The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1930
Page 12
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'AUJE TWELVE, /THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELI,SViLLE, MONDAY, JANUARY 6, ENGLAND SEES NO IMMEDIATE MENACE IN INDIAN ACTION BcUevort There "Will T^ Division Over Oh'flxIHsobedlenoe Resolution. NOT READY FOR OWN GOVERNMENT t!y U n i t e d Pf.-^ LONDON, ,Ian. 0. -HtupiU' the gen- oral leveling that the determination ot the Indian National Congress to establish a system of uon-eooporatlon ind civil disobedience to Great Britain hold* no Immediate throat, It in recognized t h a t the situation may cause- considerable embarrassment to the Bijlttah government. In tbe- firef place, tha Indian railway" system, formerly managed chiefly by tho RivgHsh, has liBcomeaatu rated with natives, ami In the event ot u crisis, could readily be controlled by them, paralfetnK the tran»poTtd.tion ot troops an.l police. Such a situation would h a v e to be- handled w i t h velvet gloves, particularly since tho question of supplies -food and aimnunUloti--tor outlying districts would provide a dangerous problem. If the call to civil disobedience wore generally obeyed, the lesult would parallel n K^iiMxil national strike. Some nbfeM-vera, ou the other hand. [ c o u n t on t i e traditional trie lion b o - ) tweou various Indian groups and Moslem ami Hindu hatreds. So p r o v e n t an effective campaign for civil disobcdi- enc-e-. To be- effective-, pucli a movement would havo to bo practically u n a n i - mous, and Ih'u i-i considered almost Impossible, i At u-ijv n t a , Ui?re is no indication of a n y t h i n g but flrriiiiets In the cov- ernruaiitVs aUitude. Karl undersecretary oi' state lor Indian at fairs, made thK? plain in nn ml cirrus before .the Labor party at Cambridge. "The dominion statue is not possible- y,t present lor India," he ' d , "and It will not hi- tor a long time " "No one know*, better t h a n the Indians," lie continued, referring to the ' hah ore "that .Defends Cortkt Guards in Rum Runraer's Deatli AaaMsnt Secratary «f the Tren»- wry Seymour Lowinn described the killing of the throe men on the rum runner Black Duck aa "unfortunate, but unavoidable." ' Lowman said, "They defied tha (Government, and they have no ana i to blame bikt ibw" 0 ^ 1 """ " MOUNT K FOR ROBBERIES «resror and Isaac Slovens Chnrtrort W i t h Eiitei-itm Homo Of F r a n k 31 iff ho II. l : TRUCK AND AUTO IN CRASH MOUNT PI..I-: VttA.VT, Jan «.--Jfvs-e Oe'-por of t'cim *erv avenw and LVJUC S t e v e n s of Fir. 1 - stnv,' were taken tc Saturday, harae-cl with bv-eaUi Frank Mitchell on tho t l o e l a i a t l o u of independence, N n l 1 thos, brave words are most '^f;,^..,^,,,^ ol , voad. fol- rooltah wo-ds. b t f c J U 9 l l c o F| r Wlittt lOugland has been doing, ho told hla audience, fa to guklo India aloim the road lo democracy, ami for Hri'aiii to le-t go now would be a c a l a m i t y . "Although the labor party it. p e r - J f r c ' l y h o n e s t in siiylni? that ith ob-1 jei;tive is seU-pos eminent for India," | hi; conclu led, "tlie p a r t y \ \ i l l not bo' turned as d« from its objective by foolish resolutions or other forms of propaganda." The' Paramount Thomas Meighnn, star of "The \rgylc Caae," Warner Broe latest ull- nlklnj; "Wtaphono production, which 0 t h e fwLturo picture at (ho Parri- nount .Theatre, anacts a role- which is a t m i i n r to the one he has played for many yp-urs in private Ufa --a s t u d e n t of crlinlnology. Mr. Meighun has lon^ been ft Iricnl Ijt'Witf Ijawes, fawoim warden uf Sing Sing Prison, and t h r o u g h t h i s a v e n u o has heou accorilod nnsua! privilogee In. the study of c r i m i n a l s .hemfcelvee and In the- making of ]k:- turofl within that I n s t i t u t i o n . Two oC hla sueceese.8," "The City o£ Sllont Men" and "The Man Who Found HlniHalf," -wero made insi-io the- gray walla ot Slug Sins, with Melglmn as tho, an4 he is the only player who H iiad tho grrlm d i s t i n c t i o n of aiak- Ing econee witin the Denlli House- ill that prison. In "The Argyll; Case" Melghan ifi seen an Alexander Kay ton, a famoua detective who Is called upon to HO!VH tho myetery s u r r o u n d i n g tho murder of John Argyle, and the picture is destined to take its place ai- the niofit ahoorbing detective htory in the tory of tho talking picture. Appearing in Mr. Melglian'e ·sup- porting company iro such screen favorites a« fi. B. Warner, Li!a IJOP, John Darrow, XnKu 1'itts, Bert ftonch, Douglan Gerrard, W i l b u r .Meick, Alona Merlowaj, ,T. Q t i i n n , Low t l a r v c y anI Katnonl CtallaRher, H e n r y Thew did the screen adaptation of t h e i^tnKe suc- ces.' of Harriet J^ord and Harvey J. O'HiggiiiH. H o w a r d Brthroton directed I ho p i c t u r e T h e proRrnni alno includes: a VUn- plioHti net, "i'apa's, Vacation," f e a t u r - ing William Demurp*t, and an a l l - t i l t i n g comiHly. , Tlie f e a t u r e tor Thim-diiy, Friday am' Saturday is "Tlu^ ( i r c n t Pivida," w i t h Dorothy M a c k a l i l ami Ian Keith in tho stellar roe.^. The Orpheurn The greatest cast of eolobrlt PS ovo assembled on any stago or be-ioro an motion picture camera aro to be soefi in "The Hollywood' Huvuo," - -bich on (ho screen at ih Orpheum Theat at Molro's big spejijil musical ixtravtt- Shearer "Romeo Hrllisli Sfciiiu }IKs HanK. ^·BRA ClUIX, Jan. G --The tdj.ker Liinula WAS ar.liori* last uiq:ht oji u b a n d b a n k . llvu milos f r n m 1'iierta, Mexico, w i t h its oiiKinr-. disabled by w a t e r w h i c h hud p o u t e d in t h r o u g h a HO..C in the h u l l . beo our classified .idvertiaementa. ganza. Marion Davles naTcra her I iw as a eong-und-dance corned 1-enno 1 the revue a« "Tommy A t k i n s on Parade" with a male ensemble of a! .-footers as a dancing nobtlyguard. John Gilbert, and Norma shara starring honors In a and Juliet" eklf -which ie Joat irad. The novelty akutch whlcl begins with (he romantic balcony se neu from the gront Shakosprri.nn j !oy and winds up w i t h u mcMlernlzct version, is directed by Lionel Uarryn ore, who also nppeare in the .scones a hie directorial capacity. Joe Farnura, no-ted title w riter and htimortflt, !? res-pnnelblc for - h e clover travefitry which' brings Gil icrt and Shearer back together Cor the first t i m e eince they appeared in "Ho Who Gets Slapped " Both havo J ieit finished feature t a l k i n g picture* ' Gilbert h i s - ' h a v i n g made "Redemption" and Mias Hhoarar liavitiR played (he l i ' i i l a r rolwi in "The Trial of Mary Du ,an" mid "Thp I^ast of MrH. Cboyney.' Barrymoro, who dceortod acting to become a t-nlking ploturc director, vowed never to jvgaln vpp ar boforo tho camera but wuf pernii: lel to direct and act in tho "lt meo and J u l i f t " number wlion g r a n t i d tho con- cpsfifon thet he might play t jvtraight, w i t h o u t make-up. The presence of Gilbert, F i«irer and fiarryoinore in tiie hugo i ist in t h e m u s i c a l extravagnn?a $ ine tiioir namcH on t h e title phepta with Joan Crawford, Conrad Nagol, J ick Benny. Hesflie Lovc\ (.Miff Ed war- e, Laurel and Hardy, A n i t a Page, Hi Hrox Si«- torB, William Haine«, Bu? or Keaton, Mario Dressier, Oharles I I n g , Polly Moran, Gua Edwardfi, Oa e rind Ar t h u r , Owen Lo, tiie Albo Una Roach Ballet, Naticha Nut leva an I Company, the Koumlc-ni and many ol icre. The program also inciiif ja a rnovle- torio- net jnrf a sou mi no /s reel. Friday and Saturday ' The Green M u r d e r O a e c ," f e a t u r i g William I'owoll w i l l be shown. tlon and ("on brou g.h't UH 1. h a v i n g tak-f-n hfriM v CHI hie C A L C U T T A . Jan fi.-- Eight r e s i p n i i - j jy 1.5.0 on i h e this from members 'of the Indian j a)!( | $,j 2." and leslslatures, in olxdilfn«-o 1o the- i c - j o t December 1' cent mandate of tho Indian National Cougre-ss EorlmUiing natives to hohl such poti'h, already have boon received here. On the other h a n d , reports f r o m many provinces iurtirit«- the bojcott resolution w i l l riot bo generally ioi- V. I. P.itel, first Indiiui president of f l i c legislative as-onibly, h»« now doJlnitel} de-tennined not, to lesign hi,s jiosltlon, 1t wsm nta ted today. Mahalimn K. ( i a n d h i . on the- other hand, is goiiij.; ahead w i t h hih ilans Cor ;i c t v i i (lii J obctiiu ce canipiiign, and expects to havo tho movement marled w i t h i n a few months. i Tho campaign he haid will ho con- d u c t e d in Kcvf-ral jiroas e t m u l l a n p - Tli-e- ease wa reported last woe-k lo Mr. Mltche-11 u i i Chifri' of Polioe White rounded nn (!i -sjor, w h o w a s talcen t the Mitchell ]· im-e by BurKW-s H. 1 Stolon's, l i o ' i ('rit-,;or is i-iiul to havo confe.ssod, Imp i c a t i n g several othei boys but there w a n not i i ongh evidence to hold them. M i t c h e l l came Ixsioro J u s t i c e - K'cliei ami m a d e the Infoirma- table Oortild Shumar IVM in. Tiie admitted - I fi from the* Mitchell n i g h t of Drcr.mber 1. n! l i t of De emlx-r 19, | ome l a n d y on tho- night 2 s Tr-iiol, unri A u t o Meot. Saturday · vdiiing on . the Mount I'leasaii't-du i nHlurg IXKH! a W-ett Penn truck, c IH([?d with a car driven by D. M ( J r i . l H h f l ;fi!liths was i n - jurf"l I'y f l j i n f?lass i n d I lie t w o West P-enri mon. Pa il K a n and B \V .son, s\h we-'e bnilseid and minor l.necait OIIH, w-e-re hi ought to th-e Me-morlal Ho p H a t . C J r i m t h s l e f t -the liospii'al y v sl Td'iy !iH the two' West Ponn iiTtMl ar s t i l l patients a.t t h a t in- Palm Beach Fashions I-'unoral K c i c k r l f i^ "\S'hat w i l l hiippe-n I f t h o m o v e m e n t results !u dUitiirbtiiicMi?" tiio I n d i a n loader v as afkei "In Ih ill event a n o t h e r b l u n d e r w i l l bo debited to my account" (!,tndhl *iid " A n d , " IK- nddc-d, "1 w i l l do adequate i»enmince for it." CUBAN CHILDREN'S SANTA MAKE ROUNDS ON-BACKS OF CAMELS lij- U n i t e d Prt-hH H A V A N A , Juii. G -- A l l good C' children awoico early today and scurried out of bed to see what the t h r e e \\ise men had left liiom. The three u i s e m e n -- o r . i n Latin c o u n t r i e s , t h o "three kings"--had ome in the ni!;ht on t h e i r camels, bedecked w i t h j e w e l s and w e u r l u i ; their long o r f e u t a l robes ami tttrlmmi, iuit leavitip; b e h i n d a m u l t i t u d e of toys M x f t f t l y us boj s and ^n'l.s in f l i o N o r t h nmkc their pre-(,' pe,ti- t i o m to H n n t a (.'Ituts, the cliiklrun ot this c o u n t r y w r i t e to tho "three kings," jdvinK tho letters to t h e i r parent-i to mall, or depobitinn thoin in u box provided tor tho pnrpone. And exactly as somo very y o u t h C u l Americans leave food for Saiitu Clans on the kitchen table, so these cliildre-u carrj heaps of sjrass to tht-ir bed- rooniH to food the camels, who must bo 1m im-y ul'tor their long t r i p . I ' u b ic i n s t i t u t i o n s , hospitals a n d i h i U i i MIS' homes all receive j;Uts to- fll' fr-. Ko\. foi- Mrs. ]l;tnnah ( ! e h e l d on Hauinhiy the- homo, in charge of HOV. 0. K U n h u r t Inte.rnienl was in Moirat I'hM" i n't C'omotory. .Ill's. Thompson's Funeral. Funeral s nice tor Mr-s H a n n a h Uokc- Tho in p . on, i.el! at the l\orno of her son, ( A. Thompson, on sjtur- iiay aCtonioou, in ch.wge- of Rev. J. K. Hartnmii. it terni-ont .v;i.s in (Sreoii'lick C'paip'tcrj i'here wa.s u very largo K'athc.1 .1111; ol' rclaiiM"' airl Triwids. Son ''torn lo .Murehels. Mr and M s. JlMtian Mui-ciiel of Col- lefie a%Miue a r c iccoivlns eougtatula- iio.ns on t b b i i i l i of a sou a.t (.he AtouicM-i.U [ ( . ( K p i t a i \ e s i c r d a y . ThLi is the "oeond liihl in the f a m i l y and tho first son Other Nevts. Mir and ,\iit». C h a r l e s Knglc- and f a m i l y ol B;i Keivtowii torm-er rosidcnts of this phi- o c a l l wl on f r i e n d s hero yesterday. Aloxandc 1 (tc-lcl, home for tho holidays, Ic t j e-tt-M'tlay tor M u i s u u u t - t-on M l l f t a r ' A c a d e m y at Woodstock, Va., whcfe m i s attending school. Tie-v. (I. !· H i i l i a n thi.s mo-rnin 1 ? took Mi-,s Dor hea i l u h a i ' . Doris and (.'hariotlo LarcLiy. Ma-ry Jan 13 No 1 -,") aii'd Opal MiU-o-i, h t i u l n i i l s at Indhrnii Stato Tcaehers Collepp, back to school, af'U- 1 ' the holiday ^ae,H.tio-ll. Miss M H . K a r t t C i a l l p v , Miss Mcir- g r e t i a i V M n l w ami Miss Sara Efa;rh !ia\- l e t u n i c c l to t'alit'ornia, State Touchers ( ollt-ija. TEA REPLACES CIGAR MOM IN POLITICS NOW GREENE COUNTY PLANS NEW JAIL AND PRISON FARM 1SV MMK. T.ISBETH ""PllE farmerette of war days must i have made a deep Impression on many minds, for ever since then lior raiment, In various fe'iilios. if) speu Imitated in smart wearing apparel. The latest In beach wear for th« «un.Mhtny Palm Ueach, Miami and other resorts season Is pictured hero In overall faaliiori in blue, whlcl) IH worn by Mi«a Klorn Richmond who look part In a fashion show for tho benefit of c h r u i t y . The shady hat Is In chip straiv. d Jiow county jail to cost $125,000. In mlidtion the prison farm w i l l bo opened to b operated entirely by prison labor. The plan is legarded a« one ui the, most forward l o o k i n g prison projects in the «tate. Plans 1 for the new Greono county jail have boon d r a w n by Architect Harry vV. Altaian of U u i o n l o w n , (.'(nnqressmnn M'rCon tick Notes Chnnire Since WoMen RH- U'l-cd th« Fie d. By U n i t e d Pro s. CHICAGO, Jan. 6--Big, black cigare have given way to .after: oon tr»a parties Jn modern political ampalgns. "Woman's advc-nt into politics line brought many changes n campaign procedure, and one of Ih ; most striking of thevso is ihe pas ing^ o£ the campaign story," Huih Hanna Mc- C'ormick, coiigreptwoman at-large rrom Illinois, flaid whilo chat ing nt a^tea given in her honor bj Republican women h^pre. "With bo h eoxes now ro-preoenled it political -aUiee, candidates who onco campni ned amid an nura of cigar-smoko a now being borne la victory on a « a of tea." Mrs. McCorintek is a present, a candidate for (ho Hop ibiican nena- lorlat n o m i n a t i o n s to BU -ceec! f j o n u t o r Cluirlcri S Deneeii "We have heard mm !i, too of the i m p o r t a n t political de isioiig which have been reached ii ficiokc-fille! hole! looms," «ht ront'iiued. ".Such decisioiH aro now mot - likely (o IK) made over a ten-table, vith t,ho fre«)i scent, ot etcammg tea consjilcuoue. Long before they had U e vote, woman had the habit of rallyin; round the tes, urn to talk things ver. Suffrage opened up new conve-i atlonal bllitien and s t r e n g t h e m j tho habit. "Nino ymr« of n a t i mal suffrage, during w h i c h men and women have be-eonia accuetome-d to v o r k i n g on the same committees, work ng efdo by side d u r i n g campaigns, havi brought about an a d j u s t m e n t . Bach «ex his mado concessions to (ho ta*, e of 6ho othor. Women hnvo learned o bo busluese-- hke, MMI h n \ e becoj le wholly converted to t h e idea 111. t busJnos« be done- as w e l l , and f o r t b a b l j , in parlors JVIc^ersdale Rural Mailman Rigs Treads, Skiis to Car M ( ' - ( \ V S T X , M o n t . .Un C.-Si-ldnm is it t h a i h u m a n mgi u u i t v can not prove t u p e i i o r to the elements. For · i i s U i m e , r u r a l m a i l i,imer- o f t i n * d'.itvi ( were f a t t d t i r s w i n t e r w i t h the problem ol lit I n o r l n p to i f a r m ' i ·» en l e n m ' i a'!(! s n o w b o u n d I ·flXlOXTOWX, Jan. G--County Com- mitisione-rt, Uebolt, Scott and Head lev and Solicit r ley of Orcene count v wore in, I nioiiUiwa for a (oiiforence | H ith the r.iyt'tto county cornniissior- i ei\s diirin; \ \ i i i c h the bitoine-,^ of tlie i toll brixjge for the y e a r cloi-ed Total receipts tc r ,'eri #ro,!il!) siti comp«rd ^1 in t!^s, mid ?17,IJ7." iu i e - i e i p i i - and expenses a i e per cenl toi K,ietto c o u m y | M a i y M c O u l l o u g h · cent tor Cre-on c o u n t y [i.pfiulnig a tow d .Mi-!onti)\s the year \ \ i t i i ·$"):!,' 1027 Th d i v i d e d r.*- .uul 1- pi The Fa Jan. (i.--Mr, and Mrs. (Diaries J e n k i n s and l i t t l e 15011, who spoilt a week here- with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. (Jharlee P. Jenltin.s, r e t u r n e d to the-ir hoilic at McKeespoi t on Sunday, Mr. and Mre, Ira Durstein were guestij of Mv. and Mits. C. H. Weaver from \Vi-dutnday u n t i l Sunday. M.r .and Mrs. Quiimy .Murphy ami Mrs. Charlefa Williams of Krlenduville, Mil., fcpent the ^eck-end here gue-.tti ol M i . and Mrs. Eugene Crowe. M . i n H e r n i c e St.irK and niece, Miiw ol Farniington aro ··· here w i t h t h e i r can lot more com- or offices that have clear aid and elb -w-room." H o u Sk^cs M-t i h o u . n t o t a t l o u s t v l e bv . i t t . i c l u n i ; s n o w (reads am! -An-, to Depl i i t NIOS\ h i i i d - , u, t uow , h ·-ki'iis n v i s the M K \ \ like a lack r a b b i ' j u d d e l t v n s · t . a n s i , o r - S l o ' " l t 5 ' ( M t A l p l l l . H - ·"' iii i " i i p e . M I i n ii'm orott ptl.\ to i Mit: Iseon e t t e c o u m y in the p l a n nin;- - l o n e i s i : I O U t l t J I ' l l ! d i i [u k-oii t i l l -11 v 11 u t nf t ; pin i h a i i f d and is m u c h I relut.vt,'^, .Mr. O reei 10 j m-y. Alu-.. J. K McC'art- ·ret ( t o n ilhiit, i( ! l ( e i u K l o l l ' i d V i , m u t , b i i ^ \ i i r K v\ i l l t u t i n c r s { 10 iieai L u u i i o ou eieclkiu oi Mist, K u l h Machm, H X, ot I M t t f , - ourj; hpeiit the week-end hove il Die homo ot her uncle and m i n t , Mr. and M r - Ktc-d i f a r e Miit, SHVIIUI SBfiM-i, u h o lud been \ l i - f l m g in N(M\ Y i r k , i-,lopp'd iiei e for a lew days.' visit w i t h her aunt, ,T. K. M c C a r t n e y , w u i l · on her return to her home In McKc t,port, Philip Lyncli of Yoi ngutown, Ohio, spent a low days dlirii - the week herd visiting relative",, ret i r n i n g to hla homo on Saturday. J I wan accompanied by b i n moth' r, Mnj. Mary by n ch, who w i l l epen I ijoveral'wexjke in "Ohio. Mrs. Thomas W h i t ing-fon of York, N. Y., 1, v l a i l h g with her iii-law and daughter Rev. and George- Fallow. Dr. and Mrs. W. ]'. Uj'laiul children upent Frld, y vlnlling tives 111 L-onai onlng. Slit-h .Melba [Ceim n t u r n e d to Akron, Ohio, Sunday, after a wo weeks' vaca- t i o n spoilt here at ; he home of her p a r e n t s , - M r . and MM, George- Keim. Mr. ami M i s . Kobe t K i l w ,-uni four c l u l d i o n \vero Siind. y vl.sitoiw with [their l e L i l l v t s , Mr. . ml Mre. William Bakei in OinretL. Mr. and Mre Tei -ence lioyle of C u m b e r l a n d and the- former'o parentK, Mr, and Mr^ Peter Boyle ot Mount Savage, Md., -\isited at, the homo of Mrs ljii;?,io Weber o 1 S u n d a y . New son- Mrs. and rela- Phone 889. Your D^'pendulile Whopping (Jontcr. IMione H90. to Better i Special Purchase of Fine Aluminum Cooking Utensils Values to $1.75 A huge special purchase makes this low prtco possible, on fine quality Aluminum Ware. Ever/ piece is easy to keep clear. Choice of Percolator, Tea Kettle, Roaster, Sauce Pan, Double- boiler, Dish pan, and othor useful pieces. The "Best Ever" LEADER DRY MOP HOUSEHOLD SIZE TAN OR BLACK Soli twisted, strong yarn--tan or black. Patented flexible connector, with action similar lo the h u m a n hand--easy to remove tor washing. Hardwood h.indle, 54 inches long. J u s t one of the many "personal" and "household" brushes f r o m our big "Best Ever" Cabinet. (Downstairs Store) 17-Inch All-Linen Toweling An interesting value from our linen dept, . . . Crash Toweling of good firm quality, all pure linen. Pretty colored borders of blue, gold and green. (First Floor) Fringed Rag Rugs 27x54 Inches $ . Because they arr colorful, inexpensive, and washable 90 many Cxmnellsvillc women like them. They are especially .suitable for your hall, bath rorm, or bedroom floors. Six-Piece Cottage Set Of Dotted Swiss =!· Set Fine mesh, Dotted Kwiss Ruffled Curtains in a rich cream color. Makes a crisp looking window for early spring. Co'npletc with ruffled tie-backs. 36-Inch tin Scrim Specially Priced at 33c y d - If you make your own window curtains, hero is an opportunity to save money . . Good firm' quality Scrim in white, cream and pretty pastel shades, at about *· price. (Second Floor) Cost in tiuaJl. sll ?i[ Ads. 11 suits aa' big. JURIST SCORES AMERICAN LAWS AS OBSOLETE Western .fudge Suggests Itadi- on I Changes ID Secure ' SI ore Convictions. ST. 1'AUfj, Jan. G--Federal laws and slate stalutee of the United States are antiquated and protect tho guilty rather than tho innocent,, in tho opinion ot Judge, Clayton Parks, eminent Middle -"West Juris Us, who charged hero that police of mofit American titles are corrupted by politics. "Tho United KUites is the moot lawless nation in tho world, except, perhaps Mexico," J u d g e Parks declared in an interview. Most of our criminal laws coriio from Kngland and arc now HO out, of dnte (hot Orent Britain abandoned thorn 50 ypa-u-. ago, "You cannot enloi'ce laws w i t h a police force corrupted by politics ami most of our city police d e p a r t m e n t s depend for t h e i r existence u p o n shrewd and unethical politicians." Judge Parks declined to recommend any ,Bpecifltlc lawe but recommended that'the following dUcralionn in court procedure be, mado by Jgislatlvo hcxlicn: Permit the prosecutor to have the labl argument to the j u r y v i t h only limited rebuttal by tlie, letemld!it'i= counsel, TOqualtzQ the peremptory challenge, between the atate and defendant. Change or abolWi ihe r u l e t h a t d e f e n d a n t cannot lie convicted on uncori oboialed t e s t i m o n y ol an complice. Give the u t a t e tho r i g h t to move for a ne\\ d i a l on (UiObtkms ot law and ciuutiUons of fact i n v o l v i n g misconduct o£ court ofllceiv. Prohibit p u b l i c a t i o n of name*, of p e t i t juvorh a n d g i a u - 1 jnrois. Deny the l i g h t of separaio t i i . i l is here the c o u i t is ( o n \ i n c e l that tho was committed iu the- company ,'} Co m in. MOIL, Jan. 6 U N I ONTO WN .V SU.NHUK8T OF SONU A"1) JIACJUJ M K L O J » Y I , Tills gorgeous m u s l c n l c n t o r t u l n m e n t is tho supreme achiovomont ol Htage itiid 8i:retn. Tho picture lhaj, It breaking records eKl.ibliHlied by "Tho Coc:k-Ey C il World." F FO C 3IOVIKTOMv',S O L O I M F H ' A T I O OF YOUTH, 1 I K A U T Y A N D U 0 3 I . V N ( ! K ! The HC'tisationai Jirofidwa/ hf-roer: HIICCOSH iiere for 1ho Jiryl lljne 1 - i (his Hpctio/i a l oin 1 usual popular prices.' Tile perfect e n t e r t a i n m e n t of the HinKitif talkiiiK-dancinK screen. Tliur.s,. FrL, Sal., .J-nn. 0, JO, I I -- L K N O H I 5 I ' L K I C Ju "WOUTH SEA HOSE" ol another pel' on. The jud^o cju twl flgnres on c i n n e d t i r i i i f r the pool lucade and isaid crimi- n,il a c t i v i t i e s c ,··( tlie United atutci more ilian ,}1;!,U )0,000 each year. t n s u i i i t y 'leld A c c i d e n t a l . v ST I,OU1S, v i o , ,lan G. -- W h e n » l u r j de( uicd 1 ' i a t her ln^baml w a s m.i.uie at tho n m e he Mint and k i l l e d h i m s e l f , iiih \ s i l o u , Mrs. KHa !jouifu u ' b u u t i r d e d f r , 7 G 2 iu lior suit as.iiiibt an i n s u r a n c e conriany. The polk-j tor lj.5,000, provided f i r an a d d i t i o n a l ^2,500 payment in ca -o o1 a c c i d e n t a l death The c o m p a n y contended, tho d e a t h w,i,, not a c c i t l . n i . i l . Under the jndne't, iii'-tniction'-, i H.V m a d e the death accidental. K v e r y J n y you w i l l find home i and borne sites advertised iu our ilaesi- tied coiumtifi--read them orer.

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