The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1918
Page 4
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r PAGE FOUR TI-JI-; DAILY OOUP.TER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1918. 8U?* Swig 1'. SNTTHER,:": Kditor, U7S-19H. THE COtHUBB . . ·5 Sec'y and Treasurer. Bnsinass Manager. 3 . JOKS -U GASS. ~- MaOMTlne Editor. . · : \ ·f WALTER 3. STIMMEIX . : i , . · City Sdit»r.- ; ,- . : " -i . 'KISS L.TNNE B,. KINCKLL. : '. ..... Society-Editor.- ~ ": MEMBER OF: '! -. . ~ A£*oeited Preiv --.-. · ·=·' A«dlt Btuoin :f =CIro«]»tk)ii,. . . . _ ·£ Pennsylvania Associated X»aiUes. communities. As tbk conference has no authority ·to" take fiction that Trill obligate .the several I chapters without their consent, tbb .'members need hare no (ear appointment c-f_tne committee will Ifelalone havc'th'o" effect of re- -rersing|the action.-already; taken, by .the Connellsvillc chapter^ Whatever ]lan,is- .o.ntJineJ' r at.vthe "conference it will; he; .referred; "to. - ttij.' .chapters for consideration; ?there tp;b« adopted or rejectca. ..Detenmniiig';what is, best to be : -jimK irttt"be".. the ·. Ustv'.tfc* ·* Con- ncilsTille chapter will have" to meet. ?? Two cents per copyi C 55. per year .by mail if month". advance. Entered T aR -ffrcon'l class'matter at ther ~ TCEJUTES1UY ETBTJ, 3LUL 8, 1918. . Serrfc* Flajc. ._£ " SHERMAN. ~~ ' i U U...S. A.. Fort . · " " * McPheraojr. Atlanta, Gstj'·'·· · RALPH JV'SLIOER, " Company H, 3t9th Infantry, 0*. S. X. A.. Camp Lee, I'ctersburg, Ya. Heiiibcr of The Ajaodated PT«JW. The Ansoclattd Press Is 'ex- 1 clusively entitlt-d to the uae tor .- repubilcation. of all ne-wB ais- patches c.-edite-l to It or nojt_ otherwise .credited in this papeTJT and also'the loc-il news-published_^ nerein. ' · . ' VfSTl- SQ AUTHORITY "WAS ' The New .Freedom Democracy neirs- .papersjilsptay almost, as much emo- Ition .^·jer;.. the ..'/promising signs -'for ocracH th'it' were, alleged to -have ' IHMf] * 1VHAT SAY BEXEXTECTKD IX . - ' -TOOD KECHATZON. '. j lAttte'.by; little the'fqod^consejva- ~tion resuMons ara'Jaking on a mace. 7 drasUcVform; From tUe observance of ' , bee'h'-'discovered at the recent '-gathering of the elect and 'deserving" in conference at Philadelphia, as Kaiser Bill rnanifestg^^hen ."rny .noble, troops" 'wlpjan- empty.,. victory qrj-any ot the 38any fronts: c ' .'".'. · 'SHc TheeUng'.ias.'heen "described as. 'Harmonious, enthusiastic and largely attended by active, earnest Democrats wfio cordially 'agreed in. cSnhdence of success -in the coming coritest,-v The information is vouchsafed that the "selection, of candidates and ' con- jStnic.ting platforms was., wisely refrained. from, the party .leaders not deigning tq'Bsrurp the 'authority of the people or undertaking to boss." H-wc. trusted alone to the purblind · organs of Xew Thought Democracy. i we could not but -believe that this I gal.hjring_ was a spontaneous corning £togeSiejrpf the-devotees of Democricy as ifis- being interpreted in high t places 4 and by Democrats who 'have i'jbeen well "placed," without a. single "voice" to uttei- a discordant note. Thanks to an honesi and fearless editor. -whose Democracy has stood all the acid tests and withstood all the "vagaries oTthe. New*Preedom schisms. ive-have a less rose-colored but truer whea'fl'ess and trie;Ctle3s days it w,as perspective of this historic occasion, J but a?s£ep:'trj- the'oPSft flour rule ani j a s some are pleased to term it. . - · ' - Jthe'laiier lias merely Ijeen preliminary ! "The meeting of Saturdaj"," .says'-the J-to t!i'£latest order 'requiring house-lBfit'efonte Watchman, "was a sort of '^.wives'- to jnake a report of the quanti- I hand-picked affair, assembled on in- ·^ ty of flpiir on' hand.' -· · " · ^ vitation and expected to he acquies- '· "VThiie the primary .object of the -new ; cen '- Those in attendance were not ^order-js-to supply "information as to i Chosen by the Democrats of- the com, : the ojitantity of floiirjstored away ; n i munitics they represented. They re- i homes,.-it -may posjlbly he. and very j f r a 'n=d from assuming to speak by au- .f probeMy . is. the forerunner of ' sUH i ; hority and thus juartfied themselves." '. more stringent., rules; respecting t h e ' Assuming, and exercising, authority -,^,*.,»^ ·- .=,,*:.:.... i- _._. - °.- - . ^.use ot-Vfoads-tuffs."" particularly' wheat 'specianyv.'wheii considered ^fb. tfie^ restrictions'placed being the function of but one Democrat in high place and supreme control o f ' practically everything in this ^upoa^tiefauantUy'; that may be piu--1 country, we can understand, from the ."chased:at,one-;time gnd the limitation preceding enlightening paragraph, jas to supply, tq.$£k$t on hand:These wn ? tfae Philadelphia assemblage In- ·:. features -o£ thjj.^eVest Regulation in- dul S ed iT1 nothing more catcfal or^r- '·Qicaier'tfiag^ie-Sb^'AdtnmistratioRis ' m ° than T° iIl ^ n S ou *- and admiring sraduall.r-.-'pr^arins' the 'pedpK* for j t h e rainbow-hues in the political skies, -i still more rlgid'control over the con- /sumption, of flour. . ". · r To those who have given any scr- ? ious thought to the situation, and have ,,· arrived at a comprehension of the .-·-in tte~us»*of.-flour is becoming more.-.and nwrerapparenT; ^ When'.Ve consider for a moment that only a very ^saytn part of the rlmir requirements ^of the Allies'have been supplied, and -;the further fact that before another ist time we w:lf have many thous- The .water copipany has less need of ;t irnnt than it has of crocodiles, alll- g-ators or oibf-r amphibious crc-At-urc? that can safely navigate cho«e atrcof- floodctf from brokon ma.ins. ou made i ConncllKville our flour card' h:iv» not. Navy League hoiulquarters supposes learned t o - k n i t in their .tleep. but they have learned how to put some knitter* to sleop when it comes to t u r n i n g out garments in quantity and of raperior qualU}- { keeps s · things. olfiicT.- of mr OWQ in-France dependent upon us for their food supplies, it ought to b-; plain that our shipments overseas of flour and other wheat products will hare to assunj'if -proportions never b.tfore reached. To i cars H wo obtain this supply taere is 'ai present \ morc O!l but oae source, asi \* from Australis ; . and Arsenuna. rtc.ce wheat can be j ^^^' procured. OTFin^ t the" sHorta;e of i lacking its -t wo V county's I-iherty Bond quota ^ up ulons with other After t h e i r foxt .s b u t 1J .record In movlnK lins that the Balti- should feast. chief ch.irtn for · win be t h « smalt ays ships and the long t;i=*a£ce to be ua- ; bo v and thrviir P« rents y' ho are alway Europe from tiie.iV'i coastrJes nam?d j ' * ,;._.. / . will he reJaiivelr v«jy ssiall between ! .when ridw and de lime of oar next bar- ! dinance Under the Shadow of the Spiked Helmet--No. 7. -By Macauley. SEV MD'ISTKK TO U. S. KROJt THE Classified Advertisements. Ow Oe.l a Wor*. No alvntu»m»nt» for Lew Than 15 OoU. Claaslned colunalui clove at noon. AdverUaementa ft vrmat*. a«lB, etc.. received after that hour will not ap^«ar until Ul« day foUowiac. WAITED -- YOlJIt i oualnons. REXDINE'S. WANTKD--WOHK BY D A Y ; WASH-', inp or ironing. A, B. C.. earo Courier, j WA"TKD--t:OOIC A-XI CHAilBEH- |. maid, ARMSTRONG'S RESTAURANT I WANTKD--]:OT TO ACT AS PORTKR and work in drug store. J. C. MOORE. ISCebUd BARUKRINO FOU KF3NT-- PTXKN-1SHED tf [ tionnekeepin^ rooms. 311 £a^ · f',rd. LIGHT Craw- KOP. P.E.VT--P-tJRXISIrED RCX)M for {rentlenun. 216 Market strfrCL 28f*btf One thing we must do is save food, 'and one particular kind of food we must save is flour. We are bow facing a flour famJne, and it is predicted by representatives of the United States Food Administration that within a short time this country -will be out of flour entirely. The supply is getting lower every day. The recent . ruling requiring persons buying flour to buy an equal amount of some substitute is being en- forced'by all good, loyal merchants,- and the fellow who is not enforcing it is taking a great chance of being put out of business. We have heard complaints from people of standing about this ruling, the unfairness of it, etc. It is not unfair, it is not unreasonable--it is absolutely necessary and you may as well .accustom yourself to using flour substitutes because the real flour famine is coming. Learn to-eat bran bread, oat meal bread, corn bread, rice ; bread". There' are many combinations that make good bread. We are having demonstrations at our plants over the entire region daily, teaching our people how- to use these substitute foods, and have had remarkable success. The foreign people are alright, they take to this order cheerfully. The flour situation is critical, people that are .criticis- ing do not know the conditions evidently, and it is time to take warning. Help win the war. *5 lorre Department Stores, Located in Fayetie, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. \ V A N T K D -- 1.USMWASHKK AND t h i r d trick r.uok at B. ii O. -RKSTAUn- A.\T. mar»t \ V A N T B 1 -- K J V K KXI'Kr.IBNCKD BiUca Uidlca. Adrlrer^i "M'L.ifUiK," care Courier. 6marSt FOR RENT--O.VE pESTRABL£ j store room formerly occupied bj' M»ans j i Hurphy. Inuuire PLORBNCK SXVTZ. j WANTKl--SECOND H A N D writer. Cull B w l l 13-U. or Trt-dtaic i Sfi-W, M o u n t Pleasant. :t3f«blC I. j W A N T K U -- KXIMSRIKNO15D GlHl-i t for B'eii-^rii! ho:i--.«jwork. Civil i02 We*« ' I Cedar j i v u n u e :^fter fi P. M. (murlf j FOR RKNT--FPONT OFFICES ON i frecond floor of Dnnn Evans build' 1 ' ' * · " ! Int. Inquire of liAJWT ' ·OR KENT--NK.'Kl-Y FURNISHED { niw for l l g h i hous^kt-cping-. All | ventences. C I S Ko^t Cedar. August Phillips, new minister f r o m - w vNTicr^HTFm voft G K N K U A L " houcWork. A n p J y Lo MRS. A. 1. OAX- IKl.s; 103 Ihuui iiv.'inio. (rnurti'ii. the Netherlands to the United 1 States. _ _ H e -R-as .accompanied t o Washington the ncW street excavation or- by Mrs. Phillips, the four grown .hccomes Affective )--TO KKN'T A S T A N L » A T 4 I 3 ritfM 1 f«r t h r - M nr llv "TYPI-jIV R I T K R , " property ! daughters and a son, ·hat I may h e l p t o ' b r l n s r her annth bon«l I'll buy: and thu« I'll puflii tile stinger in Kais«r Billy's «ye. --TWO IjAPllCS' K O l i OU- d*?r il,-part!n?:u. .Salnry i to. church aiul p r v G c n L oinpNjytnoin. "I caro C n u r l o r . O! j h:tvft CnnnellflVille d f Europe · f.'onsolidatlon plan., s*a-| osr; arwn pacrjl«.-3rt J retara c f t son,-' hare of, ttS'Food-yfcfaoin sratipn. meet !t-paIr.'tSr«:gb saring at of .smileage booKs, \vbfcb be has been authorized by-vhe government to dispose of, arid lias them on sale at tbe the .master "of. yourself, you in Jam. o'.her .way o j i e b r ~ _ _ ( store of the -Wright Actzlcr company. yourseU -hov.- far to B o; - -" the. present or ·TEeel :;. If. thcrctOr«,rYou^hold- t.he tTirottl^ of'ynur power, rrileri? and - rseufaSons't ··"'y»u'"ihake'yb'tfr schedule fast or the better able to comply with bthtri. ·s that may come latci. Buch as wheat^ less wgJC3 and stJII :'urther JimiiaUon in;t6« quanUtr of flour that can b e ' pn«lii»ed at one tinf'. if we first-learn I The v to-comply chwrfBllv and : willingiy f' * iritti existing m!es. In siori. wo can j Tou rettonable count noon . compulsory ; rery shortly taking the ! Succ . . 1 the jo'3 you TVJsh to claim, And., you ijetbrm'ine jUHt uf Ktrenuth you'll s*p»rr how much to -win lir. Moore will supply books to persons who ivish to sell them at dances or dispose of them/in any other *nan- e i t h f r choose to r st^y- I'ipht thfir ^PH from distant ncr. Buy buying a stnileage book for $1.00 and mailing it to a soldiec at any training camp, Uie laiter can use. the Ic ' coupons'in securing,an admission to } tTie cam-p ilheater where attractions, the i,mk I In whic.h. somfi of the best talent in the country will appear, will be presented. drop r and finish it. mountain tups : to .OhSPlve. ( ;'^ ' ristit.' tUosc splendid - Klorles to the- latter is SectftnSs; patyiotlc^elti? zen». ~ -~.r. r. ~^. *j"Tou J)nw. 19 or conqiwr all the ~ -. . ---_.- - ~ *~ ~~-- " » ' "" obstacles-UiMt b:.r your waj", -MIE--^KST HTMi COKF.^ '· Tijii 'make trie choice' Iwiit coort i 1h« Cooneflvvflle chapter nf th". Kei Cro««1n«'taken quite.ttic proper) v conrge i]i aclgctiiig a committee t o j confer wtfli tb* o*h«i' chapters of tBe comity npaa tb* coraotidation propo- nthM, and Imrtsg requested a repre- sefltstJTA ^""^v nBtiOEMkl lieaclctuartrs to come acra to explain the plan in detail. . . · - . " : ' . Macfa ot the -rawnderstaoding that has ,-triaen over the in«stion hajs bad its origin in a lack-of information. Without a dear understanding, it was but natural that individual .\iewr, rather t* 1 *^ a bmad conception of the plan ironM pr«dondnate in any ' thai j; .how rr 'U'll lo fnr from iruinhofKl you're slav« pelf. choice i i t t l r uriit uch ^Inry or Cor to the. silent or master of yoyr- here polt. By Walt Mnson. vilvle for tmny members to take HMr than one vi^rfaiert^ and tint a selfish one, ~wh«ii cemsiderins tbe proposed merger. ~WItti the tvH debdte before them, such as,a headqurten; offlcinl should W abte to preseat, tiwv« ·houtd be much less (!ifflcn!ty in look- Jnt at the r. broad.way: and. ai U may affect the Red Cross organi- sation as a irhole, and not as it may ·oncem th* pr«ferenc**s r sentiments or ol individual* or. aep-mrale TIQV? TO EXI) IT. bltary, Tve' wept 30 much- for p.. j.peace; for p««ce that is departed, and een keeping. . not been pos-Ueara. ity w»t«di I have b iknd wa.tcbixi|; bat dejecta: long, lent? I IUHFO b««a weeping, in 'xuVpn dial«cta. At lu£t I sco quite pUtiuly tliai teur.s won^t h»ip us, win; »iti now, to KCI more sanely I'prome tu b(-sin. ·WANTED--A HOOO SIX OL SKVBS room house, Smiili Htdo piv/ci-rod- TVJ11 lease by th« yr[iv or f*»r a lorrn of years. AUdr^SH Y, 'citru 'J'ht* Courier. . : a f « h t c WvVNTBD--SUYCU-iii: MAX TU M'ORK on f a r m who undtirHtamin f i i n n l n K ' O.IK! CJLFO ot stock". W i l l pay 5-1U per month and board. Aldr*PSH J. £?, ,lj., IjjunbiT- ton. Pa. -lnmr-1 L' 255 Slackers Arrested. v PITTSBU'R-G', March 6,~In a roundup oC alleged draft e^ad-ers more than ! icr 225 men- were arrested ia the · 24 hours up 10 last mid-nighL The" county jail became overcrowded and it became necessary to make use of the armory of the First Pennsylvania Field Artillery. W A N T E D -- M I X E R S WA^TTBL) WHO are s t u d y i n g for e x i L r n i n a t l o n f l to get tho heat Tutnini,- book puhlishiHi, "Mining In a. N'JtHhilJ." by JAMES WARDLAW, ScoLtdale. I'a. Price ?2.£5. S f e b U l R-notl condtrion. S240 to quick i*uy? Addr««s .U it. F. D- 1. Dnwaon. PH. I-'OEl rtAl.K--THIlKK SKCONW H A N O nhinos-, Rood c o n i l i t i o n . Also f o u r SOP- o n t j liaiul orfi-iin.1. Pl-rPKR K. W K I M - Hlv. ' 6r«ar^^ The Store that insists on fitting their Sbocs correctly. j Particular people liSe our Shoes, They're pleased Trith our style | selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Sboes--Better Values--Better Scrrice-- for our customers' stisf action. Call and sec some new Shoes. K O f ; .SAMC--TDK LATB SARAH A Marleil'i n'slrtcncft In Johnston avenun. I n q u i r e -MRS. J. T, DA.V1KS. BMI phone 75. T r l - f i t a t u fi46, f T n j o n t o w n . I m a r i f fon SA1.10-- .nbmif ^6 niirc dres? h".X R M . -irOUSK -\Nt.l F A R M OP s .wilh i'.unt in'^mcrniit. ; i'««f!onah!c («rm*. ,\H- euro Coitrior. FOi: H A l - l C -- D ROOM K K A M U I J U l ' S K flv« ytiiirs old, litirdwiiod iloors, i*xtrn Inrfi-o r^oms, r l n u l y thiltrhwd t h r o u g h o u t . Very (t:itid lociitlou, pavrtd .ttrootji. South SUlo d f M t r i c l . Prtcu 35,700. See RKA1.TV CO. CmarK l-'OH SAhK--TWO l?l* FIVE I'AS- soiiKtir f'tirda; two 1517 Maxwell Pn- iiiituHtrutoi-t*; onr W l l l y i * Knl K 'hl five pa.itttiiiKcr; o i t u t f l t Mitchell nv« piu?- ·iniiffiT enr in jiorfoct u u n d i t l o n : on«i 1017 fllvo im.'mertR'pr J*al^e. Will d»- «\u\iur}v(,c. Call 3'i Tri-StaK", I ^ U N B A J l AllTO CO. aOfebtfd TED -- CASH- Granted .Marriage Licenses. Dominico Cirilli, of Adelaide and Carmela Maselli, of South Connells- viHe, EarlB. Huey, ot Conuellsvllle and Ruth C. Ixmg, of Dunbar were granted marriage ( licenses in Uniontown yesterday. ' · ,, Notice to Lundlordx. ^co. MAKE A specialty ot collecting rents. 1 peace- bade aeraliL. by dofflntf ^ A bli: n-ap- piiiir. and dljfeinjc t*P t h e . .vt-n. Th« maa wtio tnki±s his shlflliiKM ami buys a bnby bond doe-d mort- t^ stn[» \\\t Jvilltnp 'o**r -tht»re, across tht- joml.' than forty reobens wailin?. a n ) }?HL- Injr of .their sta±fl ^Hth 5irips. /-f ornpn *'tTa4Hiin'. from h^hd? ar^irnfl t h e i r hata. Th* man who lend* his money i ,,. ...... .to.jc9pd-,oM Uncle,S*m, 'nwtkfts aJJ the I H. G. ESTATK OF J.VMI5R M. R K f D . L.ATE · c i i . w f (In? i-il' of r u i i i i c M r t v i l l e , c o u n t y of 'II ' Kityt*ice ;tnd .state oT I*(-dH«ylvaiiin t dc- store. Stats salary w a n t e d and fff v'o r«f*r«inco w i t h :ippltc:ilinn in own hand TVAKTHD--OLD K.VLSH T15IOT1I, Don't matter if broken/ I pay J2.00 to J15.00 par set. Sfnd by parcel puBi. aii'l recelv^ check by return m;vH. J^. MAZER. 2007 S. Fifth Street, Philadelphia.. Pa. 5mar23l* . WANTED---WHITE AKD COLORED laborers for 'reg-ulJir work. Nino hour day, time ancl one-half for ovort.lm°- Make twelve hours. MEMPHIS STKEb CONSTRUCTJON* COMPAKV OP PENNSYLVANIA. Grcensbure, Pa. - - ' ~ WAJS'TED--ANY^.KIND OF PK1.MT- Ing, whether U Is'a caillni? card, aule bill or the' \flnest on^ravcd weildins invitation or announcement. Wo p r i n t anything'--everythine'--do U . promptly and do it right. Call- the m a n ' a t TUB COURIER offlce. . Both phones. 27-tt ·tt-ANTKl--I · ^ritrr.-s Tesiamfntury uii tlie ubuvt- nit in nt e a t u t c hit vtnt;- bt-in ^ranlett to the uHdersixiiud. ' nuck-e is hereby et-luto ,to make · invTceUtale ivaymenU ;tnd tn 'i-hoP-H ha-vinp cL-vinis ucrainst the pamo, to present tiem properly aii- th«niicat««l for 's^ttlwncnt. HANKIE J. REID. Rxecwtrix. CojunpUffrillc, Pa. A£t*rn«y. ' 6majrfit-w«d MADJ-1 TO men duurs.' itadt- uf nny k i n d you uMtil. Atsu ^ l i d i i i K arid w i u do w s'u t*ec us. ; u \v a.f Y i » u w i l l save itiuiiey II* v y u about 11. Ji. O. ' P I C N N K K T , POH S A U K -- M l l . K JJOIITK 'AXI o a u l p m o n t tun follows: Onfi m i l k WikR'oti, ono horHft, two .sotrt hftrmms. ono cmvl wason. om* U'p cremn wagon. .Hoi'nn l i u n d r u d i n f l l c lioitliis, cr:Lt«», etc.*( ycnr'.-j prolltrf ilu'!U t n ten dollari? per day. K. K. DeWITT. Scottdalo, T'». Grandpa Is Sixty-four Today im tli* bmt ot heftlth. Hale end »ood Eppettta and good digestion. Grandpa's r ** »rn» LOST--LA.DIIW BLACK ITA.VP BAG h'i!.wi.-cn Mlchalnrln.s* sloro iin] end of SrntJi '.'oiin^llrfnilo street linr. I-" 1 in del' rvuirn Lo Courier oW^o. Smnrlt* WBT woaar KKCAUSP: to (In^ t h o s u i t to null you »t the store. Order it here, tailored excluairflly for you anrf made the way you want. "W« only malEo hlph-claso grarmonta. Salv- La C h i m n a , 209 Plttfibure street, Con- nollBvlUo. Pa. » . EOfebtC »r« »t««ay, too. He tB.tftfl C*r» of jbltniblf. H* k*«p* atmsilf flt He ··«· t* It thai lihi norrea nnd bl»od ar« i* r»od ih*p«. Wli»n ho finds tnf a little d«pr««wtf and crou. »l««pr all ci«y yot ecu not Bleep at H-Lcht h» bcpin« hi* treatment of Ko-f«r*u, thn ncrv* and blood tonic. ·"Blo-fwftn, a. compound of Lecithin, Iron P»ptonau and otlier valuable tonic clemontA in tablet form, la Juat flot«cUy wht tb« avcrao tired bual- ncM man. the average hc-ujicfeoeper MMdji at tiito s*uoo of tb« year. It tontts the nerrei »x»d P«t ·nergy into tb« «j«t*ni- There J» nc nnmteo' feren. Bv«ry pitck»eB shows £** exactly UTO cont«Dk A»k your «^- tor about B!o-fOr*n, or. If TOU *JW. »«nd ua hit nainu »nS ir« wiu TO'P- u-ard him the compete tomvto. fflve Bio-(ercn a f*ir trUU. tt II doa't male* «ood your money wiU b« itly returned to you. Int«r- booklet Trill b* xnaU*6 you en irect tf your don't handle it. Th« Swita edlos Co., Clnoinnati, Ohio. Public SALE, SATURDAY, MARCH Oth, b e g i n n i n g at 12.30 o'clock sharp. 25 head horses consisting- of Crawford c o u n t y mated draft teams, farm c h u n k t r ancl f?onoral purpone horses, toyothor l.'tth a n u m b e r of ffood young: mares- Also truck i.v,ig-on and harness. F. T. GRBENAWAL.T.. JOHN SOKDbKS. Auctioneer. 6m*r3t I'a. FOR RENT--TWO LARGK UNFUB- ni»h«d Liffht hcnipekoeping- room*. No children. 509 East Greon street. AT ONt.'K UNQTYPK OPEKATOR AT THE DAILY COL-JUEK OFFICE LEAVES NOjOTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL DRUGGISTS-LARGE PACKAGE 4f2» IF YOU WANT Anything, Halve Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a. Word. They Bring the Results. J XJ1

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