The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1918
Page 6
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m THE-DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIL,LE,1 PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH G, 1918. BT 0. A. V1OIGHT --~fl-tis FISH (PEA is THE. EX/EVZ.--NoO t0)j'T V-tftVE To »ATHsTHE ft* W To we IP OUT OUTVIE; COST OF FOUL -BALLS- URGE »·***·»»**««*·!:· «·»*·»··»»« JACK- THIS SUMMER Numtwr of Spheres Confiscated by BlMcherttia or- Find Their Way OveivFtnee I* Big. The high cost of tools Is,going to worry the magnates 'more than ever this year. - ' 1 We don't mean spring chickens, or any of. the feathery trtbe -but foul balls, that ore confiscated by fans In the bleachers or find their way into the enger clutches-of "future greats" camped of the ball parks. Bnsebnlls this year are quoted at SI.50 nploco, 25 cents more than they -cost in 3917. The average tall club uses "hundreds of dozens of balls enca season, and jit $1.50 per each, the cost Is going to mount high. For every ball tliat !s lost the magnate will be out two bits more than be was before. In the National league last year the eight clabs used 1,538 dozen baseballs. That means 18,450 "apples" In all. If tl^ey rise that many balls this year they will have to plank down $27,684 for them. ;: PRICE OF BASEBALL WILC ;; I GO SKY HIGH THIS YEAR ;; i I Don't be surprised If they X f aak $2 for every baseball you · [ buy at t5e stores before the , . '' summer U gone. . Tarn Is scarce. ' ' '. ', ' Woolen yarn that goes Into ! | | the making of .the genuine big ; | 4 · league baseball has increased In ; price 300 per cent, and shows no J | X sign of stopping, according to a « ; | big manufacturer. League' balls ; | 1, at $1.50 are possible only be- · ' | ' f cause the makers have stored 2 · · yarn ahead of the latest rise, « I J but It -Is said that they haven't jj , , anywhere^ near the amount * ] ) needed to tnsL - ^ RIGHT-HAND HITTER WANTED SELF-CONTROL GREAT ASSET Jack.Barry of the Kcd Sox will not be given a furlough to play profes- I baseball this^summer, according ^announcement made-by Lieutenant athlettc_tlfarector at-the-navy yanl. This decision of-the navy department affect* all major and'minor league players now iu either branch of ·ervic*. .-_i;_,... _..--.. .." .;.... .: : . ^ ARTHUR IRWIN IS CHEERFUL Vtteran Playtr mnt Scout Saya-Game --WiU-B* Good aa Ever Despite War - The veteran Arthur Irwln takes a hopeful viev: of baseball under war i conditions*'. He believes that the brand of baseball, served up. will be. as gpo.d as ever and that there will be no cora- " plaining By the players over the few luxuries of travel.that they, will have , to dispense with. 'Irwin,' wbo will go buck to scouting -thte'sea'sen'If the.International league j -doe.9 not -continue, says that back in j 1894"his Philadelphia team, traveling. on a trali "'that" did not have.' a dl'ner,j jot into^Pitts'burgh'fust'in'tinie fo beat' It to the ball-yard, ami. fllnnerless, pro-'| ceeded to whip the well-fed Pirates. i "' '"The Phillies'were behind until the seventh,"-soya-Arthur, "tied things -up" ·thnt-lnning,-and won out In the-tenth. 4 to 3. They, enjoyed;thelr. biff caeal that night f "think the 7 gnme'_wtis "played the day^after tlie Fourth, but I know if was In- 18W.'.'- -'·"- r , eled IQce'prlnces on the road. They've always had the best of everything--palatial Pullmans, luxur-j loiis,diners and .clnb cnrs, and.many long jumps bave been made enjoyable for-them because of the fact that'they have always traveled first class. But the luxuries of railroad travel-- at'least a -good many, of them--will be missing by the time the_seasoh of W18 opens.' Club and observation cars are to be taken oft of nearly every railroad train, which., will run on a regular schedule through big leagne'territory, and wartime economy will make It impossible for the ball player, to enjoy mrtny of'.it's favorite dishes on the diners. J FRENCH CHAMPION IS KILLED · Foozle In Golf Cauna Grlevoua and Abiding Wound--Overzealoutnesa Clvtn a» Reaaon. "Greater." said Solomon, "Is he that fuleth himself than he that taketh a city." To foozle In irolf Is to encourage giving up one's''grent sonl. It Is a grievous and abiding wound to the senslHvp for which be invariably curses himself roundly and tukea to sackcloth and ashes. When her lord returns from the links his spouse knows well by his sour dejection that he has sinned ignotninlonsly, he who thought he .jwas master of himself. At such times he will snarl at his best friend, even as the wrongdoer Is at war with the world. Overzealonsness, known In golf as pressing, by which 1 one trips-to do more than one Is able, Is a common and fatal fault in golf, as In all other. thlngSv LUXURIES WILL BE .MRS1NB Wartime -Economy Will. M.alcs '. (t :lnnr possible" for Ball Player/to En' "" joy Many Pleasures. ·'..- . .. Petit Breton, Famou* CycJIst, Meets Death in Automobile Accident-Won Many -Prizes. Petit Breton, the. famous cycling champion, who was serving. In. tl«e transport department, has been killed. He was "driving an~' automobile .near Trpyes when it accidentally, collided .with. a. butcher's cart. . Breton was ..thrown out and killed on the spot. He. gained many of .the most important prizes for., cycling "In 'France,' 'and among his performances abroad earned great fame In-the; sis-day grind, at Mad, New Tort. . MUST REPORT IN CONDITION On Account of Short Training Period Pitcher* An Expected to Work- put at Home. Because of the National leagae restriction on the length of the training period there will be no sending of pitchers abend of the main team this spring. Most of the Kntlopal league clubs' have notified their pitchers that they will be expected to report in "condition," which means they are expected to start their workouts ' at home a couple of weeks in advance of the training period. ' Manager Qutnn of Browna Flnda All His Qutfield Talent Bat From the Left Side. Business Manager Bobby Quinn of the St. Louis Browns, having taken stock of his outfield talent, finds that all he has bats from the left side of the plate, whereupon he announces that he is in the market to buy or trade for. n right-handed hitter who can also catch files. LEAGUE TO PROTECT FAMILY OF 60WDY KOOB SEEKS AVIATION BERTH Southpaw Hurler ef St. Louia American League Team Makes Application for Flying Job. Ernest Konb," sonthpaw pitcher .of (the St. Louis Browns for the last two f sensons, bos filoji his application for entrance into the United States aviation service. Koob was offered a contract by the Browns, and bus accepted It He la registered in class 1 in the-selective draft "I have notified Sergt. Hank Gowdy I of the Boston Braves, the first ball i player to enlist, that the National | league will take good care of his- dependents In the event of his Inability or effacemcnt," President John K. Tener ot the National league said at Boston as chairman of the Elks' committee, which is to build a hospfbal In Boston for crippled soldiers. MAY LAUNCH "KNITTING DAY" Chicago Club Endeavoring to Restore Cuctom of Admitting Women Frw to Garnet. "Knitting day" once a week may be established at the National league parks this season, If plans under, way are -carried to completion. The Chicago clnb formerly admitted women free one day a week, bot a year ago the National league passed n rule, abolishing "ladles' day." Officials of tlie team now propose to ask a renewal of the custom at the next meeting of the leagne, but-instead of calling It ladles' day Jt will be known as "koltflng day." It Is said that five of the eight clubs of the National league faror a free day for women, which has prevailed . at the park of the' Chicago American league club for sereral years. HAAS IS TO BECOME AVIATOR Newark Outfielder Passes Examination for Air Service--Entered v us Machinist. Bruno Hflas, Newark outfielder, who has been stationed with the Newport naval-reserves, has. been notified that his examination- for a berth with the blrdmen was successful nad that shortly he wifi be called to that branch of the service,. He enterM the naval service as a machinist. The airplane service, hotv- .ever, appealed to him and he desired to make a change.' JOHN KELLEHER AN-AVIATOR Brooklyn Recruit Inflelder From Denver Haa Been Accepted for Service In Army, » ~~~-- , John .Kelleher,. the recruit Inflelder Brooklyn drew from Denver, has notl- fled Proisident Bbbets that he has been nccepted for.service In the : army arta- ·clon.sec^qn. He makes aT9;.starS'.Jn Willard Service is More than Battery Service Our business 5s more than repair-' ing and seflxng batteries. It's maintaining a continuous personal interest in you and yoor battery. Helping in every way we can to assure you of reliable starting, lighting'and ignition. We show you hour to take care of your battery and help you do it. Thb keeps it on the job, and the battery keeps yonr car on Hie job. When repairs 01 redrarging must be done, we do them as only experts can do them, and provide you with a rental battery so that your car is not laid up. When at last you need a new battery, we r^TM supply you with the latest and finest Willard product-the StiH Better Willard with Threaded Rubber Insulation. This is more fH»" battery service --it's insurance of car-use. CARROLL BATTERY CO., 115 North First Street, Connellsville, Pa. OFFICIAL HOUSEHOLDER'S FLOUR REPORT WRITE CAREFULLY. J*?o. householder is permitted to purchase over 49 pounds of wheat flour nor to b*Te more than 30 days' supply. Bvery householder must report immediately Con this form) to their dounty Food Administrator. Make report ot a]l Wheat flonr on hand whether It is eicess or not and urge on your neighbors the Importance and necessity of making this report promptly. ' Number In household ad uJts, .children under 12. Wheat flour on hand (all flour containing any wheat).... ....Ibs. Thirty days' retirements (when used with substitutes according to 50-50 regulation) Ibs. 1 agree to hold my excess subject to the order of the United States Food Administration. Name ...,....., POHtofflCT Street and No. or R. F. D. Maximum' penalty for Boarding is ^5,000.00 fine and two years imprisonment. Tnea« blanks will not be distributed. Yoa must fill in your own blank and mall or deliver It to yoar County Food Administrator. An immediate report will avoid possibility of search and prosecution. ' HOWARD HHINZ, Federai Food Administrator for Pennsylvania. Send Ripen to Charles JL. Davidson,. t/niontOTvn, Pa. Federal Food Idnunistra for for F»7efts Connty. The Better the Printing of your stationery the bettei the impression it win create Moral: Have your printing done here. STOP-LOOK-READ BENNETT BROTHERS, AUTOMOBILE WRECKERS lURheKt Prlcta Paid for All MaL.cs Cant "We sell second-hand parts and aec«s- soricB lor all makes of cars at Jowcst prices. GET THE "BKXMSTT* HABIT AXO , SAVI5 .MONEY. . Open Sumliij- 10 A. M. to I P. M. Corner Ftoss and "Water Sereeto PITTSBURGH. PA. Bel] Phone Court 3252 | FIGHTER CLABBY JOINS $ I SPORTSMEN'S REGIMENT | 5 Word lias been received in T t this country that Jimmy Clab- j£ ^ by, former middle "weight cham- ^ ·ft pion of this country and now jj. J holding the heavy weight title J '· of Australia, has enlisted. ah ^ He Ettacbed hlinseU to the J ^ Sportsmen's regiment f There. IT 5 have been recent reports that 5 ^ Clabby would return - here 'to 3f £ fight In the near ftiturft. ' J 'SOME NEW PLAYERS' COMING I Connie Mack Cannot Announce Anything Definite About Them Until First of March. Connie Mack, in announcing the revise of a batch of youngsters, sa5 - s lie has "some new players" coming on, but that he cannot .announce anything definite' about them until the first of March. 'Connie may be waiting to see what'players of the various defunct minor leagues fall to receive contracts at the dead-line-date. ASTHMA MfDICINE SOLO BY ALL DRUGGISTS. PRICE $100 6 BOXES FOR SS 00. TRIAL PACKAGE BY MAIL lOc. fVMUAMS MFG. CO., Props. CkvtUao, 0.{ A Dubloua Question. ."What did .pa say "when you told him you wanted .to marry me, Char-' ley?" . "A very queer thing, darling. He asked me If I ha3 Insanity in my family," ' '" ' - Another Precinct to Come In. "Poor 'ilrs. Brown. I hear she has had a- lot of .trouble, abont her husband." ' · "Yes, poor dear." ' "I. understand there Is a scandal mixed up In it." ' "But have you heard the worst?" "N---up--I haven't heard what Mrs. Gadabout ties to say 'abont It yet." For sale by Connellsville Drug Co. l Post l( ialni--ftta ». ot J bolllt. C.n. HEMICAL CO..CCTONHATI.*.

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