Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 19, 1974 · Page 174
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 174

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 174
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tatistics show that, because of the population explosion and the increasing complexity of society, ! legal conflicts between individuals __ are increasing at a horrendous rate: Nowadays the average middle-class American can expect to find himself embroiled in a legal contest at least five times during, his lifetime. Consumer is pitted against producer, tenant vs. landlord, driver vs. driver, husband vs. wife, insured vs. insurance company. It's no wonder the media keep referring to our "Law Explosion." You, as trusted guardian of your family's rights and property, urgently need to arm yourself with the best legal advice available. To make this possible, the editors of Moneysworth, the galvanic consumer fortnightly, are pleased to announce publication of Defend Yourself! The Moneysworth Legal Advisor. A copy is yours ABSOLUTELY FREE with an eight-month subscription to Moneysworth. How much does a subscription cost? Incredibly, ONLY$2.99!! Unlike other legal advisors, Defend Yourself! is not an agglomeration of legalistic gobbledegook. It is a practical, authoritative, supremely lucid reference work for the layman. Perhaps most important, the bo.ok stresses ways to save money. If you've ever hired a lawyer, you know how depressingly expensive one can be (the average lawyer now bills time at over $50 an hour). Defend Yourself! The Moneysworth Legal Advisor tells (a) how to avoid lawyers altogether for most minor legal matters, (b) how to conduct your own legal research, and (c) when it becomes absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer, how to assist him in ways that will enable him to keep- his bill to an absolute minimum. In other .words, The Moneysworth Legal Adwspr.ensures you that you will come out ahead in a contest not only legally, but. also financially. (As anyone who has ever been enmeshed in the law can tell you, it is entirely possible to win acase legally but lose it financially.) '· The author of The Moneysworth Legal Advisor is one of America's most distinguished attorneys in private practice, Edward Siegel, Esq., of the firm of Adams, Rbthstein Siegel. Mr. Siegel's credentials include membership in the American Trial Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, and Phi Beta Kappa. He brings to his book years of experience as both an insuperable trial lawyer and humane counselor on vexing, intimate, personal problems. Mr. Siegel describes his overall approach in the,book's foreword: "Idon't intend this book to be a comprehensive 'text' of the law, or a general treatise'on abstract principles. Rather, I have attempted to cover thepractical. side of the law as the average person might encounter it, with down-to-earth suggestions and warnings....My purpose is not to teach the reader how to be a lawyer, but how to avoid lawyers when possible, and what to expect when a lawyer's assistance is needed." Defend Yourself! The Moneysworth Legal Advisor contains 352 pages and over 150,000 words (plus tables/charts, definitions of legal terms and check lists). Its 11 sections deal with Buying and Selling a House, Going into Business, Debts and Taxes, Divorce, Accidents, Wills and Estates, and other such subjects. In addition, the book contains hilarious legal anecdotes, illustrative case histories, sage advice---and, at the end of each chapter, BLANK FORMS that will enable you to handle many legal matters YOURSELF! The overall style of the book is informal, so that reading it is a pleasure. It's like chatting with a lawyer who is a member of your own family. Among the fascinating questions you'll find answered in this book are: I How can you compel a dealer to take back a car that is a "lemon"? H Are you permitted to use a gun against a burglar who is unarmed? II May ahusband and wife have intercourse during a legal separation? 11 How can you compel a noisy neighbor to shut up? H In drawing a will, are you permitted to cut off a spouse completely? U What stratagems work almost invariably in fighting a traffic ticket? H Are contracts made under the influence of alcohol binding? 11 Exactly what is a contract? 11 Are you required to support a parent? 11 Is it generally better to hire a lawyer on a flat-fee or hourly basis? 11 Is a check written in pencil valid? 11 To what extent is an owner liable for the actions of his pet? 11 Must you make good on a charity pledge? 11 Does a husband have the absolute right to determine where a couple shall live? 11 When is a restaurateur responsible for his patrons' hats and coats? K Can a home owner refuse to sell to a black? · 11 Does a wife share.'ownership in property obtained by her husband during their marriage? ; · 1t Is a bank liable for'thefts from its safe-deposit boxes? ;.. I Can you insure the life of another person without his consent? II If your child under 21 lies about his age and buys a car, are'you responsible for the debt? U If you find a wallet on the street, must you report it or is it yours to keep? 11 How much in money damages is a father entitled to for the seduction of his daughter?.-; 11 If your laundry bundle is left outside your door and it is stolen, is the laundry responsible? 11 Can you withhold rent if your landlord fails to provide services? 11 What advantages does a partnership offer over a corporation? 11 Is a marriage invalid if either party falsified his age in the marriage application? 11 John, a practical joker, tells Mary that her husband has been killed in an accident. Mary suffers psychological injury. Can she sue John? 11 What property cannot be transferred by will? 1i In playing golf, you fail to shout "Fore!" and another player is injured. Are you liable? H If a neighbor helps you sell a house, can he stick you-for a broker's commission? U Can a husband demand relations with his wife whenever he wishes? f If you lend your car to a friend and he gets into an accident, are you liable? 11. If a credit agency gives you a bad rating, erroneously, what legal steps can you take? 11 How long must you keep tax records? f In a divorce, who keeps the hi-fi? 11 What happens if the used car you bought turns out to be stolen? 11 What shrewd methods are there of avoiding probate? U What are the techniques for outfoxing an insurance adjuster? 11 Under what circumstances does it pay to hire a young attorney rather than an experienced one? H What legal complications can arise from a couple's living together rather than marrying? U Can a wife insist upon a regular allowance? U Can a lawyer help you obtain a property assessment reduction? 11 If you make a major purchase and later regret it, how can you squirm out of it legally? U May your landlord enter your premises without permission? 11 Where is it easiest to obtain a divorce? 11 How often can you change your name? s you can see, The Moneysworth Legal Advisor ends forever your confusion and anxiety concerning the legal questions of everyday life. It provides firm ground to walk on in the treacherous swamp of Attachments, Defaults, Subrogations and Implied Disclaimers. Most legal advisors now cost upwards of $10. Those published by Reader's Digest and Time-Life Books--which we consider inferior to Moneysworth's -sell for $10.95 and $11.95. But welre offering you The Moneysworth Legal Advisor ABSOLUTELY FREE--if you'll just order an eight-month subscription to Moneysworth NO W! To repeat, the cost of an eight- month subscription to Moneysworth is, incredibly, ONLY$2.99!! In case you're not familiar with Mon- eysworth, let us explain-that it is (as New York critic Robert Reisner has stated) "By far, America's most trustworthy and useful consumer publication." It rates products as to best buys (as among cars, cameras, hi-fi's, and the like); it offers tips on how to save money (they will astound you with their ingenuity); and it counsels you on the management of your personal finances (telling not only how to reap maximum returns on your savings but also how to protect yourself against the ravages of inflation). Moneysworth commenced publication not too long ago but already has become the most widely read publication of its kind in the- world (with a readership of nearly one million). Here's a list of the kinds of articles Moneysworth prints: Cars that Are Stingiest with Gas Air Travel at 50% Off How to Earn 12 1 A% on Your Savings The Killing Facts about Life Insurance Minicalculators that Add Up to Best Buys How to Save 20% on Your Food Bill Pantyhose that Won't Let You Down Mercedes' Diesel, the "Lifetime" Car Quadraphonic Hi-Fi Squarely Evaluated Home Burglar-Alarms that Are a Steal Professional Sex Counseling, Free Microwave Ovens: Product Rating Opening a Secret Swiss Bank Account Wrist watches that Win Hands Down Earn Interest on Your Checking Account Heacly Buys in American Wines Belted Tires: Ratings without Bias Reel vs. Cartridge vs. Cassette The ABC's of Buying Vitamins Buying Art without Getting Framed ; Sewing Machines that Seam Fine Stoves that Area Turn-On Low-Cost Insurance for Non-Smokers Living Afloat without Getting Soaked Neat Magazines for Children Cheap Skates Swinging Tennis Rackets Baby Foods Are a Crock Binoculars Worth Looking Into Freeze-Dried Coffees Rated A Look at Illustrated Sex Manuals The Ugly Truth about Beauty Aids 35MM Cameras: Facts inBlack and White Coffee and Heart-Attack Inaccurate Billing by the Phone Company A Gourmet's Guide to Free Cookbooks 'Trailers with No Hitches Dog Foods Fit for King Treasury Bonds;for ; the Small Investor Easy-Riding Motorcycles ' , ; "How We Live on i Lessthan$75 aMonthtf n short, Moneysworth ever- ready, up-to-the-minute source of consumer intelligence. It's your trusty aide-de-camp in the battle of the marketplace. The editors of Moneysworth are a team of hard-nosed, experienced journalists with considerable expertise in the fields of consumer-affairs and quality periodical publishing. The publisher is Ralph Ginzburg. creator of the classic magazines-Eros and Avant-Garde (Mr. Ginzburg was among the first to provide Ralph Nader with a medium through "which to express himself on auto safety). Moneysworth's editor-in-chief is Betty Fier, formerly of Fact magazine. The art director of Moneysworth is Herb Lubalin, the world's foremost graphic designer. Radiating from this nucleus of editorial energy are reporters, researchers, product-testers and consultants throughout the United States. Together they create America's first--and only- consumer periodical with charisma. ."Moneysworth is available by subscription only. The cost of eight months is ONLY $2.99! This is A MERE FRAC- TION.of the cost of familiar, old-fashioned consumer publications--which, compared to Moneysworth, are boring and nearly unusable. And you get Defend Yourself! The Moneysworth Legal Advisor ABSOLUTELY FREEH Moreover, we are so confident that The Moneysworth Legal Advisor will prove indispensable to you that we offer it with what is probably the most generous money-back guarantee in publishing history: We absolutely and unconditionally guarantee that The. Moneysworth Legal Advisor will save you, in legal bills, at least fifty times^the cost of your Money sworth % subscription--namely, $150--or you get your money back IN FULL. Meanwhile, you will have enjoyed a subscription to Moneysworth and you may keep .the legal advisor ABSOLUTELY FREE! What could be more foolproof? To enter your subscription and receive your free copy of Defend Yourself! The Moneysworth Legal Advisor, simply fill out the coupon below and mail it with $2.99 to: Moneysworth, 251 West 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019. Get your subscription plus The Mon- eysworth Legal Advisor today--and tip the,scales of justice in your favor. MONEYSWORTH, 251 WEST 57TH STREET, NEW YORK, NlY. 10019 · -V' I enclose $2.99 for eight months of Moneysworth, the authoritative consumer fortnightly. As a Special Introductory Bonus, I will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE a copy of Defend Yourself! The Moneysworth Legal Advisor. I'm guaranteed $150 saving, or my money back IN-FULL. EXTRA BONUS OFFER: Check this box D, enclose $5, and get the legal advisor PLUS a whole year of Moneysworth AND a copy of the invaluable Moneysworth booklet that all of America is talking about, "Stake Your Claim! How to Work the Social Security Gold Mine.'' Name Address City State Zip *· "The Moneysworth Legal Advisor" also published as "How to Avoid Lawyers " "Monev«/unith» u is.a registered trademark. © M C M L X X I V Moneysworth. i-aw/ers. ivioneysworth ^

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