The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1918
Page 3
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f T* WEDNESDAY, MARCH! 6, 1918. WAR WILL MAKE A LOT OF GOOD DEMOCRATS FOR UNC SAM, HAROLD PORT BELIEVES DAILY COURIER, OUNNELLSVIljLE, PA. PAGE THREE, la the opinion at Private H. F. Fort, of this (An. and a member of Company A, loth Engineers Forestry, 'no* located "over there," this war will lend to make "some very good democrats for Uncle Sam." In a letter written, to his brother, C. A. Port, he tells some things .of interest as he sees ti«n. The litter written on February 3, says in part: "They are surely putting us through the pick and shovel, ax and cross-cut saw manual. Fortunately, I was no norice with any of the aforesaid instruments of labor, and as they sam I had a* strong back they didn't question my mental aptitude. -So it has been with many others, all thrown together -- college professors, graduates of the best schools i» technical m«n at many tramp lumber jacks, the SUtw, professions, stock yard" men -- into a melting pot, f so to speak, and when the amalgam cools and the product is analyzed, you'll find. a common people, working for a common cause, which is just as old. The continues: ''As you know,' we are in the 'sticks'--lots and lots of it right here, and it has all been planted and cared for as a farmer does his corn In Bother -words,'the principles of forestry have been used in the growing of this timber, just as the farmer uses agricultural methods ; for his cereal crops. The method of regeneration, that is, of starting of tais timber crop,. Is slightly different from' that used by the Pennsylvania Department of Forestry, but as yet, I can't see where they have anytLing on us. This timber averages 60 years of age and I'd be willing to say that when Pennsylvania plantations are CO years old, we'll have better and bigger timber to show for our efforts. I've thought lots,of times that if the remaining few antagonists of forestry in Pennsylvania could see these forests they'd be in favor of an. increase rather than a decrease in funds to carry on our good work in the state of all states." Port says he enjoys reading the let- WHY I BELIEVE IN NUXATED IRON As a Tonic, Strength an4 Blood Bailder. By E Sauer. M. D. Probably no -emedy has ever met with such phenomenal success as has Nuxatcd Iron, it is conservatively estimated that Over three m i l l i o n people annually are tailing It In this country alone. It has been h i g h l y endorsed and used by Former U n i t e d States Senators and Members oC Congress. P h - sicians who h a \ e been connected with w e l l - k n o w n h o s p i t a l s have prescribed and recommended it, Monsulgnaur Nannini, a p r o m i n e n t Clergyman, much a necessity to the common pec- I ters of other fellows "over here" in pie as it is to the Wall Street gang, and each little molecule does his bit, whether with a strong hack or weak mind. Ifs a very democratic life indeed, and no doubt, will make good forestry,' democrats for Uncle Sam/" Port, who has studied speaks highly of the French cultivated forests but believes the Eenn- srrvania trees will excel' those in France "when they^get to be 60 years IS POISONED BY EATING OF FISH Goes Into Convulsions and is · in .Serious Condition L at Hospital. f COMMENCEMENT DATES ARE SET Al»l High School Actirities Will B« I«ld 3l»j as ana 29: Camp Ban- Mk S«UJn Uoj Armes Bone Jnst More the Death of His Mother. the papers which he has received. "They are very interesting," he says. "The latest are Casey Jones' and Ross Wright's. Must be quite a bunch of 'cokers' over here." Port says he needs no tobacco as he has a supply that will run him a couple of months yet. He would like to have some chocolate he says, and if possible a bottle of fountain pen ink. ·_ '_ . AN EASY.WAY TO BANISH PIMPLES If you are troubled with pimples, blackheads, acneTbarber's itch, blotch- Separate Skirts Make Early Erjtry reconunends it to all. Vorirer Health t Commissioner Wra. R. Kerr, cf Cnica- j 8TO, says H ouffht to be'useci in every · hospital and prescribed bj cve'-y p^iv- aician. Dr. A. J Xcwman. late Police Surgeon of the City ot Chicago, and former House Surgeon Jefferson Park Hospital, Chicago-, says Nuxlated Iron has proven through his o-wn tcbts of it to excel any preparation he has ever used for creating red blood, b u i l d i n g up the-nerves, strengthening; the muscles and correctinpT-dlffestivc d i f f o r d e f F Dr. James Francis Sullivan, f o r m e r l y physician of Bellevuc Hospital f O u t door ciep't.) New York, and the "West- Chester County Hospital says there are thousands of men and women v,ho need a strength and blood builder but do not know v.-hat to take In his opinion there i* nothinp better than organic" iron--N'uxiated' Iron--for enriching the blood and_ helplnc to in- /fcreasc the strength and endurance if men and women who b u r n up too rapidly (their nervous «nertrv !n the strenuous strain of the great business competition of the day. If you arc iOt stronp ^r w ell, you owe. it to yourself to make the f o l l o w ing: test: See how lone you can \vork or how far yr»u can walk w i t h o u t be- com lop tired. Next take two five- prrain tablets of Nuxated Iron three thnei per day a f t e r meals for two ( weeks. Then test your st-engrth' 'a^aln and sec h o w much you have gnined NOTE--Nutated Iron, which has boon used by f o r m e r Members nf the United States Semite a^id House of Representatives, and other p r o m i n e n t people with such " f u r p r i s i n g results, and is prescribed and recommended above by physicians la not a secret remedy but one which is well known to druggists everywhere. V n l l k e the older Inorganic iron products, H Is easily assimilated, does not. injure the teeth, make them black nor up^ct the stomach. The manufacturers 1 jruarantpe successful you money. It is fll-nensprl by Clake and all sood dru^jaata.--Adv. es, freckles or'other skm di««.«^ w . - , Kla _. t _ . ,. .. ' «-·«·TM «· , manufacturers jruarantpe succe blemish, now is the Ume to get rid of and entirely satisfactory remit* it with Hokara. »» every 'or they Tkis pure and simple skin healer is being yxtroduced in Connellsvile by A. A. Clarke at thc low price of 35c for a liberal sized jar, and they ha\e sold hundreds 61 treatments. It contains no grease or acids, is cleanly to use'and is a true nourishment for the skin, cleaning and clearing it m every pore, making it soft, white and beautiful. Special to Th« Courier. If Hokara does not do even more, than is claimed for it and give perfect satisfaction, return the empty jar to X Clarke's drug store and they will ttT. PLEASANT, March 6.--Morris | refund your money, you cannot spend Gdpin. aged 10 years, of Reservoiorl 35c to better advantage than for a j a r stieet, was admitted to the Ml. Pleas- of this skin food.--adv. an hospital suffering from conrnl-f ' __ sims, brought on. it is thought by Dr. J,.W. Shelar, from frozen fish that he ltd eaten. Although in a serious condition for the entire day he is im- joved. / · , Beeital at Institito. " Miss ieona- Stohl, assisted oy Mar- Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT, March 5.--Mrs. G. B. Roberts was a Connellsville shopper on Monday, Mrs. 0. A. Koons was an out of Juerite Harmon, gave a recital at the tO TM ca ''" T"*"*?- £tt. Pleasant Institute last evenmg.i J^ R ° h «t Stams of Dunbar, v,s* ,_. « . ited. Mrs, Lou Shallenberger and other This was the'second of UK Senior re- ' nends here yesterdajr _ ana citals. TIP!«.« n.«r I Mrs " Hulda Shallenberger was a ; Kept TICIOBS Bog. Coanellsville shopper, yesterday. Anthony Caamorack was arraigned. At the open meeting of the Satur- last evening before Justice of the 1 nay Afternoon Club, held Saturday peace L. S. Rhodes On a charge of Afternoon, at the Presbyterian church, keeping a vicious doge preferred by M rs . Q. TV. Buckner, of Connellsville James Buffler. He paid a jlne and l gave a very interesting talk on, "War costs, amounting to ?13. Mrs. America Cregf. in Great Britain _as Seen by an Amer,_,,,_ I lean." Music was furnished by the Mrs. America Gregg, aged 76 years, j men ' s 0« artE ' composed of H. D. is dead at her West End home. Pun- Shallenberger, C. C. Collins, E. S. eral services will be held Thursday I Bai:e ' ani! J - c - M 5' e "- A ver pleas- afternoon at 2:50 o'clock at the Second Baptist church and interment will be made in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery. Aid Entertainment A- unique entertainment "will be given in the Methodist church on Friday evening. The features will be j wlt ^ reFatives the "Preparedness" and Goofle Reception" drills. ing bass solo. "As Deep as the Deep Blue Sea." was rendered by E. S. Bailey. A large andvappreciative audience was in attendance. Mrs. Lou Shallenberger accompanied her aunt, Mrs.-Heneritta Richter, whq has been spending several weeks here, to her . IB a benefit for the Ladies' Aid Society. , Cannenceneiit Dates Set. The school board, at its regular monthly meeting on Monday evening bought some supplies. Commencement dates were set as follows: Class play. March 28; commencement eier- "Mother ; home jn rj nlon town on Saturday. The affair 'cisei May 29. Soldier's Mother Dies. Mrs. Vera \\~rick of Standard shaft, was buried yesterday afternoon in the Polish cemetery following funeral services at the Polish church. She leave* h«r husband and several children, one of her sons being a member of Company E, at Camp Hancock. Ho arrived home just before she died. Personal Notes. Arthur Meftuiggan of Joannette spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hood. _ Mrs Robe] - t Burns has returned home after visiting several days with her sister, Mrs. John McDowell of Dunbar. -Mrs. Hattie Shoenberger, of Pittsburgh. is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Knight. Rev. A. H. Gettaman preached in the Methodist Episcopal church on Sunday morning. The community revival services, which have been held in the Presbyterian church for the past three weeks came to a close on Sunday night. "U. A. Miller and W. A. Cosgrove were business callers in Connellsville on Monday. Woman's Danger Period. The period between forty-five and fifty-five years of age is said to be a crisis or danger period m a woman's Harry Singleton, colored, l.y spec-j life which.tests her for her fitness to ial induction uras sent to Camp Mcade ^continue in the race. It is then that last evening. | she suffers from such annoying symptoms as heat-flashes, nervousness, headaches, "the blues," or dread of impending evil, or some dormant dis- Don't knock Connellsville by sending your money out of town for your job work- when Tie Courier company ease in the system becomes active. can do it here at home, you prices. Let us give I When · a woman is passing through this crisis here is one tried and true Vege- (orty remedy. Lydia E. Pinkham's table Compound, which after years of success is now considered the standard remedy ments.--adv. for woman's all- TATE OUT OX BAIL. LARGE INCREASE IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE RENDERED P. R. R. S1IACHUPSEI? Get at the Real Cause--Take Dr.! Edwarte' Olive Tablets Thafi what thousand* of stomach I., , ., ~ ~ aufferen are doing now. Itttead ot' Fonr -Assrjlants Are Held in Bastile to taking tonics; or trying to patch ig a. Await nesting. ~ ; poor dig^»t^ they_Me_»ttadanjt i! th« |l Ralph Tate. Edenborn taxicab op- | erator who shot an'l killed Komac i Busta when attacked' m lus garage Sunday night and who injured two other asbailants. -was released from jail Monday evening under J5.000 Itnil The four foreigners who escaped with their lives aiter attacking Tate were- committed to jail. Dr. Edwards' Oiire Tablet! arww the liver in a soothing, healing way. When the lirer and bowels are performing their natural function*, away foes indigestion and atomach trodble*. 11 you ten a bad taste in jour ·oatfa. toe«n« coated, appetite poor, lair docft-cara feeling, no ambition or ·ncrar, troobted with nndifetted foods, £TiL»ld take One Tablet* thc «ob- ttituM for calomel , Dr. Edwards' OKn Tablets are a portly ·metable compound mixed with, You will know them by their Freight Traffic Gained Almoil Tno Billion Ton-Miles: Fasteners (Jnined Over 21.00(MX0. The anual report of the Pennsylvania Railroad company, which has just been made public, shows that the public service rendered by the Pennsylvania System in 1917 -Aas equivalent to carrying one ton of freight 48,743,350,471 miles, and one passenger 5,825.030,951 miles, both far surpassing the records of any previous year. The freight ti-affic, in tfct. was over CO per cent, greater than the combined annual ton-mileage, before the war, of all thc railroads in the United Kingdom o£ Great Britain and Ireland and the Republic of France. As compared witli 1916. which m itself exceeded all records up to that Um«, the freight service rendered last year by tic Pennsylvania System increased 1,903,193,5£1 ton-miles, and the passenger service 855,195,001 passenger-miles. For the first time in th« history of the Pennsylvania System the number of passengers earned passed tile 200,000,000 mark the actual number transported during 1917 being 216,570,724, an increase of 21,129,848 over the previous high record made in 1916. The earned net Income of the year ·was $3D,281.5S5, which, after the sinking and other reserve fund reductions, represented 7.4 per on the capital stock. Out of every dollar of transportation menue S3 cents -was re- tnired,.to pay operating expenses and taxes, a proportion far greater than in any preceding years. Approximately 278,OGD persons were employed over the system in order to maintain an average force of 250,000. Perryopolis. PERRYOPOLIS, March 5.--A public meeting is to be held in the auditorium Thursday evening. These meetings are being held throughout the township and much interest is being shown in them. Miss Lena liailey is spending a few days m Pittslrarg Mrs. Howard Adams, Mrs. Ira Blajr and 'Mrs. William Weimar are attending a C. "W. B M. convention at Kaufman's store in Pitsburg today. Sugar water is reported plentiful at the camp on the farm ot J. B. Martin a few miles from town. Arthur Stickel and family have moved to Glassport. A son arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 'William McDonald of town a few days ago. Mr. and Mrs. George Murphy of Woodglen were calling on friends in town Monday Mrs. Edward Hough of Banning spent Tuesday with relatives of town. PEKRYOPOLI6, March 5.--J. B. Snyder returned home Saturday, after attending a national education convention at Atlantic C'ty. Mrs. TV. C. Townsend is visiting relatives at Brownsville. Miss Helen Stnckler spent the week end with s her parents at Scottdale. Miss Helen Cole accompanied her. Philip Helterbrand was a caller in Fayette City Sunday. D. B. Milward and family motorpd A daughter has arrived at the home of Mr. and Mis. Hugh McKee. The separate skirt and the separate blouse are made for each other find each makes its entry very early and In for.ce, In the vanguard,of spring styles. Sport skirts and blouses and those lor morning and street wear are necessities In the smart woman's appareling ; she needs them wherever she goes and whatever she does. { · In all new materials for spring, whether of wool or cotton or silk, stripes and plaids and" crossbars appear. Plaids are large and stripes tire varied and each inspires the designer In his work of providing new models. Combinations of plain goods with nil the others promise a season of endless variety and clever Ideas in separate skirts. A good beginning with striped material is apparent In the skirt illustrated. There Is a smart overdmpery that begins and ends under a wide fold mode on the straight of the goods at the front. There Is a narrow belt, made of the light stripe In the goods, that extends part way about the waistline. Large bnttons and FtnralEted button- holes finish off the design, ivhlch commends Itself for washable skirts of cotton or silk. , An effective sports skirt la made of a crossbar in two colors, as tnn barred with blue, set on to a yoke that Is extended into pockets at each side and cut from plain blue material. The yoke narrows to a wide girdle at the hack and front. In Trent It Is slashed Into two short straps, each having n buttonhole in the end. These fasten over flat buttons. A single button finishes the pockefs. These skirts ivith snrfacertrokcn by plaids and stripes, are to be worn with blouses in n plain color or white. But blouses vrith collar and cnffs, and per- i baps narrow shoulder yokes like the , skirt result in pretty costumes, leaving the skirt the privilege of changing partners If it Is so minded and appearing with other blouses that do not we«r Its colors. C en "There's a Kitchen in i there's a Hoosier for ·very home--and every Kitchen." Join the Hoosier Club Pay Weekly 21%More Space Than In Other Cabinets T HE Hoosier's' Over-Size Base has 21 per cent more space for pots and pans than the average kitchen cabiuet. And this is only one of Hoosier's many excellences. It has 17 exclusive features that can l be found in all others combined. There are places for -JOO articles within arm's reach--all scientifically arranged. Hoosier's Two-Way Sugar Bin holdh twice as much as the or- dmar}. Thc Shaker Flour Sif'cr shakes out flour light and fluffy and does not grind gnt through a sje\e In 40 ways this rahinct saves \ou woik--Hut's w h j more than a million women have selected the Hoosier over all. If You Know a British or Canadian Subject Who Ought To Be Helping in This M'nr GIVE US HIS Name .,, ._. ... Address Where Employed ... Cut this out and forward to the British, and Canadian Recruiting Mission, Smithfield and Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. K I T C H E N C A B I N E T We are now offering Rome popular models at before-war prices. But our allotment is limited, duo to ine enormous wartime demand. The Hoosier puts the kitchen on a war-saving basis, and it scorns that every woman who ever thought of getting a cabinet, now wants thc Hoosier. Come R\ once---'·elect f l ' p model yon nilmirc most--' piiy onlr $1.00 every ivcrk. Your nionej all liuck if J'ou nre not cicliphtcd. Coniu'llsTille's Reliable Hoiisefurnishers Since 1S91. HAVE YOU TEIED OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS ? Tuo uxponsivc. "jTpu've heard of linen showers, th. · lire showers and other affairs of lli. .ature?" "DC course." "CTeH me. did you ever henr of on; ir.!y being the hsppy recipient of ; nn.1 sto^erl"--Birmingham Ase .ad. If Ton TTant Something Advertise for it in our classified column. One cent a word. . eltas color. They do the wwk without BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25q BALD HEADS Get dovm to business. This is not a joke. Anyone in ottdale will tell you our remedy will grow Hair on Bald ads. W. H. Forst Scotldalc's Druggist. LOCAL AJfD LOXG DISTANCE 3IOTIXGS. Bell S42. Ecsidence 101 Haas'Ave, Tri-Stjite 573. COKNULLSTILLi:, PA. Liberty and Olfaer Aocnues Pittsburgh, Pa. » Meyer Jonasson 8s Co. suggest the use of their Mail Order Department by those patrons who are prevented by distance or other inconveniences, from personally visiting their establishment for the purchase of Women's Gowns, Suits, Waists, etc. Send hi your re^aa[ for Spring Slyls Sketches, Our Mall Order ft at your service AMBBCfl'S HOME SHOE POLISH Economy and thrift ^ suggest the use of SHHKHA for your shoes. It gives the "quick dressy shine. SHiNOiiA HOME SET ^For Your Convenience ^ ^sk Nearest Store BLACK For : thi*ifty .,;?.· 1 Homes £ Modern Off ices TAN WHITE

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