The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1918
Page 7
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i* ·WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEI^LSVILLE, PA PAGE SEVEN. AIMED TO MAKE 9fH inn £ UUIIlll PENNSYLVANIA WOMEN SHOULD READ THIS j The tefleetjoni of a marriod woman German System Reckoned on Starvation of People to Promote Imperial Ends. Country, After Population Had Been Systematically Dene to Death, Waa to B. Rtatecked by Settler*. From Germany. down, or ovar-woTaea. 8be feels '' played out." 'Httjl-snril* and her good rpirita have taken 'Ifligbt. It worriea her husband as well a*; herself. , . _ . This is .the /time to build up her i Belgium etrength and oure those weaknesaea or ailments which] are the seat of her trouble. Dr. PScrce's Pavorite.Prescrip- . tion regnlatee and promotes the proper . I functions of -womanhood , enriches the 'blood, dispels aches and pains, melan- VON KRIES REVEALED PLOT «l»lyW nervous bri/g,«*«·*,*· sleep, and restores health and strength. It cures those disorders and derangements incident to womanhood. It is now put up in tablet form. "Write confidentially about vour caae or ·end lOcifor trial pkg. of "Favorite Freaeription Tablets" to Dr. Pierce, President. Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N..-Y. BDENBAM, PA--"Several years'ago. I mind can bo kept tto-j doing what It has dono Is .by force of anas. It cannot be. prevented by appeal, coacossloa or treaties. Hence, ardently as I nope that all war may ceajre, I hope that : this war may not cenae ^intlt Germany realises that the civilised world aimply will not allow such horrors' us ?boae for which Qermny Is 'responsible .n. France to be nny longer . · . , . The extent of human misery m ' 'Peland earned ly the German tc- · : ciitfation-was as great as that in Bel- ·-"·.gmmand France. The entire heart- lestHtss vhich characterized the bailer's high officers if veil shown in a ^statement by Jtr. Vernon Kellogg, ' "'.prepared for a pamphlet issued by the committee on public informa~ iim, which v» copy. systematic exploitation of Ira , . fad a general 'break-down. A friend t- vieed me to teie Dr. Pierce 'a. Favorite Prescription. I took threes bottles, then I felt that I-'.was perfectly cured and have been enjoying the "best of ^health since. My stomach is in fine,, shape, my nerves are all right, and I am feeling nerves are all better than "I ight, have e for many - years. Tavorite Prescription' is a wonderful tonic, and I am pleased to give this. --Mas. "WILLIAM SWICHIR, Box 227. PrrrsBUiiar, N. S., PA.--''Some few years ago I^egan to go dowB in health. : I waa nervous and very, weak--conld not! ·VBKNOS KELLOGG." HAD HIS NUMBER Illustrated by Gniellf. (JOBBY AND THE TOAD BABIES. O NE day In the early nprlng Bobby w[indi.'red by n HUto pond. Several queer looking things wero swim- · (ilng around In tho water. J "How very funny!" exclaimed Booby. I ' i robing up a little fellow In his hnna. f'Ho's nil head and tall. I never naw a ri.h like him." \ "Oh, please put me back In^the pond," (··led a tiny voice. "I'm not a fish, I'm, 1 I land." ' / "Toad nothing!" laughed Bobby. "Whd- (ver saw a toJul with a" tall?" | Just thtsi 3Ira. Tond herself. hoppcdj ( om behind i clump of grasses.' "Good, morning. Mrs. Triad!" ftobby, "'this t.0 tell mo thi qxieer little flflh la trying t ,hc'a a toad." "Whr, I hod hardly met him, don't roan misery by the German author! ties j sleep nor eai. I became so bad that I | TOU know, when he called me a fool. in PoUnd Wlowea the general plan j was «ry mueh d»wwag«i. I « « . - * . - - » ------ «· all r , Torite p j r i p t i o n ; it gave mo ^^g^ j, u nt me up, and I could detailed report prepared specially for a pamphlet Issued by the committee o n i ^ and sleep well. In fact, public information and written by Mr. j better health every way than I had been ITrederle C Walcott A fuller and in for some time. It is a perfectly woader- som* ways more teaching treatment I ful toaie for women who are ailing."-- What sort of a fellow Is he?" "Oh! he's it wise guy,.all right." o tea mo tnuc.noa a toaa. "Oh. please put him back in the pond." ?r!ed Mrs. Toad. "Ha Is a toad. Tou '.-e, X lay eses In'the water and then In | -.c spring Ihey hatch out Into tiny tad- theri- "But I m-ver saw a toad with a tn! i Before," laushed Bobby. "How can li^ I ?.op nroond?" |-.c spring Ihey hatch out Into tiny tj I }lefl. 1 don't like to livo ID the wa ··.·*«[f l-."Hj»·- bftb]M live th ti ilTCB hi Ms article, "DeTnUted Potaod." !· Oe National Oeoznphh; Macmitoe for May, 1917. -September, 1917. olni'. Ptttena-- Is v»r- .'UMJ the German high com- Inbned with tin ITossian system. to coolly nckoadnc on the neces- at a fUirriaf peopto to prataote ·Weat.Potaod. which IMS been Pn» ta* territory more tku a hundred to a · disappointment to Ger- people otatUmtely re»»aln Thta tlnw flwr iwtfter Mas. H. A.. Esrir, 1105 Sherman Aio. In tw» or three years, by true* of atarvatlon and fdgatfnbaesa, tiM7 catcBtata Eai-^PoUnd will be tboragkty made over Into a German [ the crart Stuitttmrg o»re on* a**, the imimtij .was coaapJettiy by the retrwtlr* Raaalan i»mi«m yeople were drhren frora tkdr Half of OMB perlslnd by the For miles tad ndlea, when I r the eautrj. tha w*T was ttttaRd larger banaa aaa* baesi gathered by tb* (array Oeiiaans ta he ground Into fer- tffiaw. TTIrUr Tiaalntn fhc littlci tiai *etiai-attach tbe baby swing* from the seaatmd along- tke way, hundreds and aa»i*jnls. antn aae eoald not eeamt ·ttaaa, each oae ternag a wbteh sad aot been da- ea spread etty of a Bane* trtterty stricken. Face llniaaaiiiii Hoed fbe streets. la a*aw an* rate, too -weak to Btt a baad, dytng «f cold and bBBgez. Thraca tfca r»r» lav* an tbey had. and the sd thenr taat erase, they were r «aava ta the atraeta la dnma. i tk* abtetaa eltr. tka Ckraaaa ·a*- AB ata^e*vaoH5a Paica mfe oUr dam to §o to Genaaarf to work. If any lafaaiiil. let no otter Pole give him to e*±, not a» noeh aa a moutnfnl. mder I laslry of German MEJtory lav. It -waa man tbam tbe ratofl eaaM flaap. To 'tbc hyatand and fatber of broken fmaOUo, t*e hUh ooaaaa (*«a tM» deer**: Leave TOUT famaVa t* atarre; tf aioa atay, we ehaH aee tbat raontki at Brands as the conmia- slon's director for Belgium and occupied France. It waa an enforced opportunity to «e« something of German practice In tbe treatment of a conquered people, part oi v rom '(the French and tbe Inhabitants of the Bel- glaa provlacea of Ba»t and West Flanders) were under tbe. direct control of tbe-denaan general staff and the several German armies of the west, and part, tbe Inhabitant! of tbe seven other Belgian province*, under the qvaal- ctvll goTenunaot of Governor General von Blaatng. I dM not enter the occn- territorles QBtJ] Jnme, 191S, and so, of course, saw none of the actual In- vasioB aad overnmniag of the land. I saw only tbe graves of the TTUIHBBI uil and th* rntns of tbelr towns, ' Bat I saw tbrongb tbe long, hard months moea foo macn for my peace of mind of bow tbe German* treated tbe unfortunates under their control after the occupation. Deatnietlon CompMa. 'Aa chief representative for tbe coat- mission. It wan nqr dnty to cover.this whrte territory repeatedly la lour, .motor jonraeya in company wtta the Oep- man ofBcer assicned for mj protection --and for tbe piMecttoa of tbe German array against any too rancb seeinc.' As I bad opportnaJty also to cover most of Belgium In repeated trips from Brussels into tbe varioos proviBcea, I oec- easarlly had opportunity to compare (He destruction wroaght In the two re- «o to a sencttirt. htghly orgaolzed people, tata from the authorities at a nation pro- feattec crrflizatioo and religion to mtl- neos of leDov CbrlstiaM eantrre'and HER TITIAN HAIR.' The matron of the hospital repeatedly told the nurses to be sure to dry us well as clean the instruments "If you don't dry them thoroughly they will rust," she had said so often. . And the little girl, the star patient, they culled her, who bad been there so long, knew all the Instructions, rales and regulations by heart, and especially this piece of advice and direction. A new nurse entered the hospital not long ago. Her hair was of a gorjreons red. It was the envy of all. ''How did you ever get hair of such a wonderful color?" asked one of the nurses, maliciously. "Ifs quite natural," the new nurse replied quietly. Bnt the little girl called out from her bed: "I know how she got It. She washed it and dldnt dry it well--like the instruments, and it rusted--it did!"-New York Mail. Flnesae Demanded*. "Didn't P. T. Barnum say that people liked to he humbnfiged?" i "Yes," replied M!sa Cayenne. "Bnt the work must be artistically done. Mr. Barnain wooid never have gone cat and bought a gold brick Joat for tbe fira of It" "I coaM understand wiry certain towns aad TlHaKea along the Mense and aloag the lines of the French and Kag- Ilah retreat -were badly shot to pieces. There had beat «f«-g rn these towns and tae artmery *t flrat one aide and tbea the «*her had warfced their haroc ajaotf the hoaaea^ tf ,-tfce '"'-yfrt'-tT Bat tkare were nauy tawnn to wHeh tker* had bean ne agfatlBc aad yet all to* many of tneaa towns also were m rntas. ' It waa aot ndn by sheila, bat rate by frre and explaakona. wen tke fajoooa ·panlabed' Bttier a dttien or perhaps two or three citizens bad fired from a window on tke Invader*--or were alleged to hare.. Thereupon a Mock, or two or three blocks, or hatt the town wra methodically and effectively burned or ^General TO* Krlea, the govermor, waa klafl enonfh, to explain. Candidly, they ptcfen*d not quite so orach starvation; it miebt get on the nerves at ttw German aoioUen. Bat. starvation being present. It moat work for German Kiupoaa, Taktaf advantage at Uri* ·wretchedareaa, tbc-worUng men of folaad were to be removed; tbe conn- try waa to be restocked with Genaeas. It waa eoBotty Germany needed--rich } athrrlal soil--better suited to Germaa Allan lion than distant possessions. If tba Totend that was had tn perish, so maek the better for Germany. Ta Malt* Poland German Prcvtaa*. "Bameve tbe men, let tbe yooag and die, graft German stack on tbe Sec bow simple it Is: with a crafty smile. General von Krles con- cradcd, 'By and by w« most glr* back freedom to Poland. Very good; It will reappear as a German province.' "Slowly, I came to realize that this saoiwtroas, incredible thiag was the PrtssUn system, deliberately chosen by th* circle aroand th* all-highest, itad kneaded into the German people tftl it became part of their mind. "QMTnas paople ar« material for battdlng'the state--of no other account. Other people are for*Germany*s will te the rights of others--oil foolish talk. DeMocraey, an idle dream. The trne Prasaian Uvw only for thl.s that the fjerman state way be miahty and great. "All the woes in the long count against Germany are part of the Prussian system. The invasion, of Belglnm, tbe deportations, the staninc of nnV f*ct peopl*. tSa Armenian massacres; itrodtles, frightfulaess, sinking the kositanla, the submarine hcrrors, the Htfiavemcnt of ."women--all piece into She monstrous vi«w. Tbe rights of na- ttoas. the rights of men, the lives and liberties of ail people are subordinate blown to piece*. There are many of these ·pmiab*r towns in occupied France. And lutiiteu these towns and along tbe roadways are Innizmerflbie lse4atBd amgl* fannbonaes tbat are also la rains. It is not elaJmed that there waa any aarofng from these farm- bowea. Tbey were jtat destroyed along tbe way--aad by tie way, one may aay. "Wben tbe roO of destroyed villages aad destroyed farmhouses In occupied France Is made known, tbe world win be shoek«l again by tbia ert- deuce of Gertsu tborcmghiitm Fwrnd NMitrallty lneo»riH«. . . "But tbe horrible methods of tbat deportAtim WCTA ffccb tliftt we, aJ- though trying to hold stendfjur o a rigorous nentrality, could not but protest Mr. Gerard, oor ambassador to Berlin, happened at tbe Terr ttme of this, protest to make a -rt«t to tbe great headquarters tn tbe west aad the mattar was brought to the attention of certain high otacera at headquarters on the very day of Mr. Oerard's visit and IB Ms hearing. So that he added his own yrotest to that of Mr. Poland, oar dlnctor at the time, and farther deportations were stopped. But a ter- rlM* mlschlat had alrefdy been done. Hasbands and fatbars had b*en taken from thalr families without a word of good-by; sons and daughters on wbom perhaps agad parents relied for sop- port ware taken without pity or apparent thoafht of th* tarrlbU conse- onences. The great deportations at Belgium have shocked the world. Bnt these, lesser dtportatlons--that la, lesser In extent, but not less bmtalln th»ir carrying out--ara hardly known. Git-many Muat B* Clvllind. '1 went into Belgium and occupied Franc* a "nebtral and I maintained while there a steadfastly neutral b*- haTiar. But I cam* out no nentral. I i cannot conceive that any American en. could have come out a neutral. H* would conn; oat, as I came, with th* ineradicable convictlnn that a peopl* 6t a govemment which can do what th* "VfiBDERIC C. WALCOTT." Mr. Vernon Keilogx/s statement la aa follows: Saw Only Massacr* and Huia. . "It was my privilege--and nacurtty --In conoectlon with'tb* work of th* coninlssioa for leHef in Belglam to ic«nd several months at'th* anat " befldqvartcrs of tbc German armies la *** if there is power on oarth to preveat it, ro (ic tills a msmcnt loader than eon 0* helped. And they 'rnnst not be ab lowed c«r to do it again. "I veat in also a hater of vftar^ aB4 i -line out a more ardent hater at waa, Bat, also, I came out with 'the Inerndlf able convtctlon. again, that the onl mu in which Occmanr umter its pra snt rale -and la its ptescntestate c PROBABLY NOT -C"I UB proud oC my ancwtry." "I wonder it jonr anc^tora could ns ta.rn tbe compllni«at." * New. «J1 doubt la an ancient frtunt, We hare he«rd for ytmn avbon Patttnr up a front. Woman'* Economy. Mrs. Stylea--Women arc more economical than men. Mr. Styles--I don't bellere It "Ton often bear of « bride being married la the same gown, that her mother was married In." Ttmt'a true/* "But yon never heard of a man be- inff married In the clothes^ his father Tras married In." VERY RUDE TO HIM Knew Tl»tl" '· M Oh. tie can't hop around until lu (OS-MI hta tall." replied Mra. Toad. "Hi-, Uves In the water and te«d» on watt- 1 - pecds and water Insect* unlit two tin; J fMt bftffln to grow out on either aide o;'- hlfl tall and two up near his ffllls. Wbi-» ) these four Itttlo legu ara blB enough h:- , lall and fdlla disappear and Baby Tru 1 . : pole becomes a little toad. "Jast an soon as he l«arns to bre»thit through hlH tirot\v hb comes out of th i water, and I tf-ach him how to ho; [ around on the proari3, and catch buc- * and fij*a ior hims«(f.*" "Well, 1 never kniw that," bmjt'nc; Booby, and ho E«ntiy dropped tbe bab; | tadpole back Into UKJ pond. t "Tra jmre if boyn only kn^w how ren; helpful wo toads are tbey*d nerer harn.' bur bmby tadpoles," 'croaked Mrs. Toad. "Whfus my babies ip-t big 1 enough wc'rr KOJn; to HT« in your mamroa'a ir»r dc: and eat all the bu#» so they won't tk - ·troy your flowera ar.d v«gtt tables." ""Well, I'm «ure -we woti]d be vcr pte««*x) to HR.V* you live In oar rardert.' J»naa»Ki Bobby, "and you need ha-ye n- /foar ot my hanntng your Httl* tmdpoli WHY DOWT VZW ASK TH05C OUT-OF-TOWN HOUSES YOU MAVC MYKVS6AWO IS OUT OF WORK AWO I WANT YOU TO H E L P US W I T H UNTIL 6cT5 WORK AGAIN PATRONIZING, T O H f U tM. 'Th*»k you. BoWiy," cm»Jc»fl Mrs To*d. "I wish -Jl bora thovcfat M yen ;do." · "la sure If th*y knew to«.d» ar» MAllj- jBood for something .they'd nerar harir, 'yoo," replied Bobby. **So be sore and String every one of the** runny lltt:-. tadpole bahlea wtth you." "Oh, y»». Indeed!" croaked Mrs. To*rt. **Ju«t an *oon oa thetr llttlo leee arv ' wtronc «Joougt for them to h*p. that far,"' Bobby bafle ' Mm. Toad rood-by and! '.jmn \uto tbe touae to teU hla taajsmjit ·about the (juror little toad babies be hue' Of All Kinds PRINTING not the cheap kind but the good kind done here. J. N. Trump ] 11FHITE LIN|? ¥V TRANSFER -U MOTOR 'TRUCK «mii WACOM*. MO VI KG AJtTt HOISTIKG A SPECIAL-XT, Offle* ID3 K. Grmpti Alter. O»»*- ·Itc P. It. H. D«p«t, Both Ph«B««v Mrs. Henpeck--Before w« were married t used to sit on yonr knee. Mr. Hcnpeck--Now you alt all over me, , /· MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Mary-a · Llttip. Shot. Mary had a HUto' limp ' And furrows In her brow. Shi couldn't waar a numb«r on* But tried U Nat ·« Altrulltlo. 'Tra working twrd Jo get aevwnl of my friends on an InveitlgAtlng committee," announced Congressman Flubdub. "That chows good fellowship on your part. What IB. the commltee co- ing to investigate)" "Ma"--Louisville Courier-Journal. ,, Bone to Her Head. Ifra. Kie--They iay she's craay ever stopping. Mcs. Vfya--She i^.- Why, her poor hnsbancl complains tnat she pnlis the bed clothes oft him almost every night --thinks ehe's examining dress goods at a tmrgalB cos!).--Boston Transcript Title and TrustCompany of. WesternPenrispIvama ! EVIDENCE OF STRENGTH The continued growth in our deposits is evidence of strength and shows that we look out well for the ln- »terest of our custom- era. When desiring a neV or additional de- ppBitory, remember that the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania will be glad to.vrelcoine your Cheekiag Account. WHEN THE PINCH COMES When the family larder is well filled, tlie income is regular and-the. household carefree, the home grocer is given but little of the consideration he deserves. But then comes adversity; work suspends and .the income is cut off. The larder is depleted-, and something must be done. It is then that thought turns to 'the. grocer,: wiw.has been.-quietly watching the freight man deliver the products of the.mail order house and" he Is appealed to. His sense of pity is deadened and it is right that he refuse to extend those .-who have failed to patronize him ia their day of prosperity. Even the. grocer's boy is aware of the condition and cannot but smile when the "boss" reminds the inconsiderate customer that she should have been aware of her shortcomings of the past. . . . . . MORAL:--It is only the faithful that deserve the consideration of the one who possesses the power. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. COMPAST Furniture, KDRS, Skives 1M-158 ~Vf. Cravrfwd ATE. TT. If. LECHE Dry Goods 3S!S IV. Crawford Ave, THE HOK"EK COMPANY Men's Tfear 10« W. Crawford Ave. COLOSXAL 5ATIOS Al BAJfK Corner nttsburg; Street a»d .Cmrrford Avenue. aieDOJfALD MDSIC AS» E1ECTBIC CO. Boyal Hotel Bloek S. Pittsburg St. H. KOBACKEK SONS The Big Store" N. Ptttsbnrs St. C. TT. DOW"S l?ootwe»i for Eterybody 127 S. Pittsbnxg St. CONSELLSVILIJ; atABKET AKD KOI4TH END MABKET leading Grocery Stores -1M and SIS »". Plttsknrg St. ASDEKSON-10UCKS HARDWABE CO. Hardware 116 ~ff. Crawford Ave, CHABXES T. GILES Jeweler Ml Vest, Crawford Ave. BKOVF5EIX SHOE COMPANY Vest Crawford Ave, . DBUG COMPANY 130 West Crawford Ave, ' PETER R. WEEttEE and Phonographs 127-129Enst Crawford ATC. A. W. BISHOP Jewelry 107 West Crawford Ave. Sboe« Drogs THE AAKOX CO. "Home Builder" 143 X. Pittstmrg St. CROWLEY-MESTBEZAT CO. Shoes ibi tbe Whole Family 113 V. Crawford Ave, ,AJRT3IAN WOKK China and Wall Paper 147-151 IV. Crawford Ave. THE CENTRAL STORK Dry Goods 211 W. Crawford Ave. ELPERN'S Ladies' Snits and Coats 130 S". PitUbnrg St. FIVE ASD TEN CENT WALL PAPEB CO. Wall Paper 103 V. Apple St WELLS-MILLS MOTOB, CAR CO. Agents for Willys-Knight, Overland Cars, Accessories TfERTHEIMER.BBOS. Men's Store 124 Jr. Pittebnrs St. CONNELLSVILLE LAUNDRY "Snoir White Work" 129 Baldwin Ave. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Duggan W*st Side FRISBEE HARDVTABE CO. Hardware . w. Crawford Ave. WBIGHT-3IETZLER CO. Department Store w. Crawford Ave, LAUGHREY »KUG COMPANY ' JTTBS. 112 S. nttsBnrg St, RAPFORT-FEATHEBMA^ CO. Ton Can Do Better Here. We Cordially Invite Your Checking Account It's a distinct advantage to par all your bills by check. It puts system, safety and accuracy into your financial transactions. And every paid and cancelled check is an iron-clad receipt. Checks drawn on this bank are payable at par in -New York. No charge lor collection. . : Small accounts are .welcome. 199 IT. Crawford Are., Connellsville. Tic Bank that Does Things for Ton" liberal Interest on Time Depoiits. J. B. KURTZ, ; NOTAHV PUBLIC }· AND HEAL ESTATE. ; a. * South ataadmt l-wn S OaanaHwIll* Pa, o Yough V Trust Go, FOE THE WORKINGMAN SOUTH OONNELLSVILLE LOTS ABE BARGAINS. SEE OplOCELLSVILI^E EXTENSION C«.

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