Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 26, 1974 · Page 3
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 3

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 26, 1974
Page 3
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May 26,1974 3A -May ^»,.iyi Sunday Gazette-Mail -.__ _ _ Charleston, Weit Virginia------ WVUto Perform Coal Computer Work Putnam Picks School Officials MORGANTOWN - West Virginia University has entered into a $130,000 agreement with the National Institute for Occupational Safety ·and Health to perform computer services under the FederakGoal Mjne Health and Safety ·Act of 1969. · Also, the university lias received an |8 «fin grant from the Natonal Science Foundation'to encourage undergraduates to participate in research projects. A $1,000 grant has been received from the Southern Medical Assn. for research on testosterone uptake and metabolism in dogs. WINFIELD - Five persons have been named to administrative posts for the upcoming school year by the Putnam County Board of Education. John Gordon, a Confidence Elementary teacher, will replace Howard Conner who is retiring as principal of Win- field Elementary. James Studyvin, a Winfield Elementary teacher, will replace Joanna Craigo as principal at Buffalo Elementary. Mrs. Gr»igo will assume the principal's post at Poca Elementary from which L. 0. Jeffries is retiring. Sherwin Lewis will move from his counselor's post at Hurricane Junior High to Poca High, where he will be principal. James Sovine, vice principal at Poca High, will replace Clyde Mays who will retire as placement director at the Put- PORTABLE PICNIC GRILL REG. 1.89 1 38 10 LB. CHARCOAL Kingsford long- lasting briquets Reg. 99' 69 10 GALLON AQUARIUM TANK Model 5810 Heater, filter kit 4 5.99 Memorial Day Sale Open Today 1 to 5 p.m. Tomorrow 9:30 to 2 p.m Some quantities limited--so hurry! 12 GALLON WET/DRY VACUUM KIT Includes dolly and extra filter bags. SPECIAL BUY 37 CORK BOARD--4 SQ. FT. For bulletin boards 99 50 QT. ICE CHEST. Hinged cover and drain Reg. 14.99 10 ALUMINUM TENNIS RACKET Channel grooved and nylon strung 12 Reg. 14.99 WARD'S MEN'S GOLF SET 5 irons. 2 woods pro-style grips 36 SPEC. BUY 50% OFF ENTIRE STOCK OF SHRUBBERY AND TREES EXCEPT ROSE BUSHES IN-LINE STRETCH- STITCH ZIG-ZAG 12 pattern cams, blind hemmer. Base. Model 277S/91, Reg. $170. 99 Model 1204 19" COMPACT DISHWASHER 4 cycles, 3-level wash Reg. 189.95 \ 169 2'x4' PEGBOARD AND PACKAGE OF 79 HOOKS 129 ALL FOR A REG. 1.78 PLASTIC PANELS 2x4--REG. 1.57 2x6--REG. 2.47 97« 177 Model 5104 16-PIECE CAMP COOKWARE Includes plates, cups, pots and pans. 4,500-BTU ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Dehumidifies as it cools. Removable easv-cleafti 'filter. Fits windows 20 '/i -36" W. Easy to install do-it-yourself kit included. JL A JL V A ^ JLJ * 97 REG. 109.95 Reg. 14.99 10 SPALDING" "TOPSEEDED" RACKET Firm-flex sfcaft 7 ply wood frame 7 Reg. 9.99 "POCKET FISHERMAN 5 Spin casting outfit with line, float and hooks 19 99 SPECIAL BUY WARD'S LAWN FOOD 20 Ib. bag of 20-10-5 GARDENING NEEDS Planter mix and mulch Reg. 2.79 open bags Redwood compost Reg. 3.49 open bags 122 Bag I 44 Bag 1 Roast beef, med. 7Vi min./lb. 1 Baked potato just 4'/2 min. 1 Whole lobster, 8-9 min. BIG ELECTRONIC OVEN--$30 OFF Cook times cut up to 75°/? 110V,650W 8,000-BTU, reg. 169.95 159.88 15,000-BTU, reg. 229.95 199.88 20,000-BTU, reg. 279.95 259.88 10 FT. EMBOSSED JON BOAT OF RUGGED, LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM 2 stern handles 1 bow handle for easy carrying, 3 seats with safety foam flotation. REG. 89.99 $ 78 Model! 428 8-H.P., 4-SPEED LAWN TRACTOR WITH FLOATING MOWER Briggs and Stratton engine has easy recoil start. Isolation mount reduces vibration. $ 448 Reg. 519.99 3-DOOR SIDE-BY-SIDE! BIG 22 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR All frostless Freezer holds up to 237 Ibs. SPECIAL BUY Model 2273 HAVE A SAFE WEEKEND WARD'S WILL BE OPEN TUESDAY NIGHT UNTIL 9 P.M. nam County Vocational Center in Eleanor. Representatives of the board of education have also announced that Bancroft Elementary will be closed at the end of this school year. The 62 students currently enrolled there will attend Poca Elementary next year. Hechler Hits Oil Profits WASHINGTON - Rep. Ken Heckler, D-W. Va., said Satur- da West Virginia taxpayers are "sick and tired of subsidizing the big oil companies' windfall profits." Hechler said he will work and vote to repeal the oil depletion allowance and support other oil industry tax reform legislation. "The oil companies posted record profits of $4 billion last year, and the Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation estimates oil profits will reach a whopping $9 billion this year, more than double the 1973 figures," he said, pointing out that the average price of oil has jumped from $3.90 per barrel in 1973 to $6.50 per barrel for a $2.60 increase. Retiring An open house will be held at Anne Bailey Elementary School from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday in honor of Mabel Gillinwdter icho is retiring after 45 years in the public school system. She worked for 23 years in Lincoln County and has taught in Kanaicha County for 22 years. Stress Blamed In Most Cases Of Headaches ""By Marion Wells Research Director, American Physical Fitness Research Institute Misery may love company, but studies suggesting that up to half of the world's population suffer from recurring headaches are apt to offer small comfort the next time you have a pain in the head. Nor will you be able to remove your head until the hurt goes away -- but you may be able to remove the triggering factors. A headache is just a symptom of an underlying problem. It may be caused or triggered by any number of reasons including low blood sugar, metabolic problems, fatigue, depression, too much time in a stuffy or smoky atmosphere, a hangover, foot or back ailments, poor posture, infection, constipation, allergy, high blood pressure, brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage or stroke. No wonder physicians warn against trying to treat persistent, severe or "chronic" headaches yourself. If the cause is not found, symptoms may keep coming back. If a headache signals a medical emergency, postponing diagnosis and treatment could have serious or even fatal consequences. The pains most of us suffer, however, can be traced to the less serious -- and often preventable -- physical, psychological and situational factors. Most of us have learned to handle the occasional, minor headache ourselves. In the case of a persistent problem, your wisest course is to work with your physician to identify and eliminate the sources of the trouble. Two leading authorities in the headache field, Dr. Arnold P. Friendman and Dr. Shervert H. Frazier Jr. believe that whatever the underlying causes, about 90 per cent of chronic headaches may be triggered or "set off" by stress. One p a r t i c u l a r type of chronic headache is actually called a "tension headache." It tends to be related to tight muscles and often fatigue. It has been found that under psychological stress, you may fix the muscles of your scalp, neck and jaw in tense positions and bring on a headache. Researchers have noted a direct relationship between anxiety and muscle tension. * * * IT MAY prove helpful to keep a written record of your daily activities and note when your headaches occur. You can then begin to pinpoint the circumstances which bring on an attack and work to reduce or eliminate them. Can you cram a little less into each day, allow for regular intervals of rest and relaxation, avoid extreme perfectionism, learn to laugh and take things more lightly and get away from home now and then? In certain cases your family physician may feel that you could benefit from some type of professional counseling. Poor postural habits that force your body into unnatural positions can also contribute to "tension" headaches. By the same token, "relaxation exercises," massage and heat have been known to help. Your physician can make specific recommendatins to you depending on your individual case. In any event, it may help to loosen up your muscles by taking time out every so often to walk around, stretch, shrug your shoulders and rotate your head. This is especially ABCs of Health important if your job demands that you hold your head in a fixed position for long periods. Beware of keeping a telephone balanced between ear and shoulder. A headache may sometimes be brought on by the need for a minor correction in lenses. It seems that if only a small adjustment is needed, you may strain more than if you have a really h a r d time seeing. Be sure to have your eyes examined at regular intervals. At times, serveral hours of using your eyes for close work may trigger a headache, especially if other sources of strain are present, such as poor lighting or glare. Even under the best conditions, be sure to give your eyes frequent rest periods. Authorities recognize that depression may accompany a headache and chronic headache may sometimes be rooted in depression. A "blues" headache tends to occur during weekends and holidays and to be more severe in the morning. Headaches can also be triggered by low blood sugar or by missing a meal. In a few cases, your doctor may find that a headache is touched off by sensitivity to a particular food or drink. * * * YOU MAY FIND relief from your headache by resting in a quiet, darkened room or sleeping. Physicians warn that dosing yourself with drugs can be dangerous. For example, over-the-counter combination remedies may contain phenaceting, which has been implicated as a possible cause of kidney damage. Aspirin has been known to aggravate ulcers, trigger gas- trointestianl hemorrhage or bring on an asthma attack in sensitive i n d i v i d u a l s . It should not be'used indiscriminately. Dr. Friedman and Dr. Frazier caution that aspirin should not be taken if an individual has abdominal pain and should be stopped immediately if any side reactions appear after ingestion. In the latter case, report sysmptoms promptly to your physician. When you medicate yourself for chronic, recurring headaches, you also run the risk of "masking" symptoms which could help your physician determine and eliminate the root cause of your trouble. Although a bad headache need not signal a serious ailment, even relatively minor pain can have a serious underlying cause. Call your physician without delay if your headache persists or continually recurs, comes on suddenly and seemingly without cause or is associated with other "out of the ordinary" symptoms, especially ones connected with the senses or consciousness. Also, it's very important to report headaches which occur after an injury or blow to the head, regardless of the length of time between injury and symptoms. One added note. When you do need to see a physician because of headache, the more information you can give him concerning symptoms and surrounding circumstances, the more likely he is to "get to the bottom" of the pain. Don't rely on your memory. Write down pertinent information. Headaches can be effectively handled. "Using your head" can make all the difference!

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