The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1918
Page 5
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\WEDNSSDAY, MARClt 6, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA, PAGE FTVB. At tle Theatres. THE PAKUtOCST. "THEE WIFE HE BOUGHT."--A five part Bluebird feature in which Carmel Myers, supported by Kenneth Harlan, is seen in the leading role, is being presented today. One of the most pleasing features of this story of unusual love is the way in which it skims over the obvious and brings" out fresh and amusing situations. It relates the experiences of j a young | or all Manhattan man who returns.from the Northwest and finds his father dying, alter being rnia«d by a Vail street rival. Tae young TM*m have the usual revenge. He goes bo 7 tte man who provided a beautiful production and new costumes which would to credit to any dollar attraction but the usual low prices will prevail. Those who enjoy a good, hecrty laugh and at the same time .a play of infinite charm should make : it a point to, see Lena Rivers. Between acts there wilt be the usual enjoyable vaudeville features. Satnrdjty matinee and : night' only,. the i Manhattan's will produce the blciest. :e8Ms "Pretty THE OXl'UEITJf. 'must have the 'hattd of-; his daughter in marriage or the prisom sentance wiB follow. -.Brieson tSv.uawillln!: to make the sacrifice, but. the daughter, Janice, offers herself to save her sire from, punishment. Valiant loves Janice, "almost without realizing it, bot he wll! not give up the Jrtea that he is still having his revenge. Not until another appears, whose life he is forced tt save unwillingly, does he awaken to the truth. The- rescue scene, the , sprained ankle and later the saving of the girl after an explosion on the yacht are all Rood in- HEART'S REVENGE;'.. A av» has ruined his father and says - he .j ec i ^ m _ Pol drama featuring 3o»ta DOCTOR GAVE THIS RUNDOWN ' WOMAN VINOL And She Got WeD--H«r NerromneM Disappeared Flint, Mich.--"I keep hone for mr family of aix and rot atto a generally run-down condition., I w»§ wetk. ncrroiu and could not altep, and lud hndache a good deal- of tbe. time. My doctor pretcribed Vinol and. it made me well and itrong. I am a good de«l lew nerVon* and cu ileep nifhtj."--Clara Smith, 1313 W. 4th Are*. Flint, Mich. We sell Vinol on a positive guarantee to make .henroui, weak, fun- down women well and'Strong or return their money. Try it anyway. Laugbrey Drug Co., F. H. Harrowing, Connellsville; David C. Ea»on, Dnnbar, and at the. best drug store In every town and city in the country. SCOHDALE'PLANS A RECEPTION FOR EX-PRESIDENT TAFT five Minule Stop is Being Arranged if Journey Leads fey Mill Town. SPEAKS TWICE IN UN10NTOWN A*no»ctiaeBt of Ytorelopments is to Markova. It is the.stoiy of a'girt -who.] had .faith. Debits all the evidence, {' she battles against' he»vr odds to rescue her sweetheart" from an admirer's crafty scheme to send him. to China. See the thrilling chue in motor boat at sea. "The Mutual* Weekly" will also be shown. Tomorrow, charming Mary Miles Miater is featured in "Beauty and the Rogue.' be Jbde by Bnlletiis Thfe A«cr- ao»» , Women .Regfeter for TV*r April 5 aid 6; Other Sews. Friday and Saturday, .a unique theme is presented in "A Modern.Muslciteer," the Douglas Fairbanks production released by -AJtcrafL, The story deals with the chivalry .of a olden d«ys cidents. Miss Myers and Mr. Harlan brougllt ttj) to date br tft reincaraat- do exceptionally good work in the s ed D ' Artas nan, the Dnmas Hero, leads. Tomorrow Ethel Clayton, the screen favorite, will be seen in "Whims of Society," a story of factory life, in which Miss Clayton takes the role of Nora Carey, a factory girl. Friday and Saturday Mabel Taliaferro TVill be featured in "Draft 258," a photoplay of unusual interest. ·.THE AKCABK whose p resam aBiy lives in the character portrayed by Douglas Fairbanks. ELKS WIN OVER · ELITE CLUB AND KEEP TOP PLACE and Still Leads League. Repeating its success of the day pnvious the Johnny Jones Musical i lomedy yesterday at the Arcade pleas- t od lair sized audiences at all ,per- j.Antlered Tribe "Gets Away* tarmances. The vaudeville features j WJth Dangerous" Opponeat are exceptionally good and were well ' received and deserved all the applause they - got. Today and tomorrow the company will present the musical farce with vaudeville trimmings, "Lord Heis. A. Bum," a tabloid version ot "Senator Murphy's Dangh- tert Reception." It is a satire upon the craze for marrying titled foreign-' ers. The situations are logically funny. The. principal comedy role vrill be in* the bands of Ike Morris, the nlmole tooted acrobat comedian, assisted by Melvin, the eccentric comedian. Both got hundreds of LEAD NEVER OVERCOME B. P. O. £. lake* Gwe by 6«x) Margin ud Elite Score k Threatsnin?: IndepeBdeate WU the Preliminary Fn« C*M«ll8viU«. laughs yesterday and the day before. The Elks retained first place in the city league last night when they defeated the Elite club, 27-12. The Elks The song numbers vrill include j got a lead at he beginning of the game "Cause I Lfke You." sung by Miss Flo j and never dropped it. Scoring for Morris: "The "White House Ball," by (either side was slow. The Elite team was' shooting in hard. luck, and' time after ime what seemed". to be sure Lcj Ritchey; "The Three "Roses," by Miss Evalyne Pattullo, lyric soprano; ""Walking the Dog," by Mel Melvin; Jack Lanxmt will sing a parody on "Rosa Raccnlla." and the Queen City shots rolled off the edge of the basket. Had the Elite team won the game last night that club would have gone Trio "will be heard in jazz.songs. Th« | into first place, ousting tbe Elks. The picture willNbe "The Plunge of Destruction," th'c fifth episode in "Vengeance ' and the " "Woman." hi which a real old fashioned wild west stage holdup takes place, and the' coach falls over a precipice, are but two of the many thrills. Jack Grant, tbe premier blackface cemedian, is cooling sext week with Da\* Newman's Black and "White Revue. THE SOISSOJT. , "LHMA RIVERS." Perhaps no other play announced for production by the Manhattan Players has caused : so much favorable comment as "i,6na .Rivers" which will be presetted for three days and nights* commencing with today's matinee, "tcna SJvers" : In novel form was a widely read book and the dramatic version is still bet-' ter. The Manhattan Players have There Was Nothing So Good ,ior Congestion and Colds as Mustard But the old-fashioned i antlered' team now has a stronger, hold on that position than before. The playing seemed slow at he start but so ( ou picked up until a lively contest was going. ." There was some nice passing exhibited in the game and the Elk team opened up more than it has at any previous time this year. I. Goodman scored the majority of-the baskets for the winning team, getting four. Every other player on the Elk team got at least one basket. The B. ft O. and the Maccabees play Friday. In the preliminary the Independents won from tbe South Connellsvilie aggregation. The lineup: ' . Special to The Courier. SCOTTBA1.B, March 6. -- If the plans of the Uniontown reception committee' are carried out as announced, people of Scottdole will hold a five minute reception for ·William Howard Tatt who apuaks tomorrow at tbe Fayette county capital. It is supposed that Tatt will come by-way of Greensburg and the Unicntown. committee will meet him. in Greenaburg and take him by automobile to Uniontown. , Owing to the condition of the roads, it was said yesterday that a telegram had been sent to the former president suggesting' that he come to Connellsville and in thig. event Scotidaje people will not get to greet him. As -soon as something definite is learned a bulletin board will be placed at Steincr's tobacco store setting the time for arrival and something about .the reception that will bo given to him. Taft appears in Dniontown on Thur^lay at the "West End theater and in the evening before the JPayette County Bar Association. · Sodality Entertained. Miss Margaret Finn«rty entertained the Sodality at her home last evening. The evening was spent knitting and very nice refreshments. were served. XJsslon Conference. On Monday afternoon there was a conference on foreign missions at the United Brethern church here. Connellsville, Owensdale, ML Nebo, lit. Pleasant and Youngwood was represented, Hiss Tera Blinn, of Dayton, Ohio, editor ot the 'Woman's Evangel," ,was the speaker ot the afternoon and placed before the audience the need of Foreign Missions. Women Scottdale and .4pril 5-ft. Bast Huntingdon ELKS--27. I. Goodman Lessig ' ' ' ' , Rhodes Bane _i BUTE--12. Smith Jones Alderfer Port A. Goodman. G L McConnell Field Koata: I. Goodman 4; Lessig J: Rhodes 2; Alderfer 2; Smith' 2; Bane 2; Jones, A. Goodman. Foul goals: L Goodman, 3 out of 12; Alderfer i out of 5;.Port, 1 .ont of 8. Jones missed 2. Rhodes missed 2. Referee, "Wall. H*r Wl«h. "So she married for money, eh 7" "Yes." "DW she get it?" "Yes. But now she s»y« she wishes burned and blistered while it acted. Gel the relief and help that multard plasters gave, without the piaster and without the blister. . -· -· -- --' Mnaterofe does h. KJ» a dean, white : her Iwsband -was t little less like a- ointment; made irith oil of mustard. It it [cash register «ml more llk« a man." scientifically prepared, so that it work»| wondeis. and yet does not'blister the tenderest skin. - ! · lust massage Hnsterole in with the fin-' ger-fipi gently. See bow quickly it brings; Not i Gift. "Dow the doctor give yon «ny hopeT 1 Ten and no He gays rather will relief"-^-how speedily the pain disappear^ recover, but he's charging ui well for Use Musterole for lore throat, bron- that Information." chitis, tonsilto. croup, stifl neck, «~nmi. . Mnralgja, headache, cootrestioo. pleurisy. Dep*nd» on the Man. Kitchen Apron* 48c 69c values--made of tub-proof Gingham in neat checks,. Special at 4Sc. " h Bungalow Aprons 89c ?1.00 values--well made o£ light . colored Percales, Special at S9c. The Big ; Store" Announces an Impprtant MARCH SAILE Of the f am- T ¥ f^v The Utmost ous Bectric l l f\1 1 CP* I ItfV^CC^Gm Economy Brand 1 IvJUOv/ L/l WOOWOand Utility. Dresses That Save in the Wardrobe as Hoover Regulations Save in the Pantry. .Style, Guality, ' . . , Fit and Service at Astounding Low ,Gost. Coining at the rcry Jxmr when the rule of sensible buying is bcin? observed by the women of America, it presents ·· HB«qialled opportunity to purchase the very type ..and style of Dresses that Women are in need of and at prices that all women can comfortably afford to pay. So woman can afford to miss this opportunity. Don't let anything keep you away. Come "today. " . ' . . · · · " ' " J5LDCTHIC BKAJfD HO.USX BKESSES $1.19 "Worth $1.50--many styles, In light and dark colors, regular and extra 1 --all are adjustable." EXTRA SPECIAL HOUSE DRESSES 95c Today's value ?1.39--made of excellent material in light or dark colors. All sizes. ELECTRIC BBAXI) HOUSE DRESSES $1.48 TVorth $1.75--made of finest- materials, i n - regular, extra' and' stout sizes, adjustable to fit all women. ·' ' SEE THEM DEMONSTRATED See them on living models. ' See their faultless fit: See the adjustable models. See the styles for stouts. See" the adjustable hem. See the under-arm shields. . Sec their countless other features that make them America's best. Bungalow Aprons, today's value . $1.35 Electric Brand House Dresses Regular $2.00 values in light or dark colors, in an endless variety. The practical dress for yon. Regular, extra and stout, sizes. S.,000 GABMEJfTS IS THIS EVE3V.T And Tpe gnarnnt«9 t« · fit- all women pfltffresiy without mating" a single ' alteration in the .garments. Think what Oils means to yon women ·who haye nerer enjoyed this pri-rflege before. Bungalow Aprons, $2 values at Electric Brand House Dresses Today's value $2.50-made of finest tub proof material in all sizes, including stout, regular and extra sizes. $1.95 VMM MMMM Smith field. township .women will register on April 5th anil 6th. Mrs; A. C. Overtoil i.s the general chairman. The registration will take place in the school houses at the districts. They inclue 28 school houses. * CMc Club Active. 'The Civic. Cluh wiJi hold it!! regular monthly meeting at the High school building on next Monday evening. At this time the public recreation committee will have charge of the meeting and the tennis dob will meet with it. At this meeting the nominating committee will make its report and tbe April meeting will be tbe annnal meeting. Council Meeting I'lxtponed. The council meeting Monday even- j ing was postponed until next Monday ! evening. , for Sale. Six room house, four extra lots. close to borough, for $2,500. . Eight room double house, on paved street, rents for $20, for $2,000. JFour room cottage bouse, lot 12tW20 feet, "West Pittsburg street, for $1,200 E. F. DeWitt.-- Adv.-- mar-5-7-9. Fenoaal. Mrs. Dan Myers, "ot Mooessen, Is the sueet of Mrs. Panel of this place. H. B. Lee has returned home from a business trip to Troy, N. Y; Miss Sophie Coughenour and .Mrs. Nelson, of Connellpriile. spent yesterday with Miss Pearl' Thomas. Miss Susan Shdrey has returned home;from a visit paid Irwin friends. Paul Fretts, ot Morgantown visited at his home here for a few days. · Misses Hannah and Clementine Hot- tier, of Connellsville, were the guests of Miss Elizabeth Maloy on Honday. Mrs. L. D. Goughenbur is visiting friends at Swissvale. Read the advertisements. When Itching Stop* There is oae safe, dependable treatment that relieves itching torture and skin irrj , spcaMi sore muscles. "A pobllc offlce does not necessarily tationahaost instantly and that deanaec bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, coWsrf make * n"" 1 prominent." and soothes the "skic. the chtst (it often prevent* DncumoniaL "No," reptted Si-nator Sorghum, Ask any druggist for a 35c or »1 bottle. -- - - - - - -- · -- ^ « - "·- - . 3 ;,,,, .,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,, .h,,,,,,' of zsmo ancl apply it as directed. Soon 36c aud 60c jars; hospital sue 12.50, , March 5.--Mrs. T. R. Ljinch and children, Jessie R., Helen and Cecil, of Fairbanks, Fa., spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives in the borough. ·Miss Birtie Campbell ol Pt. Marion, spent Sunday with relatives here. Clarence Black spent Sunday with T. R. Lynch at Fairbanks. Lcvis Hastings a trackman on the B. 0. here has '.been promoted as section foreman with.headquarters at Pt. Marion. He assumed his duties Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Hibbs of Washington county. Pa., are visiting relatives in twn and country- .Mrs. C. A. Metoalf called on frieaus at Uniontown Sunday. Stella Frankentoerry of the Pi. Marion schools spent the week end vacation at her home here. ' Rev. Ralph Bell commenced a series of special services in the M. E. church Sunday evening with a large congregation at the initial service. Samuel Tobin aad family of tbe "White House motored to the borough Sunday. John Howard and wife of Uniontown called on their parents hers Snnday. Ben. Montieth has bought himself a Ford. This has set the tongues ot the gossips to wagging who say that thia portends matrimony. G. Angelina of Stums was a business risitor Monday. L. L. Moeer, of Ruble, was a borough business visitor Saturday. Frank Britt has his head swathed in bandages as a result of a large carbuncle on the back of his neck. Something in the atmosphere here must ho conducive to this form of pest as many are afflicted with them this. winter. .The writer is wrestling with the sixth one that he has had on different parts of his anatomy in the past two months. WHEN YOU ENTERTAIN THE FOLKS- V. ,, C«ine and Effect Fhitbnsh--My neit-door neighbor was taken sick last night. Bensonhnrst--Too bad. ·Tea, we telephoned for the doctor but he couldn't come." "How IB he today?" "Oh, he's worse. The doctor came today 1" Might Be Much Worse. "When I henr the popular songs whistled on the street wherever I go, I'm «o thankful to the whistlers!" ' "Thankful?" "Yt'.s; suppose they cuuld whistle tiie ·words!" Be Sure to Serve them with the Best-- The same good beer with the same good reputation it had years and years ago, when the grown-ups of today were kids. It is all Quality. No expense is spared--in materials, labor or process--to make it the best you can buy. Ask for the Pittsburgh Brewing Co/s CONNELLSVILLE SPECIAL BEER AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS- ORDER A CASE SENT HOME ynu j A Genuine Reform. "In u rt'funn, n-duld -limlnate nil thi- sili'nt letters?" j "1 wonld all t!hM found Icadinz the Monble life." 'blackheads, cczeaia, blotclies, ringwon: ! and similar slua troubles will disappear, j A little zeino, the penetrating, satisfy-1 ing liquid, is all that is needed, lor it banishes most c!iin eruptions and make* I the sUra soft Frr.ooth "and healthy. The E. W. RostCo, Clmlwi. O. PILES! PILES! PILES! "WILLIAMS' PILE O1NTMEWT For Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles. For nit by ill drugp»tt, mail Me and tl · 80. WLL1AMS MFC. CO, ft in. Cln ih.J.Olu-. For sale' by Connellsville Drax Co. MOOOOOOC aocxxxMoooooooooooooooooa Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. SCOOOCX»OCOOOOCXXX3OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(OOOObOO

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