The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILL.E, PA WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1918 BUSINESS INSTITUTIONS PROVIDING EMPLOYMENT HAVE CLAIM TO PATRONAGE The commercial welfare at the cvnumiror is built upon the principle of mutual support and cooperation, aiaOBf those who make up the agart- cale Mclal croup of the commumy Tb* demand that those living in Con- aclbrriUe ibould do their tradUg in Cwmllsvile 1» baaed upon. th« sound that those who are prow led employment by the different agencies of their community, soou'd expend their income in patronizing the ^mercantile and commercial institutions ia a way that will support and adraace tie interests ol the various community industries A cHy such as ta* one in which ire UT- Is a com- j4«c social organiiation, and -*s industrial and commercial ievelupment depends m a very largo aeasura upoa its social nutty and the LO-ordination of the various factors In the commun- -ity's M*. There is a large group ol those who ar» employed m a public capacity and whose salaries and wages ai ' paid out of the public treasury The business institutions of the community nhich ' proide emplojineat for this large group ot persons mar josvly claim a large share of the pntronags of this group of people. The same principle applies with almost wual force-to that large group of professional people whose incomes depend entirely tipon -the- clientage of other groups of the community K would follow in a most logical way that all enterprise* that depend upon the community for Suan_cal support atoould return to the other agencies ot the community a large part of thai support which the community Isl extending to them There is no question tfcat those cities *hlch have the greatest measure of commercial and Industrial prosperity are the ones in which there is the most complete co-ordination of business and industrial enterprises. Each individual memtocr of the com- munlt) is expected, and proiterly so, to support hi? home doctors, his home dentists, his home lawyers, bis hom« merchants and is home cavdlefltlsk makers, and on the other hand these different classes and elements may rightly be expected to give their patronage and their snpiport to those who patronize them, and to the community that provides them with employment This does not mean that the community shall live unto itseM in aoy narrow sense, but simply that as £«r as individual and social needs may be served that that service should b* :ecured to Connellwrtlle There is nothing that means so much to the development of a prosperous city as team work among all the different social mils of the community We ought to beliew in our own city. In our own professional people m our own merchants, and in oor business institutions, and ire ought to give these things our patronage and onr support « There are thousands of dollars going out of Conne«9vJll« every year for printing, that could a»d should be done here. Meyettoal*. - MEYERSQALE, March 5--The reorganization of the -Civic League was Jietd on Monday evening, a'number of 3adi«s meeting in the Red Cross head~quarters for that purpose Among rather business transacted th« election: Tol officers took place and resalted as follows. Mrs. Bruce Lfchty, chair-man, Mrs. B. P O'Bryon. rice cbair- -matt. Miss Jeacie McKintey was re-elected secretary at wa» also Mrs "W -S Livtngood ae treasurer The next 'meeting will oe held at the call of the Joseph, Thomas B51e«, 3 "W. Thorpe and Joe Omdorff were among the callers in CoBaelhnriHe yesterday. Mrs. Clara Dull returned Monday from a yistt spent m ConnellsviUe and Umontown- - MlM Id* Shnmaacer departed on ITuMofey for Chicago, 111., where she '(DCS for the purpose of taking a pec- Jal. course IB the Bethany Bible class tin farther preparation in. her work in ^the Indian. Mission Field '~ Miss Alma Dannecker visited her ~«st*r. Mise Bess Dannacker a patient ~la « Cwoberland hospital on Tuesday. - Mr» C E. Crowe and danghter. Miss ^Bernadette left Tuesday for a visit \rrth their daughter and sister, Mrs R T. M»d«rren, in ·WiUlamsport, Pa, Georce Smith, of Clarksburg, W Va. spent Monday and Tuesday here with his father, A G Smith "WTlliam Lrat of Fleming, Ky Is ·nnting at the home of his parents, Mr and Mra. Birry H. IJnt of the Sovtfe Side. Mr». Harrey Taylor and da»ghter, MUs Je»»i«, returned Monday from a Tisit with relatives ana friends in Cumberland. ·William Middleton, ot Piedmont, W Ya. was a recent visitor -with his orother-in.-lnr and sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. B Hostetler v Mimsei Minna ^Harding and Emma MoOnrt of Salisbury were Jfayers- ·ale rlsHors on Monday. Mrs. He«ry Meuaer and Mis H. B Cober of Berlin were snests of their relatives, Mr and Mrs W H. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. lldgill Smith of Randolph are euw*s at the home of the* former's fatter, A G. Smith of Meytn atenne. .Indian Creek. INDIAN CEEKK, March 5.--CSeorge Bigam and Arthur Uppennan of near Mill Run are business callers in Con- nellsrille today Richard Mnrray and Clem Punk- houser are business visitors ta Uniontown today Miss Helen Klmmell of Jones Mill left for Cumberland today and will spend several days with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr and Mrs Sargent Harry Waddington Mrs. 'William Turner of Connellsville spent last night at the Killarncy Inn Ohiopyte. OH3OPTEE. March 6.--Harry Dean, Jr, woo ka» teen in with pneumonia Is improving. Mn r MaxweU Rush and son returned to their home here yesterday after a short visit spent m ConnelisriHe tin. Alice Holt is spending a few day* the p*»rt of Mr and Mrs Charles Stark at Con*wnce Mrs. Al«r TressJer and b»by of TJn- lOntown are spending a few days at Stpes and Ohfcwle Onr little town has'been In d«rfcness lor a number ot w«eta owing to a break in the dynamo caused by the high waters. Mrs. Manley and children of near PitUburg are the guepts of relatives at B«ll Grave. OHIOPTLE, Varch 5.--Mr and Mrs. W- S Baffertr and daughters, Eumce, Ruth and Lois, of ConnellsviUe, spent 'Sunday here the guests of relatives on Garret! street Mr and Mn Prank Burdette and Km Jack haTe returned to- their home ieie after TiaitrnE relatives in Pitts- bnif-. Oral Jackson spent Monday in " Conneltarffle and Uniontown traas- IF YOU HAD A NECK M LOHO *» THIS FELLOW. AND HAD SORE THROAT Scottdale THEATRE Thursday Night, March 7 Evert of tke Seuon. NOW FOR SOME FUNK HULA HULA «A DANCERS 3D HAZEL CARUS, 4O PEOPLE msnt CIRL» like a 61ft at TkcM Trim: 50c, 75c aod $1 Seats N«nr 071 Sale at Box Office. pARAMOUNTTHEATRE TODAY BLUEBIRD PBESENTS CAKMEL MYERS IN "THE WIFE HE BOUGHT" ALSO L KO COMEDY IN 2 ACTS DRAMA IN 6 ACTS TOMORROW-^-- ·WILLIAM BRADY PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN "WHIMS OF SOCIETY" SCREEN DRAMA THAT INTERESTS AND EXCITES US 5 ACTS ALSO UNIVERSAL CURRENT EVENTS The U. S. Food Administration Says Give Up Fried Food; Save the Fats to Defeat the Kaiser i G OLD Bond Stamps Pay on ^What You" Spend-- SaTe Them. B UT m ConncJlsrille--Make a Bigger and More Pros- pe-mis City. The Annual Spring Sale and Exhibition of ORE WEEK BOffifflRG WEDNESDAY UAL ONE WEEK BEGINNING WEDNESDAY Thousands of Yards of Fashionable New Silks Attractively Priced SILK is this -wartime fabric. When one stops to realize the great number of looms formerly devoted to weaving woolens and now diverted to military requirements, we can realize that SILK is to be a much used fabric in the apparel of ·women--and, strange though it may seem, the least expensive --comparatively speaking. THE FIRST DISPLAY IS NONE TOO EARLY as Easter Is less than a month away and time will be necessary to turn these exquieite fabrics into beautiful garments--BO women should not v»ait will be chiefly interested in the splendid qualities, novel designs, exquisite colorings and attractive prices. Silk and Cotton Mixed Fabrics Plain Silks and Satins --40 Inch Crepe Meteor in navy, brown, taupe copen, grey, ·» hitD old rose,--at ?3 00 the yard. --10 inch Satin Charmenae m navy and olive drab --at $250 the yard. --(0 inch Crepe Taffeta In nary, green and copen --at ?3 DO the yard --36 Inch Satin de Luxe, in fcary, green, brown taupe, white, grev,--at $2 50 the yard --40 Inch Crepe de Chine, ia navy, brown, green, taupe copen grey old rose, blue yello-ir, -white--at ?2 25 the yard --3« inch Satin Messalme in navy, brown, green taupe copen, mastic grey midnight, purple garnet, and light shades for afternoon wear,--at ?1 65 the yard. Fancy Silk Foulards Latest shades for Easter and Spring wear,. 36 and 40 inchae wide, smart designs,-at }2, J2 50, $3 ayard --Silk-and-cottoa Georgette Crepe, p rated 36 inches wide new color combinations and designs, blue background --at ?1 00 the yard --36 Inch Silk Jersey Voile printed various attracthe patterns and color combinations--at ?125 the yard --36 inch Silk Sarah preUy polkadot designs in Peacock blue navy and garnet --at ?1 00 the yard --35 inch Fibre Silk Shirting satin stripes all new color effects and designs --at ?1 25 the yard --32 inch adioux Silk Shirting, satin stripes, smart patterns and colors at 55c, 7pc and ?125 the yard. A New Weave A new weave for Starts Dresses aitd Sweater Coats In horj mastic taupe, Duck b T ue, 36 inches wide at ?5 DO the yard Washable Silks! --"Sans Gene,"--a washable silk 36 inches wide and suitable for Men's Silk Shirts or ladies tailored waists Stripes in various color combinations Will wear and launder well Price $2 00 the yard --36 inch Washable Satin, flesh color suitable for under garments--at }2 00 the yard. Novelty Silks! Plaid silks, checks and stripes, suitable for street, sports and formal wear Taffeta or satm grounds m various color combinations 36 inches wide at ?2, $2 50, »2 75, $3 the yard Fashionable Black Silks In Wide and Pleasing Assortment --Black Crepe de Chine, 40 meaes Tvide, at $.2 25 the yd --Black Chiffon Taffeta, 36 inches wide, at 51 50, ?1 65 and $2 00 the yard --Black Moneybak Taffeta, 36 metes wide, at f 2 50 the yard --Black Crepe Taffeta, 40 inches wide, at ?3 00 the yard --Black Crepe Meteor, 40 inches wide, at $3 00 the yard --Black Satin Charmeuse, 40 inches wide, at $2 50 id --Black Satin de Luxe, 36 inches wide, at $2.50 the yard. --Black Messalme 36 inches wide at $1 65 the yard --Black Silk Pophn, 40 inches uide, at ?175 the yard Other Silks! --36 inch Chiffon Taffeta choice ol 10 new shades,--at 51 65, ?2 00 the jard. --27 inch China Silk, various colors, at 60c the yard --New spring Une o' A B C, Aledo and Foulards in good pJaij shades, 36 inches wide, al 65c and SDc the jard. --40 inch Silk and-Cotton Foulards Persiaa designs, at $150 the sard. Silk Dress Poplins! --Rich Silk Dress Poplins, 40 inches wide, in French blue navy green, taupe mole and brown,--to sell at J175 tie yard Modes Representing all the Successful Style Themes Ready for Easter Buyers Women who wish to attain real Coat distinction should by all means give these garments immediate attention Only the bent styled and beat tailored coats are offered, and m splendid vanetj of materials and colors The nearness erf Easter makes early choosing imperative Materials and Colors From one of the moat extensive varieties of smart and serviceable materials we have ever shown we offer the following as particularly noteworthy --Serge, poplin, gab- ardUe, trteottae, Pobret Twill, SHTertoae@ Corcrt and Bo- livta. Choose one of these and you will be moet smartly coated The new edges are equally varied with Fashion, showing K greatest favor to Peldn Mue, black, navy band, copen, tan mirtares infantry blue and rookie Every coat has pockets, shaped to add stjle as -welt as for convenience. Some have side belts while others are belted al! around Fancy convertible collars and button trimmings featured All sizes lor ·women and misses at-$15, $19.75, $25 to $79.50 Women's and Misses' Models of the Wanted Good Quality and Style Distinction Plain tailored and semi-tailored models-some m charming variations of the Eton styles Fancy detachable waistcoats are much in evidence on some of the smartest models--and as usual a representative sho-wing of good sports styles New Materials and Colors Pret'j modeis in serge, gabardine and poplin vie for milady's, favor with trjcotme, velour checks, jerseys, bur- elJa and silvertone Each is .handsome, stylish and serviceable The color range allows plentj of latitude in choosing from its ranks of nuvj, tan grey, copen taupe, Pekin, clay, Sammie rookie and infantry blue All are correct --it's a matter of individual preference Comparison will prove them the finest values you'll find at-$25 up to $69.50 SOISSON THEATRE --TODAY-- The Greatest Success of the HanJiattan Stay "Lena Rivers" Four Acts of Comedy and Pathos. 20c, 30c and 35«. Matinees, lOc and 20c. Big 15c F Matinee Dailj at 2 30 Evening Shows at 7 30 and 9 15. i" Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAY AhD TOOEROfl -The Joiinny Jones Musical Comedy Co. Present tie Foreign. Matrunomal Satire "Lord He's a Bumm" ON THE SCREEN--"VENGEANCE AND THE WOMAN" FE VTliRIN-G. FLO MORRIS Premier Buck Dancer THE DANCING MELVLNS JACK LA MO\T Comedian EVELYNE PATTILLO Tie Big Girl -with the Bis Voice LEE RITCHEY The Man with the Personality *f*+*+*w+*+f+*»»+*t*ff'm»»9f»f ** National Taxi and \ Transfer Co. \ 206 K rsj-cttc Street GOOD TOlRDfG CABS AJTD TRUCKS TO AM; POCTTS. Quick service Moderate charge Careful drivers Monng and hauling Bell Phone 507. PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE' READ THE COURIER ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY William FOI Presents SONIA MARKOVA in "A HEAETS BEYENGE" Also the ' Mutual Weekly." 1 0 M 0 E B 0 W MART MILES HOTTER IN "BEAtTY AND THE BOGUE" Friday-Saturday--DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS jn "The Modem Muakateer"

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