The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, January 7, 1930
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r-mfiii i vw. f ins JANUARY 7, 1930. Miss Florence Doppelhauer Bride of John Donald Ebberjt f An-om-oomut was made today oi tho wed-dirti'.; on S-ep'te'in'h-er 2S, 1!)M, of . J o h n Dana Id K.Hbort, son ot! Mra. Daisy Ilbhorl of Snyder fctroet, ami Miss I'Moi-p-ivee 1'). Do]tpolhauer, daughter of llonry Dotppelhaiiai 1 ot Poplar (!rov«j. The ceremony was performed at higli noon at the St. Pa-uPa JjU- t.horan Church at Manga ntow.n,, W. Va., by Rev. \V. Hoy HashLnger, the ipastor. Tho 'inu]»rp/tislve rlag ceremony was! uw-rl. Tho annmmoemont corn-os as a tur- P'rlse- to tho mainy f rienl» of tho ymiftff couple, both oC whom are well known In this community. Mrs. -Etune-iit 'has bocin a i iwMnber of the nurain-g staff. at th* Comne-llsvlllo State HwypRal ami provioitfi to go! mg 4hor was onup-loyed as a nurse in tho office of the late Dr. II. J. Byron. Mr. J5bbrt Is an assls/t- a»t "paymaster lor tho West Penn Company atid has beon. Ini 'the *miploy of that con-earn, for eleven years. Ho was fopmrly looatoci In, the Oomieflls- vllle offices, ibti't 1Vr 'tlio past two years haa been working in tho nrin office in Pittaburgr. Ho was assistant man/- agor of tho Unity Fraternity's basket- bail 1 tea in during 1 itho years of. thnit leam'K .vctiivttios and ateo occupied various offices lu the eame- organization. The coanlo will re«ldo In Pitts-' burg for 'the Y OF F. W. AUXILIARY OFFJCEKS YHL1. BE INSTALLED The Inetallatloti of officers lor the ensuing yoar -will take placo at the regular meetlnp of tho Ladles' Auxiliary to Wailtor 15. Brown Posit, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Thursday Might at 7:30 o'clock In the club rooms, North Fittsbtirg street. Ajrs. Anna Knotte of Unlontown, past president ot the- Unloutown auxiliary, and department sonlor vlce-p resident, and by virtue of hor oflioo a member of the council of administration, will be the insita 1 !- ing officer. Membore of the Uniontown auxiti- ary and ot "Walter E, Brown Prat are invited. Itunvth will bo sorred by flic socJaJ committee, JESSIE M. OBEY MISSION CIRCLE IMTEE^S AT GIBBONS HOM13 Tho Jeaslo M. Groy Mission Clrolo of tho Christian Church met last night la tho home oE Mrs. 13. G. ftibbons, Sycamore stroot. Routine busiueHB was coiiductetl by tho president, Mrs. O. P. Moser. The meeting was led by Miss Mary Porter. Tho topic was "Uoads That Lead Afar." Talk» were j.;ivon ly Miss Miniiioi Murray, MHS Mao Gil more, Miss Virginia Jones and Mrs. J. MeJvin Grey. Following- the business) rnootlnp a, delightful social hour wiis h o l d , ftlis Elizabeth Porter entertained wi'li vocal aolofa. flel'resli- mouta voro SPJ v?d by the hostess, ass i s t e d by Miss M.iry Coyne. The next mooting will bo h e l d In tho homo ot Miss Mt.ry P o r t e r , T r u m p avenue. ,MJ:I,VVI\ MonuMKV TAKTS I'AUT IN H A U I O l ' R O C I K \ . M M^lvm M c C r r i i r y , son of Mr 1 -.. Uar- b a t a ?-! Preiiry of North Seven I'll Mri-P't, Woil. Si(i'\ saxophonf' fokjisL, a p i v o a r t d In » .proijrrain bro.Klcast I n ^ l n i K h l over Station \VMM.V. t o w u , \\'. Va , by the Ilalio T r n u b a c l o u i f c of U n i o n t o w n . Melvin \\;i'» Ki'a'lu;it(-ii n o n i tho Connellsville High School v,i!h lh" claso ot" F A A C Y W O H K CLUU ULL -NOT .IlKllT T O M O K K O V Tho logular mooting of the- (Iroen- wood Fdiicywork Club, w h i c h was to have b( t % n hold Wedm'sil.iy afternoon in tho home, of Mr: j . W. A, Bibhop, I'itM Qicen (vtreot. has been postponed rn account of a doath'm Uic tdinily. Jovvlsli Junior Frolic, All plans havo been completed for tho flrai a n n u a l L'loltc of the G o n n e l l K - vlHo Ht-ctlon, U o u n c i l of .Jewish Juniors, to bo held Wednesday ovc- nliig, .lunu.iry S. at Poplar Torrauo Inn. {!,irds, dancing and other entci- tainmei t will bo tho diversions ol" tho ovonlnes. The committeo In charpo is n n t i r i i i f ly working toward thn suc 1 - coss of tho affair. A gonoral i n v i t a t i o n has been vxloudcd to the siirroinuling community. Aid Meeting at Summit. Tho ladies' Aid Society of Summit Methodist Protestant C h u r c h hold its tncmthiy meeting at the iioine ot' Mrs. IMurgerv Chrieo on Thursday aCtor- noon. After buslnose aetieloii lunch wae so-vod by Mrs. Ct'rise, asslatod by Mr. Robert Plnkney and Mlf« Mary Nnyloi 1 , ^h were- guost.s of llie society. Uunhnm-Skflos. JB.HMM T. S-kiles ot Carmic'h.Rels and Bei-iio V. lunham of Masonlown, \vero to wod In Uniontown. I'lfLTlfllE I LUB WOaiKS K K V I E W WYES OF i'JlO.HlXKN'1 1 I'OET.S W i t h Iho holiday viicatlon. over, 'tlve C u l t u r e - Clul) re-sivmed its M outlay atUeriioon in the club rooms at l'h Ca-rnc-gic- Firoo I^lbrary aT.ri not iia inany months has a rmxro atitraulive program been 'giv«n,. Tho goneraH sujpot wa« "A Galaxy of Poets." JVIrt. 11. T. Sull'i.van wa^i leader. Mrs. Vivian McRobbio reviowed the life and workfi of Jean Starr Unter- moyer nnid road "AiitiiTOn," by t'h« ait'lhor. Mrs. U. 1, Lewis tUsc'HSBfd Mlas A'tny I^jwell aritl re-aid ITC-I- ioem, "Madonna oi the Evening Flowe-re." The llto o 1 lOdwln Ar'Hngton R-obin- son was r viewed b}' Mrs. Ij. R. Michael. also r-ead tw of Ills -poonns, "Ca! ary," and "A'n t)l» Stoi"} r ." Mrs II. D Wihtn-p review-ed rh-e- life of Paul Law re-nee Dunbar, th-e colored ·poet, and rtad his poem, "Tho Tui'Ji- Ing of it'ho iJabios in Bed." Slho also sipolce of Alien Sieger and i5?iv-e-' h'la poeni, "·[ H.ive a Dosuth." Mcs. F. A. JIarali.revlew-e/1 the l of Edward Mar UN-rat and BlihS Can-man., aft-er v hic'h s.hj read two -poems, "The Man \Vlth tho Hoc," by Mark- thaan. and "Vag-a-buml Sonfe," by Our- ACter r-evl *wiii{r tho llf-o of ICdna SL Vineo-nit MHlay, Mrs. F*ra.nik "VV. Jones road tn of. i« .pooras, "GocVs World." Join Sull v r an read ''Prior to MHa l!-'1!o'g Apipt ,mine," by Jame« Whlt- ooinb Riley, "Tho Duel," by IStiKMiio Molds and "Wh«n Tlvere's C-oni'pairy far Tea." b lOdeair Gu«Mt. A well so d cted mnstoal iprosram, arranged by 7,1 ra. Geopge K Baker, i'n'r't'ho-r foatrred the-afternoon's enter- Jalnnvonit It wa« ns follows.: Two piano fiolos, Mlsw June Oollifw; two vocnl solos, "Ah Sweet Mystery ot lAle." by Victor Herbert, awl "Sun- uhlne in R1n-bow Valloy," by Ha.m- Men, Mrs. ?i R. Bakor, nocAnipan-ted by Mns. ,J, A L,aro-w: two vlohn solos, "Tho Koudiiio." by Krek-lor, and "Tho Jubilee Son;," by Clarence Gaineron White, Mla.s Claro Lucas, acconipanrted by Miss M i l d r e d Sntulw. A brief I/U-S-IIMJSS s-ossi-on, presided oi'-er bj thi presi4ent, Mrs. i'harl-p-s Detwlle-r. w is held. Mr- Stella Foul wa« \ o t i t i now member. -Mr.-. P a u l T. Ktwnoror, M i s . 11. W M r H a b h i o a id Mr* .1. TV. IHitte-rnioro j-'iivo intrre ting reports of t h e fall 7 i i « H t l n ! ? r I '-e !''iiye-Up Coiinlv I'Vdfra- tto-n of Win KMI Clubs hold early hi IJ-ecainbei' i-i UnI0nUn\n. Tho next mooting of the. c l u b f o he known ;M ' Browning Day," will be held M o n d u v a!t v riK.on, .Jnnnary 30. .Mr?' ftiaj: it ichoff w i l l bi 1 - loader and Ora 1 n u I e U a will arranp-o a al jin. 'r;un. Sour Btonuich, indigostion ga'B. Those are signs which u s u a l l y mean j u s t one t h i n g ; excess acid. The stomach nerves havo boon ove-r-BUmulale-d. Too much acid is making tood sour in the stomach and intestines. The way to correct exooas acid I.I with nn alkali. The bafll form of alkali for this p u r p o s e ' I n PhllHim Milk of Mdgnesiii. Just lako a spoonful of this harm less, almost tasteless preparation In a glass of water. If works Instantly. Tbo stomach becomes uwoot. You aro happy again iu live minutes! Tour heartburn, gas, headaches biliousness ov iadigoslion han vanished! Know Phillips Milk of Magnesia and you're through With criido mot-hoda forever. It Is tho pleasant way---the efficient way to alkallnlKe the system; to reHave the offecla ot over-acidity. Phillips Milk of Magnesia has been standard with, doctors for qvw '60 years. 25c and 60c bottlen at all drug stores. Be. sure you get tho genuine. "Milk of Magnesia" has been tha IT. S, Resistel'-ed trade mark ot tho Ohas. H. Phillips Chemical Co. and Its predecessor, Ghas. If. Phillips, slnco 187B.--AdvorUaenieiit. J-'J{.fEi\I)Sinj TK.WPLK OFK1CKUS INNTALLEJ) IJY MKS. BISHOP X.t tho regular moetinK of l ( 'rlend- shlp Temple No. 25, Pythian Sistprs, last night iu Pythian Hall, oiflcers for the ensuing year were installed as fo-llo\vs: Past chief, Mrs. Harriet iloeusael; most excellent chief, JWrn. Alioo Cramer; oscellont senior, Mrs. Sophia Cwlsori; cxoollent junior, WISH J e n n i e Carlson; nituiaKor, Mvs. Delilah Soilday; mistress o)' records f i n d corrasponclence, Mrs. jflrama Lou Cowgill; mistress of finance, Mrs. Emma J. Welsgerbei"; proU'Ctor, MrS. Carrie Jfirrett; guard, Mra. Sni-a Collins. Mrs. Alice Blslxop was tho i n b u l l i n R officer. Sho was aasialed by Mrs. Pearl McCIiiHock and Mrn. Cora Poathora. Tho most excellent c h i e f , Mrs. Cramer, a-ppoiuled Iho l o l l o w i n g e o m m l t tees : Sick, Mi K Sarah Collins, M r a . Carrio K r r o l t , Jvlrs. Oeorgia Travlh, Mrs. Ada Mao Riclioy and M r s . Cora Withe rite. JSntertainment for month.s oi January, February aiul M u r c h , Jlra. llobrc- ca Blaclca, Mrs. Kinma J \Volsgorhor. Chair lady' ot the lunch comrnlUeo for three months. .Mrs. Mary Whito. Tho lodge made plans, for a hiippcr to bo hold in Iho near l u f u r e . Tho committee corifih-ls ot Mrs, Anna Jjrown, AJi-M. Pear! A l r C l i n l n r k , Mrs. Ida Armstrong, Mr». A n n a Mills, Mis. Alice Bishop and MLS. Kara Collliih. Shower. Mr. and M I H . W i l l i a m Crawlord wero nrioi-Ml a mls^-i'ilnn-coiiH hhow"-r at their homo in U n i o n t o w n in honoi of thMr man las?-f, v Wi'h UioU phic^ on December "1. About forty gu«^t.( wore pr-cfiont Iriolmuvt wric- Mr. aiul Mrt, George C r a w l o r d ol thii» city IHnner at Viindcrbili. M.r. aw! Air-i. (Jarotn'e Daiintr, Jr , ·evnUM'taliuifJ at a !ilokon ;uwl wau'lo dlun-or Snmlav ovemnfi at thole at Viwidorbilt. Oiwoj's wwo Jaid T!U-COr\ r l U H , Mr.- L H AtiKM-lcau 1 tend t h e qu. C o u n t y C'oi M c f h o d H i 1 loroi, at wh officers w i l l who Ifi the cwineli. Ot iary p l a n n Laura C'lar Mrs. ,f. K. I Mrv VVol c-rn bcction present and .Mr.-. W. J. I J n i o i i t o w n, Luncheon U K. LaUe n o o n , rp'iM charge oi M leioi. M l H H K l i ? man of f l i c company a South I ' n t o i a p l a y l e l Tho I'a-.. Friendship sistei'h, w i l l evonlnc? of Harbaugh Tliohp plani ·ed Lo meet . lu time to ! V r O I ' M T L , MKI:T AT C I I A H L K U O I Kohbnih, p i H ' . i d c n l ot the "tjion Au.Mll.iry, w i l l at- r t c r l y tiu-etin^ of t h e Tri- i f i l \Voilrip«-.lay in t h o ,)hi-oi)al C h u r c h of Church l i m e tho n e w l y elected bo ItiHtfllkxI. MH,. Kohbin*; now vice-pro^tdeivt of (ho )urH Iroin Lh* local anxil- .iK I" nttoud aro Mm .. M r n . J o h n liuUcr umj ooil. or Lot;c oi Tyrone, neil- vIct-prcisUlctiL, w i l l ho w i l l a d d r i t i s t h o telcgutp.M I.loyI, !I(-tnct dir«;ior nt w i l l aKo be in attendance. w i l l be nrrvi'd by the; Aid Society p n i n i p t l y at .·ations for w h i i l i aro In h. Alftry Lave rick of Char- i b e t h O'Hryon. a i-halr- U n l o n t o w n u n i t , \\ i l l ac- ,roup of sludi-nth from tlio i school, who w i l l I Chiefs C h i e f s Asi-ociations of Trinpl. No. 25, P y t h i a n h o l d a b a i u i u e l T h u r s d a y this wt't'k al the \V. 10. honii', near Pennsvlllc. I n g l o u U c n d a r e r o q u e K t - t the \VcKt Ppnn Tonninal ·avo on tho (i'25 c a r . U. I. A. W i l l Meet. Merchant Division Xo. 70, O. 7. A. to the B. of U K. w i l l meet Wednesday a f t e r n o o n t 2 o'clock In Odd Kelloft-H Temple. O'tietra w i l l bo I n s t a l l e d al Ihi.s tlnip. .Iiinior Culture ('lub. Tho Junior C u l t u r e C l u b w i l l meet tonight in die c l u b roomfc al the Carnegie Kroe Library A program on "Famous Women." will bo giv-fii. The Choice of 'Wisdom t h e host aiB-d hoe-t-feMS wer-o Mr and M"rn. J. W. Brown ft Daw.soti, Mr. an^l Mrs. Jam."a Hitilorniar. and children, .lame.s, Karl. .Ii ! oih, John, awl Olive May, Mr »und Mrs. Oaiiuei, tloorge, 'Pholmti. .lanws auf David P.lnlr I h t u n - n t . A \xxry cujoyaWo : c»v i nlri.f; w«a wpent. I'nrjj n( Frlelt A i i d i l o r l u m . Tho lirst if p, HPT VPS of bc-ncfii pur- ties for th... Bt Vincent clePaul Church at I j e i s n u r l n K No. 1 was held lant n i g h i a 1'Mcik A u d i t o r i u m at t h a t Iilace. There, were 2} tablo? of fivo h u n d r e d , seven t a h l e H of bridge a n d 13 of h'niKO. The door prize wa'i u warded M!HS Alice Btehi and u i h e r prlzea were glvon as f o l l o w w . Din^o, Mls« Irene Ikinti, ,Io(,c-ph I'rltelutxi, A n n a Ororo Moluar, Airs. Patrick U e i l i y and Miss Agnes K-uikey; b r i d g e , Mlas L e n o i n (Jrut'e, Miss Loulsn Wllholm, J. H W h i t e ami J W. .Snlfison; five hiiiuired, Mrs Kromer, Mrs. RD-sslft S m i l e y . Mrs John Prltehard, Mra. Ell/.abefli Htathrrn, T h o m a a Kr'.el, Mrs. Anna. M f C i i i n i f y , J. T. Lippsi nntl Mrs R a l p h Piper. Tho next ovout w i l l be (in J a n u a r y 13. Mr arid Mm. O. H. Anderson of Hen A v o n , I'ilteburp;, iinnouncn t h o m a r - riage of their daughter, Mi« (rertnir/o M y r t l e A n d e r s o n , to JtimoH DIcKen P h i l l i p s of Meyurudale. The ceremony was aolemni/.ed on New year's evening at 7:30 o'clock in tho I3cn Avon Methodisl Epi^cop-il Church. Rev. Ceorga Grant olilclatexl. Ho waf, a-- elatjd by Uev. Dr. S. W. Corcoran. Tho bride, jflvt-ii in marriago by lioi^ f a t h e r , was Downed In a c h a n e l mode of w h i t e satin and carried w h i t e rosot and lillea of the valley. Her veil of tullo^wae Arranged In cap effect aiHl wa« edged w i t h orange bl-oionu-i and pearls. John H. Phillips tiorvwl HH hia brother's best man. Potor Shaw of Moyersdale wae an uoher. Tho couple will reside at Niagara Palis. "Fresh front the Gardens" In Packet* and Individual Te i-Begs 79S ul, Cumberland. Joseph NolBOii Ru'%% -ivntl Bs'lh-er Ctrac-o Khnblu, both cxf Cowf! nonce, were lic* wed at OunnlRvrlancl. V(ls In t'onnollsvillc. Miss Mildred Stotlcr, d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mvs. Frank -Stotler of Moyerfi- dak and Dwishl G r i f f i t h of Somerset, were- m a r r i e d Novehibor 9, In thia city hy A l d e r m a n Fred Munlc. Tho brido until a few weeks ago wah employed as an a c c o u n t a n t In tho ofllco of the Moyeradalc faet-ni y of tho PhlH'p.s- .(KIIC-S ( i o r p o r a t t o n of ,\"ew York. 'I he bridegroom Ib m.uiaijer of. the L a u r e l P a i k H \ \ l m m l n K pool a l B a k o r s t o w n , of w h i c h hit, I'.illuir, J o h n \V. ( i r l i h i h , IB o w n e r . A f i e r M u y I t l m c o u p l e w i l l reside at L u t i r e l Park Who to Patronize. Thos-o who advortlbt. in The Daily Courier Laurel mil VV. i . T. TT. The l / n u r o l H i l l W C. T. U. will moet WediK'svdnv at llu home of Mrs. R'trawf-p-r of Bute i Kpiirk CnuNOK Flrp, A npat'l; caused a .si'. ;lit. lire in Iho corner of a roof of a IT use, Qwued Uj' the Hlirlcy wtate, in N o r t h P l t t B b u r g street this inomlng. 'I he flro dopart- mont was summoned a id fjuick,!y ex-' U n g u i n h e d Ihe blaze v, ith the luse of. cheraloalh. j Mceiisfl«J at Ore' nshurg', JWK Li. PnitorlfJh aiwl ISdiUi 'l-Un-rts, boifh 6f KfVul/tdaio, a w l Waltor R Swam«qn ofljU«iit;',(lalo aimd Vivian IU. Ilmvor oil' l\jlp m m al 1) v, ro iloansod to wetl « final F/lhfrfy Cltih Tho Kast I i l b w r y Fn icy work Chib ·will meal Thursday m a n l n g il tho hoono of M,rn. I d n I f u n k M- a«t Dilxrty. IN COLOR, PA(EANTRY FOR ROYAL WEDDING !1y T i n I tod P TIOMK, Jan. 7.-- I3v Rome a n d eveiy high lOtomal G'ity today b( mass of color. S w a r m i n g i n l o the c means of tran^portnti foot--rfime legions of every part of the Itin holiday and slnj; th Mario Jose of Bolffiiu row boROiiies tliolr err T h l b wan tho "peop voted to mass pasoant not been seen, even I p a K e a n l K , f'r centurie On thost- strM?ts we that might hav boon treading t h e i r way lo tho collsr-um, 2l) centu they woi p. jostled by boys from tho Pontfno a n f s from ixiinbardy, desert-riders from Trl Every district of I Alps to Somaltland, an to H l e l l y . was repre. 1 - gorgeoiiB ruifl t p o n t n n . Peasants fropi i h e b f r u i t and bearing w) them deckoJ i:i t h e f tlriguishlng their pro' with tactory w t i r K e r s f t r i a l centerw. The kaleidoscopic c;i ly Inul one object--U preased venterclay by and d i p l o m a i B -- f o B^lo^ the Btroontli and bwn. n a t i o n , and to ploiiir high lights of a tiirlee. ry Blreet in /ay Into tho came a l i v i n g ipila! by ovory in -- and on pilgrims from dom, to make 1 Ir homage to i, who toinor- wn princess o's day," do- ·y such as has i t h i s c i t y of e' aeen figure 1 } ound lit Home, tho Rames in -SttR ago. And nodorn buffalo marshes, peas- and t a n n e d oil. aly, from the 1 from Eritrea in ted In the ous dlaplay. Us, laden with pskiiiH, all of ay colon; dH- I I I C C B , m i n g l e d om the wd apparont- i object tx- -itate ofllcialu to Marie Jose y of u united · ior hnr th-e ry of 37 con- GOOD-BYE ITCHING SKIN ofBclr-i.t. i m i s U ' l o Zen ) i c t i f f t'i ) t « ' h ( n t f Skt'i, Even s k i n H ' ft" aiul pnr-1 ijjr, | litHibrinels hJi.-o f o u n d I h i - t K«nu (illicitly ro- »tire.« roinf ^ f ' l [t b f l j i s m o o t h fi*\V:v7^ hl'^niiBJu 1 " aa1 lo LI u t Pinnih'^, f \ a s i t ii " i f i t f e ·· i ri !H '. ' UK '· !· !i I n ^ sK I n and ,H A ! p i t r U a t i o i i i . K f / 1 i clpttn, miU- si^pUr '/.kn\f a j n t t v g oi h y r d . Use It f i c t i l y . Ii li l i f e , pie BAnt. 3fir, 6O1 j n 1 $1 W. K i l d crer, where. oi 1030 D u r i n g Hie C l i r t u t i g r o u p of su-nlo 1 ' iliuli n o l l r t v l l l p I1H;;» Jii-lioi Towriyhip h",M I sor nnionw i ifiuwjlvoi. L t h o f i o r n p of Ml Vi M a i n I h i f i g r o u p nrK,in!".i(l i) l'»ao. '|^ic f n i k . n i n r elected I ' j i ' ^ u l MI , ? l! !i vlco- pre'iuli ni, i"l h'-"ll Inry atu! t i f r t s u r - ' r , 'I h i s t o r i a n Frcii S t u b b ; t l l l l t wot'" |7('(, Ml' Wl 1 M a r t A a r e t b.ltiKy and i n g t o t i . A f t e r ir'iaitl/. (ivivcil a liirichoo'i. .1. £. Aniflfs SI Mm. C I, VC+B, 1,1 Angle of t ' o n ' i ' v l l t v l l l c Hunday n l ^ h f ol ii v M Ler, Olil-o, of ii'ifunioii lni?biui(I, and l i r o l l i c r , by tout c h i l d r e n , "brotlie-i , l o h n A n j ' l o of and jNfrh .1. I 1 . iViif?!' John Al5gl v ijf V n i D i i motor ffi." L.aiH a ,tor fuiHM'dl \S'ci!iK'( day. A n n o i i n c t u f c Mr, iimfl Mn's .Iunien 320S i ' l g l n avoiiu-\ Uu llu' b i r t h o. its holiday a lUs I r o m Con- aud I^unbai j il (;athfi'hli;s | u,. e v c i i i n n at ta \Vi)sliinKton to (he SI lira ol ofllcora \vero ifilt;i. 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The Rcsinol Soap t e n d eless? nples, btack- ishes? *Then R.csinol ,Spap ily the oint- d spots. ,,-Int · a h off with irm water-le treatment clear com- i had thoiiRhb daily use of i to PJS3171C* Trial niro pnc' issro on roqueik. iVJLjJL. R a n i n o L D o n U 7,Balllmoro,Mct January 2, 1930 there were 341,497 Cities Service Common stockholders who received the 207th dividend paid by the Company to owners of this nineteen - year - old aectrrity. Of these Common stockholders, 93,263 were added between October 1 5th and December 15th, 1929. Over 600,000 people now own securities of Cities Service Company or its subsidiaries. Earnings of Cities Service Company few the year ended November 30th, 1929 were the largest in Its history. These record net earnings, totalling $41,650,882.06, represented an increase of more than $8,500,000 over the previous year. When you own Cities Service Common stock you participate in rite growth of one of the An investment in Cities Service Company protects you against the rhk of putting all your eggs in coc basket.Your dividends come from the earnings of Citteg Service flubsidiarics iproad over 35 state* and doing a day-and- night butdrvcm In modern necc»HCiee... in electric light and power, manufactured and natural gas, and petroleum products. largest essential business enterprises m America--you share in its, success and its earnings. If you had invested $1,000 in Cities Service Common stock on January 1st, 1911 and held all stock dividends, you would have, today, holdings worth $34,575. To date, over $117,000,000 in cash and securities have, been paid in dividends to holders of Cities Service Common stock. At its present market price and divi~ dend rate, your investment in Cities Service Common stock yields over 6]/2 % year' ly in stock and cash, payable monthly. tt if You can learn more about the Cities Service organization by reading the booklet mentioned in the coupon below. Sending for it will put you under no obligation. HENHY L. DOHEETT COMPANY Wall Street, New Yorfc City Branches in principal cities / U K N R Y JU DOIW-JHTY A COMPANY, O r u n t H u l l O l n B , Pit 1*1 ur«-h, Pa SraaH copf-of booklet deserting rfvc Qtlcs Service orgMi- feocion Btxd tbe invesdnciu possibilities of iu accurilie*. Ncmv:. Address.. A-8 1222L tan you tell at night if tfye skillet*s well zcoured? . . . a kitchen lighting unit will brighten up your kitchen tremendously and l i g h t e n hard old tasks BETTER LIGHT MEANS BETTER HOUSEKEEPING FOR SALE H. C. t'ltlUM COKE Houses Home SiteB Factory Sites Farm Lands ' Dsed Mucliiuery, ISliop Tools, Building and MIuo ^Supplies Much oi the property tor sale la advautageousjly located vvltli ro- apect to water »»'! csieotrlo f.-'-i-wor Btippliefl, railroad sidiuga and paved roads. For lull Information lu regard to prices aud terms, apply to Super- intonUeiu oi nearest Mine or Scott- dalo OlUae. !!,, C. Frick Coke t)otnpanj t Scottdulo, fenna. Patronize Those Who Advertise*' Women's Arch Preserver Shoes With Style Newness At Merit Proving Reduced Prices More'^ a rtiance for women to buy good styJed SBLBY*S GENUINE ARCH PRESERVER SHOES for the fututr^ as well an for the present and save considerable money. You can choose from Black and Browu Kid, Patents and Black Suede in a variety of good patterns. These Shoes Sell Regularly From SB 10.00 to $12.00. Do "N»t .Miss This Reduced Price Sale of Real Shoes To Be Sold at and HOOPER LONG We Exa.mine Your Eyes and Fit the Frames LICENSED^ 100 'or(h I M t t s h u r t ; Stfwt Open Monday, IVednesiluj mill S i i t u f d a j Murht t T lo h30. KMWlWIWWttMm^W*^ Better Late Than Never ! l IH n o t l o i . hue t o t'littn ( U t i ! A i n i i n h c r l C o n n i ' l l - n i l l f i . - i u i i |1 ( " f l ' I H I ( I I I M t i t i l l ,t'U-l Mtmd.iv, J d i t u A r y f i . \f 'uoc j u u i t v ! MIC ehiB«L's. "-h i'\t',ll!(k-,-, . · , H 1 I ^ W i l l ·'t j , V i \ h ut , n \ o u r \'\ si:ssus OFFICE T R A I N I N G SCHOOL SovonUi I ' l i M i r , C l t U o u s l i u i K H i m , I n l o a l o M i ) , Pcuna. · i II

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