45 © "Tall Story" CHARLESTON, W. VA. Final round of golf classic broadcast today CAMERA THREE. "The Illustrated Hitchcock." Part II. The master director of s u s p e n s e films, Alfred Hitchcock, talks with film historian Bill Everson, a FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS JAMES C.HAMMONS 92S CROSS LINES NITRO 776-1497 ATIONWIDE NIIIOIIIIDI "mull IH!UII«C, conrm "iiUNfioi nuiiut mi msinmcf cimrm mnemBii nn INSUIIICI professor of cinema at New York University. Everson delves into the mechanics and motivations of Hitchcock's directing genius, citing specific examples which should be of great interest to film buffs and students of the cinema. II a.m. CBS Q o FACE THE NATION. Sen. George McGovern, D.-S.D., the Democratic Presidential nominee, will be interviewed by CBS News correspondent George Herman and a panel of newsmen. 12:30 a.m. CBS a +· MEET THE PRESS. Today's guest, John B. Connally, former Secretary of the Treasury, will be interviewed by a panel of news- men. 1 p.m. NBC (0© *· AAU. The National AAU Men's and Women's Volleyball Invitational Tournament in Los Angeles, Calif, the Aachen International Horse Show from Aachen, West Germany; and high-lights of track meets held at Augs- burgh, West Germany, fill the 90 minutes of sports activities on today's show. 3 p.m. CBS OB *· GOLF SPECIAL. Live from the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, the final round action of the A m e r i c a n Golf Classic. Chris Schenkel,-Frank^Gifford and Bud Palmer will report the plays and Byron Nelson and Dave Marr sup- INSULATED GLASS only with The Original Inside Replacement Window eliminates storm windows and makes your home beautifully WE ATHERTIGHT at the same time... Specially Designed To replace your present inside house windows. Because nu-sash is made to exact site, we do not alter your inside wood, plaster, or trim! OUTER CLAS THERMAL '/' BARRIER INSIDE CLASS FIRST TIME AVAILABLE Va" INSULATED GLASS · Double the effectiveness of your window, two specially fitted panes of glass with a cushion of insulating air in between the inside and the cold outdoors. · Eliminates the need for costly and bulky storm window, yet keeps your home even tighter and more draft free Nu-Sash® special W insulated glass Is the result of rigid laboratory and infield testing. This testing has scientifically proven that Nu-Sash® %" insulated glass is the most effective on the market today. Take advantage of this great value at one fourth is regular price. BUT HURRY, THIS OFFER MAY EXPIRE WITHOUT NOTICE NU-SASH CALL 343-2118 TIME PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE Toi , 7-23-72 NU-SASH 302 WEST WASH. ST. CHARLESTON, W. VA. 25302 NAME STREET... -STATE Z|p_ PHONE NUMBER. 7069 Copyright 1971 Weaiher-Scill ply commentary. 4 p.m. ABC TENNIS. Tom Okker vs. Roger Taylor in a quarterfinal match of this elimination tournament, held at Sea Pines Plantation, H i l t o n Head, S. C. 4:30 p.m. CBS QO »· DISNEY. "Charlie Crowfoot and the Coati-Mundi." (Repeat). The coati, a member of the raccoon family, and an Indian archeologist, team up to find rare artifacts and save a disgrunted rancher. Filmed in Arizona, the coati causes trouble in normal Disney story fashion _and then redeems himself in the filial act. The cute animals and Arizona locations are the main attractions tonight. 7:30 p.m. NBC Q Q »· M O V I E . "Lord Jim." (1965). (Repeat). A magnifi- cantly photographed, well- acted screen version of the famous Joseph Conrad novel about a seaman in the Far East who rises high and falls hard, due to his own character defects. It Is a better movie if you haven't read the book, but Peter O'Toole cuts a romantic figure in the title role. The supporting cast boasts such names as James Mason, Curt Jurgens, Eli Wallach and Paul Lukas. 9 p.m. ABC TV Movies Sunday "McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force," (1965) **, 1 p.m., O with Tim Conway and Joe Flynn. " F i g h t i n g Kentuckian," (1949) **%, 2 p.m., © with John Wayne and Vera Ralston. "Story of Mankind," (1957) * ] /2, 3 p.m., © with Ronald Colman and Hedy Lamarr. "Zita," 4:30*p.m., (0 with Joanna Shimkus. * * * "Tarzan and the Jungle Boy," (1968) *, 7:30 p.m.. 0O w ith Mike Henry and Rafer Johnson. * * + "Lord Jim, 1 ' U%5) ·'**, v p.m., ©O with James Mason and Peter O'Toole. "Brides of Dracula," (1960) **'/4, 11:15 p.m., O wilil Peter Gushing and Freda Jackson. "Tight Spot." (1955) *··*'£, 11:30 p.m., 0 with Edward G. Robinson and Ginger Rogers. "Tall Story*" (I960) *·'*, 12:45 a.m., ·© with Anthony Perkins and Jane Fonda. Cold Wave $C50 * Stevens Beauty Shop 113 Summers St. 342-2653 SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL

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