Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 6, 1976 · Page 40
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 40

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

12C --June 6. 1976 Sunday ( .-.-j-jw^j..- Cnarlestn, Wei* Virginia ·** - '·*-""*.»** Your Bridgework ^--."-.'. By Jackie Wilcox rtyTjlTdealer. East-West vulnerable. rC-C : North i-V-. * A 107 2 £· " V Q J 2 ·-£*,.· * q 10 3 £;;:: 4 - 3 ) 3 East 4 2 V 105 « ,! 7 6 4 K 10 9 8 H a 4 v- ' South ·H*: 4 A 9 8 4 3 rC*'*.- V K 9 8 3 2 fe- '' * 9 8 ?; * 7 * " * · · , ffie Bidding: North"- East South 1 £"· .,.- pass 1 4 2 #·".'- pass 4 * i! pajs^/r I pass West pass pass When.' today's hand appeared near the erid of a Swiss Team Game, South's side was far behind in Seiss Points. He decided the only chance for a win was to gamble on a "fame which probably wouldn't be bid at tlfelother table. West led the king and ace of diamonds, shljte'cho the heart ace and exited with a low heart. South won the jack and played the ace and another club. On the second club lead East rose with the k i n g , de- c l a r e r t r u m p e d a n d West's queen fell. South now had some vital information as to the d i s t r i b u t i o n o f . t h r e e suits. East had played straight up on the top dia- jjjli'spYVilcox monds indicating at least tfijeie" He played high-low in hearts show- ing*2;douDleton. When West's queen of ctibS/tell on the second lead of that suit iepretty well marked East with seven I cfujscfeaving room for on 'y one s P acic - fcfrtff-inly card combination that would atlo^dcclarer to bring in the trump suit vallvno'losses was for East to hold the sin- gje"4o"rrjack. On this analysis he laid down the 1 spa"de queen smothering the jack. | *_. *. I ||S. Women til Chess If West covered the ace would win and trumps could be drawn with the 10 and nine. If he didn't cover South could repeat the finesse until he captured the king. 1 recently discovered that another Charleston player became a Life Master during the Regional Tournament held here last month. Congratulations to Robert Allen. LAST WEEK'S WINNERS SUNDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE WORTH-SOUTH 1 Jddc vVydtl and Robert Bailey 1 SI.V1 Given ana Reuben Granam 3 Mr; RotH-rr Bailey and Lin* Young EA'jT.WEST 1. Jim //.ornson jnd Ed Waier ? R. R. K i s e r a n d J.R. Bird 3 f/rs Cna.'IK Lemon and Mrs J G. Miller BRIDGETTE CLUB NORTH-SOUTH I J K A O E Wr«!t and Link Young 2. W r s Auslrn Miller and Mrs Ctisrlei Lemon 1 vn Tom f/.cirr- nr.a tf.r-. Harry Welsch 4 Mrs D 6 EdVIe and Mrs L. T. Snider, Jr. EAST-WEST 1 f/.r ind Mr 1 , Jamf, Morgan 2 It,", D. D Smitn and Mrs J A. Gatens 1 11.!°, 'fl D Roil »n'l Mr-, R P Rogers 4 f/!? Wether^ and Ltrida Dc'iley MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE I J.ide W y a t t and Lylo Satles ? T.B Letjg and Harry Welsch 3 Kurt Pccsi and Neil Cohen 4 Dora Grubb and Mrs. Robert Bailey TUESDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE 1 Kurt Pocsi and J.R. Biro 2 3-4 Mrs Tom Moore and Dora Grubb ? - 3 4 f/rs Austin Miller and John Janitor 2-3 4 Mike Cnow and Jim Ciccarello ·i Tom Moore arid Scott Scobell EASY ACES NORTH-SOUTH 1 Mrs Austin Miller and Mrs. J.A. Gatens 2 Mrs Roy Monros and Mrs L.O. Huslon 3 Mrs B.N. Kissinger and Mrs George Woo 4. Mrs. Charles Lemon and Mrs Earl Stone EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. W.L Pyle and Mrs K H. Hill 2 Mrs. R.D Keightley and Mrs. Robb Gover 3 Mrs R.D. Patchell and Mrs. David Thomas 4 -5 Mrs D.B Eakle and Mrs. W.J. Wischmann 4-5 Mrs Carl Samples and Mrs. R.G. M.arkham BEGINEERS DUPLICATE t. Mrs David Thomas 2 Mrs L M. Gillisoie 3 Mrs Tom Horn KVBA NORTH-SOUTH 1 Dora G r ubb and Kurt Pocsi 2. Mrs Austin .Miller and Mrs B N Kissinger 3 Mrs Anthony Solomon and Mrs. George Woo E A S T - W E S T 1 Jode W y a t t and Stan Given 2 Link Young and Ed Maler 3 Mrs K.H. Hill and Mrs Charles Lemon BID AND MADE NORTH-SOUTH I. Mrs J P England Mrs C.E. Crow 1 Mrs L G Huston and Mrs. Roy Monroe 3. Mrs Robert Bailey and Jade Wyatt mited "'" By Edward M. Toy .."Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Sfia-r'tes Darwin, recommended chess for ^ . a s i t h a d "the experience o f antiquity to recommend it no depraved passions", e not attained as high a posi- tjtffrrchess as men. but more men than Sfqmen play chess. The same can be said gfV'ttie'.; over-all inferiority of American f^fnJle chess players to these of the Soviet tfnityC! The Soviets have the best woman players, too, including Women's World CJiampion, Nona Gaprindashvili. litle- jioXaef.since 1962. ^."Sinpe 1949, all the top women players Have-come from the USSR: ex-champions jEudfnila Rudenko, Elvisavets Bikova. and QJga^Rubtsova; also, Kira Zvorikina and iSHS'-^'ushnir. Kushnir lost three women's ·Syoria^-championship matches to gaprin- :3ashvile, the last one by only a point. Alia jioilpnger lives in the USSR. But they run a "·tLhF-ship over there. Quoting Pal Benko JTmlhJan., 1975, CLR, "It is well known l^'LVlhat Alia Kushnir, the world's sccond- '·gs('oman player, was permitted to emi- ·Mte^to Israel" if she agreed to refrain torn-world championship competition in '·thSfiiture". H^jow good is Alia Kushnir? Well, last :y§rjshe was invited to compete in the iprestigeous Louis D. Statham Masters- rRlus"tournament at Lone Pine. Cal.. a Pt£.pj2yer, Swiss System event which in- ^Htdifl 22 grandmasters. Ms. K u s h n i r !»cored only 5-5. but she beat two grand- ^ja'sters (Evans and Bilek) and drew three jr)ibre'.(Reshevsky, Csom and Robatsch). ~^ia Gaprindashvili has a FIDE rating ·.qf"2425 (equal to the men's IM norrn^ and a-iieen compared to Vera Menchik Ste, women's world champion from 5 her death in an air-raid in London To quote "International Cham- hess", "There has never been a vfrofnan player in the history of chess who £tiaj achieved such results at men's tourna- V 5iehts.". She won from Dr. Euwe, Reshev- Colle, Golombek. Alexander. ^. __.ry; and won or drew against rIFine.'Kercs, Lilienthal, Tartakow- ojfv'Slaroczy, and Vidinar. (And that list ^n,ay.1)e incomplete.) For our money. Vera ·"JJeftefiik was tops. c v ITrie"current American women's cham- ^pjdn'js Diane Severeid; she was 19 when Pjfie.won the title, the youngest ever to win ^tfiHD-.S. women's championship, Diane w «(rtscbred the 1974 champion veteran ~®dna';Karff (who first won in 1938) and an- i!lt)Qiec many-times-champion, Gisela K. Hflresser. Miss Severeid also became the Hip* American International Woman Mas! Eva Aronson, Gisela Gresser. F and Marilyn Koput Simmons. ; official American Woman ^ r include Adele Rivero. Mary _jC Nancy Roos, Sonia Graf and Lisa rffiv German-born Sonja Graf was, in the .B'iSO's, Vera Menchik's most formidible jTorient for the world championship. ...-j";woman champions have regularly Qjeeritcompeting in the Womens Candidate Hlfouniaments. (Gisela Gresser competed tTsfiQirnes). They have never finished very vJfgiC'but in 1961 Gresser and Lino drew Hintlr'Nona Gaprindashvili, the winner; J^jtidjrff 1964 .Gresser beat Yugoslav star La- f^areVic in jJbe final round and dropped her :*ira'jirst-place tie. Alia Kushnir won the *"* ~* ~ ~ f match. E A b T - W E i T I. Mrs -nrr/ Vftlsch and Kurt Pocsi 2 Jac* t Wiic^x ana Stan Given 3. tf.r ana ffr-. O.I. Olds BRIDGE CALENDAR Wetk of June S SUNDAY - Sunday Night Duplicate. ^ P.m Morris H'lriZf Collet Union Public invilM WONDAY - Br.cselte Cluti: 10:30 a.m. Home ol Mrs. Harry weiscn Public invited. Club.Tournament. Nignt Duplicate 7.39 p.n Hon-.e of Mr$. Har-^ ry VA..:scr. puCI'C invited. TUESDAY - Tuesday Nignt Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. Morris Harvey College Union. Public invited WEDNESDAY - Easy Aces. 10:30 a.m. D. Street, 5 °ivv s C WeS eC Dup e |ica.e.7:30p.rn. Ne«Dormitory. 'THURSDAY - Beginners Duplicate. 10:30a.m. Home o' Mrs Harry Welsch. Public invited. FRIDAY - KV3A 7:30 p.m. ^Aorris Harvey College J l SATURDAY - Bid and Made 7:30 p.m. Home Of Mrs Harry Welsch. Public invited. ORTH01 SALE Buy 1 Gallon-Get 2nd 'ORTHO ORIHMHT, Gallon For Only 1 S 4 98 gal. S 4 98 gal. S 4 98 gal. Liquid Plant Food Reg. Evergreen Azalea Food Reg. Rose Flower Food Buy 1 Bog-Get 2nd Bag For Only T Lawn Food 20 llx reg. S 7 4 ' ORTHO Weed and Feed S3? 401k... Weed Feed 20 Ib. 40IL rej 5 14 95 ....reg. MO 95 ....reg. 5 20" C ALL ORTHO SPREADERS S 19 9i » ) Suzuki Cycles CENTER YOUNG k SINCE! 864 INC. GARDEN CENTER PHONE 3 4 3 - 4 4 3 1 BANK FINANCING AVAILABLE Power Equip!. CENTER 233 Virginia Si. Eatt · CHARLESTON WEST VIRGINIA · Rl. 20 PIPESTEM, W. VA. , anluou. AAkoot ».* IHHW by j^-mstrong only 5A.95 6 SO. YD. Free Parking Free Estimates Floor design cooyrignted Oy Armslrong Everything you'd v/ant in a new floor-- beauty, durability, comfort, economy- Sundial has it all. Two high-styled patterns, many colors. 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